Thursday, 26 June 2014

Clean & Simple

Hello bloggers!  Need a quick card, but one that is elegant and still makes a statement?  This is a video for you to watch!  Scroll to the bottom of the post for a surprise too!

Buy from Joanna Sheen

 Finished dimensions 7" x 8" in size.

Here is a "selfie" of me at the unit yesterday as I was there when they delivered the HEART LATTICE EMBOSSING FOLDER!!!  Yes it is finally back in stock.  You will need to contact your local stockists to purchase these though, please do not contact Creative Expressions directly for them.  At least the long wait is now over!  All for now, Sue x


Pam said...

Another stunning card Sue, you just keep them coming. I love the selfie.
STEPH, all my love and best wishes for a very happy day. I know your beautiful girl will look stunning and be so happy and you and Andy will be filled with love and pride. Have a wonderful time.
To all my wonderful friends on the blog, Robbie has shattered his C5 vertebrae which had to be replaced with donor bone, and his other 6 neck vertebrae are fractured. His left diaphram is not working so his breathing is shallow and his lungs are not clearing by themselves so need assistance, he has a little movement in his arms, nothing in his fingers or thumbs and nothing below the waist yet, we live in hopes. It is just a waiting game, my brother and sister in law have sourced a Rehab Centre in Boston to which he will be transferred when released from hospital and will be there some months. He is being so brave but it must be really scary for him as it is for us. At least we still have him with us and that is the miracle of the accident. Thank you for all your caring thoughts, I am so grateful for your support.
Love and hugs to all who want/need them xx

Cameeli of Richmond said...

Morning sue and all the crafty crew!! Will watch later.

Another delightful, crisp and elegant card.

I am glad the heart lattice is back for those who missed out last time.. I used it in all the butterflies for my Son's wedding its just lovely!!

Thinking of you Pam and sending a special Hug XX
Sandra hope you are doing ok, a hug for you too xx.

Its a bit cooler this morning so enjoy the day everyone...

Cameeli xx

Cameeli of Richmond said...

PS a senior moment the selfie is so cute and so on trend.

Cameeli xx

Jan.moogie said...

This is one of my favourite cards Sue, really stunning and not too much work involved. Thanks for the video and keep them coming. xx

Pam my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time, I know what you are going through and what could have happened. Keep bing brave. Hugs xx

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, this card may be clean and simple, but it is stunning, the effect of the border down the side is just perfect. Pam, thinking of you and your family. Love the selfie Sue. Bx

Cameeli of Richmond said...

Sue Forgot to mention today card is so perfect for me and so apt!!
I have some news that I am to be a grandmother in Jan 2015!! I am so delighted... its the best news this year as it has been a difficult few months. I am truly blessed.

Lancashire Steph, hope you have been well rested and your have a totally fabulous day today I wish you and the Happy couple all the very best!!

Sandra, I will definitely be at Ally Pally in September and will look forward to meeting up with you again... I will have to work out how to contact you directly to arrange a longer chat this time.

Cameeli xx

June said...

Good Morning Sue, there are times when you just need an elegant card but with very little embellishments on them and this card today just fits that bill perfectly. I get so much inspiration from all of your cards and I have to have my daily fix of visiting your blog to see what surprise you give us each day. I am pleased that the embossing folder is back in stock, I was lucky enough to get one the first time around and I use it so much. Pam I do hope Robbie is comfortable and feeling a little be better each day, I know that he is in the best place and in time he will be transferred to the Rehab Centre but it is going to be a long processes. Hugs to you all. Looking forward Sue to tomorrows card. Have a great day hugs June

Angela Wade said...

Good Morning Sue and fellow Wilsonettes, today's card is elegant in it's simplicity, definitely 'Clean & Simple' and so effective : - )
Will watch the video later, after a little more sleep, yawn !

Enjoy the wedding , Steph.
Best Wishes to your family, Pam and hugs to all in need ((()))

Angela in S. Wales X

P.s like the selfie Sue : - )

Gillian Nixon said...

Georgeous card, I will definitely have to try this one.

Gail said...

Good morning Sue,
Yet again another great video, this card is one for me, love it!
Robbie is in my prayers, Pam. Big hugs for all who need one, Gail Cx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
YESSS, good news indeed! Finally, I'll get to make cards with that embossing folder (well, when I've got it that is).
The card is beautiful, like you said - simple but elegant. I love the way you've extended the striplet. And it's that lovely bloom again!
Hugs, Rose

TDQ Karen said...

Love your selfie Sue, and what a great card, very elegant
and beautiful

Kitty Davies said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you, I love this style of card, so effective and easy. I was one of the lucky ones to get the folder first time It is lovely, like the photo. To Pam thinking of your nephew. Cameeli congratulations on becomming a Grand mother it is the best thing in the world. Take care all Kitty.
Lovely Video.

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
How trendy are you with your 'selfie' ? Lol. What a great tip about using a ruler to line your die up I didn't even think of that doh! I love the simplicity of today's card. Good news about your folder I missed it first time around.
Pam you, your family and Robbie will be in my prayers. Have a great day Steph
Heather T

Carole Z said...

hi Sue, a beautiful, elegant card...gorgeous! I have to say that my heart lattice folder gets SO much use, love it! Hugs Carole Z X

Alison said...

Love the selfie and what a crisp and clean card .
Thinking of you Pam.
Alison Dent xx

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue and everyone. Love your "clean and simple" cards and the selfie made me smile.
Lancs Steph - wishing you and your daughter a fabulous day. Pam - just keep focussing on the positives, however small they may be. Congratulations on your news Carmeeli. Special thoughts to all those in pain. Sue xxx

Virginia Davey said...

Hi what a nice clean simple card, good for any occasion.

Sandra Biggs said...

Hi Sue
Love your "clean and simple cards". Can't wait to watch thr video later. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. Love the selfie you are so on trend and so pleased the embossing folder is now back in stock. This is a really beautiful card clean, simple and elegant. Finished off with your stunning quilled blooms what more could we ask for. Have a great day.
Best Wishes.
Denise x

PharmacyMichele said...

Great card-love the simplicity of it, makes it look so classy.


