Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Split Die Cut Card

Hi crafters!  Today's video will show you how to make greater use out of your dies.  Think of them as halves and quarters that can be cut and used as borders or even corners.  You will find that you get really good value for them that way!

The finished dimensions are 7 3/4" x  8" in size.  All for now, Sue x

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Pam said...

Stunning card Sue, lovely. Great tip about cutting your dies for borders, looks really good.
Rosemary, how sad that you won't be able to make the Strictly show after all your excitement about going. However you don't want to make yourself Ill and all of those flashing lights and sequins would certainly have had that effect. I bet you would have looked so glamorous too.
Elaine it did my heart good to read that Andrew enjoyed his breakfast, he certainly deserved his treat. Keeping my fingers crossed for Johns hospital visit.
I'm grandpuppy sitting for a couple of hours today so that Kelly can take the boys for haircuts ready to go back to school tomorrow. He starts his puppy training tonight too, think Kelly and Bryan need the training more than Dave, although he is full of curiosity and mischief .
Thank you June and Maureen, I am getting stronger every day. Meds all finished from hospital and stating to eat a little more.
Daily hugs to all, thinking of all our poorly and missing friends, miss you all.

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue. Beautiful card, I need reminding to look at my dies in different ways, rather than just cutting them out and using the whole.
I'll echo Pam's comments this morning. Hugs to all. Sue xxx

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, what a gorgeous and classy card, love the embossing folder, and a great way to work differently with your dies. Fab video as always. Have a great day all. Bx

Jan on the Fosse said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card.Thanks for reminding us to look how we can use our dies differently.A Christmas card making day for me today with my friend.So looking forward to it.
Jan x

Princess Pixie! said...

Morning Sue
This is such a pretty card and once again a brilliant example of just how versatile your dies are x
I cannot tell you how glad I am to be back on the Bestest Blog in the whole wide world. Feels like I have been away for an absolute age! I will not bore you with the details as to why I have not been able to visit but I think a corner has been turned and fingers crossed I am back on track x
My excitement levels are reaching new highs as we approach the imminent launch. What an amazing selection of dies! You are sooooo unbelievably clever and talented Sue x
I am going to spend some time trying to catch up on everyone's news over the next few days. Almost feel like a stranger as I am so out of the loop x
Sending happy thoughts and lots of love to everyone especially my blog besties x
Take care
Crafty hugs
Yvonne x

Patricia Youdell said...

Morning Sue
Very pretty card, and great video. This is a technique I will certainly use
Pat x

Jacqui oakes-alcock said...

Great card Sue.

Kitty Davies said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you a lovely card and great video.
Take care and have fun Kitty.
Pam take care, Princess Pixie welcome back.

Muriel Kelly said...

Hello Sue and all
Fabulous video, again such a complicated looking card made to look easy step by step and the pink and silver look beautiful together. Can't wait to have a day of unspoiled card making - one of life's luxuries.
Enjoy your day Jan and yes Myra, it was a lovely sunny day today so the ironing is now waiting.
Muriel x

Donita Naylor said...

Dear Sue and Video Enjoyers,

Thank you, Sue, for showing us how to put our dies through their paces.

Pam, you lucky ducky, getting to watch the puppy today. Maybe you can take a nap together. The world doesn't tell us this, but dog obedience school is for the humans. It really helps, too.

Haven't made a dent in my dishes, but I may have stumbled upon a Christmas card that delivers big wow with only a few steps, i.e., the die does all the work.

Happy Tuesday, Wilsonettes. Find a minute to experience wonder. Or to appreciate the sky.


Jan Sayer said...

It's all about thinking out of the box, What a lovely card.

Marion Scott said...

Great card and video Sue
Marion S x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, very pretty card and brilliant use of the dies.

Barbara V

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
A very pretty card and great video! I love how you cut into your die shapes and make a completely different die!
Hugs x
Heather T

PharmacyMichele said...

Lovely card, so pretty & a great colour combination.


Stephanie Cotterill said...

