Monday, 16 November 2015

Finishing Touches

Hello all!  I have a new concept to introduce to you here in this post.  These are called Buckle Bars.  There are two designs, the Delicate Filigree Buckle Bar and the Scalloped Lattice Buckle Bar.  You need to cut two of them and one end will slip into the other end to create a pretty buckle. Cut four of them and make a stunning frame.   As shown in this sample, they make a beautiful border on cards.  I have other samples to show you several other ideas for them as well.  A bit different, but oh so useful you will see.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this idea.  Day four has come to a close, but there is still one more day full of dies for your approval.  I hope you can join me at 6am for the start of our final blog launch day.  All for now, Sue x

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Unknown said...

Lovely Sue
Luv Rach :)
Rachel Macfarlane

nancyd said...

Gorgeous card Sue and very interesting dies looking forward to see what you come up with.
Nancyd xx

marg said...

Hello Sue
I did wonder how you would use them....... that is so clever!
So different too!
Take care
Love Marg ( Bristol)

Jan on the Fosse said...

WOW looking at these buckle dies I just could not imagine what they would look like but they are so stunning.Wonderful idea will look forward to see your other ways to use them. Fantastic.


alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
These are really interesting! Really unusual dies.
Love Alison xx

Lorraine Freeman said...

Beautiful card, I love the buckle idea. Again it could be used in lots of ways, maybe a pretty rolled flower?

Jeanie said...

WOW Gorgeous card very different dies so pleased you put these on as I could not see how to use them Brilliant .
Jeanie.e said...

Hi Sue.
What a brilliant idea, and such a pretty card too.
Thank you take care Kitty Davies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - these buckle dies are so different and so clever. It looks like lace and the effect with the Gemini dies looks so feminine. Think these will come in so useful. I'm just amazed at how many ideas you keep coming up with! Thank you for another great day. Best wishes

granny sue said...

Ooooooh, these look interesting. SueL, Derby x

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

Oh my goodness gracious me, how pretty these are.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

Unknown said...

Been waiting to see these new dies, very interesting idea, look forward to seeing more samples

Tressa said...

These buckle dies are certainly dies with a difference as is shown on this beautiful card.

Teresa (Kettering)

Nanny Jo said...

I LOVE this!! I saw the dies on Joanna Sheen's website, but couldn't quite see how they worked. What an amazing idea, Sue. You have us spoiled rotten :) Nanny Jo x N Ireland

Robin Sachs said...

Hi Sue. Gorgeous card. I love the new buckle dies

Anonymous said...

Theresa says
When I saw these on the net I couldn't work out how they made a buckle so thankyou so much for showing them x although I'm not quite sure father christmas will be thanking you, you just made he's sack a bit more weighty x an absolutely beautiful card sue I am in complete awe of your talents x looking forward to tomorrow x
Take care everyone x
Theresa w in Berks xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

I love the new buckle dies. They make very interesting cards. Beautiful card again.

Kate from Kendal

Evis M said...

Hi Sue.
What a brilliant idea. I can't wait to get one of these dies.
Evis M.

June Smith said...

Hi Sue, I am so pleased that you have put this card on here because I have purchased both of the buckle dies and was waiting to see what you do with them, WOW is all I can say, so pretty, can't wait to see the other examples, your a genius.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

Unknown said...

GM Sue. These look intriguing and unique. Think I want them both!

rosiejt said...

What an interesting idea.

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
The concept is intriguing, I'm waiting to see what else you've done with them. When I looked at them in the "shop" I wasn't sure how to use them but I'm getting the gist..
Absolutely beautiful card, thank you so much for our day of fab dies and cards.
Hugs, Rose

Yorks butterfly said...

Hi Sue, these are so different, I am really looking forward to seeing how many different ways you can use them. I think they are really interesting and will certainly have to have one if not both of these in the near future.

CraftyJo said...

Very different, I don't know how you keep coming-up with them! ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Really good idea! More crafting magic - brill!
Anne M xx (Sheffield)

Crafty Cruiser said...

These are brilliant! Such a good idea and a fabulous card too.
Doreen R

Wheely Bad said...

Hi Sue

Ahhhh... I get it now!

