Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wednesday Weekly Card Giveaway

Hello crafters!  It's Wednesday again and you know what that means! To Jo, Maggie, Janet, Gail and the  few other non-bow loving people that I'm sure I missed, look away now, giant bow alert! LOL   To the rest, I hope you like today's card giveaway offering as it is a bit different colourwise than what I usually do.  I just love this Rich Plum card and think it looks smashing with the Mulled Wine gilding flakes.  I inked up the Floral Lace Background stamp by Justrite using the Flake and Glitter glue on a piece of cut 'n dry foam.  I keep reading comments about how so many of you feel intimidated by this glue and let me tell you, it is ever so easy to work with if you follow a few rules.  First, don't apply it too thick, you want it to have a sort of bluish tint to it not a solid white look, that is too thick.  Secondly, stamp quickly as it is a glue and if you take too long your card will stick and you will rip it.  When doing large stamps like this, I always take the paper to the stamp, rub my hand over it and remove.  Thirdly, set your card aside at this point and clean your stamp!  Do not let it dry on your stamp.  You can re-ink at this point and stamp multiple times if you want before cleaning, but once you stop stamping, clean it off!  By setting the stamped image aside, you are also ensuring that the glue has time to become tacky so you do not smear it which is more important if you get the glue a bit heavy too.  I should put this next sentence in capitals, but the glue will not dry completely until something has been put on top of it,  be it gilding flakes or glitter. There is absolutely no rush to get your product on it, stamp it, clean it, take your time, have a cuppa if you want, then when you are ready, gild it!  I used the Mulled Wine gilding flakes here and a Rubit Scrubit pad to refine the flake and remove the excess and bring the stamped imaged detail out.  I used the Justrite Vintage Tag die to cut an aperture in the centre of the background, then added mounting foam to the back of the background to raise it for dimension.  I matted it on a piece of soft gold card and recessed the cut out portion down into the aperture.  I stamped a sentiment on the plum card (the close ups look purple, but trust me the top pic is the colour of the card) and embossed it in gold.  I cut out the sentiment with the smaller Vintage tag die and then added a shadow mat cut from soft gold.  I mounted this in the centre of the aperture on foam.  I tied a double bow from the champagne silky crush ribbon, added a jute bow and finished it with a gold satin ribbon rose (these come already made from Creative Expressions, just like the white one from a few days ago, they are gorgeous!)  I made two fancy stick pins to go with the card and attached them through the knot of my bow. I finished the card with some matting and layering with rich plum card and soft gold card and added my pierced layer to the top.   Finished dimensions are 5 3/4" x 7" in size.  Leave me a comment to be in the drawing and don't forget to check to see the winners name on Saturday's post!  All for now, Sue x


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Heather Rogers said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Sue, Happy Birthday to you!

Many happy returns of the day my friend. I hope you have a lovely day with family and friends and get to have a break from all your crafting and time to enjoy your Special day because you deserve it for all the lovely things you do for people behind the scenes, that many never know about. I shall be thinking of you!

Sorry I haven't had time to comment on the blog recently and although I commented on your You Tube video I loved the colour combo of yesterday's card and the balance between the two; simply lovely. Today's card is lovely too of course it goes without saying. It is often difficult to find fresh words to describe your creations so if we get repetitive you will have to forgive us.

Take care have a lovely day!

Crafty Hugs
Heather xx

Vick said...

Hello & Good Morning Sue and all the other Wilsonettes,

WOW!!!!So loving the card, just my colours and so opulent,and all the videos you are putting up Sue, as you know i do video tutorials myself and I know what work goes into making them, i love watching yours every week when you put them on, so thank you for them!
Hugs, Vick xxx
My YTChannel vixcrafts

Pam said...

Morning Sue, stunning card, so beautiful.
Steph, hope you had a comfortable first night, hope you are back home soon.
Daily hugs for Jean and Gail and their boys and all who need or want one.
Norah, are you okay hun xx

Vick said...

oh and i forgot to say Happy Birthday young lady!!! lots of love, Vick xxx

Pam said...

Me too, forgot to say Happy Birthday Sue, have a lovely day.

Jan.moogie said...

Happy Birthday Sue hope today is one of the best. x

What a stunning card today Wow.xx

Cameeli of Richmond said...

Good Morning Sue, Really like the colour combination, it really pops out on the plum card.

Have a great day.
Cameeli xx

Cameeli of Richmond said...

Good Morning Sue, Really like the colour combination, it really pops out on the plum card.

Have a great day.
Cameeli xx

Debby Berry said...

Happy Birthday Sue. Wow this card really pops what a great way to celebrate your day!

floss said...

Hi Sue,
A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Hope you have a great day.

What a very striking card today, one to really stand out amongst the rest. X

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sue, hope you have a fabulous day!
Gorgeous Rich colours in today's card, just love it.
Crafty hugs. Judy M

kitty davies said...

Morning Sue.
Happy Birthday to you, I too share my birthday with another well known crafter, are we all Gemini's. Thank you for todays very rich oppulant card love the bow.Have a great day take care Kitty. Sue it is just pouring with rain here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue - a very very Happy Birthday and hope you have a lovely time with your Mom - perhaps a day for you to be spoilt!! Will you get a no-calorie cake, too?
You did make me laugh - bow alert!! And the gilding, cleaning stamp instructions - how could any of us go wrong? Hmmmmmmm.....
Just love this card, colours, design, BOW, the lot. Can see the mulled wine flakes making their way here some time soon.
Thank you again for all you do for us lucky crafty bloggers!!

'P' in Wales

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, Happy Birthday to you, hope you have a very special and wonderful day. Absolutely stunning card today, very rich, opulent and royal colours. Bx

Rose in Chester said...

Happy Birthday Sue,
WOW, this card is AWESOME. What a bow birthday girl! I love the card, and thank you again for spelling out how to use the glue - it just confirmed that I have got it right.
Your stick pins are still to die for.
Hugs, Rose

Caroljsmith said...

Happy birthday sue have a good day love the card today so rich the colours x

Regina said...

hi, sue
Happy Birthday to you!
Your card is so glamorous and elegant!
Wish you a wonderful day!

karenlotty said...

Happy Birthday Sue Have a lovely day in whatever you choose to do A beautiful opulent card Thanks for reminder re flakes My first attempt was disasterous (darling!) I will try again Julia thought I hadn't used enough glue when I'd described what had happened Will "play" again after work

Anonymous said...

