Monday, 19 October 2009

Surprise, Surprise!

  I want to say a great big thanks to everyone who has emailed me with wonderful comments about my show last week.  Some had asked when I was to on Create and Craft next.  My answer was that I did not have anything scheduled at this time, but keep checking the blog and I would post about any upcoming shows. I had just finished sending out email replies when,  not ten minutes later, Ideal World  contacted us about doing another autumn leaves show on Create and Craft!  Talk about Murphy's law!  I am now scheduled for another show this Wednesday morning the 21st at 8am. (Anyone watching that early?)  This will be a bit on the impromptu in the way of the demos as I usually have several weeks to have a play and decide on them.  Basically one day to get them ready!  No pressure there, huh?!

   I am going to be using a brand new Big and Juicy pad that we just got in stock on Friday called "Foliage".  There are only a limited number of these for the show, however.  Don't worry if they do sell out on the show, we have some that will be available through the Particraft website.  They will need a day or so to go in to the system, but should certainly be there by Wednesday.  And remember, all UK orders through the Particraft website
are now p & p free!

   Thanks again for everyone's support.  All for now, Sue x



Lynne Gilbert said...

Hi Sue,
Looking forward to seeing the show. I'm sure you'll come up with something inspiring. Can't wait to see the new Big n Juicy pads. I'm really liking using them at the mo!!! Probably just have to place another order!
Lynne. X

Wilma said...

Hi Sue - whats 8am??? thank goodness for recorders- looking forward to it! :)

Vick said...

so pleased Sue as i love your demos so i will certainly be watching!


Wilma said...

Hi Sue - just wanted to let you know my blog candy has arrived - Fantastic load of goodies - thanks so much Particraft xx:)