Wednesday 31 January 2018

Happy Birthday

Hello and welcome back!  I'm sure that you expected to see a "Happy Birthday" among the new Mini Expressions die range!  I wouldn't want to disappoint, now would I! LOL  This is probably going to be a much reached for sentiment if you are anything like me!  It seems that it is always a never ending battle to keep up with the monthly birthday cards!  Again, this one has been designed so that the two words are independent of each other, so it is entirely your choice how to use them in your cards and projects.  Side by side, up and down or even offset them if you like.  It is all about having that versatility that makes die so valuable in our crafting.  Well we have come to the end of today's post and there is only one more day to come.  It kicks off at the usual 6am here.  All for now, Sue x

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Get Well

Hi bloggers!   I think we can all use a "Get Well" sentiment for our cards and projects from time to time!  I have added this lovely sentiment set to our Mini Expressions die range as I just felt it was something we need in our crafty stash.  Shown here, you can see that it will fit nicely into many of the dies in this release.  You can also cut it and position the words next to each other since they have been designed independently for more versatility.  The final post has been scheduled for 6pm today.  I would love to see that you have been able to pop back by the blog then!  All for now, Sue x

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Hello/ Hi Mini Expression

Hi crafters!  the next Mini Expression on offer is the Hello/Hi die set.  I have used the "Hi" sentiment on the sample shown here as I think it makes the perfect card to just send for no particular reason!  Doesn't everyone just love receiving posts like that, I know I do!  I think that this modern styled font gives you just the right amount of swirl without making the words too hard to read.  It is quite a small set, but I'm sure that no one would object to winning it nonetheless!  Just leave your comment, who knows, it could be you!  I will return at 3pm with the third post of the day.  All for now, Sue x

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Just Wanted To Say / Miss You Mini Expressions

Hi crafters!  This is the only post with two die sets on offer; the Just Wanted To Say and the Miss You Mini Expressions.  This is the first introduction into this sort of die set we have done. My goal was to offer some beautiful sentiment die sets that were reasonably priced.  There has been quite a few requests for this sort of thing in the market and I feel that we have accomplished our goal to bring you lovely sentiments that are well priced.  I am really pleased with these.  The font is modern and easy to read, the sentiments are useful and the sort of thing you would use time and time again.  They work alone or together too as you can see from the sample shown.  I hope you will get a lot of use out of these.  Leave your comment to win either of these die sets.  The next post is at 12 noon today.  All for now,
 Sue x

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Tuesday 30 January 2018

Crux Gemini Die

Hi bloggers!  The final post for today is dedicated to the Crux Gemini die set.  Shown here, you can see just how pretty it looks when used in opposite corners and the pixie powders look fabulous showing through, don't they? The Crux die is the last  member of the Gemini family, but certainly not the least.  I think you will find so many uses for this beautiful die set.  I would be honoured to read all your comments on this blog post, not to mention the chance of winning it you would have too!  The penultimate day begins here tomorrow at 6am.  I hope you will be able to join us here.  All for now, Sue x
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Diamond Squares Background

Hello there my crafty friends!  We have the Diamond Squares Background die on offer this hour.  I have had this idea in my head for awhile and I am pleased as punch at how it has turned out.  The background has no outer cutting edge and can easily be extending to create longer background panels for your projects.  It looks amazing when embossed to as it adds so much detail!  If you like the look of this one, you know what to do!  I shall return for the final post of the day at 6pm.  Hope to see you then!  All for now Sue x

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Easter Bunny Egg

Hi there my crafty friends!  The second of the two new Fillables is the Easter Bunny Egg die set.  This one also fits the new egg treat cup shape and I thought you might like to see it in action!  The set has been designed as a sort of diorama style egg with a cute bunny inside.  The outside shape has a decorative Happy Easter going around it and the set has a couple of extra accent items that can be used with either of the egg die sets.  What a cute shaker card this will make for your friends, children or even grandkids!  Fancy having a go, just leave your comment and your name might just be the one that I pick out!  Don't forget that you can use the Pinit button to add any of the card samples or dies to your boards on Pinterest.  It is great to be able to pull them up and have a look if you need any extra inspiration.  The third post of the day is scheduled for 3pm today.  I will be back here then, I hope you will be able to join me to have a look!  All for now, Sue x

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Happy Easter Egg

Hello blog friends!  Welcome to the start of day number seven! We are introducing the Happy Easter Egg die set from our Fillables range.  This means that this die set has a matching egg treat cup that is available to be used with this set.  I decided to share a sample that I made not using the treat cup so you can see that the set looks smashing when used to make flat cards too!  Don't you just love the little chick!  If you would like the chance to win this set, just leave a comment on this post.  You will automatically be entered into it.  If you are new to the blog and don't know how to leave a comment, it is very easy and the instructions are listed on the right hand side of the blog for you!  I will return at noon for the next offering.  All for now, Sue x
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Monday 29 January 2018

