Friday, 20 June 2014

Sneak Peek

Hello bloggers!  Yes, I know, I have ventured into murky territory today with an offering of Christmas!  I did pick the least Christmassy card that I could find though so as not to put your poor sensibilities into shock this early in the year!  However, it is Christmas in June on Create and Craft this week and that is what I am doing on my shows Sat. and Sunday.  There are some really lovely Justrite stamps on the show and they have also allowed me to bring back my Finishing Touches line of dies!  Those sold out very quickly in April when they were on and we have just recently gotten them back in stock.  If you have been on the hunt for the Classic Rose, Faux Quilled leaves or blooms or any of the 3D bow dies, they are all on the show!  I went with black and white with this one (I know it does look like cream, but it is white) just to keep it simple.  I, myself,  had to ease into the Christmas card realm when I started these back in April, nothing too blatantly seasonal until I had gotten a few cards done and under my belt!  For this card I started with the focal element and stamped the Merry Wishes Labels Seven image in black Archival on to coconut white card.  I used the sentiment from the Christmas Mix and Match sentiments and added it to the centre.  I lined up the die over the image and taped one side into place, then folded it backwards to create a hinge.  I covered it with a sticky self adhesive piece, then flipped the die back down and taped it into place and cut it.  I peeled the backing off and coated it with Iced Snow.  I cut one of my California Collection Decorative frames and seated it on top with mounting foam.  I cut a Mystical Embrace die out of white card and seated both die cuts in the middle of it.  Using a slightly larger piece of white card, I ran double sided sticky tape around the edges and trimmed the excess off and coated it with Iced Snow as well.  I matted it with a thin black mat.  The card is very blingey so I decided to keep it simple and not add any flowers or bows this time.   I finished the card with a double white mat with a pierced inner mat and added white pearls to the corners and die cut as accents.  Finished dimensions are 6 1/4" x 8 1/4" in size.

I hope you can tune in tomorrow at 9am, 12 noon and 6pm and on Sunday at 11am, 2pm and 7pm to see the rest of the samples and demos.  I would love to get your emails sent in too.  All for now, Sue x


Pam said...

Lovely card Sue, hope you are rested after your flight back to UK, hugs to your Mum who will be missing you.
Steph get plenty of rest before the bug day, dont want you to be overtired.
Gail Happy Anniversary for yesterday, 38 years, marvellous.
Julie, hope you are feeling better with the new meds.
Love & hugs to all on the blog and a big Well Done Norah on your blog hop win, on a roll now.

Pam said...

sorry Steph that should have been big day (not bug day ugh)

CraftyAnn said...

A beautiful card without being 'over Christmassy', ideal for people who like to celebrate Christmas but not all the hype and razzmatazz. So looking forward to the shows, I've planned to do nothing, just sit, watch and learn.
Have a great time.
Take care.

CraftyAnn said...

A beautiful card without being 'over Christmassy', ideal for people who like to celebrate Christmas but not all the hype and razzmatazz. So looking forward to the shows, I've planned to do nothing, just sit, watch and learn.
Have a great time.
Take care.

kitty davies said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you this is a vaery classy looking card. I am looking forward to your shows over the weekend. Take care Kitty.

Kitty Davies said...

Sorry should be very. Have a good weekend all. Kitty.

Virginia Davey said...

Hi Sue looking forward to the Christmas shows this weekend. Love the card can't wait to see all the new bits you have for us. I.have all your shows ready to record, it will be lovely to see you on TV again. Beautiful card.

Alice G said...

Simple, elegant and beautiful. Great card. I adore the bling, it's gorgeous.

Hugs. Alice xx

Clai01 said...

Hello Sue
I don't really mind seeing all the Christmas shows on Create and Craft now in June and this card has a Winter feel to it too, lovely as always.

Anonymous said...

'morning Sue, I hope our weather is not TOO hot for Great to have you back in the UK. Today's card is ssssssssoooo pretty and elegant. Looking forward to ALL your shows. Your blog site will be inundated with new followers when all learn about how uplifting the world of Sue Wilson is. You have been warned!! Good job we don't ALL comment the site could not cope!!! Mabex

Eemeli said...

Funny that also I have a Christmas card today on my blog. A different styled
though. Love the shimmer on your creation and simple is always to my taste.


Jackie Trinder said...

