Friday, 16 September 2016

Christmas Double Days

Hello crafters!  I know you have been a bit spoiled this week with five posts a day, but I hope you will still love a good old fashioned double day!  First up is a card that I really wanted to demo for you in my upcoming shows but this card just takes a bit of time to do and it would have consumed the entire show!  I'm not sure if any of you have noticed the interesting thing about this card straight away or not, but I was having a bit of a play with the Ray of Light Background.  It is a rectangular background with the sun portion in the corner.  I used it here to cut a background almost twice the size of the original die.  I cut it once out of white card (a full size piece) and then turned the die and lined the sun up again in the same place, overlapping just a couple of the rays.  This creates a much larger piece which is what I wanted for this card.  There is one drawback and that is you have to use a frame around it  to conceal a part of the cut that comes from the corner of the die sticking out below the sun (so it doesn't make a perfect rectangle in other words).  Easy peasy with a frame so I used the Noble Rectangles to create a multi layered frame in white.  I cut the Illuminated Angel Striplet in white and added a piece of acetate to the back to begin the stained glass technique.  I added Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue to the sections that I wanted to glitter in the darkest blue polished silk glitter, then tapped it off.  I worked through each colour by adding glue to that section and adding the glitter and removing the excess until the entire piece was covered.  I left this to dry overnight until all the glue turned clear and you could see the glittered striplet from the front.  I added it to the side of the card.  I cut two Christmas Blessings, one in white and one in blue and used it as an offset shadow and mounted it with glue in the upper corner of the card.  I added a couple of white mats to complete the card.  The finished dimensions are 8" x  9 1/4" in size.  Scroll down for card number two.

Card number two is a framed piece as well, but with the Square Noble dies.  I started by using Polar White Sparkle Texture paste through the Wavy mask on white card.  I let it dry thoroughly and mounted my multi layered frame over it.  For the focal element, I cut the Holly Octagon frame die in white and used green Colour Cloud ink through the die for a pop of colour.  I stamped my sentiment then created a frame for it using the inside dies from the set.  A small edge of the green from the sponging showed below the frame making it look as if it was matted with another piece of card.  I pierced a white mat to complete the card, then added a mat done with the same matching ink and a final white mat.  The finished dimensions are 8" x  8" in size.  I hope you are all getting a start on your Christmas cards!  Do feel free to use any of the ideas you have seen too!  All for now, Sue x

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Pam said...

Lovely cards Sue, gorgeous. I can't choose between them
Myra, I was so happy to read your post about the success of Emily's transplant, what joyful news,and it was lovely of Sue to send her a card via you, im sure she will treasure it. We have all been rooting for this little girl, she and her sister are so brave, keep us informed please.
Tina, I hope Mick is feeling more settled, you really do need some help, you will be worn out.
Elaine glad that Andrews treatment is near starting, I liked his fishing tale.
Tina T, glad Peter has got his appointment even though it is a wait, one step nearer.
Tracey, thinking of you, hope mammogram has positive results for you.
To all the ladies going to Ally Pally, have a great time, I'm sure you will. Hope lots of you meet up.

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, two gorgeous cards love the first one it really is stunning.
Nancyd xx

Jan.moogie said...

Sue what stunning cards and so elegant too, haven't got a favourite as they are both so fantastic. Thanks for sharing, have a great day, hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pat said...

Morning Sue
Two beautiful cards today, I especially like the first one. Who would have thought that you could extend your ray of light background!
My favourite is the first card, but it was hard to choose
Pat x

Unknown said...

2 gorgeous cards
Thanks for inspiring me!

Tina T said...

Good morning Sue and crafters all,
Oh Sue, these cards are beautiful, love them both but second one clinches it for me!!!!
News on Peter - yesterday got another letter dated the day after 1st one sent, and this one has brought the appointment forward to NEXT Tuesday 21st September at 16:05.
At least it is not as long a wait.
Wishing Creative Expressions team a very happy ALLY PALLY!!!! wished I could be there, maybe next year.
Love and crafty hugs
Tina T xxxxx

Wacki Macky said...

Two beautiful cards Sue to showcase your dies and embossing and your crafty skills,

I love them both, thank you,

Pearl xx

Dragonsnap2 said...

Two beautiful cards but so different it's impossible to choose which I like the most.
D x

Yvonne H said...

Good morning Sue,
Two exquisite cards today, I love the 1st one the best but that's not to say the 2nd one isn't beautiful too. Yvonne xx

TDQ Karen said...

Beautiful cards, I think I like number 2 best but both are stunning x

Jan on the Fosse said...

Hi Sue
Two very beautiful cards. Impossible to chose love them both.
Jan x

hettygarlick said...

Really love both those. They're beautiful. The background of the angel is gorgeous and I love just the touch of green on the holly of the other card.

Maria - Ivyleaf Crafts said...

Great cards Sue but the second one is my absolute favourite it's stunning I love the background and the die xxx

Karen Drew said...

Two stunning cards. My favourite is the first one. I have used that technique a few times since I saw you do it
Karen xx

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. My favourite day of the week, christmas double day fridays lol. These are two gorgeous cards and both are very different. Love a framed card so these two are right up my street. I cant pick a favourite as i would love to recieve either one of them. Hope everyone from the creative expression team has a great time at Ally Pally. Looking forward to your show on Sunday Sue.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

Netty The Runner said...

