Friday, 16 June 2017

Festive Collection

Hello there again!  This blog post is showcasing the sister die set to the one shown in the previous post.  Shown in the sample here, the Noelle Frame coordinates with the Lattice Holly Frame in that the shapes are the same, but can be used interchangeably to make mats and thin or thick frames to use as accents.  While this die set is virtually Christmas free in it's design, doesn't it look lovely when used as a Christmas card focal element?  You will certainly get loads of year round use with this set, so there is even more value for money.  I heard this quite a lot last year when speaking to crafters, they wanted to find dies that would work for both traditional Christmas cards and that could be used for non festive themed cards.  I think I have delivered with this one and the Lattice Holly Frame, at least I hope you will think so.  If you leave your comment on this blog post, you will be entered into the drawing for the chance to win this set.  The last post of the day will be popping up online at 6pm.  All for now, Sue x
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Anonymous said...

Sue, a really beautiful and useful die - in other words a "must have".
C. MacHugh

Latenight Sandy H said...

Classy card. Another lovely die set and always great to have dies that aren't just for Christmas.

Leanne said...

Absolutely gorgeous.
Leanne Smiley sun

Maria Illsley said...

What a lovely card and this die set is a definite must have xxx

Karen Drew said...

Love the elegance of this die and so useful for other occasions
Karen xx

Glennis said...


sandy acland said...

I love these shaped frames so versatile and a beautiful card.

Sandy (tort)

Vie Carter said...

Love this one and the holly frame is fab


NancyR said...

I think this is my favorite so far. Very simple which makes it very versatile. Love it!

NancyR in Delaware

Norah McPhee said...

Hi Sue,
the Noelle frame is another that i have got my heart set on. You have made so many beautiful works of art from your minds eye designs. This will go lovely with the holly lattice set so giving more opportunites to explore our crafty thoughts.
Thank you flower for bringing such a beautiful set of designs to us,
love and crafty hugs
Norah (glenochil)

Lynne L said...

Lovely card and fabulous die that can be used at any time of year
Lynne L Haverfordwest

Debra K. said...

Such a beautiful card and more fab dies! Debra x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, such a beautiful die.
Jeanette T x

Chantal said...

Love the card, great die.
Hugs, Chantal S

Rosie said...

Yet another stunning die and card to go with it. A few possibilities with this die...
Love Rosie from

susyjune said...


LOve this .Such useful die

susyjune said...

Endless possibilities for this, Where do you get your ideas from

Elizabeth Louise said...

Another lovely set that doesn't have to be Christmas

Energised Elizabeth expecting Christmas card inspiration!

Karene M from Australia said...

Hi Sue, this frame set is lovely too! The 2 sets are great together!

gailgale said...

So, so, Beautiful!!!
Such a lovely card!!!
I really, really love this die!!!
You can even use it when it is not Christmas.
Love, love, love, it!!!!
Thank you Sue for all these new dies. I love them all!!!

MariaM said...

WOW!! BEAUTIFUL CARD! I LOVE ALL your new die sets.

Laura O' Connor said...

Great die and a really fabulous card sue. Laura O Springfield

TracyM #6773 said...

LOVE your DELICATE layers and textures - WOW!
ANOTHER set of beauties for all-year CRAFTY AWESOMENESS :)

Susan Mitchell said...

Hi Sue, what a beautiful card, and such a useful die that could be used many times over.

Susan, Pitmedden, Aberdeenshire

yorkshiresue said...

Another all rounder die xxx

Anonymous said...

WOW - love the gorgeous Noelle frame!! Judy from Prosser

gailgale said...

Hi Sue,
I love all your new FRAME DIES!!!
They are fabulous!!!
This is a very, very beautiful card!!
Thank you so much Sue, for all these lovely cards you are making to show us how to use the dies.
You must take a lot of time to design them and then to show us these beautiful cards and different ways to use them.
Coming from someone who has to have ideas.
The ideas do not come easy for me.
I need and ideas to take from.
I wish I was as talented as so many of you gals.
You are the best.
Thank you. Thank you.

Craft Cornucopia said...

Gorgeous die set Sue.

DB South Wales

rolfi said...

Hi Sue,
love this Noel Frame very much.
Rolf xxx

Sandi Marson said...

Love this Noelle Frame! So versatile! It can be used at any time through the year!But you are right in saying it looks lovely when used as a Christmas card focal element!

Love to Scrap Sandi

SherylH said...

Such a versatile die -- and I love the monotone scheme of your card.
SherylH in CAN

Robin Sachs said...

Hi Sue,
Gorgeous card. Must have die!

Darlene4527 said...

Beautiful card and looks like such a versatile die...

Darlene from Sask

pauline armstrong-bell said...

This is beautiful and I'm loving this card. Freedom99

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