Morning Sue. I started following you knowing nothing about dies, embossing folders, or even CE's own brand of cardstock, a few year's down the crafting road you've shown me how, I don't always 'take it in' and not being able to afford all the dies i'd like, I work with those I do have, I may not be anywhere near the standard of a lot of followers but I give it a whirl lol.
It's samples like this that make you see your dies in a different light and realise just how wonderfully versatile and useable they are, you give us that something that brands out of the CE umbrella don't or won't ever give us. So thank you for a beautiful Tuesday video and sample, without all these wonderful tools a lot of us would still be in kit/decoupage world ! Although they go down ok at market in my 'Sale' everything a £1.00 basket ☺
I will finish by sending you love and hugs and a day full of happiness and laughter xxx

Netty The Runner said...

Fabulous Card Sue, watch video later.
Annette x

June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, oh my gosh, certainly going to be watching the video later, would never have thought of circles being made into borders, but when you think about it then it is logical isn't it. Your such a star.

Pam I reiterate all you have said above, enjoy your grandpuppy sitting, and no spoiling him, ha ha, I bet you do. Also pleased that you are eating a little better, been worried about you.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

hazel young said...

Lovely card Sue x xhazel

Barbara Gosden said...

Hi Sue
A beautiful card. Thanks for the reminder to think a bit outside the box with our die shapes, I'll watch the video later.
B xx

Catherine Lyons said...

Morning Sue a really lovely card today very pretty and a great video.
Catherine V94 xx

Janice K said...

Good morning Sue,
Thank you for another great video tutorial, the card is beautiful and such a wonderful way of getting even more uses out of just one die; I can't wait to try this myself. X

Ann said...

Good Morning Sue. Lace, lace, lace. My favourite pastime I just love anything lacy and this card says it all to me. Really will have to watch this video later to see how it's done. Thankyou Sue. Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds

Anne said...

We are so lucky to have you to remind us on how to use our dies in different ways, Sue. Some clever ideas here.

Anne (Northampton)

hollyberry said...

Gorgeous card. Love the pretty colours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - anything lacy is great for me. Just love how you find so many ways to use your dies and show us what can be done. Will be watching your video later today. Sending best wishes

Clare W said...

GM Sue. Fab card. Love it.

Suemac said...

Stunning card.

Scottydog said...

Where do you get your inspiration from Sue? Such a good idea, I must look at my dies & see if I can do something like this! Your dies are so versatile but I just don't think outside the box - or in this case the circle! The video as usual makes it look so simple. Thank you so much Sue fir sharing your inspiration.

karenlotty said...

Great card Great idea I really must look at my dies differently AND "gut" my card by cutting Die cuts too

rolfi said...

Good morning Sue,
that´s a stunning card in amazing colours...
Rolf xxx

Pussycats said...

Good Morning Sue and all.. Stunning card this morning . Thank you for sharing the video which I will be watching later. crafty hugs to all... Wendy

Yvonne H said...

Good morning Sue,
What a fantastic card & a great way of using the dies. I love how you give different looks just by cutting into the die shapes & making new shapes. Yvonne xx

SueJ said...

Lovely card, great use of dies.

nattyboots said...

A very clever card Sue ,love the dies .

Rosemary , so sorry you wont be going to strictly but you have made the right decision , your health must come first , hope the increased meds are not giving you any problems . xx

Pan pleased to read you are eating more now , you need to keep up your strength ,enjoy your dog sitting .xx

PP glad you are back and yes i agree the bestest blog ever .

Well just when i thought all our appointments are coming to an end and we will have more me time ,i have letters to attend hospital and make appointments ,going to sort my diabetic eye test out first as i do seem to have a problem now and again .

I wish you all a lovely day and send big hugs to all.
Elaine H X

Izzy said...

Hi Sue,

Fabulous card and a great video tutorial to show us how it was done...I don't know why we all cringe at the thought of cutting up a diecut, it's only a shape after all - especially when you show us how to do it as beautifully as this example...


Clare Powell said...

Lovely card, really good use of the dies x

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Love the card good idea. love Jean Z xxx

Lynda Mellor said...