I thought they'd look good in rows, and a few other configurations. These'd be great as napkin rings at a wedding or Christmas dinner too! They're ever so pretty. Very tempted as I'm sure I could do all sorts with these.

Tracy, will be thinking of you tomorrow xxx Melody and Molly, hope Francis is a step closer at least to getting home xxx

Have a lovely evening everyone. Hugs to Sue, Mom and all of the Wilsonettes, plenty extra hugs if they're needed xxx

T x

gwen70 said...

Brilliant idea Sue, where do you get them all from, these will go on my list of must have

Karen K said...

Good Afternoon Sue
What a clever idea. Very unique. No-one else has done anything like these.
Need to get them to try them out.
Karen in Telford xx

karenlotty said...

This is very different! Borders, backgrounds AND buckles Very pretty card too
Karenlotty WGC

Lesley said...

What a unique idea. You never cease to surprise me. Shall look forward to more ideas on how to use them.

Unknown said...

2 more stunning die sets
Stunning card too


Pat said...

Hi Sue
How clever and different are these dies
You are such a talented lady
Pat x

Maeve said...

These dies are fantastic. Such an ingenious idea. We really are spoiled for choice as there is so much to choose from. Love the card too, it's so pretty
Thank you. Maeve x

sued99 said...

Lovely idea. Such a pretty card to show them off.

Sandra said...

Good afternoon Sue,
We were wondering how this would work, now I get it, what an absolute genius idea Sue, I can see it being used in so many ways,
Like handbag handles or the buckle part as the clasp on the front of your bag, Lacey edges, borders, frames!!
You can so tell that your dies are designed by a genius crafter!
Sandra xxxx

NancyR said...

When I first saw these I will admit I was scratching my head, but now I see how they are used they are wonderful! So many different things that can be done, including using just the part between the "buckles". Great idea, Sue!

Delaware, USA

Glenharon said...

hello Sue,
I was just thinking that your card makes a pretty flapper girl dress and as these ladies weren't as endowed as their modern counter parts and more straight up and down your card is perfect for the period but made in such beautiful colours that would have looked lovely at that period in time. Thank you for two more inspirational dies to get our brains thinking
love and crafty hugs
Norah (Glenochil)

Unknown said...

Good Afternoon Sue, wow, what a way to finish today ; with stunning finishing touches, which are very important to a cards overall look. Just beautiful! See you again bright and early tomorrow.
Best wishes, Linda in Glasgow

crossstitchmarg said...

Hi Sue,
I love these buckle dies, it's good to see an example of how to use them as well. The card is gorgeous.
I am looking forward to video tutorials for these dies.
Thanks for sharing
Maggie in Solihull

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
These new designs of dies are amazing and so is the card
Happy crafting
Love and hugs to all
Love Tina G x x x

Lynn Dalby said...

Hello Sue.

As you say a very different die. It is going to be very interesting to see all the things you have planned. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes

Barbara Gosden said...

Lovely card Sue. I can't wait to see all the ways you have found to use the new buckle bars.
B xx

TDQ Karen said...

Terrific idea, don't think I have seen anything like this before

Barbara W said...

Hello Sue

Well what a great idea...the buckle dies are amazing.

I can see there will be many ways to use them and from the card you have shown us, will craft some amazingly different effects.

Well done them!

Lol Barbara W (Worcestershire) xx

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
What a clever idea and so useful. Gorgeous card. I love the colour. Thank you for sharing.

Pam Hartlepool said...

Love the buckle bars, they look so pretty on the card, great idea Sue.

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

Wonderful idea and so original. They have an element of a ribbon but with an unusual twist whilst being very intricate. Just stunning again.

sandieann21 said...

Love, love, love these. A great card and great ideas using them

Tracey Short said...

Oh wow, I absolutely love these dies - such an amazing idea.

Can't wait to get my hands on these.

Best Wishes
Tracey, Hull

Lisa C Johnson said...

Hi Sue:
Beautiful card. I was wondering how you used the buckle bars. Think I have figured it out. Hope you do a video showing how. I also love the way you used the Gemini on this card. Makes it look like lace. Lovely.

Lisa C Johnson

TOB said...