Good morning Sue this card is gorgeous a really stunning Christmas card. I hope you are rested after your journey you have a busy weekend ahead. I'm so looking forward to your shows. Have a great day. Love Jackie

Patricia Youdell said...

Morning Sue
Lovely card again
I am off to set your programmes to record
Have a good day
Pat x

Patricia Youdell said...
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Sue, I love the clean lines of this card. Must add this one to my to-do list!
Love, Judy M

TDQ Karen said...

Beautiful card, understated, love it.. Can't wait to see your shows and demonstrations xx

Cameeli of Richmond said...

A very good morning Sue, and all the crafty crew!!
Really like this crisp, and smart looking card, and love the iced snow...

Belated Birthday and anniversary wishes for any I missed.

Steph hope you found your bag and shoes... Your going to look amazing, relax and enjoy the big day, its going to be beautiful!!

Will be recording all the shows today and over the weekend.

Have a lovely day everyone...
Cameeli xx

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. It will be lovely to see you back on the tv. I dont mind christmas in june on c&c because it give me fresh ideas for my christmas cards. This is a very classy christmas card and you can't beat black and white.
Hope you had a lovely day yesterday and you feel more like yourself after your flight home. My little box is ready to tape all your shows over the weekend. Have a great weekend.
Best Wishes.
Denise x

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue and everyone. Very Christma-Classy and elegant, you were so right not to add any other embellishments, it just doesn't need any. Magic box is set for all your shows but hopefully I'll be able to watch live too. Hope the jet lag hasn't hit too hard.
Congratulations to Norah and Jackie on being blog hop winners. Sue xxx

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue,
Brilliant card, not too Christmasy and could be adapted for any occasion.
Done in red, green and gold would look great at Christmas.
Have a great day

Patricia xx

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Beautiful classic card change the sentiment and great for any occasion.

Looking forward to watching the shows.

Hugs Annx without an "e"

PharmacyMichele said...

Great card-sentiment could be changed for a non christmassy one if needed. Lovely gentle nudge towards making christmas cards!


BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, what a lovely classy card. As we all know, it is never to early to start on our Christmas cards. Looking forward to your shows. Bx

Sandra Biggs said...

Hi Sue, who cares if it is a christmas card. It is stunning. Looking forward to your shows. Take care.

nancyd said...

Morning Sue. a lovely elegant card
love the bling and as a few have said
change the sentiment and is beautiful for any occasion.
your shows are tomorrow and Sunday I think
when you said today I quickly checked
in case I had missed one thats what
happens when you pop over the pond
so much you don't know whether your
coming or going we all know how that feels and we're not got that
Nancyd xx

Anonymous said...

GM Sue - love it - it's a must try! Will be watching your shows and will email in if I can.

Craft Room Sorting is nearly done!!! Just a few bits n bobs to sort thro later today and then I am organised - everything is labelled as I've moved stuff about so much i'd never find anything in a few days time if not. Even my bit box has been filed into colours and sizes - not for long though I suspect!
Happy Friday all
Clare W

Diane said...

Hi Sue love the card and the bling. You are right it just speaks for itself and doesn't need a bow or flowers. Looking forward to your shows at the weekend. Have one last relaxing day before you start again . Love Diane G xxx

Anonymous said...

Lordy, Sue, you gave me a fright - thought I had missed a day, but it is still Friday!! Will tune in tomorrow. Longest day for all of us and a very busy one for you!
Love today's card, so elegant and classy. Don't have that die which is gorgeous but could do similar.
It's really a non-Christmasy Christmas card, just right for slowly getting into the groove.

'P' in Wales

Julie Laz - sorry to hear you're still having a tough time - sending big hugs and hope you feel better soon.

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Stunning Christmas card, I will be watching all weekend for some new ideas for my Christmas cards.
I had a lovely scan photo yesterday of my first Great- Grandchild, my stepson's step daughter is expecting her first baby 21st December so one Christmas gift on its way.
I have an x-ray appointment today to see if I can carry on with the injections in my hands, if they are worse then a referral to a hand specialist is on the cards to see what can be done with the possibility of surgery, my crafting is restricted with the arthritis so hoping this will not mean more problems would hate not been able to craft at all.
Love and hugs to all and hope you all have a lovely day.
Happy crafting
Love Tina x x

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, what a beautiful card, I love it! I have started making Christmas cards too as last year I had to resort to buying some!! Can't wait to see you on TV this morning, you have been off our screens far too long. Love Jean xxx

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
This is a beautiful, crunchy frosty looking card. But oh is June.......far too early. Am looking forward to seeing what goodies you bring us though!
Thanks for sharing.
Hugs to all who need one.

