Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Pixie Powder Pop

Hi crafters!  I'm back playing with the Pixie Powders again.  Did you know that you can use them to dye your ribbons to match your projects too?  They work a treat for it!

The finished dimensions are 7 1/2" x  7 1/2" in size.  All for now, Sue x

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Pam said...

Gorgeous card, really lovely.
Thank you everyone for Robbies comments, he says he is just a guy and doesn't like fuss. He just gets on with it.
Lesley, so sorry to hear about your car accident and he obviously left the scene of the accident, hope they throw the book at him. I hope you are resting and recovering well, take care as delayed shock may set in.
Lynda, hope you are well on road to recovery, gentle hugs for you.
Elaine, hope Andrew is still well after treatment.
Hugs for Tina and Peter.
Sharon and June, keep up with progress, won't be long girls before you will be walking normally.
Tina hope Mick is doing well., you need to take care too.
PP hope you are getting your legal problem sorted, you can do without this added stress, you have Laine chasing you.
Tracey, how are you doing so far this week.
Hugs to all, keep warm, dry and well.

Unknown said...

GM Sue. Love this card. Fab blue. I've never tried colouring ribbon with pixie powder but I will try it. Will watch video later.

Muriel said...

Hello Sue and all
Fabulous colour of the pixie powder, looks good on the ribbon and the butterfly border is so lovely.
Muriel x

kittyedavies47@gmail.com said...

Morning Sue.
A beautiful card Thank you.
I will watch the video later.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Denise Bryant said...

Love that gorgeous color!

Jan.moogie said...

Wow Sue this looks brilliant cant wait to watch the video later. Have a great day ,hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jan on the Fosse said...

Hi Sue
My kind of card,gorgeous.My Butterfly border die has just arrived,must give it a try today.Love the blue and the ribbon .Thanks Jan x

tracy w said...

Hi Sue
Another stunning card love the colours and the dies butterfly's are my favourite cards will watch video later thank you tracyw x

Anonymous said...

Lovely card Sue.I bought a couple of pixie powders the other day, and love them.JJxx

Tina T said...

Good morning Sue and crafters all,
Beautiful card this morning. I really need to get some pixie powders to try this.
Hope all of you crafters out there are safe and warm and not flooded due to Storm Angus!!!!
Pam - hope you are feeling a lot better after your antibiotics!
June Smith - keep up the good wrk with you walking.
Well Peter has had his hospital appointment for tomorrow cancelled and is now next Tuesday!!!!! Our surgery rang saying he needs a review so that is next Monday. I guess they must have put him on a programme that keeps him in the loop at the surgery.
Love and crafty hugs to all
Tina T xxxx

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, a gorgeous card bought the pixie powders but not used him yet really must get going with them.
Nancyd xx

Dragonsnap2 said...

Love the card today. The pixie powders make for great butterflies and I didn't realise you could colour ribbon too. That said - I bought some pixie powders ages ago but haven't had time to play with them yet.
Happy crafting.
D xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, gorgeous card, the colours are fantastic.

Barbara V

Karen Drew said...

Beautiful. Love the butterfly border and such a great idea for colouring the ribbon with the pixie powders
Karen xx

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue. Lovely card, you know I'm partial to a big bow and butterflies!
Lesley, glad they caught the drunk driver, take it easy over the next few days. Hugs to all. Sue xxx

Barbara (C) said...

Great card today as I love the effect achieved with Pixie Powders. Great that you can run your colour theme right through your project - even down to the ribbon colouring.

Netty The Runner said...

Beautiful card. Love the blue colour. Need to buy some of these pixie powders, they look amazing. Watch video later.
Annette x

Pussycats said...

Good Morning sue and all. WOW sue a stunning card to wake up to this morning. I love the butterfly strip and the colours you created from the pixie powder. Looking forward to watching the video.
Hugs and well wishes all round. Wendy

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
A pretty card. I love all the butterflies. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day everyone.
Hugs all round.

Maria - Ivyleaf Crafts said...

A wonderful card Sue I love the butterfly die xx

Debra K. said...

Wonderful card! Fabulous use of the pixie powder off cuts and on the ribbon. Debra x

Janice K said...

Good morning Sue.
A fabulous design in a beautiful electric blue-gorgeous!
I look forward to watching the video when I get in from work tonight.x

hazel young said...

Gorgeous card Sue xx hazel

Steph Cotterill said...

