Saturday, 7 December 2013

Best Wishes

 Hello my crafty friends!  I was of two minds as to whether to post this one or not.  You see, the background was a little bit of an experiment which didn't quite turn out like I had wanted it to, but it wasn't enough of a disaster to earn a place in the bin either!  I will explain.  I have been in this layering mode lately just to see what different products look like when applied in layers.  The background was first stamped with our flake and glitter glue then I used the Fire red polished silk glitter to pick up the stamp design (Dotted Fronds by Justrite stamps).  I then covered it with a piece of sticky adhesive sheet and micro beaded over the top.  Not a disaster, but you can't really get the bling from the glitter coming through as I had hoped either.  I decided in the end to post it as it isn't too bad and I thought you might like to see the results of my experiment (might save you from wasting your time!).
I stamped a piece of white card using one of the Vintage Lace Labels Three stamps by Justrite and heat embossed with white powder  for a tonal look.  The bottom part of the background was created by stamping the same stamp using a clear Perfect Medium for a watermark look.  I used the Scallop borders two to cut a white decorative border and then I matted it with  a solid piece of cranberry coloured card.  I used the satin edged ribbon in cranberry to tie a double bow and added it to the side of the card with a pearl embellishment in the centre.  I tried it without the bow, but it just looked too empty plus I just love this ribbon!  I stamped the frame for my sentiment and embossed it in white and cut it out.  I used  Plum archival ink to highlight the embossing which resisted the ink.  I stamped my sentiment and cut it out with Vintage Labels Four and inked it as well.  I added a Fancy tags two die by cutting it down the centre horizontally and adding it to the top and bottom edge of my sentiment, taping it in place from the back.  I finished my card with a double white pierced mat and some pearl stick pins in my bow.  Finished dimensions are 7" x 8 1/4" in size.

Now for the winner of the Wednesday Card Giveaway.  The winner is:


Email me at to confirm your address and claim your card.  All for now. Sue X


Pam said...

Experient or not it is still a beautiful card. I love it.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, so glad you didn't bin it, I love the look of the glitter/micro beads subtle but effective. A great card. Lol lynne m & fur babies x x x

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. Gorgeous card, I love the rich burgandy colour! I am so pleased that you decided to show it. I think it looks a bit more sparkly in the pics than if it had been just microbeaded, but I may be imagining that:) Anyway a wonderful card. Congrats to nattyboots. Have a good weekend. Take care.

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, Really pleased you did not bin this one. I think it is lovely. The backgroung looks quite rich to me and the overall effect is great. If we don't experiment we might never find that different finish we want. I would be over the moon to receive a card like this one.

Love Rosemarie xx

JAO said...

Thanks for the tip about the glitter, would have been great if it worked. The card still looks good.

tracy w said...

Hi sue
Aim glad you did not bin this one it's stunning love the colours you have used thank you Tracy w x

Wacki Macky said...

I love this card today Sue, the bow set is off beautifully. Great combination of colour, texture, shapes and composition.

Craftihappiness to you all, love from Pearl

Unknown said...

Like the overall look on this Sue, definitely worth experimenting.

Anonymous said...

GM Sue - I wish my 'disasters' turned out this good! love it.
Clare W

kitty davies said...

Mornong Sue
This card is just as lovely as all the others. We learn by playing thank you take care. congrats to the card winner Kitty

Anonymous said...

Oh well, our 'wish letters' under our pillows Wednesday night didn't work ladies - but CONGRATULATIONS Nattyboots xx (to those of you that didn't post after we'd all seen the Wednesday give away read back to Wednesday) we were a bunch of pleading, polishing, ferry ticket booking, wish letter'ing mad women) !!
But someone has to be the lucky one - our turn will come ladies !

