Friday, 16 June 2017

Festive Collection

Hi bloggers!  The last post of the day is dedicated to showcasing the new Twinkle Star Background.  It has been done in a five inch square shape as I have had so many requests for square background shapes.  As always, there is no outer cutting edge on the die so you get to decide just how large or how small you want the border to be.  Every piece of fall away from this die is a star of varying size so it can be used for other projects, especially useful in shaker cards I might add!  You will see this background time and time again over the coming months as it was a real go to set.  If you like this one, let me know by leaving a comment which will also get you a chance at winning it too!  That's it for today, but we still have many more days ahead.  6am is the starting time for tomorrow,hope to see you then!  All for now,Sue x
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Debra Kenworthy said...

Lovely card! I love the starry background die :). Debra x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, love this background die. Can think of so many uses for it - not just for Christmas.
Jeanette T x

Rosie said...

Another stunning die and card. The possibilities of using this die for different occasions is just perfect.....
Love Rosie from Chorley...xxxx

susyjune said...

I bought your star background last year, I think this is so much better

Elizabeth Louise said...

Another stunner, that doesn't have to be used exclusively for Christmas cards...

Energised Elizabeth expecting Christmas card inspiration!

Karene M from Australia said...

Hi Sue, what a great background! I'm one of the people who make smaller cards (6" square or 5" x 7") so I love the size and shape of this one.

gailgale said...

Hi Sue,
This is a very Beautiful card!!!
This Twinkle Star Background is one of my favorites!!!
It is a must have in my stash of dies!!!

MariaM said...

WOW!! BEAUTIFUL CARD! I LOVE ALL your new die sets.

Laura O' Connor said...

Wow this card is stunning. Love this die fabulous. Laura O Springfield

TracyM #6773 said...

Be still my beating heart!
WOW - your card is GORGEOUS, LOVE the DELICATE layers, especially the background of twinkling stars!
... I confess, stars feature a lot in my cardmaking, so pretty for all-year-cheer - oh no, another MUST-HAVE for my collection :)

Susan Mitchell said...

Hi Sue, I love this background diet. Very useful and could be used for different occasions, not just Christmas.

Susan, Pitmedden, Aberdeenshire

yorkshiresue said...

Love this all year rounder die xx

Anonymous said...

love the Twinkle Star background die! So many uses for this one. Judy from Prosser

gailgale said...

Hi Sue,
I love this Star Die!!!
Absolutely love it!!!
It can be used for birthdays, the 4th of July, Congratulations.
All sorts of occasions for cards!!
Such a fun die!!!
It is another must have in my arsenal of dies.
Thank you so much Sue, for all these lovely cards you are making to show us how to use the dies.
You must take a lot of time to design them and then to show us these beautiful cards and different ways to use them.
Coming from someone who has to have ideas.
The ideas do not come easy for me.
I need and ideas to take from.
I wish I was as talented as so many of you gals.
You are the best.
This new collection of Christmas dies are FABULOUS!!!
Thank you. Thank you.

Craft Cornucopia said...

this will make some lovely night scenes and a useful stencil

DB South Wales

Sandi Marson said...

A really versatile die! Beautiful for Christmas but can be used on birthday cards too!

Love to Scrap Sandi

rolfi said...

Hi Sue,
always useful is this Background die. Your Card is wonderful.
Rolf xxx

SherylH said...

Again another versatile background for many occasions.
SherylH in CAN

Robin Sachs said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful card and great background.

Darlene4527 said...

This is a beautiful background die!

Darlene from Sask

pauline armstrong-bell said...

Love this die and it's a beautiful card can't wait to see this one in a video. Freedom 99

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