Sam Smithard said...

Hi Sue, Awesome Video Yet Once More,
I'd seen this Card previous or one very similar, and kept thinking how do you cut one the Bottom or Top Half and Emboss them without damaging the other part of the Embossed section, it's quite simple when you show us how!
I Love Both "The Striplet Dies" I can remember in the very beginning I wasn't going to Purchase them until you showed us how Beautiful they were! and what could be achieved, now I Love mine.
I So Love "The Faux Quilled Blooms" they make Stunning Flowers, and "The New 8m Dazzlers" I must admit I really Love it when Creative Expressions bring out "New Embellishments" as you can tell that they are going to be top quality, and I'm hooked on Ribbon, Lace, and Embellishments.
Sue Take Great Care
Love and Hugs
From Sam x
Hugs to All, thinking of your Nephew Pam.

Anonymous said...

Belinda Raven said...

Hi Sue, love the simple elegance of today's card - can be used for so many occasions.

Hugs, Belinda. X

Maria Illsley said...

Great card Sue lovely and clean looking xxx

Jacquie said...

Morning Sue,

Stunning CAS card, these would make lovely quick and classy Christmas cards.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue
Thank you for today's gift. It's so simple, elegant and just shouts class.
Can be used for any occasion and any gender and has gone into my 'less is more and must do' file.
I have this die and really do love using it.
I bought the efolder when they first come out and that too is one of my favourites.
Still haven't got around to start crafting yet as yesterday was a stocking the freezer etc day and as it was so hot when I'd finished it turned out to be a feet up day. Have to deadhead the roses this morning and then CRAFTING!!! I have withdrawal systems that need addressing.
Steph have a really good day and hope the weather is good to you.
Pam my thoughts and prayers are with all your family. I'm sure he will pull through.
Norah - he had lots of cuddles and kisses so crafting in the garden is always called for here as it's so quiet/peaceful. A little how I think of your glorious space but without the mountains. We have lots of woodland, rivers and hills though.

Take care everyone and see you tomorrow.
Janet x

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue,
Loving today's CAS card. My "favourite" folder is used so much, it gives such a wonderful effect.

Pam, thinking of you and your family.

Have a great day

Patricia xx

val jones said...

Good Morning Sue. Love this card. I did one very similar to this but I´d copied it from "John nest door". So love the striplet.
Love the selfie!
Love Val in Spain x

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
This clean and simple card is absolutely stunning! The striplet die looks gorgeous used in this way, and the lovely flower just sets it all off. Thanks for sharing. Love the selfie! I use this folder more than any other.
My heart goes out to you and your family Pam.
Hugs to all who need one.

ElizabethS said...

Hi Sue, I love this card. I think the die is quite a versatile as you could easily make it Christmassy with a poinsettia and suitable sentiment.
ElizabethS x

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
What a beautiful and elegant card. The striplet dies are fabulous and I'm so pleased that I bought them both. I actually wasn't going to buy them, but then you started showing cards with them and that was it - I had to have them ! They look gorgeous with gilding flakes behind them too. Love the selfie! Pleased the embossing folder is back in stock, now I can get my hands on that too.
Steph, I hope that you, Mr Lancashire and more importantly your lovely daughter have a fabulous day and that the happy couple have a very long an happy life together. I'm sure you will look fabulous - just remember the tissues!
Pam- it sounds like Robbie has an uphill struggle bless him. My thoughts and prayers are with you and his family and of course with Robbie himself.
Cameeli congratulations!
To all my crafty family and friends, have a fabulous day and sending you all crafty hugs. Love Alison xxx

Denise Hancock said...

Hi Sue lovely card great video. I have done this card several times as it looks impressive but does not take too long to make. so glad the heart lattice is back I use mine a lot.
Denise X

Maureen Killen said...

Good morning Sue,
and all the ladies. I like the clean and simple card. I'm late going to my daughter's to get the girls ready for school, so will read all the posts and see the video when I come bback.
Love to all xx

Rosie said...

My style of card and such a clear video. Thank you.

Joan D said...

Fabulous clean and clear looking card. I have this die and must admit it gets used quite a're good at selfies Sue. Have a good day x x

Aspiring crafter said...

Morning Sue , a lovely CAS card !
Shiftable for so many occasions with differing sentiments.
Love your selfie withe the embossing folder -you will be making quite a few folk very happy !
Pam -love and prayersxxxxxx
Steph -have a wonderful day

Jackie Trinder said...

Good morning Sue this card is gorgeous. I am so pleased that the heart lattice folder is back in stock now I will be able to get one though I expect I will have to be quick. I will catch up with the video later. Have a great day. Love Jackie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great video, Sue, really like this card and, for once, have all the ingredients! Love the new baby dazzlers too.

'P' in Wales

Pam - thinking of Robbie and wishing him well - he's got a long road ahead and it's not an easy one.
Is it your op tomorrow? If so, hope it's a successful one and you are back on our feet again soon.
Cameeli - congrats!
Julie and Tandy - hugs!

Anonymous said...

What a beauty. Simple and elegant. Good news about embossing folders. Susan

Patricia Youdell said...

