Thursday, 12 November 2015

Art Deco Inspired

Hi bloggers!  In case you haven't seen how useful the Configuration die range is, this video should do the trick to convince you.  There are just so many ways to use these dies, they practically do all the work for you!

I hope you will be able to join us Friday morning at 6am for the start of a  new die blog launch.  I am very excited about it and hope you will be too!

The finished dimensions are 8" x  8" in size.  All for now, Sue x
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Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, A beautiful card, off to see the 'How To' now.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

PharmacyMichele said...

Lovely card-will have to watch the video tonight as its appeared so late this morning.


crossstitchmarg said...

Morning Sue,
Another beautiful card today, I'm off to watch the video now, before getting ready for a whole day craft workshop.
Have a lovely day

June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, another gorgeous card today, off out to hospital appointment soon so will check out video when I get back, also so looking forward to new dies, looks like I will be having myself an early Christmas present.

Stay safe, healthy and happy. hugs, June Smith xxx

A Happercrafter6 said...

The configuration dies look so versatile - will have to get some but probably need to ask Santa now. This card is lovely as was the one John demoed last night.
Looking forward to the launch.

Jackie T said...

Good morning Sue today's card is gorgeous I do love those dies. How exciting another die release you are spoiling us. Have a great day today. Hugs Jackie said...

Morning Sue.
A great video, and very pretty card Thank you.
I am looking forward to seeing your new dies.
Thank you take care Kitty.

hettygarlick said...

I love Art Deco and this is a beautiful card. I was inspired to make something similar when I saw your video on YouTube and am so pleased with the result. Your dies have taken my crafting to a whole new level Sue!

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, a gorgeous card everyone's blog is late this morning.
Nancyd xx

Jan on the Fosse said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card today. I do love these dies. It's going to be an exciting weekend looking forward to all the new dies and your ideas.
Thanks Jan

Karen Derbyshire said...

Love the colours of this card, and I need this die!

JAO said...

Beautiful spider web look.

hazel young said...

Stunning card Sue xx hazel

Aspiring crafter said...

Very pretty card Sue.....your die launches are always inspiring!

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, beautiful card, dies on my now very long list. Looking forward to the launch tomorrow.

Love Rosemarie x x

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. This is a gorgeous card. The colours are very pale and soft, a very pretty and girly card. I dont have this configuration die yet but i am hoping santa will bring me it along with some of your new dies. Hubby asked what i would like for christmas so i give him a list with all the dies i dont have. The look on his face was price less lol. Thanks for another great video. Watched Johns show last night and it just seemed to fly by. It looked as though he had some fun. Hope everyone is ok Sue.
Take care everyone. Finely the winds have gone down and the rain has stopped.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

Sandy (tort) said...

A lovely card!!

Sandy (tort)

Janice K said...

Good morning Sue. Another stunning card that looks so soft and feminine. Thank you for the great tutorial. Looking forward to seeing the next additions to your wonderful range.x

Anonymous said...

Lovely card Sue. These dies are so versatile. Watched John demo some last night. Looking forward to new launch tomorrow. JJxx

Izzy said...

Hi Sue,

Very pretty card, will watch the video later, very busy day here...

Looking forward to tomorrow's die launch...


Unknown said...

Hi Sue
I love this die - it is so useful.
Lovely design - very much my sort of card.
Can't wait to see your ideas on the new die launch - mine are on pre order.
Anne M xx

Unknown said...

Stunning card again sue

Chris Curry said...

Elegant sophistication Sue. Gorgeous, love the art deco look. Thank you.Xx

Barbara Gosden said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card. New die launch is exciting, can't wait to see what you have in store for us - oh dear, my Xmas wishlist may be getting longer!
B xx

jenny Briggs said...

Lovely card configuration dies ate so useful so many ways to use was really pleased he showed what to do with the new string flowers on Hochanda last night as I bought these recently

Jane Franklin said...

Lovely card Sue and the demo brings it to life. So looking forward to the new dies tomorrow exciting. Must get my Santa list started and hope its not too long that he trips over it!!!! Best wishes to all jxxx

Muriel said...

