Thursday, 8 October 2009

Website Changes

There are some exciting changes happening on the Particraft website.  Over the next coming weeks and months, you will notice quite a few changes to the website to make it more customer friendly and just all around easier to use.  We have already added a blog tab on the home page that takes you directly to this blog.  Yippee!  There is now a product text search instead of the product code search.  That will definitely make finding the products you want a great deal easier! 

I would love to hear from the customers what they would like to see in the way of changes to make it easier for navigation.  Please leave me a comment here or email me directly at (I have my own email addy now too!)

Remember we still have the great blog candy contest running and we are over 2/3rds the way  there already.  So keep telling your friends and fellow crafters about it.  I am really wanting to draw the winner!  Please don't make me wait any longer!!!

Finally, Happy Birthday to my daughter Heather.  She is 23 years old today!  Love from your Mom XXX

All for now, Sue x


Becki and Alan said...

Fab stuff, Sue! I was pootling about on the PartiCraft website yesterday for a while and noticed that there were a number of positive changes. Looking really good!


Riane said...

Sue,happy belated birthday wishes for Heather!