Morning Sue
I love this card, so lovely and with minimum effort
Pat x

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. Truly gorgeous CAS card. I love this one, this striplet is one of my most favourite and most used dies and the Heart Lattice is my favourite E F, so I am a very happy bunny : ) Don't have the quilled flowers, yet, but have others I can use instead. Great "selfie". I was lucky as I got the Heart Lattice Embossing folder, along with 5 others, when it first came out. It is so delicate and pretty. I hope that all that have been waiting for it are lucky this time : )
Pam, big hugs to you. Thank you for the update on Robbie. As you say, he is still here, and it is very early days yet. You are all in my thoughts.
Sending hugs to all in need including Norah, Jean,yorkielass, Sandra, Tina and Gail. I hope that you both ok Lindsay and Lynne, missing hearing from you both.
"P" in Wales, I said the same thing about making a few Christmas cards each week! I have made a grand total of 0 at the moment!
Sandra, Sue's blog does make such a difference to our days doesn't it, not only do we get to see her fantastic cards but we have so many friends don't we, which is wonderful for those of us that don't get out much. How do you get to Ally Pally, do you drive or go by coach, on your own or with others? Having a table, or some meeting point sounds like a great idea. I haven't been to the Ally Pally show before, only the NEC, but hope to get there this Sept. I would like to meet up with you and other Wilsonettes as even though I am very shy, at first, it would be easier as us Wilsonettes all have someone in common, our lovely Sue : )
Janet (Ecco), what a lovely surprise your hubby gave you, how kind and thoughtful. Enjoy yourself : )
Norah, blimey, what a marathon to get a scooter for you! Honestly, who are these people that arrange things like this? Common sense tells you that car/bus to chair need to be very close together! I'm not surprised that you have to think twice about using it! Have you told the council of the problems?Is it not possible to get the hire place in a car park? I am very lucky as I usually shop in Swindon, Wilts when I have a day's shopping. The Shopmobility place is in a car park, making it very easy to use, and everyone working there are so friendly and helpful. Anyway, I hope you have some sun today.
I hope everyone has a good day.
Take care.

Hazel said...

Good morning Sue. I love your simple stunning card. The embossing folders will be flying off the selves again.

Pam, positive thoughts for Robbie. We will keep our fingers crossed that Steph's daughter gets a day of beautiful weather for her wedding. Hazel xx

Diane said...

Hi Sue
Oooh look at you with a selfie! :) I'm really pleased the embossing folder is back in stock I shall be on the look out for it as I love the way it looks. The card today is stunning so simple yet so effective. Oh no that means the striplet die is a must have too! Thank you for sharing this technique Sue. Have a great day.
Love Diane G

Enjoy the wedding Steph, congratulations Cameeli and Pam my thoughts are with you xxxx

ang said...

Lovely card, wish my cas cards came out like yours,well clean would be a start always manage to get an ink finger print or glue as an added extra,thank goodness for flowers and butterflies angxx

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, A very beautiful card. It is lovely for invitations, or as in our case used it for my daughter's thank you letters after her wedding. It is so elegant, but quite simple to do especially if you have a lot to do.

Love Rosemarie xx

lilygee said...

Good Morning Sue and All

Dear Pam, life is so precious and to have your loved one with you still after all that is a blessing. I hope and pray that he gains strength day by day and that is family find the strength to help him get through this horrible time.

I bought this die just this week because it is one of those designs that can look so stunning yet simple at the same time - as your beautiful card proves Sue. I have been contemplating lots of ways of using it and I'm sure you will surprise us with more of your own ideas Sue.
Wishing you all a lovely day

Lilian said...

Very lovely card today, also very good video, these are so useful . Lilian

Shirley Terretta said...

Hi Sue,

The card is really, really lovely and this die is brilliant.

Steph - hope the sun shines for you and have a magical day.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxxxxxxxxx

Evelyn Sinclair said...

Hi Sue and all. Beautiful card which could be used for male or female occasions. Thinking of you Pam. Will say a prayer for your nephew and your family. Hope you don't mind. As a relative newby I don't really "know" you but I know you are always first on the blog!! Early riser! And you always have kind words for anyone else in trouble. Hugs from Ireland. Evelyn x

Donna Jones said...

Hi Sue,
Great video and beautiful CAS card, I love my striplet die and will have a go at this design in a few colours.
Donna Jones

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone.
Well Sue,Im not sure of your choice of die on this one. . . . . . Lol! You know Im joking as you know I adore The Striplet. I should rename my blog the Striplets doodahs lol! Love the simple elegance of this one.
Have a great day.
Ang x

Brooke b said...

Another gorgeous card. I have the striplet die and it is beautiful and so versitile too. Will watch video later today. JB xxxx

carol edwards said...

Hi Sue and everyone, lovely card, simple, understated , but very pretty and eye catching. Like the selfie!!
Pam my thoughts and prayers are with you and family especially Robbie. X

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow what a fabulous card, great idea

marg said...

Hello Sue
Love the card but will love the Folder so much!
Love Marg

Wendy L said...

Gorgeously elegant card, x

Anonymous said...

GM Sue - yes sometimes less is more and I like it - will watch video later - I wonder what else might be found in that stock room?....... If only we knew where it was ehh - think the Wilsonettes would clear it out!
Clare W

Marion said...

Hi Sue very simple but classy looking card I have this die and really like it.
Marion H

SHARICA said...

Lovely card .. very elegant .. xx

Hilary said...

Good morning Sue, and everyone.Love the selfie, and there will be a lot of happy crafters now that the Heart Lattice folder is back in stock!
Today's card is one of my favourites to make, and is so elegant in it's simplicity!
Wishing you, and all your Wilsonettes a happy and healthy day. Love and hugs. Hilary xxxx

Anne Crawford said...

Love this card! It's so gorgeous although simple to do, I also love the striplet dies and have the faux flowers dies, so after watching today's video ( wonderful as usual ) I must have a go!
I checked Joanna Sheen's online store but she doesn't seem to have (yet) the lattice hearts folder, does anyone know who has it?
Steph , wishing you and your family a wonderful day to remember, hope the sun shines for you!
Pam, my thoughts are with you and your family, hope your nephew stays strong. Xo
Hugs to all xo
Loved the selfie Sue!

karenlotty said...

This Is definitely a My Kinda Card It's not too fussy and with the right embellishments will be suitable for a male card Good to see folder is back in stock but spent too much on crafty goodies this month So hope they're still in stock when I can afford to splurge again!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue Like you say a clean and simple card but so effective! It ticks all the boxes. So pleased the heart lattice embossing folder I will have to tell my friend. Take Care Love Michelle S xxx

hollyberry said...

Love,love this card.It is beautiful,simple and so elegant.
Pam ,how awful for you all and the waiting game so frustrating as there is nothing you can do.Sending you many hugs and positive thoughts.

nattyboots said...

Hi Sue
The card is just lovely,The Striplet's dies are just beautiful i use them very often as they are also so versatile ,
The Heart Lattice is another on my ever increasing wish list lol.
Take Care
Elaine H X

Deborah Artliff said...

