My Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Good morning crafty friends! Finally, I found some extra time to put together my promised ribbon flower tutorial! There were a few issues with it such as getting the first picture to load the right direction. I finally gave up on that one so you will have to turn your head to the right to view it! LOL Also, apologies for having to look at my much loved and well used craft mat. I did have every intention on getting a new one for the tutorial. I have never done one of these on my blog, but I will try to walk you through each picture and explain what I am doing. If you have any questions, feel free to email me for further clarification. 1. Begin with a length of ribbon that is about 18" long and no wider than 1/2". You may use wider ribbons for this, but cut them down the centre and attach the tape to the cut edge. I am using basque red vintage ribbon for the tutorial. Lay it out on your craft sheet and attach 1/2" wide redline tape to the lower edge. The tape needs to be just catching the bottom edge of your ribbon firmly (probably 1/16" of the ribbon)

2. Peel off the red liner exposing the sticky tape. Fold the first bit of the ribbon down so that the cut edge is attached to the sticky tape. This will help prevent any fraying from coming out of the centre of your finished rose.
3. Begin by rolling the tape tightly by pushing it with your finger. You will only do this until the folded piece becomes enclosed in the centre and the top of the ribbon becomes even. If you want a very tight rose, you can roll a bit more here before going on to the next step.
4. Once you have the centre of the rose, peel up the entire piece of ribbon and tape off your craft mat. You will start to give your flower more fullness now. This is accomplished by rolling the ribbon but gathering the tape slightly as you go. This will cause the ribbon to become wider at the top slightly.

5. Continue to roll and pleat the tape portion. This is a very slight pinching as you roll, but you will see the ribbon take shape. Try to keep the top of the ribbon at the same height as you go. You will probably have to bring the tape up slightly around the base as you go.
6. Continue pinching the tape in at the bottom as you roll. I am right handed so I use my thumb nail on my right hand to tuck a bit of the tape inward and then hold it from behind with my left hand as I pull my thumbnail away from the sticky tape.

7. Here is a view from the top of your flower as it progresses. You will be able to see the small pleats as you look down into the flower. I like a bit of unevenness to the pleats as it gives the flower a shabby chic sort of look.

8. As you reach the end of your ribbon, fold the end down onto the tape as you did in the beginning. This will give your flower a nice finish without an unfinished edge showing or fraying. Wrap this piece to the bottom of the flower and firmly press the end into the tape at the bottom.

9. Sometimes, there is an excess of tape on the underside of your flower. This can be easily cut away with a sharp pair of scissors. This will also give your flower a flat spot to sit nicely on your card or project. I always attach my flowers using large glue dots. The bottom of the flower will already be somewhat sticky from the redline tape, but you will find it isn't enough to attach the flower firmly since you have been handling the tape as you roll your flower. Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue also works well to attach these flowers to your projects.

10. A close up of your finished flower! You can make them more or less full depending on how much pleating and gathering you do with the tape. Also, if you get the the end of your tape and decide you want a larger flower, just cut another piece and continue adding it on in the same manner until you get the desired size for your flower. You can use virtually any type or size of ribbon to make these too. They look lovely in organza, cotton hemp, American seam binding , lace or metallic crocheted ribbon. You will be able to see all kinds of ribbons used on my cards made into this type of flower using the same method as in my tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed it! All for now, Sue x


Pam said...

I have watched you make this flower so many times but it is great to have the tutorial handy to remind me of how it is done. Thank you, Sue

Vick said...

Hiya Sue,

Even though I personally know how to do this, a lot of crafters don't so thanks my friend, for taking the time out to show us step by step and taking the pics etc, I love my channel on YouTube and just love doing videos, but doing pic tutorials I would have thought is harder as you have to keep stopping to get pics, so thanks for this lovely lady, hugs, Vick xxx
My YTChannels vixcrafts & saturatedcanary

Anonymous said...

It is lovely that you inform us crafters how to try and achieve the results that you do xx Thanks xx Gail T xx

Mrs B said...

Thank you Sue. Even I can make passable flowers following your tutorial.

Marianna Hammer said...

I made a lovely teal flower on a card for a friend a few days ago. I used a bit more ribbon and got a fuller flower. It turned out perfect :)

Marianna Hammer said...

I made a lovely teal flower on a card for a friend a few days ago. I used a bit more ribbon and got a fuller flower. It turned out perfect :)

lynda said...

Thank you so much for flower tutorial Sue,i will defiantly be trying it.
Lynda xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, thanks for this tutorial. Just made some ribbon flowers following your step-by-step instructions and am really pleased with the finished result. They turned out really well considering it was a first attempt......many more to follow.
Kind Regards
Linda xx

♥Mystery Designs♥ said...

Hi Sue, I love flowers, but have never thought about making my own like this. I think I will be giving this one a try. Thank you for posting the tutorial to follow :)

Debs x

Phi said...

Great tutorial. Never seen it done like that and looks very easy to do. Will definately give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

Robocop said...

Thank you Sue , I have finally found your blog and have just made my first two flower's ,Not as good as you yet ,but practice makes perfect lol .

Diane Mortimer said...

I really like that you make some of your own embellishments, it has more of a personal touch and you can get exactly what you want, in the colour you want.
Diane from Glasgow xx

katie-louise Sweetlove said...

Hi Sue
Just found this tutorial on your blog such a useful technique, thank you for making it easy to follow and showing lots of photos too.
I will try this technique on one of my next cards with some seam binding coloured with distress ink.

dotcurran said...

i am new to your blog and have watched you on create and craft making this flower.having the tutorial is realy good and i can refer to it when i need to.your cards are the most beautifull cards ive ever seen.dorothy