Monday, 26 September 2016


Good morning crafters!  How about a Special Occasion Shadow box card to start off the week!  I have used milk card, vintage gold card and black card to create this one.  I started with a piece of milk card as the background and embossed it with the Jacobean Floral embossing folder.  I highlighted the embossed area with Enchanted Gold gilding wax rubbed over the top and then buffed.  Next I cut the Shadow Box out of gold card and added mounting foam to the back to raise it and added it to my embossed background.  I the lower corner I added the bells cut in gold and shadowed in black.  Above that, I cut the champagne bottle in gold, shadowed it in black and cut one more out of milk card.  Using my scissors, I trimmed away the label area on the milk card and glued it to the gold bottle.  I cut the embossed heart from the set out of gold card and attached it to the larger middle box.  I cut the Stacked Love die in milk and black as a shadow and attached them to the top of the heart.  Above that section, I used the Mr. and Mrs. die cut out of milk and black card.  I shadowed it with the black, then nipped them apart to rearrange them for use in the longer thinner box area.  The ampersand was glued top and bottom to the frame of the shadow box.  For the last section, I decided to use the Happy Couple die on top of the shadow box frame.  I cut the die in milk and black.  I used just the tuxedo part out of the black die cut and glued it to the top of the milk die cut.  Next I used the die and lightly embossed it into milk card and cut away the bride and glued her behind the open cut out area on the original to make the piece solid.  I was then able to hide mounting foam to raise them above the shadow box frame.  I completed the card with milk, gold and black mats and my usual paper pierced edge.  The finished dimensions are 6 1/4" x  7" in size.  All for now,
 Sue x

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Dragonsnap2 said...

Beautiful card today. What a shame I don't have any weddings coming up. Thanks Sue.
D x

Pussycats said...

Stunning shadow box card and the colours work beautifully. All the details are amazing. Wendy

hollyberry said...

Really beautiful and very elegant card.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card Sue. JJxx said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you a very elegant card so very up market card just beautiful.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

tracy w said...

Hi Sue
what a beautiful card today thank you tracyw x

Unknown said...

Gorgeous card
Carol quinn

June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, such a gorgeous card today, I love the shadow box ones because they are so versatile and now with the new noble sets they can become something completely different.

Pam, if you are reading this I do hope you are having a wonderful holiday, we miss you.

Tina & Peter - keep up the good work but what is narcolepsys cataplexy syndrome, never heard of that. Tina they might even say that my thighs are to bulky as well, they would not do the op at a private hospital because of my high BMI, will find out tomorrow.

Not got the top spot today, P in wales, Tracy and Diane G - I am normally up early and usually comment on the blog just after 6, a little late this morning.

Heather T - I bet all the Elvis costumes were stunning, he was certainly one for his clothes, but oh how I would loved to have given him a hug.

Elaine and Andrew - will be thinking of you and hope things go well, fingers crossed.

I am sure I have missed some of you, but you know I am sending lots of hugs.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue. A beautiful and elegant card, your shadow boxes are gorgeous. Hugs to all. Sue xxx

Anonymous said...

Great card, Sue, and absolutely perfect for the occasion - love your attention to detail and all the shadowing. Sadly no weddings on the horizon.
Pam, hope you're having a great time - haven't been to Bournemouth for yonks, last time bunking off school and going on a day trip with naughty bestie Pat - decades ago! Brought back memories - and we didn't get caught!!
Laine, scabby spuds and choccy treats lol no surprise you can't wait a year for more. PP obviously pulled out all the stops to impress! PP... glad George now gainfully employed.
Hugs to all.

'P' in Wales

BridgetCG said...

Hi Sue, this card is awesome, love the hint of black it works so well with the Gold and milk. The shadow box dies are fabulous. Take care. Bx

Marion Bull said...

What a beautiful card too start the week! Any happy couple would be delighted to receive this!

Maggie B xx

Wacki Macky said...

Lovely card today Sue,

thank you,

Pearl xx

Netty The Runner said...

Lovely card, the shadow box is such a good idea.
Annette x

Unknown said...

GM Sue. Such a lovely card. Fabulous.

TDQ Karen said...

