Sunday, 20 April 2014

You Light Up My Life

 Good Sunday morning all!  This happens to be the second card that I made when my die prototypes arrived in my hands.  (The first card was my daughter's birthday card last October!)  I just fell in love with this background from the Italian Collection and couldn't wait to see it all done up!  I cut it in coconut white card and inked the leaves with Shabby Shutters distress ink through the die to bring out the embossed vein.  I used Spun Sugar to add some pale pink to the flowers.  I decided to leave a wide border on the background so that I could add mounting foam and raise it for dimension.  I added the background over a piece of white glitter card so a bit of the bling shows through the die cut.  Using some white felt, I rolled it and made two flowers for my card.  I stamped my sentiment and tucked the end under the roses which I seated on some white tulle and added some pearl strings.  I finished this really simple card with a double white mat with a pierced inner layer.  Finished dimensions are 7" x 9" in size.

It is time for the Sunday Comment Game winners.  This week's winners are:

Margaret Corgi owner!!!

For the extra qualifying post of April 16th, the winners are:

Helen Barker!!!
Lynda McKittrick!!!

Congratulations all!  Please email me at to confirm your address and claim your prizes.

I think that I need to address some of the issues that were brought up a few days ago.  When I moved to the UK eight years ago, I didn't know many people and because my work is done from home, didn't have a chance to really get to know anyone to make friends.  When I started my blog  and it began to grow, it was truly the first time that I felt connected to friends here, even if I hadn't met most of you in person, I began to get to know you through the comments left on my blog.  You, my blog family,  became my lifeline here and continue to do so. People always ask me if it is hard to keep up a daily blog and my answer is always the same, no, it is the easiest thing in the world to do.  What is hard however, and sometimes really heartbreaking for me, is to get to know so many people through my blog, read their comments every single day for months or even years and then they leave.  I always notice and sometimes I email them to see if they are okay, but the truth is that I never know why and often I see these same people commenting on other blogs.   It becomes very evident when I need to look back in the blog for something and then I see the names that have left and wonder why. Was it something I said or did?  Who knows, but I don't want anyone to stop commenting please because it is one of the things that keeps me blogging daily.   I always know that you are there reading the blog when you leave a comment and it just feels so much more personal to me then.  When I finish a card I really like, I actually get excited about being able to share it on the blog because I know I will get your feedback on it.  I don't want to lose that, it is so valuable in my life.    However, I also think we all need support in our lives at some point.  You were all there for me when my father passed away a few years ago, you helped so much, I cannot tell you.  I love the fact that my blog feels like a great big extended family and everyone cares for each other, everyone rallies to help with charitable causes, everyone is lovely and warm to each other.  It does pain me when I feel like someone doesn't feel welcome here as I want it to be a welcoming place to come for absolutely everyone.  I know that I cannot please everyone all the time, but it is in my nature to try.   I don't really know what is considered blog etiquette in this situation either, but I do know that I don't want anyone to stop coming to the blog.   While I don't really have any issues with anyone leaving the comments about issues in their life, perhaps we could just try to keep it more positive and that might help everyone feel like it is a little less weighty and more upbeat.  I truly hope that doesn't offend anyone, but hopefully will just bring about a sort of compromise that everyone can live with.   I will say that  I have been checking into adding a forum to the blog but I am reliant on the computer skills of others to help me bring this about, perhaps that is the answer here, I do not know.  If you have any suggestions , please email me directly.  All for now, Sue x


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Pam said...

Stunningly beautiful card Sue - HAPPY EASTER to you and your family including all of the blog family. Great demos on the shows, a well deserved resounding success for you. Thank you Sue. Pauline, welcome to your new grandchild, Lindsay also to your new foal. Tina so glad that Claire's wedding went so well. To all the other ladies hope you are all well, NORAH where are you honey, we miss you.

Cameeli of Richmond said...

Hi Sue,
WOW!! great card, this is a real gem. I bought this die of Joanna Sheen its lovely to work with.
Thanks for sharing!!

Have a great show today and a safe journey home.

I will be up my eyes in butterflies for the last time day today.

Congratulations to the winners!!

Happy Easter to everyone and have a lovely day!!

Cameeli xx

Pam said...

Sorry I forgot to say congratulations to all lucky winners. Well Done girls

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue, Happy Easter to you. So loving your Demo's of your new dies on C&C perfect Easter TV.
This card is so beautiful and subtle, just love the colours. Have a great day, Karen xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow sue I really love your style. Keep them coming

Anonymous said...

What an extremely pretty card, Sue, simple in execution but stunning in effect. Really looking forward to today's shows.
Very moved by what you said and hope everyone will take this to heart and that we have no more sticky issues.
Can only think that your missing people have moved on to other things - quite certain it is not something you have said or done. I've noticed that several who were regulars now rarely comment and, like you, wonder why. Busy lives, maybe.
Happy Easter and blessings to all.

kitty davies said...

Good Easter Morning Sue.
Thank you, todays card is so delicate and beautiful. I am not very good on the computer, I would not know how to be on a forum. The shows yesterday were brilliant, thank you take care all and many congrats to the winners, have a lovely Bank Holiday all Kitty.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the anon comment was from me - and also well done to winners.

'P' in Wales

tracy w said...

Happy Easter sue and everybody out there
This card is stunning loved the shows yesterday can not wait for today shows I will be crafting all day as I can not get out the shops are closed so crafting here I come thank you for a stunning blog please keep it up from Tracy w x

Anonymous said...

"morning Sue,what FAB-U-LOUS shows you gave us yesterday SUEperb dies as was shown by so many sell outs. Leonie sums it up the her excitement whenever you are on C&C nearly breaks the "excitability machine" What a kind and thoughtful Lady you are too I am stuck to your blog like redline tape and love to see where people are signing on from. I'm sure in a previous life you sold Snow to Eskimo's (top quality snow of course) Today's card is Blooming GORG-E-OUS. Mabex

Miecia P said...

Love this card one of the dies I bought when they were first released but wasn't sure how to use it. Looking forward to your shows today managed to add to my collection before goodies sold out. Crafting day today but will have one eye on the screen. Safe trip home

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue,
Oh! WOW!! love this sunning card, this is one that really caught my attention during the shows. I just love that Die and the effect you can achieve with it.
Shows fantastic, all the samples were amazing. I love all the Dies in your collection. Have some but would love to have them ALL...... such a pity all the "sales talk" is necessary, takes from your wonderful Demos. However that just me being selfish........I know the routine.
Congratulations to all the lucky winners
Have a great Easter Sunday

Patricia xxxx

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
Happy Easter Sunday to you, your family and all blogs, I agree with every word you have written.
Very moving and true what you have written - we were put on this earth for one thing - and we all have to do out best in life.
You are an inspiration to us all never a cross word.
Your shows were fantastic, and your cards are getting better and better - just loved them all.
Have a wonderful time back home with Mum - give her a hug from me
Carol x

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
Happy Easter Sunday to you, your family and all blogs, I agree with every word you have written.
Very moving and true what you have written - we were put on this earth for one thing - and we all have to do out best in life.
You are an inspiration to us all never a cross word.
Your shows were fantastic, and your cards are getting better and better - just loved them all.
Have a wonderful time back home with Mum - give her a hug from me
Carol x

Ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue
Happy Easter everyone - hope the Easter Bunny has visited and left beautiful Easter Eggs for all.
Today's gift is soooooooooo beautiful and yes once again Sue you have muddled my brain (OK then muddled it a little bit more) and my fav list has changed yet again.
I managed to catch just a little of your 11-00 show yesterday just in time to hear you say 'there are some more dies in the pipeline and new countries to see'. Now this is a tease as you also said that it will be a while yet'!!!! My fingers will be down to the bone waiting. So many congratulations Sue for launching your dies on TV. We all knew they would be a great success. Hope you have enough stock for shows today.
Take care on your journey over the pond and enjoy being with your Mom.
Congratulations to all this week's winners.
See you tomorrow.
Janet x

Anonymous said...

Morning sue
I have some of the spanish collection and so glad to see them being on c & c. Lots of ideas
I must admit that i look at your blog everyday but sometimes do not leave a many times can i keep putting STUNNING CARDS.Words just fail me sometimes.
I am sure that everyone commenting would really miss your blog...we all get lots of inspiration from you so keep up the good work

A big thank you for your time and effort.
Best wishes
Kerry Beard

Rosie said...

What a lovely delicate card, Sue. And it looks easy to achieve. Currently I can't stop using the outer of your Umbria dies very simply and in conjunction with some other makes of dies. All your collections are so versatile, there is no wonder they are a success!
Your extended comment is very thoughtful.

CraftyAnn said...

Your cards are so inspirational and the way you put them together makes them all seem achievable even for a numpty like me. I so enjoyed yesterday's shows and look forward to watching today. I have had some of your dies for a few weeks now and their design is stunning, they also cut like a dream. Please keep blogging and even though I don't leave a comment every day I always look first thing in a morning as it perks me up for the day ahead.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

I am commenting about your comments. I left your blog about a year ago, mainly because I do not have many spellbinder dies and do not have the funds to buy more I thought it was silly to subscribe to a blog that I could not copy. However I dip back in on regular occasions, as I really like your cards and also your own comments. I think you are a great crafter and enjoy seeing you craft on create and craft, especially seeing you cope with some of the presenters!!! Your tutorials are fantastic too!! Hearing you talk about your family makes me feel as though I know you personally as well.

Sheila E

Unknown said...

Mormoning Sue,

I loved all your shows yesterday and am looking forward to more today. I am an avid follower of your blog, though because of personal circumstances I was not able to leave comments. So please don't get discouraged when things change. If Easter Sunday reminds us of anything it is that things can die and still come back to life. I appreciate your dedication to a daily blog, it is rare to find that and now with the addition of your video tutorials, we are truly blest. Thank you for another beautiful creation. I learn so much from you Sue and love that you share so openly the skills you have so we can develop ours too.

Enjoy your shows today, we are all routing for you.

