Tuesday, 13 October 2009

On Create and Craft Thursday

Just a quick blog to let you know that I will be demonstrating the new autumn leaves (available through Particraft, of course!) on Thursday at 11am on Create and Craft.  Originally, I was to do two shows on Thursday, but they have cancelled the later one so I now have to figure out how to get all my demo techniques in to one single show!  The card above is going to be my first demo.  The technique is called ''caught in crystal'' and it is about as much fun as you can have with your crafting supplies!  Unfortunately, the photo does not do it justice.  The shimmer from this card is amazing.  If you can't watch the show on the tv., try to catch it online at http://www.createandcraft.com/  .   I am working with alcohol inks, distress inks, mica powders, a big and juicy stamp pads and a large brayer and crystal lacquer so I have a lot to show in an hours time!

The card below was a ''happy accident'' but is very quick and easy to reproduce and I think the effect is stunning.  I am hoping to have time to demo this one as well. 

I would love to get your comments about these cards.  All for now, Sue x


Sheena Douglass said...

I've seen some of these 'in the flesh' and I have to say that, although you gave the old 'David Bailey' bit your best shot, they do look rather stunning in real life.
Sky+ is set (in case I have to food shop with mother - yay!), but I'll be there sooner or later:-) x

Lynne Gilbert said...

Those cards are wonderful and even better 'in the flesh', as Sheena so rightly says! Having had a little lesson on how to achieve such fantastic results I recomend everyone to tune in on Thusday.
Lynne. X

Crafting Queen said...

Love both card, love the colours in the first one. Anesha

joanne wardle said...

saw you on C&C earlier. wonderful break from all the decoupage and cd roms. thoroughly enjoyed it and you packed so much in. hope you are back on soon.

Rosietoes said...

I just wanted to say that I caught your show whilst doing the ironing this morning. I thorougly enjoyed it and loved what you did with the products. I was so 'clued in' I even managed to tape the show.
Superb!! :)

Lynn said...

Saw the show and really enjoyed watching your demos. I think you got the best presenter as Dave let you get on with things and didn't keep interupting like some of them do. I wasn't very happy when Joanna took over with the silly puppet and talked so much that you didn't get the last demo in - that woman likes the sound of her own voice and seems to think that viewers tune in just to listen to her. Moan over. Look forward to seeing you again for more inspiration.

Lynn x

Wilma said...

Beautiful cards and i am so sad that i missed the show - will it be repeated? Wilma x

Dealbaida said...

Boy am I happy to have discovered you here Sue! Yesterday's Create and Craft show was marvellous, so many demonstrations and wonderful, wonderful stamps to add to my "wanted list". Congratulations on a great show and on retaining your composure when that muppet with the puppet appeared.

Encore! Soon please.