Both cards are beautiful, like them both just as much.
Annette The Mad Cat Lady x

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue. Two gorgeous cards, love them both and couldn't choose a favourite. You are incredibly thoughtful and generous, Myra from Florida's post about you sending a card to Emily brought a tear to my eye. Myra, I was so pleased to hear that Emily is recovering thanks to her sister's cells - two very brave little girls.
Hope everyone has a fab time at Ally Pally. Hugs to all. Sue xxx

JAO said...

Fab cards Sue.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, Two fabulous cards, I love your ingenuity with the sun ray die.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

lilian said...

Hi Sue, two very beautiful cards.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

Linda Graham said...

Two lovely cards Sue,my best friend Ginnie and I craft every other Wednesday evening and have been making Christmas cards for a while,we have a few now but will carry on making them,your dies and inspiration play a bit part in this,thank you,I cant make Ally Pally for the first time in years as I am off on holiday,have a great time and I look forward to catching up on your blog,Linda x

Debra K. said...

Two wonderful Christmas cards today Sue! Although I'm not religious I do really like the design of the first card. It looks stunning with the different blue glitters, a really fantastic design. Design x

Steph Cotterill said...

Morning Sue. Oh boy did you spoil us with the 5 day launch, I'm still trying not to clock watch throughout the day and get back to normal, but give us our double day again and we're happy too. I love the stain glass effect on the first sample, it brings out the clean crispness of the background and frames. Sample two has my favourite holly frame/tag which I need - but I'm suppose to be saving for the Noble set's I've not got ! Hmmm - now what ?! If only my health hadn't stopped me from doing 3 months of market I'd not have this dilemma, what a crock !
There is no choice to be made over today's two cards as they are both beautiful in their own way, I usually do have a favourite on double day's but not this week.
If you are making your way to AP today to start and get your stand ready I hope your journey is a safe one, and that you have a good day and a fun day with the rest of the fun loving, giggling, 'naughty' CE crew lol (they know who they are) lol.
So take these hugs to help you on your way and hope you have a great weekend. Look forward to your show, and hope I don't end up shouting at the screen if you get too many un-necessary interruptions ! Have a good one xx 😊

Laura O said...

2 great card Sue ,the frame makes both these cards ,Laura O

Barbara (C) said...

Two great dies and difficult to choose between them. I love the holly frame so think the second card has just edged in front.

Yvonne19856 said...

Morning Sue. WOW these are so beautiful. I love them. I would definitely be hanging these on my wall as they look like great pieces of art. Lovely. Xxx

auscrafts said...

Two lovely cards

crossstitchmarg said...

Hi Sue,
Two gorgeous cards today.
Wonderful dies.
Have a great time at Ally Pally.

Jackie Meechan said...

Two gorgeous cards. No favourite today them are both stunning.

Helen Bell said...

Hi Sue and everyone

Two gorgeous cards today. I think the first one is my favourite though as we all know our favourites change and non favourites usually end up becoming favourites too at some stage. Especially with dies!

Sue, you are indeed a very special lady. Sending a card to Emily via Myra was so kind. I'm sure they will both appreciate and cherish it. With this act you have also warmed the hearts of all the Wilsonettes.
So glad that the transplant worked and Emily and her sister are doing well. Sending love and best wishes to them and to Myra. Xxx.

Laine and Yvonne, continue having fun together and building your friendship, shame im not going to Ally Pally on the same day as I would have liked to say hello, especially to Laine whom I haven't met. ( I still have my Wilsonette sticker Yvonne). However, after such horrendous Sunday train journeys last time I couldn't face it. Hope you both have a great time.

Better get a move on, have an ultrasound scan at the hospital this morning.

Love Helen xxx

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
Both cards are stunning. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day everyone.

Jackie T said...

Good morning Sue both of the Christmas cards are gorgeous. I love all of the dies you have used. I am so looking forward to Ally Pally on Sunday. I hope the set up goes well today. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Chris Curry said...

Love both cards Sue. Think the second one is my favourite, especially as I have just purchased this holly die. LOL. Thank you. Xx

PharmacyMichele said...

Two great cards, second one is my favourite but I love the colours on the first one.


Marion Bull said...

Two beautiful cards Sue but the first one took my breath away. Amazing!

Maggie B xx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue i love the two cards its hard to pick a favorate as their both beautiful thanks for inspiring me

Unknown said...

Morning Sue

Love the 'double days' showing these 2 gorgeous Christmas cards. The second one is my favourite although how you've created the large 'ray of light' background is quite impressive

Enjoy Ally Pally, you'll be rushed off your feet!

June x

Betty McAlister said...