Good morning Sue, just watched video : )
I love how you think outside the box!!!
Have a good one!!!
Loopy Lyndaxxx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Beautiful card, thanks for the informative video.

Tressa said...

Lovely card.

Like many who watch the blog videos, I appreciate the tips on how to extend our creativity with our dies. I may not have the one shown today but I am sure I can adapt what is a great idea.


margaret driscoll said...

Good Morning Sue
Well this is a Die demo to behold, I think I will need to take notes to achieve this beauty, it really is lovely Sue!
Rosemary sorry about missing Strictly but your health is more important!
Migraine would react the same with the lighting so a lot of us would have to decline too!
Take care
Love Marg

June Horrocks said...

A stunner today sue I love this one thank you for the fab video the dies are lovely
Love always june horrocks xxxxx

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Beautiful card

Hugs to all

Annx without an "e"

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Beautiful card so good to see how to use dies in alterative ways. Looks like another crafting day always a silver lining!


Heather R Oxfordshire

Sue MacFall said...

Thanks, Sue for the video to help make this and for all the tips along the way !!

BenteS said...

Goregeous design on this card, just love it :))

P Austen said...

Morning Sue, the versatility of your dies knows no end. Can't wait to watch the video to see how you have created such a beautiful card. You must ring your hands in exasperation when many of us tell you, " I never thought of doing that." However, you are very patient with us and we thank you for that. Miserable day here, so a little bit of housework, then a lot of afternoon crafting, says she, hopefully. Hugs xx P Austen

Owlish said...

Another great idea for these cards &a great colour choice love the card so I'm off to watch the video now

TDQ Karen said...

Beautiful xx

hettygarlick said...

A very beautiful and elegant card.

rosemary powell said...

Hi Sue and everyone
Sue love the way you have changed the dies and the EF. Card is a little bit too fussy for me but that's just me.
Pam glad you are feeling a little better and eating a bit more love and hugs.
Elaine I know what you mean about hospital appointments but we just have to remember we are lucky to have the NHS. Glad Andrew is enjoying his breakfasts again sending love and hugs to you all.
Crewe Trish hope you are enjoying your holiday love and hugs to you and Donita .
Yvonne glad you are back seems like you have been through a rough time love and hugs and to you all xxxxxxxxxxx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
Thanks for reminding us that a die can be used in quite a few different ways. All too often we forget.
This is a very pretty card, silver and rose is a colour combo I really like.
Hugs, Rose

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Sue,
Another reminder with this card to adapt and utilise what we have. Something I'm afraid I seldom do!
Pam, I'm glad you are picking up and are slowly on the mend. Enjoy puppy sitting, had to laugh at the idea of Kelly and Bryan needing more training than the puppy ha ha.
Elaine, I hope all goes well with the eye test and that the family are in good spirits.
Yvonne, lovely to see you. I've been hit and miss on here lately. Just think, if Laine decides to descend as well - mayhem!
Rosemary, I hope you aren't so down at missing Strictly.
Donita, the trick is not to make a dent in your dishes, the trick is to smash them - one way of lessening the pile!! Your Christmas card find sounds interesting - can't believe that I've used the C word, I must get started on mine which was my New Year's Resolution to make some each month, but it fell by the wayside after January ha ha.
Love to all, have an easy and peaceful day.
Maureen (fiend of Myra) xxx

ursula said...

Oh I do so love this card, so feminine for me with all the lacy bits....The pink and silver work so well together...thank you Sue, one of those on my 'to make' list....luv Ursula xx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
A lovely card today. I'll be looking at the video later.

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a beautiful card. Very feminine with all the pretty lacy intricate detail. Thanks for your video.

Yorkie girl said...

Good morning Sue and everyone
I love the way you have used your dies to create this brilliant design it's all about thinking out of the box just like you always do
Pam glad you are feeling a little better and your appetite is returning keep it up eh xx
Linda I am so sorry to read about your lovely little pooch they leave such big holes in our hearts when they go remember the good things and try not to dwell on the passing big hugs and condolences xx
Elaine hospital appointments are a pain I bet you could write a book 📚 hugs to you and everyone in your family .
June hope you are well and not spending to much on our crafty obsession lol
PP you seem to have been having a rough time but it is so nice to see you back on the blog and you are right it is the best .
Well I plan to do a bit of crafting today so I will leave my usual hugs to everyone
Take care
Theresa G xx

Lisbeth said...