Very "posh" card today. Very Best Wishes today and always. Mabex

Sandra Biggs said...

Hi Sue, Many happy returns. Hope you have a lovely day.
Stunning card. Thanks for the tips. Loving the look will have to give it a go.

CraftySuetoo said...

Hi Sue, wishing you a very happy birthday, I hope you have a fabulous day with your family.
This is a totally decadent card, rich colour and a huge bow, totally my cup of tea.
Sue xxx

CraftySuetoo said...
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Aspiring crafter said...

Happy birthday Sue!
Have a wonderful day ! Hope it's all you want it to be.
Wow, wow, wow -what a card! Bows rule today! Fab.

Jacquie said...

Morning Sue.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a very nice day.

Love your card and that Plum card is gorgeous Mmmm something tells me that colour will be in my stash very soon lol!

I love the big bow, great center piece! Love the gilding flakes too, don't they have some beautiful colour combinations now?

Have a nice Birthday.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Clai01 said...

Happy Birthday Sue
hope you have a super day
love and hugs xx

sonja_w said...

This is definitely one that has the wow effect. Love the rich plum colour and the combination with the gilding flakes -stunning.
Happy Birthday Sue, hope your day is fabulous xx

Gail said...

Good Morning Sue and fellow crafters,
Happy Birthday Sue, hope have a brilliant day! Thanks for the heads up over the bow! My problem with bows is, because of my muscle illness my hands do not work as they should do and I find it very difficult to tie them.
The card is lovely. The rich plum with the gilding is lovely, and the card I'm sure would look just as good without the bow!
Gail C x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
This card is truly stunning. Your advice regarding the glue for this technique is brilliant. The temptation to press too hard like you do with ink to get a good impression makes the card stick to the stamp and getting the glue off the stamp ASAP is most important. Love it.
Beverley W

Mrs B said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sue : ) Wishing you a wonderful day. I wonder, will your no-calorie cake be chocolate? Or is that a silly question? I hope you get to do just what you want to today...enjoy : ) (I also wonder if any newbies reading this have looked up "No-calorie cake"? lol.
Todays card is gorgeous. I love it. The deep plum colour is so rich and beautiful, and I think the Mulled Wine are one of my favourite gilding flakes. Thank you for the gilding flake tips. My problem was not letting the glue dry, I kept forgetting to wait was putting the flakes on straight after stamping! It became a really bad habit until I deliberately left the flakes in the drawer, only getting them out after stamping and cleaning my stamp!(I have a bowl of soapy water ready to chuck the stamps straight into & use an old toothbrush to get in all of the fiddly bits of he stamp, NOT on my work desk I hasten to add) : )
Pam, My daily hug is on it's way to you : )
Norah, I hope you are ok my friend?
Julie and Lee. I hope your eyes are improving Julie.
Gail and Jean, my thoughts are with you both.
Sandra, Fingers crossed that today is the day that your GC finally arrives!
It is wet here and looks to stay that way! I hope Florida's weather is much kinder on your special day Sue x Wishing everyone a good day. Take care

Edwina Scotney said...

Hello Sue, wishing you a very happy birthday, I hope you have a lovely day with your family. Wow what a beautiful opulent card, anyone would love to own this. As Heather has said it is hard to find new words to describe your lovely creations. Once again have a great day Edwina

Craftysusan said...

Love the new gilding flakes and thanks for the detailed instruction on how to use the glue. I have bought the glue but not had the courage to use it yet so now I will give it a go. Beautiful card and I love your bows, so the bigger the better for me. Have a lovely birthday Sue. x

Marion Bull said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE - YOU SPECIAL LADY! have a great day! You deserve it!

This is a stunning card today, I really love the richness of it. Thank you for all your tips and now I will have another try with glitter flakes and glue.
Marion B

Carole Z said...

Well Sue, I love bows & this card is stunning...gorgeous colours & background, hugs Carole Z xx

Sandy G said...

Happy Birthday Sue,
Hope you have a great day!
Today's card is GORGEOUS!!! I love the stamp, the colour, the bow, the pins, the flakes.........everything! I would love to own, drool over, this card!
Thanks for sharing.
Hugs to all.

Debra Denman said...

Happy birthday Sue. Have a truely fabulous day. My birthday is soon and my hubby is planning a special day out. Not sure what he has in mind. I hope you enjoy your day dispite the rain.
This is a opulent card so beautiful I ardour the colours. Just stunning
Happy birthday again.
Debra x

Maureen Killen said...

Happy Birthday Sue, and congratulations to your mum for producing such a lovely child. I always feel that mothers get overlooked at birthdays, and let's face it - without them we wouldn't be here!!

The card today is a real celebration, it's just the plum colour I'm not sure of. But if you say it's gorgeous, I'm sure it must be.

Have a lovely day with your family, get some great presents and good luck for the coming year xx.

Hope everyone else is having a good day and thinking I'm thinking about those who are poorly or in hospital. xx

Nanny Jo said...

FABULOUS!!! Sue, I love it! the colour, the bow, the gilding flakes....stunning! And thank you for the gilding flake tips... I always get a bit impatient and don't wait long enough! Maybe I should take a coffee break :) Jo xx

Rosalind McLellan said...

Happy Birthday, Sue.

I love the card, including the bow! LOL.

Isn't it funny how the colours vary. In the close-ups the card looks purple and pale blue instead of plum/wine and gold.

Love Roz.

Dawn Searle said...

Morning Sue and everyone,
A very wet start to the day here, but brightened by this stunning, rich and elegant card. I personally love bows, I am just not very good at making them. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sue, I am sure you will have a wonderful day that is richly deserved, enjoy every moment with your family. I have bought some Grime Boss wipes to clean the flake and glitter glue from my stamps, so perhaps today is the day I will take the plunge and give gilding a try. I will let everyone know how it goes.
Love ang hugs
Dawn Searle xxxxxx

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Wishing you a very happy birthday and hope that you have a lovely day.
This mornings card is stunning I only put big bows on the ones I give by hand due to postal charges.
Love and hugs to all the Wilsonettes
Happy crafting
Love Tina x

Sam Smithard said...

