Wednesday, 18 September 2019


Hi bloggers!  Thanks for all your participation in the blog launch, but we are back to one post per day, sadly!  I am skipping back to an April release card today.  I started with the top die from the Alice set and put two together to make a linear white on white background. I added small pearls to all the intersections as accents.  Next I cut the Penelope die out of Ocean card for the top layer, teal for the middle layer and a white backing layer.  I used the larger outer cutting die to give it a bit of a decorative pierced edge on the backing.  I reversed the colours for the centre dies and used a white top, an ocean card centre layer and a teal backing layer.  I cut the Skylar die in white and nipped it in half and added it to the sides of the Penelope die.  I added it to the background with foam.  I used the Spiral Pearl Flower to add a single floral element with a couple of leaves as accents.  I decided I liked it with a sentiment, but you could use just about anything for this style of card, your choice!  The card was completed with white, ocean and teal mats and layers.  The finished dimensions are 6 1/4"  x  8 1/4" in size. 

Just a quick reminder that I am back on Create and Craft TV this morning at 10am with more of the
4 Day Deal!   All for now, Sue x

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Cosmos Flower

Hello all!  We have arrived at the final post of the launch!  The Cosmos Flower die set!  I love this flower and you may have noticed it all through the blog launch as I have used it so many times!  Shown here with the matching Stamp To Die For stamp set called Cosmos Flowers as well, it has such a lovely realistic look to it!  The set has been designed with three different sized flowers and each of them has a matching outline die that can be used with the solid flowers or by themselves for a unique look.  The set has several leaves that can be used to accent as well.  For the final time, I will ask you to leave your comment on the blog so I can enter your name in the drawing to win the set.  I will do the drawings and announce the winners on 27th of Sept. so don't forget to check back and see if your name is among the winners!  All for now, Sue x
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Leafy Branches

Hello my crafty friends!  We are at the penultimate post of the blog launch!  This one is dedicated to showcasing the Leafy Branches.  Shown here, you can see what a lovely addition it makes as a floral accent.  There are two different branches include in the set.  You can easily nip them in places to make whatever pieces you need or even glue them together to make a longer branch too.  That is what I have done here!  You need only to hit the comment button at the bottom of the post to add your comment.  You never know, this one could be making it's new home at your home!  The final post is at 6pm.  See you then.

Just a quick reminder that I am launching the 4 Day Deal today on Create and Craft TV at 4pm!   I hope you will be able to tune in to see all the goodies!  All for now, Sue x
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You Are The Best

Hi crafters!  The second post is dedicated to showing off the new Mini Expression You Are The Best.  This one is so easy to use for any sort of occasion.  It makes it a real go to when you just want to send a special card to a friend for no reason at all (that's the best way reason for a card anyways, isn't it!)  It can easily be nipped apart do you can use it in other configurations as well, making it very versatile indeed.  If you want a chance to win this one, don't forget to add your name to the comment list.  It is just that easy to get your name into the drawing.  The third post will be on the blog at 3pm today.  We are approaching the end, but there are still a couple more beauties to share with you!  All for now, Sue x
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Leafy Frame

Hi bloggers!  We are starting the final day of the launch with the Leafy Frame.   It has been designed so you can add a sentiment in the centre to make a quick and easy card!  Shown here, I have just used a caught in crystal background for a spectacular look, very striking and very quick!  If you like the idea of a one stop die, this one is for you, just leave a comment on this post.  Feel free to use the Pinit button which I have added to the bottom of each and every post if you would like to save any samples for later inspiration.  The second post will be online at noon today.  Looking forward to seeing you back here then!  All for now, Sue x

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Monday, 16 September 2019

Priscella's Border

Hello all! The final post of the day is for Priscella's Border.  Shown here, i have used the border on the diagonal to create a lovely background, just to give you a different idea.  The elements from the Priscella die have been taken out and put into a border design so you have a wonderful match that you can use either with or without each other.  It just helps making those decisions as to which dies to use a bit easier, doesn't it!  A quick comment is all you need on this post and your name goes into the drawing to win it!  Don't forget you can use the Pinterest button to save some of your favourite cards for later inspiration too.  We only have one more day left, but it kicks off here at 6 am.  Hope to see you then!  All for now, Sue x
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Hi bloggers!  This post is dedicated to showing off the Priscella die.  Shown here in Old Rose card, this die is a lovely rectangle shape with beautiful detail.  She has been seated upon several of the Mallory die cut a mounted vertically behind so you can see how nicely they layer up too.  While this die is perfect for the star of your creations, you can easily use sections as borders and edges too.  She is very versatile.  I would love to know what you think!  Just leave a quick comment on this post and let me know.  Do you have a favourite yet at all??  The final post of the day is going to be online at 6pm.  All for now, Sue x