Morning Sue. I have to say that I fell head over heels in love with today's sample during the launch of these dies, and it still grabs me each time I see it, it's absolutely gorgeous. Yes I've seen John throw all sorts at the 'left over' Pixie mix in his box during his tv shows lol. I bought 3 after seeing your glue and Pixie background but not got round to even shaking the bottle to use them let alone attempt a background, and don't know when I'll have the spare time to try either as I had the biggest most stressful shock ever (well for me that is) I've been topping up and re-stocking my all occasion market baskets for weeks plus getting through my festive orders, so I thought the weekend I'll just check to see if I need to stock up my festive basket ready for Sunday. Baring in mind from one November to the next what's left is in a big plastic storage box at the bottom of all the others in the craft wardrobe. Thinking half a dozen may do nicely to update with the few new 2016 festive dies I've got, I got the biggest kick in my tummy EVER I have 4 !!! 4 left from last year, I've hunted and searched thinking there is no way on this earth did so many go last year, then I felt sick, what on earth am I going to do ? I could cry as I sit and type this message as to take a decent amount of cards for people to look at this Sunday I need to be making at least 5 a day between now and Saturday, it's an impossible task for me to get 2 CAS cards done in a day but 5 ?!!! I can't take a half full/empty basket with me, that's just 'adult' style cards I've NO cards at all for children. I'm done, in a real mess ! What now apart from starting as soon as breakfast is done and working straight through till dinner tonight, and like most of us I can't craft sitting down, so apart from everything else it's wrecking my body - maybe I should cancel and not go this month but I won't be there in december as it's the last chance to see our little grand baby before we head off to hide from festive and new year celebrations out in the sticks. I can't begin to tell you how I ache after standing and getting through a card and a half yesterday after thawing out after getting back from an appointment that's another thing, I have to wait until I can feel my fingers before I start or I'll end up dropping sticky card on card, or layering up on the wonk cuz I can't feel my fingers to hold onto holly leaf die cuts, jeez what a mess I've got myself into here !
Well I better listen to what I say to Andy when he's got his 'worry head' on..... " worrying won't change a thing" !
On that note I'll apologise for my rant, and for boring you with something that in the great scheme of things isn't worth worrying about if you are going through hell with more important things which many of you are.
So a hug is on its way, and I will watch your tutorial but the world may have frozen over before I get the chance to relax and watch it lol.
Hope you have a good day, if only life was like a nice film, I'd write a story board of some miracle where a friend would turn up to offer a hand or some millionaire would leave a box of handmade cards on the door step lol even have a groundhog day, at least I'd have a bunch of cards already done from the two orders that have now been received lol they each have 6 cards to give out, and I'm left stressing lol.
Such is life !!! xxx

auscrafts said...

Beautiful card for today Sue

PharmacyMichele said...

Beautiful card, gorgeous colours.


JAO said...

Love this card, the dies used are great.

Marion Scott said...

Beautiful card Sue, love butterflies and pixie powders, gorgeous.
Marion S x

Karen Derbyshire said...

A nice bright card today Sue.

dmj said...

A lovely bright card, Sue, love that colour,

Doreen x

Betty McAlister said...

Hi Sue. Just love this butterfly die and it looks beautiful in the blue pixie piwders. Xx

shabbycraftcabin said...

Beautiful card! Must get the pixie powder:-) Ivy C x

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Beautiful card . love Jean Z xxxx

lilian said...

Hello Sue, love this card, being that blue is my favourite colour, will watch video later.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

Barbara Gosden said...

Hi Sue
A beautiful card, I love the butterfly on the bow.
B xx

Barbara Gosden said...

Hi Sue
A beautiful card, I love the butterfly on the bow.
B xx

BenteS said...

Beautiful card, the blue colour is fabulous :))
Thanks for a great video!

Chris Curry said...

A vibrant and pretty card Sue. Love butterflies and will be using my pixie powders today hopefully. Thank you. Xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow this is fabulous. Love butterflies and that blue is fab

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card, Sue, love that you've used the waste pieces of PP'd card and also the
powders for colouring the ribbon. All just lovely, thanks as ever for the video.
Lesley S - what an awful experience - do hope no lasting effects. Been there too some time ago and v.frightening - didn't catch driver though and vehicle wrote-off, + leg injuries and seatbelt bruising.
Laine - there should be a queue for Tina's cooking skills - but what about PP and her scabbies?! Finally had to have little Beauty PTS yesterday, just faded away. So sad.
Steph - rod and back come to mind - don't fret, just do what you can.
And finally.... Pawprintsx4 - you can happily have all our spare rain but only if you take the mud too!
Hugs to our missing friends and all who need one.

'P' in Wales

Princess Pixie! said...