Morning Sue. Both of today's cards are so gorgeous its impossible for me to choose a favourite. love them both.
Thank you and enjoy AP X

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, Sue, two magnificent cards today. Don't 'do' angels but this is truly a very special one - and so clever with enlarging the rays background. Love it.
The second so elegant in its simplicity of design and colour, made special with the frames. Nothing traditionally festive about either, hurrah, but both so fabuloso! Can you tell I like them ha ha!! Thanks for a great double day.
Guess you're moseying down to AP for the big set-up - hope it goes well for CE and you're prepared for being mobbed - probably more so on Sunday with the royal visit!
Now who will be the favourite? Expect a bit of jockeying for position. Seriously, have a good time, everyone. Just a wee bit envious.
Tina T - pleased you have the earlier appointment at last, takes some of the worry away.

'P' in Wales

dj said...

Morning Sue and all, love the double days on a Friday; this week

can't choose a favourite!!! Love the angel, but the holly one is

soo nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doreen x

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Two beautifuly stunning cards I have made some flat ones just cutting out 1 large snowflake and backing with a colour for my postal ones but for the hand delivered ones I have yet to settle on a design so will be watching for all your Christmas designs for ideas.
Where are the days going I was doing really well keeping up with the blog but I have missed days again I will be so glad when micks medication is sorted as the side effects of some are the confusion and hallucinating so patch has been reduced and one of his others are getting reduced slowly he was very restless last night was in some pain at 6 this morning so gave him some oxynorm and he's settled down and is sleeping and is quite peaceful the best he's been for a few days he did manage some food and drink yesterday the speech and language therapist called in as sometimes he's having problems swallowing which is caused by the severe nerve damage food seems OK but fluids can cause him to choke so has to take sips not gulps but he can have drinks thickened if needed which he wants to avoid, thank you all for your kind words and wishes they are such a comfort to me
Happy crafting
Love and hugs to everyone
Love Tina xxxxx

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, two amazing cards today, I cannot choose between them. I hope you have a lovely time at Ally Pally, I know it will be hectic for you. I do so wish I was going too.

Love Rosemarie X X

Clare Powell said...

Two great cards, love the background on the angel card, looks really effective x

Annie Stamps said...

Really pretty cards today Sue. I've made a couple of Christmas cards but am still playing with ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

Annie P

shabbycraftcabin said...

2 beautiful cards as always. I love the first card as I just love the sun-Ray background die. Ivy C x

Barbara Gosden said...
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Barbara Gosden said...

Hi Sue
Two beautiful cards. I love the hint of green on the second card.
B xx

Unknown said...

Morning Sue, I really like these two cards, the ray of sunshine in the first card is really effective and clever the way you made it bigger, but I don't have a favourite as both are so different.
Have a great weekend at Ally Pally I wish I was going
Kathy B x

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
Two equally stunning cards! It's so clever how you've extended the Ray background, and the glitter behind the Angel is so pretty. The background on the second card is eye catching and I love how you are able to make such lovely frames using the Noble dies.
Hugs x
Heather T

Unknown said...

Hi sue what beautiful cards you have for us today and the design are wonderful
Have a lovely day

Debs Cards xxx

Janice K said...

Good morning Sue.
What a wonderful way to start a Friday with a Double Day!
Both cards are beautiful and full of great details. I love the Ray of Light background die and the sparkly background paste, I'm finding it impossible to choose between them for a favourite. Many thanks for the inspiration.x

Kim Dibben said...

Beautiful cards Sue xx the second one is my favourite, love the texture paste xx love Kim D

Sylvie Morgan said...

Good morning Sue
This is the 1st time I,ve ever commented, but have looked at your creations many many times.
I get so much inspiration from your beautiful cards
Keep the cards coming!!
Sylvie x

Marion Scott said...

Good morning Sue, two beautiful cards love them both but I think the second one is my favourite. Have a good time at Ally Pally, I will be watching on TV. Marion S x

Kevonacrafts said...

Two rather beautiful cards. I also go to a craft club but on a Thursday but I'm not very productive. I'm usually better on a Sunday. Can't believe 2 weeks of the new school year are done. Everything is very busy and I haven't even had chance to catch up with routine stuff.
Wishing everyone a great Friday.
Donna Golby

Denise Bryant said...

Elegant cards! The second is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Both cards are stunning.
Looking forward to seeing you at Ally Pally tomorrow.
Véronique L

nattyboots said...

Hi Sue
You are spoiling us something rotten , two beautiful stunning creations, i luv em both !.
Have a great time at Ally Pally .

Tina T,, Great news !

Big hugs to all
If you are going to Ally Pally have a great day .
Elaine H X said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you the cards are beautiful.
Take care and have a good weekend Kitty.

Gloria Robey said...

Morning Sue ,two beautiful cards today what a treat. I would never have thought to extend the ray of light die. Thank you for the inspiration . Gloria (Sidcup) xx

Suemac said...

Two beautiful cards, love them both.

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi Sue. Stunning cards, they are both beautiful. Have a great day. Hugs to all xxx

BenteS said...

The cards today are gorgeous!
The first one is my favorite; love the way you have created the background with the Ray of Light die :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - I love being spoilt with your double days!, two amazing cards and I can't believe how you manage to get so much from your dies. The second card is wonderful and looks like it could be a picture on the wall, love it. Both are so stylish. Sending best wishes

Diane Green said...

