Monday, 28 November 2016

Fabulous Day

Hi bloggers!  I used the Double Pierced Noble Ovals, both the original set (I'll call the A set) and the B set to cut apertures out of coconut white, black and sky blue card and stacked them to create the aperture in the background.  By using both the A and B sets, there is a closer mat between them.  I cut the thin edge die from the Romantic Edger out of white card and extended it to create a long piece.  I did two of these for the upper and lower edge of the background.  I lined the back of them with a thin strip of sky blue card, then matted the entire strip on a slightly larger piece of black card, added mounting foam and attached them to the edges of the card.  Next I used the decorative die from the Mauritius die set and cut it into a piece of coconut white card.  I mounted that piece behind the aperture opening.  I stamped my sentient in black and cut the centre from the Madeleine die to create a blue and white frame to go over it.  I seated it in the centre of the aperture atop the Mauritius die.  I added a piece of sky blue card behind the Mauritius die to show through it.  Using the Exquisite Poppy die set, I created  three dimensional flowers and added them to the left side of the frame.  I seated the flowers on a bow tied from white satin ribbon and accented with Olive Branches in white.  The card was completed with white, black and sky blue mats.  The finished dimensions are 7 1/4" x  8 1/2" in size.  All for now, Sue x

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Pam said...

Beautiful card, lovely. Very elegant
Helen you gloat as much as you like, it sounds wonderful. Enjoy every minute.
Elaine, what a wonderful boost for Andrew, like Myra, my twin grandsons are going to be so impressed with the letter from Mourinho, what is Andrews connection with Man Utd.
Tina, my chest infection has gone but I still cough a lot due to the lung damage and they can't do anything for that but I'm okay, thank you.
Glad Peter is feeling better.
Pat, hope your back is not too painful.
June, Sharon, lovely to hear you are both feeling a bit better. Onwards to full recovery now.
Steph, how did market go, hope all of that hard work paid off for you.
Tracey, I suppose you have an increase in hours again this week, please take care and tell them if it is too much.
Healing hugs to Lynda, Tina and Mick and all who are not well. Hugs to all too.

Dragonsnap2 said...

Fabulous card. Love it.
Happy crafting.
D xx

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, a gorgeous card and love the colour the dies are all a must have.
Nancyd xx

Lynda Mellor aka Loopy Lynda said...

Good morning Sue, a very sumptuous card today!!!
Have a good one!!!
Loopy Lyndaxxx

Karen Derbyshire said...

Lovely card Sue, really nice!

Marion Bull said...

Gorgeous card today and love the colours!

Maggie B xx

auscrafts said...

beautiful card ,love this Mauritius die set it's top of the list for next year said...

Morning Sue.
When is a Poppy not a poppy?==When it is a beautiful Sue Wilson Creation.
Thank you Sue a beautiful card and flowers.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, a really beautiful card, love the flowers on the side. Have quite a few of your dies on my Christmas wish list. Have a great day. Bx

tracy w said...

Hi Sue
One word stunning thank you tracyw x

Kate's Cards said...

What a beautiful card. xxxx

Jan on the Fosse said...

Good Morning Sue
A beautiful card to start the week,Love it.
Jan x

Steph Cotterill said...

Morning dear Sue. Never mind a fabulous day, you have started our week with a fabulous sample. I just love the effect the lines give with these new collections of dies, they will lend themselves to show so many different backgrounds from plain but beautiful embossing folder details to Pixie powders to fire and ice, I think they are all so pretty and hope to own some of this collection before I draw my pension lol !! Mind you, if yesterday has anything to go by, I'll struggle to ever own the full Peirced Noble sets ! Yep, as predicted and mentally prepared for I'll only have a few to make next year, no panic, no stress, so that's a good outcome right ? It means my Noble collection will have to wait a few more months yet to find their way home. So in a way Pam, all the hard work, all the frustrations my body gives me when only trying to do what I enjoy, and how pooh I feel today was worth it because you can throw next year's festive season at me and I'll be ready lol.
No R & R for me today either as it's a trip to the dentist which is quite a drive ( that's the price I pay for choosing a dental surgery that is set up purely for whimps like me that is totally terrified of walking through the door let alone sit in that big horrible recliner chair and have tools that look like torture tools floating round your mouth) they play music into headphones for me and a shoulder 'massage' at the same time to try and relax me to stop my shoulders disappearing into my ear canal lol. So a fabulous day Sue ? Me thinks not lol but I hope you have one 😊 so here is a hug to start with the rest is up to you lol. Need to set up the black box to record Johns shows where I'm certain he will do this collection and you proud 😊 bye for now xxx