Hugs Alice xx

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
This card is beautiful in it's simplicity. Love the splashes of colour on the stunning background die cut.
With regards to your comments, you are such a gracious lady as well as being super talented and generous. I love to visit your blog every day and read all the lovely comments and will continue to do so.
Loved the shows yesterday. How I wish you had time for more demos. All those samples were amazing. Well done you! Thanks for sharing.

Rose in Chester said...

Happy Easter to everyone.
Sue, your comment about people not commenting any more has really touched me. I don't want you to be upset when someone "disappears", it certainly cannot EVER be what you say or don't do as you are one of the kindest, most generous people I have the pleasure to know. Some people are just fickle and not very loyal. I know that I wouldn't miss your blog for the world, it's just my routine - get up, feed my lovely cat etc., then visit your blog for my daily treat. I don't know what it is, but from just commenting on your cards I now also read the comments of your other blog friends (not necessarily EVERYONE's but certainly the ones who have already been there before me. That must surely be your influence - because you care, so do other people including me. So, please don't let it upset you when someone disappears from your blog.
Don't know the first thing about forums but will have a nosey round.........
Congrats to the lucky winners and looking forward to today's shows. I'll keep sending in emails, I know I'm cheeky but I might win ANOTHER card (won one yesterday and am over the moon!).
Congratulations on the success of your shows yesterday Sue, and so very well deserved, too. It'll be interesting to find out what you can do with the stuff that is left............
Apropos comment - the card is beautiful, I've got the background die and it is just so elegant. I love the little touches to it, like the delicate bit of colour and pearls, it is just GORGEOUS.
Hugs, Rose

JAO said...

Great card Sue.

Joan D said...

Morning Sue,morning everyone.What a beautiful card. I bought this die at the NEC and was oh so lucky to meet Sue as she was walking around and what a lovely lovely lady. Sue spent time chatting and was really sweet,and takes care of us on her blog,and if people decide not to continue commenting on this blog it is their loss.
I don't really know what the issue is as I don't have time to read all the messages,but hope everyone is ok.
Really enjoyed the shows yesterday,and looking forward to today's ( if there's anything left). What an absolutely wonderful collection Sue, with so many ways of using the dies.
I was lucky enough to have my email read out yesterday,but wasn't a winner of a fab card,never mind. Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy whatever it is you do today x x x

Blue Rose said...

What an elegant card...I love the dies used, and the way you colored it...great job.

Julie CT said...

Gorgeous card Sue. I have one set of your dies and they cut beautifully, I will certainly be adding to my collection!

Happy Easter to everybody and happy crafting!


CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue and everyone. This was one of the first dies I bought from your collection and I love it. As you say it's fantastic to be able to leave a bigger border around the edge. You are so inspirational Sue, fantastic shows yesterday - not surprised there were so many sell outs, I hope there's something left for today so we get plenty of "Sue" demos. I hope you get to enjoy the shows as much as we do and that you have a rest when you get back to Florida.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Congratulations to the latest winners.
Sue. XXX

TDQ Karen said...

Congratulations on yesterday's shows, such a success and loved all the samples. Managed to get the Italian set, which is in lieu of anEaster egg, much more precious . Sadly it will be delivered while I am away on holiday so won't be able to play til I get home, how bad is that, almost regretting my holiday.
Hope everyone has a pleasant holiday today, and congratulations to all the winners.
Have a safe journey Sue and thank you for all your time and inspiration on your blog. I am sure we all came here initially just for that but have grown to love the sense of extended family and friendship that is shared here every day. Long may it continue.

Granny Smith said...

Hi Sue,
This card is great, I have avoided buying this type of die as I'm never sure how to use them, may have to give them a try.
I loved all your shows yesterday and taped them as well. I don't know how you come up with all the ideas and the new dies are beautiful.
This is the first time I've commented on a blog, but I have been visiting your blog for over a year now and always go away inspired. Thank you.


John Lockwood said...

Beautiful card sue I love the simplicity of the colouring it looks so effective wish I could make roses like that! As it's Sunday I have comment time! good luck later hope there's stock left, I managed to order a couple from joanna sheen at work yesterday before everything sells out.

John x

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Another gorgeous creation. The shows yesterday were brill and I am so pleased that you had so many sell outs, it just shows how good and talented you are for everything to fly like it did. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to get the flowers and leaves, can't wait for them to come.
You and your blog are inspirational to me and everyone and there is no way that you have upset anyone. You are so generous to us all and I too really feel I have found a friend in you. I don't always read all of the comments but it is nice that people have made friends thru your blog. Some people are dippers and some are chatterers but we are all different and we all get inspired by you in different ways. Long may you rule over blog land. lol.
Love Jan x x

Pat said...

Morning Sue
Happy Easter to you all. It is lovely to see you demonstrating your dies on C&C yesterday - all the lovely creations are really inspiring. I am looking forward to seeing more today
Take care
Pat x

Nanny Jo said...

Hi, Sue....happy Easter! I love the simplicity of today's's so pretty. I don't comment every day, but I do visit every day! It's the first thing I do in the morning when I turn on my computer! But I sometimes feel I can't keep saying the same thing (It's beautiful!) every day! All your cards are stunning, Sue, and I really look forward to your blog every Day. Hugs.... Jo xxxx

Magzeeann said...

Hi Sue. As always another beautiful, inspirational card ~ you never cease to amaze me with your wonderful creativity!I loved your shows yesterday and will watch again today, if there hasn't been a sell~out overnight! Happy Easter Sunday to you and all of your followers. Congratulations to all of today's lucky winners. Special BIG HUGS for you Sue!
Maggie x

Anonymous said...

Good Easter Sunday Morning to you Sue, I hope I am a name you have missed on your blog? It has been awhile, but I do log into your blog everyday, you are still a part of my routine even though I stopped my commenting, (only because I was sad and couldn't find any words), and I would miss the stories of everyone. I have been in abit of a mess lately, after losing my Mum in October and then my beautiful dog, Zorbas, in February, finding it hard to come to terms with their deaths, I don't have much interest in anything, at the moment, but all the stories here on the blog, and of course your talent and all the new and exciting things you are doing at the moment, in away I feel I am still in the loop. So I hope everyone, yourself Sue, all the Wilsonettes, and the whole Sue Wilson family carry on doing what you are doing. It has helped me to function, even though nobody out there knows how I have felt, but I know there are others who have and are feeling the same.
I am still here, still amazed with your beautiful cards, especially todays, my Mum would have loved this one.
Michelle (happy2craft) XXX

Aspiring crafter said...

Happy Easter Sue!
Hope and pray you are blessed in a special way because you are a blessing.
Your blog is wonderful and so are your shows!
Loved seeing you demoing your"babies" yesterday , and as predicted they flew out!
Will watch shows today when I can -don't think you will have much left though.
I really love this die and the card you have made is beautiful.
Have a great day and then a wonderful time with your mom .
Congrats to winners x

Unknown said...

Morning Sue WOW totally amazing Ive got this die and I love it. I like how you have inked around it to show it off better.
Sue your shows yesterday were wonderful and I learnt alot ftom you as I always do.
Sue I have followed your blog for about 5 years now. And as you say its like a little family as we all get to know each other.
Sue we could do with you doing a forum so we can chat with each other and you when ever we can.
Good luck with todays shows. And give my love to your mum when you get there.
Happy Easter Sue and all. Xx

Debs A

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Happy Easter to all!
I love the way you have coloured the background. Very effective.
Thank you for inspiring me daily.
Veronique L

Roz McLellan said...

Hello Sue, such a simple card but so beautiful. Couldn't watch yesterday's shows as I was at work but, luckily the Craft Warehouse is closed today so I can watch.

Looking at your blog is the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning, even before I get out of bed! I don't always have time to read the comments but having read your heartfelt comment I will endeavour to do so in the future and leave a comment myself.

Please try not to get too upset about people appearing to have left. As someone else said people can be fickle.

To Sheila E and the reason she left your blog - I don't have many dies (financial reasons too) but I use your blog for ideas and inspiration. Where possible I adapt the card using what resources I do have so my cards have the 'Sue factor'. Lol. And I have learnt so much from you.

Take care and have a safe journey back home. Keep your chin up!.

Love, Rosalind x

Gail said...

Good morning Sue,
I'm watching a re-run of one of yesterday's shows! I can see your dies are all winners, what is not too love? You are such a clever lady, sorry crafter..
Back to your comments, I try and log in every day, but I must admit I don't always get to read everyone's comments.
Love the card, and I really love all your new dies I have bought a few, just wish I could afford them all.
Happy Easter everyone.
Gail Cx

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. Happy Easter to you and all Wilsonettes. I hope everyone wipes the chocolate off their fingers before using the computer to look at this blog! : )
Sue, this card is simply gorgeous, this background has been one of my favourite, favourites from day one . I love how you have coloured it, so delicate and pretty, simply beautiful. I only managed to see the 9am show yesterday which was wonderful, am sat here watching the repeat of the one with Leonie at the moment, brilliant:) Will be watching today. Oh, such a lovely weekend. I am one very happy bunny :))
Sue. I am sad that you have had to mention commenting issues. I hope that everyone will read your wise words and we go back to the usual happy place this blog is. I am not good at using the computer but even I can manage to follow your blog:) yours is the 1st blog I ever looked at, it took me a while to dare to comment, seems rather daft now, can't think why I worried : ) You keep on giving us so much Sue, I am so pleased that YOU get something back from us too. A big hug for Pam and all that need one.
Sue, have a great day today and I will be thinking of you whilst you are with your Mom. I hope you can relax and have a lovely time. Take care.

Karen said...

