Thursday, 12 October 2017

Get Well

 Hi guys!  I have a rather clean and simple card to share with you today, but I think it is a really fun way to say get well.  I selected a piece of red and white polka dotted paper from my stash and cut it diagonally.  I added it to a piece of coconut white card.  I used the Trellis Edger to cut an extended border out of black card and I backed it with a strip of black gloss card.  I glued it down the length of the card diagonally between the two sections.  I cut a smaller rectangle and backed it with a thin black mat.  On this piece I added two plasters (band aids to my American friends), a thermometer and a jar of aspirin (which are really Altoids mints!  If you look really close, you can see that they have the letter A on them too!)  I cut the jar from the Feel Better Soon set and added an acetate front to it and thin line of mounting foam around the edge to create enough depth for my altoids)  I cut the cross in red for the front and the lid in black and I sandwiched the Altoids (aspirins) in between another piece of acetate and glued it to the front of the card.  The plasters were cut out of papyrus card (it really looks like the colour of plasters too!) with ruby red hearts and the thermometer was cut in white and I cut it again in red and just nipped off the bottom part and glued it onto the white one.  I cut the Get Well sentiment in black and glued it to the top of the card.  White red and black mats and layers were used to finish the card off nicely.  The finished dimensions are 5 3/4" x  7 1/2" in size.  All for now, Sue x

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Pam said...

Love this card Sue, so cheerful fir someone who is feeling poorly.
Elaine, I hope Helen gets some good news for Andrew , I know that all clinics are busy but these constant delays cannot be good for him, health and moral wise at a time when he needs to remain strong. Fingers crossed for a speedy outcome.
Saba, thanks for the update on the seven, sounds as if everyone has had a great time, especially at the expense if Leorechaun man, safe journey home ladies. I hope Patricia is doing well. Such a shame Norah couldn't be there, I miss her chatter, too.
Myra, where is Houghton Park Garden Centre, I love garden centres especially with a craft shop attached.
Donita, I think you are spot on with "the gang of shenanigans" great name for them.
Linda Ryan, that was a labour of love making 200 gingerbread men for your daughters wedding, hope she enjoyed seeing them.
Crewe Trish, yes Lesley has missed her horses and her lovely boxer dog, she is a true animal lover.
June, hooe craft class went well.
Ann Topcards, I too am with Virgin, I have to watch Hochanda on iPad or computer, it's so inconvenient but better than nothing.
Hugs to all, especially all poorly and missing friends..

Jan on the Fosse said...

Good Morning Sue
I think this card would cheer anyone who is feeling poorly,little people or big.
Love it.
Jan x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, what a wonderful card to cheer someone up with. The dies are so cute.

Barbara V

DeCor said...

What A Cheerful Lovely Get Well Card. Love it and the peg board is great background.

Beverly Fuchs said...

Hello Sue,

One couldn't help but feel better after receiving this delightful card. The colors are so cheerful and the layout is perfect.

Have a wonderful day.


hollyberry said...

Such a fun and clever card to say get well to someone.

DeCor said...

What A Cheerful Lovely Get Well Card. Love it and the peg board is great background.

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue. Lovely card and the perfect pick-me-up to anyone feeling under the weather.
Sounds like the Shenanigans Seven had a wonderful time, brilliant name Donita!
Elaine, I hope Andrew gets seen soon. Hugs to all. Sue xxx

Stephanie Cotterill said...

Morning Sue. Oh this is great. This is what I love about you and your daily blog inspiration, it's so valuable for the likes of me that still after years of making cards can't think outside of the box. Ok I make and sell the odd card but I'm certainly not what you'd call creative or artistic. The work I see on your follower based facebook groups are as you know are absolutely stunning always thinking differently - take Fiona for example her pac man card - now that IS clever. So for the newbies to crafting and for those like myself where all I see is the Get Well dies used inside a shadow box this idea is just so valuable and I love it Sue. It may be a clean and simple which are my favourite cards to make, but it helps me use those wonderful tools you give us to their full potential. As I'm slowly trying to re-stock my market cards not only is it great for me to see these different ways of using your dies, it will be great for those that stop by the table to take a look to see something different too ☺
Sending thanks, love and hugs and a day full of happiness and laughter xxx

Ann said...

Good Morning Sue. Well this is just so nifty. And quite cheerful for the patient. Love the little " aspirins" very well thought about Sue.
Pam I don't have an iPad but I have a tablet ..... now
you have given me an idea, I wonder if I can get Hochanda on that. I am going to give it try Thankyou for that Pam. Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds

Kitty Davies said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you, a brilliant card, so cheerful.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, what a fab fun card, love the dies used, and the way you have included all the detail. This would really make anyone feel heaps better. Have a good day everyone. Bx

Janice K said...