Joan D said...

Love the card Sue, although my hubby can't get his head around Christmas in June! The card look like it has been dipped in frost. Looking forward to the shows,and have them all booked to record. Xxx

Sheila Lampard said...

Morning Sue
Looking forward to seeing you again and hope to catch one of the shows before I go to work. Starting later today - so it will give me a chance to tune in.
Bye for now.
Sheila x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, A lovely card, although I, for one, don't even want to think about the 'C' word hahaha.
I have already ordered a couple of packs of your card from tomorrow's show, I will have to wait to see the pictures of the stamps haha !!
So glad you got back home safely, although I think you have probably got jetlag as in your 'write-up' you say you are on C&C 'today' !!!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

val jones said...

Good Morning Sue. Not too Christmassy. Beautiful card. Looking forward to all your shows.
Love Val in Spain x

ElizabethS said...

Hi Sue, I love today's card. Classic I would say. Looking forward to seeing what you have got lined up for us for Christmas 2014.
ElizabethS x

barbiepinkfairy said...

Classy! Change the sentiment could be used for any occasion. Xxx

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
You got me all excited this morning thinking you had extra shows but no, just a case of jet lag. Mind Sue it's no surprise with all that you do, if you could only bottle your energy I'd be the first in the queue to buy some lol. There can never be too many Christmas card ideas for me I make so many. Today's card is gorgeous! you've put a Christmas sentiment on but it can be used for other occasions just by changing the sentiment. Although it's a white card It's a cream colour on my screen and I love it. I'm really looking forward to your shows I tried to see what you have but they haven't listed anything yet (very wise because there won't be anything left lol)
Hugs x
Heather T

Aspiring crafter said...

Hi Sue, hope you had a good journey back and are settling back in again!
Lovely card , just enough as you say to get us slowly in the mood!
I am looking forward to all your shows,

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. I hope you had a good journey home and aren't suffering with jet lag. I love seeing Christmas cards early in the year now that I make my own, the only downside is that I see so many that I want to make! This is a real beauty to start off this years offerings : ) Love the subtle sparkle and the sentiment. I finally managed to get your Classic Rose, Faux Quilled leaves from Joanna Sheen just a couple of weeks ago but so pleased that you have them on the shows tomorrow as lots of others are still trying to get them. I will be recording all of the shows as we am taking 12 of my Beaver Scouts to a small theme park for the day tomorrow and then we will be sleeping at the Scout Hut, they will leave at 10am on Sunday so if we can get tidied up fast I may make the 11am show live. I will try and email you early though Sue. I hope you have a great time on the shows and get some lovely presenters. (Does anyone know if C & C will put emails into the right shows cup of chance if you send them earlier?)
Pam, sending my daily hug to you:)
Hugs to Norah, Jean, Gail, June, Julie Laz and all in need. Julie Laz, you are going through a bad patch at the moment aren't you, you poor thing. I hope you are back to normal very soon. A word of warning, make sure you come off of the Oxycontin etc. very slowly or you will suffer all over again! When I first started on the heavy duty stuff I tried a couple of different sorts and tried to come off the first lot too quickly, thinking it would be ok as I hadn't been on it very long. That was not a good idea!!!
Norah, You made me laugh imagining the white patch after sunbathing while knitting:) I always have to be doing something too, sadly can't make cards because the papers fly around : ( Enjoy your sunny hills today, it isn't very bright here at the moment, not sure what it's going to turn out like!
Have a good day everyone. Take care.

Deborah Artliff said...

Good morning Sue WOW what a stunning card I do like these dies and put with the stamps they are heaven.
Looking forward to seeing your shows. And welcome back.
Debs A xx

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue. I don't mind Christmas in June! Lovely card not too over the top Christmasy. Will be watching over the weekend.

Clare W do you want to come and do mine now, it is a dreadful mess. I keep telling myself no more crafting until it is done, but I don't listen!!!