Hello Sue and all
great video and love configuration dies. Thank you for the hint to make the corners. Look forward to the new release, very excited !
Muriel x

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone
Beautiful design and use of those terrific dies. Certainly looking forward to seeing the new ones.
Hoping to catch most of John's shows today too.
Have a great day.
Ang x

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi Sue. Beautiful card today. Looking forward to your new launch tomorrow. Have a great day. Hugs to all xxx

Yvonne H said...

Good morning Sue,
Absolutely stunning card, love your configuration dies as they are so useful & as you say they can do so much. Looking forward to tomorrow's new die blog. Yvonne xx

marg said...

Good Morning Sue!
You must be in a constant state of designing, but I look forward to the new Dies, even though I haven't managed to buy all the others Lol!
Will watch Video now as it really shows the beautiful card better!
Take care
Love Marg

Heather Treble said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful card, I love the soft colours. I received my order yesterday and this die had fallen into my basket along with your 2015 Angel and the pierced rectangles. Have already had a play with this die and it's stunning. I've tried the pva glues in the spaces and it's so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your new dies in action, there are bound to be additions to my list for Santa :)
Thanks for sharing,
Heather Treble

Wendy L said...

Loving the Configuration dies, just watching John from last night. xxx

Boffey6 said...

Morning Sue
I love these configuration dies as they have so many uses. A beautiful card again Sue. Thanks Anne

Anne said...

So beautiful, Sue.

Anne (Northampton)

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, these dies are so versatile and the card is lovely. Love Jean Z xxx

Evis M said...

Hi Sue.
A lovely card. Will watch the video later on today.
Take care,
Evis M.

TDQ Karen said...

Lovely card,looking forward to seeing more of your new collection x

Unknown said...

This card really is stunning Sue. I love it. The configuration dies are gorgeous. Have a great day everybody
Hugs Sylvia xx

karenlotty said...

Gorgeous card in beautiful colours- very soft Will have to watch later, work is calling

SueJ said...

Really nice card Sue, love the dies used.
Enjoyed the video, thank you.

Croquet Queen x said...

Hi Sue,
Such a pretty lace layered effect!!
Lorna D

auscrafts said...

no time to watch the video ,but lovely card

fame01 said...

Hi Sue
Oh such a pretty card I love it
thanks for sharing
Hugs Sarah n xxx

Scottydog said...

This configuration die is beautiful Sue. It gives the card a beautiful cobwebby look, think this must go near the top of my Christmas list!
Thank you!
Looking forward to the die launch tomorrow, then my Christmas list will double in size!

gwen70 said...

Beautiful card, adore the colour, looking forward to tomorrow to see the new dies

Pat said...

Hi Sue
Amazing card. It is so inspiring to see the different ways you use your dies
Pat x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
A beautiful card, love the way you have used the die, just so lovely.
Will watch the video later.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - lovely video showing more uses of your dies. Love the colour and the delicacy. Really looking forward to the launch of your new dies - we're being really spoilt on Hochanda at the moment - loving it!! Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
A lovely delicate card for this sunny morning. I love your configurations dies as they are so versatile. I am looking forward to seeing all your new dies.
I had a great day in London yesterday visiting the "Dressed by Angels" exhibition. 175 years of costumes made by the Angel company for films, tv series and theatre productions. The detail on the costumes was amazing and it was a fabulous day out although I will be taking it easy today!!
Lesley S x

TOB said...

Hi Sue,
Gorgeous card, love your configuration dies.OMG my bank manager is going to have a fit I haven't got half of your very first die launch.
Looks like my Christmas list is going to get longer.
Hugs to all
Theresa xx

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue this die is certainly useful and so delicate. Looking forward to seeing all your new collection love from Jackie xx

Nannieflash said...

Gorgeous card Sue, love the diecuts and how youve used them. hugs Shirleyxxxx

granny sue said...

Hi Sue. Lovely card and thanks for the video. Looking forward to seeing all your new dies.
SueL x

Susan Battensby said...

Hi Sue
What a lovely card, off to watch the video now.
Looking forward to the new dies. x

hollyberry said...

Beautiful card that is so delicate and lacy.

Unknown said...

Hi sue and crafters.

It's just so pretty. Looks very detailed to. Like u said the dies so all the work. I just wish I had the imagination to go with it lol x

Still having pj days and loving it. I still feel as tho I'm having an extended holiday from work.
I miss the girls and my customers loads tho.
Going for a wee lunch this afternoon with a few of the hirls from work to keep in touch with what's happening. Then back to my pjs to watch johns shows from last night and today x

Pen Sunshinepen said...


