Thursday 31 December 2009

All New Blog Candy!

    As promised, here is the latest assortment of blog candy to win.  And what candy we have this time!  This haul includes two A4 sized  rubber stamp sets (Murray and Ethel set 1 and set 2), two A5 sized rubber stamp sets (Cupcakes and Sundae), Tim Holtz' alphabet grungeboard set, Cosmic Shimmer embossing powder 12 pack, Cosmic Shimmer Mist, Luminarte Twinkling H20 set of 6, a 200 ml size jar of clear embossing powder, a mounted stained glass rubber stamp, a Big and Juicy ink pad, Tim Holtz' Fragment set, Cosmic Shimmer Heat Bondable Film, an Adirondack ink pad, Fancy Pants ribbon set, Cosmic Shimmer Head Bondable Fibres, a Distress Ink pad, Art Institute Pee Wee Glitter set, Cosmic Shimmer Watercolour set of 8, Luminarte Polished Pigment set, and a Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Glitter pot.  You have to admit, that is quite a lot of fun crafting loot there!  There will also be a second and third prize winner as before.  The second prize will be an A4 size rubber stamp set and the third prize will be an A5 size rubber stamp set.  These prizes will be drawn when we reach the magical number of 400 followers.  All followers are still entered to win and, this time, I will be giving an extra entry when you leave a comment after any of the posts I make until we hit our goal. It seems only fair to reward you for visiting the blog often. 
    If you can't wait to see if you win all this, these great products can be purchased from Particraft on their website and remember the shipping is absolutely free in the UK!
    Happy New Year to all!  Sue x

Thursday 24 December 2009

Happy Holidays To All!

   Here it is Christmas Eve already and I am still looking out the window at a field covered in snow!  This is the first time in almost five decades that I will see snow on Christmas Day(I've been a California girl for most of my life).  I'm assuming it will still be there when I wake in the morning  judging by the amount still left on the ground!  It is just so lovely if you don't have to go out in it.  Hopefully, those that will be traveling to see loved ones today or tomorrow will have a very safe journey to and from.  I simply want to wish everyone that reads my blog a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for the coming new year.  Thank you for being so supportive with the lovely comments on the blog.  It really does make my day to hear from everyone!  Hopefully, in the new few days, I will be getting a pic of the latest blog candy up for all to see.  And in celebration of the new year, it will be bigger and better!  Keep checking to see it soon.   Happy Holidays to all, Sue x

Tuesday 22 December 2009

We Have A Winner!!!!

Thank you for putting me out of my misery!  I wanted to finish this blog candy before Christmas so badly!  And I have three names to draw if you remember, first, second and third prizes this time.  So as not to keep you in suspense any longer, I will start with the third prize winner.

The third prize winner, which is for an A5 sized stamp set is............Debs!

The second prize winner, which is for the A4 sized stamp set is............. Leah The Orange! 

Without further ado, the winner of the first place fabulous blog candy is........................................................
Can all three winners please email me at  so that I can verify the address and get this great prize in the post to you!!

Happy Christmas to everyone and thanks for playing along,
All for now, Sue x

Monday 21 December 2009

Almost There!

Only a few more followers to go!!  Just to let me know that you are still out there, reading the blog from time to time, if you leave me a comment, you will get an extra entry into the blog candy contest!  I would really like to hit our goal so I would be able to get this out before Christmas.  It would be lovely to make someone's Christmas extra special with this incredible array of crafting supplies!

I've had a bit of time to stamp this past weekend to stamp since I was snowed in!  So I have done a few more cards with the Hostess gift stamps.  I am still loving those polar bears!  I think they would be quite cute for Valentine cards too.  I decided to add a bit of bling to the bear on the pink card and covered him completely in Cosmic Shimmer Twinkles in Aqua.  He is just too cute with his paw up in the air.