Morning Sue
Oh my beloved pixie powders. Completely and utterly amazingly gorgeous. I love this card. Everything about it is perfect. The butterfly edger - a must have - on my wish list, the pixie powders - got them, beautiful bow - note to self - must try dying ribbon. Absolutely stunning Sue! Thank you so much x
I have had a look back at the cards I have missed whilst being AWOL (again) since Friday - sorry. With perspectives and shadow boxes to amaze and delight they are all fabulous. You really do spoil us Sue x
OK - so had a busy few days involving my lovely friends, many chick flicks lots of food and chocolate and much alcohol downed by said friends. They said they were on a mission to cheer me up and what was supposed to be a surprise drop in to see me early Saturday evening for a couple of hours, turned into a 'managed to eventually get rid of them at 2am Sunday'. Oh but it doesn't end there. They decided that as we had only managed to watch Dirty Dancing, Working Girl and Bridesmaids we still had Grease, Pretty Woman and My Best Friends Wedding to watch, therefore repeat performance on Sunday.
#exhausted. Spent yesterday recovering. I was knackered and really not fit for much at all but it was such good fun and I am so lucky to have the most amazing friends who are prepared to give up their weekends damaging their livers and getting out of their heads for my entertainment. Lol x
Feeling more human today but no rest for the wicked as mum and sis in laws coming over this afternoon and staying for dinner. Hence my early comment. Probably too tired later so thought best do it now x
Pam - so jealous - Garden Shadow Box - only one I haven't got. It is top of my list! Yummy - Christmas cake. The boys do not like it so I don't make one as I would eat the lot in one sitting. Robbie certainly is a remarkable young man - a true inspiration. Everyone who knows him must be so proud. I am yet to find a successful 'get rid of Laine' tactic - any suggestions? Lol x
Lynda - was thinking of you yesterday. Hope everything went well and you are feeling OK - big hugs x
Tracy - listen hun - you are doing so well. Still early days and those firsts are always so difficult. You are completely amazing with what you have been through and I think everyone who knows you will be so full of admiration. I am sure your dad would want you to enjoy Christmas however you decide to spend it and will be with you wherever you are. Lots of love x
Diane G - congratulations to your friend on her upcoming nuptials. Steve and I had such a strong and happy relationship that it was something that we always said we would consider, eventually. If I had known that in the eyes of the law the term 'common law' wife meant nothing (21 years together), I think we may have done things differently! Mind you, didn't expect to lose him so suddenly aged 49. Lessons learned. Hugs x
Still got so much to say so this will have to be a 2 parter- sorry x

Princess Pixie! said...

Sharon - your poor daughter. I hope she is feeling brighter and not in so much pain. Hope your cold bug has skidaddled. You don't need that on top of everything else. Take care and love to you and your daughter x
Nattyboots - such good news about Andrews job. Must be such a relief and a weight off his shoulders - one less thing to worry about. Hugs x
Fluffly - on the solicitor front we were actually very fortunate with the cost. He was recommended by a family member and was actually retired but still doing a little private work. His charges were very low for such a complicated situation. These large firms would have had the clothes off our back if we had used one of them. The only thing is, he is soooo long winded and I dread having to phone him but I suppose that is a small price to pay for him saving us literally thousands of pounds. For the record he isn't going to charge any more. He may have been cheap but agreed that this mistake should have been noticed at the time. Hugs x
P - moral of this tale MAKE A WILL. I sound like a broken record when I talk to people. Hugs x
Tina T - it would seem that you have the whole Wisonette family dribbling whilst reading your comments. Me included. Lol. Sending you and Peter lots of love x
June - lack of sleep makes everything else so much harder to cope with. You have my sympathy. Sleep deprivation is a recognised form of torture don't you know!! Nuff said! Hang in there. Lots of love x
Maria - how are things after the injections? Better I hope. Big hugs x
Maureen - Geordie cuddles right back at ya! I am fellow Geordie - born and bred. My mum and dad are still in the house I grew up in. Hugs x
Myra - after school club? Rather you than me! Don't like my own kids let alone having to be nice to other people's little brats. Lol. Hugs x
Sandy G - Spirograph! Omg I had one of those - loved it! You have sent me into reminiscing mode. Hugs x
Lesley S - gosh what a nightmare. You poor thing. Drunk drivers make my blood boil. So selfish. As said - could have been so much worse. Take care and rest up. Gentle hugs x
Laine - last and completely least!!! On the agenda today - look properly for my mobile. I admit I have not missed the constant texting or phone calls regarding goodness knows howmany accidents I have had or how I can become rich from all the PPI I can claim back. That said the boys are now a little miffed with my lack of desire to have my phone constantly glued to my hand! So today's mission is to locate the annoying piece of technology. I will update you forthwith. Bit of a hectic week. Mil and sil today. Bit of shindig tomorrow for one of girls birthday. At friends on Thursday. What can I say - being popular is a burden - I'll tell you about it one day! So I may be able to squeeze you in on Friday. I'll pencil you in - could get a better offer - here's hoping. Lol. Love ya really x
So sorry to have spilled on the blog! Sorry to have bored you all but you don't have to read it if you don't want to. What can I say - I like to talk!!
Cuppa and a nap then beef in red wine in the slow cooker then a lazy one until my guests arrive. All finished off with I'm a Celebrity - love it x
Sending everyone happy thoughts and lots of love, especially my blog besties who have not been mentioned.
Take care
Crafty hugs
Yvonne x

crossstitchmarg said...