Oh how exciting not sure I will be up at 6am but will have a look as soon as I am up.

Lovely card so detailed.

I have John on the TV at the moment just LOvely

Crafty hugs Pen x

Sassy said...

This card is stunningly beautiful l. I love the soft elegance and the little touch of color I'd perfect. I recently purchased my very first Sue Wilson dies! I'm so excited and eager to use them. Unfortunately, these dies were not in my order but I have a list! I plan on adding to my new collection as often as possible. Love this card!

BenteS said...

Love your card today and the way you have used the dies,
beautiful :))

Unknown said...

This card is gorgeous , it looks so pretty in the blush/ white giving it a delicate touch, great video!
Anne xo

Vick said...

Hey Sue, I thought we was never going to see you this morning, but finally your card turned up, i love it, stunning, look forward to watching the video, hugs, Vick xx

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
Such a girlie card you've given us today it's so pretty, I agree your configuration dies are so versatile they make a 'plain' die or card into a 'stunning' die or card very easily. I've even cut them in an envelope flap and it looked gorgeous. I have already pre-ordered a quite a few of your new dies (early birthday present lol!) and can't wait to receive them and see what you do with them.
Hugs x
Heather T

nattyboots said...

Stunning card again Sue ,will watch the video later.
Take Care
Elaine H X

Lynn Dalby said...

Hello Sue.

Beautiful Card. I think it really does show how different the die cut can look depending how it is placed, I love the hint of blush. Thanks for sharing.

I'm looking forward to see how you use the new dies.

Best wishes

Beryl said...

Beautiful card Sue.

dmjones said...

What a lovely card, Sue,

Doreen x

Elsie Smith said...

Hi Sue. Lovely card, amazing what you do with your dies.
Can't wait to see your new release.xx

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a beautiful card. So intricate, delicate and very pretty. Thanks for the video.

ellyscard creatief said...

I love this beautiful card.

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, beautiful card, very delicate and lacy, subtle colours.
Off to watch the video and pick up a few tips
Take care everyone
Jess xxxx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
A lovely card, so gentle but plenty going on. Art Deco is always so pleasing to the eye.
Looking forward to the launch A LOT.
Hugs, Rose

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue
What a beautiful card!! I love the configurations dies.....will watch video now. Ooo how exciting....a new die launch!!! Can't wait!!!

Unknown said...

Stunning card sue love it thank you love always June Horrocks xxxxxxxx

Nana on the Hill said...

A lovely card Sue, can't wait to see what you've got in-store for us. Xxx

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Beautiful elegant card so lovely.

Hugs to all

Annx without an "e"

Unknown said...

GM Sue. Only just morning though! Did look earlier but not there. But all back to normal now thank goodness! Clever card. Love it. Blogathon? O yes please! I love to see what you do with your new dies.

Lynne L said...

HI Sue Such a pretty card I don't have any of the configuration dies but after watching this video I will have to get some Looking forward to seeing your new dies very exciting!

Lynne L said...

HI Sue Such a pretty card I don't have any of the configuration dies but after watching this video I will have to get some Looking forward to seeing your new dies very exciting!

Unknown said...

Looking for your times on Hochanda, but John is on at the moment, showing your dies, so perhaps thats all we are going to see. Love all the dies, the flowers are very nice and make a lovely change. I still like collecting the sentiment dies.

Lynda's craft's said...

Good morning Sue & Friends
Wow a Gorgeous elagant card today I love the configuration die's they are so pretty,John did a great show yesterday with these die's
Love & Hug's Lynda Brock xx

Tracy have a lovely lunch with your friends then home in pjs take care big Hug's xx

Big Hug's Melody Francis & Molly xx

Hug's for all in pain or just need a Hug plenty to go around xx

TOB THERESA it's good your commenting again have you had your operation. Hope your on the mend have been thinking of you Hug's xx

Hug's for all friends & everyone xx

Bejay said...

Hi, Sue,
What a beautiful card! The colours are subtle and the dies are just brilliant. I don't have them but think I need to add them to my wish list.
Looking forward to the new die launch on Friday, I may no be up at 6:00am though lol.
Bejay x

CraftyJo said...

