Thursday, 3 November 2016


Hello everyone!  The day three final post is all about the Background; Swirly Vine Background to be precise.  This background has a vine theme that runs through the design from the outer die into the inner die.  It has been designed in a square style which has been much requested by those of you that love to make square cards!  As you can see from this sample, it makes a beautiful card with a very minimal effort!  Always great for those last minute cards and projects.  I would love to hear what you think of the blog launch so far.  Any favourites yet?  We still have two more days to go and loads more to share with you.  The fun will begin here tomorrow morning at 6am.  I hope you can join us back here then.  All for now, Sue x
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Suemac said...

Absolutely stunning card

marg said...

Hello Sue
What else is there to say...... just so beautiful!
Love Marg ( Bristol)

Jackie T said...

Hi Sue this is a stunning card I do love that die set. I do like to make square cards. Have a great evening. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Sue, Oh Wow Wow and triple Wow !! I absolutely adore this background die set, positively stunning, as is your card, stunning !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Jan on the Fosse said...

Hello sue
Gorgeous background die makes a wonderful card.
Jan x

Angela H said...

I absolutely love this die, what a stunning card. This die is top of my list

Clare Powell said...

Beautiful card, love the background frame and the leaves x

Kim Dibben said...

Stunning card Sue xx love, love love this die xx love making square cards and think this die will be as useable as the butterfly background xx love Kim d

Glennis F said...

A stunning die for those who make bigger cards

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card and die Sue. JJxx

Unknown said...

What a beautiful card again

Nanny Jo said...

Love, love, love it, Sue!!! Most of the cards I make are square....don't know why, I just like symmetry, I suppose! This set is definitely on my shopping list! Nanny Jo. N.Ireland

auscrafts said...

Lovely die .My favourites so far are the border ones that can be used to cover a background

karenlotty said...

Superb background die and lovely to see a square one Favourites...? This one and all of the shadow box ones

June Smith said...

Evening Sue and all Wilsonettes, what are you doing to us, every one you have shown us is better then the one before and this means that they are all on the same level, oh decisions! decisions! I love the idea of the square, I almost always make square card so this die is going to be very popular for me.

Have a wonderful evening everyone.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

Steph Cotterill said...

Oh Sue, this is just so beautiful on a par with your butterfly die from the Summer. I know who will show this off perfectly apart from yourself - and she excels on your followers facebook page.
Another fabulous selection of new dies today, thank you so much for sharing your inspiration with us Sue. Have a nice evening xxx

Lesley said...

What a beautiful die at the moment one of my favourites but that seems to change every day.

Jackie Meechan said...

Gorgeous card and absolutely love this die so very useful.

liz spooner said...

This one is definitely my favourite as I love swirls and I love square cards.xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I make a lot of square cards so I can see this will be on my ever growing wish list.
I can't choose a favourite yet.
Véronique L

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue
Gorgeous this die but my favourites still have to be the shadow box sets!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, yet again a stunning card and die. WakeyL

Welsh Dors said...

Hi Sue,
I'm one of those people who favour 6" x 6" cards, so this die set is perfect for me. I love the vine design that runs throughout this set.

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
Stunning card made with the vineyard die. My favourites so far is the Pacific Collection.

KarinsArtScrap said...

gorgeous and elegant Sue

gr karin

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, this is a lovely die set and what a beautiful card.

Barbara V

Tracey Short said...

This background die is gorgeous, the pattern is really pretty and different - love it.

Best wishes
Tracey, Hull

craftynanna said...

Now this is my favourite Sue really really lovely and makes a stunning cards, and I know who Steph is talking about on Facebook and can't wait to see her card, hugs Johanna Widnes

Tina T said...

Good evening Sue,
Oh what have you done to us crafters!!!!
This die is so beautiful, a really feminine die.
Each offering today has excelled the previous one and still two days to go
Love and crafty hugs to all,
Tina T xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue

This is a beautiful, elegant card. This launch is exceptional, love all the new collection

June F x

Scottydog said...

Wow! This is beautiful & love the card. I am going to make a card with autumn leaves tomorrow for a friends birthday, shame I don't have this background, just love it. Thank you Sue.

nancyd said...

Hi Sue, a very elegant and beautiful card nod another fantastic die,
Nancyd xx

Pam Hartlepool said...