A card to treasure, beautiful

hazel young said...

Stunning card Sue x xhazel

Tina T said...

Good morning Sue and crafters all,
Beautiful card this morning Sue. Love the Happy couple and Mr & Mrs dies, do not have the shadow box !!!!! Just made a wedding card for my best friend whose son is getting married this coming week using the pierced circles, arbour gate and the bride and groom with velum poppies on the front, as I always put an insert in the card the Mr & Mrs is on the page when card is opened .

Peter is doing better with his eating and coping well with his Nephrectomy .
June Smith was asking about Narcolepsy / Cataplexy syndrome well this is it :-
Narcolepsy is falling asleep - anytime,anyplace or anywhere.
Cataplexy :- face looks like a stroke then you lose muscle control and collapse , although you can hear, you cannot see and you become a dead weight!! Very frightening to see at first but have learnt to cope with all this. Peter is unable to go out on his own, very tying for him and me.
Pam hope you enjoy your holiday and the weather is fine. Lovely part of England.
Love and crafty hugs,
Tina T xxxxx

Janice K said...

Good morning Sue.
A very clasy and elegant card which would make a happy couple feel extremely special.x

auscrafts said...

classy card

Jan on the Fosse said...

Hi Sue
Wow what a start for the new week really elegant card.
Jan x

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
Gorgeous card. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day everyone.

Chris Curry said...

A special card to make and a very special card to receive Sue, beautiful. Thank you.xx

gailgale said...


Steph Cotterill said...

Morning Sue. After one of the worst ever market days I can remember for a long time I got home freezing, uncomfortable tired and deflated, think there were more traders than visitors which is such a shame as they don't charge a parking fee on market days but ask for a small donation which goes to the upkeep of the country park as since all the cuts we lost the majority of park wardens so it's all on the shoulders of volunteers and that is how they manage to keep this wonderful place going. So although we lost out, the park lost more and considering they are mostly retired they won the legal battle to build a new visitor centre as it's a place used by schools to educate the young about wildlife and conservation, so when I only sell four cards I think of all the donations they missed out on and the amount of time it puts on the completion of the new centre !
So it's nice to wake up and follow a very special blog that helps us to recover from any unhappy feelings we are going through, so NO Noble dies to add to my collection this month the circles will just have to wait a little longer !
I never did buy this shadow box collection but I've seen so many beautiful cards made from it so I know for certain there are many newly weds up and down the country and throughout the world that received one of these on their happiest of days and it's all down to your fabulous designing knowledge and knowing what we like that made it possible.
So Sue, to help lift my spirits I shall have a 'Sue day' once I've cleared the little room of rubbish cards lol, I just couldn't face doing it all yesterday. So I'm going to catch up with all the shows I missed Saturday due to preparing for a rubbish Sunday and turn my frown upside down and forget yesterday's big disappointment then start on making some new baby cards with my New Additions, and get some children's birthday cards made as I only have a few left and it's embarrassing putting a basket out with so few in it - there's a possible idea for you Sue, dies for children's cards, although goodness knows where you'd start with that collection lol.
I'll leave you with an unfortuatly deflated hug for the day (I could do with one myself) lol and wish you a lovely day xxx

Jackie T said...

Good morning Sue this is a gorgeous wedding card. I do love those dies. Have a great day today. Take care. Hugs Jackie

PharmacyMichele said...

Beautiful card, so elegant & classy.


lilian said...

Hi Sue, very beautiful card, I'm sure any couple would love it.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, What a beautiful wedding card, I am sure any couple would love to receive.

Love Rosemarie X X

JAO said...

Great shadow box card.

A Happercrafter6 said...

Lovely wedding card.

nattyboots said...

Hi Sue
Such a beautiful card , i love it all.

Pam ,hope you are enjoying your holiday,am missing you.

June, I was told i had to lose weight before they would operate on my hip , good luck for tomorrow.

Stephanie, from me , to you, a very special gently BIG HUG . xxxxxx

Take care everyone.
Elaine H X

Jennifer Smith-Kirk said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card, love the gold card used sets your card off really welll x x x

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, gorgeous card.
Nancyd xx

Unknown said...