Karen Drew said...

Beautiful card and a lovely sentiment.
Karen xx

Maria - Ivyleaf Crafts said...

A stunning card x

Unknown said...

Wonderful card! Another lovely card design. Debra x

Tina T said...

Good morning Sue and crafters all,
What a beautiful card today, lovely as a wedding or anniversary card. Sadly I don't own this set of dies and the old pension only lets me get the odd one at this time of year.
Pam, so pleased your infection had gone - take care with the cough!!!!
June Smith - hope you are managing to sleep better, continue with the physio you will soon be doing marathons!!!!
Stephanie - hope you trip to the dentist is not painful.
Peter sees his GP today for what they call an annual review so they said when they rang us.
Love and crafty hugs to all who need them,
Tina T xxxx

Netty The Runner said...

Beautiful, elegant card.
Annette x

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
Today's card is gorgeous. I love the colour and the poppies especially. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day everyone.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card, Sue, love everything about it. The Mauritius die is so pretty, feeling slightly lustful!
Helen - wow - some holiday, make the most of it. Don't want to make you feel jealous, but we are having frosty nights lol!
Sorry about the market. Steph, hope the dentist is less painful.
Hugs to all who need one.

'P' in Wales

Barbara (C) said...

Love the combination of dies to make the centre feature of todays card.

Janice K said...

Good morning Sue.
A very beautiful card in such a lovely soft colour combination. I love the linear design within the Mauritius die, it works so well with the pierced edges-stunning. X

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, lovely card really like it. Lovely colours.

Barbara V

Unknown said...

GM Sue. Such a lovely card. Love it.

PharmacyMichele said...

Gorgeous card, so delicate & such pretty colours.


Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue. Lovely card in beautiful colours. The poppy die is so useful isn't it. It can be anything you want.

Love Rosemarie X X

hollyberry said...

Such a beautiful card.

Jackie T said...

Good morning Sue today's card is gorgeous. The dies are amazing. I love the poppy dies and I want the oval dies. Have a great day today. Take care. Hugs Jackie

lilian said...

Hi Sue, avery beautiful card, love the blue, and your flowers.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

Jan.moogie said...

Oh Sue you have done it again, this is stunning love it from the colour to the flowers to the die choice, everything about it. Now I have to add more stuff to my wish list. Thanks for sharing and have a fantastic day, hugs xxxxxxx

Chris Curry said...

Beautiful card Sue. I love the colours you chose and how you have used the dies. Thank you xx

Izzy said...

Hi Sue,

Beautiful card to start us off this week, love the depth you've achieved with the aperture layers...I've just treated myself to the Mauritius and Madeleine sets and really, really need those Noble Ovals now that I've seen how well they all work together.

Stephanie - so good to read that you're taking a positive view, as you say no panic now over next year's festive season - good luck with the dental visit.


hazel young said...

Beautiful card Sue x xhazel

A Happercrafter6 said...

The Mauritius die set is lovely - beautiful card created.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - this card is exquisite and I love the colours. I have the oval dies and have used them so much. Now waiting for Christmas to come and go so that I can buy some more of your amazing dies. Best wishes

Unknown said...

A stunning card today Sue i love how you used the dies.
Hug Catherine.

shabbycraftcabin said...

I love this card. Keep warm, Ivy C x

hettygarlick said...

I love this. It's really beautiful.

JAO said...