Hi Sue,
Today's Card is Truly Scrumptious I Love it, I Love the Large Champagne Bow and those Beautiful Roses I think there great for people who can't make there own flower's, I must admit "I LOVE" using Gilding Flakes. I've done it wrong so many times but watching your Videos has truly helped me, and I must say that The Mulled Wine Gilding Flakes are such Stunning Colours very Rich, then those Awesome Stick Pins just Fabulous, this Card will be a Beautiful Gift for anyone. I Love today's Card it's Rich, Opulent and Extremley Stunning.
Thank You So very much Sue for sharing, Thank You for the great Tips and Techniques, and the Fabulous Photograph shots and most of all Thank You for your Daily Inspiration you bring to me.
Sue Take Great Care
Have A "Great Birthday" with your Family
Love and Hugs
From Sam x
Hugs to All

Maggie Phillips said...

Hi Sue. Happy birthday ~ hope your day is perfect in every way!Today's card is stunning, I love everything about it, including the bow. Take care~ I hope to be back commenting regularly soon. Hugs,
Maggie x

PharmacyMichele said...

Happy Birthday Sue. Love the card except for the bow!!!


Annie said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Sue xx
Today's card is a WOW for me, it is just gorgeous. And a magnificent bow! I'm a bow lover!
Have a lovely day
Hugs Annie

Jacqui oakes-alcock said...

Have a great Birthday Sue. What a rich coloured card.

Deborah Artliff said...

Good morning Sue WOW what a stunning card I love it. And the colour is so lush. I love to use gilding flakes so I will be having ago at this one.
And the big bow is to die for I love it the bigger the better. Take care Sue xx

Debs A xx

Rach83 said...

Good morning Sue,

Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a brilliant day with plenty of lovely cake!

Your card is absolutely stunning! The colour of that card is so luxurious. I love the big bow - the perfect finishing touch.

Thanks for sharing,
Rachel x

Evelyn Sinclair said...

Hi Sue and all,
Gorg e ous!!! Love the colour co ordination. Very rich looking. I love the excitement of the reveal when using holding flakes!! Hugs from Ireland. Evelyn x

jean.phillips1 said...

Happy Birthday Sue! Well this is right up my street, I just love the colours and just adore your big bows! The gilding goes so well on the plum card, I love it! Hope you have a lovely day with your family. Love Jean xxx

Evelyn Sinclair said...

That of course was meant to say gilding flakes. Blooming predictive text and no glasses. Bad combination. LOL x Evelyn.

Jackie Trinder said...

Good morning Sue today's card is gorgeous I love the richness of the colours you have used. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday I hope it is a good one with plenty of cake. Take care. Love Jackie

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day with your family. Let them spoil you you deserve it. Today's card is amazing. I love guilding flakes, but do tend to get them everywhere.

Lots of love, Rosemarie xx

Debbie Tinks said...

Lovely card today Sue the colour...x
Happy Birthday to you ...x. have a great one ....

Crisco said...

Happy Birthday dear Sue - ooo
Happy Birthday to you !!

Such a perfect card for today - hope you have a wonderful time today.

TDQ Karen said...

Have a very Happy Birthday Sue, love this card, the flakes are a beautiful match for he plum card. Just lovely xx

Laura O said...

gilding flakes look stunning on this colour card ,Laura O

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
The colours of the flakes against the plum card are gorgeous. Thank you for the tips on using the gilding flakes. I think I shall try by using a smaller less loved stamp for my first attempt as I am afraid of getting the timing wrong for the cleaning part!
Veronique L

Sue Dix said...

Such a beautiful card today Sue, I love it, such stunning, rich colours. Wonderful! And Happy Birthday, have a fantastic day! xxx

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday hope you relax and enjoy a wonderful day today.

Todays card is absolutely gorgeous I do love the rich plum colour and the beautiful gilding flakes make it a stunner.

Hugs Annx without an "e"

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday hope you relax and enjoy a wonderful day today.

Todays card is absolutely gorgeous I do love the rich plum colour and the beautiful gilding flakes make it a stunner.

Hugs Annx without an "e"

Anonymous said...


Victoria said...

Well I'm really happy as I love your mega bows Sue! This card is a stunner in every sense. What a gorgeous colour and great tips for using the flakes. I've really got my fingers crossed for today's giveaway!

Anne O said...

Hi Sue
A gorgeous gorgeous card! Gold and plum - beautiful!
Have a great birthday!
Best wishes, Anne

Joan D said...

I absolutely love ribbon,and adore large bows. Makes a card look oh so lush and elegant. This card is stunning I would love to have. Let's hope I'm lucky. Xxxx

Joan D said...

Happy birthday, a Sue. Enjoy.x x x x

Laura O said...

happy birthday Sue ,thanks for all the fab cards you bring to us ,Hope you have a fabulous day enjoy .Laura O

heather harrison said...

Morning Sue. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. I hope you have a lovely time especially as your with your family. What a lovely card today as always. The colours are really lovely together. Thank you as always for sharing all your wonderful ideas with us. Hugs Heather.x

Diane said...

Hi Sue gorgeous card today really elegant , fab colours and wonderful bow. Thanks for the building flake tips I think I need to add the cup of tea stage when I do it and not start too early! I hope you have a fantastic birthday and it's great you can spend it with your mum and family across the pond. I don't think calories exist on your birthday they magically vanish from any food lol. Have a great day. Love Diane G xxx

Ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue
First have a fabuuuuluuuus DAY Sue. Happy Birthday. Many thanks to your Mom for having you. We owe Mom for having that very special delivery on this very special day!!
Today's gift is very very majestic and the very regal colour you have used is fantastic.
For me the gilding is a little too much but would dearly love to see it in real life.
My first pot of gilding flakes arrived last week and as yet I still haven't been brave enough to open it let alone use it!!!!
Perhaps today is the day as I have decided on the format for the three retirement cards, cut them all out so today will be spent as assembly time.
Take care everyone and see you tomorrow.
Janet x

Donna Jones said...

Hi Sue,
Happy Birthday :-)
Pretty card, loving the colours in the gilding flakes
And the plum card too.
Donna Jones

linda boyce said...

Lovely card as always hope you have a great day and dont work to hard hugs linda and lily

fame01 said...

Hi Sue
Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very treasured ladyhave a wonderful day you deserve it so much..The card is so very classy the colours are so stunning. hugs sarah xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue Firstly many happy returns of the day so plesaed you can celebrate with your family! This card is so rich in colour, very beautiful. Take Care Love Michelle S xxx

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone.
Absolutely stunning Sue. Beautiful colours and design. Love it!
Have a Happy Birthday.
Ang x

Hilary said...