Morning Sue what a beautiful card I adore this die as you don't need much to make a beautiful card as you have done for us today. I'm now off to watch the video. So I'll see you tomorrow.

Debs A xx

Sue from Wiltshire said...

Beautiful and elegant card which shouldn't take too long to do. I have these dyes and use them quite often.
Good selfie, mine always look horrible:-(

Angela Allen said...

Hi Sue
This card is a favourite of mine,I have done this layout a few times since buying your striplet die,just using alternate sayings and embellishments.LOVE it!
Love Angela x

Jean Deane said...

Hi Sue,
Fantastic quickie card love the striplet dies so versatile and the finishing touch of your beautiful quilled blooms, thanks Sue love the selfie !!

Steph have a fantastic day hope you have plenty of tissues xx
Tandy hope your feeling a little stronger sending hugs xx
Pam sending you and Robbie hugs your in my thoughts xx
Sending crafty hugs to everyone too many to mention by name xx
Jean D xx

Muriel Kelly said...

Proof that less is more - beautiful card.

Muriel x

gwen70 said...

Such a beautiful simple card but so effective

Debbie Tinks said...

Lovely card Sue .... Happy crafting ...x

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, lovely simple card but so elegant, I have the striplert and use it often, I also got the hearts embossing folder when it was included in a bundle that was on offer and I love them all. Great selfie!
Pam hope your nephew will soon be on the road to recovery.
Steph have a wonderful day, hope the sun shines for you and your daughter.
Congratulations Cameeli being a grandma is wonderful!
Hugs to everyone who needs them, take care, Jess x

fame01 said...

Hi Sue
What a stunner of a card today,Pam love n thoughts to all of your family also you .. take care all sarah xx

Jan Ltc said...

I love it Sue have a wonderful time xx Jan

doreenj said...

Off out now, will watch later; looks like a good card for an "emergency!"

Doreen x

Susan White said...

You could use this design for so many different occasions - it is so simple and elegant - just beautiful! Thanks, Susan x

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, I love the simplicity of this card yet so elegant just beautiful . love Jean Z xxx

Sandra said...

Good Morning Sue & lovely friends,
I love this Clean and simple card,could get used for many different occasions, I ordered my first lots of your dies yesterday Sue, I got the Caliornia Collection as they seem so versatile, it has tKen me this long to save up! I can't wait for them to arrive, so that I can hsve a go at some of your amazing cards!
Oh I life the 'selfie' Sue, that embossing folder is the one I use most, so versatile, cute little hearts that aren't too over the top, I used it on some wedding invitations and it was very well received.
Pam, Robbie has a huge journey ahead of him, but the is in the best place, they seem to be really advanced with rehabilitation over there so fingers crossed, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers !
My lovely Cameeli congratulations 'Grandma' ! Haha,
If you click on my photo it will direct you to my blog, you can leave me a message there and I will get back to you! Hugs xxx
Mrs B we drive, I have to take my wheelchair etc so need the car, you could always come with us, you are virtually on the way, would love for you to share our journey!
Steph, did your daughter like her card? Wishing all of you the happiest day ever! Xxxx
Janet, I hope you have all the chores sorted so that you can sit and play, love to hear your opinion of the EBosser!
Hugs to all, especially, Lynda, Myra, Julie, Gail, Norah, too many of you lovely friends to mention, but hugs to everyone of you!
Sandra x x x

weefortune said...

What a lovely card & quick. Have a Great Day Elaine x

June Horrocks said...

Just up my street this card sue I am going to have a go it's so beautiful in that colour. Hugs to all who need them. Have a wonderful day steph. Thank you sue love June xxxxx

cats said...

Morning!! Love this card!...Christine xx

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
Love the Selfie
I love this card. I have made it a couple of times always looks crisp and clean.
Carol x

yorkielass said...

Hello Sue, Another stunning card, so clean and elegant. Love the striplet dies and the flowerscarecscrummy. Thank you for another fantastic video and your freely given inspiration. Love the selfie, hugs to you and hope you are managing to get some Sue time.
Pam thank you for the update on Robbie, my thoughts and prayers are with you all, gentle hugs to you.
Tandy gentle hugs to you.
Cameelii congratulations on your wonderful news, you deserve the happiness.
Steph enjoy your precious daughter's special day, memories to treasure, have the tissues handy for you and Mr L ( Andy).
Daily hugs to Norah, Mrs B, Sandra, Tina, Tres Julie L, Gail C, Jean D, Margaret corgi owner, Lynne M, Lynda, Magpie and Lyndsay.
Take care everyone.
Hugs June xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue and all the Wilsonettes. Another stunning card, really must try this the selfie too! I'm one of the lucky ones who got that folder when it first came out, and I use it constantly. Had a lovely afternoon yesterday with my crafting friend Gill, trying out each other's dies and admiring my growing collection of Sue's extra special ones! Love to all, and hugs to those going through tough times. Judy M

Kate's Cards said...

Classy! xxx

Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Stunning card Sue!

Clean and simple is sometimes just what you need and this card is beautiful.

I love the selfie, and so glad the Heart Lattice Embossing Folder is back in stock, I really want that one.

Have a lovely day.

Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

Jill Liddle said...

Like you say Sue, simple but elequent.

Marleine said...

Morning Sue,

Lovely, elegant but simple card. X

Sheila - Ginger said...

Morning Sue,
WOW! Such an amzingly simple but very elegant card tody and would suit almost every occasion. Great video as always.

Love Sheila xx

Anonymous said...

I really like this card. Simple, elegant and very classy.

Take care. Claire

Janice Wallace said...

Loved this card the first time I saw it, but very glad to have the video. I was thinking that this might make a simple but very classy Christmas card.
Cheers to all
Janice W

nannapat said...

What an elegant design Sue, I absolutely love it. I think this striplet die is so pretty that I MUST have one. Pat x

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Love love love this card, watched video last night as well as watching your shows that I missed! Great news about the lattice heart, I wouldn't be without mine
Steph have a lovely day
Pam thinking of you
Best wishes to everyone, Pat

Norah McPhee said...