Morning Sue,
Wow a stunning card today, I love the colours too.
Just love the pixie powders.
Thanks for sharing

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, lovely pretty butterfly's today. I don't seem to get the same results with pixie powder as you and John do, not sure why, but will keep trying.

Love Rosemarie X X

Anne said...

I love Pixie powders and the butterfly edger die is one of my favourites so this card is a real winner for me, Sue.

Anne ((Northampton)

nattyboots said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card i really like the colour and butterfly, will watch the video later.

Lynda, I was thinking about you , hope everything went well yesterday.

Lesley So sorry to hear of your accident , i hope you are not injured ? and glad they caught him .

June and Sharon hope things are continuing to improve .

Pam hope you are feeling tip top now ? x

Andrew has had a rough three days , yesterday the pains in his stomach started again so he was in bed most of the day , i just hope it isn't another blockage we will see how he is today before taking action.
Sending hugs to all.
Elaine H X

Diane Green said...

Hi Sue
What a gorgeous card today. I have to say the borders are a favourite and the colour of the pixie powders is just wonderful but then you add the ribbon into he mix and wow. What a treat. Thank you for sharing.
Love Diane G xxx
Sending hugs to Tina and Mick Tina and Peter Elaine and Andrew June Sharon and Tracey xxx
PP oh what a time you've had, I hope you find your phone today, try your coat pocket, that's where mine likes to hide ! Xxx

Kate's Cards said...

Lovely xxx

Yvonne H said...

Good morning Sue,
A beautiful butterfly card & wow that blue certainly pops out of your card. Yvonne xx

Croquet Queen x said...

Hi Sue,
Absolutely stunning!
Such pretty butterflies in a glorious colour!
L Dewar

Heather Treble said...

Hi Sue,
Gorgeous card, love the beautiful blue, will catch up with the video later.
Thanks for sharing,

Annie Stamps said...

Love the pixie powders Sue. They work beautifully on fabric. Gorgeous butterfly border.

Annie P

Izzy said...

Hi Sue,

Love all the butterfly details, the embosssing folder, that pretty edger and the single blinged-up one sitting on the bow!...you can't have too many butterflies can you..lol


June Horrocks said...

What a stunning card today sue the colours are beautiful and the dies imagine recieving that and if I managed to make one like it I could never part with it no way !!!!!!thank you sue love always June horrocks xxxxx

hollyberry said...

Such a beautiful card. Love the colours of those butterflies.

Yorks butterfly said...

Morning Sue, what is not to like about this card, beautiful Butterflies fabulous Pixie Powders and the fantastic Maldives Die a really stunning combination. Love the video.

Susan Battensby said...

Hi Sue
Wow, this is an absolute stunning card Sue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - it's great to be back on line with a new computer after my other one 'blew up' and after being away too it seems ages since I last read your blog. Watched John doing an amazing job demonstrating your new dies and have been busy catching up with all your stunning cards. Love the colour of today's card and am now looking forward to watching the video. Will be back tomorrow!

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue
Love this card!!...would look great in so many colour ways!! I have this butterfly border die but just haven't had a chance to use it yet!!!

Wendy L said...

Gorgeous Sue, love my Pixie Powders. xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Giorgeous card, I do love the new border dies, they are so pretty, I'm going to put them on my Christmas list.
Will watch the video later.

marg said...

Good Morning Sue!
Beautiful card. Love the blue colour and love the E/Folder too!
Off to watch the Video.
Love Marg

Unknown said...

I just love this card all the detail and the beautiful edger.Thanks for sharing Sue .

Lynne L said...

Good morning Sue this card is gorgeous I love th butterfly border & the colours of the pixie powders are fabulous The pixie powders are do effective I love using them I'll have to try dying ribbon with my too. I don't know what happened with my phone yesterday I sent a message but for some reason it hasn't appeared on the blog so sorry about that!
Stephanie I can imagine how you feel only finding 4 cards I hope you manage to complete enough to take to market!
Elaine I'm sorry to hear that Andrew is suffering I hope he'll recover soon
Lesley how awful what a dreadful shock for you to be involved in a car crash I hope you're alright Good job they caught the driver that caused it!
June & Sharon hope you are improving &hope your daughter is out of pain Sharon
Linda I hope your surgery went well
Sending hugs & get well wishes to all who need them

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, love everything about this card, from the PPs to the dies and back.