Morning Sue such an elegant card this morning.
Enjoy your day x

Lynda's craft's said...

Hi Sue & Wilsonetts
Gorgeous card today Sue I love the shadow box dies I have the birthday one.
This one is lovely I would buy if I had a wedding coming up it's perfect.
Sorry missed a couple of posts blooming Migrains again.
Love & Hug's Lynda Brock xx

PAM hope your enjoying your holiday fingers crossed the weather is kind for you.xx
TRACY hope your well my friend sending you some happy Hug's xxx
ELAINE & ANDREW hope thing go well for you Hug's xx
TINA & PETER it's a lot for peter to cope with but he is doing really well sendig you both some Hug's xx
TINA & MIKE sending you both some Hug's xx
Wheelybad hope your ok sending you Big Hug's & cuddles for billy xx

Hug's for everyone xx

Suemac said...

Lovely card for a special couple

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - I love your wedding dies and this bride and groom are the most elegant dies I have seen. The card is so clever and any bride and groom would be delighted to receive this. Sending best wishes

Annie Stamps said...

This is such a special card for a wedding Sue. I love the antique gold card, it's really elegant.

Annie P

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card to begin the week. Gold, black and white always make such elegant cards.
Heather R Oxfordshire

Marion Scott said...

Good morning Sue, gorgeous wedding card, love the gold card. Marion S x

Diane Green said...

Hi Sue
What a great card, this would certainly stand out amongst the rest. Love the hols, it's quite subtle isn't it. Thank you for sharing.
Love Diane G xxx
Tina and Peter you have got a lot on your plate haven't you. Sending
Elaine and Andrew hope all goes well this week .xxx
Tina and mick I hope something gets sorted for mick soon . Xxx
Tracey sending hugs xxx
June I hope all goes well for tomorrow xxx

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi Sue. Beautiful card, love it :-) Have a great day. Hugs to all xxx

Muriel said...

Hello Sue and all
Very glamorous wedding card, love the black and gold - very classy
Muriel x

Pam said...

Stunning card Sue and I have all of these dies now, pity they are back up in Hartlepool.
Steph, a gigantic inflated hug for you, so sorry about yesterday. It is really disappointing to put so much effort into something for it not to go well, but as you say more so for the conservation funds. Onward and upward Steph, you won't be down for long.
The weather is a bit uncertain today, but have the windows open so still warmer than home. The flat is sheer luxury, I feel as if I have won the lottery. Might drive along the coast today to suss it out.
Elaine, fingers still crossed for Andrew,.
Tina, Peter is really going through the mill, I had never heard if cataplexy before.
Tina, hope you and Mick are doing well.
Laine, you made me laugh, you are so naughty.
Last evening I could see the Isle of Wight so clearly, does it have a white horse on its cliff right out to see? Does anyone know?
Hugs to all..

Izzy said...

Hi Sue,

A lovely wedding card, very classy and full of interest, so unlike anything you can find in the card shops...I too like your Shadow Box sets very much and will be investing in one asap...

Stephanie - so sorry to hear you had such a bad day at market but look on the bright side, the next one is bound to be better isn't it!....can't be any worse...


Lynda Mellor aka Loopy Lynda said...

Good morning Sue, nice wedding card!!!
Have a good one!!!
Loopy Lyndaxxx

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Very lovely card so different. love Jean Z xxx

Gloria Robey said...

Morning Sue, I am about to start a wedding anniversary card for a friend .Seeing the shadow box die today has set me off on a different path I have to buy the it. Your card is stunning Thanks for the inspiration . Gloria (Sidcup) xx

marg said...

Good Morning Sue
Love the Bride and her Groom such a lovely Wedding card!
Love Marg

Clare Powell said...

Beautiful wedding card x

Glenharon said...