Lovely card Sue.

foxyg said...

Beautiful card Sue. Very elegant. X

Suemac said...

Exquisite card and lovely colours

Diane Green said...

Hi Sue
What a pretty card this morning. The oval layers really draw your eye in and the Mauritius die in the middle is so delicate. Thank you for sharing.
Love Diane G xxx
Sending hugs to Tina and mick Tina and Peter (hope annual review goes well), Elaine and Andrew (what a lovely treat) June Sharon and Tracey xxxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, This card is truly fabulous !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
I love today's card it's so pretty, you already know how much I love the Noble dies they are so useful for making frames etc. I'm still saving like mad for the round and oval B sets.
Hugs x
Heather T

Yvonne H said...

Good morning Sue,
Absolutely exquisite card today, I love the poppies in that colour too. Everything about your card is just exquisite. Yvonne xx

Crewe Trish said...

Hello Sue
What a lovely elegant card. Stephanie I hope the trip to the dentist goes well you are not alone in being terrified of them. As a child I saw a dentist who was nicknamed butcher smith he was terrible he filled teeth without numbing your gum and shouted if you cried. Tina I hope Peter's hospital goes well.

June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, another beautiful card today, love the noble dies and use them on almost all of my cards, I have also purchased the Platinum A4 so I am going to try some of your new dies when I get a chance, I understand from John L that the embossing using these machines are very good.

Although I woke up a couple of times in the night I did get quite a lot of sleep so feel refreshed this morning and yes I did all my ironing yesterday too - she is a good girl sometimes.

Pam, pleased that you are feeling much better, it always takes longer for the cough to go though.

Hellen, Mexico sounds wonderful, in fact my son and his partner are arriving there today for a 2 week holiday to celebrate his recent 40th birthday, they have just had 3 days in Los Vegas and are so excited about it. You gloat all you want and have a fantastic time.

Elaine, Andrew must have felt over the moon to receive the letter from Mourinho, I am sure it would certainly have boosted him up, what a keepsake. My eldest son supports MU, middle one Birmingham and youngest and hubby support Arsenal so you can imagine the rivalry that goes one.

Tina, hope all goes well with Peter and the GP review today x

Pat, hope your back gets better soon x.

Sharon, it is true what they say every day is better then the one before, I can get in and out of bed now with no aids (dog lead) and if I lay straight I can lift my bad let right up straight so pleased with that, still trying with the bending though, that is the hard one. You keep up those exercises, they will help. How is your daughter? xx

Steph, how did market go, hope all of that hard work paid off for you.

Tracey, as you have the increase in hours please take care and if you struggle then let them know, treat one day at a time.

Thinking of Lynda, Tina and Mick, Theresa and all my blog friends who are not well.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs June Smith xxx

Anne said...

This is absolutely gorgeous, Sue.

Anne (Northampton)

Muriel said...

Hello Sue and all
A lovely blue and white gift with a touch of black to set it off beautifully - gorgeous again.
I have the circles but not the noble ovals and they are on the must have soon list however I did get the borders and am yet to use them. You have just inspired me.
The poppies are still my favourite flower, I use them all of the time.
About to put on music and start on another of my special Christmas cards,(3 made 6 to go !) using the poinsettia and holly gemini this evening, your dies make it so easy to make special cards for the very special people we are lucky enough to have in our lives
Muriel x

Clare Powell said...

Beautiful card, love the background inside the frame x

Pussycats said...

Good Morning Sue and all. Beautiful card to start Monday. I love the colours of the cream and sky blue and once again I love the how you have changed the poppy die. Well wishes to all needs them and hug all round.
Elaine what a lovely surprise for Andrew to get a letter from Mourinho, I am sure it would of made him smile . Wendy

BenteS said...

Gorgeous card!
Love your Mauritius die set, it is so beatiful :))
Lovely flower arrangement as well :))

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, love the card and colours. love Jean Z xxx

nattyboots said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card on this dry crisp morning, love those flowers.