Hi Sue, OMG this card is stunning. How beautiful are these buckle dies, they are to die for. Have loved all of the dies but THESE ARE MY FAVOURITE.
Hugs Theresa Harding xx

Erica Skeeter of Wye said...

As you say Sue very different but very fascinating and certainly you have made a beautiful card using them. Can't wait to see some of your other ideas in the weeks to come. Roll on to morrow for the last day which has come round far too quickly. Erica Skeeter of Wye

Linda Graham said...

What a great idea these dies are Sue,as you say different,but can see lots of uses,thank you,Linda x

Elsie Smith said...

Hi Sue. Love the buckle dies. They could be used in so many different ways.xx

Unknown said...

Hi again lovely Sue and the fantabulous Wilsonettes!

Please disregard my last post because this particular duo of die delights has leapfrogged into pole position on my wish lust(Rebecca , I am officially renaming list to lust after your genius faux pas!).
I lurve buckle designs, I have used them numerous times on my scrapbooking pages, And I cannot wait to see your own unique interpretations and uses for naughty to tease us with the merest suggestion of the delights to come:-)
Whilst I always have a sneaky peek at your new dies before the official launch, I don't like to rush into any decisions on my faves until I have seen your accompanying cards, and I am never disappointed- if anything, there are usually one or two that don't immediately jump out and slap me in the face upon initial inspection, however all this changes when you show us your vision of their uses. I can assure you that I have never encountered a die set that I haven't yearned for immediately and been prepared to go to any lengths, legal or otherwise, to acquire them quick smart .
I meet each launch with childish wonderment at the delights on show, excited by their endless possibilities.....then reality bites and I remember that I rarely have custody of our credit card, only strictly supervised access, so I can't fill my proverbial basket with your goodies as quickly as I would like:-( This time of year brings with it stricter guidelines on my access as dies are deemed to be non essential fripperies!!??! Can you believe it? They are essential to the overall health and mental well being and as such have to be acquired in vast numbers at regular intervals!....try persuading the mentally well adjusted of their beneficial qualities is a task In itself and I dream of a day when money is no object and I have a craftroom as big as a barn to accommodate my fetish:-)
I would be feeling supremely depressed if it wasn't for this launch, the weather is chronic in Stirling and I haven't seen the Ochils in days:-( perfect crafting weather if I'd had a minute to myself but no, I had to have an emergency appointment at the GP cos my wounds have become infected- thought I'd been feeling a bit iffy for a couple of days, but all is good, on antibiotics now so onward and upward!
Sam, lovely to have you back!
Tracy, you lucky lady, a hubby who willingly takes you to a craft store is one in a million...just hope he put his hand in his pocket:-)there's no harm in milking your situation just a little after all ,as I said before, it's therapeutic:-) best of luck with tomorrow honeyxxx
Yvonne, I echo others concerns about your delicate constitution, you need to keep your strength up if you are going to assist me in locating that elusive entity Father Christmas, he's a slippery character and has been ignoring all of my calls, texts and letters:-(
I'm having a bit of brain freeze after reading all of the posts so apologies if I haven't included you in my thoughts.big hugs to all my blog buddies, especially Beth, Theresa, Maria , Wheely Bad, Jan, Saba and co, hope you are all well and enjoying our Suefestxx



Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Wow where do you get your ideas from!! These are amazing and the card is too

Hugs and best wishes everyone

Heather Treble said...

Hi Sue,
A brilliant idea and love the look on your card.
Thanks for all the great inspiration and for sharing,
Heather Treble

Kate's Cards said...

And they keep on coming! xx

Lynda's craft's said...

Hi Sue& Friends
Wow how clever are these buckle dies I was wondering how they worked Sue they are such a clever idea & only your crafty brain would designe such gorgeous dies. Your card is stunning.
Love & Hug's Lynda Brock xx

iReneM said...

Such a clever idea Sue.

But then of course you ARE a clever lady with ALL
your wonderful die designs

Love the sample card

Irene (W/boro)


Unknown said...

Wow sue what you have done with this beautiful die is awsum thank you love always June Horrocks xxxx

LauraLor said...

Oh wow what a fantastic idea! I love this die and have already added it to my wishlist!

Jackie Meechan said...

What a vary different concept. Unusual and love the idea.

Roz McLellan said...