Don't forget to leave a comment!  All for now, Sue x

Friday 18 December 2009

December's Hostess Gift

I am not sure if you are aware of the hostess gift program that Particraft offers.  Each month, we offer an A4 sized rubber stamp set to anyone who offers to host a Particraft party.  This set is free of charge and is only available to the hostess'.  It cannot be purchased.  This gift is our way of saying thank you for allowing us to come to your home and demonstrate.  The hostess also receives extra product which is completely separate from the hostess gift and is based on the total amount of sales at her party.  This month's A4 stamp set is just too cute for words and I had to have a little play to show off these darling images.  You can see the entire plate on the home page of the  website if you are interested in taking a peek.  In the meantime, I've been watching snow softly falling out my window for the past three hours and I just thought these cards would be a perfect accompaniment to the winter wonderland I'm witnessing. 
   The penguin card has the Cosmic Simmer Iced crystals on it.  I just love the way they make such a shimmery snow on cards.  My ice skating pond didn't show up very well in the picture, though.  I am going to try to get a few more cards made using this set before Christmas, so hopefully, I'll be able to post some more!
If you would like to have a party so that you may receive this lovely stamp set, please just contact me at the Particraft offices and we can arrange something for you.  I know that it is hectic this time of the year with Christmas on the horizon, but we can plan something for after the new year so don't worry. 
I am just crazy about the penguins and polar bears in this set.  I would love to know what you think of my North Pole friends. Please leave me a comment.  All for now, Sue x

Tuesday 15 December 2009

Homage to the Christmas Tree Light!

I am finally feeling as if I'm ready for Christmas to arrive.  I've finished all my Christmas shopping, albeit not all wrapped, but at least I still remember where I've hidden them all (that's half the battle at my age!)  But the Christmas tree is finally decorated and looking quite festive.  Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favourite things to do each year.  You can lock me away for the day and I am happy as a lark doing the tree, except for one exceptionally horrendous task.....

Untangling the Christmas tree lights!

So this post is purely out of the guilt that I have been feeling for all the terrible things I called my Christmas tree lights!  I'm sure you've been there yourself unless you are the excessively organised type (like my partner) who insists on putting them away nice and neatly from the previous year!  Oh not me!  By the time I manage to get them off the tree after spending hours undecorating it, I can barely contain myself to keep from tossing them in the nearest storage tote.  I know, I know, I pay the price for it every year.  So just to make up for my shortcomings, I am paying homage to the lovely Christmas tree lights with a few cards that I had made (some time back, actually) The colours were bright and festive and I thought they epitomized the cheerfulness of the traditional Christmas tree light.  I hope some of you can relate to my experience (or rather, hopefully not for your sake!)  Thanks for letting me share.  All for now, Sue x

Thursday 10 December 2009

Half Way There!

We have hit the half way mark on our next blog candy contest.  And because we have hit that mark so quickly, I thought that I would add an incentive to the contest!  There will now be a second and third prize winner drawn. The third prize will be an A5 Stamp set.  The second prize will be an A4 sized Stamp Set and of course, the first prize will be the lovely blog candy shown.  So just a little incentive to get your friends to register and make the contest go quicker. Keep up the good work.  All for now, Sue x

Saturday 5 December 2009

Need A Little Help Please

   I am back from my holiday in Florida.  I had a great time seeing my parents and spending some time relaxing.  My folks look great, even better, in fact, than the last time I saw them in July.  My Dad is 89 and my Mom is 86 and they are both sharp as a tack.  I only hope to age as gracefully!
   Upon my return, it suddenly struck me that we only have a few weeks until Christmas!  Where has the time gone so quickly?!  I had made a few of these Christmas cards before I left for a magazine submission.  While I was going for a more traditional style, my partner thinks that they look old-fashioned.    I want your honest opinions.  I was definitely in a pointsettia mode as I made these, but there are a few snowmen and a Santa Claus too.  Have a look and let me know what you think, okay?  All for now, Sue x

Thursday 26 November 2009

Brand New Blog Candy!

Yes we are running a brand new blog candy contest.  The prize is even bigger and better than the last time too!  We have included an A4 size stamp set as well as two A5 stamp sets.  There is also a new Tim Holtz Grungeboard element set, a set of six crystal lacquers, Cosmic Shimmer Fantasy Film and Fibre, Radiant Rain dauber,  Cosmic Shimmer Mica Pigment set, Distress Ink, Cosmic Shimmer watercolour set, Cosmic Shimmer glitter set, Adirondack ink pad, Polished Pigments set, Cosmic Shimmer Mist and Cosmic Shimmer Twinkles.  That is a lot of great crafting stash to win!  We just have to get to 300 followers so we can give it away! Remember, if you have joined as a follower, you are always entered to win in each blog candy contest!
All for now, Sue x

Monday 16 November 2009


I love this part!  I have to laugh, as I turned my computer on this morning and saw that we had not only hit our target goal of 200 followers, but even surpassed it, I thought you aren't going to let me leave on holiday without giving away the blog candy!!  Good for you!  I didn't want to wait til I returned either.  The trick now is to get a response from the winner before I leave work for the day so I can verify their address and send it off in the post.
  Without further delay, the winner is...........................
(Like my drumroll!)