Morning sad, miserable, down in the mouth Wilsonettes, what a sober Saturday we will have (feeling guilty yet Mrs Natty ay, are ya)? It wasn't one of the nicest anyway, hang on one mo while I wipe the tear away, wasn't as if we would sit and stroke it all day and find the most wonderful home for it, who wants a W.O.W anyway - ME !!!! : )

Morning Sue, morning Nattyboots, really thrilled for you, Im just playing up, enjoy the fab W.O.W when it arrives and have a wonderful Saturday my friend and fellow Wilsonette.
Think you've lost the plot Sue, my phone screen shows up the background a treat, I can see the twinkle coming through (put ya specks on Sue) there ya go, can you see it now ? Its beautiful as ever. My very first time I used micro beads was disapointing, I used it on plain dark green card and the effect made the card look even darker, as I'd not used them before, I just thought it would make anything look a little bit lighter, how wrong, it was yak so it did end up filed under B : ( what a waste of beads, not a big lover of dark green anyway (never chose the green sweets from the pack either) yak.

Anyway, in my opinion for what its worth, I think the effect stands out beautifully and no mistake there, and certainly glad you didn't file under B !!!
A little word of friendly advise though Sue, until you become a little more proficiant and confident with card making, any new idea's you want to play with, try experimenting on small pieces of card first so if it goes wrong, or you dont like it, then you've not waisted too much of the ingrediants : ) hope this has helped. Heehee.

Love, hugs, and Saturday smiles to Sue and all Wilsonettes - except Natty xxx

Anonymous said...

Oops Lancashire Steph wrote above post (must be the tears in my eyes)

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue,
You maybe thought it was not that good, certainly glad you did not "bin" it.
You have created a stunning card with your rescued piece
Love the colours you have used
Have a wonderful weekend

Patricia xxxx

Annie said...

Morning Sue. I cannot imagine any card you make being put in the bin! This is a lovely card, gorgeous colours. Happy weekend!

alimecca said...

Hi Sue
I would have been so pleased if I'd made a card like this - it is lovely. I'm so glad that you didn't bin it! I think the overall effect is subtle and not as "in your face" as the glitter might have been - but that's just my opinion. Have a great weekend.

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone
Super card whether intended or not. Beautiful design and colours.
Congrats to Elaine (Nattyboots)
Ang x

Jean Z said...

Looks good to me Sue I love the colours and the border die is so beautiful too good to bin love Jean Z xx

carol edwards said...

Hi Sue The colour combination is truly lovely, so rich and opulent, and everything blends wonderfully. Not sure if the glitter is not giving a bit of a sheen underneath to add more texture. Not a mistake a happy accident . Have a great weekend and congrats to Natty. X

Unknown said...

Morning Sue what a grest card. Im so pleased that you didnt bin it. Reslly like the bsckground and the colours. Take care Sue xx

Debs A

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
I am so glad you did not throw today's card in the bin it's beautiful. I agree the ribbon is so pretty. Congratulations nattyboots
Hugs x
Heather T

Jan.moogie said...

Lovely card Sue, I think the colours are more striking because you used the glitter.xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue what a stunning card and so rich in colour. Hope you have a lovely weekend and cannot wait for next weekend when you are on CC. Take Care Love me xxx

Fieldsend said...

Morning Sue, experiment are the best. Lovely rich card n love it. Congratulations to Wednesdays winner. Have a great weekend.

Love June

Micky French said...

I really love this card, The background is different I will be trying that on out xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Well, Sue, it looks gorgeous anyway, the microbeads do give a muted effect and even if it's not the result you expected, it looks great.
Nothing not to like - especially the bow!!

'P' in Wales

Ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue
Today's card is beautiful in toned down burgundy colours.
It may have been an experiment to you and not a too successful one but it gives my confidence as a crafter a boost to know that someone of your experience and who is so inspirational still has cards which 'don't turn out quite right'.
I was always taught that nothing you do is a waste of time and today's card just proves that.
Have a good week-end.
Janet x

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
Well, it certainly is NOT a candidate for the bin, in fact it's a lovely card. It's just a shame that the microbeads mute the intended effect of the polished silk glitter.
But colours, design and BOW are beautiful. As are the stamp (love that one) and the border (which I've now got - YIPPEEEEEE).
Hugs, Rose

Janice K said...

Good morning Sue, thank you for posting this card despite your reservations with it. I love the design and colour. x

Rachel Taylor said...