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To A Dear Friend

Hi crafters!  Next up we have the To A Dear Friend Mini Expression to share with you.  It looks lovely when used with the Mallory die too, don't you think?  It is bold, it is readable and it can be used for just about any reason, so many pluses to this one!  I think you might really like to have this one in your crafty stash.  If so, just leave a comment on this post, it is that easy to get yourself entered into the drawing.  I will be back at 3pm today with another beautiful samples to share with you.  All for now, Sue x

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Hello all!  Good morning and welcome to day five.  Introducing Mallory to you.  I am in love with this one!  Elegant and timeless, such a pretty shape and beautiful to use too.  Shown here done with a Crystal Tint Background,  she looks lovely as the star of the show.  You will be seeing a lot of this one as I found her a real go to set for so many occasions.  A comment on this post will give you a chance to win her, it is so easy! I will return at 12 noon with post number two of the day.  All for now, Sue x

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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Plumage Background

Hi bloggers!  I just thought it made sense to have a background to go with the Proud Peacock set so introducing the Plumage Background!   This background can be nipped apart to use smaller sections of it or used as a whole background as I have done here.  It has been designed to look like peacock feathers but in a circular pattern.  You can ink through the die to add more colour and detail if desired.  I have backed it with Pixie powders here for a lovely intense colour.  If you think this would make a nice addition to your craft stash, take a chance and leave a comment on this post.  This one may just be going home with you if you do!  That is all for today, but we have a couple more days to share.  All for now, Sue x

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Proud Peacock

Hi there my crafty friends!  I am proud to share with you my Proud Peacock die set during this post!  I have really loved this one.  The peacock has been designed so you can use him flat or add in the extra feathers that are in the set for a beautiful 3D effect as shown here.  There are a couple of great sentiments included as well as a larger peacock feather that can be used for backgrounds or borders or whatever you like.  I think you may want to leave a comment on this post and pop back here at 6pm for the lat post today.  All for now,
Sue x
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Hip Hip Hooray!

Hello all!  Next up we have another Celebration sentiment, but this is the Noble Hip Hip Hooray!  This one is large enough to be used as a focal element as I have done here or just as the sentiment on any of your creations!  You can easily nip it apart to use in different configurations too, so there is a lot of versatility to this one!  I just love the fun this one gives you for making great celebration themed cards! Just a reminder too, when leaving your comments, don't forget to make your name memorable somehow.  If you just use your first name, someone else with the same name may claim your winning die!  Add a funny alias or the city you are from or at the very least your surname initial (although more is definitely much better!)  I will be back at 3pm for the third post today.  See you then hopefully!  All for now, Sue x

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Noble Happy Birthday

Hello all!  We are starting out today with the Noble Happy Birthday.  Shown here, you can see what a statement it makes!  You might recall that you spotted it earlier on in the launch shown with the Dotty Streamers.  It is a real go to for a fast, fun and fabulous Birthday card I think!  I have used it over and over again in my samples so you will be seeing quite a bit of it in the coming weeks and months!  A comment on this post will gain you entry into the drawing to possible win this die.  We will be on to the second post of the day at noon.  All for now, Sue x

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Saturday, 14 September 2019

Happy Everything

Hi crafters and welcome back!  The last post of the day belongs to the Mini Expression Happy Everything!
You can use this for anything (and everything! LOL)  I have included it in the release to go with the Celebration Collection, but not to worry, just use it wherever you like! I know it's a bit of a wee die, but I am sure it would love to go to a nice home if you would like to leave your comment on this post!  We are officially half way through the launch now.  We will begin here tomorrow morning at 6am for the start of day number four.  We are starting out with a lovely die and card too!  All for now, Sue x

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Dotty Scallop Celebration Background

Hello all!  Next up we have the Dotty Scallop Background.  This background will provide you with the perfect matching die to use for all your celebration themed cards.  You can easily use it simply as a background or cut it up into smaller strips for a lovely border too.  It's a great one for quick and easy cards with a pixie powder background behind it or as I have done here, a caught in crystal background.  If you like this one, don't forget to leave your comment on this post.  I have also included the Pinterest Pinit button so you can save any of the dies or card samples to your Pinterest boards for later inspiration.  We have one more for today and that will be up online at 6pm right here on the blog.  All for now, Sue x
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