If you can contact me by email so that I can verify your shipping address, I will post off your winning blog candy prize today!

Thank you for all of you that have become followers and supported the blog.  Don't worry, though, it is starting all over again and you are all still entered to win the next blog candy once we hit the target of 300 followers!
Happy stamping, Sue x

Sunday 15 November 2009

I want to say a great big thanks to everyone that sent in their lovely emails and comments to the show this morning.  It is incredibly nice to see that kind of support.  So thank you all.  The multi buy did sell out on C & C, but you may purchase any of the stamp sets on the Particraft website ( if you were unable to get them this morning, as well as any of the products from today's show and just to remind you, the P & P is now free on the Particraft website.
I thought that I would post a few more of my favourite cards from the show today, including the lovely Noah's Ark card that was made by the artist who drew the stamps, Samantha Poole.  I would to claim this one as mine, but alas, no.  It is hard to believe that Samantha has not been stamping for very long, only a few months in fact.  You would never tell by looking at this gorgeous card she made.  Well done Sam! If you would like to leave some comments for her, I will be sure to pass them on.

I thought I would also let everyone know that I am off to visit my folks in the States for Thanksgiving (a quaint little American holiday where we get the day off work and you get to eat way too much! I love it!) My good friend, Karen Lines, will be manning the Particraft phone while I am away.

We are also very close to our goal of 200 followers in our blog candy contest. I want to thank everyone too for spreading the word about the blog. I won't be able to post  the prize off  until I return from the States, but I am fairly certain we will hit the target goal while I'm away so I will be bringing my laptop so that I can, at least, draw a winner's name and announce it on the blog. I have also decided that it's kind of fun to give stuff away! So, that being said, I am planning to continue running blog candy contests in the same fashion. That is, every time we have 100 new followers, we will draw a new winner. The upside to those of you that joined early on is that you will also be included in every new drawing!
All for now, Sue x

Monday 9 November 2009

Another Create And Craft Show!

I know this is going to be a bit early for some of you (myself included!) but I am scheduled to do a show on Create and Craft on Sunday morning the 15th at 9am.  Some of you might be thinking that I must have the times mixed up because those are always prerecorded shows at that hour.  But no, they are going to be doing live shows on the weekends early in the morning starting this coming weekend.  So I will be there bright and early Sunday morning (think about me as you are having a nice long lie-in). 
As you probably can guess, I will be demonstrating and showing our two new jungle stamp sets and the monkey stamps plate.  I just think these new designs by Samantha Poole are positively adorable.  While they aren't what I would classify as the type of stamps to show techniques, I do have a few fun techniques up my sleeve to show using them.  These stamps are quite easy to use and all the elements on the three plates work quite well together too.  Here are a couple of more sample cards that you can have a sneek peak at before the show on Sunday.  I will also be demonstrating distress inks, Cosmic Shimmer stackable watercolour paints and crystal lacquer.

I hope you like these sets as much as I do.  Please leave me your comments or questions.
All for now, Sue x

Thursday 5 November 2009

More Jungle Fun!

I've been having more fun with the new jungle animal stamp sets as you can see!  I hadn't made a tri-shutter card in ages so I thought it was about time to whip one up!  These adorable animals just work perfectly for this type of card.  My picture taking skills are somewhat lacking so you can't read the sentiment clearly but it says ''Don't sweat the petty things
and never pet the sweaty things!''
 I thought that was so funny I just had to have fun card to go with it!  This is a view from the top of the card so you can see how it criscrosses.
On another topic, I am taking a day tomorrow and heading to the Hobbycrafts show at the NEC to have a look around.  If you happen to see me there, please stop and say hello.  I would love to be able to meet my blog followers.  Everyone is always leaving such lovely comments, it would be wonderful to put faces (and bodies) to the names I see.  I will be there bright and early (probably at the very front of the queue!) I have been so looking forward to this show, I can hardly wait!
All for now, Sue x

Monday 2 November 2009

It's The Simple Things...

I have to admit that I look forward to those days when I can just lock myself in my craft room for the day and have a play!  The stairstep card to the right is the result of just that kind of day.  I spent all day Saturday upstairs surrounded by my Distress Inks and Cosmic Shimmers and various other craft supplies and I was in heaven!  Like I said, it's the simple things in life.  I did make one or two other cards (including the one below) on Saturday, but I have to admit, this is the stairstep card that took up most of my day, with all the cutting and colouring!  I'm not sure if you can tell but there are three steps to this card and the monkey in front is swinging by a vine from the palm tree in the back section.  The jungle boy is supposed to have a net in his hand but I cut it out and made it look like he is catching the monkey on his swing to the front.

