Saturday, 18 January 2020

Hope Circle

Hi bloggers!  Third post of the day and we are back to a more sort of inspirational circle saying.  Introducing the Hope Circle Saying.  I wanted to do this one to fill that area where you want to send a card to show your support to your friends and family that may be seriously ill or up against some awful life issues, but you just don't quite know what to say.  Sometimes, they just need to know that they are in your thoughts and a card like this definitely sends that message.  What do you think of it?  I would love to know, please leave a comment on this post and tell me.  Last post today is at 6pm.  All for now. Sue x

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Birthday Circle

Hello there crafters and welcome back to the blog launch!  The next circle saying is the Birthday Circle die.  I decided to keep it very simple for this sample so you can see it doesn't have to have too much in the way of other things (flowers, etc.) but can still be lovely.  While I probably wouldn't call this one inspirational, it is still highly usable as we always need that last minute birthday card, don't we?  Okay, maybe it's just me that always forgets! LOL  I think this one would love to call your craft room it's home!  Don't forget to leave your comment on this post.  I will be back with today's third post at 3pm today.  Looking forward to seeing you here then!  All for now. Sue x
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Dream Circle

Hello crafters!  Here we are already at the start of day number three!  It always seems to pass in a flash, doesn't it!   This post I would like to introduce the new Circle Sayings Collection.  I just love these!  They are bold words that have been done horizontally with a bit more definition written around in a circle.
These circle sayings are both inspirational and uplifting.  They are roughly about three inches across so they are perfect as the focal element for your projects as well as the perfect sentiment.  IF this one appeals to you, you just need to let me know in a comment on this post.  Your name will be entered into the drawing and you might just win it!  We have a few more coming your way today so please be sure to come back by the blog at 12 noon for the next post!  All for now, Sue x
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Friday, 17 January 2020

Guess Who Thinks You're Special

Hi bloggers!  Here is the first of the several Mini Expressions during this release.  While this one is probably pushing the limits of what is considered a "mini" expression, it is indeed still considered one.  It is a great sentiment you any friend card, don't you think!  Again, one of those great reasons for making and sending a handmade card I feel.  You can easily nip away the word "special" and fill in with any sort of descriptive word you like as well; fabulous, amazing, one of a kind, for instance.  Someone will be drawn out to win this one, might as well be you, right!  Just leave a comment and keep your fingers crossed! LOL  Day two is now at it's end, but I will be right back here at 6am for the start of day number three with a new sort of idea that you might like to add to your crafty arsenal!  All for now, Sue x

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Decorative Flags

Hello crafters!  The next set in our release is the Decorative Flags die set.  I just love having a flag die to seat my sentiments on, but they can be used in so many other ways.  Shown here, they have been used as a backdrop for the sentiment across them.  There are three different flag dies in the set, each with their own decorative edge, thickness and length.  There are squares, triangles and circles adorning the sides of these flags.  You can also easily make them longer using cutting techniques if necessary.  I hope you will like these as much as I do and want to leave your comment on this post for a chance of winning them.  My last post will be at 6pm today.  All for now, Sue x
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Decorative Squares

Hi bloggers!  On to a completely different theme from the first day.  In our Frames & Tags category we are showcasing the new Decorative Squares.  I personally think these should have been labelled as Noble Decorative Squares because they are quite large. They are also designed to go with the Double Stitched Squares we release some time ago.  Either way, they are beautiful to use!  They have a double stitched and double circle decorative edge to them, adding beautiful detail to all of your projects!  If you like making square cards, these are right up your alley, but easy to use for other shape cards as well as shown here.  Leave your comment on this post and tell me what you think!  I will be back at 3pm with today's third post.  All for now, Sue x
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Spread Your Wings & Fly

Hi there my crafty friends!  Day number two is beginning with the last of the All In One Collection, but, as the saying goes, last, but not least!  Introducing the Spread Your Wings & Fly die set.   This is one of my favs just because I find the sentiment uplifting and can be especially apropos for anyone that just needs a lift in their life for whatever reason.  Whether it be a temporary set back or a long stretch of rough road, I think we can all use something like this in the way of positive encouragement at some point or another in our lives.  The birds are easily nipped out to use by themselves too, so that is an added bonus.  If this one sings to you (pardon the pun), then leave a comment on this post.  I also need to mention that the Pinterest Pinit button is at the bottom of every post, so feel free to pin any of the cards or dies for later inspiration!  The second post will be online at 12 noon today.   All for now. Sue x
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Thursday, 16 January 2020