Gorgeous die and the card is stunning. Do I have a favourite, up to now all of them, not that I'm greedy mind you.
June, if anyone deserves a beautiful bouquet it is you, Theresa you are a gem.
Tracey, so glad week 1 went well, week 2 will be better too. Don't worry about not finding anything, it will all come back.
I too often wonder about Molly, her Nan and grandad.
Laine, I'm still here but post on the later ones at different times due to work and grandchildren, still about at 6 am
Have a good evening everyone.

Marion Scott said...

Stunning card Sue and that die is so pretty. Marion S x

Unknown said...

Wonderful card! I definitely think this is one of my top three set of dies. Debra x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

A lovely background due and it makes a beautiful card. Love the leaves.

Kate from Kendal

PharmacyMichele said...

Wow-gorgeous card. This die would be so useful for so many occasions.


Lynne L said...

Hi Sue well this die is another beauty I love square cards so this will be on wishlist
Lynne L Haverfordwest

Susan Battensby said...

Thank you Sue, this set is brilliant, I love making square cards so this set will be perfect.
Lovely opulent card. x

Rosie said...

Hi Sue
You are right about this die, it really does not need much to make a quick card, just perfect....Love Rosie from

Janice K said...

Hi Sue, another wonderful design and great die set.
You must have been working very hard, do you ever take time off??
I think my favourite has to be the complete Pacific Ocean collection as they are all so pretty. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the launch.x
Janice K AC Bucks

Unknown said...

Hi sue this card is so beautiful I love the colour you have used so preety thank you so much love always xxxxxx
June horrocks xxxxxxx

Barbara Gosden said...

Hi Sue
A gorgeous card, and this is my favourite die set so far.
B xx

Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning disigne love all your dies
Great new die zo detailed
Big huge from Holland

Jeanie said...

Hi Sue
Gorgeous card and a very pretty and useful die love it

Sheila Barns said...

I just love this set and the colours chosen really make it stand out.

Betty McAlister said...

Yet another fabulous die Sue. I do like to make smaller cards including square so this will be perfect.
My favourites so far are the Pacific Ocean dies which are so gorgeous. Xx

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
Ooh squeal squeal! I love this die set. I am a square card maker, so thank you, thank you, thank you. Lovely card too.

Sunset Bay said...

Just so so beautiful. Can see those pixies have been around xx

A Happercrafter6 said...

Gorgeous background. Julia uses a pretty swirly vines stamp which I love too.

Myra said...

Hello Sue,
Beautiful Die and those leaves look almost real! Believe me I have plenty in the garden with which to change mpare them!!
To pick a favourite is difficult! Why do you think I have so many Sue Wilson Dies ??! Lol
Maybe the new Shadow box and some extras !! By that I mean the girlie dies or the Sports ones or the Tea / coffee ones!!! Oh and I really like Molly! Well you did ask!
June what a lovely gift! Enjoy your flowers , you deserve them!
Love to everyone, Myra ( Friend of Maureen!!) xxx

Rosemarie said...

Hi Sue, This is stunning. As a fan of square cards this is just up my street. Thank you.

Love Rosemarie Fishlock X X

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi Sue. Stunning card and die set :-) Have a lovely evening. Hugs to all xxx

Leanne said...

Another gorgeous die. I hope to win one of these and put it to good use.

Wendy Downes said...

Evening Sue, a stunning card and die.
Wendy Downes Sandown IOW x

cr@fty said...

Hi Sue
How can you ask which is our favourite ALL OF THEM of course lol! I love this die and card they are beautiful.
Hugs x
Heather T

Bejay said...

What a lovely background, Sue and the card is beautiful. I love the leaves, do I spot some Pixie Powders at work there?
So far I loved every post, although I haven't commented on every one. I felt that it would be unfair of me to comment on the dies I thought that I would not use too much, just in case I was a lucky winner. I would hate to take that chance away from anyone else. I have looked forward eagerly to each and every post however and have loved the wonderful creations. I do tend to go more for the flower and foliage dies, although I love the backgrounds you've shown us and the shadow box frame and inserts are wonderful. I'm looking forward to the rest of the posts over the next few days and I know there will be more comments from me to come :)
Bejay xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I'm so pleased to see a square die, really useful and stunning into the bargain.
Beverley W

Cdteach said...