Happy Easter morning Sue, lovely card as always and will be watching all the shows I missed yesterday but thankfully recorded. I for one, and I am sure not in the minority, can assure you that there couldn't ever be anything you have done wrong if folk just suddenly disappear. I started crafting seriously 10 years ago after the death of my son. Like so many people crafting completely absorbed me and lifted many a dark hour. I too am a lone crafter.. no clubs in the area and family living 4 hours away. It is blogs like yours that keep me interested and although I met you at the Ally Pally for the first time I felt like I was meeting a fellow crafting chum. Sometimes in the past I have lost my mojo and literally stopped crafting, still continued to watch the channels but not in the right frame of mind to get "hands on." This maybe what has happened to some blog followers and who knows may reappear again when the mood has lifted. Personally this is the only one I follow regularly, but confess to not always reading everyones comments! Anyway, love love love your work and always look forward to what you are going to come up with next. xx

Jane said...

Love today's card is truly scrumptious, so delicate and feminine. Sue just to say each day I truly look forward to seeing what you have created and are willing to share with use all. I lost my Sister, Dad and my father-in-law over the last couple of years. I must say I was supported by looking at what you had created for the blog each day since. The only time I missed out was when I visited my son in Oz. I'm not quite sure whats going on with all these comments and people no longer commenting, I say each to there own, I would hate for it to upset you and you to stop doing the blog, you inspire me each day you cost me a fortune with everything you make as I have to have it lol. Keep smiling tomorrow is another day to CRAFT.

Jane xx

Crisco said...

Such a sweet delicate card.

Congratulations to all the winners - looking forward to today's shows.

Karriepie (Karen) said...

By the way I'm Karen. For some reason my pic has disappeared and username has reverted to an old one I used. Tech and computers grrrr. x

Karen said...

Just sussed out how to edit my profile after the computer blew up recently and lost all my info. My picture is back hurray!x

sonja_w said...

Happy Easter Sue and everyone on the blog. Even though I have been visiting the blog daily( it's now part of routine that I enjoy a coffee and your blog before heading to work), I haven't been leaving many comments of late. Not because I don't like the cards but because I seem to be always in a rush but will try and comment more. Your cards are so inspirational and I can't wait for my new dies to arrive and have a play, I also love hearing about your travels to the States, as travel is my second passion ( after crafting of course). Hoping to catch you on C&C today as I missed yesterday's show due to worki. Have a fabulous day xx

Anonymous said...

GM Sue - congratulations on the shows yday - I saw the 9 and 12 but not the 6 (freeview n all that but will watch on PC later) - fab demos and gorgeous samples -I want them all! I didn't buy any yday as the ones I have every bundle I had one of already so didn't want to double up - am thinking I'll probabaly target the California collection to complete first - but then I will see a card you've done and change my mind I expect!

Many thanks for the demo card you sent from the wedding show you did earlier in the week - it arrived yday - it's really really lovely - and you signed the back which was a lovely thing to do - it's taking pride of place on my easel in my craft room. I didn't email in yday or today so other Wilsonettes have an increased chance to win one of your wonderful creations - that's only fair in my book.

Anyway will be watching your shows again later - assuming you have stocks of something left?! - and have a Happy Easter all.
Clare W

Mrs B said...

Sorry forgot to say Congratulations to all of the lucky Comment winners today : ) Also after reading Sheila E I am in the same postion and so is Rosalind McLellan, but that doesn't stop us, lease come and join the fun :)Take care.

Sue from Wiltshire said...

Absolutely stunning, with such elegance and simplicity. Quick cards can be made which look stunning so easily with this dye.
It's nice to hear you get from the blog as much as others do. People stop commenting for lots of different reasons, one being a change in their hobby. So you mustn't think it's you.
I don't read all the comments and it's a shame that one particular comment has upset people. It is also annoying when one person assumes others are feeling irritated like them. I haven't, it's not compulsory to read all the comments.
I have always admired your talent and only got into looking at your blog in the past few months and look forward to it very much. You are very talented and inspirational, keep doing what you do.
Enjoy your time over the pond.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue - your shows yesterday were wonderful - just now watching again before today's offerings come on!
Like so many of the other bloggers, I too visit every morning but do not always leave a comment as often I feel I repeat myself!
A very happy Easter to everyone & have a great visit with your mum
Janette xx

Unknown said...

Happy Easter to you Sue and the blog family. I could see how excited and nervous you were in yesterdays shows and can understand why, but yet again you have brought us some turely fantastic samples and so many!! Today's card is simple yet refind. I will make a concerted effort to leave a comment each day as I so look forward to your posts and videos each day. Safe journey back to America. Much love xxxx

Debbie Tinks said...

Love the card Sue ...watched the shows yesterday... have a safe trip to see your mom ...
Happy Easter to everyone .....x

Elspeth said...

Love the card. Is the glitter background behind the flower part coloured pink too? If so, how? Looks really effective. Love the blog, Sue, I don't comment every day since there is a limit to the number of ways I can say I LOVE your cards and it feels repetitive after a while! But i do visit every day and long for the time to try some of your techniques. Happy Easter to you and all your followers.

Jazzylady said...

Good Morning Sue and Happy Easter.
This is such a pretty card. I don't have the dies you used but I'm sure I can adapt what I have. This is what I love about your blog, it provides the inspiration to look at my dies differently.
I always look at your blog before rushing off to work and don't always have time to comment or read all the other comments so I don't know what the issues are.
Please don't feel too upset about people leaving, maybe they want to try something new and are simply looking at others styles for inspiration. I'm sure it's nothing you've said or done.
Have a safe journey and looking forward to you returning.
Love, Karen

Diane Green said...

A stunning card today Sue thank you and congratulations on the fabulous shows yesterday and all the sell outs. I was delighted you started with a die I had so I will be trying the microbeads with it. Enjoy your Easter and have a safe journey as you fly to see your mum. Love Diane Green xxx

Jan.moogie said...

Happy Easter Sue and all, I love this card and as of yet haven't got this die but that will change very soon. I look forward to reading your blog comments daily and usually do so before I go to work. If I don't comment it is usually because I don't have access to a computer the last thing I want to do is upset you Sue. I class you as a friend and tell any one who will listen how great your work is and how fantastic your blog is. Have a great day today hope to catch some more of your shows on C&C. tHANKS FOR SHARING.XX

Linda28 said...

Sue, love the card, it is so stunning in it's simplicity. Although I was working yesterday I did manage to record your shows yesterday and watched two last night. Loved them and knew that they would be flying out. I have only been making cards for a few weeks and love it and am building up my collection of dies, I have a few of your new collection and they are as Brucie say's ( my favourites) hope I can get hold of some more this week. I look at your blog every day but do not always comment, only through lack of time, but you do really inspire me. Thank you for all of your tips. Linda. P.s. Will be watching today and have a great trip to Florida and give Mum a hug.xx

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! A beautiful card, as always Sue. So very pretty!! Love Sam xxx

Victoria said...

I can understand your excitement when the prototypes arrive! Today's card is stunningly beautiful but quite simple to make according to the instructions. Love the subtle shading.
Don't really know what the issues are as I don't read many of the other comments. I don't seem able to get further than the first few comments each day because they often refer to people that I don't know and things that I don't understand! Personally, I like to stick to commenting about the cards and of course responding to the other news that you bring to us Sue.

Erna said...

Hi Sue
Fantastic shows yesterday. I have recorded them all and will watch them again when inspiration fails. Love your dies, they are great to work with and always give a stunning result.
Happy Easter!
Erna x

Erna said...

Hi Sue
Fantastic shows yesterday. I have recorded them all and will watch them again when inspiration fails. Love your dies, they are great to work with and always give a stunning result.
Happy Easter!
Erna x

Crafty Lark said...

Love your card Sue, so beautifully soft. Keep enjoying being in blogland. xx Flora

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,your work as ever is first class as is your presentation , and have been glued to the t.v. for all your demo`s. Don`t let silly comments ruin your inspiration,people change for many reasons,many factors in their lives,this is only my 2nd. message to you, but I look at your blog every morning after feeding the dog! your wonderful personality keeps us all inspired and looking forward to much more. I bought some of your Spanish dies and A4 embossing folders a while back, and have had great fun experimenting with them.I am a puppy walker and sell my cards for Guide Dogs. Very best wishes Sue, Laura from Derby.

Suejimbel said...

Happy Easter Sue and thanks for another gorgeous card! Managed to get California dies and some quilled leaves and the roses yesterday! Am recording today in the hope all will be sold out by the time I get to watch! Don't really know the issues mentioned , but have seen a few comments. Would tend to agree with your request for upbeat comments, this blog is a celebration of talent. Might be easier to do a Facebook page where people can interact and support each other on a more personal level. I think that would be easier than a forum (although I am not speaking from any real position of knowledge here!) Anyway, have a super Easter, safe journey home, great shows today and KEEP BLOGGIN' Sue xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Sue, beautiful card, loved the show yesterday, looking forward to today's.

Jackie T said...

Happy Easter Sue I hope your shows go well today. You are so generous giving up your Easter Sunday. Your dies are beautiful and so easy to work with. Today's card is gorgeous.
I'm sorry that you have had to deal with some negativity on here in the last couple of days. I don't like to think of you being upset by anything. I do understand how you see crafting as bringing people together. I hope no one gets upset and leaves.
Sue I hope you have a good journey home and a wonderful time with your mum. You need a rest. Love Jackie

Unknown said...

Beautiful card Sue, I have the shows recorded from yesterday and look forward to watching them later today. I know they will have been a huge success and you will have had loads of sell outs which is fab but also removes the temptation for me to overspend on my budget. Congrats to the lucky winners, enjoy your prize.

karenlotty said...