Hi Sue
Two lovely cards today, you are spoiling us this week! I think the second one is my favourite but the rather striking blue behind the Angel caught my eye, then I realised it was glitter - wow! I hope set up day goes well. It's hard work I know but hopefully you will have some fun and laughter with the team and the other crafters there. Take care
Love Diane G xxx
Tina I hope you are getting some rest, poor Mick really seems to be suffering at the moment xxx
Tina that's good news about peters appointment, not long to wait now xxx
Elaine sending hugs for you and Andrew. Xxx
Tracey I've been thinking about you, it must be an emotional time for you . Sending a big hug. Xxx
Myra in Florida the two little girls are so brave and real superstars. Sending hugs xxx

marg said...

Hello Sue
How can anyone choose, both cards are beautiful!
Love double days!
Myra from Florida's post about you sending a card to Emily brought a tear to my eye.
Such brave little girls so pleased they are on the mend!
How are you Wheely?
Have a lovely time at Ally Pally everyone!
Love Marg

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue, both cards are beautiful the first card being a real labour of love but well worth it - and no, I haven't given a thought to Christmas cards yet!! Hope you have an enjoyable time at Ally pally, love from Jackie xx

Izzy said...

Hello Sue,

Two wonderful cards, impossible to choose a favourite as they are both so gorgeous but the second card has reminded me that I still haven't bought the Wavy Lines mask even though it's been around for ages - every time you or Julia use it I say "I must get that one"...and it's still on the list!!

Sylvie - welcome to Sue's blog, lovely to read your comment...


Suebak said...

Beautiful cards and well worth all your effort.

Susan x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Two beautiful card, I love them both.

Heather Treble said...

Hi Sue,
Two beautiful cards, I love them both.
Thanks for sharing,

Jane Franklin said...

Spoilt today with 2 cards but the second is my favourite. Love the colours on the first one and the technique gives a beautiful effect. Luv jxxx

hollyberry said...

Two beautiful cards and two gorgeous backgrounds.

jenny Briggs said...

Morning Sue
Love both cards

Anne said...

Two beautiful cards this morning, Sue. The glittered angel is just stunning.

Have a wonderful time at Ally Pally.

Anne (Northampton)

Rose in Chester said...

Wow Sue, the angel is just stunnin! I love the stained glass technique, but must make a note "darkest colour first" as I always forget.
Also, must try that trick of making the ray of light die cut bigger, as you have done. I couldn't for the life of me figure it out.
The second card is just sheer beauty - what can I say, you've spoilt us again today.

HAVE A GREAT TIME AT ALLY PALLY - I'll be with you in thoughts.
Hugs, Rose

Lorraine Freeman said...

Stunning cards Sue, love them both but if I had to choose it would be the first one because of the richness of the glitter and clever extension of the rays.
Myra in Florida, I am so happy to hear how well your granddaughter is doing and well done to her sister.
Elaine, I hope Mick settles now x
Tina, glad the appointment is earlier than was thought.
Sending big fish vibes to Andrew.
Glad to hear the visit is going well at the palace.
Wheely, we miss you and hope you are ok.
Wishing all those working at Ally Pally a great show.
Today is the big packing day for my intrepid hunter gatherers so hopefully the place will be a bit tidier at the end of it.
Sending love n hugs to you all xxx

Anonymous said...

Two very inspiring cards Sue. The Sunray and Angel card is gorgeous.
VC Cumbria x

Sandra Annalise said...

Two beautiful cards, what l call classy. I have the Angel die it cuts like a dream and it is the star of over half my Christmas cards this year.Have a good time at Ally Pally everyone who is going. I went on the Sunday in April with my granddaughter Annalise and we really enjoyed ourselves. Can't make it this time. Kind regards Sandra.😊

June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, you have excelled yourself today Sue, two of the most beautiful cards, are you telepathic because we made the 1st card in my craft group on Wednesday but did not do the reshaping of the ray of light, I am going to try that. I did one with the angel striplet on it and another with the Noel star and I clipped a bit of the swirl die in the set and put it at the bottom it looks very effective, I will put it on you fb page for you to see.

I am not going to choose a winner because they are both a dead heat, absolutely stunning and I am going to try and do the technique on mine too. Great idea about just putting a little of the colour just at the bottom to give it the effect of another layer.

Myra - side lined not at all - I do also hope that George will get a medal one day.

Myra florida - I have just been reading your comments on yesterdays blog, and the tears are running down my face, they are tears of joy for little Emily and all your family and friends both in US and here on the blog. I am so pleased and proud to hear of the success of the stem cell donation from Emily's sister and that it has worked and she is cured and been discharged, also the generosity of the person who is allowing her rent free accommodation for another month near to the hospital, there are some really lovely and generous people around. Then for our very own dear and generously thoughtful Sue, such a wonderful thing to do, I am sure Emily will treasure her gift with pride (I have been lucky enough to win one of Sue's giveaways a few years ago and it sits in pride of place on the shelf in front of me and I see and admire it every day, I also know of other Wilsonettes who have them too.). Please keep in touch with her progress as she goes from strength to strength. SUE - when you get the picture could you put it on here or on your facebook page for all of us to see please.

Helen Bell - hope the ultra sound goes well for you today.