Hello Sue

Very interesting. I look forward to seeing more of these dies.


Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer....not sure exactly how the buckle bars work, but your card is beautiful. Like belly bands???? Maybe I'm just tired. LOL Sounds good, huh? And the bottom of your card looks like lace. Stunning!!! Jan D., Florida, USA

Lynda Mellor aka Loopy Lynda said...

Good evening Sue, wow very lacy looking!!!
Have a good one!!!
Good luck everyone!!!
Loopy Lynda xxx

Kathy Baker said...

Hi Sue wow this card is lovely and girly I do like the dies they are very nice, so clever I have so enjoyed seeing them all
Kathy xx

Wacki Macky said...

Unusual dies, lovely card, thank you Sue for more card inspiration,

Pearl x

Yvonne H said...

Good evening Sue,
Stunning card, love your buckle dies & the fact that you can use them in so many ways is great value for all us crafters. Yvonne xx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Only a true crafter could come up with new designs (and concepts) like this one. Really lovely, once again another winner.
Nina x

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Only a true crafter could come up with new designs (and concepts) like this one. Really lovely, once again another winner.
Nina x

Annie Stamps said...

What a brilliant idea. They are beautiful. You're so clever Sue.

Annie Pennington xxx

Jan's Paper Flowers said...

Wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely must have these dies...I love them! What a beautiful card you created, Sue. I don't know how you do it but I'm thankful that you do.
Laine, please take care of yourself. So sorry to hear about your infections!

Have a beautiful evening everyone and I'll "see" you tomorrow!

Janice K said...

Hi Sue, love this card and what a brilliant idea the buckle dies are, MUST add these to my Christmas list! X

Unknown said...

I couldn't work these out when I first saw them but now you have shown what they can do they are going on the wish list.
Happy Days,

Julies Crafty Creations said...

Wow, another gorgeous set of fantastic useful dies and once again a stunning card to show their full potential
Hugs Julie x

nattyboots said...

Loving this idea Sue, im sure this die will be very useful.
Elaine H X

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, I too was a bit unsure as to how these would work but now it has all become clear. Certainly something different for you. I love all the ideas the Wilsonettes have come up with for using them and look forward to seeing how many you have already thought of :-)

Unknown said...

Hi sue,
All I can say is wow!!!
What a fab new idea, can't wait to see what else you've done with them.

Hugs pat xx

Unknown said...

Hi sue,
All I can say is wow!!!
What a fab new idea, can't wait to see what else you've done with them.

Hugs pat xx

Croquet Queen x said...

Hi Sue,
What a fabulous idea, I love dies that look like wrap arounds, I can just see these on my wedding invitations, they will certainly impress.
Lorna D

Rosemary Stickland said...

Lovely to see something different. Can't wait to see what else you can do with them.
Rosemary xx

Loraine Jefferis said...

What an absolutely gorgeous card. You have such a wonderful gift for designing dies. You are one clever lady. Best wishes Loraine Jefferis xx

Scottydog said...

Yet another new concept! Thank you Sue for your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
wow, wow, wow. I really love these, they're gorgeous. Love the colours you have used in this card too, can't wait to see more cards made with these dies.
Love DJay xx

Brenda said...

Hi Sue,
I wondered how these worked when I saw them on the web.

You never cease to amaze me with your brilliant ideas.
Thank you for your endless inspiration.
Love Brenda xxx

Sarah Brennan said...

Thanks for sharing and for all the inspiration.

Crisco said...

I'm all behind today and have just caught up with the Blog ... absolutely love these ... and, such a sweet sweet SWEET girlie card !

dmj from kettering said...

It is nice to get "new" dies,

Doreen x

Anonymous said...

2 wonderful looking dies Sue. Bet they would be great on a gatefold card. Can't wait to try to try them out

Narrowboat girl

Karen Drew said...

wow! A totally new concept. look forward to seeing what else you do with them. They look lovely
Karen xx

cr@fty said...

Hi Sue
I'm lucky enough to own the filigree die and it is AMAZING! I've been cutting and playing with it since I had it yesterday. It's so pretty and really adds to your card it's everything I thought it would be. Please don't add me in this draw I just wanted to comment. The card is stunning you've done the impossible and made this launch the BEST! Now can I coax you to do Oval and Round Noble dies pleeeeease ? LOL!
Hugs x
Heather T

Helen Bell said...