You'd think I have too much time on my hands from this. NOT!  But I did have too much fun!

Happy crafting, Sue x

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Back To Cutesy For Awhile

I've had a blast stamping with my leaves for the past few weeks, but Particraft has just released a few new stamp sets including this jungle themed set and another set with the cutest monkeys.  I just had to have a play with them this week.  I am completely in love with the giraffe, myself, but the hippo is running a close second!  These have been drawn by Samantha Poole, who has done quite a few stamp plates lately including the three Stylish Christmas plates (which, by the way, are featured in a sample on the cover of one of the stamping magazines that comes out this week!) 

There is another plate to be released soon that is also jungle themed to go along with these as part of the same sets so they can mix and match and will work beautifully together.   If you liked the leaves, then these may not be your cup of tea, but you have to admit, they are real darn cute!  Makes you smile, huh?
All for now, Sue x

Sunday 25 October 2009

What A Weekend!

Saturday, I helped Sheena Douglass with her workshop that she held at the Particraft Headquarters in Kettering.  I was the chief baker for the event.  Several of the ladies that attended have asked for the recipe for some of the cookies that I made.  So I told them that I would post it on my blog.  They are called ''Chippy Dippy Bars'' but Sheena has nicknamed them the ''Evil Cookies.''   I have told many people that they are extremely easy to make, but the ingredients are difficult to find as it is a recipe I brought with me from the States.  The only place that I know of that you can find some of the necessary ingredients is the American Foods online or they have a shop in the Milton Keynes shopping centre called ''Let's Eat.''

So here goes:  Melt 1/4 cup butter or margarine and drizzle it in a cookie sheet that has a lip edge to it.  Next crush grahamcrackers into crumbs  (from Let's Eat) and spread over butter until there are no ''wet'' spots left.  About a cup or so is needed.  (I personally want to try this with crushed hob nobs, but I haven't yet!)  Next spread one bag of Nestle butterscotch chips (from Let's Eat) over the crumbs.  Next spread the same amount of milk chocolate chips.  Next chop one cup walnuts and spread over entire sheet of the chips.  Next spread one bag of Baker's brand angel flake coconut (from Let's Eat) over the walnuts. A quick note, American coconut is quite different from English coconut, so do not try to substitute this.   Lastly drizzle one can of sweetened condensed milk over the entire sheet, trying to cover all the coconut as evenly as possible.  Bake at about 150 degrees C for about 25 to 30 minutes.  The edges will brown quicker, so watch, you may have to turn the temp. down a bit.  Cool completely, cut into squares.

Sunday was supposed to be Sheena's show on Create and Craft at 5pm.  She spent the weekend at our house with the workshop on Sat. and then the show.  But, she woke up Sunday morning and wasn't feeling very well.  We decided she might feel a bit better if she had a little nap, but that only gave her a little relief for a short time.  So it was about 1 pm by then and we thought maybe I could go with her to the show and be there in case she became more poorly.  Another 30 minutes, however, and she was very ill  so I had to step in and try to learn her demos for the show.  So for those of you that tuned in expecting Sheena's lovely demos and techniques, I do apologise.  I just feel bad for not only Sheena, but Karen Lines spent so much time making many of the lovely window card samples and due to a very limited counter space issue, most of them weren't even shown!    I did get to meet Joanna Sheen in the green room prior to the show and what a lovely lady she is!  Hopefully, Sheena will be back up and running soon and she can do a proper job showcasing the window and tissue box samples.  Thanks for allowing me to "play'' Sheena for a day.   It was fun!
Happy Crafting, Sue x

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Having A Play!

I have been having a good time today preparing for my last minute show tomorrow morning on Create and Craft tv.  I can't quite decide which of the big and Juicy pads that I like best.  The card on the right is the original one that I demoed using the Spice coloured pad and the card on the left is the same card using the new ''Foliage'' coloured pad that is on the show tomorrow morning.  What do you think?

I also had a go at the other card that I brayered and then used the gold mica powder and gold embossing powder on it.  The new pad has been used on the card on the left and the one on the right is from the first show.  The colours are a tad bit warmer in the new one but I think that using either pad for this card works a treat!
I haven't had a great deal of preparation time for this show but I have got four or five demos planned.  I would love if one of my blog followers would send an email.  It's really nice to know that anyone is watching!
Wish me luck!  All for now, Sue x

Monday 19 October 2009

Surprise, Surprise!