Pam and June ,Andrew is just interested in football , his great ,great, great granddad founded Port Vale way back in the day , apparently Andrews friend told Mourhino he was ill and not able to get to the games so he asked for Andrew's address . My other son supports Stoke and my Grandson Daniel ,bless him is very very loyal and supports Port Vale through thick and thin , he does get teased at times when they are not doing so well but says" its a Hood thing and part of out Heritage" .
Pam i hope you cough gets better soon .
June hope you get another good sleep tonight.

Sharon, pleased you are feeling better .

Tracey , please take care ,don't overdo it .

Special hugs to all
Elaine H X

Rosemary Stickland said...

Pretty card, love the colour and the floral embellishment.
Rosemary xx

Unknown said...

Love this card sue I love the oval dies John is doing you proud with this new collection
Love always June horrocks xxxxx

Unknown said...

Morning sue and crafty crew

Awww this look so pretty. Mind u all ur dies are very pretty. Can't wait to see what u get creating for next year. But I can hear u laughing away cause knowing u Uve probably designed them and have them in the pipeline.

Ladies. Yes I'm taking it easy I promise. This week 5 days instead of 4. 6.30 till 12.30. So quite happy. After this week one more short week thenback to full time.

Love to all as usual xx

Unknown said...

Morning Sue

Beautiful card and I love the way you've created your flowers

June x

Annie Stamps said...

Lovely card Sue. The touch of black is perfect. Love the heart border too. It's on my Christmas list.
Have a good crafty week everyone.

Annie P

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card Sue- my favourite colour blue. Love it!
VC x

Bejay said...

Stunning card, Sue,
I love what you've done with the poppies, such a delicate blue ☺
Bejay xx

Rose in Chester said...

this is a truly fabulous card, I love, love, love it.But then I LOVE the Mauritius die...
Just beautiful, everything. And you've done your poppies in the way I'd love to be able to do them (well, as good as you, anyway).
Lockers is also singing your praises on Hochanda, pointing out the great features of your new dies.Those striplets are really versatile! Have only acquired one up to now but can't see it staying that way. :-)

Hugs, Rose

Nannieflash said...

Good Morning Sweet Sue a beautiful card this morning I love your flower its so pretty. hugs Shirleyxxxxx

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, a beautiful card to greet us today. I love the layering of the ovals and the Mauritius die is so pretty. The poppies are gorgeous as always and the olive branches are a good alternative to leaves. Altogether I love it.


Unknown said...

To My Wonderful Friend Sue,
What A Truly Outstanding Card You've Shown On Your Fabulous Blog Today,
I Just Love The Fabulous Colour Combination Of Coconut White, Black, Also The Stunning Sky Blue Foundation Card.
I Just Love The Selection Of Cutting Dies You've Chosen For Today's Masterpiece.....
The Romantic Edger, The Truly Outstanding Mauritius Die, The Madeline Die For Your Sentiment
Not Forgetting The Exquisite Poppy Die Set, Plus Olive Branches, Add It All Together And You Arrive
At Today's Extremely Exquisite Masterpiece Just Stunning, Thank You So Much For Sharing Sue.
Take Great Care My Wonderful Friend Sue
Wonderful Warmest Fond Wishes To Colin And Heather
Love And Huge Hugs 🤗 To Yourself Sue
Love From Sam xxx
Hugs To "All" Wilsonettes.....

Laura O said...

beautiful card ,very pretty ,Laura O

Theresa said...

absolutely beautiful, hugs xx

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Sue,
The card today is beautiful beyond words. It's exquisite.
Helen, have a fabulous time.
Tracy, see how you go with this extra day.
Sending love to Tina & Peter, Tina & Mick, Elaine & Andrew (the special one!!!) PP, Pam, Maria, Lynda, June S, and my brain has gone dead so to anyone I've forgotten.
Congratulations to the comment winners, I don't know how but I didn't log on yesterday!!!
Maureen xxx

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, lovely card for us today, I like this colour combimatiom, so clean and fresh.
Take care everyone, Jess xxx

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a gorgeous card. So pretty and very feminine in lovely pastel colours. I love it.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
A beauty to start the week, gorgeous design I love the littel edger dies, they are on my wish list.