Love anything Art Deco :)

Wheely Bad said...

Hi Sue

A very, very pretty card, I have most of the ingredients too so I shall be putting this one on the list to try out. I must make an effort to do more of the pastel colours. Very excited to see your new launch in use. I do like to wait to see this before I choose.

Waiting for John's midday show to come on, Billy was ever so pleased, he got his breakfast early! He's using some of the dies I have and helping me make up my mind for more :-) going for the purple cardstock though as the colours are just gorgeous.

Tracy, I hope you have a lovely lunch with your work colleagues, hugs x

Laine, hope you're not too sore today, sending gentle hugs x

Jan, Sandy sounds amazing, sure she was there with you all on Tuesday, hugs x

Molly, hope Nanna was able to have a rest after Dad picked her up yesterday. Sending Grandad hugs, best wishes and warm hugs to him and all of your family. Sending you extra special hugs, take care xxxx

Thank you Maria, Alison, Lynda, Laine, Tracy (sorry if I forgot anyone, I do feel bad if I do, blaming mind fog!) for thinking of me yesterday. Wondering if pushing myself and opening the heavy door to the bathroom (several times, all the laughter!) at the resturant Monday has strained some muscles in my arms, upper back and neck as no clue otherwise why I've been so sore, head been pretty bad too, even managed to fall asleep at the bathroom sink yesterday afternoon for nearly 3 hours! Worst bit was I went from there to the bedroom and got into bed, thinking it was night time. Know it was grey and grim yesterday but not that dark! Only realised as I checked the clock... Billy had been asleep across the sofa, head on my cushions and pillows obviously pretty pleased that I had vacated them for so long. Head is tingling now so I shall take the tablet to stop the migraine as my PA is here later and I intend to have the shower I didn't get last night as I was propped up, dosed up and not up to much!

I must leave it there, hugs to everyone with plenty extra if you need them. Will try and check back later,

T x

Patricia said...

Good afternoon Sue,
WOW! Oh! WOW! an absolute stunner.
Off to see how to do it.
Patricia xxx

Helen Bell said...

Hi Sue

Beautiful card, not watched the video yet as my IPad is about to die so need to charge it first.

Still not feeling great, but gutted as my Hochanda shows have not recorded. No sky signal was received apparently. Still not working.

Oh well, I can look forwards to the launch of the new dies tomorrow.

Love Helen x

Yorks butterfly said...

Hi Sue, great video and such a beautiful card. Love the Configuration Dies, so many different variations.
Really looking forward to your new die launch, although I don't think the bank manager would agree

Linda28 said...

Hi Sue, sorry have not posted for a good few days! I am on vacation in the U S and our internet has been playing up:( but am now a happy bunny and can connect and catch up. Today's card is beautiful, so delicate in the soft peach, can see I am going to treat myself to some of your latest collection of dies on my return. Take care everyone, Linda.

Anonymous said...

Pretty card with the blush, Sue, love the art deco die and the use you have made of it, a really special card. Thanks for the video, as always.
Phill - always so dapper and precise - John with all his hints and tips and lovely Julia (today with Justrite) who always makes me laugh. We've been spoiled - not that there was time, unfortunately, to watch all the shows. Think CE may have the big share in Hochanda!! Great to have all our favourites on. Step forward soon, Sue.
Looking forward to seeing your fab samples for the new launch!
Sending hugs to poorly friends and those in need.

'P' in Wales

Myra said...

Hello Sue,
A very, very, pretty card! Will watch the video later when I can concentrate properly!
Very excited to see your new Dies! Got my first Configuration ones as part of a Birthday present. It was lovely to have a good look at all or most of your Dies at the NEC. I've bought most of mine online in the past!
Love to all,
Myra xxx

Anonymous said...

Theresa says
Hi sue and lovely wilsonettes x
Beautiful card sue x I love the configuration dies and getting extra inspiration from john today is fantastic x really looking forward to the launch tomorrow and its great timing with christmas coming x guess that's me sorted ! Wonder how the kids would feel if they received dies too ? Thankyou again sue for sharing your amazing talents with us x
Wheely bad so sorry your feeling poorly again and hope your head clears soon x sending you a big hug x
Molly sending you and nan and grandad big hugs x
Beth hoping you are well x
Take care everyone x
Theresa w xxx

Paula said...