  I want to say a great big thanks to everyone who has emailed me with wonderful comments about my show last week.  Some had asked when I was to on Create and Craft next.  My answer was that I did not have anything scheduled at this time, but keep checking the blog and I would post about any upcoming shows. I had just finished sending out email replies when,  not ten minutes later, Ideal World  contacted us about doing another autumn leaves show on Create and Craft!  Talk about Murphy's law!  I am now scheduled for another show this Wednesday morning the 21st at 8am. (Anyone watching that early?)  This will be a bit on the impromptu in the way of the demos as I usually have several weeks to have a play and decide on them.  Basically one day to get them ready!  No pressure there, huh?!

   I am going to be using a brand new Big and Juicy pad that we just got in stock on Friday called "Foliage".  There are only a limited number of these for the show, however.  Don't worry if they do sell out on the show, we have some that will be available through the Particraft website.  They will need a day or so to go in to the system, but should certainly be there by Wednesday.  And remember, all UK orders through the Particraft website
are now p & p free!

   Thanks again for everyone's support.  All for now, Sue x


Friday 16 October 2009


Just like I said in the last post, don't despair if it wasn't your name that was picked for the first Particraft Blog Candy.  We are doing it all over again!  I've chosen some different products for this candy.  There are still three great stamp sets, a pearlized set of crystal lacquers, a set of twinkling H2o's, cosmic shimmer glitter set, cosmic shimmer embossing powder set, cosmic shimmer fibres, cosmic shimmer pica pigment set, cosmic shimmer bondable film, worn lipstick colour distress ink, cosmic shimmer twinkle and a set of polished pigment.  That is some loot, if I do say so myself!  All you have to do to enter to win is become a follower of the blog, link it to your blog if you have one and then send me an email with your contact details at so that we can get in touch with you if you win.  That is what Wilma did for our first blog candy contest, now she is just waiting at home for it to arrive in the next day or so! 

If you are already a follower, great!  You are still eligible to win, after all you were the first ones to join and you need to be rewarded for that.  I hope you will still tell your crafting buddies about us too so we can get to that next goal as quickly as possible.  Along the way, I hope to keep you entertained with some of my sample cards or Particraft news.  Thank you to Susan for the lovely email yesterday when I was doing my leaves on Create and Craft.  It was very nice to get a plug about my blog, (shameless, I know!). 

I'll finish with a few more samples from yesterday.  I don't think that they showed many of them since I was on a demo roll!  Hope you enjoy them.

All for now, Sue X

Thursday 15 October 2009


I am  so-o-o-o excited!  We have finally reached our goal in Particraft's first ever blog candy contest.  I just want to say a great big thanks to everyone who has become a follower of the blog.  Not everyone can win the contest, of course, but I do hope that you will continue to pop by the blog to see what new and exciting things that Particraft is doing.  And just to ensure that you do, I am going to be doing another blog candy contest so do not despair if your name hasn't been drawn to win this time.  Everyone who is already become a follower will still be included to enter  the next blog candy draw, but your work is cut out for you once again to get more friends and family to join.  The second blog candy drawing will take place when we reach 200 followers!

And now, I will not keep you in suspense any longer.  The winner of the first Particraft Blog candy is....








Like my drum roll!

The winner is follower Wilma!

Please email me at  to confirm your details and correct shipping info and I will get your blog candy prize in the post to you.

Thanks again to everyone!  Sue x

Wednesday 14 October 2009

HUGE NEWS at Particraft!!!

The Particraft website has undergone a few changes of late, but the biggest one has just happened!  We are now offering free shipping to absolutely every website order!  Think of the savings!  If you take a peek at all the great items that Particraft has to offer, now there is no excuse not to add them to your crafting goodies.  It won't cost you anything in delivery charges and you won't spend anything on petrol and parking to go fetch them yourself. Not to mention, think of all the time you can save also! 

Don't forget, though, if you would like to see any of the great products in action, we will be happy to send one of our many home demonstrators out to you for an in person demo.  Have a Particraft party and you will earn free merchandise and a hostess gift which cannot be purchased.  It is a free gift to you just for having a party.  What a fun way to spend time with your crafting friends!

And don't forget about our blog candy....we are sooooo close to our goal!