Tina hope Mick is improving with the antibiotics.

Tina T - So pleased about the letter bringing Peter's appointment nearer, the time will drag until Tuesday - hope all goes well, will be thinking of you both.

Laine and Yvonne (PP), oh you have started the tears off again, I have just read yesterdays post, it is so funny I am almost wetting myself, you two should right a book, you both have such a wonderful sense of humour..........When I go to AP tomorrow I will ask if the red royal box has been made yet ready for your Sunday visit and let you know. I am so sorry that I will not be able to meet you as I am going tomorrow but I know you are going to have such a wonderful time. Now both of you behave yourselves, and beware she may find you another suitor and you take a detour to Gretna green on the way home ha ha.

Maureen - it is always interesting to hear about other twins, although Jean and I are not identical we do independently buy either the same or very similar clothes, we have the same make of car but different colours, we used to live next door to one another for years and had a caravan in Kent next to each other, she is not only my sister but my best friend and I love her to the stars and back. People often comment about our poor Mum and Dad, I remember asking Mum how she coped and she said that "when you have one child you are always with them and helping them on lives journey, but when you have twins although you are there with them you find that they play and learn together" this is true when you think about it. My Dad used to say he used to get up and wash all the nappies in the morning before going to work (Mum was feeding all of us herself) and then come home from work and do another lot - we never had the ones they have today it was all terry towelling ones which lasted for years - I still use some of the ones I had for my own sons as dusters even now.

June Smith said...


Elaine - Andrew, interesting to hear about the fishy tale, good that you put them back too........I bet the fishes think 'now who is up for the photo shoot today then' ha ha

Sending hugs to everyone I have forgotten.

If anyone is around Sue's stand at about 10ish tomorrow morning for a photo shoot it will be brilliant - so meet you there, as I said I will be on my blue mobility scooter. I am so, so looking forward to AP the excitement is building as I type......saw the picture of you Sue pulling the ribbon trolley along to the van, you always provide such a wonderful selection as well as so many other bargains on the Rubbernecker stand. See you there.

Sorry if this is a long post today.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

Unknown said...

GM Sue. Like both but really love the first! Fabulous

Nannieflash said...

Good Morning Sue, wow what a beautiful pair of cards, I love the first one especially as the blue behind the die is stunning and the second card is just fabulous. hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx

Sue MacFall said...

2 gorgeous Christmas cards, Sue. Thank you for sharing them with us.
Sue M

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
I really like the second card. I'm not religious so the first one is nice but I wouldn't make it.I love the texture and the feeling in the second card.
Anne M xxx

SueJ said...

Two lovely cards Sue, love them both.
Thank you for the step by step instructions, always useful.

Rosemary Stickland said...

Two beautiful cards, the second is my favourite.
Rosemary xx

Kate's Cards said...

They are beautiful. xxx

Sandy (tort) said...

I love the second card in particular, its stunning.

Unknown said...

Oh sue the cards are so beautiful you are such a gifted lady I could never choose between them thank you
Love always June Horrocks xxxxxx

Margaret R said...

Hi Sue
Two lovely cards . The Angel really stands out in the first one, but I think the second one is my favourite.
Margaret xx

KarinsArtScrap said...

stunning cards and great designs Sue, love them..

gr karin van eijk

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, two beautiful cards and I love them both. Although time consuming I love doing the glitter technique, it always amazes people and makes stunning cards. How clever of you to extend the Ray of Light die in the way that you have and I love the soft green on the holly die.

Myra in Florida - so happy that Emily's transplant was successful and top marks to her sister for being such a generous donor. We all know that Sue has a heart of gold and I am not surprised that she sent Emily a card.

Wishing everyone a successful Ally Pally, both those manning the stands and the visitors.


Karen M said...

Hi Sue,
Two beautiful cards,love the way you have decorated the Angel,the second card is beautiful too.
Best wishes
Karen M

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, 2 beautiful Christmas cards, love them both, but the combination of colours on the angel is really edging that one in as my favourite. Have a great day. Bx

Bejay said...

Hi Sue,
What beautiful cards today! They are both beautiful but I think the angel just edges out in front for me, I think it's the background to the die that has done it for me.
I hope you have a great weekend at Ally Pally. If it was easier to get to from where I live I would have loved to have visited...ah, the problems of living in Cornwall with no transport!
Bejay xx

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, two beautiful Christmas cards. The ray of light background with the angel for me has that extra wow factor. I love it.

gwen70 said...

Hi Sue two beautiful cards, love the ray of light so will be having a play with that one

ellyscard creatief said...

Two beautiful cards .

Leanne said...

You amaze me every single day.

hotpotato said...

Lovely cards Sue. Hope you have a great time at Ally P this weekend....sadly I won't be coming as we've decided to come to the April shows only now.....will miss it. x

hazel young said...

Stunning cards Sue love them both equally xxhazel

Clai01 said...

Double days are fine by me! think the snowflake card gets my vote as it's just a prefered theme for a Wintery looking card. x

Paula said...