I think the colour of this is gorgeous and very festive . Love it !
Crafty hugs Rachel x

Jackie T said...

Good morning Sue today's card is beautiful I'm glad you didn't throw it away it is good to experiment. Have a great weekend. You must be travelling back soon. Love Jackie

Unknown said...

Good morning Sue - I wondered how you could possibly think this is one for the bin as your 'mistakes' still look stunning. I must go and practice with the bracket borders. Love the card. Helen xx

sonja_w said...

It's beautiful, the rich colour makes a real statement and I love the background. Must put microbeads on my list for new things to try in 2014 Have a fab weekend x

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Rich opulent card love the red theme gorgeous.

Enjoy your weekend.

Hugs Annx without an "e"

englishrose897 said...

Morning Sue,glad you didn't bin this card as I think it's stunning. Love the rich colour of the burgundy. Wish my mistakes can out as good as yours. Have a great weekend. Sally x

lydia jordan said...

Hi Sue,
Glad you didn't bin it, it's gorgeous. Wish my experiments turned out as good as yours mine do end in the bin. Beautiful card love the rich colours, the only thing for me is the big bow you know I'm not a fan. Congrats to Nattyboots.
Have a good day.

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
This is still a beautiful card -we all have to experiment and if mine turns out like your I would be happy
Enjoy your weekend
Carol x

magpie said...

Ooooo Sue sooooo glad you didn't bin this one! Many a, what we think is a "disaster", turns out (with persevering!), to be a "not too bad a card or even a masterpiece!" at the end of it! It's gorgeous! The colour is stunning, a right "regal" richness to it! Beautiful Sue, just beautiful. I wish my leave it or bin it card would turn out like this one! Lol! Congratulations Nattyboots! Wonderful! Take care Sue xx Love Karen x

Cameeli said...

Good morning Sue, and all of the crafty crew,
WOW!! It looks perfect to me and I would be chuffed to bits to have it drop through my letter box. All my cards start off as experiment. Difference is on my work its obvious, guess we are always too critical of our own work.
Anyone off to see Andre Rieu tonight will not be disappointed, he had a couple of little experiments at his concert Last night at the Wembley Arena.
Have a magical weekend super Saturday.
Cameeli from Richmond xxx

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
This card is lovely and far too good to go in the bin.
Happy crafting
Love Tina x

Jane said...

I don't believe you have disasters Sue, your to hard on yourself the cards beautiful.

Jane xx

gwen70 said...

Glad you didn't bin it Sue, beautiful card love the colours

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Far to beautiful to put in the bin!! Love the background, the colours and the bow
Best wishes, Pat

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, This card is gorgeous !! I love the cranberry colour and the ribbon is gorgeous. The background is stunning. So glad you showed it.
Congratulations to the lucky Winner.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sue. For an experiment it has turned out beautifully. So love the edging die, it's my latest purchase.
Love Val x

marg said...

Good Morning Sue!
I love the cranberry colours and the ribbon is beautiful...I don't think I could have thrown that card in the bin either Sue!
I sometimes wish I could emboss (GC)stamps, but I still can't work out how! without crushing them of course!
Well done to Nattyboots!

Sue from Wiltshire said...

This is stunning and certainly not a candidate for the bin. I think it would make a beautiful Ruby wedding anniversary card.

Margaret corgi owner said...

Good morning Sue
Oh how I wish my near disasters were half as good as this!
Such a rich and luxurious looking card beautiful.
Margaret corgi owner

loftylass said...

Morning Sue.... still looks good to me..... love that stamp.

karenlotty said...

I love the subtleness ur mistake has created Practically all of my cards are "happy accidents"! Congrats Nattyboots

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, if you think this was a disaster, you should see some of mine. This is too lovely to bin it, so glad you didn't. Love the colours. Bx

Gail said...

Good morning Sue,
I would not have called it a disaster, I thought it has come out rather well. Soo glad it didn't hit the bin.
Gail C x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Simply stunning card colours are perfect

Pinky said...

I think you're being very hard on yourself I really like it and ditto BridgetCG!!! Vicki x

Craftysusan said...