Good morning Sue and the Wilsonettes,
When i see todays beautiful card i think that you are fed up trying to find just what you want in the shops Sue so decided it was time to do something about it, lol. What a gorgeous card to receive as a newly married couple and something that they could put in a box frame to give it full exposure as i don't think that they would want to put it in their wedding box. Thank you Sue for a lovely WOW on this beautiful day up here in Glenochil.
Lorraine flower, we are having a beautiful day up here in Central Region so i hope that it has travelled down to Princess Pixies' and that you are having a lovely holiday full of laughter, so that you are sore coming back but only because your tummy muscles haved worked out at laughing so much.
Pam flower, it is so strange coming in and you're not the first on, but rather having a "lie in" because you're on holiday. I hope that you have a lovely time away flower as you need a wee pick me up now and then.
Need to go as i have Rory to take to college so i will leave with hugs to all the lovely Wilsonettes that really need, want or could do with,
love and crafty hugs
Norah (Glenochil)

Anne said...

Any couple would be thrilled to receive this, Sue.

Anne (Newton)

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
I'm sure I saw you demo this absolutely gorgeous and elegant card and was much impressed. I'm impressed again on seeing it, just exquisite.
Hugs, Rose

Yvonne H said...

Good morning Sue,
Absolutely exquisite card, I love your shadow boxes they have so much to them. Truly stunning & a card everyone would love to receive. Yvonne xx

Heather Treble said...

Hi Sue,
Absolutely beautiful card, love it.
Thanks for sharing,

Unknown said...

Morning sue and crafty friends.

Oh I do love these shadow boxes. I've yet to
Own one but I'm sure I might get one for Xmas. I was naughty yesterday as my local range store had some of ur Xmas does so after seeing ur weekend shows I bought the snow globe die. Unfortunately they didn't sell the treat cups to go along with it and they seem to be sold out everywhere. Ah well I might keep this one for next years creations lol. I'll keep trying for the treat cups these are definitely the way to go for shaker cards. Pure genius!! Xx

Lynda b and Diane g. I'm doing so much better theme fixation is now beginner to work I feel less upset and more upbeat in myself.

Got consultant appt tomorrow hopefully my last one. Will hopefully get my mammo result early from her too. Graeme couldn't get his shift changed so my pal Janice is coming with me.
She says was I sure that was wise?? After all she was with me on the first one when I got the bad news so she feels like a bad luck charm.
But I said to her well I were there on my first spot so she might as well be at the last!! Lol
God love her

Love to all my blog friends always xx

Beryl said...

Lovely card Sue.

Unknown said...

Good morning sue what a beautiful card and the design is wonderful
Have a lovely day

Debs Cards xxx

Unknown said...

This is a beauty sue love it I use the bride and groom die a lot. the box dies are brilliant on my wish list at the moment. Thank you sue love always June Horrocks xxxxxxxxxx

Nannieflash said...

Good Morning Sue, wow that is such a beautiful shadow box and it would be lovely to give to a family member at such a special time. hugs Shirleyx

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, lovely card, any couple would be over the moon to receive something like this. Thank you for sharing.
Take care everyone, Jess xxx

Karen M said...

Morning Sue
Very nice card,love the bride & groom
Thank you
Best wishes
Karen M

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Beautiful card, I love the shadow box sets.

Jane Franklin said...

A beautiful card to give. Shadow box cards are a bit different which is great, I must have a go.
Tracy, I got my treat cups from Julia Watts crafts. She had some last week so you may be lucky. Luv jxxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, This card is gorgeous, and would be gratefully received by any couple getting married.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Debra K. said...

Lovely wedding card! A really great card design. Debra x

Myra said...

Hello Sue,
A lovely wedding card! The couple look elegant some others I have seen look very wooden! I mean dies not real people!!
I like the colours too!
Pam - so pleased you have arrived safely and have nice weather, lovely accommodation and a lovely view! Enjoy your day!
Norah - I hope you aren't lifting these tiles - they will be jolly heavy! Take care my dear - not long now!!
Tracy - all the very best for tomorrow and hope you and Janice too get some very good news! She is obviously a very good friend!
Lorraine - thanks for the hug and I'm glad you are recovering from your trip south! I agree , Sue's bauble dies make lovely cards but then I think Sue makes the best Christmas Dies on offer anywhere! Biased me - no!! Hug!
Andrew and Elaine, Tina and Peter and Tina and Mick - sending love to you all. I know all the men have health problems but you ladies are so brave and stoical too. Love to all.
Love to all, Myra xxx

Susan Battensby said...