I just love this design and the fact that it is a square is an added bonus as I love making square cards.


Unknown said...

Hi sue and crafters.

Oh wow this is amazing. This has to be my favourite so far. I can see this one being a go to die for me. I do s lot of square cards and I adore the swirly pattern too. The leaves are a cute touch too. Xx

Kate's Cards said...

Love making square cards, so love this! xx

craftylisa said...

love this square die x

Margreet said...

Such an elegant die and I love the leaves!
xxx Margreet

Lynda Mellor aka Loopy Lynda said...

Hi Sue, how can we choose a favourite let me see.... all of them they are gorgeous every single one of them in their own right!!!
Have a good one!!!
Loopy Lyndaxxx

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

Another beautiful background die set and just gorgeous. Next to nobles and finishing touches I just love all your background dies as I love to do larger cards. This post is just beautiful and showing the dies off to their wonderful potential.

foxyg said...

This is definitely my favourite so far. All brill but this pips the post.

Gloria Robey said...

Hi Sue, this die takes the gold medal you cant top this .It is defiantly my favourite die so far. I love! love! love! it. Gloria (Sidcup) xx

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, a gorgeous card to finish the day with, I love it. The Swirly Vine Background is beautiful and the autumn leaves match perfectly.

June - enjoy your flowers, what a nice friend you have.
Tracy - glad week one has gone well for you.
Laine & P Pixie - hope your lives get back to normal soon. PP, how did the blood tests go?

Is Google playing silly wotsits with anyone else? I keep having to check the 'I'm not a robot' box or it returns a bad move page. Never had to do this before.

Hugs for all Wilsonettes.


Unknown said...

GE Sue. Love this. It's so filigree and delicate. It's on my want list.

Hunnymummy54 said...

Hi Sue and all the Wilsonettes
Another stunning card and really love this background die but really love them all to be honest
Lots of love and hugs to all

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
I think this is my favourite card so far, I love the square background, almost as much as I love the butterfly frame, and wow the Autumn leaves have sneaked in too

Hugs and best wishes to everyone
Pat L, Belfast

CraftyJo said...

They've all been lovely but this one is definitely my favourite of the day.

Unknown said...

Love the vine background and how it can be used in different ways, can't pick one they are all lovely dies.

Glenharon said...

Good evening Sue,
oh how beautiful is this design and yes i am one of those people that love the square cards that have come in having changed from a5 i now go between 7x7 and 8x8. I love the openess that you get with the bigger cards or there not being a space left to fill depending on my mood. The only tiny cards i make are the Spanish collection or others that can make the beautiful shaped cards that the Spanish collection can do. The fact that you have made the 3 separate pieces to this die Sue that Spellbinders die that opens up into the 3 squares at the front, this would make an ideal set for going on it. Thank you flower for not only a bonnie die but a bonnie card made with it.
Love and crafty hugs
Norah (Glenochil)

Anonymous said...

Good evening, Sue!
This, too, is one of my favourites as I love square cards.
Your card is beautiful and the gorgeous multi-coloured leaves just add that finishing touch.
We have had a wonderful Autumn here this year with very little rain and high winds and the trees are looking stunning.
Lesley S x
West Sussex

Cathie said...

Love this die. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Nataliascraft said...

Gorgeous card and such a beautiful die set, love the leaves. All your cards are stunning. Beautiful new sets of dies x

Pussycats said...

Evening Sue and All.
This card is amazing ,I really love this card. I love the square die and the leaves. I have been loving the blog the past few days, really cheered me. All the cards have been stunning.
Hugs all round and well wishes. Wendy

Liz said...

Very elegant card - just beautiful. Love this set of dies. xx

Anonymous said...

Stunning autumn design, i love this die, so delicate and filigree. Thank you for sharing by Lianne Morrison in the uk

Sue MacFall said...

Definitely a swirly die - just beautiful and I love the leaves too.
Many thanks,
Sue Mac

Yvonne H said...

Good evening Sue,
Absolutely stunning card, very swirly & autumnal. My favourite collaboration so far are the shadow boxes & the lovely accessories. Blog has been of a high standard as usual but I am looking forward to seeing what else you have to show us. Yvonne xx

Heather said...

Absolutely fantastic card Sue, I love the colour of the leaves

Unknown said...