Hi Sue. Nice to know the professionals aren't always happy with their creations either but I would have been more than happy to have made this card - it is lovely. Have a great weekend. xx

Debbie Tinks said...

Sue this card is lovely love the colours together.
Have a nice weekend .X

Sheila - Ginger said...

Morning Sue,
We're always our worse critics of our own work but if I had made a card like this I would have been thrilled to bits!! It's stunning and the colour is just so rich and beautiful.

Love Sheila xx

hazel young said...

Gorgeous card and wonderful warm colours xx hazel

beachie said...

Hi Sue
Too good to be binned. Its a beautiful card. The burgundy is super.
Audrey x

Nananne said...

I think this card is Gorgeous ! So rich and opulent and I love the stamping and the colour it's just beautiful .

nancyd said...

Mornng Sue, a fabulous card lovely
rich colours only you would be dissapointed in end result but anyone else would be delighted.
Nancyd xx

Clare Powell said...

Lovely card, I really like the background.

Clare x

Shirley T. said...

Hi Sue,

Such a pretty card. Wish my experiments that didn't work looked like this.

Congrats to the winner.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Now Sue, please if you feel this way about a card in future, I have a lovely "bin" you can put any of your cards in! Gorgeous as always x

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, lovely card, I'm glad you did not bin it. Everyone has got to experiment some work and some don't, especially mine. Take care, Jess xx

Tres said...

Hi Sue. Well I think this card is just beautiful !! I really love the colours you have used. That background stamp looks lovely and it does not look at all like a mistake to me. I love the red polish glitter. In fact I love all the polish silk glitters and have some on my Christmas wish list !! I love how you have cut a fancy tags two die in half and put it on the ends of the vintage labels four die. That is so clever !! The border die looks great to. Especialy layered with the cranberry cardstock underneath. It looks very pretty. Of course it would not be complete without your beautiful bow to finish the card perfectly !!
Congrats to today's card winner.
Take care Sue. Have a lovely day everyone. Lots of love Tres x x x

Brenda said...

Good morning Sue,
I looked at the photographs before I read your description for this card and my thoughts were how well it all blends together so beautifully, I understand what you were trying to achieve, but from where I see it the end result is just stunning - thank you for sharing this card with us.
Love Brenda xxx

SusanLotus said...

Very elegant! And beautiful colourcombination.

Hellma said...

I really like this card, love the background.

Unknown said...

Hiya sue. Really like this card lol. I bought that glitter a while ago and wasn't that impressed with it. I did buy a few but the red was the first I tried an cause I didn't like it I've not bothered to try the rest. I might dig them out at some point tho an try again!
Love Tracy from killie xx

Donna Jones said...

Hi Sue,
I love the background, the micro beads have muted the glitter just enough (for my taste anyway). Loving the cranberry card too.
Donna Jones

nannapat said...

How could you possibly bin a 'Sue' card? This one is lovely and what a gorgeous colour you've used. Have a fab weekend. Pat x

Maryann Laursen said...

This is sooo gorgeous Sue and the color is absolutely gorgeous. I just LOVE this one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, It's a crafters urge to experiment and although you were disappointed in the result, others (me included) would be really pleased with this card format. The colour combo, and the borders die result in a stunning card. So thanks for this design idea Sue.
ValC xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I too am glad you didn't bin this card. The colours are fabulous even though they didn't come out as expected. I sometimes think because something didn't turn out how we thought it would that it is wrong because we can't really appreciate what we have actually got. Always best to put it to one side and come back to it later rather than file it under 'b' straight away.
Beverley W

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
Next time youre thinking of binning something, will you send it to me instead!!! This card is STUNNING. You can definitely see the glitter even though a little subdued. I love it. Gorgeous colour too. Thank you for sharing. Congrats winner.

Joan Hill said...

Hiyah Sue,
Love the colours on this card. Gorgeous, thank you x

Glenharon said...

