Blossoms Five Flower Bud

Hi blog friends! How about back to back tutorials, now there is a first for me! I had a bunch of emails asking about the buds that I made from the Blossoms Five die set so I thought I would put this card up and give a good explanation with it. First of all, I was shown this flower while at the Spellbinders. My only contribution was to just use the buds together as a cluster on the cards. Depending on what size buds you want to make, you start with either the second or third smallest die in the set. I do have a teeny tiny bud you can see right at the beginning of the swirl and this was made with the smallest die, but it is a bit challenging because it is so small (not impossible though!). I'll give you a quick rundown on the card then on to the tutorial. I embossed the white background using the Venus Crest embossing folder for some texture. Next I cut two of the Grand ovals (the second size up), one in peach and one in white. I cut the peach one in half and it will hook into the white one to extend from behind forming a sort of shadow mat. Next I cut the smallest of the Grand Ovals in white to layer up. I did a Decorative Labels 27 in peach and cut two Venetian corners to clip on top and bottom. On top of that I cut a scalloped labels one and pierced around the edge of using the die as a guide and finally I stamped my sentiment and cut it out with a smaller Scalloped Labels One die. I inked it with Victorian Velvet lightly and embossed it with the Venus Crest folder while in the die. Remember, you CANNOT close the folder or you will cut into in and ruin it. Cover it with your tan mat and add a few pieces of card and your raspberry plate to make up the depth. I added a bit of rose petal American seam binding behind my rose buds and two swirls from the Venetian set as accents.

Here is a close up of the bud cluster from this card. Follow the steps below to make these buds, they are very easy to do.
To make the largest buds in my cluster above, use the number three size Blossom Five die and cut two of them. No need to emboss them through the machine as you will be using a tool later to do that. I find it is easier to ink the edges at this point. I have used Victorian velvet for my edges (my card is peach coloured). I ink both sides too because you can sort of see the inside when it is finished.

Next you need to snip into the pieces at each little recess. Get as far into the centre as you can, but don't allow any of the cuts to meet or you will cut your flower in half! There will be seven sections when you have done this. Do both of them the same way.

Using a foam mat below you and either a ball stylus or other sort of rounded tool (even a small spoon will work), you want to break down the fibres in each petal and begin to round it. I find it easier to even fold the centre of each petal so it has a crease in it, which helps later when you are assembling it. For the buds, it really doesn't matter which side you use on your flower either.

Next, you need to apply dries clear glue (preferably Cosmic Shimmer brand) to the tops of the petals on the inside and do exactly the same to the second one, but also add a bit in the very centre. Allow your glue to get tacky for several minutes if you can.

Once the glue is tacky, begin folding the petals upward by alternating them. There are seven so you will just pick one of the final two to pull upward, it really doesn't matter which one. Get these to form the basis of your bud by squeezing them into a point. If you creased the centre of the petals, this will help here so they can sort of fold around each other. Once they are stuck, fold the other petals up around the first three (I forgot a pic of this). This will form the first part of your bud.

Next, set your first bud into the centre of the second die you cut, but turn one of the sections that is overlapped so that it will sit in the centre of a full petal on this die (does that make sense?). In other words, you will be offsetting this one so the new petals will cover the areas not covered by the petals in the first bud.

Again, repeat it the same way by alternating the petals as you go. Continue until you have all the petals tightly gathered.

And finally you will have a nice bud. Here is a close up of mine (the glue is still wet and showing!) I like to add a little more colour at this point using a piece of cut and dry foam and sponging just the top for a more intense colour. I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial on bud making! I think we will finish it into a flower tomorrow for you. I have winners to share with you today also!


Jane said...

Amazing how simple you make things look, thank you for the Tutorials there so helpful.

Jane xx

Jane said...
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Pam said...

The tutorial makes it look so easy to achieve the perfect rosebud and so handy to keep on the blog.

Hellma said...

Thanks for this Sue they look amazing.

Mrs B said...

Thank you Sue. Another great tutorial. So clear and easy to follow.

naturalbcarddesigns said...

Thanks Sue, always loved your flowers and now I can give it a go. Bev xx

Kathleen Bown said...

I have been looking for you since getting spellbinder dies last year and needing inspiration. Just watching Create and Craft today, and there you were! So recorded the show and checked out your blog. I cant wait to start crafting! Regards, Kathleen

Kathleen Bown said...

I have been looking for you since getting spellbinder dies last year and needing inspiration. Just watching Create and Craft today, and there you were! So recorded the show and checked out your blog. I cant wait to start crafting! Regards, Kathleen

Debbie W said...

Thank you Sue, I have been searching High and low for a paper flower that looks fantastic - and here it is!

Sue Crease said...

Thank You Sue, I have this die and know not what to do with it as it was a gift. This is just lovely.

Phi said...

Another amazing tutorial. Thanks for another great idea. So glad I found your blog.

Nubiene Peltier said...

Hi I'm so glad this die is in my stash I need to make this bud
Thanks for the step by step x

Diane Mortimer said...

Another lovely embellishment idea, it's so nice to be able to make your own and they make a card extra special.
Diane from Glasgow

Julye said...

This is a die to add to my wish list so I can have a play thank you.

Theresa said...

Absolutely beautiful Sue.
Loving the flowers and the tutorial on how to do them is brill
Cheers for that Sue
I do hope you are well and I look forward to your next crafty creation
You Take Care Sue
Theresa x

yvonne masterman said...

Hi Sue thanks for the tutorial on how to make the buds, I want to try to make my own flowers and this is just what I needed, it looks simple but im a bit cac handed and I bet I have to try more than a couple of times to make it look anything like a Yvonne xxx

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

Love this tutorial, t has been so helpful, it is much cheaper to make your own and you can do the color's you want.

Thanks again.

Julie Bee

Dawn E said...

Sorry a very belated find as I've just decided to watch all your tutorials & I just love this flower bud so much. I shall carry on looking now. Thank you Sue for your instructions they really do help us so much.

dorothy cattanach said...

Just scrolling through your tutorials and found this.I usualy watch some every day. love these buds. I was making some Poinsettes yesterday with your dies Sue.
These buds look so lovely, so going to try and make them later.Thank you for showing how to do them.
You are a talented lady, thank you so much for helping me get my 'mojo' back after loosing my beloved hubby afer almost 57 years together, 3 months ago. Bless you Sue.
Dorothy Cattanach

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