Hi Sue. I have just watched the video and I think it is a really clever idea to extend the dies to make a different shape and also how clever of you to cover up the joins so well so that you wouldn't realise how you had made the card if you hadn't seen the video.


Kate's Cards said...

An inventive way of thinking outside the box with your dies.

Gaynor Elder said...

It's a beautiful card, I love how you cut into dies rather than just using them whole all the time

Gaynor Elder said...

It's a beautiful card, I love how you cut into dies rather than just using them whole all the time

Crafty Cruiser said...

A real Wow of a card, very cleverly done!
Doreen R

Lynn Dalby said...

Hello Sue.

A pretty Card, it's amazing what you can do with one die set if you know how. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, a really lovely card made with such clever cutting and using mainly one die. I do wish that I had just one iota of your vision. Love the colours, embossing folder and clear video, great job well done.

PP - glad you are back with us, hope you continue to improve.


Yorks butterfly said...

Hi Sue, such a pretty feminine card for us today. Really like how you have used the circle die so many different ways.
Great Video.

Myra said...

Hello Sue,
What a stunning card today! Really pretty! I'm not very good at cutting up Dies either - don't have a conscience about it - it's just that I don't see what you see!! Will try harder!
If we have to think " outside the box!" I may have to let Maureen out of hers more often!!
PP - it's lovely to see you - but what a shock to see you before nightfall!!! So pleased you are feeling better! Great to have you back!
Come and join us Laine , please!
Pam - be a good girl today! Maybe you'll get a few treats at the end !! Lol! Great to know you are feeling better!
Love to everyone,
Myra ( Friend of Maureen!) xxx

Pawprintx4 said...

Love learning new tricks with my dies. I need to really analyze them and use in different ways. This is a beautiful card.
Pam, enjoy your puppy sitting. My little old dog just turned 13 but I love the pups.
Stephanie K

barbara macaskill said...

WOW! This is breathtakingly gorgeous! I have to keep going back to look at it again! When I opened the email regarding this post I just sat and stared at this beauty for at least 10 minutes! Hoping to watch the video this afternoon before Jenna gets home from school! TFS!

sued99 said...

I love how you show us different ways to use our dies. I like the design of this card but not sure about the colours. X

Suzzette Yandle said...

Lovely color combination of Dusty Rose, white and silver card. I like getting more use of dies by making borders from them. Great tip. I, too, from time to time get glue onto my metalic card. Brrrr. What I have found, in most cases, is to get a moist soft cloth and gently rub the glue away from the metalic card stock. Try this, it may work for you, too.

CraftyJo said...

Very nice :)

Anonymous said...

Afternoon Sue. This is another one of your beautiful girly cards. Very clever use of your dies as we all say your dies are so versatile. Thanks for a great video.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

scrAPpamondo said...

This is really a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Great card!

lorraine eastwood said...

Good afternoon lovely Sue and her crafty crew!