Hugs for those who need them
Have a happy day

gwen70 said...

Wow Sue, love this card, the butterfly border is on my wish list

NannaShaz said...

Morning Sue and all the Wilsonettes
Love this card it inspired me to get my 1st lot of pixie powders when John made it on Hochanda so going to make a cuppa and sit and watch the video again.
My daughter isnt doing so well so she is waiting to see the doctor again this morning I have woke up full of cold again and terrible headache, oh i wish this would go away as I really have had enough now, that's enough of me moaning sorry.
Im just going to send healing love and hugs to to everyone today as trying to remember everyone is hurting my head
Love to all on this miserable wet day

Nannieflash said...

Good Morning Sweet Sue, that is really a striking card today love the blue pp, I was using the heart border die at the weekend I have quite a struggle with mounting the edge around the hearts nearly lost my temper with it. A stunning card with the butterflies though. hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Good morning Sue

This is a very pretty card. It's good that the ribbon can compliment the card using the fabulous pixie powders!

June x

Beryl said...

Beautiful card. Love the pixie powders.

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
Wow! I love today's card I still haven't got any pixie powders yet but the more I see the more I need lol! The butterfly borders are so pretty and what a great idea having the positive and the negative dies. What is your secret when using spray glue? When I do it I get it all over my fingers and make a right mess on my card. You are a girl after my own heart I too keep the left overs ....... Just in case! But I suspect we are not on our own lol!
Hugs x
Heather T

Suemac said...

Another beautiful card

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
singing to me, this card is. And Pixie Powders rule OK (I suppose nobody says that anymore :-) )
Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue, well this card certainly does pop! the butterfly edging is beautiful, love from Jackie xx

Karen W said...

As always this is gorgeous, I love those pixie dusts, beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue
Love yur card pixie powders are wonderful just love them. I have such fun with them and wonder at the end creation each tim. I have fund they work really well be using coloured paper and toning powders.

Heather R Oxfordshire

Margaret R said...

Hi Sue die or not
A very pretty card. Haven't watched the video yet, so don't know if the Butterflies are a border die or not
Margaret xx

Bejay said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful card this morning, the butterflies are so cute. I love the effect on the ribbon and am off to watch the video in a moment to see just how you did it.
I was wondering if you could use the Pixie powders diluted in water as a colour spray, has anyone given that a try yet?
Happy crafting, everyone.
Bejay xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, Gorgeous !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Paula said...

This is a very pretty card Sue, and it's such a good idea to use the Pixie Powders on the ribbon. And of course, you've used my favourite colours! :)
Off to make the usual cup of tea so I can watch the video in comfort.
Hugs to all in need today,
Paula x

Rosemary Stickland said...

Wow, the Pixie Powders certainly do make this card "pop"!
Rosemary xx

Lynn Dalby said...

Hello Sue.

Beautiful Card. Lovely Dies, great use of your remainder of Pixie paper and pretty bow. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a gorgeous card. Lots of intricate detail and I love the butterflies. Thanks for your video.

Sue MacFall said...

What a stunning card - love the butterflies.
Will look at the video asap.
Thank you, Sue

Gloria Robey said...

Hi Sue I watched this video on u tube last night ,enjoyed watching it again today. the butterflies are so cute . Very impressed with the pixie powders you used . Gloria (Sidcup) xx

Myra said...

Hello Sue,
I love the beautiful blue in this card! The butterfly edger Die is really effective! Unfortunately the only Die I have out of all those used is the little butterfly! Ha ha! It's from the butterfly frame Die ? Hope I'm right as I haven't seen the video yet!
Thank you once again!
Today we have the calm after the storm here! It was dreadful last night but scarcely a leaf is moving today! Apart from a very stubborn beech tree most of the leaves are now down! Thank goodness!
PP - you are having a busy/ crazy/ worrying time! It's good to have friends to help though! As for Laine - I would hold on to her - she's lovely really!! I think!!
To all you ladies who are going through times of ill health or worrying about family members who are unwell I send my love and best wishes .
Lynda - hope everything went well yesterday! Hugs!
Love to all, Myra xx

Karen M said...

Hi Sue
Gorgeous card, butterflies on my wish list & must try Pixie Powders if this card is anything to go by.
Very good video
Thank you
Best wishes
Karen M

ursula said...

What a gorgeous card today Sue, I have a passion for butterflies, so this is right up my street, love the pixie powder background and the idea of colouring the seam binding, it looks so so pretty....a stunning card all round...thank you Sue....luv Ursula xx

Crewe Trish said...