Hi Sue

Love the whole idea of these new dies. The card is so pretty and I'm loving the Emma die used this way. The delicate filigree buckle bar is amazingly pretty, but I'm also sure that the scalloped lattice one will be beautiful too.

Thank you.

Love Helen x

Janet Wilson said...

Great idea, can't wait to see other ways to use them. Love the card.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
I, like so many other of you followers have been looking forward to seeing these new dies.
They are a great idea and can't wait to see more of your samples to see what else you have done with them!!
Lesley S x
West Sussex

Izzy said...

Wow Sue! What a clever lady you are...brilliant concept that only a true crafter would have thought of - I'm looking forward to seeing your other ideas for using these


Unknown said...

Hi sue

Ooh these are a bit different. I saw these today at the shop wasn't quite sure how it worked but I had to refrain from buying till I've seen all your selections at work before I purchase. Cause sometimes seeing it in action first is the best way to decide.

Laine 1972. Sorry to hear u have a few infections. Take care my lovely.

Hope things are a bit better for our melody &molly

Love to all xx

jenny Briggs said...

Hi I am finding it hard to express in word how fantastic these dies ate I will definitely. Have to purchase them I love the card cant wait for the final day😊

Kathy Krug said...

Fabulous dies. Love hou well the greetings work with your dies.

PharmacyMichele said...

Lovely card, so pretty & delicate-fantastic dies.


Unknown said...

Great to see these dies used on a card ( it is very pretty) I was fascinated by them when I first saw them and have been waiting for you to showcase some of your wonderful ideas for them and I'm certainly not disappointed , I look forward to seeing lots more ,
Anne xo

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
What a gorgeous card, and what a novel concert. I just love these buckle bars.

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, another gorgeous card. Your new buckle bar dies are very different and beautiful.

Welsh Dors said...

Hi Sue,
Wow!!!! What a fabulous dies, Can't imagine how you keep coming up with so many new innovative dies, your range is truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

Oh these care lovely and what a gorgeous card xx lo e yvonnebennettxx

Lisbeth said...

Hi Sue, I had seen these buckle bar dies in some previews and wondered how they were meant to be used. All clear now - what a good idea. I look forward to seeing more examples of how they can be used.


Anonymous said...

So innovative Sue not seen anything like this before so congratulations. Looking forward to your new ideas tomorrow love from Jackie xx

liz spooner said...

I saw these and thought Sue will show us how to use these they are beautiful Sue.xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Sue, What a fabulous, fabulous idea, these dies are beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing all your samples.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Margaret R said...

Hi Sue
What a good idea these Buckle Bar dies are, makes a nice change from using ribbon, and no bow to tie. Love the card.
Margaret xxx

lilysmum said...

Another pretty card Sue, the new buckle dies are a good idea now we see one 'in action' puts me in mind of a ladies garter ;)) The whole card works so well together. X

BenteS said...

Beautiful card, and the Buckle Bar dies are so cool!
Looking forward to try them :))

Lynne L said...

Wow such a pretty card these buckle dies are interesting can't wait to see your other ideas for using them
Lynne L

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card, i love the filigree buckle bar die from Lianne Morrison

Myra said...

Hello Sue,
These were the dies I was waiting to see! They are gorgeous! Lots of ideas going round my head! They won't be as good as yours but at least I try!
This has gone top of my list so far! Love and Thanks,
Myra xxx

Karen W said...

I love this, I have done this with another die and it's lovely. Great idea and I will play with some of your dies that I have and see if I can come up with something.

julie laz said...

Hi sue, Omgoodness I want them all,
That's my Christmas list done crafty hugs
Julie laz xxx

C A W said...

What a great idea, great to see so many uses for your designs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Ooohhhhh aren't these beautiful - I bet they would make wonderful borders as well.
Beverley W

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Sue,
What a brilliant idea, and very useful.
Maureen xxx

Susan Battensby said...

Hi Sue
What a great idea, very pretty lacy card.
Love the idea someone above suggested of making them into napkin rings. x

Littlelamb said...

