Friday 29 September 2017

September 2017 Die Release Winners

Hello bloggers!  A great big thank you for such a wonderful reception for this release.  The comments left on the blog and emailed to me were wonderful and left me feeling over the moon.  I wanted to do a few sets that were a bit different and you really seemed to like the entire release so thank you so much for your support.  It does mean the world to me.  Without further ado, here are the winners for each die set:

Lavish Accented Hexagon Noble:  Ann Toppcards!!!
Classic Adorned Hexagon Noble:  Holly Berry!!!
Double Stitched Hexagon Noble:  Yvonne May!!!
Petite Petal Striplet:  Val C Cumbria!!!
Cheeky Monkey:  Karen Ladd in Ca!!!
Baby's First Pram:  Dragonsnap2!!!
Sweet Dreams Little One:  Lynda Mellor!!!
Make A Cake:  Viki Banaszak!!!
King Of The Grill:  Kiraneries!!!
In The Tool Box:  Stella Munn!!!
Stitched Square Pegboard Frames:  Sandie Braithwaite!!!
Celebrations Square Shadow Box: Krafty Runner X!!!
So Many Candles:  Steph Cotterill!!!
Alphabet Grid;  Jackie Trinder!!!
Ecliptic Edger:  Sued99!!!
Intermediate Weaving Die:  Pam Dwight!!!
Twinkle Twinkle Cloud and Stars:   lindyloo12!!!
Domed Snow Globe:  Marianne Craftroom!!!
Hot Air Balloon Snow Globe Scene:  Betty McAlister!!!
Fairy Snow Globe Scene:Beverly W (Kent)!!!
Ella:  Jeannie Donnelly!!!
Scarlet:  Snuffy Snoo!!!
Jennifer:  Sandra Holmes!!!
Victoria:  Vanessa Hodgson!!!
Sagitta Gemini die:  Karen Keen!!!
Cetus Gemini die:  Nattyboots!!!
Columba Gemini die:  Muriel Kelly!!!
Windswept Grasses:  P Austen!!!
Nasturtium Cluster:  granny sue!!!
Pinwheel Florals:  Magic Maggie (Yorkite)!!!

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