Meandering Twig Border

Hi bloggers!  The Meandering Twig Border is next up on the reveal list.  First thing that I want you to see about this die is that it is a perfect positive and negative image.  None of the branches overlap so can use it in both manners.  The next thing is that the ends are perfect for your PVA glue dots if you want.  I couldn't stop myself from doing it, it just looks so cool!  I have used it in the sample shown here as a triple section background, but it looks amazing in channel cards or even cut into pieces!  If you like this one, let me know what you think!  That is it for today, but I will be back in the morning to share more fun stuff with you!  All for now, Sue x
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Chantilly Lace Edger

Hi crafters!  Must have an edger, I kept saying when I was designing this release!  The Chantilly Lace Edger was the result!  This die set has been designed in three pieces that can either all be used together or separately.  The dies either have no side cutting edges or in the case of the largest one, shown here, just a decorative side cutting edge.  The reason for that is that you can decide when and where to use them.  If you just want to add a decorative shape to the top or bottom edges of your card, you can.  If you want to create an entire background, you can.  It is all about the versatility!  Add your comments here to be included in this drawing.  The last post of the day is at 6pm.  All for now, Sue x

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Ivy Garden Background

Hi blog friends!  The next die set up on offer today is the Ivy Garden Background.  This die set is unique in that you get a focal image and  four corners which act as a frame around it or can be used separately.  It isn't a background per se, but with the ivy theme running through it, you can easily use it as a background for your cards and other projects.  I love how it looks when cut from a pixie powdered piece of card!  You can see that the corners look fab even when using the negative piece too!  I hope you are going to leave your comments here so you are entered into the drawing!  The third post of the day is at 3pm.  Please make a point of coming back by for a quick peek.  All for now, Sue x

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Hi guys!  I am back this morning with the Flora die set!  The Flora is a single die set due to the amount of detail in it, but the negative design is as stunning as the positive so it is like having a two-fer!  You may have noticed it in the Double Stitched Octagon post a few days ago and wondered what it was.  Flora will add some amazing floral detail to any of your projects.  Leave your comment on here if you like her.  The next post will be on the blog at noon, hope you can join us then.  All for now, Sue x

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Sunday 28 January 2018


Hello there my crafty friends!  We are ending day five with a lovely die that I have named after my daughter, Heather.  This is one of my favourite cards from the release (wish the pic showed just how beautiful it is!)  This set looks gorgeous with pixie powder behind, showing off all the beautiful detail that the die has to offer!  The intermittent lattice mixed in with lovely open swirls and teardrops just gives such a stunning effect, who could resist!  Do you love this one as much as I do?  Let me know what you think.  We are officially past the halfway mark of the blog launch but we still have four more days of lovely stuff to share starting at 6am tomorrow morning!  I hope you can join us back here then!  All for now, Sue x

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Hi crafters!  It is time to introduce you to Michelle!  Michelle is a lovely smaller Frame and Tag die set with beautiful detailing.  There are also some gorgeous Stamps To Die For that match this set (just so you know!) that I hope to share with you soon after the blog launch is over.  The die has a real 3-dimensionality to it with what looks like fingers wrapping around from the edge.  This set looks amazing when pared with any of the octagonal shapes as well.  Don't forget to leave your comment and your name or alias on this post.  The final post of the day will be here at 6pm.  All for now, Sue x

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Summer Rose Frame

Hi bloggers!  The next die on offer is the Summer Rose Frame.  I will admit to using this set bunches of times and it looks so different depending on what you do with it.  The eagle eyed among you might have spotted it a couple of days ago as it was used in the Sophia sample card.  This set is versatile because it can be nipped apart and easily be extended (as I have done here) or you can use sections of it by themselves.  It looks positively amazing when letter pressed too.  I can't wait to show you more samples of this die set in the weeks to come.  Please leave your comment on this post and join me back here at 3pm for the next reveal.  All for now, Sue x

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Hi crafters!  We are starting off day five with a lovely Frame and Tag die set called Poppy.  I did find I was continually reaching for this one so you will be see a lot of it in the coming weeks and months.  It is lovely and detailed but open enough to have a soft airy feel to it as well.  The floral element in the centre can be used with or without the rest of the die and there is a nice open space in it for a sentiment as well.  The sample shown here has it used as the background foreground and side accents so you can see the versatility.  Tell me what you think of it in your comments.  The next post is up at 12 noon.  All for now, Sue x
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Saturday 27 January 2018

Hot Air Balloon Stained Glass

Hello and welcome back!  The days are flying by and this post signals the end of day four of the blog launch.  We are not quite halfway through yet so no worries!  This final post is to showcase the Hot Air Balloon Stained Glass die.  It just works for so many occasions as it can be seen as a sort of metaphor for retirement, travel and holiday plans, birthdays or just because someone needs a pick me up card! LOL  Again, this stained glass will look lovely with pixie powders, gilding flakes, distress inks or glitters!  there are so many ways you can experiment with your Cosmic Shimmer products and use this die set.  Just a little reminder to leave your comment on this post and don't forget to make sure that your name stands out from everyone else leaving comments on the blog.  Add an alias or an surname initial or city where you are from, just something to distinguish your comment from anyone else with a similar name.  I only have a single set of each of the dies to give away.  All for now, Sue x

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