What a treat of a video, totally awesome how you can take some paper and one die and create a visual masterpiece! I am consistently amazed by your ingenuity and wish that i had a thimble worth of your flair. I really enjoyed the video, it was informative and a pleasure to behold.....I'm not a fan of mirri card admittedly, i find it cheap and tacky looking unless used sparingly however you always seem to persuade me of its usefulness and qualities. A beautifull card Sue, love the finished article, an absolute triumph!
Well, its been a hectic few days filled with appointments and housework and sadly i have been so pooped that commenting proved an exercise too far for me:-( Nevermind though, I'm back with a vengeance and ready to wreak havoc:-)
I spent a little time catching up on the gossip and was more than a little surprised to see my old foe Yvonne commenting at such an ungodly hour!!??! What is the world coming too i ask myself? I would say that its lovely to see her back with us....but i would be telling massive porkies! I am however, glad to see that she is fully fit again because its no fun kicking a dog when its down is it?:-) i guess that means I'll have to speak to her again on Thursday....well, i guess that i have a couple of days to mentally prepare myself for the inevitable trauma:-)
Lynda, so sorry for your loss, it must have came as a massive shock because four is still a baby:-( Thinking of you.
Rosemary, what a massive disappointment, i am a HUGE Strictly fan so i feel your pain:-( i hope that you can still enjoy the series from the comfort of your own sofa, i know that i am looking forward to many peachy bums girating on a weekly basis:-)
Pam, enjoy your puppysitting, i bet Dave behaves better than his humans:-) glad you're managing to eat again, it must have been a real struggle for you lately. Take care.
Myra and Maureen, yes, beware! Will Yvonne and i sparring again be more than you care to cope with:-) I don't know if she is fully functioning yet but as soon as she is it will be no holds barred as far as I'm concerned:-) Hope you are both well.
Carmen, are you alright honey? Your comments havent been as detailed and I'm worried that there is something wrong...probably just jumping to conclusions though so sorry if i am:-)
Donita, what you need is a manslave to cater to your every whim and do those pesky dishes for you:-) Cats make great housemates but until they develop thumbs and can hold a plate we will need to look elsewhere methinks:-)
Cuddles to all my blog besties, hoping you are all wellxxx

Crafty hugs and love


Diane Green said...

Hi Sue
What a gorgeous card again today, I love the colour combination you have used. It's good to be reminded to think outside the box and do a bit of chopping up to see what we can produce. You make it look so easy! Thank you for sharing.
Love Diane G xxx
Pam enjoy your puppy sitting, are they boys attending puppy classes with mum, I'm sure they would learn a lot. Good to hear you are feeling brighter xxx
Laine and PP good to see you both on form again. Xxx
Maureen not everyone has a George to help clear the dishes! I'm sure you could rent him out!!! Xxx

Jackie Trinder said...

Hi Sue this is a stunning card I love it those dies are amazing. Enjoy the rest of the day. Hugs Jackie

Vie Carter said...

Nice intricate card


CCM said...

Hi Sue,
So pleased to see that you brought back some old set of dies and remind us that a die is never too old to be used again and again. There are so many ways to use your dies that’s why are always in “fashion”. With this card, you push us to think out of box, again. Thank you for presenting this lovely card and the great video.

Pam - Pleased that you are eating a little better. Did you enjoy to be grandpuppy sitting? I bet you did.
Elaine - Hope all goes well with the eye test and Andrew is enjoying his breakfast every morning.
Sam - Enjoy your vacation!
PP – Welcome back. Hope you feel better. Take care.
Marie – 179 dies! Scary number, indeed. Soon you’ll have more:) Just wait for Sue’s new dies launch!
Laine – PP is back, so you have to come back as well.

Have a great day ladies,
Still a newbie to Craft /not longer the newest, or the only across the pond Wilsonette

Jackie Meechan said...

Gorgeous card, love the idea.

Viki Banaszak said...

This card is to die for! It is so gorgeous! I love all the elements.

Karen M said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card & great video
Thank you Sue
Best wishes
Karen M

Narrowboat girl said...

Lovely Sue, makes you think of other ways to use your dies. Now to watch the video

Margaret Rogers said...

Amazing what you can do, with just one circle die

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
Lovely card and video.
It is so good to learn other ways to use your dies by "chopping" them.
I love this colour combination.
Lesley S x

Jess Watson said...

Hi Sue, super card today, just goes to show what you can can do when you think outside the box.
Have a lovely evening every one, Jess x

Dawn Holben said...

Sue this is totally gorgeous and stunning, i love how you have changed the shape of the dies and the silver against the pretty dusky rose.

Theresa Pace said...

that is quite interesting. lovely use of dies, hugs xx

liz spooner said...

Gorgeous Sue, love the design and colours.xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow this is fabulous

theresa w said...

Hi sue and lovely wilsonettes x
Really pretty card sue x I used to be one of those who cringed at the thought of cutting into one of the beautiful die cuts but can quite happily snip away now x its just the knowing where to snip now !
Theresa w xxx

Laura O' Connor said...