I agree with everyone' comments As I said y2day it's my fault if I don't go back & read everyone's comments Mine - no one elses sue we are all extremely grateful for the blog for so many different reasons So PLEASE don't stop I need this blog to be able to function I echo exactly Kerriepie's words My son died 4 years ago Other relatives hav sadly passed away but when a child goes we grab onto anything that helps us to get through the day and this blog is one of them PS the card is gorgeous

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Happy Easter to you and all on the blog. I love this card and the way that the background looks when simply inked through the die - simply stunning. I have thought about getting this die, but then I always seem to see something else ( like the striplets!) that catches my eye. One day I might just win the lottery and then I wouldn't have to worry about what I spend! Mind you I would have to buy a ticket first!!! Looking forward to the shows today.
I would hate for you to stop doing the blog as it is the first thing I look at on a morning while having my coffee and then I nip over to Barbara Gray's - the only two I really look at and comment on. I didn't really know what to comment on, but have never felt like an outsider - everyone has been so kind to me when I had my fall and also about my aunt. I am pleased that you get pleasure from the blog too. Not sure about a forum though.
Have a safe journey back across the Pond and give your Mom a big hug from me. Love to all, Alison xxx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Thank you for the great shows and the wonderful demonstrations and sample cards, they were all stunning, you must have worked so hard getting them all made.
I think a forum would be great, Joanna Sheen has a very good forum which is well supported, but like you I wouldn't have a clue how to start one.
Hope all goes well today with your shows and we get to see your lovely work.

Rachel Taylor said...

Hi Sue and the blog family .very pretty card ,where do you get all your ideas ? Congrats to the lucky winners !
Each morning hubby brings me a coffee in bed with the ipad open on your blog .its always the first thing i see and i love it ! I love to read everyones comments ,i've never met anyone on the blog yet feel i know them .i'm quite a lonely crafter yet feel part of a friendly group on here .thank you for taking the time to blog daily ,you are very well loved xx
Crafty hugs Rachel

nancyd said...

Morning Sue. Absolutely gorgeous card I don't
have this one yet but now I must have it after
your beautiful inspiration managed to watch your
Shows last night they were fabulous I know some
People get annoyed with the presenters but
They are only doing their job after all.
Dont know why anybody would leave your blog
if they are card makers as I love it like many others
It is their loss after all. Like myself many feel
they make the same comments all the time
But everyone is not an auther so sometimes
its just a quick comment I try to read all the
comments but dont always have time as I'm
very busy but I know it is a lifeline for so many
People so just keep doing what your doing Sue youll never please everyone all the time.
Nancyd xx

Sonia Jones said...

Lovely card today. Great seeing you yesterday. Im gutted I didn't catch all the shows though!

I wasn't going to comment on whatever's going on as I have no idea what was said or by whom? But I love to visit your blog and try to call in daily. However work and life often get in the way. This doesn't mean I don't have an interest in your demos, cards or anything else or that I'm fickle! it just means I haven't the time on that particular day. When I get time I'll go back over the blog for the days I've missed but don't comment then as the moment has passed. The blog is like a drop in centre for many of us and gives us the friendship and support if/when we need it. Happy Easter to everyone hugs Sonia x

nancyd said...

Sorry forgot say Happy Easter to everyone and congrats. To all the winners.
Nancyd xx

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, This is a beautiful card, I love the hint of colour. Yesterday's shows were brilliant and a great success.

Your blog is my life line and sanity, and I always go to it first thing in the morning. Please keep up the great work that you do.

Love Rosemarie xx

heather harrison said...

Morning Sue, firstly well done yesterday and all the best for today. I haven't been on your blog very long but I must say I enjoy every day seeing your wonderful ideas and the inspiration you give me. I am a lone crafter and its watching and listening to your videos that inspires me. Someday I'll get over from n.Ireland and meet you at some of the shows. Keep up the good work and enjoy your time with your mum. Happy Easter. Hugs Heather.x

Maria - Ivyleaf Crafts said...

Another great card Sue.
I haven't been blogging long but i love seeing your cards and my own card making has improved because of you.
Please contine to blog as i come here everyday before i head of to work.
You inspire and touch so many people.
Happy Easter everyone xxxx

EvaHenninger said...

What a stunning card! As always simple is best! Hope you keep going, as l look forward to your blog every day and it really gives me ideas what to do. Best wishes for a Happy Easter, Eva

heather harrison said...

Sorry Sue forgot to say. Your card today is gorgeous. I got the die so will have a go ehen it comes x Heather x

rachel said...

a beautiful card Sue - really wonderful - I think positive comments are always appropriate sue - if something doesn't make you feel positive then don't comment! Its that simple for me! Hugs rachel x

Anonymous said...

Belinda Raven said...

Happy Easter Sue, I love the design of today's card and thanks to your video tutorial I am happily making frames with the GC! Am enjoying your shows and as always your inspiration is wonderful! Your blog has helped me through some tough times and I love being part of your crafting world - very therapeutic.

Crafty hugs, Belinda. X

vivjose said...

Morning Sue,
Happy Easter to you and everyone.
I so enjoyed your shows yesterday and the chance to see your dies 'in action'. I love your creation today - so delicate and could be adapted for lots of occasions
I live on Dartmoor, not very far from Joanna Sheen, and I like to support her, so I'm chuffed your dies and products are with her.
Have a safe journey home to your Mum and a bit of rest.

joy said...

Morning Sue
Happy easter
have a safe journey home .
now the card is fab cant wait to see more. I haven't blog for a while due to a busy life new job. 24 hours a day not enough but will try harder.
now you said you have new dies in the pipeline. my poor bank manger wont be happy.
I had the Spanish collect from you at alley pally.
yesterday I ordered the Italian. collection yesterday.

Unknown said...

It's a beautiful simple card.
This background die is awesome!!!
Also the flowers are great :)

Iggyscraftybits said...

Hi Sue, I've only commented a couple of times, once telling you of my morning ritual before going to work, my ritual is still the same and looking at your blog is still the highlight of my first cuppa of the day. I've been following you for a long while now and adore the cards you make and now that we have videos too I'm in heaven. I'm loving the shows and feel you are not on tv nearly enough but that's me being greedy, sorry. Please don't be disheartened by people disappearing from your blog, it's most definately their loss not yours. I introduced my friend to your shows yesterday and I have it on good authority that she too is now hooked. Soo,,, chin up girl, feel very assured that you , like your blog, are much loved!!!! Have a very happy Easter Sue, looking forward to today's shows, big hugs. Iggy xxx ( ps my friend has the same name as a famous actress so you will definately identify her lol )

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, this card is beautiful, such delicate colours. Your blog is an inspiration, and I can never wait for 6am each morning. The shows yesterday were great - is there anything left for today? :-)Congrats to all the winners. Have a safe trip Sue, and I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with your Mom and your family. I am sure everyone here wishes your Mom a very happy 91st birthday. Bx

gwen70 said...

Really beautiful card today Sue, loved your shows yesterday and will be watching again today, placed my order and can't wait for the dies to arrive.
Congrats to all the winners

Marion said...

Hi Sue this card is beautiful ,very classy looking.
Loved the shows and was glad I ordered the flower set early.
your blog is the first thing I turn to on a morning ,wouldn't be the same with out it.

Marion H

Unknown said...

Good morning Sue Happy Easter to one and all!
Today's card is lovely. I bought this die when you first released them. I had a play, cut a few out but then did nothing with them as wasn't sure what to do......until now!
I have also been catching up with yesterday's shows even more inspiration I just love it!
I did buy another set yesterday and can't wait for them to arrive.
Sue, please do not think that you have upset anyone, I can't imagine why anyone could possibly take offence and leave your blog.
I personally check out your blog on a daily basis with a cup of tea as part of my morning routine before work but don't always comment as I have either run out of time or can't think of anything witty to say or don't want to leave a boring comment as ALL your cards are beautiful.
Keep up the great work and have a wonderful time with your mum.
Hugs to all
SueC x

Christine Harrop said...

This is so beautiful Sue and so delicate. Christine x

Alison Couchman said...

Good Morning everyone. I recorded your shows and have only watched the first one so far - I love knowing I have a little stash of Sue to watch whenever I feel like it :-) . I really like this card and even more so having seen it demoed.

It was clear how much the success of your dies matters to you Sue - you are so genuine and it was nice to see how delighted you were. Congratulations on your well-deserved success.
The main thing that struck me while watching that first show was how grateful I am that you didn't go with C&C straight away. It gave your loyal fans a chance to buy your dies rather than being locked out for months by an exclusive launch on TV. Seeing how fast the stock went (no surprise there!) we wouldn't have stood a chance. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is so grateful you resisted the lure of C&C and did the launch via your blog instead. I have 2 of your sets and the faux quilled leaves on their way. Now to save up for more!
Enjoy your hard-earned time away with your Mum.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue lovely card great idea to colour through the die to give a different look. I try to visit your blog every morning as I need inspiration. I'm sure there are a lot of people who look at the blog who don't feel the need to leave a comment. Please don't get upset we all love your cards and dies. loved the shows yesterday hope to see todays. Have a lovely Easter and a great trip back to see your Mum.
Denise X

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue - your words today were really touching. I don't read everyone's comments but I really can't understand why people might leave negative remarks or leave. You put so much work into your cards and your wonderful descriptions and videos, giving us so much of your time and your inspiration. You are such a generous person and never cease to amaze me with your wonderful ideas. Yesterday was the first time I've not left a comment as I was in bed all day feeling lousy with a dose of flu! I will be catching up today and watching your shows. I bought the Spanish dies at Ally Pally and they are stunning. I will be adding more in the future.

Enjoy a well deserved holiday with your mum and it's great that we can all keep in touch with you via your daily blog. We love it! PS - today's card is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to all today's winners.
Love and best wishes

Lacelady said...

Good morning Sue, I watched all three progs yesterday and you were great. I do wish Dave didn't jump down demonstrator's throats, but perhaps that's me. I ordered the heart lattice striplet to go with my embroidery one, and both sets of flowers. I have to say I was a bit sneaky, because C&C charge £7.99 to deliver to me, so I got mine from Joanna Sheen (post free) I'll still be watching today at 11, but might not manage this afternoon as I have family coming for lunch. I like to write in each time, just in case I win one of your beautiful cards.

Congrats to all the winners, and Happhy Easter to everyone.

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Wishing you and all the Blog Family a very Happy Easter.

I watched your shows yesterday really enjoyed them and the samples and demo's were devine I have ordered the beautiful bows and the quilled leaves lots of the other's are on a wish list for my Birthday.

looking forward to the shows later
take good care.

Luv n hugs Annx without an "e"

nuttinanni said...