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card, love the sky blue card and my favourite exquisite poppies, thank you for sharing. I might not have been able to craft this weekend but I was able to shop so now waiting for some of your lovely dies to arrive, Myra, Pam and June thanks for your good wishes, things a bit easier today. I was just loading the washing machine and had a pain so severe it made me physically sick, now shuffling about like an old woman
Steph sorry the market wasn't great but you're now well ahead for next year
Helen sounds like you are having the most wonderful time enjoy every minute

Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone

Sue MacFall said...

Lovely card again, Sue. Such a lovely colourway, too.
Many thanks

gwen70 said...

Stunning card Sue

Beryl said...

Beautiful card Sue. Love the colours.

barbara macaskill said...

I can't think of a better way to start the week out! A cup of coffee and a beautiful card from Sue WilsoN! It doesn't get much better than this!!! TFS!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful card Sue live from Jackie xx

Lynn Dalby said...

Hello Sue.

Lovely Card. I love the Romantic Edger and Exquisite Poppy dies, nice colours. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes

Nanny Jo said...

Beautiful card, Sue. I love the colours you've used. I've been watching John Lockwood on Hochanda....WOW!!! Fabulous collections, Sue!! I couldn't afford both sets, alas, so I went for the Islands. And the starflower dies.... :) because I always need more Sue Wilson flower dies.... lol Jo xx

Unknown said...

Just fabulous, my sort of card


ursula said...

A superb card today Sue, I love how you layer up the ovals to look like a frame with that stunning die in the background....beautiful...luv Ursula xx

Suebak said...

Stunning - very clean looking.

Susan x

Fikreta said...

very nice card!

KarinsArtScrap said...

it's very beautiful Sue
Gr Karin

gailgale said...

WOW! ! ! !
This is one BEAUTIFUL card! ! !
Please demo this one.

dmj said...

O do like this one, Sue, so useful!!!

CraftyJo said...

Such a lot of interesting details to this card, tfs.

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

Beautiful and elegant

Yorks butterfly said...

Hi Sue, another really lovely card, I do like these dies, so pretty.

karenlotty said...

Lovely card I do like these colours

crossstitchmarg said...

Hi Sue,
Gorgeous card today, I love the colours you have used as well.
Thanks for sharing

Pawprintx4 said...

Such a pretty card. I love the Madeleine die. I bought it recently and am using it much as you did on this card (and others). It is one of my favorites.
Today is chilly & gray here. We need rain so I will not complain.
Stephanie K

Lisbeth said...

Hi Sue. I love the way you have used the decorative bit of the Mauritius die for the background overlapped with the oval frame. Love the colours you have chosen too.


Nana on the Hill said...

I am away for a few days & come back to this beauty, love it Sue.

Denise Bryant said...

Awesome details and dimension on this beautiful creation!

Maria said...

Hi Sue and everyone.
Stunning card and the blue is such a calming colour. The dies
you have used together are perfect.

Congrats to all the comment winners.

I'm sending hugs to all wilsonette's. Special ones to all my
friends (you know who you are) and some extra for anyone who
just need one. Wrap up if going out, it is cold outside.

Maria x

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
Such a wonderful card today, I really like the colours you have used!
Lesley S x

Tressa said...

Beautiful card, love the design.


Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
Another stunned no ca d today. Love the dies and the colour combination you've used.

liz spooner said...

This is really beautiful today Sue.xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
What a lovely card.
Beverley W

Narrowboat girl said...

A lovely card Sue. I love the heart border

Unknown said...

Good evening lovely Sue and her crafty crew!