Good evening lovely Sue and her crafty crew!

I never used to be fussed about doing square cards, that is until i saw some of your examples and realised the usefulness of the square Nobles, now I am seduced by every offering in this particular shape. The delicate detailing and soft swirls in this die are gorgeous, the card sample highlights just how useful this die will be when seeking to rattle up a quick but very attractive card at the last minute. I have really enjoyed the launch thus far and you know me Sue, i can't limit myself by expressing any favouritism, i will simply be greedy, sell a kidney and have them all:-)
Hoping everyone has had a reasonable day and restful evening, see you all bright and early tomorrowxxxx

Love and crafty hugs,


Unknown said...

Another very useful frame die good for any occasion

Netty The Runner said...

Such a lovely die and a lovely card.
Annette x

Karen Drew said...

Stunning card. Love the die. Can't choose a favourite yet, there are so many
Karen xx

Annie Stamps said...

Love this background die, it's gorgeous. Think it would look great whatever you did with it.

Annie P

Anonymous said...

Really lovely set, Sue (think this is favourite so far) and a gorgeous card.
Thanks for a great third day. Really looking forward to Finishing Touches.

'P' in Wales

Geordie Jan said...

Love thus card, really versatile die x

Denise Bryant said...

Elegant card! Love the fall colors!

Dragonsnap2 said...

What a fabulous, elegant card. I love it. A must for my shopping list.
Happy crafting.
D xx

Jan.moogie said...

Another stunning die and doesnt it make fabulous card Sue, well done. Am loving what you have done so far, thanks for sharing, hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

Val Jones said...

Hi Sue, love this swirly background. Such a beautiful card.
Love Val in Spain xxx

NancyR said...

Beautiful! I love it.

NancyR in Delaware

BenteS said...

Gorgeous background die, and the card is beautiful!
I don't have any favorite yet, your new dies are all so wonderful :))

Barbara said...

Gorgeous card, very intricate design.

Barbara Phillips

Rosemary Stickland said...

Your square background dies are so useful Sue,
and this is no exception, and the card is so elegant.
Rosemary xx

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a gorgeous autumnal looking card. I love the swirly background die.

DeCor said...

I like this background. The vines are so beautiful. What a lovely card it has made. This die is so nice, you can do very little and it will make a great card. Thanks for another inspiring day Sue.

Narrowboat girl said...

A gorgeous autumnal card Sue. I love the die & yes, square cards are a favourite of mine

d from kettering said...

I can see this die being very useful, you asked if we had a favourite? Well, it is the one I just seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doreen x

Yorkie girl said...

Good evening Sue and all your crafty crew
This has to be the best one today so so useful and beautiful to boot
Ohh Sue you make things hard for a poor retired wilsonett lol
My want and need for your dies on this launch are separating me from my money lol
But then I will have new stash to play with
You have a good evening Sue
Hugs to all that need one and luck to all in the draw
Theresa G xx

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Sue,
I think this is my favourite, but then again ...........
June good luck with the blood tests tomorrow, enjoy your flowers.
Tracy, so pleased that all has gone so well at work for you.
Maureen (who on earth is Myra!!!) xxx

Theresa said...

lovely background die. and a card that is so apt for the time of year. very seasonal, hugs xx

Karen K said...

Good Evening Sue
This is definitely my favourite of the day.
I love background dies and this one is so unusual. Love it.
Karen in Telford x

ellyscard creatief said...

Beautiful card.

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Absolutely beautiful die and card. Has to be one of my favourites.
Love to all, Alison xxx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Gorgeous die, gorgeous card

AliJ said...

Oh my these are lovely. AliJ x

Helen Bell said...

Hi Sue and everyone

Sue, reading through these comments tonight, I have to say how wonderful you are for giving so many people so much happiness and inspiration. You are a real tonic for a lot of people. So thank you. You have used your brilliant talents to help so many people.

I love the swirly vine background die set, and your card is lovely. So nice that you take on board the many requests that you obviously get from your fans. The card is as always a work of art. I seem to be adding to my many favourites...there is never just one!

June, so happy that you received beautiful flowers from a treasured friend. Hope you get sorted soon and start to feel better. Though your last post comes across as someone who seems happy. I hope I'm right. X

Tracy, so glad you've settled back in easily and that you have been missed. Slowly slowly though. X

Love Helen xxx

jenny Briggs said...