Love Rosemarie xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue What a stunning start to Christmas, I love the card and cannot wait for your shows tomorrow.....I just love making Christmas cards! Take Care love Michelle S xxx

Heather Rogers said...

April! You hav definitely beaten me this year! ROFL! Lovely card though Sue. As someone has already said it is great for those who are looking for subtle and understated.

I must admit you got me out of bed very early today checking your show times. I thought I had got it all wrong, as you said you were on today!!!! No! I said to myself I have not set the recorder!!

Anyhow panic over and so breathed a sigh of relief over a very early coffee as I realised you were ahead of yourself bless you. So excited about the shows I expect and JustRite stamps are great to work with so clean cut as are yours Sue. Can't wait to see what you have brought us.

Bet Mom feels lost without you I know I always do when family have stayed and then gone home. You are lucky, I know you realise this, to be able to still see your lovely Mom so much.

Try to get a rest before tomorrow! What am I saying this is you, it's not going to happen is it???

Crafty Hugs
Heather xx

carol edwards said...

Hi Sue and everyone, nice to see you back Sue and off the mark with Christmas. Lovely card could be adapted for other times. Look forward to the shows at the weekend x

Olga said...

just magic card!!)

Rosalind McLellan said...

Hello Sue,

I don't mind Christmas this early as I started making my cards back in January. I do a few every now and then so as not to have a mad rush in October and November.

Roz Xxx

Dawn Searle said...

Morning Sue
I am so pleased that you are back home andI really look forward tou your shows. I panicked when I read your blog ad thought I had lost a day somewhere! I actually made two Christmas cards yesterday, as a relative has ordered twelve Christmas cards from me already. I couldn't get much inspiration, but today's card certainly has it is beautiful as always.
Have a lovely day everyone, hugs to everyone
Dawn Searle xxxx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Ooh this is a lovely gentle Christmas card, perfect for thos difficult to make a card for people, lovely and understated yet sparkly too

Sue from Wiltshire said...

A really pretty card and with different message could be used for lots of occasions. Look forward to seeing the shows on C&C.

Donna Jones said...

Hi Sue,
I started Christmas cards in January so I don't mind them in June. Beautiful card, loving the bling on the sentiment and border and the pretty die cut too.
Donna Jones

Shirley Terretta said...

Hi Sue,

Love the card, so pretty. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxxxxxxxxx

sonja_w said...

Beautiful card, looking forward to the shows x

Evelyn Sinclair said...

Every year I say I will start my cards early... and every year it's a mad panic. So I must make the effort this year, although it doesn't feel that long since I put my Christmas decorations in the attic!!! Hugs from Ireland, Evelyn x
Beautiful card Sue. I love bling and your non bow fans should like it too!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I love the card. Can't wait for your shows. Six of them, wow!
Veronique L

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone.
Beautifully understated and elegant.
Got excited at the prospect of shows today, as I won't be able to see all the weekend ones but not to be, Sue, you tease!
Have a great day.
Ang x

Caroljsmith said...

Sear sue Christmas has come early love the card and Carnt wait to watch your shows.

hollyberry said...

Beautiful Christmas card without being over the top this early on.
Looking forward to your shows over the weekend.

karenlotty said...

Lovely card Classy and elegant

Chris Curry said...

Oh Sue, what a beautiful card. I am really looking forward to your shows this weekend, have been very good recently with my spending knowing you would be back this weekend. Getting very excited now, not long to go. Xx

Micky French said...

Lovely Sue, I am waiting to do my Christmas want to wait to what new products are coming out.
Now you are back in the UK when are we going to get a sneak peak of your new dies lol.
Hugs to all
Michelle xxxx

hazel young said...

Lovely card Sue xx hazel

Lacelady said...

it's OK Sue, if we can't stand the idea of Christmas, then we could change the sentiment and it would be good to go for a different occasion.

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
Not too Christmassy a beautiful card just right. Will be out Lace Visit Saturday but I will be there
on Sunday - all will be recorded for later
Carol x

SandraM said...

lovely elegant card, which im sure your samples for the shows will be as well, looking forward to seeing you in Aberdeen in july

gwen70 said...

Beautiful card Sue, so pleased you are on at the weekend, will look forward to it

Alison Couchman said...