That's a lovely card Sue, I have the configuration dies so love it when you do demos and/or videos using them, thank you :)
Paula x

terrie said...

What a lovely card....thanks for the video and showing how all of this made a wonderful card....tfs
Well done Sue

Pam said...

Beautiful card, looks so elegant.
Daily hugs and best wishes to Melody, Francis. Tracey good that you are resting and enjoying PJ days.

Jackie Meechan said...

Gorgeous card love this die set. Another must have to add to list.

Meg Owen said...

Lovely card Sue, could be used for so many occasions.

Bad weather on it's way so please stay safe everyone,
Love and hugs

KarinsArtScrap said...

fab dies, elegant and beautiful card Sue
Gr Karin

Lynda Mellor aka Loopy Lynda said...

Good morning Sue,beautiful card today!!!
I think everyone's post was late this morning!!!
Have a good one!!!
Loopy Lynda xxx

Jan Ltc said...

This is gorgeous xx Jan

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Lovely card. I haven't got any of the configuration dies - yet! Really looking forward to the launch of your new dies. I've seen them on another website and they look fantastic, but I do like to see what you do with them.
Daily love and hugs to Francis, Melody and Tracy xx
Wheely - hope you're feeling better after your shower! Love and hugs xx
Love and hugs to everyone, Alison xx

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card, looking forward to seeing your new die collection
Happy crafting
Love and hugs to all
Love Tina x x x

barbara macaskill said...

BeautifuL!! Can't wait to see the new dies!! I know they will be beautiful and that I will want them all! LOL TFS!

Jan.moogie said...

Stunning card today Sue, I could easily get hooked on these configuration dies as they are very versatile and beautiful. Looking forward to the launch of your next collection and want to wish you well. Have a great day hugs xxx

Lisbeth said...

Very pretty card again Sue and such a clever use of the die showing just how versatile it is. I have been watching John on Hochanda today showcasing your dies and I look forward to another launch on your blog tomorrow.


Wacki Macky said...

Beautiful card today Sue, the shapes, colours and composition are fabulous, thank you.

I'm adding all of the new dies to my wishlist and at this rate I'll be working until I'm 70!

Lots of love and craftihappiness everyone,

Pearl x

Suzzette Yandle said...

Lovely, soft and sweet card today. Looking forward to the new launch this Friday!

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

Once again simply beautiful - this time very soft and feminine...Have pre-ordered some of the new launch and love the new striplets particularly.

Lorraine Freeman said...

Very pretty card Sue, thank you. I love using dies like that.
Sorry I can't keep track of everything and everyone at the moment. Had my worse appointment this afternoon and I am still hurting from it and I am supposed to inflict more of the same on myself later. Had to chase up another unpleasant procedure and that's a week today. I just wish my body would work properly.
I know I should count my blessings but finding it hard. Thought I was going to be able to buy a second hand mobility scooter but it's been sold to someone else. Feel like I had glimpsed freedom and now it's been taken away

tracy w said...

Hi Sue
Another stunning card love the colours and the new dies glad you have done some art deco style ones thank you tracyw

Tressa said...

Oh dear, it looks as if another set of dies is on the cards (please excuse the pun!) . The blush card makes this a very delicate production. Nice to see the use of the Scandinavian dies again. Must pull them out tomorrow for the next batch of Christmas cards I think!

Thank you for more great ideas.


Molly said...

Hello sue an everyone I thinks it's good you can make a card with the die like that. I can't wait to see all the new dies nan said once I see you use them I will want to change the list I made.
Yes I think nan had a rest but he went back today they do have a little bed she is allowed to sleep on if she gets tired but dad don't like nan staying there. Thank you everyone Molly oxoxox

Alison D said...

Hi Sue, lovely card today. I adore the configuration dies, they are just so pretty and versatile. I'm building up my collection slowly (can't afford to do otherwise lol). Looking forward to seeing your new collection. Love and hugs,
Alison D x

Barbara (C) said...

What an elegant card showing off the Configuration dies....orders in for the new collection I always enjoy their arrival so not long to wait!

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
I do love the configuration dies, and love the card you've made with this one. Looking forward to seeing what you've made with your new dies.

Anonymous said...