Happy Easter, Sue. So good to watch your shows yesterday and treat myself to some of your dies.
You were there for me when my husband died suddenly last year and it was your kindness in sending me a card that has been shown to all my family and friends. They all know you too from watching you on C&C demos and feel you are my friend even though we have never met in person.
I don't know why some people disappear from your life but I do believe some are there for a season and they don't stay long, but others come into your life for a reason and they are the ones who stay with you no matter what. hugs, Cheryl xxx

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Well what can I say I did not think I would be adding the back ground dies to my wish list but after seeing your shows yesterday how wrong I was, so after I finish getting the leaves and roses I will start on the back grounds.
Today's card is another stunner.
Congratulations to the winners.
Huge hugs and love to all in the blog family and happy Easter.
Safe journey to see your Mom and I for one cannot wait till your new collection will be available.
Happy crafting
Love Tina x

Carole Z said...

Hi Sue, first of all I love this card and the effect you have created with the dies. Your shows yesterday were great and I am so pleased you did so well with the sales (as if there was ever a doubt!). As someone who has followed your blog virtually from the start, I am sure that you have said nothing to stop people coming; there can be many reasons. Everything you say is true though and I was really moved by your words, ..congrats to the winners, hugs Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue lovely card today I do have this die and will be giving this card a try. Loved your shows yesterday what an unspiration you are to all.
I started to read your blog about 18 months ago but did'nt always comment but now I try to comment every day.
Hugs to all who need them today Sophy n Gran

Unknown said...

Having followed you from the start Sue I have noticed how you have changed and grown. When I look back over the years of your card making they just get better and better and your styles have changed. Sometimes quite subtle changes others really drastic changes but always for the better. Having your blog like this helps others to develop their skills but also to take a great pride in their achievements. You have helped so many people with your inspiration and for that you should be very proud of yourself. Your cards are stunning. Your explanations so easy to understand, and your professionalism is un questionable. Keep up the good work and remember Spellbinders sales would be nothing they are today if it were not for you.

Love n hugs and see you on tv later today

Beth xxx

nattyboots said...

Hi Sue
You light up my life too ,with your lovely cards and daily blog so i thank you .

Todays card is just gorgeous and so versatile im thinking .

Congrats to all the winners
Have a nice day and a rest after the shows .

Elaine H x

Unknown said...

Hiya sue an crafty crew!! Happy Easter to all. Smashing card and I love the way uve added a little hint of colour it's lovely.
I don't get the chance to read ur blog everyday but I usually catch up with it by the end of the week. It's a shame the way people have been behaving but at the end of the day it's not like we have to read all the comments u do have the option just to scroll and comment. I do actually read them all and I'm usually in bloomin stitches laughing espwcially at Norah in glenochil an of course Lancashire steph. There are some sad stories too an it's heartbreaking an if it helps people on here then it's all good too
Anyways I love ur blog an I'm catching up with ur shows from yesterday and yep u guessed it I had to buy a few ( Easter treat to myself lol). Mojo is now back in action.
Keep up ur amazing work for years to come we wouldn't know what to do without u sue!!!!
Lots of love always
Tracy from killie xx

Beryl said...

Hi Sue, really like this card and die.
Thankyou very much for those who left me birthday wishes yesterday. It means a lot.
Conratulations to all the winners.

Anonymous said...

You are a light in my daily world. I do not always comment as I am not that outgoing. Your idea of a forum sounds good and may be an area where some followers can intercommunicate. I reckon that's what you are considering and wish you and everyone well.

Happy Easter

Phil D

englishrose897 said...

Good morning Sue and all followers.
Lovely card today as always.
Congratulations to all the winners, enjoy your prize.
Happy Easter everyone.
Sally x

scofessex said...

Morning Sue, happy easter. I am one of those crafters that checks your blog everyday to see what fabulous creation you have posted but I do not generally leave a comment. This is because I am not very good at expressing myself apart from saying "what a beautiful card"over and over again! Keep up the good work. I love your dies

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Love the card as always and all I can say if people leave it's their downfall as you are a very special, kind person and a very talented one and always there to help. all my love Jean Z xxx

marg said...

Good Morning Sue!
I sat here and started reading at 8.30 and only just finished..... it was a marathon today, lol!
Congrats to the Winners!
Loved watching you yesterday Sue, just wish I could afford all the Dies , still my birthday tomorrow (70) so maybe loads of money to spend at Sunrise or Joanna's!
The flags will be up on the local church because someone is 88 tomorrow..... but she will be a Balmoral!
I love this blog, its the first go to every morning, and I love your inspiration as I am a lone Crafter because I am housebound too!
I started commenting in 2010, but read before that, not usually confident enough I suppose!
I enjoyed your comment Sue that was difficult to say the right thing.
Missed you and Leoni at 6pm only Freeview she is so lovely, and makes me laugh!
Yo must be so proud with all the Dies that are you design and the response from us all to them!
Have a safe journey to see your family.
Take care Sue
Love Marg

ElizabethS said...

Hi Sue, another "beauty" today. Looking forward to the shows later.
ElizabethS x

Hazel said...

Good morning Sue. That background die is gorgeous as is your card, Hazel xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
A stunning card in every sense of the word. This is a die I MUST have - it is beautiful.
I watched your shows yesterday and will do the same today. I am so delighted you had sell-outs - but not at all surprised. You produce the most stunning cards and your new dies really are 'to die for'. I love them all.
Your words are very moving this morning. I love coming to your blog but usually keep my comments short and sweet and comment about the card only. I am a very quiet and reserved person at the best of times. You really are an inspiration Sue and bring us all so much pleasure.
Bye for now.
SandraP xxx

foxyg said...

Hi Sue. Won on the comment game today - absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much.
Another stunning card today. Love the glitter background.

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
Another stunning card today. This die is simply stunning. just love how you have coloured the flowers and leaves. Like other Sue, I think that anyone you doesn't look at your blog anymore is absolutely nuts. Why on earth would they leave. It's certainly nothing you have said or done. You were so kind to me last year at Ally Pally, when I asked you a question regarding how to use a Spellbinders die. I then saw you on C & C and I was hooked. You have inspired us all so much with your daily blogging, please don't be offended if people leave, because how barmy are they. We are one big happy (hopefully) family. So glad that you gave your family the first chance to buy your dies. It seems from comments that you have more treats in store for us. Have a lovely holiday over the pond with your mum and give her a big hug from me for letting us share her multi talented daughter. Happy easter and hugs to everyone.

Janet k said...

Morning Sue, thank you for another beautiful card, my wish list is getting longer, so many lovely dies in your collection to be truthful I would like nearly all of them! Looking forward to watching you again today. The compliment slip that I received with the stamps I won a few weeks ago is up on the wall of my craft room, plus now the 2 flowers you gave to me at ally pally last Sunday, my husband said I only need to light a candle! Cheeky thing! Happy Easter and a safe flight home, love Janet x

Jeanie said...

Happy Easter everyone.

A gorgeous card Sue going to try this one later my dies arrived this week and i am so chuffed with them.

Your comments where very moving and i love your blog and will pop in and out as much as possible.
jeanie xx

Gaenor McQueen said...

Happy easter Sue lovely card stunning as always watching create and craft today for some more of your great demos and inspiration .
Have a lovely day

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
What can I say except fabulous - both today's card and yesterday's shows. I would be totally lost for inspiration and ideas if it wasn't for your blog. I love the video tutorials as well, as sometimes seeing is better than reading. Iam sure you are not the reason some people have left the blog but that is their loss for sure. You are just way to kind, generous and lovely to upset anyone. Hope you have a safe journey to see you Mum for her birthday and that you have a well deserved rest.
Congrats to the winners by the way.
Beverley W

Maryann Laursen said...

An absolut stunner here again Sue. I saw your show yesterday and it was sooo beautiful everything you showed there too, and I was so impressed to hear, that you made almost all of them yourself, that´s quite an achievement I must say.
Biiig congrats to the winners here today and a very Happy Easter to everyone as well. And about your comment here for the blog Sue, I can only say, I totally agree to every word you said, I feel exactly the same.

Unknown said...

Good Morning Sue!

Sorry I am a little tardy this morning but it is Easter Sunday.

I love today's card; it is so pretty the colour so subtle. It just goes to show some times a little less is more. Very elegant and Spring like.

Have a simply wonderful time with your mum and come back to us safe suntanned and renewed with gems to inspire us :)

Congratulations to all the lucky winners. What an easter treat? Happy Easter one and all.

Crafty Hugs
Heather xx

Jan Ltc said...

Fabulous, elegant card Sue xx Jan

Bertie from Berkshire said...

Good morning and Happy Easter. This is a beautiful card, I love the highlighting with colour through the die, I must try that! Your cards give me so much inspiration. I would like to know where I can buy the stick pins please I see on your cards? Best wishes, Bertie

Unknown said...

Lovely card. So simple but so effective. Must dig out my distress inks again. Happy Easter everyone. Hugs from Ireland. Evelyn. X

Micky French said...

Lovely card today Sue as always.
I don't have this die yet but I have 2 more to collect in the California collection and about 4 in the Spanish and then I will be collecting the Italian, I think this one will be the first one I go for.
I love your Blog and come on here every day and leave a comment, I don't always read everyone else's, I usually just flick through them. I also go on Julia's every day and leave a comment on her's too as she is also a great crafter.
I would certainly go on your forum if you did one.
Congratulations to all the lucky winners. Enjoy your prizes.
A happy Easter Sunday to all.
I have now a few jobs to do before I watch the first of your shows today.
Hugs to all love from Michelle xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, What a Tremendous Card, your Daughter must have been thrilled with this Card when you made it, for her.
I really Love this Italian Collection Die, I loved The Fabulous Colours you chose and The Softness of
The Shabby Shutters and Spun Sugar Distress Inks they just add a touch of Colour where it's needed, The Awesome Flowers and those Beautiful Pearl Strings they just finish off the card so well, This Card is Truly Exquisite I just Love it, as always.
Fabulous shows on Create and Craft I'm thrilled your
Beautiful Dies sold so well, I must say Sue please please "NEVER STOP BLOGGING" I just LOVE Your BLOG. I must say I love to read the wonderful stories from our very large family, no outsiders I'm sure the comments that were left weren't meant malicious in any way but if you don't like them just don't read them especially now we know Sue is happy with them. We should all be Happy!
Watching you today Sue have a great day.
Love and hugs from Sam
To all Our Very Large and Wonderful Wilsonettes Family I hope you're all having a great Easter Sunday, it's very dull where I live so I'll be crafting ALL day!
Take Care Hugs from Sam

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue and Happy Easter to you and all the blog family! You certainly light up our life with all your great demos! I didn't get to see the shows yesterday but hope to have a quiet day at home to catch up. I know what you mean about the friends one makes on blogs and social networks. I have no friends as yet since I moved to Wiltshire but do so much love all my virtual friends I have made in my Facebook craft groups. Love Jean xxx

sued99 said...