Good morning Sue,
We are going to have to wean you off the micro beads, although what they have done is give the stamped glittery part a distressed look around the edges of the fronds. The micro beads have also made the glitter turn a soften shade of the ink that you used for the sentiment. So is everything, you have a different look from what you were aiming for and just think that is how trends start, by someone creating something new and interesting but not quite what they were expecting.
I love the shade of red that you have used as it is so rich looking and the satin edged organza is so pretty. I don't think i ever get tired looking at cards made with these beautiful borders.
Another winner Sue, even though it is different from what you were looking for and when the new trend takes hold you can say "I started that".
Have a great day everyone and see you tomorrow,
Love and crafty hugs

Disco Queen said...

Gorgeous card Sue! It's a shame that you didn't get the effect that you were after, but it still is a winner.

Leats said...

If all of my disasters turned out like that I'd be a happy bunny.

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, it is a beautiful card. Rich and elegant and maybe not what you had in mind when you started but still very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You know you can do no wrong Sue. TRY to do it wrong we'll still love all your cards. Mabex

nattyboots said...

Hi Sue

Hey i love this Experiment card ,so pleased you have shared it and not binned it .
Beautiful background and color used .

Im delighted to have won your card Sue it will have pride of place for a few weeks then i will frame it ,can i ask you to sign it for me please ? Whoop Whoop i am so so luck . Thank you
Elaine H X

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

Very nice, glad it did'nt go in the bin.Best Wishes

Julie Bee

Jacquie Jacobs said...

Hi Sue,

Don't know what on earth you are talking about, I would be very proud to have made this card,its gorgeous lol! So love the deep rich Red, I have this background stamp and I love it.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Maggie said...

Hello Sue. How could you ever think of binning this lovely card. Experimentation is necessary for true art - I think! Keep it up. xx Maggie (better with a bow)

Lacelady said...

I certainly wouldn't call it a disaster, especially if you hadn't said. I agree that not a lot of the gilding shows, so perhaps you should have stopped before you did the micro beading. I love the colour scheme and everything else, so I'm glad you showed it to us.

hollyberry said...

Glad you didn't bin it.It may not be quite what you were looking for but it is still such a beautiful card it would have been such a waste.

Jill Liddle said...

This colour combo is lovely. So rich and decident. Love it.

Meg Owen said...

Wish my attempts that don't turn out right looked as good as this Sue.
So glad you posted it.

Margaret O

Howdy said...

I agree that it needed glitter or micro beads but both didn't really do it justice. That said, I would still be delighted to receive such a lovely card.

nzillingworth said...


Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
so glad you didn't bin this card as it is so lovely. Love the stamp and the burgundy card. wish my experiments turned out as nice as yours. Have a great weekend. Congratulations to nattyboots.

Gail said...

Wish my disastrous cards looked like this xx I personally think its fab xx GailT xx

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue, this card may not have turned out as you thought it would, but it is still a very striking card that anyone would love to receive!!! Hugs Sam xxx

Myra said...

Hi Sue,
I really like today's card. I am not very keen on coloured glitters as I think they can take over the card. However because of the micro beading this red was toned down and became much mure subtle. Very clever! All these opinions make life interesting! After all if we all had the same favourite card/ technique you wouldn't need to do a daily blog ! Then what would we do!!!
Thanks again,
Have a good weekend everyone!
Love, Myra

yorkielass said...

Hello Sue, So glad that you did mot bin this card it is so rich and opulent, wish my accidents looked as good as this. You are too hard on yourself.
Congratulations to nattyboots, you lucky girl.
Have a great day everyone.
Hugs June xxx

Laura O said...

very very nice Sue ,love the cranberry colour.Laura O

Julsb said...

I'm with Gail on this one I wish my disasterous cards looked like this its gorgeous. Really like it and love the effect of the micro beads. JB xxxx

Anonymous said...

Belinda Raven said....

Hi Sue, I like this card - love the colour - so glad you put it on your blog. I found Lancashire Steph's comments above hilarious - you are doing a great community service with all your hard work in producing this blog, thank you!

Hugs, Belinda. X

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue, I'm so glad you decided to shared this card. I love it !! It has a richness with out being over done !!

Julies Crafty Creations said...