Evening Sue
Lovely card and what a great background card love theach swirls I love to make square cards

Maria - Ivyleaf Crafts said...

A stunning card and the die is just gorgeous xx

Anonymous said...

I have not been well so not commented over the last few days Sue, but this and the other cards you have posted are all beautiful. I had enough money to pre-order the new Fiji die and also the new Striped Nasturtiums and they arrived today so hope that I will be well enough to play with them soooooooon.

Have a happy day everyone

ps. the others in the set are on my wish list lol

Dawn Holben said...

Sue this is amazing and totally gorgeous both the card and die.
This is definately one of my favourites and top of my list followed by the trellis edger and the bora bora die.
But to be honest all the dies are on my shopping list lol
So far they have all been astounding and can't wait to see what you bring us in the next couple of days.

Unknown said...

This is an amazing die, love all the delicate swirls, the card is stunning xx

SassySaz said...

Such an elegant design I just love this one x

Unknown said...

Hi Sue this is a stunning card I love this die as you can make a quick card using all the dies as they are really lovely
Kathy B x

Laura O said...

fab die easy to make a great card from this one ,Laura O

Angela (UK) said...

Hi Sue,
There's just something about squares, I go for them every time. Like the look of the leaves with the pixie powders, can't wait to see what else you make with them
Angela (UK)

theresa w said...

Hi again sue and lovely wilsonettes x
Another wow from me for another beautiful die set x cannot choose a favourite they have all been put at the top of my list ! Thankyou sue for a fantastic day and look forward to tomorrow x
Take care everyone x
Theresa w in berks xxx

Croquet Queen x said...

Hi Sue,
Hallelujah! My struggling days are over! When someone wants a Wedding,Engagement or Congratulations card quickly I never seem to function right, but now the answer to my problem has arrived in one complete package! Even the colours you've chosen are ideal for the Golden Wedding I've just been asked to do. Guess I'm off to the shops tomorrow!
Brilliant launch as always, you never fail to deliver exceptional designs which are always innovative.
L Dewar

gailgale said...

Another very beautiful card!!!!
I have been wondering what the Vine Die looked like cut.
It is beautiful
All this are wonderful, Sue
And thank you.


Karene M from Australia said...

Hi Sue, love the square shape of this one, so useful! Have I a favourite yet? That's very difficult.....there's lots on my Wishlist so far!

craftyjen said...

Stunning card and die sue, so many ways to use it. I ordered mine today !!. Love these background dies, more please. Jenny Isle of wight

Tressa said...

Stunning card. The ability to make a square card makes this an absolute must for my collection. Hope there will be more in the future.


Arlyn(O) said...

Hi Sue, Lovely background leaf panel. Beautiful card. Arlyn O

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Gorgeous Autumnal card and a beautiful background die set so versatile.


Annx without an "e"

Rjsmusic said...

Love your dies and card!

Anne said...

I can see these dies being really useful and versatile,Sue.

Anne (Northampton)

Brenda said...

Hi Sue,

What a gorgeous card. I love this die, it will be perfect for so many different occasions.

Love it!!! Brenda xxx

rosiejt said...

Another lovely set and so useful.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful die, love the square shape can be nipped to be any thing that you need. You are amazing!!!!

Unknown said...

I love all the swirly vines!!

Suebak said...

Amazing blog launch Sue. I expect it will continue so. This Swirly Vine die is truly a favourite and I have to say you would never view this beautiful submission and think of it as a 'quick' card. The Shadow Box dies are also a close favourite of mine. Thanks.

Susan x

Crafty Cruiser said...

Another beauty! Truly amazing
Doreen R

Gillyflower said...

Well Sue! I think that this is my favourite die so far! I LOVE it, and can see so many ways of using it too! I prefer to make square cards, so this is great! Hugs Gilly R x

Lisbeth said...

Hi Sue. This background die is truly stunning, it's funny how I always seem to be drawn to the background dies immediately. I love the way the design continues across the different elements.


Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Amazing card! Love these swirly frames, they are so interesting! Perfect for square cards, but also for others uses!
My favourite new die set is always Bora Bora... I really falled in love with it. :D
But love so much the final touches leaves that you haven't presented yet... I'm thrilled by them and waiting next days for their launch! :D

Lorraine Freeman said...