Lovely dies. Would be very useful.

Anonymous said...

Very lovely and lacey would make beautiful boarders.
Yvonne N. Can.

Chris Curry said...

What unusual looking dies. I look forward to seeing all your ideas for them Sue. They are so pretty. Thank you.Xx

Unknown said...

Wow ingenious!!!

Karen Derbyshire said...

Very lacy, and delicate looking. Can't wait to see the rest of the new dies Sue.

Rosemarie said...

Good Evening Sue, What a brilliant idea. I did wonder when I saw these dies just how they would work, now I can see how pretty and useful they will be.

Love Rosemarie Fishlock x x

weefortune said...

Hello Sue, very interesting dies, unique concept, were do you get the ideas & another beautiful card too. Elaine x

Dragonsnap2, Hinckley said...

Hi Sue,
Love it, love it, love it. Congratulations once again on a lovely set of dies.
D xx

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue
Well these dies really do look interesting!!!! How pretty and dainty!!! Love them!!!

Anne said...

How on earth do you think of these things, Sue. This is so different.

Anne (Northampton)

magpie said...

Hi Sue, these dies are so pretty and love the gorgeous card made with them xx Love Karen xx

Anonymous said...

Brilliant concept, lovely dies and another beautiful card xx love Kim D

CathyinMN said...

What a lovely and feminine card!

Debra Lock said...

An unusual design but can see the versatility

Denise said...

Hi Sue

What a different idea. Really must try these. The card is stunning.

Denise. (Mini)- Brough. X

Angela (UK) said...

What a good idea these buckles are:)
~Angela ~ (UK)

Maria said...

Evening Sue and everyone
Whoops this is something new, I like it.The card is a
bit busy for me but the buckle is lovely.

Tracy dear , will be thinking of you tomorrow. Keeping
fingers crossed all goes well. How lovely of your husband
to take you craft shopping.He's one to keep x
Oh Lorraine, hope you get better soon.hugs x
Rebecca, I think we all by now have a bit of wish lust Lol.
Just think how busy he will be Santa when he sees it.x
Yvonne you take it easy, sorry to see about your MIL, hope
she is a bit better soon. Sitting up most nights but then the day
come when I do a 12 hour shift easily in bed (a sleep)x
Sam- hope you are fine after your surgery, just take care x
Wheelybad- glad you feeling better, hugs to you and Billy x
Beth- missing you! Hope you are alright x

Warm hugs to all Wilsonette's and to my friends

Maria x

sonja_w said...

What a fab idea,,love the look of these buckle dies x

Unknown said...

I wondered how the buckle die would work, and it does well:0)
I think this is a stunning card.

Sandy (tort)

Anonymous said...

Such stunning dies Sue I know you liove your buckle cards. These are very different. Fabulous card too

Theresa said...

these are really genius. love this idea, hugs xx

Maria - Ivyleaf Crafts said...

I did wonder what these dies were used for now I know- its a very different concept Sue- well done for coming up with these fab ideas. xx

Cathie said...

Such a great idea. I think these dies will be very useful.

nzillingworth said...


Anonymous said...

A clever concept, Sue, will wait to see your other ideas for using them. Pretty card, too. Thanks for a fourth day of inspiration.

'P' in Wales

Hazel said...

Sue, these are different, I think I would have to see a video of them being used to really understand them. Love the card . Hazel X

Emily said...

Beautiful dies, and card. Dies are very interesting. Looking forward to your videos, especially on these.
Hugs, meme newt

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Was't sure how these worked when I first saw them,there great.A beautiful card.

DeeDee7770 said...

Beautiful card and die. Another go to die so lovely and useful. Have a great day.

Kevonacrafts said...

Wow how great do they look can't wait to see other examples.


Diane Green said...

Hi Sue

I love the frilled petticoat on the card this time and the buckle die us a very interesting concept. You have certainly come up with some really different dies this time, it's lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got in store for us tomorrow. Thank you for sharing.
Love Diane G xxxx

Sheila Barns said...

Vert unusual dies, a lovely set, very different.

redfox said...

I wasn't sure about these when I saw them advertised, but as always seeing what you do with them makes them come to life. I think these are a really inventive idea, loving therm Sue! Love Sarah

Maureen B. said...