Good morning, and a very Happy Birthday to you dear Sue, and good morning to everyone. Wishing you a wonderful day Sue!!
This morning's card is beautiful with a gorgeous array of colours!
Love the mega bow!!
Wishing you, and all your Wilsonettes a happy and healthy day. Love and hugs. Hilary xxxx

Alison Couchman said...

Gorgeous! So rich and opulent that the recipient would feel very special.
Happy Birthday Sue - hope you have a lovely day today.

jacqui said...

Happy Birthday Sue. Lovely colours on today's card, love those guilding flakes. Have a wonderful day
Jacqui M xx

June Horrocks said...

Happy birthday lovely lady hope your day is as great as mine was on Sunday. The cards are stunning sue I bought some of the flakes at the Bolton craft fair last sat so I'm going to have a try now. Got to meet the lovely phill at the craft fair. Love to all June xxxxxx

Marion said...

Hi Sue Happy Birthday have a good day.
I like the gilding part of the card but the bow takes over too much for me.
Marion H

Janice Wallace said...

Happy Birthday Sue. xx
Hope you have a great day with your family.

Think I will run out of words for this card,, lush, luxurious, gorgeous, stunning, I would love to own...etc...etc....yes you guessed, i LOVE this look.
Janice W

lydia jordan said...

Hi Sue,
Happy Birthday hope you have a great day, enjoy the no calorie cake if you have one.
Had to smile about the bow alert, not a fan myself but I adore the card, love the colour of the card and the gilding flakes are stunning, must get this colour.
Have a wonderful day.

Pauline Norbury said...

Hi sue
Great card once again. I tried gilding for the first time last week watching your video on how to do it. It worked wonderfully. Thanks again

Lynne Mills said...

Hi Sue, firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special lady YOU!!!!, hope you have a fantastic day with your family.
Wow wow wow wow what a belter of a card. Love it !!!, the rich plum card is sublime and the mulled wine flakes are just scrummy. Personally I love bows the bigger the better so bring them on . To save time picking out a winner just send this card to me hehe , I'll give it a good home. Lol and hugs lynne m x x x

Early commenting today as poochies fast asleep so have a few minutes of me time
( not often I get this with my two terrors). After yesterday with the flower heads and cushion episodes poochies were quite happy to settle down with hubby during the evening ( little traitors) however, not before they gave great impersonations of sidewinder snakes by lying on their backs on the lounge floor and rubbing their backs on the carpet moving in an 's' shape across the carpet, it was totally nutty to watch. To top it off Tilly then got up gave herself a shake jumped up onto hubby's lap , went round and round and then curled herself right up and settled down . To us it was the actions of a cat. We are so sure that our two are not aware that they are dogs. At that moment a picture of my two dressed up in glittery leotards with tutus lying on couches telling a doggie psychiatrist that it all started not long after they came to live with us came into my head and thats when I lost it. Hubby just gave me his " whatever" look when I explained what I was laughing at. He just has no imagination!!!.

Lol and massive hugs to all my friends on this brilliant blog , hope you have a great day despite the weather Fur babies & lynne x x x

Brooke b said...

Wonddrful card, love the background and colours. Fingers crossed.

hollyberry said...

Stunning card today,love that plum colour.
Happy Birthday,hope that you are doing something special and taking a well earned break.

gwen70 said...

Stunning card beautiful bow and colours

dijit said...

This card is absolutely stunning, I love the colour combination. Simply stunning.

/and a Happy Birthday to you as well xx

Jeanie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE have a lovely day

A beautiful card this morning gorgeous colours too.

Lorraine Freeman said...

Happy Birthday Sue :). It's my youngest's 18th Birthday today, where does the time go? Anyway I love today's card it is so stunning :D Have a good day everyone

Denise Hancock said...

Happy Birthday Sue. Hope you have a great day!
A very rich looking card today.
Denise X

Janette MacArthur said...

Happy birthday Sue, have a wonderful day! Today's card is yet another stunner - I love using gilding flakes but as yet haven't tried the glue-to-stamp technique - must have a go!
Janette x

nattyboots said...

WOW ! what a beauty and fab colors
Take Care
Elaine H X

Jean Deane said...


Hope you have a fantastic day and being with your mum and family makes it even more special, enjoy xxx

Today's card is just lovely so warm and rich looking , I am one of those who has glue trouble , but will keep trying until I succeed . Fabulous card Sue, thank you xx

Sending hugs and fond wishes to everyone on very wet morning in Normandy , hope you all have a good day , thinking of our Steph xx
Big hugs to Pam , Mrs B, Lynda , Yorkielass and Magpie xx

Jean D xx

Chris Curry said...

What a beautiful, royal coloured card to show on your birthday Sue. Perfect, and Happy Birthday to you too. Xx

gwen70 said...

Happy Birthday Sue, just read Julias blog

Katielouise said...

Dear Sue,
Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

This is such a beautiful, opulant card. Thank you for the tips for using the gilding flake glue, I have some gilding flakes and glue but not used them for some time and had forgotten how to use them properly.
Love the bow! x

Have a fab day, hopefully it's sunny where you are, as it's pouring with Rain here. It hasn't dented my day as I'm happy today 😊

Best wishes from Katie-Louise sweetlove xx

lorraine taylor taylormadecards said...

Happy birthday sue,hope u have a relaxing but enjoyable day x love the card the colours are so regal, guilding flakes are brilliant and I love doing this technique,
Sorry havent be on for few days I have been so busy with the garden,parrot, kids, hubby, dogs,and now the new kittens. I knew I should have brought a farm! The kittens are doing great mum is wonderful with them, althrough she is getting restless being in now being a friendly feral.but she settles when we give her loves and hugs bless her. I will try and put some pictures on my blog of the kittens today but need to go shopping first so it will be done late afternoon.
Hugs to all that need them,
Even if u dont take it a hug never hurt anyone lol
Take care all
Lorraine x

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Happy birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day and get spoilt! You certainly deserve it. Love today's card and the tips about the gilding flakes will hopefully help me to have some success with the pesky things! I'm certain that I must put the glue on too thick and then don't wait long enough for it to go tacky ( even though I think I do!!). Will have a go later today - but will make sure the cat is nowhere near! Lynne sorry to hear your neuralgia has been playing up and I hope you are feeling much better now. Last couple of days comments about Tilly and Cully have made me smile - I think they know exactly what they are doing the little tinkers! Lindsey pleased that the stallion is on the mend and I'm sure he will appreciate you changing the dressing rather than the vet. Steph if you manage to read this, I hope your stay isn't too bad and that they get your pain sorted out. Good luck with the colouring! To everyone else I hope that you are all well and am sending hugs to you all. For those who are in need of comfort sending you extra special hugs. Love Alison xx

karen keen said...