As a mostly square card maker yes this is right up my street, I love it.
Brilliant work Sue

rolfi said...

Hi Sue,
these background dies are stunning and another set on my wishlist.
your card is amazing for sure.
Rolf xxx

Elsie Smith 1 said...

Hi Sue. Another fabulous die, you are making it so hard to choose a favourite xx

Tres said...

Hi Sue. Well I finally made it to your last post for today !!! WOW !!! WOW !!! WOW !!! I have to say Sue your new Swirly Vine Background is truly outstanding !!!!!!! It is gorgeous, amazing, elegant, classy, and stunningly beautiful !!! A great idea to split it into three parts. So very versatile. Such a stunning card to. I am also loving your leaves dies. I can't wait to see them in more detail. Thank you. Lots of love to you today Sue from Tres x x x

Lots of love to everyone today from Tres x x x

Teresa from Orpington x x x

Karen M said...

Hi Sue
Gorgeous card & die,this would be a go to die quite a bit I should think
Thank you
Best wishes
Karen Wings M

Unknown said...

Good evening Sue and lovely Wilsonettes
Well I have to say this is my favourite die of the launch so far. I make quite a lot of square cards and this die is just gorgeous. Sue you are teasing us with the pixie powdered leaves, beautiful and very much in keeping with the time of year.
June, it was so nice to hear about your flowers, glad they cheered you up, hope your knee gets better soon.
Hello and hugs to all my crafty friends. See you tomorrow.
Love and blessings
Deb C xx

Diane Green said...

Hi Sue
This is a gorgeous card, what beautiful colours. I think this might be my favourite die so far but it is a difficult choice. Thank you for sharing.
Love Diane G xxx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
this background die is DIVINE. And the card is beautiful, with the leaves accenting it so well.
What do I think of the blog launch so far? Absolutely fabulous, looking forward to tomorrow. Favourites?? I wish........ I want them all.
Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

Hi sue
Lovely end to the day square cards are my favourite so this fits the bill for me I just can not make a decision as to my favourits would be
pleased to own any of them Christmas is coming so hint dropping may begin soon.
Heather R Oxfordshire

julie laz said...

Beautiful card sue, loveing your new die collection, crafty hugs Julie laz xxx

Barbara W said...

Hello Sue

This card is lovely and the die is beautiful.

A must have die I think!

Lol Barbara W (Worcestershire)

Princess Pixie! said...

Evening Sue
I am much later than I had planned so just a quickie x
Another stunner! This gorgeous die is going to add so much classy versatility to anyone's stash x
This launch is amazing. Thank you so much Sue x
Sending happy thoughts and lots of love to everyone especially my blog besties x
Will have to play comment catch up tomorrow x
Take care
Crafty hugs
Yvonne x

Roisin said...

Stunning card Sue...this is so much more than a background! Love the square shape....this would be very useful for me...most of my cards seem to be square!!
Thanks for another day of fabulous dies and cards!I look forward to tomorrow!

Roisin D x

Pawprintx4 said...

I love this background. I am adding it to my list. I was very excited today to find that my local stamp/scrapbook store got in some Sue Wilson dies. I got 3 sets plus an embossing folder and set of stamps that go with the snow globe sets. They need to get this set!
Stephanie K

Susan M on the South coast said...

This is my favourite die so far, I think that you could also use it at Christmas. It's a gorgeous die.

Lynda's craft's said...

WOW WOW WOW Sue GORGEOUS card &I I'm in love with this stunning die
I love it I make quit a few square cards so this is a must have for me. I already have your Butterfly frame
which I love Well you know I'm a Butterfly freak HaHa.
Love & Hug's Lynda Brock xx

JUNE enjoy your 🌹 flowers you deserve them, Hope hospital goes well tomorrow,& 💉Tests ok
Take care. Hug'sxx

🤗🤗🤗🤗 for all Wilsonetts xxx

Margaret said...

I have not bought a background die as yet but the temptation grows greater. Lovely autumn card.
Margaret from Tassie

DeeDee7770 said...

What a beautiful and functional die set. I love the swirls. You card is beautiful. This one goes to the top of my list!

Wendy B.

Unknown said...

Very pretty card Sue. Loving all the dies. Anne x

Littlelamb said...