What an absolutely stunning card, so elegant and sophisticated. The colour palette is soft with pastel tones that i really adore. The Mauritius die is delicious, i love the linear feel to its shape, very eye catching. Every time i see the Noble Ovals i am reminded of just how crucial they are and how much i need them in my collection, sadly no time soon i'm afraid:-(
I've spent the day distracting, trying to avoid Johns shows....why you ask? Well, i promised my Mum that I wouldn't buy any dies until January at the earliest so when i casually mentioned his appearances and the fact that he was showing Sue's latest collection it was met with mild irritation coupled with a strong "No!" I didn't feel that it would be prudent to push the subject....particularly when i have my eye on a rather smart pair of patent LK Bennett stilettos as well:-), its a dilemma i find myself frequently debating, shoes or dies, shoes, get my drift?
So, rather than torture myself needlessly, i decided to get some more Christmas cards completed and i am rather chuffed to say that i finished two cards this afternoon, rather an achievement if i say so myself....okay, i did the stamped images and colouring last week but still.....Not only that, i managed a design of my own rather than slavishly copying a Sue original! Wonders will never cease. Ive done ten cards now, none of them CAS though, but it's still not nearly enough and i'm starting to panic. Maybe i should buy some of Steph's since market day was quieter than anticipated:--)
Tracy, good luck with your working week ahead, remember that if it gets too much don't carry on silently
Lynda, hope you're starting to feel better after your operation, sending you hugsxxx
June, glad that you're feeling better and sleeping more soundly, its a good sign for your recovery. Good luck with your physio this weekxxx
Helen, I don't mind admitting that i am just a little bit jealous, Mexico sounds divine, much more desirable than cold, frosty Stirling:-) Enjoy yourselfxxx
Pam, good to hear that your chest infection has cleared, just a pity about that cough though:-( Take carexxx
P, any news on your three fur babies? Have you decided to keep them and are they acquainted with the rest of your furry family yet?
Maria, hope you are well honey, hugsxxx
Yvonne, how's that imaginary social life at the moment, any more parties and raves? Well at least you've cleared the dirty washing from your bedroom floor and found your phone again, I suppose that's an achievement of sorts given the demands placed upon your time:-)
Did you enjoy watching Strictly results with Marjory? Justice was done and now the best dancers remain, i was a bit distracted, like Craig, by Danny Mac's open shirt and gyrating hips though to notice much of anything else to be honest though:-)
Cuddles to all my besties, especially those that are poorly or carersxxxxx


sued99 said...

Fabulous card. X

Lynne L said...

Hi Sue Wow this is a fabulous card I love the dies you've used & those gorgeous poppies!
June & Sharon glad you're both feeling better
Stephanie shame market day wasn't more successful but at least you're organised for next year!
Tracey hope you cope alright with your five day week
Sending good wishes to all

Yorkie girl said...

Good evening Sue and all your crafty crew
What a wonderful card you have made for us all today Sue it's a stunner and ticks all my boxes
Thank you June Smith for your well wishes
I had surgery on my foot on Saturday got home Sunday feeling a little rough right now so I am going to try to have an early night
Hugs and healing prayers to everyone that may need them
Thank you for a fantastic blog Sue
Theresa G xx

Littlelamb said...

Beautiful card Sue. Thank you for sharing this. Enjoyed watching John demonstrating your new dies. Didn't think I needed anymore but have changed my mind now.

Brenda said...

Hello Sue,

What an elegant and beautiful card. Love all of these dies. Think it's time I had a chat with Father Christmas!!!!

Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

Wacki Macky said...

Hi Sue, the card today is fabulous, intricate and elegant, the colours, shapes and composition combined to make such a fabulous card, and of course your ingenuity too!

Thank you so much

Myra said...

Hello Sue,
I'm late again! I did look in this morning, Pinned the beautiful card and then was interrupted! I really do love today's card and to make it in my favourite colours was very kind of you! Will need to watch John on Catch-up! My good friend Brenda did try to remind me but I had a visitor last night so saw neither reminder nor programme! I have apologised to Brenda though!!
Been at After School Club again today and came home more than a little cross because of one very naughty girl! Apparently I shouldn't call her naughty!! The world has gone more than slightly mad!! Lovely children who want to learn are suffering because of out of control children! I'll put the soapbox away! Sorry!
Love to everyone - even those like Helen having cocktails in sunnier climes!! Enjoy!!
Night Night! God Bless!
Myra xxx

Betty McAlister said...