Good morning Sue Happy Birthday.
I absolutely love this card. The guilding flakes and plum card are made for each other.
Hope you have a lovely relaxing day.
Karen from Telford

Disco Queen said...

Happy Birthday Sue. I hope you manage to find some relaxation time just for you. Love your card! I adore gilding flakes, though I haven't used them in a while as I have got really into the waxes. Feeling inspired to have a little play. Theresa x

Gail said...

Stunning card - so rich and opulent xx luv it xx must be an another Gail who doesn't like bows cos I certainly luv this one xx Happy Birthday - have a fab day xx GailT xx

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Happy Birthday to you and thank you for the wonderful cards you show us , Beautiful card to day ,I love this technique with the flakes and I can now do it. Also your pins are beautiful I have also been making them thanks to you . love Jean Z xx

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Birthday Girl.
Hope you have a wonderful day with your family and it would be lovely to see some pictures of what you have been doing on your special day.
This card is beautiful so rich looking. I must get some of this plum card and i love your big bows just wish mine would turn out the same but i will just have to keep trying and hopfully i will get there one day lol.
Have a fantastic day.
Best Wishes.
Denise x

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning card. Take care. Claire

Lindsay Martin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE, now your not supposed to give the presents on your birthday! Such a rich card, with guilding flakes and the colour of the card. I must try your tip of taking the appear to the stamp.
Just about to make a couple of cards before I go and get some food shopping then teaching then equine shopping! My daughter is doing two weeks placement at a local primary school ready for her pcge course starting in September, on her way out today, it was "mum could you get me some more bread for my lunches" ahh it's great having her home again.
Lynne those girls and their wriggly antics, my spaniel loves to lie in the middle of the floor on his back snoring, never sure what he is dreaming of though!
Take care everyone of my fellow Wilsonettes, and have a lovely day Sue, I'm sure the sun will be shining on you xxx

Anonymous said...

Oops forget to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE. I hope that you have a lovely day being totally spoilt. Take care. Claire

Shirley Terretta said...

Hi Sue,

WOW. A hundred followers and its only 9 o'clock. Happy Birthday. Hope its really special.

Love the card, the colours are better in "real life" too.

You made me smile when you said to have a cuppa. You are more British than you think!!

Love to Steph.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxxxxxxxxx

tracy w said...

hi sue
Happy Birthday
what a stunning card on your birthday love the colour theme will be trying this one out thanks tracy w

Anonymous said...

HB Sue! Wishing a very special lady a very special birthday. As for today's card, so opulent - love the colour, the gilding flakes and those stick pins are to die for - just fabulous! Have a wonderful day (perhaps a cocktail or two and a large slice of cake I am thinking?...)
Clare W

Anonymous said...

A Very Happy Birthday Sue - have a truly wonderful day. Today's card is absolutely beautiful. Just love the opulence, the colour is very regal and the bow does the card justice. There's going to be one very happy winner! Best wishes

Maggie said...

Hello Sue. Wishing you a wonderful birthday with lots of treats, calorie laden cake, champagne and anything else your heart desires. But ... no bows!!! Actually this card is stunning bow or not and I would be as proud as anyone to own it. Have a truly lovely day you lovely lady (there I don't often get soppy do I?) xx Maggie (better without a great big flouncy bow!)

carol edwards said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Sue, Happy Birthday to you. Can't sing it to you just as well really as I really can't sing. Have a wonderful day Sue, the card today is beautiful in lovely rich plum colours. Enjoy your day, hugs to all x

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
A very happy birthday to you, hope you have a wonderful day. Love today's card, very rich and thank you for the tips for gilding, have had a few disasters but think I was too heavy handed with the glue!!
Best wishes, Pat

darcydaydream said...

Happy Birthday Sue.

Not too sure on todays card although I do love the big bow.I'll come back to it later and have another look as it might grow on
Christine in Darcy.....xx

Norah McPhee said...

Good morning Sue and fellow Wilsonettes,
A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A VERY SPECIAL LADY. I hope that you have a fantastic day and no calorie cake or not, enjoy it with your friends and family across the sea there. We are richer in crafting because of our very special crafty godmother, which leads nicely into today's little masterpiece. WOW it is so rich and opulent looking and because of your fantastic photo's i have 2 beautiful results to look at. One, the rich plum and the second looks like a beautiful darker royal blue which gives us 2 for the price of 1. I loved the alert today for all non bow people, it was so funny as i think today's card is really finished with the beautiful bow and your gorgeous stick pins.
Yesterday not a good day, mind had definitely left and gone missing in action. The body is still moaning/screaming at me today from Saturdays exploits and the morphine and other rattle of tablets have decided to stop working or it just feels like they have. Today needs to be a wool cupboard day as hubby is trying to get a downstairs toilet put in for me and i have to sacrifice my cupboard. Going to put the balls into the space saver bags and then into the plastic tubs once i have sooked out all the air. Although i think that it is going to take numerous bags and tubs as the wool cupboard is just that from floor to ceiling. It is at the moment taking two to shut the door, mmmmh... might need to declutter a tad. Daughter is (supposed) to be helping but that will be a miracle if that happens as she is going to see her friend for a wee while(5 and a half hours the last wee while), she is wanting to get some groceries in as WE are going on a diet, i liked how that was worded at me and then WE are going to get weighed( that's just so the scales can say one at a time please when i go on).
At the moment i think it will be a lie down on the settee to get some energy built up first as eyes definitely knocking together. Have a great day everyone and i hope that the sun is shining for you today. Sending gentle hugs out to our fragile and much needed friends,
Love and crafty hugs
Norah (Glenochil)where my hills are out in full splendor today.
PS. remember how Sue put a strip of double sided tape along each edge and used the gilding flakes on that. Just thinking to all new or unsure of using the flyaway flakes that make a bid for freedom. It gives a beautiful edge and also builds up your confidence in using them. Just a thought. x

nzillingworth said...


TOB said...