I'm glad it didn't end up in the bin, its another stunning card Sue and I am so glad you shared it with us
Hugs Julie x

Unknown said...

Hi Sue glad you decided to keep this. It may not be what you expected but it still works. Lovely card
Hugs n stuff
Carol B

Joanne K said...

Hi Sue, a very pretty card. I understand what you mean about the background loosing its sparkle but none the less its very pretty. Kind regards Joanne K x

Lynda's craft's said...

Hi Sue soooo glad you never sent this gorgeous card to bin, the background is just lovely I love the deep red card with the border cut out love it all .i wish my disaster's were as good. Looking forward to seeing you on c & c next week
Hugs Lynda Brock xx
Congratulation to Wilsonett Nattyboots you lucky lady.
Lancaster Steph I love reading your post, every day you make me smile xx

Karen G Ratcliffe said...

Morning Sue
I've been away helping my daughter with my new grandson, who is wonderful, and have really missed seeing your new creations with my morning cup of coffee. Your Christmas card today is stunning! Maybe the background didn't come out as you wished but it is still stunning. Enjoyed all the detail on the card. I especially liked the bow too and the extra with the hat pins. Congratulations to the lucky card winner.
Now I get to go back and catch up on the daily cards I missed. Extra coffee this morning!
Hugs, Karen

Beryl said...

Hi Sue. Really pleased you kept this one. I love it!

3362 Jan said...

Hi Sue. Oh if only my mistakes looked like this!! It is elegant and gorgeous. Those colours a so good together, love the whole card. Have a great week end. Hugs. Jan.xx

Unknown said...

Hello Sue

Gorgeous card - the burgundy makes it look so rich and expensive. Thank goodness you didn't bin this one.


Unknown said...

Hi Sue, I'd be so chuffed if I had made a card like this, certainly wouldn't go in the bin. Love the colouring and the richness of the card. Love from Jackie D

camelot67 said...

Good evening Sue

A little late in the day for me but had to write and say that I just adore this card. The colour is beautiful, so rich looking. Thank you for sharing this and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
Margaret A.

Ita said...

Hi Sue fantastic card ,love the rich colour,and the bow is. Stunning

Ita said...

P.S. congrats natty boots

sued99 said...

Looks good to me.

TOB said...

Wow I wouldn't mind an experiment turning out like that. It's beautiful. If no one wants this one I will, in fact I would love any card you have made Sue they are all gorgeous. I don't think anyone would have noticed that the technique you used didn't work if you hadn't told us, and I still love the outcome anyway. Have a good weekend. hugs x

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Sue, I think I am with the majority and like the card, the rich plum is beautiful and I do think the micro beads look more sparkly than usual.
X Ros

Ann said...

Awesome card, Sue. Merry Christmas!!!

Ali B said...

Hi Sue,
Lovely luxurary card. Love the rich red colours.
Alison B. x

Sandybee said...

A beautiful rich looking card Sue, love the colours

Xx Sandra

Crafty Nanna said...

Stunning card Sue, definitely a great background to my mind although I understand that you wanted the glitter to show more.

Tina said...

Hi Sue

Such a beautiful experiment, I really like the effect with the glitter and beads and the bow is just stunning. All I can say is I wish my experiments turned out so beautifully.

Kind regards :-)

Tina X

Congrats Nattyboots

hazel said...

Hi Sue
I am glad you posted this card it is beautiful Sue, an experiment well worth doing and it come out beautifully. I have had a disaster today my Grand Calibur handle broke just where the white handle is it came clean off. My machine is almost 2 years old so cant complain will just have to wait until after Christmas to buy another one
Have a lovely weekend Sue
Take care
Hazel G x

Jackie Meechan said...

Gorgeous card as usual Sue. Love the colours so vibrant.

So glad you didn't bin it and shared with us.


Anonymous said...

Sue - whatever you do turns out amazing! The card is beautiful and I really like the cranberry colour - so topical. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

aggieosborne1104 said...

Hi Sue,
As always, you give us so much inspiration and us, your every card is always at its best!!! I do hope you and your family are in the best of health!
Lots of love, Aggie xxx

aggieosborne1104 said...