Happy crafting, Sue x

Tuesday 13 October 2009

On Create and Craft Thursday

Just a quick blog to let you know that I will be demonstrating the new autumn leaves (available through Particraft, of course!) on Thursday at 11am on Create and Craft.  Originally, I was to do two shows on Thursday, but they have cancelled the later one so I now have to figure out how to get all my demo techniques in to one single show!  The card above is going to be my first demo.  The technique is called ''caught in crystal'' and it is about as much fun as you can have with your crafting supplies!  Unfortunately, the photo does not do it justice.  The shimmer from this card is amazing.  If you can't watch the show on the tv., try to catch it online at  .   I am working with alcohol inks, distress inks, mica powders, a big and juicy stamp pads and a large brayer and crystal lacquer so I have a lot to show in an hours time!

The card below was a ''happy accident'' but is very quick and easy to reproduce and I think the effect is stunning.  I am hoping to have time to demo this one as well. 

I would love to get your comments about these cards.  All for now, Sue x

Thursday 8 October 2009

Website Changes

There are some exciting changes happening on the Particraft website.  Over the next coming weeks and months, you will notice quite a few changes to the website to make it more customer friendly and just all around easier to use.  We have already added a blog tab on the home page that takes you directly to this blog.  Yippee!  There is now a product text search instead of the product code search.  That will definitely make finding the products you want a great deal easier! 

I would love to hear from the customers what they would like to see in the way of changes to make it easier for navigation.  Please leave me a comment here or email me directly at (I have my own email addy now too!)

Remember we still have the great blog candy contest running and we are over 2/3rds the way  there already.  So keep telling your friends and fellow crafters about it.  I am really wanting to draw the winner!  Please don't make me wait any longer!!!

Finally, Happy Birthday to my daughter Heather.  She is 23 years old today!  Love from your Mom XXX

All for now, Sue x

Wednesday 7 October 2009

The Particraft Crew at Ally Pally

Better late than never!  I have been trying to find a few minutes to upload the pics that I took at the Ally Pally show a few weeks ago.  Finally!  From left to right are Lynne Gilbert, Lynsay Malby, Pam Smith, Maria Holder and Michelle Aldworth.  These are the lovely ladies who gave their weekend up to work on the Particraft booth (as well as John and Victoria Hopkins not pictured).  I would like to say a great big thanks to all of them for a job well done.  This show was unique in that it was the first time we have sold our products at the booth.  The customers had their choice of two different make 'n take projects and everyone seemed thrilled with the projects.  Look for a repeat performance with new make 'n takes in April at the next Big Stamp and Scrapbooking show at the Alexandra Palace in London.

All for now, Sue x

Monday 5 October 2009

Website Updated!

The new Particraft winter supplement is available now and all the new items have been added to the Particraft website too.  If you haven't had a peek, now is the time to take a look.  We have an incredible range of unmounted stamp sets for sale, including the highly popular Create A Scenes from Sheena Douglass (who, by the way, has three live shows this week on Create and Craft)  All the latest from Tim Holtz' Ideaology range have been added to the website for sale now.  Fancy making a grungeboard bracelet for yourself or as a gift, then this is the place for you!  There are plain bangles bracelets ready for your decoration as well as a lovely selection of beads if you would like to make some jewellery or use them on cards.  The ever popular Spellbinders Nestibility dies are also available for purchase now on our website.  These dies add so much to your cardmaking or scrapbooking and they work in all types of die cutting machines too!

Here are a couple of samples made using some of the stamps from the A5 Christmas stamp sets
 that are available in the new winter supplement.

There is lots more fun and new products so be sure to have a look.  Remember, if you want any of our products demonstrated for you, you can book a home party and one of our demonstrators will happily show you any of our products.  Plus you will get a free hostess gift and a discount on your order, what could be better!

Happy stamping!  Sue x

Friday 2 October 2009

Getting there...

We are over half way to our goal!  I am getting really excited about giving away this blog candy.  Remember, the faster we get to 100 followers, the faster I get to draw the lucky name!  Get all your friends and fellow crafters to become followers too.  Can't you just see yourself diving in to all these great stamping and crafting goodies!!! 

Happy stamping!  Sue x

Wednesday 30 September 2009

New Christmas Create A Scene

Here is the latest offering from designer and stampster extraordinaire Sheena Douglass.  It is a very traditional style Christmas Create A Scene stamp set.  There is a beautiful Tudor style house that can be used all year round, giving the set more value for money too.  This set as well as many others are now available from Particraft in it's new winter supplement.  As well as quite a few new stamp sets, there is a large selection of Spellbinder's nestibility dies, Tim Holtz's Ideaology range including grungeboard and grunge paper, Metal tools from Walnut Hollow, beads, new alcohol ink colours and wooden bangles ready for you to decorate.