Happy Birthday Sue,Have a great day. LOVE this card, so opulent and very striking, this would definitely stand out among other cards.
I have a friend over on a MONDAY and was going to show her how to use gilding flakes, so I prepared a few items to show her and in my mind was "remember to tell her not to sneeze and to be careful not to tip them over" WHAT DID I DO, hit the container with my finger as I reached to get something and it went everywhere. Holding my breathe (lol) I managed to save them all, yippee. A good lesson for myself there I think. Hugs to all who need them. Theresa xx

utilitygirl said...

Happy Birthday Sue, have a great day.
Lovely card, of course. The colours are great, very opulent. Love it.

Beth Peake said...

Well this is simply stunning. I love the simplicity of it proving sometimes less is more but the colours really give it the WOW factor. Fab card sue

Luv n hugs


Janet k said...

Morning Sue, I see by some comments it's yr birthday today, well I hope you have a really happy one, enjoy! I love the card today very grand looking, I tried the glue and gilding flakes a few days ago and it was not a pretty sight, but reading what you put today I maybe was putting to much on so will try again, you make it look so easy, but I won't give up! Thank you for sharing love Janet k xx

Myra P said...

Hi Sue,
A very Happy Birthday to You! Hope you have a really super day with your family and friends. Thanks so much for all you do for us and how you help and encourage us. Love to your Mum on thi special day too! xx
Hi crafting friends, hope everyone is reasonably ok today?
Steph - thinking about you - hang in there! x
Norah - hope you ok - missed you x
Lee and Julie hope everything ok with you also. x
Brenda - hope the Garden Party went well . x
Love to all, especially Sue .
Myra. PS - bow alert made me laugh and card is gorgeous! I love the plum and gilding flakes and especially the Bow and pins! x

marg said...

Good Morning
Happy Birthday Sue!
Love Marg

Rosie said...

Happy Birthday Sue hope your day is full of wonderful

Another stunning card, Sue. I love the colours on this card....xxxx

Jackie Durrant said...

good morning Sue, and happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely day. Today's card is so rich looking and the flakes and colour combination really stand out so would be the star of anyone's mantlepiece. Love from Jackie D

SHARICA said...

Happy Birthday Sue .. xx

Love this card .. xx

Pauline A said...

Morning Sue, Happy birthday to you; Happy birthday to you; Happy birthday dear Sue ooo, cos we all love you!!
Lovely card today as always and I think that your bows are fantastic. Thankyou for explaining about how to use the glue and flakes again as I think that I may have been putting too much glue on, hence the mess which I created. Not a pretty sight. Enjoy your day and hope you are being spoiled! Hugs Pauline A xx

Margaret corgi owner said...

Good morning Sue and everyone
Hoping your birthday is as special as you are HAPPY BIRTHDAY x

Todays card is so beautiful very rich and opulent looking to say the least, sorry but like Heather Rogers I do find it difficult at times to find different descriptions for your fabulous cards. The bow is out of this world and the pins a real wow!

Have a wonderful day Sue with those you love.

Special loving thoughts for Tina facing a very difficult day and Steph hope all is going well lovely lady.

Warm wishes and hugs to those who need them
Margaret corgi owner

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, A very Happy Birthday to you, I hope your day is as beautiful as you are.
Woweeeeee !! this card 'sings to me' it is my colour combo, I love the gilding flakes the beautiful plum card and the central die-cutting is stunning. I love it !!
Have a lovely day with your Family.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Marianna Hammer said...

What a wonderful card!!! It really wants to live with me. I can tell :)

Lacelady said...

Wow, what a beautiful, rich card today - I'd love it if I was the winner. The bow is just right, it wouldn't have looked right without it.

Lacelady said...

Oops, sorry Sue, I forgot the most important part! Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, I do hope its a great day for you.

Chaffinch said...

Plum and gilding flakes - nice colour combination.

Marianna Hammer said...

Reading the comments I can see that it's your birthday, Sue. Happy birthday to you!!!

Christine said...

Hi Sue, what a beautiful card, love big bows !
I am one of those people who are scared stiff by gilding flakes and glue, bought them but never used them. Will get them out and follow your instructions to the letter, then I can't go wrong !!
Have a great day.
Christine (Andypandy)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Wow - this is gorgeous. I love the gilding flakes - in fact I love everything about it. Just beautiful. Thank you.
Bye for now.
SandraP xxx

vivjose said...

Happy Birthday, Sue!
Very best of wishes to you, hope you have a special day.
Fantastic card today, as usual. Whenever I see purple I think of my Mum, so of course this is extra special - with the flakes making it really opulent, love it.

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
And Happy birthday
I have been away for a week and back to catch up looking at the lovely cards you have posted whilst I was away.
They are all fabulous
Have a great day
Carol x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Sandra again. I have just found out it is your Birthday today.

Happy Birthday. I hope you have a lovely day - enjoy every minute of it.
Bye for now.
SandraP xxx

Unknown said...

Morning Sue,
Love the card, such rich, regal colours. Happy Birthday, have a lovely day.

Susan McGaw x

Nadine in Spain said...

Happy birthday, Sue! I hope you have a lovely day.

You've created a stunning card. The rich colours, gilding flakes, big bow and fancy stick pins - it looks absolutely regal!

Nadine xx

Sheila - Ginger said...

Morning Sue,
Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday hope you have a wonderful day spent with your family.
Today's card is so's the colours, that plum is gorgeous.

Love Sheila xx

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, Happy Birthday, however you spend it, what ever you do, hoping this day, is special for you. Have a great day with your mom and family and eat lots of no- calorie cake!
Today's card is a stunner, very rich and opulent this colour of guilding flakes needs to be in my shopping basket now. Have a great day everyone, take care, hugs to all, Jess x

Charlie Anne said...

Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day

Cards2Di4 said...

Happy birthday Sue. Hope you have a fabulous day to match your fabulous card.
Best wishes
Diane xx

Beryl Treble said...

Happy Birthday Sue. Hope you have a great day.
Love today's card.

CraftingMarg said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE, Wishing You a wonderful day full of laughter and joy.
Today's card is really lovely..
Love Margaret x

camelot67 said...

Good Morning Sue,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love todays card - truly stunning. Thanks for sharing and hope you enjoy the rest of the day.
Margaret A.

Kate's Cards said...

Big bow and a big blousey card.

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, Happy Birthday and hope you are thoroughly spoilt today.

A beautiful card. Very rich and opulant looking. I love gilding flakes but not tried stamping then applying. My stamping skills are not up to it yet.