Good morning Sue and fellow Wilsonettes,
What a beautiful card you have made for us today, but you must have been reading minds again. When you first showed a similar card a while ago i loved it from the start so have made up a sample as a wedding invitation for my special niece to look at amongst the other samples and i have my fingers crossed that this is the one she picks as i just think it is beautiful. Thank you for the new version of it as it is simply beautiful. OOOooo, i am so excited, i have finally been able to see where you are going to be in Glasgow so i am hoping that i can manage to get a ticket. I don't just have my fingers crossed, i have everything i can cross crossed in the hope that i can get to meet the wonderful lady who has made a big difference to myself and a lot of others lives. Oh and i have already tried but not on anyone's web site as yet for the heart lattice, but i will keep trying as this is top of my need list.
Steph, i hope you and your lovely husband have a beautiful day to match your beautiful daughter. Make sure that Andy has a hankie in his top pocket as well just in case he needs it. Take it easy and rest(sit down) when you can, just so that you can enjoy your daughters big day to the full. Sending love down to you from Central Scotland flower.
Pam, my thoughts and prayers are with you flower. I wish there was something tangible that we could do for you, his parents and poor Robbie himself, but all we can do is send wee prayers and hold you in our thoughts. I broke my C5 and smashed C6 22 years ago with a fall down stone stairs, so i am hoping against hope that Robbie will be able to be the same when his body has finished resting so that it can heal. I could then still walk normally without sticks, and get back to normal, but Robbie has made a right job of his body in the accident, i have everything crossed for him Pam.
Tina, i bet you are happily picking up after your "big boy" as you know he is safe now and hopefully improving each day getting better and stronger.It is good news about wee Summer though, you'll be glad to see her coming back to life again and with the kittens as well, you have your hands full the now. It must be a great hardship having to play with them(lol). I hope that you enjoy your new 4 legged family.
Tandy, i am sending you big hugs to wrap around you. I hope that you can get through this dark tunnel and see the light at the end soon.
Julie flower, it is just a rest period at the now. Try and think what you can do, as every little bit adds to the finished result. If it is just planning what you are going to do when you can again gives you that wee bit encouragement and hope to look forward. I hope that that will give you a boost as i know just how hard it is when you can't see forward.
Fantastic news Cameeli, i hope your daughter in love keeps well through her pregnancy. Your son must be over the moon that he is going to be a father. Big hugs x.
Well we have a beautiful day up here in Costa de Glenochil. My beautiful hills are showing off all their best attributes today and it is so lovely to see. The view coming down towards the crossroads from Sauchie is spectacular today over the whole range of the Ochils and i feel so lucky to be able to have such a beautiful sight on hand like i have. Frances, it would be lovely to meet you for a coffee or something if you would like sometime.
Anyway i will go ladies and gents and wish you all a wonderful day. I hope that the sun is shining on you and if not from the outside.. i hope that it can come from within. Sending gentle hugs to all our fragile friends for whatever reason, take care
love and crafty hugs
Norah (Glenochil)

Beryl Treble said...

Hi Sue, a lovely card. Thanks for the video which I loved watching.

heather harrison said...

Morning Sue. A beautiful but simple card. Looking forward to watching the video. Thanks again Sue. Hugs Heather.x

Robin said...

Great card, I can see myself adapting this for a sympathy card. Thank goodness that embossing folder is back in stock, I will let my friend know, she has been after it for a while.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
This is not only "clean and simple"but so elegant as well and could be used for so many occasions.
I loved the video as well and for the moment I will have to try it with the other Striplet which I already have.
Hope the new video filming is going well.
Love to you and all Wilsonettes!
Lesley S

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
I thought this was such a beautiful elegant card when you featured it a while ago. I made one for a friend who wanted a simple wedding card, she loved it. I have made quite a few more in different colours with other flowers. So thank you Sue for the inspiration.
The video is most useful I didn't think to use a ruler to get it straight so another great tip. The striplet die has become one of my favourites.

Eemeli said...

Definitely less is more with this creation. It is absolutely stunning!
Great selfie ...have a wonderful day! I will watch your today's video
a bit later 'cause in a hurry now. Hope you are feeling wonderful.

Hugs from Finland,

yvonne masterman said...

Hi Sue I love this card, its so simple and elegant.anybody would love to own a card like this, it would make a lovely wedding card... Yvonne xxx

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a gorgeous card. Very elegant and delicate looking. Thanks for the video.

Lacelady said...

Love the card! Now off to look for a supplier for the Em folder.

CraftyJo said...

Gorgeous Sue, really pretty.

Myra P said...

Hi Sue,
What a beautiful card - I like Norah liked a similar one you made so much I made several! So needless to say will be giving this one a go too.
On Julia's blog this morning she says she is ordering the EF and will let us know when it arrives! I have it and use it more than the others - it is a beauty.
Love the selfie! How trendy are you! Lol x
Pam - thanks for the news on Robbie, helps us to pray more intelligently too. My thoughts are with you and the family. If I'm not mistaken you said your Op was on 27th? That's tomorrow - if I'm right thinking of you and hope all goes well. x
Norah - I've got everything crossed hoping you get to see Sue! Please let me know when you get ticket as I'm not really a contortionist! X
Steph - hope today is magical. It's dry and bright here at the moment in Lancs - hope its good with you. Love to all the family .x
Tres - I forgot you yesterday! - how could I , hope you are ok. x
Love to everyone, including Sandra, Jean, Lynne, Julie and anyone I've inadvertently left out! X

Brenda Lello said...

Hello Sue,
I fell in love with this card when you put it on your blog February 11th when you were showing us your new dies, on that day you had 340 comments - so a lot of other people loved it to. I did make a similar copy I just didn't have the same twine but I used to Promarker to colour some twine from my stash, I impressed myself with the results, thank you, thank you Sue for these brilliant videos and your wonderful inspiration.

Love the selfie. I think this Lattice Heart embossing folder is one of my favourites, I use mine a lot.

Hope you're having a good day, love Brenda xxx

PAM thank you for the update on Robbie, sending you and your family love and prayers
STEPH the big day has arrived, try to relax and most of all enjoy this very memorable day.
CAMEELI congratulations, it really is lovely being a grandma, I can vouch for that six times over, each one in their different ways is such a special, special person. I know you will enjoy this special role we are blessed with LOL
BIG HUGS and PRAYERS to everyone who needs them

Maxine T said...