Happy Crafting, Sue x

Thursday 24 September 2009


The followers have returned!  I am so happy!  I am not sure what happened but I did notice that everyone seemed to be missing them on their blogs.  Thank you for their safe return.

On another yippee note, Particraft will have a stand at the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking show this weekend (Sept 26th and 27th) in London at the Alexandra Palace.  If you have never been to this show, it is quite amazing.  There is something for everyone's crafting tastes.  The Particraft booth will be running two different make 'n takes all day as well as demos for all to enjoy.  We will also for the very first time be having many of our products for sale on the stand.  Customers have asked in the past for this so we are giving you what you want.

The latest supplement will be premiered here also so be sure to stop by and get your copy of this.  There are lots of new products and stamp sets available.  Hope to see you there!

All for now, Sue x

Thursday 17 September 2009


A BIG picture for BIG BLOG CANDY!! Particraft is running its first blog candy contest. All you need to do to enter the contest is become a particraft blog follower by clicking the follow button on the right hand side of the blog, enter your name and then send an email to with your name and mailing details so that we may put your name in the basket to be drawn and then contact you if (or when) your name is drawn to win. If you have a blog and link it to the Particraft blog, we will give you two entries chances in the contest. The drawing will take place once we have 100 followers to the blog. That means, the sooner we reach that goal, the sooner you could be a winner! So tell all your friends to become followers too. The blog candy includes 3 A5 stamp sets, 1 mounted Holly Berry House trunk Box stamp, bondable film, Cosmic Shimmer watercolour set, CS Mica Pigment set, CS embossing powder set, CS Glitter set, heat bondable angel fibres, Adirondack pad, 2 large pots of CS Glitter, polished pigment set, Shimmer Ink Pad, and Button embellishments. That is quite an impressive stash of blog candy products! All for now! Sue x

Friday 4 September 2009

Particraft Workshop

The next Particraft Workshop is planned for Ocober 10th at the headquarters in Kettering. To the left is a pic from the last workshop held in May. You can see everyone working hard on their projects. The demonstrators learn fun new techniques and ideas to take forward to all their parties and workshops. It is quite a fun-filled and exciting day for the Particraft demonstrators. If you are thinking about joining our team, you too could join now and take part in the Particraft demonstrator's workshop, as well as the free training day that is part of your demonstrator's starter kit. If you are interested or have questions, give us a call at 01536 514770. All for now, Sue x

Sunday 30 August 2009

Murray and Ethel on Create and Craft!

It's Murray and Ethel time again on Create and Craft. Ideal World has requested another show with the lovable OAP's. This time it is scheduled for Thursday September 3rd at 2pm. The show is actually a two hour show with guest Cherry Green and myself. Cherry will be premiering her adorable cat and dog Christmas stamp sets on the show. Her designs will be available through Particraft website very soon. Murray and Ethel are currently available on two A4 stamp sets through the Particraft website. Don't you just love the cheeky sayings that go with this pair! You can't help but smile! Happy stamping, Sue x

Saturday 22 August 2009

My Happy Accident!

I have been busying myself lately playing with some new autumnal foliage stamp plates. These will be available through the Particraft website soon so if you like what you see, keep checking for their arrival. This card to the right was almost not to be. I began playing around with the spice big and juicy stamp pad and a brayer. I thought I had made a complete mess of it and was about to toss it in the rubbish bin when I thought I'd keep playing with it a bit longer. I am so glad that I did! The results were nothing short of a happy (yet quite repeatable) accident.
I have decided after playing with these three A5 stamp sets that it is time to hold another workshop for the Particraft demonstrators! So if you have been thinking about becoming a Particraft demonstrator, now is the time! The future workshop is free to qualified demonstrators and will be packed full of tips and techniques.
I have found that there is not a single technique that doesn't lend itself to these stamps. These stamp designs are such fun and versatile for any occasion. The cosmic shimmer line of products from watercolours to mica pigments can be showcased to their full advantage with these designs.
I would love to know what you think of them. Send me a comment!
Happy stamping! Sue x

Sunday 9 August 2009

Back At Last!

I'm back home from the Summer CHA show now. The show was a bit smaller than last year's show which was held in Chicago, but no less fun and exciting than it always is! We spent quite a bit of time at the Ranger booth and the Spellbinders booth, both of which had new products to showcase. Spellbinders released their new "Pendant" Nestibility dies as well as some cute new die cut shapes. They will be available for purchase very soon. Tim Holtz was demonstrating at the Ranger stand and was mobbed as usual. He has a new product called "rock candy" stickles. I couldn't get a good look at his samples to take any pics but I was given a free sample of the product so I may get a chance to have a play with it soon. I will report back about it then. All for now, Sue x

Sunday 19 July 2009

CHA - Here I Come!