A beautiful card Sue, although I refuse to read the sentiment! Not a fan of that particular season due to pressure from my Mum to supply her with a PERFECT day like you see in the ads on TV. Ugh!!
The large die is gorgeous and while not generally a fan of bling it works really well on this one. Teaching silk painting for beginners this afternoon so off to pack up all the kit.

Ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue
Thank you Sue for today's gift and for easing in the C.theme.
I've been packing all week my papecraft ready for my French summer and guess what my main task is during this time Christmas! As I make well over 100 cards for family/friends/and a local charity I have to start early and so I sit outside and craft.
Today's gift is in my 'less is more' mode and I just love love it. I've bought the crystal bling to use this year. Doesn't it make a beautiful snow.
Well cleaning day today and hopefully a little craft (I have a bit of embroidery I need to finish off).
Will have my box set to record Sue tomorrow and Sunday.
Norah - I informed him yesterday that it's not just me that needs to take crafting with me and that many of my crafty friends (my sisters here)do too so he might just as well accept it. (I have to admit he's really wonderful and made me the most fantastic 'craft cupboard' last year while we were over there but of course we don't tell him that). My knitting bag also goes and it's amazing just how much can be fitted in isn't it!!!
Take care everyone and see you tomorrow.
Janet x

Hilary said...

Good morning Sue, and everyone. A stunning card!! Would be suitable for many other occasions, not just for Christmas! Good to have you back. Love to your Mum. Wishing you, and all your Wilsonettes a happy and healthy day. Love and hugs. Hilary xxxx

baconbits said...

Morning Sue
Yippee, Christmas in June it can never be too soon. Love todays card very elegant.
How's the jet lag?
Looking forward to tomorrow
Amanda x

nattyboots said...

Lovely Christmas Card sue ,
Looking forward to the shows
Take Care
Elaine H X

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Beautiful Christmas card very elegant just love it .I will be recording and watching all your shows love everything you do. Love Jean Zxxx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
My word Sue a stunning Christmassy card today. I was all excited thinking you had extra shows on today. Went to c & c to record but it was just your jet lag catching up with you. I also do t mind Christmas cards in June as it gives me some inspiration for mine. Hope you had a good journey home. This card is so nice, and doesn't look to Christmassy at all. Hugs as usual to Pam, Norah and Steph. Hope you are doing well after your stay in hospital Steph.not to good here in Witney at the moment. We're off to Gt Oakley (up near Harwich) tomorrow for a week. So won,t be able to blog as usual. As our friends don't have wifi.

Anne Crawford said...

A very beautiful Christmas Card! But I can't think of that season yet as I'm Still waiting for Summer! While you've all been sweltering in the sunshine we have been having misty rain with a teasing glimpse of sun just to show us what we are missing!
Recorder all set for tomorrow, can't wait!
Special hugs to Tina and Julie and all others in awful pain, did enjoy your story yesterday Norah ,I could just imagine it! Lol!
Hugs to all xo

ellyscard creatief said...

Beautiful card.Gorgeous dies.
Gr Elly

Jan.moogie said...

Merry Christmas Sue, lovely card today great sentiments. hugs xx

Pauline99 said...

Wonderful card, can't wait to see you back on our telly as I've really missed your demos.

Hope you are keeping well and had a nice time when you were away. Perhaps more videos for new dies to come??????

All the best Pauline ( freedom99)

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, what a simple lovely Christmas card, great for posting, recorder all set for your shows which I know will be great as usual. Take care everyone Jess x

hotpotato said...

Roll on the weekend must now go look at C&C website.

Zena McCalmont said...

Hi Sue
Love this simple card, I liked it so much I didn't realise it was a Christmas card until I read some of the comments. I do find doing Christmas in the middle of our short summer rather depressing, I love love the summer, so I'm out side. I make all my Christmas cards in January while I still feel the Christmas joy. X
Regards Zena x

Sandie Braithwaite said...

This is absolutely beautiful, simple ( it looks but isn't!) and elegant. Must get this die and stamp.

Susi Mortimer said...

Love the card Sue, not to over Christmassy.
Hope you will be resting, before the weekend. Will be watching. Take care. Susi xx

fame01 said...