Love the art deco influence...very pretty. The new die launch sounds exciting...I never met a die I didn't like. (grin) Jan D., Florida, USA

Diane Green said...

Hi Sue
What a fabulous card today, those configeration dies are wonderful and so useful. Thank you for sharing.
Love Diane G xxxx

gailgale said...

So, so, Beautiful!!!!


Brenda said...

Hi Sue,

Beautiful Card today, I like these configuration dies, they are a brilliant addition to any die collection.
Looking forward to the new launch. But as it so close to so many family birthdays and Christmas, I will have to choose carefully.

Sending crafty hugs, Brenda xxx

Unknown said...

Hi sue,
Beautiful card, I just love these die, this is one I am going to have a go at

Hugs pat xx

Unknown said...

Hi sue,
Beautiful card, I just love these die, this is one I am going to have a go at

Hugs pat xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow I love the way you have used this die

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Very pretty.
Beverley W

shabbycraftcabin said...

Hi Sue, lovely card. Hugs, Ivy xx

liz spooner said...

Such a gorgeous card Sue, I have quite a lot of these dies and always reach for them.xx

Jayem said...

Hi Sue,

You had me with Art Deco! How fortuitous that my die set arrived this week. I really love the femininity with you blush card but see it could equally be at home in a 'manly' colour palate.


Jan from NSW (Aus)

Jan's Paper Flowers said...

Wow, I can't believe the masterpiece you've created with those dies, Sue! I love the card and the amazing video...thank you!

Laine, I hope you weren't too sore today to fully enjoy your day of pampering.
Tracy, I hope you had fun at your lunch and then got to relax again afterwards.
Wheely Bad, I hope you feel better...sending big hugs.
Lesley S, The Dressed by Angels Exhibition sounds amazing.
Lorraine F, it sounds like you're in need of some big hugs so I'm sending you my best ones.
Melody, Francis and Molly, you're always in my thoughts.

I hope everyone had a beautiful day and you all have a peaceful night.

Princess Pixie! said...

Evening Sue
Beautiful card. I absolutely love all the configuration dies. I am so excited about the new launch. The new dies are absolutely exquisite.
Sorry for my absence but things have been a bit difficult.
It has been a long and emotional few days. My mum in laws heart attack was much more serious than we initially thought. Her heart has suffered irreversible damage. She suffered a mild pulmonary edema which is what was causing the breathlessness. She has had 3 stents so far but will need more at a later date after she has had a little time to get over everything that has been going on. She came out of hospital yesterday evening with so many tablets and is staying at my sister in laws. There is going to be so many challenges both physical and emotional ahead.
I am absolutely exhausted and can feel the fatigue creeping up on me and ready to pounce. I am off to have an early night. I am struggling to keep my eyes open so I have not been able to read any comments - sorry.
Sending you all lots lf love and big hugs
Truly hoping to be able to check in first thing tomorrow so until then sweet dreams.
Crafty hugs

Theresa said...

this is fab. i think i need that die now.
i also think your top and necklace were so cool. love that lime green with the turquoise, hugs xx

Lesley said...

Great card and video the configuration dies are so useful. Have watched John today with your dies some great tips. Look forward to the die launch tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
This is a stunning card,enjoyed the video also.

sandieann21 said...

Very late visit but quite a busy day. A lovely card. Good shows from John today.

DeeDee7770 said...

Absolutely gorgeous card! So blush, white, lacy dies and pearls! Many new dies to add to my wish list! I really love this multiuser card. Have a great evening.

Rosemary Stickland said...

Lovely delicate looking card.
Rosemary xx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card which looks very feminine & classy.
Pretty soft colour combo which looks gorgeous & very delicate.
Love every aspect of this beautiful design & must get me some of your configuration dies in my collection.

Crafty Hugs
Haze T xx

Yorkie girl said...

Hi Sue and your crafty crew
I'm back. Well for now anyway Decorating !!
I am loving all your new dies Sue and have spoiled myself and pre ordered some of them . It would be rude not to lol
Today's card is another stunner and I still wonder where you get all your inspiration from
Just glad you continue to share it with us all
Hugs to all that need one
Theresa G. X

CraftySuetoo said...