Good morning Sue,
A bright and cheery design that would make anyone ailing feel better. Love the details on the plasters! X

TOB said...

great fun card. Very different to anything you see on the high street, that's why handmade cards are so unique. Hugs xx craftgirl.

Jacqui oakes-alcock said...

Great card Sue.

hazel young said...

Fabulous card Sue, it would cheer anyone up xx hazel

Debra K. said...

Fab get well card :)! Debra x

P Austen said...

Morning Sue, Absolutely brilliant. This couldn't fail to cheer anyone up now. Could it? Hugs xx Pauline

June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, what a lovely get well card, I love all the bits that make up this set, I am so pleased I purchased it when it was launched.

Pam I reiterate everything you have said above, and yes I am with virgin media too, no matter how many times I ask them they still don't take hochanda on, such a shame for many hundreds of thousands of people.

Stay safe, healthy and happy hugs June Smith xxxx

Pussycats said...

Good Morning Sue and all.. Brilliant card this morning . Its such a fun and different style of get well card. I love how you have used the mints for tablets. You always come up with some great ideas.
crafty hugs and well wishes to all... Wendy

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. This is a fantastic Get Well card. You have brilliant inspiration for us crafter's . This is a card for any age young or old. Love the idea for the tablet's.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

Netty The Runner said...

Fabulous card Sue, this would make anyone better.
Annette x

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
A fabulous fun card! I love the cute plasters! Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day everyone.

Catherine Lyons said...

Morning Sue
Afabulous get well card so different great idea with the mints .
Catherine V94 xx

Clare W said...

GM Sue. Great card. Love it

margaret driscoll said...

Hello Sue
Nice card for the time of year, love the pills and the plasters are outstanding!
Love Marg

TDQ Karen said...

so cute, bound to cheer up anyone feeling low due to illness xx

Lisbeth said...

Hi Sue. What a very lovely card for someone who is under the weather. Great colours and just right to put a smile on their face.


Narrowboat girl said...

This card is guaranteed to make anyone forget their troubles for a while. Love the colours

Yorkie girl said...

Good morning Sue and everyone
What a brill get well card I don’t have these dies but I have received a card made from them
Loved it
I might make a start on my Christmas cards today or do I start the mountain of ironing I have been ignoring lol
Anyway have a wonderful day everyone
Take care and hugs
Theresa G xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
A lovely card, I'm sure it would give a lift to somebody who was under the weather.

Diane Green said...

Hi Sue
What a fun card, it would really cheer you up if you were feeling poorly wouldn't it. I like the fake aspirin too, what a good idea. Thank you for sharing.
Love Diane G xxx
Pam echoing your comments today. Oh I like the new name for the gang! I had a FaceTime chat with them yesterday and there was a lot of hilarity especially as we couldn't get the camera to work at first. Safe journey home today ladie xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - an ingenious card which would certainly help cheer up anyone who is under the weather. Thank you for another great idea Sue. Sending best wishes

Suemac said...

What a great fun card

Marianne's Craftroom said...

What a great fun card to cheer someone up

Krafty Runner x said...

Hi Sue,

A cute get well card.

Krafty Runner x

carol edwards said...

Sue this is absolutely brilliant. You are so clever with your out of the box ideas. Thank you for the inspiration x

Chris Curry said...

A lovely idea for a card to cheer some one up . A real winner. Thank you Sue, have a good day. Xx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
A great card to cheer someone up when they're feeling poorly.

nattyboots said...

Hi Sue
A lovely card for the poor recipient , the plasters and acetate bottle are very impressive .

Saba and the naughty gang , i can just picture you all having giggling fits while crossing the legs , how lovely to read you antics and having such fun .

Crewe Trish , Crewe is the nearest place to go if we need anything ,it was a nice run out and we visited Aldi as i heard they had some nice chenille wool ,a bargain at under £3.00 for four 100gr balls .

Rosemary sending you a big Gentle Cuddle

Hi Pam , Helen is Phoning at 9.00 this morning , i have just spoken to Andrew who says" with not shaving it seems to be less angry and the swelling has definitely gone down ,in fact he thinks he looks quite kissable ",,,,,,, thats my boy !

Big huggles to all who need one and especially my besties.
Elaine H X

BenteS said...

Would love to receive such a card if I didn't feel well :))
It is so cute and fun with all the lovely details.

Izzy said...

Hi Sue,

Fabulous card, love your clever way with the aspirin bottle and the sticking plasters - this would perk up any recipient, young or older...


Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue. A lovely, cheerful get well card that is guaranteed to cheer anyone up. Thank you for your inspiration.

Love Rosemarie X X

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
A bright cheerful card guaranteed to cheer up the poorly recipient!
Lesley S x

karenlotty said...

This is Great I love it You very kindly gave me some Altoids at Ally Pally in April I used these dies with the Shadow Box

stitchingranny said...

What a fun card, I think it would make you smile no matter how ill you were.

Hugs Helen xx

Owlish said...

What a fantastic idea for this card very impressive great colours love it

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
this is a fab, fun card and will make any recipient feel a whole lot better!
Hugs, Rose

SueJ said...

Lovely card Sue, would put a smile on anyone's face.

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Very cute get well card would really cheer up the patient.


Annx without an "e"

Rosemary Stickland said...

Love this idea, would cheer up any patient!
Rosemary xx

Donita Naylor said...

Dear Sue, the Leader of this Gang,

Clever, clever card! Bold and cheerful. Even more cheerful because it seems to suggest Minnie Mouse -- the polka dots, the red, the black. Even the Get Well almost looks like a bow. One of the clevers is your using black gloss behind the black lattice. And you can add my vote to those who think those plasters are darling.

So Miss Rosemary, I hope you can feel all the love coming your way. And hugs. A cuddles.

Thank you, Saba, for your excellent report. It sounds like fun but I'm glad I didn't have to go!

Neene, you and I are the same age! It doesn't feel old, now that we're here, but it's noisy, what with the aches and creaks.

Forget the ironing, Yorkie girl! Life is too short for socks that match. I've been experimenting with taking my shirts out of the washer, putting them on a hanger but then clothespinning the hem on the clothesline, so the hanger hook is at the bottom, then hanging a plastic grocery bag weighted with cans on the hook. The weight stretches the wrinkles out while it dries. It works pretty well, uses no electricity and keeps the air from getting too dry in the winter.

I do have a Christmas giraffe story. A Christmas baby giraffe story. One year I had to work on Christmas Day, so they sent me to the zoo to cover the baby giraffe's first day on public view. I got to hang out in the giraffe house, watching the baby giraffe, watching the little kids watch the baby giraffe, and thinking how much better this was than sitting at home wishing for a Christmas dinner.

So maybe if Santa adds a giraffe to the line of reindeer, he could get a double-decker sleigh and carry sightseers. Might help defray costs.

Okay, enough from me.


Yorks butterfly said...

Morning Sue, Great fun get well card.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Sue, This card is fabulous !! I am always in awe at the plasters, they are so life-like.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Crafty Cruiser said...

This is such a fun card, it would bring a smile to anyone who is poorly.
Doreen R


Lovely fun card. Would definitely cheer up the recipient x

ursula said...

A real fun card, great idea,.....luv Ursula xx

Jean Z said...

HI Sue, Love the card. love Jean Z xxx

Anonymous said...

A very fun and cheery get well card Sue ..
ValCCumbrria xx

dmjones said...

Who wouldn't feel better on receiving
this card!! Love the ideas and the
colours too,

Doreen x

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, this is a great card and is bound to cheer anyone up. I fell in love with your sticking plasters when you first showed them, they are so realistic. The fake aspirins in the bottle are brilliant.

So glad the Shenanigans Seven had a lovely time, safe journeys home ladies.
Donita - a baby giraffe on Christmas Day, how lovely - worth giving up dinner for I would say and I bet nothing could match the expressions on the children's faces when they saw it.


Karen Drew said...

Great card. Love the effect of the mints.
Karen xx

sued99 said...

Really love this one. It would definitely make anyone feel better. X

Kate's Cards said...

What a cute get well card. xxx

Laura O' Connor said...

Very nice card sue. Laura O

Helen Bell said...

Hi Sue and everyone

A fun card. It would definitely cheer up the patient I think.

Love Helen xxx

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a great Get Well card. So cute hearts on the sticking plasters. The aspirin bottle with the mints is great.

Pawprintx4 said...

This card is a pleaser for everyone. I love the way your dies can take little bits of paper and make such adorable embellishments.
Donita, that really was a Christmas giraffe tale. I am sure there is a lot of meanings to the story on many levels.
I wish everyone a great Thursday. I am going to my card making group today. Will be working on my Christmas cards and enjoying seeing what everyone else makes.
Stephanie K

Barbara Gosden said...

Hi Sue
A lovely card.
I'm a bit later looking at the blog today as we've just arrived home from a trip to see our new granddaughter born yesterday - Matilda Rose. Our daughter was exhausted but triumphant, and Matilda is an absolute sweetheart.
B xx

Jackie Trinder said...

