Wednesday 14 October 2009

HUGE NEWS at Particraft!!!

The Particraft website has undergone a few changes of late, but the biggest one has just happened!  We are now offering free shipping to absolutely every website order!  Think of the savings!  If you take a peek at all the great items that Particraft has to offer, now there is no excuse not to add them to your crafting goodies.  It won't cost you anything in delivery charges and you won't spend anything on petrol and parking to go fetch them yourself. Not to mention, think of all the time you can save also! 

Don't forget, though, if you would like to see any of the great products in action, we will be happy to send one of our many home demonstrators out to you for an in person demo.  Have a Particraft party and you will earn free merchandise and a hostess gift which cannot be purchased.  It is a free gift to you just for having a party.  What a fun way to spend time with your crafting friends!

And don't forget about our blog candy....we are sooooo close to our goal!

Happy crafting, Sue x


BettyBoop67 said...

Yipee only 2 more followers to get lol, Good Luck to all that has entered, Sue xx

BettyBoop67 said...

Wow congrats you have made it, Sue xx

Merry said...

Sounds exciting.

Lynne Gilbert said...

Reached that goal!!!!!!!
Good luck to all who entered.
Lynne. X

Amanda said...

Jippee, you've reached the goal! Wonderful! Now to reach 200?