There is absolutely no way I could choose a favourite from these two cards Sue! I saw the ray of light card and fell in love, till I scrolled down and saw the second card. But they are both stunning cards, love the colours you've used.
Hugs to all in need of them today,
Paula x

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Sue,
Two brilliant cards today. No 1 is my favourite - just!!
June, George and his twin lived together, slept together, bathed together, ate together, worked together, did everything together until he married me at 25. When we got married, David was like a second husband (well not quite!!!) and if we went anywhere, he came. I just accepted they were exceptionally close until he got married 12 years later and it all changed!! For years, when they were young, David wouldn't speak and George talked for him as he just knew what he wanted to say, it's extraordinary. George did get a medal. My daughter's MIL made him the George medal for his 50th birthday, boy that was a long time ago!
Now as to Myra, don't give her ideas. She's bad enough as it is ha ha.
Yvonne and Laine, it's lovely to read you are having such a good time.
Myra in Florida, two brave little girls and it's wonderful to have such a happy outcome.
So many people on this blog who are ill and I send love and prayers to them and their carers.
Maureen xx

A Happercrafter6 said...

Two lovely cards but I think the first is my favourite. Hope all goes well for you all at AP.

Yorks butterfly said...

Morning Sue, love double day Fridays. Two beautiful cards, for us today. So so difficult to choose between, I don't really think I can, as I think anyone receiving either card would love it, I know I would.
Hope you all have a great time at Ally Pally

Muriel said...

Help Sue and all
two beautiful cards but the second one is my absolute favorite and I have the beautiful die to try it too!!
Enjoy Ally Pally all of you lucky people who can get there,
Muriel x

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
2 beautiful cards, I love the ray of light background on the first though not sure I understand how you extended it and the texture paste background on the second is gorgeous, couldn't choose between them.
Myra in Florida delighted Emily is doing well with the stem cell donation from her sister and how kind of Sue to send her a card xxx
Special hugs to Wheelybad do hope you're ok and missing you, also to Tracy, Nanna Tina, Elaine, Tina T and anyone else who needs one.
Have a wonderful weekend at AP everyone lucky enough to be going

Hugs and best wishes everyone

sandieann21 said...

The second card is definitely my favourite and bins have the holly due. It cuts out beautifully. Must try the paste technique.

CraftyJo said...

I love them both but the first would be my favourite :)

Myra said...

Hello Sue,
I do love double days especially when it involves Christmas! Both cards are lovely and I couldn't pick a favourite . Thanks for the tip on altering the size of the ray of light die.
Sue , I expect you are rushing around like mad getting everything organised for tomorrow! You are in for a busy , fun-filled weekend I think!
I hope you have a great time and look forward to seeing the CE team over the weekend on Hochanda!
Tina - good news about Peter's appointment! Much better!
June - see - I clearly am not the only person who recognised that George deserved a medal! Maureen will hit me in October!!
To Princess Pixie and Laine! - I so pleased you are having a lovely time! Hope the thunderstorm didn't upset you ! It passed us by this time just a bit of rain but not much! Enjoy your day on Sunday! I'm sure you will.
Love to all, particularly if you are going through anxious times. Once again great news from Florida! I did comment yesterday about it.
Love to all, Myra xx

Nanny Jo said...

Sue, the first card is stunning, the striplet die a must-have as far as I'm concerned! And I love the way you've used the glitter paste for the background on the second card. I shall have to try batch-making backgrounds as I'm too impatient to wait for it to dry overnight!!

theresa w said...

Hi sue and lovely wilsonettes x
Two stunning cards sue x fantastic how you have enlarged the rays and glittered the angel x love the hint of green added to the die on the second card x thankyou so much for your inspiration x
Myra in florida such fantastic news for your family xxx
Take care everyone x
Theresa w xxx

Pawprintx4 said...

I had already decided that these two dies (first card) were must haves for Christmas card making after seeing your other videos using them but this one is beyond inspiring. I love the second card also and like others mentioned, that bit of green was a perfect touch.
Stephanie K

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Theey are both amazing, and love your use of ray of light background, it's just perfect to match the illuminate angel striplet!!

Lisbeth said...

Hi Sue. I really can't decide which one I like best - they are both blue and white and sparkly, but other than that, they are so different. Both are perfect for Christmas. Hope to see you tomorrow.


Littlelamb said...

Two gorgeous cards today Sue. Love the way you have extended the Ray of light die. Must try that. Good you are back Maureen. See you tomorrow Sue with my granddaughter.

sued99 said...

Love them both but number two is my favourite. X

barbara macaskill said...

Both of these are absolutely gorgeous but the Angel one is my ultimate favorite!! Angels make my heart happy!! TFS!

gailgale said...

Absolutely beautiful Sue.

karenlotty said...

Two exquisite cards As you know I'm not a huge fan of angels They make me a bit tearful for very personal reasons BUT I do like this style-ised one

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

Both beautiful but I am a big fan of the striplets so that post just edges it for me.

Glenharon said...