Hi Sue
Wow, this is such a stunning card today. Any bride would be highly delighted to receive this card, just beautiful.

Tressa said...

I agree that any couple about to wed would be delighted to receive this card.


Paula said...

What a lovely card today Sue! It's so elegant, who could fail to like it? It would have pride of place amongst any wedding card display.
Hugs to all in need today,
Paula x

SueJ said...

Really lovely card today.
Love the shadow box dies, they make the perfect card for a special occasion.

jenny Briggs said...

Morning Sue
Lovely card so different

jenny Briggs said...

Morning Sue
Lovely card so different

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card, love all the special occasion dies you've used but better still I have them all!

Steph sending you hugs, sorry the market was disappointing but the next one will be better
Tracy big hugs, will be thinking of you tomorrow and glad your friend Janice will be with you
Hugs as always to Nanna Tina, Tina T, Elaine and Wheelybad and anyone else who needs one

Love and best wishes everyone

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, a gorgeous card that any couple would be thrilled to receive. I am sure I saw you making this on TV and thought it was stunning then.

Steph - a hug for you after a disappointing market.
Pam - not sure what White Horse you can see, the only one I know of on the Isle of Wight is the very old Inn :-)


Helen Bell said...

Hi Sue and everyone

A beautiful card. I wish I had bought some of the vintage gold card at Ally Pally now, as I have this shadow box set. A clever idea to cut up the Mrs & Mrs die too. Looks lovely.

Pam, I hope you are enjoying your holiday. X

June, I hope the pre op assessment goes well tomorrow. X

Tracy, all the best for tomorrow, all the Wilsonettes will be routing for you. X

Busy day ahead, emulsioning more newly plastered walls. Hopefully hubby will do the ceilings.

Love Helen xxx

karenlotty said...

This is gorgeous I have started my collection of Shadow boxes! Thank goodness it's my birthday next month!

Kate's Cards said...

The ideas with the shadow box are endless. Lovely card!

Bejay said...

Morning, Sue,
What a lovely start to the week. I love the colour card you've chosen for this one, it's very elegant. I really love the shadow box die sets and have the birthday one on my wish list. I don't know anyone thinking of getting married so I wouldn't be able to make much use of this one sadly.
Have a great week everyone. Sending hugs to all who need them (or would just want one).
Bejay xx

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a gorgeous wedding card. Just right to give to a couple tying the knot.

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
What a stunning card I adore all your shadow box dies! (Well let's be honest I adore ALL your dies lol!). The colours you've used are gorgeous and gives the card an elegant look.
Hugs x
Heather T

Brenda said...

Hi Sue,

What a beautiful elegant card, it makes me wish I knew someone who was getting married it would be a great excuse to buy this die.

Have a great day, love Brenda XXX

ursula said...

I love your Shadow Box collection, this one is spectacular and as usual turned into a beautiful card, thank you Sue...luv Ursula xx

Leanne said...

Fabulous card!

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
Love the shadow boxes. Shame I don't have any weddings in the offing just now. But love the card you've made in gold.

Karen Drew said...

Gorgeous card. The shadow box dies make a card with a difference
Karen xx

Sue MacFall said...

Lovely for a wedding, love the shadow effect.
Sue M

Anonymous said...

Afternoon Sue. This is a gorgeous card, very elegant and expensive looking. You would never be able to get anything like this in the shops. I have all your shadow box dies and i love mix and matching them all and with the new baby one the skys the limit lol. The colours are beautiful with the black shadow behind everything.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

Unknown said...

Morning Sue, this is such a lovely card for a wedding I do like the shadow box collections I have the birthday one and is so good to have
Kathy B x

CraftyJo said...


Ann said...

Hi Sue

Gorgeous card so lovely for a Wedding Card.

Hugs to all

Annx without an "e"

Lorraine Freeman said...

Hello all,
Just a quick note to let you know I am back and well alert from my very painful knees.
Trying to catch up on everyone's news but probably won't retain much due to my meds.
Love to you all

Unknown said...

So beautiful just love these shadow box cards


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, elegant wedding card today. The shadow box works well and the colours are gorgeous.
Barbara V

Lisbeth said...