Hello Sue
This is such a pretty card will watch the video later I must finish my husbands card off first. Elaine so sorry to hear Andrew is again in pain. Sharon I hope you and your daughter feel better soon.

Tracy Welham said...

So elegant! Creative Blessings, Tracy x

Jackie T said...

Hi Sue this is a stunning card. I do have the butterfly border I must use it more. Take care. Hugs Jackie

KarinsArtScrap said...

o wow those colours are fab Sue and a stunning card love it.
Gr Karin

Berina RGA said...

Beautiful card Sue!! The colors are beautiful!!

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, love this gorgeous card that I remember from the launch. Sadly the only ingredient I have to make this is the little single butterfly :( but I appreciate the inspiration and the video.

Lesley S - that must have been so scary for you, I hope you are feeling ok today. I am so glad that they caught the drunk driver.
Laine - you really should get over your obsession with Andy, you shouldn't let him interfere with your visits to the blog:-) He did do well, though, didn't he.
'P' - so very sorry that Beauty has gone, I know you will miss her.
PP Yvonne - what lovely friends you have and apart from tiring you out I am sure your two girly evenings/nights will have done you the power of good. I am glad that the additional legal work will not cost you anything, just a shame that it has to be done at all. Enjoy your supper with MIL & SIL it sounds lovely.


barbara macaskill said...

Oh my!! When I glanced at the post title I first read it as "Pixie Powder POOP" could not figure out why we were talking about that. LOL Old eyes and tired brain.
LOVE this blue beauty! The butterflies are scrumptious and the overall card is divine!!! TFS!
I am off to wash my brain out with soap for thinking poopy thoughts!

Suzzette Yandle said...

Fantastic butterfly - pixie powder creation today. Great video. Thank you. I really like playing with the pixie powders. They are so much fun and always give an unique look.

Jean said...

Just gorgeous!

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Love the pixie powders, they look gorgeous behind the butterfly edger, and thank you for the great video too

Sending hugs and warm wishes to everyone

June Smith said...

Afternoon Sue and all Wilsonettes, wow such a beautiful blue colour these pixie powders produce, a stunning card.

Sorry was not on here yesterday, it was a tough one for me, I had had a terrible night without sleep and then had to be at Physio by 8am, , he was really pleased that I was using 1 stick and said I had beat him too it because he was going to get me to try that next, he measured the angle of my knee and said the straightness had improved, not there yet but very near, the bend is more of a problem and I have to practice that more, the swell has gone down 1cm, He said he was very pleased with me and that I was doing good. But omg when I came out of there afterwards the pain was really bad, getting in and out of the car is not easy, then got home and had to go out again within 30 minutes because Colin had emergency appointment at dentist, I sat in the car but it was still very painful, so much so that I took a morphine pill when I got home, after about and hour it kicked in but I was shattered. Last night I took another one and managed to get 5 hours sleep without interruption so feel a bit better in myself today. The today had to go to Medway to get 2 brand new hearing aids which are a bit smaller and much nicer. Just got back from doing some Christmas shopping and having a much earned cup of tea. I am getting there though.

I can see I have missed a few things so will try and go through them.

Pam, Robbie is an inspiration to us all, please send him lots of hugs and say even though we have never met that we are all very proud of him. xx

Lesley, oh I do hope you are feeling OK today and there are no lasting effects for you, I am also pleased that they caught the drunk driver, they should through the book at him, useless waste of space.

Sharon, sorry to hear your daughter is still unwell, hopefully the doctor will be able to prescribe something to help her. You must take care of yourself as well, I know it is not easy especially when you have had major surgery yourself, sending lots of healing hugs to you xx

Hope all is progressing well for Elaine, Andrew, Tina, Peter, Tina, Mick, PP, Laine, Maureen, Tracey and anyone else I have forgotten.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

Unknown said...

To My Wonderful Friend Sue,
"WOW" What An Extremely Exquisite Beautiful Card And Tremendous Video,
I Love Your Video's You Explain Everything So Very Well.
I Loved How You Utilised Your Left Over Pixie Powdered Paper's, I've Still Not Purchased The Pixie Powders
As I'm Still Working On Making Christmas Cards And Gift Boxes For Christmas Gifts, I Purchased A Selection Of
Beautiful A3 Christmas Card In Various Designs To Make My Own Boxes I Love Doing This.
Today's Card On Your Blog Is Outstanding Using "The Fabulous Indian Ocean Maldives Die" Just As Beautiful As The Island's Themselves,
I Love The Superb Butterfly Dream Embossing Folder Quite Striking Indeed, Your Card Is Breathtaking.
Thank You So Very Much For The Very Beautiful Card And Tremendous Video....
Thank You For Sharing Sue, I Truly Appreciate Everything You Do...
Take Great Care My Friend Sue
Wonderful Warmest Fond Wishes To Colin And Heather
Love And Huge Hugs 🤗 To Yourself Sue
Love From Sam xxx
Hugs To "All" Wilsonettes...