Susi Mortimer said...

Morning Sue and everyone,
WOW Sue another stunner of a card, it's beautiful. I have not had much luck with gilding flakes in the past, but will give it another go.

Hope you have a lovely day.
Susi xx

weefortune said...

Happy Birthday Sue, Have a Fabulous Day!!!
Beautiful Card today for the give away, ggos luck to all.

Hugs Elaine xx

Elaine Sabey said...

Happy Birthday Sue I hope you have a lovely day.
I love the colours in this card, so rich. I have gilding flakes but have very rarely used them, you really encourage me to have a go. Keep up the good work with the videos they are so informative.
Love Elaine x

Sandra said...

Good morning Sue, firstly I want to wish a very inspirational lady a very, very happy birthday ! I hope you are going to do something nice, I am guessing that your day started with your mum and friends at the breakfast club, I hope the rest of the day is as special as you deserve!
Today's card is rich and opulent, lovely colour combination, those mulled wine gilding flakes are a perfect match to that plum card.
I hope all my fellow blog friends are going yo have a lovely day,
Steph, thoughts are with you today, hopefully first steps to a brighter, less painful future!
Hugs to all
Sandra xx

Joanna Dickson said...

Bestest Birthday wishes to my favourite inspirational crafty lady.
I love this card it's another wow from me. I love love love the bow. The colours are so opulent and rich and gorgeous. It's really is a fab card. to everyone but hope you have the fantastic birthday. Enjoy your day cos you make me smile everyday.
Jo xxx

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, hope you have a lovely day with all your nearest and dearest. Love the card, will give it a go.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

jane stillman said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday Sue and what a fabulous card again today, just love that bow!!!

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, Happy Birthday greetings winging their way across the pond to you. Hope you have an extra special day.
Love the card, the rich plum is gorgeous and although the flakes are very striking it hasn't put me off at all and I would gladly give it a home:-)

Mosie said...

What a great card Sue. Happy Birthday. Have a great day
Love Maureen W

Janet G said...

Happy Birthday Sue

Not left a message before but had to wish you a happy day.

Love your work and follow your blog every day

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sue.
A lovely card today. Have tried the glue and it's amazing.

Dawn E said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alison D said...

Hi Sue, wow! This card is stunning. I love the the colours you've chosen, they marry together with the gilding flakes perfectly. Here's wishing you a very happy birthday. Hope you get to enjoy every minute. Best wishes,
Alison D xx

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, I hope that you have lovely day.

Beautiful card Sue, love the colours, so regal looking.


CraftyJo said...

Scrummy! Mind! I'll not mention the bow ;)

Dawn E said...

So many people have said it before but a very Happy Birthday Today Sue! I'm positive you'll have a wonderful day with all your Love Ones. May the coming year be everything you wish for..
On to this glorious card, you've really done Regal card today, fit for Royalty!! The rich plum & gorgeous gold flitter on the stamp & I just LOVE, LOVE & SO ADORE the gorgeous gold ribbon - another must have!
This, for me is a favourite, simple to do but, wow! What a statement... Thanks Sue & have a wonderful day I wonder who has the higher temps Florida or here on my island? Hugs & enjoy your day, Dawn xx
Hi Nora, Just to say that I too have days when I'm feeling that even with all my meds & morphing that nothing is working! So it has to be 'mind over matter' & my strong belief that 'He will never give us more than we can cope with'.... Hugs to you & yours Dawn

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi. A very Happy Birthday Sue. I hope you have a lovely day. Well as soon as I saw your card I thought WOW! It's absolutely gorgeous, stunning, beautiful. I just love those colours and your gilding flake background is amazing. I love everything about it :-) Hugs to all xxx

Eemeli said...

Wow! This is a stunning color combo! Love the "strong" look.
Hope you have a wonderful day.


Samantha Dalton said...

Wow Sue this card is stunning!
Hope you have a fab birthday :)

hazel young said...

Stunning card Sue love the colours xx hazel

hazel young said...

Had to pop back to wish you a lovely birthday xx hazel

Christine C said...

Hello Sue and Everyone,
What a beautiful card today so rich and elegant love everything about it including the BOW lol,
Hope Everyone is ok today,
Happy Birthday Sue hope you have a lovely day
From Christine C and Ella

Dawn Holben said...

All I can say is a very big WOW.
I just love the colours and wish I had the confidence to make a card as stunning as this.
And that Bow is just wonderful.

Dawn x

Glenys Unett said...

Your cards are truly stunning. I don't know where you get the inspiration from but each one is as gorgeous as the last. I only wish I had a little bit of your inspiration. I look forward every day to the next card.xx

Ann said...

Hi Sue
Hope you have a wonderful birthday. I love this card the colours are my favourite, I love jewel colours. I think I will have to acquire this stamp, keep looking at it but I'm running out of space in my little craft room. Have a lovely day.
Ann x

yorkielass said...

Happy Birthday dear Sue, enjoy your special day with the people you love, your Mom must be so proud of her little girl, love and hugs to you both.
WOW this card is gorgeous, the gilding and bow are scrummy.. Thank you for the gilding tips, I think it has finally sunk in lol. Had to smile at the cuppa and bow comments. Thank you you lovely lady.
Big gentle hugs to Pam, Norah, Jean D and Gary, Gail C and your brother.
Lynne hope you are feeling better, your story made me smile, hugs and love to you, Tilly and Cully.
Steph thinking of you and missing you, love and big gentle hugs to you.
Tina thinking of you, you are a special person, love and big gentle hugs to you.
Lindsay enjoy your daughter being home and hope the stallion and foals are OK.
Lynda hugs to you, Annie and Bambi.
Take care everyone.
Hugs June xxx

Ros Hodgkin said...

Hello Sue,I love this beautiful elegant and incredibly posh card. Who wouldn't want to own it and frame it and put it the heaviest traffic area of their home?
I really like the colours of these gilding flakes, and until this card hadn't realised what a difference they add to the overall card. I would love to be in the running for this card.
X Ros

shellsta said...

Have a very Happy Birthday Sue, I love your cards every day and thank you for the time to do both . Loving the colours on this one . Have a lovely day.

Lynda McKittrick said...

This is a breathtakingly beautiful card. I have never used flake and glitter glue, or gilding flakes, but the effect is gorgeous. Thanks for the how to information. This card would be a treasure to receive.