Hi Sue this is a stunning card I love those dies they are just perfect for a get well card. Take care. Hugs Jackie

barbara macaskill said...

I love this whimsically delightful card! If you receive a card like this you would have to get better! Totally awesome! TFS!

lindyloo12 said...

What a great card, it would be bound to cheer you up if you were ill!

Lynn Dalby said...

Hello Sue.

Great Card. It would definitely be a lovely card to receive. I think it would be appropriate for any age or gender of recipient, so useful. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes

Sam Smithard said...

To My Wonderful Dear Friend Sue,
What A Tremendous Get Well Card Great For The Gentlemen In Our Lives
Also Ladies But Those Gentlemen Are So Awkward.............
I Love How You’ve Used The Shadow Box Accessories “Feel Better Soon Collection”
For Today’s Card, Once Again Showing Us How Versatile Your Cutting Dies Really Are Also With
Your Tremendous Crafting Skills, You Never Surprise Me By Producing Such Outstanding Beautiful Cards.
You Inspire Me Daily With Your Extremely Exquisite Very Impressive Cards, I Thought In The Asprin Bottle you
Could Place White Tic Tacs, Also You Could Replace The Plasters With The Real Thing......
Products Used In Today’s Card:-
“Red/White Card” (From Your Stash)
“Creative Expression Coconut White/Black/Black Gloss/Papyrus/Red Foundation Card”
“Creative Expression Mounting Foam”
“Creative Expression Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Dries Clear Glue”
“Creative Expression Acetate”
Star’s In Today’s Card:-
“Sue Wilson’s Feel Better Soon Shadow Box Accessories Cutting Dies” (Which Includes The Sentiment Etc:-)
“Sue Wilson’s Trellis Edger Cutting Dies From The Configurations Collection” (Love How You Cut This Out In Black Card Then
Back In The Luxurious Black Gloss Card.)
Sue, Thank You For Everything Your Truly Tremendous Blog Which I Really Appreciate So Very Much.
Take Great Care My Wonderful Dear Friend
Wonderful Warm Fond Wishes To Colin Also Heather
Sue, Lots Of Love Also Huge Hugs 🤗
Love From Sam xxx
Pam, Donita, Crewe Trish, Steph, Also All That welcomed Me Back From “My Holiday” (I Can’t Say I’m Happy To Be Back)
Apart From Seeing My Dogs (Really Missed Them) The Hotel Manager E-mailed Me This Morning Saying
It Was Great To See Us Both Also Looking Forward To See Us Next Year Which We Are Now Planning
They Want Us To Go Three Times!!!!!! May/September/November

cr@fty said...

Hi Sue
What a fabulous get well card it would certainly make the recipricant feel better!
Hugs x
Heather T

Fikreta said...

this is very nice card!

Jean said...

So cute!

theresa w said...

Hi sue and lovely wilsonettes x
I love your card today sue x it is such a fantastic idea x anyone who's poorly wpuld be be cheered up no end to receive this card x thankyou sue x
Take care everyone x
Theresa w xxx

Suzzette Yandle said...

This Get Well card certainly would bring a smile to the receiver if they needed a get well message. Even though I speak "English", I am learning "proper" English from you Sue. I appreciate the "American" translations you give. Plasters - for band aids, interesting. I don't think I have heard this one before now.

Diane King said...

Quirky card. Love it x

Tracy Stitt said...

Hi sue.

Ooooh love it xx

CraftyJo said...

Very useful idea for a get well card :)

Jan.moogie said...

What a fun loving get well card Sue love it. Have a great day, hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Sue,
Gorgeous card today and it would raise the spirits of any poorly person.
Pam, I'm worn out trying to keep the clan in order. We did manage the odd conversation and laugh or two, with a bit of shopping and eating out thrown in!! We all took a shine to Constantine who was a waiter in one of the Restaurants, but I hate to admit that he was nearer Barbara's age, although still about 35 years too young ha ha. It was lovely to be greeted with hugs from the hotel staff when we arrived, and they all came to say goodbye when we left (probably to check that we hadn't taken any of the cutlery, and that we really were leaving) lol.
Donita, loved the baby giraffe story. A magical time for everyone I would imagine.
George is pleased I'm home, he's always been a bit strange ha ha.
love to all, I'll catch up on who's done what and where over the next few days.
Maureen (Myra's fiend) xxx

Barbara said...

Love this card Sue!
Great card to receive when you are under the weather.