Good afternoon Sue and the wilsonettes,
Oh this is a hard decision Sue for today's two beautiful delights, but i think by a brush hair number two wins it for me. With the light touch of colour just glinting in the background and of the holly leaves just gives it that touch of loveliness. I haven't tried the acetate glitter technique yet but i think i will give it ago with my favourite angel(2014)and give her a red sparkling dress, after all that's the next favourite colour that us ladies wear at christmas time out at parties and functions. Thank you flower for two lovely pieces of inspiration and that wee nudge to say come on it's coming up fast, lol.
Love and crafty hugs
Norah (Glenochil) x

Lesley said...

Two great cards but number 1 is my favourite it is really stunning.

Princess Pixie! said...

Afternoon Sue
Oh I love Friday double days but can't choose a favourite. They are both so beautiful but very different x
I love the effect of the beautiful shades of glitter on the first one. It really shows off the Illuminated Angel Striplet. The ray of light die is an absolute winner on any card and this is no exception. I really must try this technique Sue x
And the second card - mainly white with a pop of green in all the right places. Love the texture paste background. Must have a play with my texture paste instead of leaving it unopened in a drawer!!
Both of these cards are stunning Sue but choosing a favourite would be like choosing my favourite son x
So it's my turn to comment today. Our news would be the same so Laine and I decided that we will take turns to comment during her stay x
I have baptised her in fire forcing her to socialise on a grand scale in order to make her never want to return. Unfortunately she took everything in her stride and I have not managed to put her off yet x
We are still talking and have planned for today and tomorrow to be quiet days as a way of conserving our well needed energy for the big outing on Sunday. Waving at crowds whilst trying to stay focused on the red carpet is hard work you know??!! Not to mention heckling during Sue's Hochanda show! Lol x
We have been dabbling in a little card making today. Laine managed to make a gorgeous birthday card for her mum whose birthday it is on the day she gets back home. It is beautiful although Laine (falling into that self critical mode) is not happy with the fabulous result. I managed to make a couple of smaller cards that a friend had asked for. We are now watching the tennis and are chilling now and for the rest of the day x
Myra from Florida - wonderful news about Emily. Sue truly is one in a million x
Lynda - having a lovely time. We have decided that we were separated at birth. That said probably kept apart deliberately as the havoc we could cause could result in complete carnage. Lol. Don't buy everything tomorrow will you. Try and stay upright this year!!! Hugs x
Myra - please don't offer encouragement to fuel Laine's mothers plans to match make between her daughter and one of my boys. Really feel quite nauseous at the prospect of her becoming a permanent fixture. Lol. Joking - she is surprisingly good company! We heard slight rumbles of thunder in the distance but nothing exciting - I love thunderstorms. Hugs x
Deb C - glad you are amused at my expense. Luckily I have 2 live in bodyguards otherwise I would be calling on your expertise to sort out security. Hugs x
Maria - don't waste your money on a hat. THERE WILL BE NO WEDDING!!! Hugs x
Nanna Tina - sorry Mick is feeling rough. I hope his medication is sorted very soon. On top of everything else it is awful having to deal with that as well. Hugs x
Tina T - really good news that Pete's appointment has been bought forward. Hugs x
Helen - I usually go to Ally Pally on the Saturday. I have my own personal chauffeur taking us on Sunday. (My son George). He is staying with us and even on hand to be Laine's driver if she has to resort to a wheelchair. No stickers this time but I might wear my tiara. Lol. Hugs x
Lorraine - we aren't staying at the palace we are at the holiday retreat. Couldn't allow Laine to lower the tone completely. Lol. Hugs x
June - it is probably best that we are not going to come into contact this time round. The whole experience could cause you so much excitement and if you lost control and crashed your scooter we would not want to be held responsible. Have a lovely day on Saturday. One day our paths will cross - until then hugs x
Going to finish now. The household staff have finished for the weekend so I need to sort out my own evening meal. Sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to x

Princess Pixie! said...

Sorry couldn't quite fit it all into one comment!
I hope everyone who is going to AP tomorrow has the most amazing time. If you are going on Sunday it will be lovely to see you there x
Sending love to P, Maureen, Wheely, Elaine, Pam, Francis and anyone else my overworked little braincell has forgotten x
Take care
Happy thoughts
Crafty hugs
Yvonne x

Nana on the Hill said...

I think these cards are absolutely stunning. You are so clever x

Janet Wilson said...

2 wonderful cards!

SHARICA said...

Love these xx Awesome cards :)

Lynn Dalby said...

Hello Sue.

Two Lovely Cards. I can't quite get my head around how you have done the background for the first card, I will have to try and see if I can do it. The second Card is so pretty and delicate looking. Thanks for sharing.

I hope you have a great weekend at Ally Pally.

Best wishes

Jess Watson said...

Hi Sue, two gorgeous cards, I really can't choose between them.
Take care everyone, Jess xxx

Jean said...

Just gorgeous!

Princess Pixie! said...

P.S. Tracy - so sorry forgot to say sending you big hugs x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Both these cards are gorgeous, really lovely.
Beverley W

liz spooner said...

Two gorgeous cards today Sue. Thanks for the inspiration.xx

Narrowboat girl said...

Both lovely cards Sue.mi like the way you have extended the sun die

Scottydog said...

Two lovely cards, but I'm so taken with the clever idea of extending the die cut of the first one. I can see what you have done now you have pointed it out. Would never have thought of doing that!
Have fun everyone at Ally Pally, don't work too hard Sue! Hope I can catch you on HOCHANDA.

lritchie said...