Another gorgeous card today. Your designs are so inspiring. Keep up the good work. I'm eagerly awaiting 11.00!!

Joanne K said...

Good morning and Happy Easter. Gorgeous card today. Congratulations on the success of your dies on the telly. Congratulations to all the winners. Kind regards Joanne x

Unknown said...

Beautiful card again sue, happy easter to all what a beautiful sunny hot day in scotland, hope everyone has a bit of sun to brighten ur lifes and day.i often read the blogs sue but dont always leave a comment, but I will today just to let you know I care about how you feel.have a smashing day!!
(((hugs))) to all
Lorraine x

Annie said...

Morning Sue and Happy Easter!! Love this card, it is so pretty and the colours so soft and gentle.
I can't imagine why anyone would not follow your blog daily or not comment on your creations which are second to none IMHO xx and it absolutely cannot be anything you say or do that makes anyone not check back, you are a kind, warm, generous, giving, lovely lady and this shines through everything you share with us.
We LOVE you to bits and then more! xxx

hollyberry said...

Love love this card it is absolutely gorgeous,so delicate and so pretty.
Your comments at the end moved me so much.I try to comment every day but at times life does get in the way.Must say I don't read all the comments there are so many following your wonderful blog the first I ever followed.Quite sure that it is nothing that you have said or done that has stopped people leaving but them and their lives.
Hope that you have a safe journey home to see your Mom for her Birthday.

weefortune said...

Happy Easter to one and all.

Loved the shows yesterday Sue and treated myself to the California set 1, I already have the classic rose & the filigree bow which are beautiful, I'm so pleased that it so successful for you. You truly are a beautiful lady inside and out and you give so much to your blogging family. I'm not sure what going on with the blog, I think its pretty amazing that you notice if people are missing or not leaving comments but you should not worry so much but it's so touching that you care, you can't please everyone and you do try that comes over. I dont always get chance to leavce a comment every day but I do try even though they are usually short I do appreciate all your efforts, Love & Hugs Elaine x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - Do you ever sleep?
I have watched most of your shows- between family visits - and they now know I need a T.V. recorder.They had to make their own cup of tea because I couldn't miss out on anything on your shows.The way I look at it is - you have given us many,many hours of your time, so to miss seeing you would be very sad and ungrateful and because I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE every minute I can see you demo'ing You are a great part of my life now. I do visit your site every day. I don't leave a message everyday because I am not into computers very much as it lets me down so often.Love all of your new dies bur when they first came out I got two of each set - big mistake - I couldn't take advantage of the offers now (Sods Law) but that didn't stop me from buying a couple of odd one. Love you.Marie -

TOB said...

Hi Sue, beautiful card, gorgeous in its simplicity. Happy Easter and safe journey across the pond. Hugs Theresa. xx

Disco Queen said...

Hi Sue, Many of those old followers, you'd probably count me as one ;-), are likely to have become silent followers. Over time it gets harder & harder to find new ways to say how much we love your style & all your tips, so commenting falls away. It's like old friends who sit in silence enjoying each other's company. Maybe a 'like' button would give you a better idea of numbers. Bloglovin has one but it stores everything you like away, which means eventually you have to unlike to make space. This feels really bad.
With love & light, Theresa. H

Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Lovely card Sue!

It's so pretty and the colours are lovely.

I've loved watching your shows on C&C and looking forward to the next ones (just waiting for the 11am show now).

Congratulations to all the winners.

Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

hotpotato said...

Hi Sue, I love your blog but have found some that comment digress when commenting about others.....maybe these people need their own blogs! It's like hijacking someone else's blog. Well, I'm off to watch your show on C&C, yesterdays I recorded as we were in London all day, looking forward to watching them.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter and Sunday smiles to you Sue and all Wilsonettes.
YOU light up MY life Sue and only YOU know how and why, which is why I feel so upset when your blog gets turned upside down. We love being a part of your world, whether it be crafting or leisure, and im sure there have been times when we have tickled you pink regarding the sticky mess we get into during our own crafty days, but a lot of us would be lost without your friendship and inspiration and also without your blog. Some of us try to deal with problems everyday and by logging into particraft you help us to do that with the beauty you show us everyday, so thank you, as long as you keep blogging Sue, then I shall be here with you as will be yoyr regular family. Its so special to see new Wilsonettes here so if you have not been lucky enough to have the finances ( like myself) your wealth you will find right here in the inspiration AND in friendship so PLEASE dont 'dip' its such a beautiful place to be.
Ok, Im done now for the card - its a W.O.W for sure. I also get stumped for vocab to explain how lush your cards are !
Cant wait to tune in today, my best Easter EVER : ) plus I had a metal egg !!.woohoo my egg is in the shape of a Spanish collection CORDOBA die say im thrilled is an under statement, it pays to leave a 'list' around of needs and wants, it pays to have a wonderful hubby too, bless.
Congrats to all lucky ladies today, enjoy your gifts. I shall be listening out for familiar names today and maybe 3rd time lucky I may get an email read !!.or even a card ?! Naaa no such luck im afraid.
Have a brilliant sell out day again Sue and please find time to sit in the Florida sun whilst your away, we will miss you and cant wait till you are on CC again.
Love to you ALL.
Lancashire Steph xx

Unknown said...

Ps please keep blogging sue like many the computer is the only way of crafty life. Im in the very north of scotland and no one does craft workshops etc I dont think crafting exsists here lol its just me in my craft room with a laptop its my way to see and meet other craft nutters like myself. craft is my lifeline,it keeps me sane, it gives me a reason to get up and your blog is not only to show case your wonderful cards its for me to get inspiration, and to see that im not the only crafter out there and out of all blogs I follow this blog is the really only community / family one. I like reading it I hear of the woes of someone life the good times in sometimes life I hear of people actually meeting people at events that sue the family you have created out ways any bad comments or thoughts. keep blogging I for sure will keep reading. Hugs again to all x

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone and a Happy Easter to all.
A beautiful card showcasing your wonderful die. The subtle shading with the colour is stunning. Looking forward to the shows today.
Trust me, it is not anything you have done or said that would keep people away. To be fair to people, I don't think being "fickle" would either, just life gets in the way of the pleasant stuff for some people. I comment daily and have done for a couple of years but recently have thought about just viewing for other reasons.
I will email you, as you suggest, as after the last couple of days, I'm very wary of voicing any kind of opinion as you've seen what happens.
I just hope for your sake Sue, that people respect what you have said and we can settle down and just enjoy all that you bring us.
Best wishes.
Ang x

Crafting Newbie said...

Hi Sue, Happy Easter. I'm feeling guilty as I don't comment very often. I would hate for you to think I've moved on. I love reading your blog & would not change anything about it. Barbara x

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi. Fabulous shows on C&C and so many beautiful samples. Congratulations. Beautiful card again today. You're absolutely amazing Sue, and your blog is such an inspiration to so many people. I don't have time to read all of the comments everyday, but read some and I think it's lovely that people have formed special friendships and are there for each other - even if only in blog land! Keep doing what you're doing and enjoy knowing that you have created a special place here with your beautiful blog. Happy Easter and Hugs to all :-) xxx

Carol S. said...

Hi Sue, Loved your programs yesterday, Kept me going through my ironong. SOOO boring - ironing!Yuk! Recording todays shows. We have an old saying here, 'Nowt so queer as folk'! I think is sums up why people come and people go without explantion. I only have a few followers but one I know still comes onto my blog but has stopped leaving any comments. Have a great Easter with you family. Hugs, Carol s.xx

Sonia Stephenson said...

And Congrats to all the winners :-) xxx

Debbie said...

Hi Sue, this is my favourite background die and I really must treat myself to it.I adore this card and I bet your daughter loved it.Time and health issues sometimes get in the way for people .You produce work of arts and we love to see your work.Your shows have been amazing as always and it's great to see the dies in action.Congratulations on your beautiful sets of dies.Big hugs.debbie x

Unknown said...

Happy Easter Sue - this card is just beautiful.

To all who comment here please don't stop. I feel like I have a whole new family and love hearing about what is going on.

To Sue and Cameeli the poems you have put on are just inspirational. Sue have a wonderful time with your Mum and family and enjoy a much deserved rest.

Happy Easter all and enjoy your treats chocolate or otherwise. Helen xx

Jill Liddle said...

Lovely card yet again Sue. I know that I don't always write a long piece but your blog does inspire me and I love the videos too. Seeing something done is always better than just reading about it. Happy Easter.

Jill aka Craftydesigner.

Jackie Meechan said...

Gorgeous card Sue. Saw your shows yesterday and they were brill just about to put ghe telly on to watch your 11 o'clock show looking forward to the demos as always.
Big hugs to everyone. Happy Easter and well done to the winners.

Rosie said...

Vow Sue, another gorgeous card. I love the subtle use of pink on your roses, very, very pretty card.

I am nearly in tears reading what you have written. You can tell it is from the heart, so thank you for that and also sharing your wonderful work with us. It really is appreciated. It is like having a lovely blog family....

A Very Happy Easter to everyone and have a lovely day.

Have a lovely time celebrating your mums

Unknown said...