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
A lovely get well card guaranteed to lift anyone's spirits, love the plasters too
Barbara congratulations on the arrival of your granddaughter Matilda
Maureen and the gang glad you had a great time

Sending love and hugs to everyone

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

What a wonderful pick me up card - made me smile when I saw it...Love it...

Poppyfield Card Crafts said...

Hi Sue

Great 'get well soon' card

June x

KarinsArtScrap said...

beautiful card Sue
Gr Karin

Anonymous said...

For a craft blog which is for craft ideas and such like I've never read and had to bypass so much tittle tattle in all my blogging years and that is a lot of blogging years i feel im standing in a queue of pensioners all agreeing with one another it is really off putting to those who enjoy admiring wonderful ways to use materials and give ideas to those not so confident when starting out with this interest. Ive never read so much rubbish.

Theresa Pace said...

fab card. gorgeous CAS, hugs xx

Myra said...

Hello Sue,
It’s Myra here! You know how much I love and admire your cards and work! Today’s card is beautiful! I used to use plasters and draw sad faces on them - this is so much better! I like the spotty card as well and the pill bottle is genius! This would bring a smile to anyone’s face!
I have spent a lovely few days with some lovely friends! Others have asked for news of that! I’m so sorry it has caused offence!
The tone and anonymity of the complainant have upset me! Leading a full and active life isn’t something that everyone can do. This blog has been a lifeline to so many people!
I’m sorry Sue! If I’ve over- stepped the mark - remove this ! That is your absolute right . However I don’t think I can deal with this childish , cowardly behaviour any more!
With love to you Sue and all lovely friends on the blog,
Myra xxx

Brenda Lello said...

Hello Sue, This card would put a smile on anyone’s face and certainly cheer you up if you were poorly.
Great Card, I love it.
Hugs Brenda xxx

Yvonne H said...

Good evening Sue,
A fantastic fun card & truly unique. Yvonne xx

Saba said...

Good evening Sue,
What an ingenious card, it would cheer up any anyone who was feeling under under the weather. Love your little hearts on the plasters and the Altoud mints are brilliant. You are so clever Sue.

Barbara Godson, congratulations on the safe arrival of Matilda Rose, enjoy every minute of cuddles to come.
Donita, I need a Christmas giraffe! Loved your story.

It's been a wonderful few days away with some of the best friends you could ever wish to know, our gang all got to know each other through this extra special blog. It's special because of the extraordinary nature of the way all Sues Wilsonettes share a deep love of and respect for Sues amazing talent, her inspiration and her generosity in creating a blog which feels more like a family of friends, all of whom support each other, cheer each other on and get enjoyment from hearing about each other's lives. It upsets me deeply to read an anonymous negative comment which only serves to cause upset not only to Sue's followers but to Sue herself.
Sending love and hugs to all, let's be kind to one another.
Saba xxx

Nanny Jo said...

I love it, Sue!! It would almost be worth being sick to get this card! :) Jo xxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card, love it.

Sorry for the Anonymous title-can’t access the comments any other way since my phone update!


Eunice said...

Love this card Sue, I know someone who would really appreciate it!!!!

Littlelamb said...

A lovely card and would make anyone feeling unwell a lot better. Good to hear that all the Secret Seven are home safely and that they had a good time. They are a wonderful lot of ladies and I agree with Myra and Saba. Echoing Pam's comments. Sorry to be so late but have been trying to get a birthday card finished. Done now.

Latenight SandyH said...

Brilliant get-well card. It would cheer anyone up whatever their age. Love the plasters.
Elaine, so good to read that Andrew is a little better.
Barbara, congratulations to you (and your daughter) on the arrival of Matilda.
Lovely to hear that the shenanigans gang had a good time.
Take care everyone.

Muriel Kelly said...

Hello Sue and all
Anyone would have to feel better with this happy get well card, it is lovely.
Running late today, almost time for tomorrow's blog,
Keep well
Muriel x

Marie P. From Coppull. said...

Good morning Sue
I do like this card and Suzzett's comment took me right back to my childhood when my Mum's answer to a cut was to say "Don't whine! go and find a sticking plaster!. O happy days.
At this point your anon. 'friend' should press the upper left key on the keyboard to reduce his/her blood pressure.
Hugs to all
Marie P

Vie Carter said...

Love these type of cards of yours Sue


Viki Banaszak said...

This is a wonderful die set. I have it and love the way you did this card.

Jeannie Donnelly said...

Ah, I missed this one, some days I have no time for browsing, cute card though, very useful die set. Xx

Elaine Ann said...

Hi Sue

Great card today very fun. will make anyone feel better.

With best wishes

Elaine Ann