Jill Liddle said...

Love the colour of this card. Absolutely stunning.

baconbits said...

Afternoon Sue
WOW remiss of me I have been away for a few days - job hunting nothing special and have not been by.
Todays card is very regal, opulent and so elegant. Just love the colour.
Simply stunning.
Amanda x

baconbits said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Sue - have a fantastic day.
Love and hugs
Amanda x

cr@fty said...

Good afternoon Sue
Happy birthday ! What a fabulous card I love the rich colours it looks very regal
Hugs x
Heather T

cr@fty said...

Good afternoon Sue
Happy birthday ! What a fabulous card I love the rich colours it looks very regal
Hugs x
Heather T

Brenda Lello said...

Hello Sue, hope you are having a fantastic birthday and sending you my very, very best wishes LOL

Today's card is just so beautiful, I love the colour and those Guilding flakes are to die for, I NEED them! Have other colours but not these, they are so gorgeous.
I would love to give this card a home - I promise you it would be loved and cherished.

Enjoy your birthday I'm sure your family will make sure you do something special take care, love Brenda xxx

Myra, it was a wonderful experience, we saw the Queen very close up also Prince Phillip and then we saw Prince Charles going down his line and he wandered over to my sister (who is this year celebrates 60 years in religious life)and spoke to her about her life and said he admired her commitment and dedication, she was SO delighted, and she wasn't even one of the people who were to be officially presented it was a real OMG moment!!!!! After that we met the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, in fact it was Prince Charles has said to my sister "oh he will be over in that direction" and meeting him was also another very special moment. I tell you my dear sister was almost floating on air.
Sandra, I didn't do the big hat thing as I have awful fine hair which just goes flat when I put anything on my head but I did ware a very attractive fascinator and it felt lovely.
Steph hope you are ok.
Norah take it easy, hope you manage to find a home for all that wool. Think on the positive side it will be such a help to you having a downstairs loo. LOL

Mary Blight said...

Hi Sue! Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a lovely day, as you truly deserve it! You make such wonderful cards & today's card is absolutely stunning! The colours you've used make it look so regal! I would love to be in with a chance of winning such a stunning card! I am really looking forward to meeting you one day SOON! Love & Best wishes, Mary Blight XXX

hazel said...

Happy Birthday Sue
Have a wonderful day
Now this is a very rich and Elegant card love the plum colours. Thanks for sharing the tips with the glue and for reminding us all to wash the stamp straight after something i once forgot and took me ages to get the glue off
Have a wonderful day Sue
Hazel G xx

craftyhugs said...

Hi Sue,

What a great card. Such rich colours and as always great design.
Really love your blog for ideas and inspiration.
Looking forward to more.

Crafty hugsCelia x

Sonia Jones said...

Oh WOW what a stunning card! I love it. The photos are showing it purple in some and burgundy in others but all colours would be stunning, so regal looking. If I won this card it would make my year! Hugs to all Sonia

Alice G said...

A very rich and opulent card Sue, love the colours and the bow!

Hugs Alice xx

yvonne masterman said...

Hi Sue, a very Happy Birthday to a very special and talented lady, hope you have taken the day off to enjoy your celebrations with your family...
Todays card is stunning love the huge bow and the flower with the beautiful stick pins...Yvonne xxx

Tracy Stitt said...

Hiya sue and crafty crew
Happy birthday sue!!! I hope u have a fabulous day an taking a well deserved day off from crafting ur wee heart out!
I love the colour as it reminds me of my wedding day the bridesmaids were wearing a similar colour an had it in my bouquet. One word to sum up ur amazing card SUMPTIOUS!!
Love and hugs
Tracy from killie xxx

Helen Kington said...

First and most importantly I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday. i hope you have a wonderful time with your family and get spoilt rotten.

Next the card it is so rich and opulent and just truly beautiful. I have never tried stamping with the glue but with your clear instructions I think I may have to give this a go.

Finally I would like to send love to anyone who is feeling down, ill and just in need. It is a horrible grey damp day here the sort of drizzle that gets you really wet - I know that sounds daft but I am hoping someone out there understands what I mean. Have a great day all and take care. Helen xx

Gill Constable said...

What a simply beautiful card. And I love that use the word 'smashing' - how very British you sound, haha. Have a lovely day. Gill

Myra P said...

Hi Sue,
I hope you don't mind !
I just wanted to say thanks to BRENDA for telling us about her lovely day at the Palace! How thrilling for your sister Brenda and you too. I'm sure you looked lovely. You were so fortunate to get so close never mind a little chat! You both may take a few days to come down to earth again!
Love Myra x

Sue - I bought the flakes and plum card! can't wait for them to arrive! x

Linda28 said...

Happy Birthday Sue, hope you have a great day, as they say in the US. Today's card is special, so rich looking, it would be an absolute joy for anyone to receive it. I have only just looked at yesterday's card and loved it, was busy traveling to Florida yesterday and am now relaxing and enjoying the view from my favourite place in the world. Rotonda West( Florida's hidden secret) Will be checking in each day, best wishes to every one. Linda.

Micky French said...

Happy Birthday Sue, I'm sure it will be a great day for you x.
I love this card the colours are gorgeous and I love the big bow.
Hugs to all
Michelle xxxx

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday Sue, hope you have a lovely day!
Beautiful card, gorgeous gilding flakes and a fabulous bow to end all bows!!!

Petra Z said...

This work looks so georgous and what a beautiful bow. The color combination looks very classy, it's great!

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
Wishing you a very happy birthday across the pond. Hope you have a fabulous day with your family.
What a fantastic you have made for us today. Also thanks for the heads up on the gilding glue and how to use it. It's always a problem and so are the gilding flakes as they have a mind of their own. I also love the plum colour and have actually got this in my stash. Hope you are feeling better Lancs Steph and the hospital are fixing you up? glad your hills are alive and we'll Morah up in Scotland. Have a goos rest before you start again. Hugs as usual to Pam and anyone else who needs one today. this group hug is getting bigger by the day. and a special hug to you SUE on your special day.

lorraine (classylady) said...

Well what can we give to the Birthday girl that gives so much to us??? Our love, respect and affection in bucketloads and a hope that you may get everything you wish for in life. Happy Birthday Sue.

The card is beautiful Sue, love the BOW, colours and flakes. Wish we could do a very very special card for you. Enjoy your day and tell your MOM 'she did good'

lorraine - scotland

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