Beautiful card and love this die. I mostly make square cards so this will be ideal. Thank you so much Sue.

Pat said...

Hi Sue
This is a lovely die, and your card is exquisite
I like square cards so this would be up there with my favouritestash
Loving the variety of this launch
Pat x

sued99 said...

This is so pretty. It's gone straight to the top of my favourites list. X

Dr Sonia S V said...

Oooh such a delicate and gorgeous die
Dr Sonia

Emily said...

Gorgeous card, and dies, Sue.
Hugs, emily65

Janice E Brummett said...

Beautiful card, so delicate. so must have.

Darlene from SK said...

Beautiful! Your ideas are amazing! Darlene from Canada

P Austen said...

Just lovely. Have been trying to put my favourites of this launch into some semblance of order but need a lie down as I' m going dizzy. Hugs. Xx P Austen

Jean Bullock said...

Gorgeous card. This die set really looks versatile. I pinned of course.

CraftySuetoo said...

Hi Sue. This is definitely one of my favorites (so far) and a lovely end to the day. Vines are so useful for all occasions and I do like square cards. Sue xxx

Crewe Trish said...

Hello Sue
I do love your background dies they have so many uses

Wacki Macky said...

A lovely die set Sue, love squares, they are my favourites, the card is great,

thank you,

from the CRAZI CRAFTER said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you I am a day late sorry.
Beautiful background die.
and a great card.
Take care Kitty.

BridgetCG said...

Hi Sue, well I think I have just found my favourite die of the collection, I absolutely love the continuing pattern of the vines. The card you have made is stunning. Bx

hollyberry said...

I have lots of favourites and this is one of them!

JAO said...

Fab new dies, another on my list.

Clai01 said...

Hi Sue
i tend to like leaves, vines, twigs and florals so this die is right up my street.
Gorgeous. x Lovely card. x

Jen said...

Now this is one I really really want!
Jen from Bognor

TDQ Karen said...

Very pretty, love the openness of the background

Linda Graham(Bordon) said...

Beautiful background die Sue,love the delicate swirls,square cards are a real favourite of mine so this die would be perfect,thank you,Linda x

lilian said...

Hi Sue, another set of beautiful dies, love anything square,lovely card.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

hazel young said...

Stunning card and die set, I can see lots of uses for this one x xhazel young nottm

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. WOW This card is stunning very rich and elegant with its colouring. Another great die and the fact its a square it will come in very handy for the square cards that a lot of us make as sometimes it seem a shame to cut into those rectangle dies because they are so gorgeous in there original shape.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

sandyh said...

Another lovely die set.

cheryl brown said...

Hi Sue,

Such a pretty die, I can see me using them n the triple flip cards.

Love 7 hugs
Cheryl xxx

cheryl brown said...

Hi Sue,

Such a pretty die, I can see me using them n the triple flip cards.

Love 7 hugs
Cheryl xxx

cheryl brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Such a classy card. great square shape diies

Maggie M.S. Cheshire

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Beautiful card and die. love Jean Z xxxx

mouse said...

Absolutely love this die!

Karen W said...

Oh Wow I love this set, it's so versatile and gorgeous!! I love how you show us layering on everything and so many different uses for your dies.

hettygarlick said...

That's a beautiful background, and the leaves are gorgeous too.

Anonymous said...

I loved the butterfly square die, this will be even more useful as you can add flowers to it. Beautiful.


Alison D said...

Hi Sue, gorgeous card, such a pretty background. Fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It's a must have as far as I 'my concerned. Love and hugs,
Alison D x

gwen70 said...

WOW Sue stunning card and die, love them both

Unknown said...

hi Sue another great frame for quick cards!!!
Denise H x

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue a beautiful card from this super die set. Another on my wish list! Love from Jackie xx

Marianna Hammer said...

Beautiful die and beautiful card!

Cards2Di4 said...

Hello again Sue. I just love all your background dies. They're so versatile. This one is no exception. Hugs Diane (Cards2Di4) xx

lydia jordan said...

Hi Sue,
I do like the square background dies as I make a lot of square cards. I have the butterfly one and it's stunning and this beautiful die looks just a good.
Gorgeous card.

Unknown said...

Wonderful card, and a brilliant background die as I favour square cards!
Anne xo

Beryl said...

Beautiful card and dies

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