Morning Sue, I'm so glad I ordered the Italian set yesterday, and unusually for C&C at a very competitive price too. So I really sis have to take advantage is the situation, and I can now attempt my version of your card, it would never look as good as yours.
So lovely to read so many comments today from everyone, especially those that don't normally bother, hope you all keep coming and blogging. Missing Norah, I do hope she is ok, big hugs to every one especially Pam,Cameeli. Lynne, Karen, Tina, Tandy, Steph and Norah, so many more that I should mention I need to write your names down as my memory isn't too good. The foal is doing really well, still on the lawn so we can see her, sent Sue a pic of her yesterday and she has come up with some great names for me, so watch this space. Sue you open your life to us, telling us all about what is happening thT I feel that is why so,many of us like to do,the same and enlarge our big Sue family, love you all, well done to today's winners you lucky things HappyEaster to everyone, take care xxx

Unknown said...
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hazel young said...

Gorgeous die and stunning card bet your daughter was over the moon to receive this xx hazel

loftylass said...

Gorgeous card Sue.... really enjoyed seeing you back on C&C and loved (and recorded!!) the show. All your dies (and samples) are fabulous and I wanted them all!!!! it's not to be though as all my pennies are spoken for - I'm off to California for a wedding in September - so I am sitting on my hands just now. Maybe I'll be able to buy some there.
Happy Easter.
Heather W

Julie Turner said...

Dear Sue,

I look at your blog everyday but today is the first time I have wrote to you. Your 'little note' truly moved me and I hope that the people who leave your blog will not upset you because I believe you certainly have many more people out there, like myself, who follow your work and love your blog and YOU. Love Jules

Pinky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Love today's clean and simple card. Watched all the shows yesterday but recording today's as going out for Sunday lunch.
I love your blog as get great inspiration from it and I also subscribed to your YouTube. Don't always read all the comments but I do love reading Norah,s and Steph,s and I do hope Norah is ok.
Happy Easter everyone and special hugs to Pam
Best wishes, Pat

Unknown said...

Have watched you on C and C. Your collection is stunning. The samples just fabulous. Well done.

nzillingworth said...


terrie said...

Congrats to all the winner...
Happy Easter to all!
Sue, this card is so beautiful and so delicate...I like how you added just a touch of color...
Well done

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, I've been loving all the shows on C&C and have ordered the Italian collection which I can't wait to receive so I'm glad this card demonstrates the background die. Congratulations on the success of your collections, its well deserved. I haven't been able to comment for a while but I check your blog every day. Happy Easter all!
Hayley x

carol edwards said...

Happy Easter Sue and everyone. The card is beautiful and thanks for all your inspiration.
Sue I have followed your blog and commented since the beginning. I have followed you for many years from when you first used to appear on C+C and I remember a demo where you used hair gel for one of the demo's, I loved you then and still do. You are a sincerely genuine lady and your inspiration knows no bounds.
I know people leave or don't comment for many reasons, however, none of them are because of you.
Enjoy your visit to mum, safe journey, and congratulations to all the winners x

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, I've been loving all the shows on C&C and have ordered the Italian collection which I can't wait to receive so I'm glad this card demonstrates the background die. Congratulations on the success of your collections, its well deserved. I haven't been able to comment for a while but I check your blog every day. Happy Easter all!
Hayley x

CraftingMarg said...

Happy Easter Sue and All Bloggers. Beautiful card today, as always. Sue your dies are really super, well done, but then we all knew that they would be. Have a Great day at C&C. Love Margaret x

Lisbeth said...

Love the card Sue, and so pleased that the weekend's shows on C&C have been so successful. Can't wait to see the next batch.
I do look at your blog every day but didn't realise your concern if we don't leave a comment so I shall make sure I leave a response much more frequently.

Thank you for all your inspiration


Maid of Kent said...

Sue l am one who left regular comments on your blog and have not blogged much since just before Christmas. But that does not mean l have left visiting your blog l visit daily and this has helped me over the last few months which have been very difficult. I lost my Mother 3 days before Christmas and the next few months after this were the anniversary of Dads and my beloved Aunt's passing. I visit your blog and love seeing your beautiful creations every day. But have not felt like leaving a comment. I am sorry you are distressed about people not commenting but feel sure it is not because you have said or done anything to offend. You are such a lovely lady and so generous with information of how to produce your amazing cards. I have bought some of your fabulous dies and have more on order from Joanna. Love todays card and promise to blog more often even if not daily.
Congratulations to the winners. Crafty hugs Ann x

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, I have been watching you on Create & Craft and it plus all your daily cards has inspired me to do more with your dies, today the colours on the card are so delicate but really work. Keep up the good work.

Dolly Daydream said...

Morning Sue
Happy Easter everyone. Well, I went totally mad yesterday and ordered nearly every set of your dies that I didn't have already. I love them all and my husband is buying them for an early birthday present. Very moved to read your blog today and agree with everything that you say. I loved the shows yesterday and am so pleased that they were so successful for you. I am recording todays shows as we are off to my sister's for family lunch and Easter Egg hunt with the children, but as it is raining it will have to be held indoors. Have a great day everyone, congratulations to the winners.
Dawn Searle xx

Loraine said...

Sue, I read your blog every day, but must admit that I don't comment that often. This isn't because I don't want to, but because I often just don't have the time, I am the sole carer for my elderly father. I don't know eactly what has gone on, but it is a minefield when things start to get heavy. I would advise to think very carefully about a forum. I used to participate in Joanna Sheen's forum, but I stopped because I was fed up of the arguing, and sniping, some of it got quite nasty. Joanna has a lovely lady called Tina who monitors her forum, and keeps most of it from going too far, by blocking any further comments on a certain thread etc. Maybe you could have a word with Joanna about it. A forum can be a great place for company, support, ideas and inspirtation. But it can actually turn nasty now and then. You are too lovely a lady, I would hate to see you having to handle such things. just my tuppence worth though, other people may think differently. I personally love your blog just the way it is, and look forward to each new days additions.
Loraine x

Yorkie girl said...

Hi Sue
Today's card is a beauty.
Your shows were brilliant yesterday and as I write this I am watching you doing your demonstrations on C&C
I did hear you say that you have a new collection in the offing I can't wait can I have a sneak peek lol. Will give you my email Lol. Will be our secret LMAO
And thought it was so funny when you said that you get stopped at the airport by the same person so she can have a look at your stash. Lol. Priceless
On that note I do hope you have a safe journey
Love to all your family and happy birthday to your Mum
Ohh and congratulations to all the winners
You take care sue keep Blogging
Theresa x

hazel said...

Hi Sue
Happy Easter Sunday
it was very moving what you have written . If people want to stop leaving comments on your blog that is their miss. You are a true Inspiration to us all Sue and my cards are way better now because of you, you showed us all here and the people watching C&C all the different techniques we can achieve with all craft items and i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for you sharing with us your blog and for your demos on C&C.It wouldn't be the same without you.I did met you last year at Dyce Aberdeen and sat silently watching you demo for me it was like meeting a Star which you are.I was so excited leading up to that day.
This card is truly stunning Sue i do have this die but have not got round to using yet as I have bought so much of your dies which are all stunning Sue.The touch of colour makes the die pop out.
I know how hard it is for you being here in the UK when your mum is over in the states but we are all here for you Sue . Tomorrow would of been my Dad's 82nd Birthday he passed away 7 years and there is not a day that passes that i don't think about him he was my rock.I have flowers to take to his graveside which is always hard to visit.
You take care Sue
Lots of love
Hazel G XX

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

What a special card from a special person, have loved the shows this weekend, congratulations on your new dies they are amazing.

I have been following your blog for about 18 month's now and leave a comment every day, i was lucky enough to meet you at Ally-Pally a couple of times, you are a very curtious and lovely person, very giving in warmth and cratyness.

Hope you have a nice time with your mom and family across the pond, safe journey there and back, let's try and keep the blog uplifting as you always are.

Best Wishes, safe journey,

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a gorgeous card. Your rose die is stunning. Loved your shows yesterday and more to look forward to today. Congratulations to all the lucky winners.

Hilary said...

Hi Sue, and everyone.
Such a delicate and beautiful creation for us today. Congratulations to all the winners.
Missed the earlier show today but look forward to the rest of them this afternoon, if there is anything left!!! Your success is so deserved Sue. You are such a joy to watch, and inspire us all.
Enjoy the rest of your day. Love and hugs. Hilary xxxx

Debbie said...

Just another amazing card Sue...You are a true inspiration to all!!

I tried to catch the weekender shows on Create and Craft yesterday but unfortunately missed them and the dies I wanted :( maybe next time...

Keep up the great work!
Debbie G

hazel said...

Hi Sue
Me again
Forgot to say Congrats to all the winners

Maggie said...

Good afternoon Sue. Firstly, well done all those lucky winners. Am I jealous - no, just hope one day I shall be a lucky one. Secondly, Happy Easter one and all, and Thirdly, even though I don't leave personal comments on the blog and rarely reply that doesn't mean that I don't also read and care about the others. It's just a time thing really. Lovely Sue, you are always so much of an inspiration not only with your lovely cards but also with your kindness and good humour and we all feel we know you so well that maybe we sometimes take liberties but it's great to be part of a larger family and it's especially valuable as we all enjoy the same ups and downs in life. Please be assured that you are an important part of the day for each of us in our own way and we'd really miss you if you ever got bored. Now I'll go back to commenting about the cards :) xx Maggie (sometimes better with a bow!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Sunday Sue, beautiful card once again, I am really enjoying your shows this weekend. I am always amazed at your talent. Edwina

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous card. It is so classy and elegant. What it must be to receive something like this. I think you could frame it to become home decor.
Your comment is so nice. I have only been following you a short while in comparison to others. I finally found you though thanks to create and craft. You had a show and I've been bowled over ever since. I try my hardest to comment and can now regularly as I've got a phone that allows me to. Having chiari malformation plays havoc with my life but I believe in smiling and laughter as the best medicine. Your cards Sue make me smile daily. I will admit that although rarely there are some cards that aren't to my taste but you can't please everyone all of the time. I was lucky enough to meet you in Preston. . I was so excited that day. I felt like a kid at Christmas lol.
Please never stop what you do. You bring so much happiness to me and others. I love your blog and would love to try one myself. Yours and Becca's blogs are my two I follow. I didn't realise how you viewed your blog but I'm extremely happy to know your view.
Hope you have a fabulous time with your Mum and a great Easter. Lots of love, Jo xx

Barbara said...