Again very different and very attractive. Love them and your card. Sincerely Maureen B. (Mem)

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi Sue. Love these new additions. Your card is beautiful too. Have a nice evening. Hugs to all xxx

Barbara said...

Pretty card Sue!
Wasn't too sure about these dies as I am not a buckle fan but as always when I see your cards I change my mind!!!!!!

Barbara Phillips

T Simmons said...

Very beautiful!

T Simmons said...

Very beautiful!

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I really love this idea and this is a beautiful card. Would love these dies.

craftynanna jo widnes said...

Hi again Sue, now I do love this die and and card, you are spoiling us, hugs Johanna

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,

how unusual and stunning are these two buckle dies. Love the card youve made showcasing one.

see you tomorrow.

love Val in Spain x

lilian said...

Hi Sue, well these are really something different, looks very exciting, great to have a new concept to play with.
Very beautiful card as always.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

lovestamping said...

These look very interesting and nice to have something new to check out.
Lizzie Dev Middlesbrough

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,

Loving this card very pretty. These dies are fab, was wondering what they would look like on a card.

Linda xx

Unknown said...

Good Evening Sue what a stunning card and i love the design is wonderful.

Debs Axxxx

{Debs Cards}

Jan Ltc said...

Ohh love the lace look and fabulous card xx Jan

Jackie T said...

Hi I don't think I have commented on this beautiful card and dies. I apologise if I have. Hugs Jackie

Unknown said...

Gorgeous, love these hugs Wendy Wells, Newark

Laura O said...

great concept,love the dies ,Laura O

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Gorgeous card so pretty and filigree and lacey. These dies look very interesting

I love the buckle idea.


Annx without an "e"

Darlene from SK said...

Interesting...looking forward to seeing what other things can be done with theses dies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
They are very unusual dies. I can't wait to see your other samples using them.
The card is very pretty.
Looking forward to the final reveal.
Veronique L

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,
Stunning absolutely stunning. Just love these dies.
Love Janet x
from Wakefield

sharon said...

Stunning card, the dies are just gorgeous.
Love the buckle bars what a fabulous idea :) Sue thank-you for showing us how they are used.
sharon :)

foxyg said...

What a clever idea. And the card is stunning.

Craftysusan said...

Hi Sue. Great concept and lovely dies and card. Can't wait to see what else you can do with these dies, you always manage to make your dies so versatile. xx
Craftysusan fro Cardiff

Anonymous said...

Such an ingenious idea, look lovely as a border, looking forward to seeing what else you create with them.
Tooth Fairy Jo

Jayne S said...

Brilliant idea, i did wonder how to use these dies. Definately on my wish list.

A Happercrafter6 said...

A very different idea for a die. Looking forward to seeing what you create with them.

Saba said...

Hello again Sue,
Beautiful card, I have been waiting to see these dies in action, they are so pretty and look fabulous used as a border. Think they would look amazing as a handle on an "Izzy Bag!"
Love and hugs
Saba xxx

Anonymous said...

Very Lovely, I like it when I can join dies. Gina B

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Wow, such a beautiful stunning card & love every design element about it.
These buckle dies are such an ingenious design & love the way you have used them as a border which looks amazing.
Can't wait to see what other amazing designs you make Sue using the buckle dies as they're so different.

Crafty Hugs
Haze T xx

Jan.moogie said...

Wow Sue will I be able to use them as fasteners on my scrap albums cant wait to try.xx

Muriel said...

Hi Sue and all
I have to admit when I first saw this die I thought what could you do with this, I should have trusted you more Sue, your usual versatility and style of course. Beautiful card and many ideas starting to happen, great addition to the collection
Muriel x

Anonymous said...

Was't sure about these buckle dies when I saw the design on the packet, didn't think they would be for me, but after seeing this gorgeous card and the way you have used them, I think these dies have risen up the list of wanted dies. Looking forward to seeing more cards using them.
Jane F. Wales

Anonymous said...

Love these buckle dies. Have used other dies this way and love them. Gina B

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Wasn't sure when I first saw these buckle dies, so thankyou for sharing, also for another day of beautiful cards & fab new dies
Marlene O xx

Dawn Holben said...