Fantastic card sue. Love the way you disect your dies. Laura O

Saba said...

Hello Sue,
Fabulous card today, it's ticks all my boxes. Loved watching the video to see how you had created this one, it looked complicated until you explained how to make it. Every time I see you chopping into your dies I admire your confidence, me, I dither about deciding just where to cut and then invariably chop it wrong! I treat myself to two of your embossing folders today, Snowflake Lattice and Tulip Twist and I can't wait to have a play, I'll have to wait until I'm back home though.
Pam hope you enjoyed puppy sitting and so pleased to hear your appetite is improving.
Yvonne lovely to see you back, give yourself a couple of days and you'll catch up with the comments.
Donita I loved your closing comment, I had just been looking out of my window at the full moon and thinking how beautiful it looked.
Laine, what can I say, no sooner is Yvonne back and feeling better than you are on her tail again. Be gentle with her!
Maureen can you send George down here, I've got a sink full of dishes need sorting.
Well I'm at our cottage now, I've had a new wood burning stove fitted recently and the Plummer had to come back to sort out some problems with it. He came, said it was sorted, left and the problem was worse, had to get him back this evening and it seems fine now. I've been spitting feathers most of the day!
Love and hugs for all
Saba. Xxx

Brenda Lello said...

Hi Sue,
What a lovely card. Thank you for another brilliant video. Your videos are always a masterclass. Thank you.
Hugs Brenda xxx

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Thank you for the great video, I'm not very good at thinking outside the box so I need the daily inspiration from your wonderful blog.
Pam good to hear you're eating a little more, need to build your strength up xx
PP and Laine welcome back, hope you're both feeling better

Sending love and hugs to everyone

Di said...

Hi Sue,
Di B. x

Lynne L said...

Hi Sue Gorgeous card clever way to cut the dies and use them in a different way
Pam glad you are improving hope you enjoy looking after the puppy
PP and Laine so good to have you back hope you continue to improve
Elaine sorry to hear you have more hospital appointments you've had more than your fair share I hope all goes well
sending good wishes to all

Littlelamb said...

Don't know how I missed commenting and looking at the card. It is lovely. Thank you. Iq must watch the video now.

Sam Smithard said...

To My Wonderful Dear Friend Sue,
Another Late Comment I Loved Today's Card/Video Tutorial
The Tutorial Was Superb So Many Fantastic Tips/Techniques 💡👍
Where Do You Get Your Stupendous Ideas From I Wish I Had Just A Little
Of Your Crafting Talent, Sue, My Lovely Friend Thank You For Sharing
Tomorrow Is My Last Comment For A Month I'm Really Hoping To Check In During
The Launch Of Your Superb New Cutting Dies Plus Fabulous Stamps.
Sue, Take Great Care
Wonderful Warm Fond Wishes To Colin Also Heather
Sue, Lots Of Love Also Huge Hugs 🤗
Love From Sam xxx
Pam, Thank You So Very Much For Your Extremely Kind Words I'm Really Hoping To Check
In During The Launch..............

Betty McAlister said...

Hi Sue. Lovely card. Bad connection so unable to watch video today. Perhaps tomorrow will be better. Xx

Crewe Trish said...

Hello Sue
I like this card and will watch the video later
My poor mind cant cope with the time diference yet vegas is vegas it is too hot and over the top but my husband is loving it.Pam I am glad you are eating better.Elaine glad to hear Andrew is taking to his new diet.Rosemary there is always next year your health is more important.Donita hugs.

Eunice said...

Beautiful card Sue, love what you can do with a circle die!!!!

Berina RGA said...

Such a stunning card Sue! I love how you've used the die cuts!

laurence said...

oh all it s very perfect
i wish you a good day

Karenladd said...

These are wonderful tips for using my fancy, intricate dies. I love learning how to get more use from what I already have.

doreenj said...

What a good idea, more use out of our
dies. Love this card too,

Doreen x

Beryl Treble said...

Stunning card Sue.

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