I'm heading to Florida for the annual summer CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) wholesale show. The show is a chance for everyone in the craft industry to get together and see the latest in craft products, designs and ideas. While the CHA show is held twice a year, in January in California and July in Florida, the summer show is a bit smaller than the winter show. Nonetheless, it is a great venue for seeing new demonstrations and samples. I would love to have some comments about what type of products you would like to see added to the Particraft range. That would give me some focus for the trip. There are hundreds of booths there so looking for something specific would be helpful. Of course, I will be keeping my eyes open for new products that have not been seen here too! I am hoping to add some pics of the show to the blog too, so keep checking. All for now, Sue x

Thursday 16 July 2009

Another Sneak Peek

I have had a chance to have a play with the newest Christmas designs on the way from Samantha Poole. These are stylish and elegant silhouette type Christmas designs and they will be available very soon on the Particraft website. If you want a bit more of a sneak peek, Sheena Douglass and Samantha Poole will be on Create and Craft on August 4th premiering them. The time of the show hasn't been set yet so keep checking back and I will let you know as soon as I find out. These designs look great with the new Cosmic Shimmer brand Shimmer mists. I've used the midnight blue to create the background on the card shown. I just love the way it came out!

Happy stamping, Sue x

Tuesday 14 July 2009

The ''Jitterbugs'' Premiere

The latest issue of Papercraft Essentials (issue 44) is out on the new stand now and Particraft has another special feature in it! There is a four page spread featuring the Particraft Jitterbug stamp sets. They are the cutest little bugs (if bugs can ever be considered cute, then these definitely qualify as cute!) and they are perfect for all making cards for all reasons. These designs work great with Cosmic Shimmer products too. Take a look at the sample shown and you will see what I mean. The bug's wings are the perfect place to try out the new Cosmic twinkles too. There are two A5 sized stamp sets with the Jitterbug theme and they are available on the Particraft website now. Hope you enjoy them!
All for now, Sue x

Wednesday 8 July 2009

Christmas in July!

I know, I know, what's wrong with me! Thinking of Christmas at this time of year! I have to place most of the blame on the lovely Pam Smith. Yes, it was she that got me in the Christmassy mood! Pam posted several brillant cards on the photo gallery on the Particraft website (really, have a look at them, they're lovely!) and that is all I want to have a play with now! This card was made from one of the new Christmas stamp sets that is to be released very soon. Just a sneak peek at it for now. I wanted to be a bit different than the traditional Christmas colours so I've done this in teal and light and dark pink. This poinsettia is lovely for paper piecing techniques too. I've used the pine needles distress ink around the edge on the top and to stamp the pine sprig underneath the poinsettia and worn lipstick around the edges on the bottom of the card. If you can bear to have a look at Christmas cards this early, let me know what you think of it! Although, I can't promise this one will be the last. I'm having too much fun for that!
Happy stamping, Sue x

Friday 3 July 2009

They're Here!

Ask and ye will receive.... as the saying goes. The two new cupcake plates are up on the Particraft website for sale now! There are several other new stamp plates that have been added as well. The fun and popular create-a-scene stamp sets by Sheena Douglass, our favourite expert crafter, have been added to the website also. Sheena's newest Christmas create-a-scene, (which, incidentally, hasn't even been premiered yet on Create and Craft tv) is for sale now. It is so new, however, that we haven't received the coloured picture of the set from Sheena yet! Samantha Poole, the new designer of the cupcake plates has several new stamp sets on the website as well. If you like the artsy, distressed look, you will love the four new vintage plates and a shabby chic look bird plate by Sam. Why don't you pop over to the Particraft website (, click on the products tab and check out all the new stamp sets available on the last page of the unmounted stamp set section. Have a look and let me know what you think? All for now, Sue x

Tuesday 30 June 2009


Here are a few of the samples that I made today with the new cupcake stamp plates. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a horrible sweet tooth (sugar should be my middle name!), so these were great fun and complete torture at the same time (remember that diet I spoke of last time!).
I couldn't pick which one was my favorite so I decided to show you several and let you decide. Send me a comment and tell me what you think please!
Unfortuneately, the colour and detail does not show up as well as I would like, but you can probably get an idea at least.
As you can see the crystal lacquer, nestibilities and the cosmic shimmer are all fun products that work well with these designs. They will be up on the Particraft website very soon.
Happy crafting, Sue x