A nice change, simply beautiful.

Maureen Killen said...

Good morning again Sue,
I really do love this card, didn't you demonstrate this style before or am I having a senior moment? Anyway, it's gorgeous.

When I got to my daughter's I remembered that Eleanor's class (she's 10) were having a mass in the school hall, so Pam and Robbie's family, and the ladies who are housebound, poorly, lonely or just not feeling too grand, I offered my mass for you all.

Take care Sue xx

Maureen Killen said...

P.s. Sue, I love the "selfie". You are really a hip chick aren't you. I couldn't take a selfie and I also couldn't put it on the computer - but I am a fast typist!! x

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Gorgeous elegant card love it.

Thankyou for the video really enjoyed learning how to make this style you are such a good Teacher you explain everything so well Thankyouxx

Hugs Annx without an "e"

jane stillman said...

It certainly is an elegant card - love it. Love and prayers for you Pam, Robbie and the family x

Myra P said...

Sorry Sue,
Had to pop back! How could I forget to congratulate the new Grandma to be! Congratulations Cameeli!
Love Myra

Marianna Hammer said...

Thank you for another perfect video. I love the card.
Unfortunately the heart lattice is not back in stock at Joanna Sheen, where I shop. But I guess it will arrive there eventually :)

nancyd said...

Hi Sue, a fabulous card love these
cards with the dies cut out in the centre
so classy looking, and the selfie is
Pam hope your nephew gets better soon
our thoughts and prayers are with you
Nancyd xx

spoole said...

Hi Sue,
Another beautiful card today.
Thanks for the info on embossing folder. Off to buy one!!

Maryann Laursen said...

Oh my this is just another beauty here today Sue, sooo gorgeous and beautiful.
And what great news with the embiossingfolder, I´ve just been asking for that one for sooooooooo long, so better go and order it right away, if the shops have got them yet.

Vanessa Lee said...

Hi Sue
Yea, I have all the pieces to make this card. I'm sure I would have forgotten about keeping the first striplet out of the machine when cutting the second. Thanks for the tip.
Pam you are in our prayers. Cameeli congrats, it's the best thing that has happened in my life except of course having my own 2 sons. The joy of a grandchild is neverending as I am fast finding out. Sandra I hope you are not so lonely today.
Vanessa x
Hugs to anyone in need.

camelot67 said...

Good afternoon Sue,

I LOVE CaS cards and this one has my name all over it. I shall definitely be giving it a go. Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
Margaret A.

Cazzie D said...

Morning Sue. Well it does exactly what it says on the tin, (as the saying goes)... Clean and Simple! Such a pretty die and so effective. Brown wouldn't be a personal choice for me, maybe jade or French navy, but anyway a lovely card.
Love Caz x

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Sue, Loving the CAS card (see I can use it now I know what it means haha). The striplet die and the faux quilled flowers are next on my Wish List of dies.
Love the selfie.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Dear Pam, I have just read your comment about your Nephew's Consultant's diagnosis. It is amazing to read all the damage that this accident has caused. As I said previously, you can certainly take heart that he has sensation in his arms, and hopefully in time the same sensations will return to his hands and legs. It will certainly be a 'waiting game' as you say, but hopefully his recovery will be quicker than you think. He must be so scared. My thoughts and prayers are with you all !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

rachel said...

this is fabulous Sue - love it xx

Alice G said...

Brilliant! I've just recreated this and it's fab! Thanks so much for the inspiration and tutorial Sue.

Hugs Alice xx

Caroljsmith said...

Another stunning card but very much like one you did earlier sue, clean simple and easy.

Leanne said...

Very elegant card!

Laura O said...

a great card would be lovely with any colour underneath .Laura O

SerenePolly said...

Hello Sue. Such an elegant card and useful for so many occasions. Whilst I enjoy the experience of creating more complex cards and bringing together a range of techniques, the visual impact of 'less is more' is so often a winner. Thank you for your continuing inspiration! Christine xx

Janette MacArthur said...

I love it! So classy yet simple! Like Norah, I am so pleased both you & Julia are coming to Glasgow - am on holiday in Florida now - day two & still no luggage arrived! Tried to book tickets last evening but not opening till Friday - hope I am lucky!
Norah, I will be looking out for you!
Hugs to all, Janette xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Another beautiful card. I love the simplicity of it yet it is still so very elegant and classy. I love the new pearl you put in the centre too - a nice bit of 'bling'.
Thank you.
Bye for now
SandraP xxx

3362 Jan. said...

Hi Sue. Just love this card. Simple and elegant. Spooky thing is I purchased the flower die this morning,yipee!!! So I have a birthday card to make. Off to do that now. So a big thank you from me. Hugs. Jan. xxx

hazel young said...

stunning card xx hazel

Pam said...

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts, prayers and mass dedication for Robbie and my lovely bro and sister in law and niece Alex. As Robbie would say "thats AWESOME Dude".

Yes my op is tomorrow so may be missing day or 2 depending whether I get out in same day. To be hones, with what is happening with Robbie, I havent had time to brood on myself.
Cameeli, your news is fantastic, what a lovely high spot(as well as the wedding) in such a difficult year for you. I can promise you that being a Grandma is the best ever (I have four, 3 boys and 1 girl).
Love to all
Pam xx

Helen Barker said...

Love the look of this card,very elegant.Could be used for many occasions.
Pam-sounds like Robbie has a long road in front of him.Hugs to you and your family.
Helen Bx

Wheely Bad said...

Hi Sue

Classy card. I have a striplet so will try it out when I get a chance.

Pam, Robbie still in my thoughts, good luck for your op.

My browser is playing up so I have to keep it short. So many of your are celebrating, suffering or both. I'd love to be able to comment and give support but this is my third try to write and if I leave much more of a message it'll wipe me out. LMAO a bit like my energy levels!!!

Crafty hugs to all

T x

Mary Blight said...