Morning Sue, both of these cards are lovely, your creativity amazes me. Keep up the great work.

Lori from Canada

Marianne's Craftroom said...

So beautoful, the sexond one is my fave, stunning

Brenda said...

Hi Sue,
Not one - but TWO beautiful cards. It's impossible to pick a favourite, they are both absolutely gorgeous.

Looking forward to seeing you at AP tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams, Love Brenda xxx

granny sue said...

Hi Sue. Two beautiful cards. Have fun at Ally Pally. Sorry I won't be there this time. SueL x

Dawn Holben said...

Two super gorgeous Christmas cards, i really love them both but
i think the second one just pips the first one as my favourite.
I love the wavy mask in the background and the beautiful die.

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue
Two really beautiful cards!!!!

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Two beautiful cards, I love them both. If you forced me to choose, I would go for the first one. Enjoy Ally Pally. Love to all Alison xxx

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Two beautiful cards today gorgeous what a lovely surprise for my return from a little

holiday in Wales thankyou.

Hugs to all

Annx without an "e"

Theresa said...

these cards are just fab. love what you have done with the sun and the background behind angel. the second card is so delicate..hope you have them at ally pally to look at, hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
I am very late commenting today but could not miss saying how beautiful your cards are. However, I am afraid it is impossible to choose a favourite!!!
Two days ago I discovered a local coach company is running a trip to Ally Pally on Sunday and one of the pick up points is just a mile from where I live. I just couldn't believe it when I found out so guess where I am going to on Sunday!!!!
I am very excited as it is a long time since I went to any big Craft Shows and of course I might get the chance to see Sue.
Lesley S x

Barbara said...

Two gorgeous cards Sue but I do have a favourite and it is the second one!

Welsh Dors said...

Hi Sue,
Two spectacularly beautiful cards, wish I had half your talent. Hope all you lucky people going to Ally Pally enjoy the show.

Tres said...

Hi Sue. WOW !!! Not one but two gorgeous cards !!! I love them both but I think my favourite one is the 2nd Christmas card, with the Octagonal Holly frame dies, and the texture paste using the wavy mask. A really beautiful, elegant looking card. I do however love the way you have made the Angel striplet card with the polished silk glitters. Also I love the way you cleverly extended the "ray of light" die. Thank you for two great cards today. I am really looking forward to coming to Alley Palley tomorrow. Sending you lots of love Sue from Tres x x x

Sending lots of love to everyone from Tres x x x

ursula said...

Both cards are just stunning Sue, but I have to say, number one is my favourite, love how you have enlarged the 'Ray of light' die to fit a bigger card, will remember that....not made any Christmas cards yet, so will keep this in mind. Must also get that wavy mask, seen so many samples made with it, looks amazing....thanks Sue for the inspiration.....sorry I cannot make Ally Pally, never been yet, would love to go...have a great time there.....luv Ursula

Arlyn(O) said...

Hi Sue, Love both of these cards. Stunning. Arlyn

Unknown said...

Another two wonderful Christmas cards, I will be stocking up at Ally Pally tomorrow


Sandy H said...

Two lovely cards. The stained glass effect on the Angel Striplet is gorgeous.
Take care everyone.

Anonymous said...

Both lovely cards, but I really love the 2nd one. It has a classic simplicity about it whilst being so delicate and pretty.

aka stitchingranny

Unknown said...

Hi sue
Loving double days. Both cards are stunning can't really choose between them.
Wishing u well for ur shows over the weekend. I wish I was going but maybe next year if I'm lucky!!

Myra in Florida. Glad ur two special little girls are doing well and Emily will continue to do so.

Laine and hrh pixie. I'm glad ur both having a fabulous time. Have I already told u I'm way jealous??? Yes!! Thought so lol have a smashing time on Sunday. Try leave some products for the rest of the ladies won't u!! Hugs xx

Love to all xx

Eunice said...

Two very amazing cards! I do prefer the second one, but that is just me. Thanks for your wonderful ideas Sue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, two gorgeous cards today. If I had to pick a favourite it would be the second one but they are both stunning.
BarbaraV said...

Oh my - can't really think about Christmas yet, but I know I will have to start my cards soon. Love the second design especially Sue x

Lynda's craft's said...

Hi Sue both cards are stunning.
The first is gorgeous the way you have done the Sun Ray brilliant.
The second equally stunning.
Love & Hug's Lynda Brock xx

Di said...

Hi Sue,
Two stunning cards, they are gorgeous, love the backgrounds on both and the colour on the second card is lovely.
Di B.x

Yorkie girl said...

Hi Sue and all your crafty crew
I love it when you do a two for one post
And they are both very pretty cards
Hugs to all that need one
Theresa G xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards and great dies, thanks for the inspiration.

Susan McGx (SWS)

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Beautiful card . love Jean Z xxxx

julie laz said...

Hi sue, I'm late again, been watching your shows today loved them, crafty hugs Julie laz xxxx

Jean Bullock said...

Both cards are beautiful. I LOVE that angel die. Posted both cards to my Sue board.