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Sue,
Today's card is stunningly beautiful, those pixie powders are gorgeous.
PP yes I'm bored reading through your life, but hey George Clooney's busy so what else have I got to do? ha ha. A friend of mine whose solicitor missed something sued him, and got compensation. He told her to do it as he said he had insurance and it was his mistake - an honest fellow, or what? I hope things get sorted for you and it is good that you have such kind friends.
June Smith, it's not easy for you, especially as you are in so much pain, but it sounds as though you are slowly getting.
Lynda, I hope the op went well and that you are o.k.
Maria, I hope you are well.
Thinking of all those who are not well in mind or body, and their carers.
Maureen xx

karenlotty said...

A very pretty card

Unknown said...

Good afternoon lovely Sue and her crafty crew!

I just adore demo days,they are ovulation all, inspiring and most f all enjoyable. Today is no exception, whilst you didn't treat us to a display of pixie powdered madness with the background to the delightful Butterfly Edger, you did show us a new way of using these delicious powders by colouring and co ordinating the ribbon:-) The Edger dies are truly fabulous, very eye catching and effective, I haven't YET invested in them but cards like this are a timely reminder of my real NEED to welcome to my die family.
Another frosty day after a night of rain, ventured out on the scooter to pay our papers bill....was a bit of a shock, it was nearly 90pounds!!??! Just imagine the dies that i could have bought with all that money! Returned home to find the Sainsbury delivery van waiting...earlier than i had booked but who's complaining. I indulged in a large tin of Quality Street...for my mum of course....we were a few pounds shy of getting free delivery so i thought what the heck. I must say that everything is shrinking as i age, they used to be enormous and last our family weeks in the past but they are now a shadow of their former self, its the same with Mars bars and Snickers....goodness knows how bad its going to get after Brexit really kicks in!
Lesley, how awful for you, thankfully the irresponsible cretin was caught before he caused further damage. You must be rather shaken though, try and take it easy for a few days.
June, sorry to hear about your battle with pain, it must be really bad for you to have to resort to morphine:-( At least it helped you sleep last night though. You sound like you're coming on leaps and bounds with the rehab plan, well done you! Hugsxxx
P, i'm so, so sorry to hear of Beauty's passing, it's the hardest part of being an animal lover:-( I dread that moment but the love they give us makes it so worth the pain of loss later on. Sending you and your furry family huge hugsxxx
Frances, yes, you have identified my guilty pleasure, bordering on obsession:--) I wouldn't miss Andy, even for cardmaking, but my interest in him is purely from an appreciation of his abilities, NOT his peachy bum and bulging thighs.....
Myra, yes, i am an angel and Yvonne should be grateful for my company, she deludes herself that she has other friends but i know different:-)
Maureen, glad to see that its not just me who was bored stupid with PP's whinging, you try living with her for 9 days, torture!
Yvonne, popular!!??!, who are you trying to convince, us or yourself! You continue deluding yourself, whatever helps you get up of a morning:--) I'm afraid a chat on Frid doesn't fit with my own hectic schedule but i could have told you that by text if you could find your mobile amongst the piles of dirty knickers on your bedroom floor! Love ya really:-)
Hugs to my other bestiesxxx


Deb E Isle of Wight said...

Very pretty with the Pixie powders being new to me - looks like another thing for the wish list as I love the effect they give.

Littlelamb said...

Beautiful card Sue. Looks like another die I need. I do like anything with butterflies on. Thank you for sharing this.

Unknown said...

A strikingly beautiful card, just love it


Unknown said...

Hi sue.
Georgeous card as always. I love the butterflies and pixie powders!! Xx

Pam. I'm doing ok. This week is harder as I'm working a little longer again. I keep forgetting I've been ill and not there and trying to keep up with the team on the food fill. I've taken a step back tho as I'm struggling a bit physically and mentally although not everyone seems to understand that. But I guess until they've ever gone thru it they won't get it. I hope they never have to go through it of course.
2 more days to work then I'm off. Fri would've been dads birthday and his partner Katie died 2 years to that day. I'm sure she did it in purpose so he'd never forget her but that was the kind of woman she was she was a character!! She was quite mean to me but I'd never have wished the way she went on anyone. I now know how he felt caring for her and watching someone he loved be taken away by the horrible disease. As u can tell I'm feeling low and bitter today however tomorrow is another day so I'll send my love n hugs to everyone and wish u well xxx

Lynda. Hope ur operation went well my wee pal. I'll face time u on Friday night when ur settled xx

Janet Wilson said...