What a stunning card Sue it is beautiful and the great thing is it looks quite straightforward that even I could make it.
I have been a member of this blog since the start and visit it everyday as I just love your cards. It gives me the inspiration to have a go and get my dies out. I love to watch your videos as you explain things clearly and make it easy to follow. What amazes me about you Sue is that you make all your own cards and don't have a design team to make samples. How do you do it!!!!!!!!
I comment everyday even if its only a few words.
The idea of a forum is great but it will be a lot of work for you I am a member of Joanna Sheens forum and love it. You do get lots of differences of opinions and heated discussions now and again but it is a great forum and very nice people on it.
As for the comments on this blog I do read most of them when I have time and know if I need help or advice I can ask and someone hopefully will answer.
The regulars on this blog comeback everyday because they love Sue Wilson and her unique gift for making stunning cards and not just for blog candy or giveaways!
Hope you have a wonderful holiday and a well deserved rest Sue. We will all miss you.

Laura O said...

a stunning card today ,have this die and I am going to make 'lovely' cards with it later today.I am a year and a half looking at your blog and would rarely miss it .Love the fab cards that you make.Great shows this weekend .Laura O

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Just love the shows - one more to go but will have to watch on catch up. Out for lunch.
I tried to win one of your cards - emailing in each time, but no luck.
I bought the California collection after sitting on my hands for so long - but just thought it was such a good offer I couldn't resist any longer. I wanted the striplets too - but they went so quickly!
Now I want this Italian collection- Sue, this background is fab! Just a tinge of colour and a few pearls and bow is just exquisite!
Just want to say that I also endorse your comments regarding the blog. It's lovely to see the same names pop up too.
BFN - have a good flight home to your mom.
Sheila x

Delores said...

Hi Sue,
I am from Australia and I just love your emails and look forward to them each day. Your cards are always beautiful and an inspiration. I never participate in the giveaways etc because we are too far away. You must love it to not take a break over Easter. Keep them comming.
Love from Australia.

camelot67 said...

Good Morning Sue,

It’s grey and a little gloomy here but you have managed to brighten it with a beautiful card and for that I thank you. I've watched and recorded all of your shows so as not to miss a thing and will probably be doing the same again today, provided of course C&C have anything left! I am so pleased that your new dies have been such a resounding success because you certainly deserve it. Thank you for sharing your card with us, and congratulations to all the winners.

So far as the "other issue" is concerned ..Sue, I visit your blog in order to celebrate YOUR talent, steal as much of YOUR knowledge as possible and to communicate with YOU in the only way I can, by leaving a comment. I agree, the type of comments left on your blog have changed and whereas I used to read what others had to say. I no longer do so. I simply made a conscious decision to change..these days I read your blog, type my comment and leave. Rest assured I for one will still he around trying to pick your brains at every possible opportunity. After all, what we ALL have in common at the end of the day is that we are here to celebrate your amazing talent and generosity or spirit and long may it continue.
Margaret A.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,
Love today's card it's beautiful, so glad I brought the Italian set yesterday.
I too was very touched by your comment , I don't think for even a second that anyone left your blog because of any reason but time or personal reasons, I leave a comment everyday even if it's only a few words as sometimes I feel like I'm repeating myself but I would rather do that than not leave a comment at all . I love your blog and have been with you for a few years now , you are a lovely lady and a very special person with such an incredible crafting talent, have a safe flight and enjoy your special time with your mum, wish her a very happy birthday and have some Relaxation time to recharge your batteries which must be very low after what you've been doing over the last couple of months.
Happy Easter to all wilsonettes and congratulations to today's winners.

Lots of love and hugs
Jean D

dijit said...

Sue, stunning card as usual. I have really enjoyed your shows this weekend but was unable to buy any of the bundles as I have already got at least one included in all the collections.The dies are all stunning.

I don't very often read the comments and very rarely leave one myself but I always visit the blog as part of my morning routine.

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, what a beautiful card for this very special day. I have this die and the distress inks so am looking forward to trying to replicate it later on.

Enjoyed your 11am show and already looking forward to the 2pm one. I don't know why you are so surprised that your dies have sold so well, you know we all love you and your work and want as many as we can possibly get.

I took the time to read all the posts so far today and hope you take heart from all the positive comments left and the knowledge that although some people don't comment they are never very far away.

Steph - so pleased your egg was a metal one, I know you will have great fun with it and no calories to worry about!

Congratulations to all of the comment game winners, enjoy your prizes.

From a lovely sunny Central Scotland, Happy Easter everyone and I hope you all have a great day.

Mo said...

Sorry if you may have missed me sending a comment Sue. I look on your blog most days and think pretty much all the cards you make are amazing! I don't always get a lot of time to watch the videos so I am really pleased that I can now access these if I want to try something in particular. I have recorded your shows on C&C and have several of your dies already, lovely, lovely. Keep up the good work.
Luv Mo

samantha wade said...

Hi, lovely card the colours really shows the dies off, your blog shows us how to craft more professionally, and I thank you for that.
It's a shame you have had to comment on what's been going on especially when you are so busy, maybe the comment box could be at the top this could be a simple solution , then if you want to read comments you can and if not you haven't got to scroll past them.
I love your blog, please don't ever stop, you are such a lovely lady caring about all your followers, and the comments today about people being busy or just not knowing how to to keep saying the same thing, cards beautiful should make you feel better about people not always commenting, I don't usually make long comments but had to today after your post.
Thanks x Sam.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful dies and beautiful cards, not that I was expecting anything less from you.
You are the sole inspiration that got me interested in die cutting and my card making has been transformed. I check out your blog pretty much every day but have never thought to leave a comment before. I just assumed that so many happy crafters would be sharing their opinions that one more wouldn't matter. To hear that you have been upset by some people dropping out has saddened me. Well, it's their loss, not yours. I will try to leave a comment now, as often as I can, and always something positive because if you can't say something nice, say nothing!

Terry Owen said...

As always a beautiful card Sue, thank you for sharing. As for the rest, I'm not really in a position to comment except to say I have been online and a member of various forums and groups for the best part of 15 years.

Be careful in considering a forum Sue, it can be a minefield and although they can at times offer comfort, more often than not it will end in tears and as someone has already said you are too nice a lady to have such upset

Take care and be well
Love Terry xx

CraftyJo said...

That's a beautiful card Sue, the background die looks fab.

I have to admit to not reading *all* the posts on your blog every day - I'm afraid I just do not have the time. It's not that I don't care about others but there's a lot going on in my life just now (which is why a lot of my recent comments have been really, really, short ;) ) but are there just to acknowledge that I've been here, seen and liked what you've done etc.

I have occasionally felt like an 'outsider' to the 'family' on your blog but will never let it stop me coming along - I've always been the odd-man-out anyway by not liking flowers, ribbons & bows! ;)

There was a comment some time ago suggesting that I was at the wrong place 'cos I don't care for bows etc. but I know that *you* understand how we're all different and and I can still take away other aspects of your card making and do not have to slavishly replicate your work.

The idea of a forum sounds good, they can be a big help to a lot of people but, from my experience, can also cause problems. The written word cannot have the inflections of speech and therefore is open to misinterpretation - and this happens an awful lot on public forums.

Good luck, whatever route you take :)

Jackie Calvert said...

Hi Sue. Such a pretty card. Happy Easter.
Love Jackie C XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, Lovely card (as always). Just want to say that I do pop by most days and also receive your emailed blog. Sorry, do not always have the time to comment but do enjoy my daily fix and have not left you.

Lorraine H

Unknown said...

Happy Easter Sue, and thanks for sharing it with us on C&C. Managed to catch most of the shows, and I am stunned each time by the sheer number and diversity of your cards. Fantastic.
As to your comments today, I, like many, have been touched by them. I look at your blog each day, although sometimes not till midnight. Some days I can read all the comments, sometimes a quick scan only.
I have at times put on events which may not please some people (OK ladies, the last one was male strippers!!) but I didn't force anyone to come, that was everyone's choice.
Your blog is like that. No one is forced to read all the comments, but I know that at times, that little bit of contact is necessary to get us through something in life, and it's a friendship through a shared love of craft which we have.
At times I can comment, at others, just a quick look. But I know everyone is there if I need them.
Enjoy your time with your Mum soon,
Janice W

Carole Ballsom said...

What lovely words you have written, you are a very caring, talented lady, I feel honoured to get your daily card emailed to me every day and look forward to receiving it. I love to feel part of your blog family, I have emailed photos of cards I have made to your own email address and you never fail to respond. Keep up your amazing work, life would be very dull if you didn't share what you have achieved.

Alison D said...

You call it a simple card, I call it simply beautiful. Have a Happy Easter. Keep making your lovely cards. They provide me with the inspiration I need. All the best,
Alison D

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter everyone, gorgeous card Sue. Have just ordered this die from Joanna. Hope it works with the big shot. Need to get a grand calibur when I can afford one. Love Julie x (new here)

SHARICA said...

Lovely card today ... Happy Easter .. xx

Zena Mc said...

Hi Sue, love the card today. So pretty and delicate. It would work for so many occasions.
As someone who likes to leave a comment but can't always look on the day you post. As for those that appear to fall by the wayside are just busy, or perhaps can't look the day you post so don't post. I'm sure you you haven't upset or offended anyone.

Best wishes Zena x

Anonymous said...

Another fabulous card Sue, so pretty. I wish I had even a tiny proportion of the inspiration you have! Missed your shows yesterday, so hoping to catch repeats sometime soon.


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