Hi Sue. Lovely elegant wedding card. I really think the shadow box cards are a good idea as you can add lots of extra decorations to celebrate the occasion without the card looking too overcrowded.


Crewe Trish said...

Hello Sue
I do love your shadow cards. Pam its lovely to hear about your holiday so glad its going so well. Steph have they no taste in your neck of the woods I am sure your next one will be better. Lorraine sorry to hear about your knees. Tracy fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Rosemary Stickland said...

A lovely card for a special occasion.
Rosemary xx

Yorks butterfly said...

Hi Sue, just wish I had a wedding coming up so I could use this die, Love the Shadow boxes, they are all on my wish list.

Lynn Dalby said...

Hello Sue.

Lovely Card. I think this is so elegant. I am a huge fan of the shadow boxes as I think they are so versatile and can be used with any small dies for various occasions. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes

Pauline A said...

Exquisite card Sue. I must invest in your shadow boxes. Like many other Wilsonettes, I also haven't any weddings coming up but I'm sure the "happy couple" die could be used for an anniversary card. You see; where there's a wish, there can be a way. Hugs x Pauline A

hettygarlick said...

Lovely elegant card. Lucky bride and groom to receive one like that.

sandieann21 said...

I love all the shadow box sets. I So useful. I

barbara macaskill said...

This card makes me wish I knew a couple who was getting married!! Beautiful card and I love the colors! TFS!

KarinsArtScrap said...

gorgeous and elegant wedding card Sue

Gr Karin

Janet Wilson said...

Great wedding card

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Simply stunning.
Beverley W

Suebak said...

Perfect. They are a lot of fun these Shadow Box dies. This one could easily be adapted for an anniversary. Thanks.

Susan x

liz spooner said...

I have this die Sue, but haven't had time to play.xx

Unknown said...

Good afternoon lovely sue and her crafty crew!

Your shadow box concept is one of your most inspiring creations and given that it creates such elegant and truly individual cards is it little wonder that I have made them a priority member of my die stash. This card is characteristically gorgeous, it oozes elegance and sophistication and is totally appropriate for that special day. Your happy couple die is the nicest on the market, and the accompanying dies are fun and romantic all at once. I don't have any future nuptials planned but I will still make this card just for the sheer enjoyment of it and because it's so beautiful.
I'm a happy bunny today, I spent the afternoon diligently organising my craft room and trying to cram in my recent purchases....I've went a little mad lately with the money I saved forAlly Pally, when you abstain from a pleasureable pursuit it can be hard to control your urges when you can eventually let loose again:-).....I had a delivery of some festive dies this morning meaning I've bought eleven in the past five days, some would say excessive, I would say essential:-) Finding storage is becoming more of a problem though, how on earth does Sue manage I wonder, I'll need a crane to lift them and an extension to store them in soon:-)
It's that time of year when I have to create a couple of cards for my notoriously fussy 81 yr old uncle who falls into the category described by Norah....he isn't interested in any pursuits or Hobbies and enjoys nothing more than sitting with remote control in hand in his armchair so because Sue hasn't done a Tv die yet I'm forced to turn to pixie powders and a good old shadow box for inspiration, who could fail to fall in love with that I ask myself:-)
Pam, so good to hear that you're enjoying your break away, it's a lovely coastline, I just hope the weather is kind to you. It's really strange opening the blog without your comment starting my day though, I know you're on holiday but do you really have to lie in , you're risking the continuity of the blog!:-)
Norah, I'm safely returned to our bonny Ochils now, I really missed them, despite our chronic weather, you always describe them so beautifully:-) Hope you enjoy your trip South to meet the girls soon, I'm sure it'll be a riot, who's going to be there?
Tina, Peter has so much to contend with, it must be really difficult for you both at the minute with the worry of his upcoming treatments. Sending you both hugsxxx
Maria, hoping you're okay, you've been very quiet since Ally Pally, take care honey, missing you
Tracy, good luck with your appointment tomorrow, I'm glad your friend Janice will be by your side, you've really come full circle and it's quite appropriate that she will be there when you hopefully get the news that you deserve, thinking of youxxx
Yvonne, missing you honey....not! Call yourself Sues favourite, then where are you darling? Hope George had a good first day in full time employmentxxxx
Hugs to my besties Myra,Maureen,P,Pat, Frances,Alison,Beth,Rebecca,wheely Bad, Lorraine, Lynda, Linda, Theresa, and anyone needing a cuddlexxxx

Crafty hugs


Princess Pixie! said...