Beautiful butterfly edge

sued99 said...

Stunning card. I love the combination of bright blue and white. X

liz spooner said...

This card is gorgeous and a lovely shade of blue.xx

Sheila Barns said...

This card is so pretty such lovely colours.

Scottydog said...

Well, how can I not love this card - my favourite colour blue, with my favourite subject, butterflies. I haven't got the edger, just the butterfly frame, but it us on the list as it makes such pretty cards. I hadn't realised you could use pixies to colour the ribbon. Thank you Sue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Wow these pixie powders really do have the wow factor - lovely card.
Beverley W

Theresa said...

what a clever way of using scraps. the bow looks fab in those colours, hugs xx

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Awwww.... AMAZING card!!!Love the inked ribbon and the whole design!!! Great blue and white butterflies border!

Yorkie girl said...

Hi Sue and all your crafty crew
Well I love this wonderful card you utilise all the bits of leftover pixie coloured card and it is stunning
I must get this butterfly die it makes such a lovely card .
Hugs to all that may need one
Love Theresa G xx

Brenda said...

Hello Sue,

Gorgeous Card, I LOVE this butterfly edge, it was the first one I went for when these dies were released.
Love Brenda xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. A gorgeous card. The butterfly edger is bestiful and loving the way you have use the pixie powders on the butterflies and finishing the card with the same coloured ribbon the card off beautifully. Must get this die as well as the heart edger. Thanks for another great video.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

Wacki Macky said...

Lovely card Sue, the Pixie powders look great so I must put them on my shopping list, thank you for the card and inspiration,

Very much appreciated.

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Gorgeous card I am hoping to try some of the pixie powders soon after watching

your demonstration I think I can do this thankyou for your inspiration.

Hugs to all

Annx without an "e"

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Love the butterfly border and the Pixie Powder colour is beautiful. I have some of the powders but need to play with them as I haven't quite got to grips with them yet! Didn't realise you could colour ribbon with them either - very useful.
June, I know exactly what you're going through. I had my right knee replaced 4 years ago and it is the best thing I did. It was hard work to get the bend but just persevere with the exercises - it will be worth it believe me. My only problem is that my left knee is going downhill rapidly!
Love and hugs to all, Alison xx

Eunice said...

Love the card today Sue. I haven't played with the pixie powders yet, but will do so soon. Love the coloring of ribbon idea.

Sandy H said...

Beautiful card. I've been feeling guilty about not having had time to play with my pixie powders yet but see that I'm not alone in that.
Take care everyone.

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, this card is so lovely, my pixie powders keep calling me, but I have a random play every now and again. The edger die is on my wish list, as I think it is stunning. Great video. Bx

Maria said...

Afternoon Sue and everyone.
Yesterday's card was gorgeous but today's is even better I think,
Love the background for the butterflies. Thanks again for the
"How to" video, they are all great help.

Pam- sorry for thinking Robbie was your grandson, I know he is
your nephew, doh. The memory is not as it used to be. He is a strong
young person and I am so glad he doing all right. You sound very
busy, glad you feeling up to baking x
Maureen- thank for reminding me of the dishwasher :-) probably why
my memory is so bad after all the soapy water but at least I'm shiny.
Hope your eyes are ok x
Sharon- sending you some healing hugs and hope you feeling better soon x
Lesley- what a horrible experience , please take care,hope you are all right x
Elaine- hope the pain for Andrew have eased off and he feeling better soon.
I hope your problems too are getting better, take care.
Tracy- no one knows and can understand if not gone through what you
have these last few years, I sending you a big hug and hoping you
feeling better soon and can enjoy being back to work etc. take care x
Sending my normal hugs to Tina and Peter, Tina and Mick and hoping
everything goes ok and that doctors and nurses are looking after you all x
Yvone- you sound like you had a good time and round two coming up this weekend !
You take care and have a rest when you can. Good the old man can help you
and not ripping you off. Hope the boys are happier together x
Laine- I'm fine. Better days and bad days it's what I have to learn to
live with I been told but with Fibromyalgia it can be difficult some days.
The Steroid injection has done wonders with the knee and hope to get one
in my shoulder/s. Have got appointment in beginning of January. Speak to
you on facebook soon if that's ok ? take care x

Sending warm hugs to all Wilsonette's and to all my good friends, take
care if going out. The leaves can be very slippery under your feet,
Maria x

Dawn Holben said...

Absolutely gorgeous, i have just bought some pixie powders and have
promised my self some play time now my christmas cards are done.

Dorothy of Baldock, GB said...

Good evening Sue,

Beautiful card, I love the butterfly border.

Also love the colour combination.

Love and hugs
Dorothy of Baldock xx