Hi Sue, How are you today? You have produced yet another STUNNING card, that can be used for any celebration! It is a clean & classy card! Love the Selfie! Love & Hugs to those who are suffering, at the moment & Congratulations to those who have celebrations to look forward to! I would love to be in with a chance of winning a card from you, Sue! I am REALLY looking forward to meeting you, next week, in Haverfordwest! With Love & Best wishes, From Mary Blight XXX

hazel said...

Hi Sue
I Absolutely love this card. It's clean simple but has that WOW factor to it.One of my Fav dies from your range . i have that embossing folder which i love have made a lot of cards with it
Take care
Hazel G xx
PS thank you for another wonderful video xx

hazel said...

Hi Sue
I Absolutely love this card. It's clean simple but has that WOW factor to it.One of my Fav dies from your range . i have that embossing folder which i love have made a lot of cards with it
Take care
Hazel G xx
PS thank you for another wonderful video xx

Maggie said...

Hello Sue. I too love this folder. I was lucky enough to have it right at the launch and use it over and over again. This is a special card and will be very useful for all those last minute occasions. xx Maggie (better without a bow)

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi Sue. Lovely card today - quick and easy yet still stunning! I love your selfie :-) Have a great day and hugs to all xxx

yorkielass said...

Sorry Sue had to come back to tell Pam I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope all goes well, you are such a strong lady, gentle hugs and a big Yorkshire cuddle.
Hugs June xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Lovely card - will have to wait till later to view the video though. Glad to see the heart lattice embossing folder is back.
Beverley w

Diana Sinclair said...

Hello Sue

Lovely card - simple but elegant


Tres said...

Hi Sue. Ohhh this is beautiful !! Fab video as always !! I think today's card is a perfect example of "less is more". It is simple yet so classy and elegant. I think it could be used for so many occasions. I think it would make beautiful Wedding invitations maybe with the soft gold card instead of the chestnut brown or even the new beautiful soft silver card. It would even make a lovely Sympathy card to. I love it all and I must try making this one.
Wishing you lots of love today Sue from Tres x x x

Steph, wishing you and your family lots of love on "the big day". I hope the sun shines for you all. x x x

Cameeli, congratulations on your wonderful news !! Love Tres x x x

Pam, sending you and your family lots of love and hugs at this difficult time. Good luck also with your surgery tomorrow. I am thinking of you and hoping all goes well for you love Tres x x x

Lots of love and hugs to everyone today from Tres x x x

Katie's Kitchen said...

Hi Sue
Another beautiful card. You make it all look so easy. I'm fairly new to card making so am inspired by all your cards.
I have a friend who follows you and gave me your blog. So I can try out some ideas. Loving this one.
Best wishes everyone from
Katie's Kitchen

SusanP, Kent said...

Great card Sue. I loved this one when it first appeared on your blog. I have the striplet and now that I also have the faux quilled flowers (which are fantastic) I want to try something like this. Will watch video later.

Tina Eldridge said...

Hi Sue, and lovely blog friends.

I did one very similar in February for my daughter, and she loved it. it's yet another stunning card today Sue, love it.

Pam, Thank you for latest news about Robbie, He is in my thoughts and prayers, and an extra big hug for you tomorrow, I hope the op on your foot goes well. X

Steph can't wait to hear all about this fab day, can't wait to see pictures.Congratulations Lou & Craig XOX

Norah, I wish we could have a picture of your stunning views. Bubble & Squeak met Eric & Ernie today. Our Cockatiels, I'm sure the kitties were thinking can anyone else smell Kentucky fried chicken.( sorry I have a weird sense of humor ), and I really am having fun with them.

Cameeli, Many congratulations to you your son and daughter inlaw, you must be over the moon. I can't wait till I get that news. It's FAB news.

Kind regards to all :-)

Tina XX

Tandy said...

Hi Sue,
A lovely elegant card. Pam thinking of you and your family. Congratulations to Cameeli it's wonderful having grandchildren. Our granddaughter is sweet 16 today we have tried to celebrate but it is so hard. Thank you for all your kind words and hugs. Steph I hope you all had a wonderful day. Love and hugs to all.

craftynanna said...

hi sue your selfie is great and so is the video you made it look so easy and i will definatly be doing some of this card, it would look great in other colours too, on another note i have just read pam's blog and as one who knows how much your life can be limited when you damage your spine, my thoughts are with your nephew and his family, i spent two years in a wheelchair when i damaged my spine and my mobility is limited even now, love J

sued99 said...

A lovely card.

Theresa said...

Hi Sue
Yet again you have provided us with a beautiful card to feast our eyes on.
I love the simplicity it works so well the striplets at one of my fav dies Thanks for being you and sharing you're extraordinary crafting talent
Ohh I received my C&C card today. And it is absolutely gorgeous. And you signed it. My first Christmas Card
You do know it will be put out every Christmas now. lol.
You take Care Sue
Hope every one has a lovely evening
Theresa xxxxx

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, great selfie! I love this card and made a birthday card based on the one you showed in February. I didn't have the quilled flowers then but used the Spellbinders Aster and my backing was bright red, my friend's favourite colour. That has made me think ahead to Christmas and perhaps using the poinsettia dies.

Pam - fingers crossed for you tomorrow and thinking of Robbie.

Norah - it would be good to meet up, I can do coffee :-). I see you are on FB so will send you a message.

Hope everyone has a peaceful and pain-free evening.


Meg said...

Hi Sue,
I love the simple elegance of this card and the colours are lovely.

Margaret O

Mary Burton said...

Hi Sue,
A lovely, simple design. I can imagine it being perfect for weddings, order of service etc.
I often find my cards get busier and busier, with flowers and bows, leaves and twiddly bits. Sometimes less is indeed more.

baconbits said...

Evening Sue
WOW simpke yet so sophisticated I love it. This is a classic.
Loving the selfie
Amanda x

Pearl said...

I love this card Sue, it is so simple yet sophisticated, thank you for sahring it with us.

I'll watch the video later.

Craftihappiness to you all, love from Pearl.

Chris Curry said...

A lovely simple and elegant card Sue. I have that striplet and those flowers and use them often, they are so easy to incorporate into your crafting. Thank you

alimecca said...