Gorgeous card Sue. X

Princess Pixie! said...

Evening Sue
Oh what a gorgeous card. Completely enchanting. All the dies used are such a perfect fit and the result is beautiful x
I am so in love with the Indian Ocean collection. It is on my hit list but so are most of your other dies. The new Garden Shadow box and all the new accessories will be my next purchase x
Well done to the winners of the comment game and Wednesday's card. I have missed a few days and it has taken me a while to catch up on every ones comments.
I found myself suffering from the dreaded fatigue following about a months worth of socialising being crammed into a week. Laine would have you believe my friends and partying are imaginary, trying to tar me with the same brush as her, but she's jealous x
Anyway, I have an appointment with my (Chronic Fatigue) consultant tomorrow. I know I am in for a talking to as pacing yourself is one of the things that plays a big part in the coping strategy of the condition. Pacing myself did not play a big part in the big scheme of things last week. Oh well - I'll just have to take it on the chin x
Wheely - lovely to see you back with us. Seems like things are moving in the right direction, slowly. Love to Mr, Billy and especially you x
Heather T - Pleurisy - ouch nasty. Take it easy x
Tina T - how did Peters appointment go?
Elaine - so impressed with Andrews' letter from Mourinho. Bet he's really chuffed. He deserves it x
June - so pleased to hear that you seem to have turned a corner with the sleeping. It really does make such a difference. Big hugs x
Helen - gloat away my friend - sounds amazing - enjoy x
Patricia Howarth - (very) late Anniversary wishes x
Tracy - you had a bit of a tough week last week but precious time with your sister. Still in awe of how brilliantly you are coping with everything. Give yourself a pat on the back. Sending big hugs x
Lesley - hope you are feeling better x
Sharon - sending you and your daughter love x
Lynda - make sure you rest. Only way to avoid us all ganging up on you x
Maureen - belated Anniversary wishes. 50 years - wow x
Pam - glad the infection has cleared up. Big hugs x
Myra - we're back - did you miss us?
Theresa G - hope your foot heals quickly x
Laine - glad to see you back as well. Marjorie did come up. She arrived about 7.50 so we watched Planet Earth together. Impressed by all this card making activity - you're on a roll. Well done - keep it up hun. Fingers crossed we'll have a catch up tomorrow evening x
Definitely time for bed. Sending happy thoughts and lots of love to everyone especially my blog besties - you know who you are x
Take care
Crafty hugs
Yvonne x

Eunice said...

This is such a pretty card. Love your choice of color. The flowers are amazing, once again!

DeCor said...

A gorgeous card again today Sue. Love all the details and dimension to it. Am really wanting some of your new dies but alas getting a new piano for Christmas so no dies this year! And I definitely can't complain.

Sandy H said...

Beautiful card. The Mauritius die is gorgeous.
Take care everyone.

Marion Scott said...

Beautiful card , very elegant. Marion S x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
This looks really classy I am certainly going to try a cad simlilar to this one. Time caring for grandchildren almost over return home on Wednesday and return to the making my Christmas cards.
Heather R Oxfordshire

Heather Treble said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful card, your noble dies are amazing and I hope that Santa may bring a Mauritius die set.
Thanks for sharing,

Dawn Holben said...

OH Sue this is super stunning.
I am in love with this card and that beautiful die you have used.
This definately one of my favourites.

Dorothy of Baldock, GB said...

Hi Sue,

Another beautiful card Sue. Looks so delicate love the colour too.

Never seen the Mauritius die set so it will definitely be on my Christmas List.

Love Dorothy of Baldock.

DeCor said...

Hi, A bit late, don't know how I missed this yesterday. The diagonal slant of this card is so striking. I don't always like blue and black together but what a striking card they have made today. Love all these new dies. Thank you again.