Hi Sue,
As always, you give us so much inspiration and us, your every card is always at its best!!! I do hope you and your family are in the best of health!
Lots of love, Aggie xxx

fame01 said...

Hi Sue
hope you are well , I like this card very rich looking didn't warrant going in the bin!!! stunning .. hugs sarah xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I love this card, stunning colours

CraftyJo said...

Very pretty and how kind of you to experiment so we don't have to ;)

Yorkie girl said...

Hi Sue
What a wonderful card today's card is
So glad you posted it I love it
And the Sue Bow.
Aww Sue Bow you not the singer lol Love your bows
Take care
Theresa x

Yorkie girl said...

Hi Sue
What a wonderful card today's card is
So glad you posted it I love it
And the Sue Bow.
Aww Sue Bow you not the singer lol Love your bows
Take care
Theresa x

Sam Smithard said...

Hi Sue,
Well I can't believe you even contemplating this Card for the Bin, none of your Cards should ever be considered for the Bin! now mine, well that's a different story!
It's a really Beautiful Card with lots of textures on it,
I so love the Colour you have chosen, I love your Embossed Background and those Fabulous Scalloped Borders Two they are delightful. I so Love the Tone on Tone look using the same Stamp as you have used for top half of your, a Truly Stunning Card, talking of "Glitter" Well today I've been in my room doing Heat Embossing which with the support of Sue I've got over making mistakes, well I stamped my stamp well with my Perfect medium and with Heat Gun at the ready I reached for my Gold "Oh No Glitter" instead of Embossing with my Old Powder! that's when it needs the Bin love and hugs from Sam x

Unknown said...

It might not have come out how you expected but I really like it.Lovely card.
Helen Bx

Carole Z said...

Hi Sue, I think this card is beautiful! I love everything about it! Carole Z xx

janet said...

Nice card- could easily be adapted for a special Christmas card too. Still trying to do a messy bow right!! My tails NEVER face the same way -any ideas please?
Janet (from Kent)

sharon said...

Good evening Sue
I think the backround is a real success - I like the 'shadow' effect it gives. The red is lovely, really distinctive and the lacey border is so elegant.
Hugs Sharon Kirkwood x

Barbara said...

Lovely card even if it didn't turn out as expected!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, that is definitely not a bin card it's gorgeous , love the red you've used in the card stock and that beautiful bow , the glitter with the micro beads are just lovely . Thanks for sharing and not bin-ing !!!
Jean D

Sonia Jones said...

Good card really live the colours. Hugs Sonia x

Carol S. said...

Well I think as an experiment it worked quite well. It's a lovely card and love the colours. Happy Sunday. Hugs, Carol S.xx

Cazzie D said...

This has an unusual feel about it. For me it conjures up the image of a burlesque house. I think it is the colours and the pattern background that take me on that path. Weird I know!

Sandy H said...

Lovely card. I wish my 'masterpieces' turned out as well as your 'mistakes'!

Unknown said...

Sue I love the colour of thus card. I think that despite Utah not doing what you wanted it too it is still a beautiful card and I would be very happy to receive it. Xx

Unknown said...

Sue I love the colour of thus card. I think that despite Utah not doing what you wanted it too it is still a beautiful card and I would be very happy to receive it. Xx

baconbits said...

Morning Sue
It might not have been what you intended but I am so glad that I did not go in the bin, it is lovely.
Amanda x

lorraine (classylady) said...

Hi Sue I think it is a beautiful card, love the layers and textures.
Hope you and Mum are well.

Lorraine - Scotland

cmu said...

Looks good to me - love the colours. xx

Vie Carter said...

Great card, too good for the bin for sure

I have yet to buy these border dies, but they are on my wish list as I love how you use them


Unknown said...

A beautiful card Sue & just love that cranberry ribbon.
I have these border dies, so must make more use of them.
Another card to have a go at making.
Sheila x

Unknown said...

I love that background, I'm really into small repeat patterns right now.
Gorgeous all round card today Sue.

Diane from Glasgow xx