Hi Sue. A beautiful card, the configurations dies are so versatile. Looking forward to seeing your new collection.
Sending special wishes to all in pain. Sue XXX

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, a very pretty card and I love the blush card. I have ordered a couple of your new dies from Joanna (birthday money) and am really looking forward to the launch.


Unknown said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful card, looking forward to the launch of your new dies.
Love Janet x
from Wakefield

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,

Beautiful card, I'm definitely going to try this card as I have the art deco die. would love to see more art deco dies (hint hint). I managed to catch John's show last night and it was fab. I set the recorder to record the shows today but my hubby went and switched every thing off grrrrr!! not very happy with him. Will have to be nice to him though as your new dies are coming lol!!

Tracy - I hope you enjoyed your lunch.
Wheely - I hope your head has cleared and your feeling a lot better.
Lorraine F - so sorry you missed out on your scooter I hope you find one soon and I hope your feeling much better very soon. I know exactly what you mean about counting your blessing it so hard when your in so much pain.
Yvonnne - so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law it all sound so stressful for you all and sending best wishes to you and the family I hope your having a good rest as I type this.
Molly - I do hope your Grandad get stronger soon and comes out of hospital then Nan won't need to stay there.

Linda xx

Jean said...

So prettY!

nzillingworth said...


Laura O said...

great card ,Laura O

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
The card is so pretty.
I loved the demo.
Can't wait for your new launch shows!
Veronique L

Unknown said...

Aww Lorraine. Things will better soon I hope for u. It's not nice when u are getting poked and prodded at appts. My poor right arm I think has gave up with all the tests is had done as I'm not allowed anything off the left side in case it causes lymphodema ;-(

Melody said...

Hi Sue, really nice card the configuration dies are great, nice to see your pearl pva boarder. Take Care Melody xXx
Thanks all for the lovely comments xXx
Molly that list of yours better be coming with some money xxx

Eunice said...

Sue the configuration dies are amazing!! So many ways to use them and achieve a different look every time.

Berina RGA said...

Beautiful card Sue!! So excited for the new blog launch.

Unknown said...

Good morning, Sue and Wilsonettes, well it's 4.00am now and I'm just heading to bed after my long journey back home.
That is a seven and a half hour flight, a coach journey of 4 hrs 20 min, followed by a short car journey of 15 - 20 min, with a stop off at Tesco for bread and milk midway !!!

I will catch up with you all at some time during the day for the latest launch, after some much needed sleep. (I only dozed sporadically, on the coach for around an hour or so, towards the end ).

Good night or morning all,

Angela in wet' windy, South Wales Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Unknown said...

Gorgeous card! The die cuts look fabulous as do the colours you've used. Debra x

Maeve said...

These dies are fantastic. Just what I need. I am not great at matting & layering , so they would make a massive difference to my cards
I am delighted that you are doing these. I must have the full set. Love the card too. Now I am going to watch the video for more ideas
Thank you so much Maeve x

Unknown said...

Good morning sue what a beautiful card
And the design is wonderful xx

Debs A xxx

Di said...

Hi Sue,
A really beautiful card. Love the colour, the design and the dies you have used.
Di B. x

Margaret R said...

Hi Sue
Love the dies used for this card
Margaret xxx

Thove Kramer said...

Love it Sue, Thove Kramer Arntsen from Bergen Norway

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, lovely new dies, and love the card. Linda K

Lizzybea said...

Hi sue
Love the lace effect of this die, so beautiful.
Liz Robinson

magpie said...

Hi Sue, fantastic video as always and such a beautiful card made with these dies. Love them. I can't believe how you do all these things. Wonder Woman has nothing on you! Lol! "Thank you Sue" for all you do xx Sending love and hugs to you Sue, your mom and the family xx Sending love and hugs to all our Wilsonettes who are in need too xx Love Karen xx

Unknown said...

Just so beautiful


Vick said...

Super stunning card xx

Love2papercraft said...

I'm crazy about this card! Love, love, love it - even more so because I have the Art Deco config die :) I don't have the others, but your dies are so versatile, another will be equally lovely as the focal. Rebecca in Colorado

Txcowgirl said...

Just beautiful, and love the art deco look.

DeeDee7770 said...

I love Art Deco and you have made a beautiful card using the style. Art Deco flows as the shapes meld. The pearl outline adds more depth and echoes the Art Deco style. Great card Sue. Have a wonderful day.