Hi Sue
I will certainly be recording the shows no fail there lol.. The card is really stunning I have already bought a gift for someone for Christmas so there its ok with me with the Christmas card .. hugs sarah xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Beautiful card, love it all. Can't get my head round Christmas yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you have for us over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - I like the elegance of this Christmas card and although I don't feel at all Christmassy in June I will be glued to your shows over the weekend. Best wishes

Angela Allen said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card,just shows how versatile your range of dies are,can be used all year round.Looking forward to the shows tomorrow.
Love Angela x

nannapat said...

A lovely design that could be used for any occasion with a change of sentiment. Looking forward to your shows, they will all be recorded so that I can watch them over and over. Pat x

Maureen Killen said...

Good morning Sue,
and welcome back. This is such a very pretty card and, for those of us who make cards for various charities - Christmas is almost all year round.
Where is the other blog that people read from you? Dawn mentions a blog ad but I don't know how to get on it, perhaps some kind person will tell me.
Have a lovely day everyone,I'm making my sarnies and flask ready for tomorrow!! So excited xx

Maureen Killen said...

Good morning Sue,
and welcome back. This is such a very pretty card and, for those of us who make cards for various charities - Christmas is almost all year round.
Where is the other blog that people read from you? Dawn mentions a blog ad but I don't know how to get on it, perhaps some kind person will tell me.
Have a lovely day everyone,I'm making my sarnies and flask ready for tomorrow!! So excited xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely card. I am really looking forward to all your shows. Take care. Claire

Anonymous said...

Belinda Raven said....

Hi Sue, lovely to have you back! So looking forward to your shows! Competing with my other half to watch you live on Sat & Sun as there is so much sport on but I can record every show. Today's card is rather special - a must try - I might add a touch of red as white, black and red are a favourite combo!!!

Hugs, Belinda. X

Denise Hancock said...

Hi Sue beautiful Christmas card. I have just got the mystical embrace die so will have a go at this design. looking forward to your shows over the weekend
Denise X

Debbie Tinks said...

Lovely card Sue .....will be watching your shows on c/c ...happy crafting .....x

camelot67 said...

Good Morning Sue,

It's a bit early for Christmas in this household but as has already been said this card could quite easily be adapted for any occasion. Thank you for sharing and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
Margaret A.

Susan White said...

Oh boy - it's a bit early for me to think about Christmas, but a lovely card none-the-less! Hope your shows go well - I shall try to record them as we're really busy this week.

Thanks, Susan x

Sam Smithard said...

Hi Sue, I may be on my own here but I love making my Christmas Cards as early as possible, as we go on Holiday late in the year! and don't return until October and I have so many to make I have to make a head start, it's like my Birthday Cards I always do the whole years in the first three months so not to worry, with making Christmas Cards I Love It.
Today's Card is Quite Stunning I love The Black and White Colours. You've chosen for today's project, I Love how you've gone around the edge of your Card with a edge of The Beautiful Iced Snow (Stunning) I Love The New JustRite Christmas Stamps as I've checked them out on-line and there really Fabulous, I Love how You've Stamped in Black Archival Ink then placed a sticky sheet on top, then removed and placed the Iced Snow on top Truly Stunning!
Then placing your Sentiment on your California Decorative Frame Collection Die, then The Die Behind is Truly Beautiful Mystical Embrace Die so Beautiful, of course I will Watch and Tape all your shows and like all I'm so looking forward to them, Sadly there's one Show on Sunday I'm not a lover of The Presenter! so I will more than likely only watch the taped version as it's the Demos I wish to see, but that's just my opine.
Sue Thank You for your Stunning Card The Fantastic Breakdown The Fabulous Photography, The Tips and Techniques, but most of all The Daily Inspiration you bring to Me! and Thank You For Blogging Daily Every Day Of The a Year It's The First Thing I Do Even Before My Drink in a morning, I Open Your Blog To Check Out Your Projects and Video's.
The reason I go through all the items you've used etc: and how you've used them it really helps me to remember how to achieve and understand how you make the Card.
Sue Take Great Care
Love and Hugs
From Sam x

doreenj said...

I did start my "C" cards in January, meaning to make a few each month; have I done this???? No I haven't!!!!

This is a good start to the rest of my cards, looking forward to tomorrow,

Doreen x

Sheila - Ginger said...

Morning Sue,
Absolutely stunning Sue and as already been said could be a card for any occasion. Goo luck with the weekend shows I'll be watching. Hope you won't be feeling too tired after travelling home from your Mum's and then 6 shows on C&C. It will be good to see you back on our screens though.