Hello bloggers and welcome back!  The final post for today belongs to the Friendship All In One die set.  Shown here, you can see that it has a lovely sentiment interspersed with a pretty mixture of flowers and leaflet fronds.  This is definitely the type of card that I love receiving and I know you will enjoy sending to friends yourself.  If this set is one that you would like to add to your craft stash, then why not leave a quick comment and be entered into a chance to win it!  What is better than winning a free die, right?  Well that is it for day one of the January die release blog launch, but we have five more days to come so more chances to win too!  I will be back here at 6am in the morning for the first post of day number two.  Looking forward to seeing you again!  All for now, Sue x

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You Make My Heart Smile

Hi crafters!  Continuing on with the All In One Collection, we have the You Make My Heart Smile die.  I love that this one can be just so easily sent for so many occasions.  What a lovely card to receive in the post, don't you think?  This die has been designed so you can easily nip the phrase away and still have a beautiful, delicate frame that can be used with other phrases or die ideas altogether!  Each die has an inside die that cuts the image out completely and an outer shadow die that you can use as a base if desired.  Shown here in simple sparkly silver and antique gold with a few flowers as accents, you can see how easy this card would be to recreate.  If you like this one, just leave a comment on the post.  The last post of the day will be at 6pm.  I am looking forward to seeing you back here then.  All for now, Sue x
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Sparkle Every Day

Hi bloggers!  The next set in the All In One Collection is the Sparkle Every Day.  Shown here, you can see I have really gone to town on this one with a mother of pearl background and  opposite corners of floral
arrangement.  I love this one as I think it works great for so many things, especially younger gals, granddaughters or neighbours among other things.  Sometimes those can be very challenging!   One of the interesting things too is that these can be nipped apart and the pieces can be used separately too.   If this one is something you are interested in, just leave your comment on this post.  If you have never left a comment, it is quite easy.  The instructions are on the right hand side of the blog, it will walk you right through the process.  The third post of the day will be online at 3pm today.  Looking forward to seeing you then.  All for now. Sue x

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January 2020 Die Release Blog Launch -- Another Candle

Hello crafters!  The start of a new year and another January die release launch!  We have six days filled with some great new dies in a variety of themes.  If you are new to the blog launches, we always give away a set of each of the dies.  In order to be eligible to win, you just need to leave a comment on the blog post of the dies you would like to be in the drawings for.  Now I do ask a couple of things; one comment only per blog post, but you can comment on each and every post to increase your odds of winning.  Please sign your comment with a name that is memorable because the first person claiming the winning die will get it.  If you just sign "Mary" for instance, there may be four people named Mary that leave a comment so you need to add something else, like Mary in Manchester or Mary the crazy cat lady, etc.  Something to make it memorable please, so there will only be one comment left with that name.  I will do the drawings for the winning dies and post the results on Jan. 27th so don't forget to check the blog then to see if your name is among the winners list!
  Now for a bit about the dies.  I am starting with the new All In One Collection.  These are great for those of you that need a quick card but want something stylish and different.  The All In Ones are just that, a card with the sentiment, all in one!  You can dress them up if you like or keep them clean and simple or somewhere in between as I have done here; add a couple of flowers and you are ready!  These are perfect for crafters on the go!  If you like this idea, let me know in your comment.  The next post will be here at 12 noon today.  All for now. Sue x

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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

You Had Me At Merlot

Hello crafters!  Here's another one for the wine enthusiasts among us.  I cut two of the Tiled Backgrounds in white and sort of crisscrossed them to create an interesting design and glued them down on to a piece of Arctic Blue card.. I cut the wine bottle from the Merlot set out of Khaki card and added it to the left side.  I cut the wine glass twice, once out of white card and once out of wine card.  I cut the "liquid" portion out of the wine card and glued it on top of the white wine glass.  I used a blue pencil to add highlights.  I cut the grapes out of purple card and added a backing to them by embossing the grapes and trimming buy hand around the edge.  I cut the leaf out of khaki card and glued it on top.  I used a white pencil to highlight both the wine bottle and the grapes.  I cut the sentiment  from the Merlot set out of wine card and glued it to the top of the frames,  Using the Double Stitched Squares, I cut a multi-layered white frame and added it with mounting foam over the background.  The card was completed with white mats and layers.  The finished dimensions are 7 3/4"  x  7 3/4" in size.

Tomorrow morning starts the January die release blog launch here at 6am.  I hope you can join us then.  I have some great new dies and fun cards to share!  All for now. Sue x

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