Hi Sue
Absolutely beautiful. There is not much more to say about this card it is stunning. As you know I am such a fan of the shadow box dies and this card shows how fabulous they are x
Yesterday's cards were gorgeous but I did not manage to comment as my mum in law came for dinner. She normally leaves at about 8 when one of the boys drop her off but she was here until 10 last night. I get on really well with her and she is lovely but she can be hard work (ask Laine who was lucky enough to meet her), lol. By the time she left I was worn out so my plans of commenting when she left went out of the window x
For the record, we had a lovely roast dinner with incredibly scabby potatoes which Laine became quite partial to during her stay. Lol x
George managed to drag himself out of bed this morning at 5.30 for his first day at work. I was worried. He would sleep through World War 3 so I was relieved that his early rising did not involve my hearing his alarm and having to wake him. Long may it continue x
Pam - I hope you are a lovely holiday and come back feeling refreshed. I remember the first time I went on holiday after Steve died. Very mixed feelings. Apprehension, nerves and even a little guilt if I am honest. We went back to the same place that we had been for many years and it was a little surreal. The boys and I created new memories whilst remembering all the good times and memories we had made when Steve was with us. Sending you lots of love x
Tina - sending you and Peter hugs. It is one thing after another. Look after yourself as well as looking after Peter x
Lynda - hope the migraines are under control. Hugs x
Tracy - hope everything goes well tomorrow. Be thinking of you. Big hugs x
Lorraine - nice to see you. Huggles x
June - be thinking of you tomorrow. Take care. Hugs x
Laine - how are you coping without me? The sale of potatoes has slumped down South since your departure! Looking on the bright side my electricity bill has gone down as roasties are not on the menu every night! Lol. Have you played with any of your new toys - no thought not. Fingers crossed we can have a catch up tomorrow evening - usual time. Big hugs hun x
Quite a few names missing by the looks of things. Sending love to all of you specially Maria, Deb C, Jane Franklin, Lesley S and apologies to anyone I have forgotten.
Take care everyone
Crafty hugs
Princess P
Yvonne x

Jean Bullock said...

Beautiful card. I pinned to my Sue Board.

sued99 said...

I love your Shadow box dies. I was unsure when I first saw them but having purchased a set I love them! This card is gorgeous. X

Wendy L said...

Gorgeous card Sue, lovely to see you all again at AP, xxxx

Dawn Holben said...

This is gorgeous sue, i loev the shadow box dies and have the birthday and christmas ones so must invest in this one too.
You are a genius for coming up with these and i thoroughly love using them.

Laura O said...

great card love this happy couple die ,Laura O

theresa w said...

Hi sue and lovely wilsonettes x
Beautiful card sue x I love this shadow box set and the bride and groom are wonderful x
Congratulations to yesterdays winners x
Take care everyone x
Theresa w xxx

Theresa said...

elegant card, apt for occasion, hugs xx

Eunice said...

Any couple getting married would love to receive this beautiful card Sue.!!!!

Sandy H said...

Beautiful card. The shadow box dies are so useful.
Tracy and June, hope all goes well for you both on Tuesday.
Take care everyone.

Denise Bryant said...

Very elegant!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Stunning wedding card.
Thank you for sharing.
VĂ©ronique L

Roisin said...

Stunning card Sue.....I make a lot of customised Wedding cards ...I think these dies are a must have for me!!


Marianne's Craftroom said...

I do love these shadow boxes

nzillingworth said...


Yorkie girl said...

Hi Sue and all your crafty crew
Sorry I have been missing I've been away on holiday
Wonderful card Sue in fact it's perfect
Hugs to everyone
Theresa Gx

julie laz said...

Beautiful sue, Love it.....crafty hugs Julie laz xxx

Fikreta said...