Love the card and having seen how these dies work I really like them.
They are going to be so useful, you are so clever coming up with these and have not seen
any dies like this.
You are so clever for thinking these ones up.

Tres said...

Hi Sue. WOW what a gorgeous card !!!! Fab colours you have used to !!! I love the look of your new buckle dies. What a fantastic idea !!! I can't wait to see more of these new dies in action. They are both beautiful Sue. I also LOVE this new Gemini die that you have used on this card. It is sooo pretty !!! Thank you Sue for another lovely day of beautiful cards and fab new dies. Sending you lots of love today Sue from Tres x x x

Sending lots of love to everyone from Tres (Teresa from Orpington) x x x

mouse said...

Very different dies Sue. Like them a lot.

Eunice said...

What an interesting concept! Well done!

Txcowgirl said...

Interesting new concept which I can imagine so many new ideas. I don't think anyone else has anything like it.

Alison D said...

Hi Sue, an unusual idea but I like it. Your card is gorgeous, as always. Love and hugs,
Alison D x

Unknown said...

I love the new possibilities with these dies. I look forward to trying them.

Shirley T. said...

Hi Sue,

Oh I need these.

Much love,

Shirley T.

Princess Pixie! said...

Evening Sue
Oh my goodness - how ingenious and beautifully intricate these Buckle Bars are. I was so intrigued when I saw these and puzzled. It has now all become clear and wow they are stunning. Of course they are on my wish/want/need/got to have list, along with all of your new dies, and all the dies from your previous launches which I do not own yet. It is a very long list.
I am excited to see what beauties you have in store for us tomorrow but saddened that it will be the final day. It has been such a delight and welcome distraction having so many masterpieces to enjoy. Thank you so much Sue x
My MIL had an appointment with the GP tis morning - or so she thought. When she turned up with her daughter they had the wrong day - it's tomorrow. Glad to say she has not lost her sense of humour - we did laugh.
Thank you for all your good wishes for her recovery and thank you for your concern about me. I am taking it easy I promise. I am 'baby sitting' on Wednesday. Sis in law is working so is going to bring her mum here in the morning for a few hours and then her other half will collect her when he finishes work. She enjoys mindless tv more than anyone I know so my job will be easy.
Well had a lovely evening. Jake came in from work having bought the box set containing every single episode of Only Fools and Horses. He cooked us ham egg and chips for tea (yum) and we ate it whilst being entertained with the hilarious antics of Del Boy and Rodney. No matter how many times I watch it just does not fail to have the boys and me roaring with laughter. It is rare for us to watch anything altogether that we all thoroughly enjoy. Then there was I'm a Celebrity. Oh joy - how I love Ant and Dec. Again I was honoured to be in the presence of both of my son's for the entire programme. Not only did Jake cook tea but George cleared up and sorted out the dishes but Jake had bought chocolate. What more could a mother want (except for all Sue's dies). Lol x
I really think if I could persuade the boys to offer their services to anyone who would appreciate a bit of eye candy helping out round the house we could make a fortune. I say we, because obviously they would need a manager to organise the bookings (that would be me), and I would have to take my cut of the takings.I am convinced that there must be a market out there for this kind of thing. Maybe I should get my business plan drawn up and have words with Lord Sugar x
TRACY - you are so good. I would have had to buy everything just because Sue designed them - will be thinking of you tomorrow x
LAINE - you poor thing. Never mind me resting up - think you should try and follow your own advice. I have heard rumours that Santa was last seen entering a side entrance of a Harley Street Plastic Surgeon. He really is going to great lengths to avoid us. I can't understand anyone not wanting to spend time with us x
THERESA - you are so right when you say anything tastes better when made by someone else. My egg and chips was delicious!! And then not having to clear up was the icing on the cake x
Off to bed - worn out but it is a happy worn out after the frivolity and raucous laughter with my gorgeous boys. Can't wait to see what our glorious leader has in store for us tomorrow. Take care everyone
Crafty hugs

Hanne Oxholm said...

Lovely card, Sue. These dies are very interesting...
Very clever concept. I would also use them as a belly
band on a gate fold card and... and... - You really
get our small grey cells spinning!

Glennis F said...

What a brilliant idea - it looks great on the card

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