I hope everything goes well tomorrow for your op. Will be sending you extra special hugs. These will goo you Tandy as well. Love Alison xxx

IVY Cheong said...

Hello Sue,

Oh wow! It may be clean and simple but it's definitely class and elegant . Love it!

Lots of love, Ivy x

Jane Franklin said...

Absolutely love the card. Wow thank you. Luv jax

Joanne K said...

Evening Sue, love the simplicity of today's card and enjoyed the video. Kind regards Joanne K x

Janice K said...

Great video tutorial, lovely elegant card which shows that sometimes less is definitely more. I'll certainly look at the striplet dies in a different light.x

Christine C said...

Hello Sue and Everyone,
a stunning card today, I just
love the striplet die I have made
quite a few cards with it and everyone has turned out perfect with sue,s guidance and demos so thank you sue,
Pam just read your post and was horrified to read what has happened to your nephew, I wish him well and send love and thoughts to you me love.From
Christine C and Ella

Tracy Stitt said...

Hi sue. Lovely card. I loved this one when I first saw it on ur Sneeky peeks of ur new range. I bought it an love it. So simple and very versatile to use.
Love Tracy from killie xx

Karen Drew said...

So simple but it leaves people wondering how it was done
Got the heart lattice die. Will have to try and see how it looks with that one
Karen xx

Barbara said...

Beautiful card Sue, simple but pretty!
Don't have the heart lattice folder so will look out for it in Joanna's shop.

alimecca said...

Hi !just to let you all know that sunrise crafts have The cascading hearts embossing folder in stock. Love to all Alison xx

Brenda Hanlon said...

Love today's card Sue. Not been able to log on for a few days. The striplet dies are great and
look forward to watching the video.

lynda said...

Hi Sue & Wilsonettes ,I love the clean lines of this card so elegant one of the less is more cards thank you for the excellent video as always, I have both striplet dies use them a lot love them. Great selfie Sue hoping Joanna gets the EF. Hugs Lynda xx

Camille congratulations on becoming a grandma the best thing ever, I had my new grandson on the 12th he is gorgeous,I have put a couple of pictures on my blog.(Sandra encouraged me to start one ) hugs Lynda xx

Pam sending you & Robbie & your family gentle hugs you are all in my prayers,all the best for your operation tomorrow hugs Lynda xx

Mrs B I hope to go to Ally Pally Sept, also & like you I am very shy you would think at 67 next week I would have grown out of the shy stage lol so hope to meet some Wilsonettes this time as didn't see any last time.. Hope you had a better day Hugs Lynda xx

Tandy hope your granddaughter had a lovely 16th birthday. Sending you gentle hugs your in my thoughts
Lynda xx

Julie Laz hope you feel better soon big hugs Lynda xx

Hugs to Norah,Jean D Yorkielass ,Lindsey,Myra ,Maggie Tres Lynn M & fur babies Sandra hope your ok xx & all I have forgotten Lynda xx

Gail said...

Simply stunning and luv the colour combo too xx and the leaves and the twine - I luv it all xx GailT xx

janet said...

I love the clean lines of this card. You did a similar one a while back and I bought the striplet in order to try it.
Tomorrow is the day I'll be trying 'fire and ice' for the first time!! I'll send you a pm if it comes out ok!
Janet in Kent

magpie said...

Hellooo Sue and the Wilsonettes! I've always thought that this is such a beautiful and elegant card. It has "class" written all over it! brilliant video as always Sue, thank you again for your inspiration xx Love your selfie! Have only just managed to come on and I see your heart lattice folder....and it's sold out! I'm going to have to get up at the crack o dawn at this rate! Lol! xx Stunning Wednesday card giveaway too Sue. Good luck everyone!
Just to say thinking of you Pam and your family and sending a big big hug to all of you. As you say, at least he is with you and his recovery will be slow......xx
Steph, I've no doubt you've had a great day and hope you remembered the tissues! xx
Cameeli, congratulations hunni on your fantastic news! xx
To Yorkielass, Tandy, Julie and to all our wonderful Wilsonettes who are hurting in one way or another I send lots of love and hugs to you xx Take care Sue and everyone xx Love Karen xx

Annie said...

A stunning CAS card, Sue. Just in from work so will watch vid tomorrow.
Yay for the ef back, I will have to find one soon,
Pam, loving thoughts with you and your family.
Hugs Annie

Margaret corgi owner said...

Good evening Sue and everyone

Another super card I made one very similar to this for a friend as a thank you after a stay in hospital, in short they saved his life, the staff were delighted with his card. As always really enjoyed the video, thank you so much.
Pam hang on it there darling Robbie will have a long way to go on the recovery road and it is still very early days, but as I have said in the USA they are so much better with spinal trauma, you are all in my prayers. I do hope your op goes well and you make a speedy recovery, you are such a brave lady.

Cameeli delighted to hear your wonderful news, what a wonderful way to start the new year, a gift of love, a little grandchild to treasure. Have a wonderful time looking forward to becoming a grandparent, it is one of the best things in the world.

Steph I do so hope you and Andy have had the most wonderful day, your heart will be bursting with love and pride as you have seen your wonderful and beautiful Lou on her wedding day, keep your memories to treasure forever. Cant wait to hear all about the day, but please do rest up tomorrow lovely lady.

Warm wishes and hugs to those who need them especially Pam, Yorkielass, Steph, Tina and Gail.

Margaret corgi owner

terrie said...

Awesome clean and simple card...
Thank you for showing this technique...
Great selfie of you Sue!!

AnneRD said...

It may be simple, but it's so effective. Anne x

Anonymous said...

'morning, Clever die GOR-GE-OUS, FAB-U-LOUS card. Mabex

Jackie Meechan said...

Gorgeous card as usual. will watch video later as too busy.


Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

Very nice.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

Jane said...

Have this one folder love the card.

Jane xx

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Hi Sue and everyone,this card is super,can be made for any occasion ,in any colour.
Thank you for doing the video,as I had no idea how to use the Striplet in this way,now I do.
The Striplet is a fantastic Die Sue.