Love Sheila xx

Maggie said...

Good morning. Typical that it's lovely and sunny outside with all the Christmassy stuff going on on the TV. I love that stamp, as isn't that what we wish everyone! xx Maggie (better without a bow)

Norah McPhee said...

Good morning Sue and fellow Wilsonettes,
I really love today's card Sue as it isn't too over the top Christmas and yet it sparkling beauty is just so pretty. The mystical embrace die is one of the most beautiful that SB has brought out i think, i feel in love with it the minute that i saw it.
Julie, i am so sorry that you are going through such a bad patch at the moment. Living with an illness is bad enough but when it intensifies, boy oh boy it's 10 times worse. Glad our wee messages perk you up that wee bit, but you are a Wilsonette and being a member of this exclusive club means you are part of a very special family and we care for all. I hope our honorary Wilsonette Lee is fine. You will be back to normal soon(fingers crossed) and be able to enjoy crafting again. You are just storing up all the lovely projects that you want to do.
Oh Lynne, i am with the pesky pooches on this one of getting a cut and blow dry as i hate getting my hair done. My daughter, wee son and new son paid for me to get my hair done last year for my birthday and i hated every minute of it. Talk about hyperventilating, i got in that much of a state. She put the colour on and forgot about me as she had too much going on, she came near with the scissors and the breathing went into overdrive. In a past life i trained as a hairdresser, but i could never be Stevie Quick Cut as i hate scissor marks left in someones hair or cutting too much off. I would rather recut than cut too much off in the first place. That was my first encounter with a hairdresser in over 10 years as i had always cut my hair myself. Hairdressers have this idea that they know better than you about what length your hair should be and they end up by cutting a great big whack off and giving you a bob that you don't suit or want. So sorry Lynne, i'm with fur babies on that score.
Now for me I have a birthday party to go to this afternoon where i will fit in fine... a 1yr old. My school chums grandson is having a party so i am guest of honour. I think it will be right up my street so i hope it stays a good day.
Gentle hugs to all my fragile friends, take care and see you tomorrow hopefully.
Love and crafty hugs
Norah (glenochil)

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a gorgeous card. I should start my Christmas cards early but never do. Looking forward to watching and recording your shows Sue.

Margaret corgi owner said...

Good morning Sue and everyone
A really beautiful Wonder of Wilson and no mistake absolutely stunning love it.
So looking forward to tomorrow especially as I have orders for Christmas already.
Warm wishes and hugs to those who need them.
Margaret corgi owner

heather harrison said...

Morning Sue. What a lovely card. I dont make christmas because you have to start so early but this I could do without freaking out.l!!! Thanks again so. Looking forward to Sat snd Sun. Hugs Heather.x

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
We've been hearing the "C" word a few times on C&C now, so it's not too big a shock.
But the card is absolutely divine - love the bling. Haven't got the mystical embrace but I'm sure one of the others will do. I'm thinking of one of your Spanish ones - would be stunning in white.
Looking very much forward to your shows - will record as well as watch.
Really nice to have you back.
Hugs, Rose

Jill Liddle said...

Beautiful card today

Pearl said...

Hi Sue, love the card from yesterday! I was at work most of the day and came home shattered so didn't get chance to turn on my computer to check out your blog - sorry......

Love the card today and it is a reminder for me to get started on my own christmas card list.

I really do have loads of christmassy stuff accumulated so I really must steel myself from ordering more, will that last? I don't think so, so I'll just have to send more cards......

Craftihappiness and seasonal greetings with merry thoughts to you all, love from Pearl you all

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. Happy Friday Wilsonettes. HOW many show's Sue ? Nagtime ! (bet your own mom doesn't 'nag') WHEN do you stop ? All crafters design and think cards whilst dozing off into slumber, but you travel, design new items, have meetings and prep for show's and that's just a small part of your day - again, I repeat, when do you wind down ??!!!
My day consists of very little (unless something special is happening) but I wake up feeling I've crossed 3 timelines and look forward to bed !
Today's card is so very pretty and if you dont read.the sentiment you wouldn't put it in the (C) catagory which is good, although I understand that there are many wonderful Wilsonettes that craft for charity so C
has to come early.
Hubby has his final suit fitting tomorrow so the1 pm show belongs to me : ) and for reasons you know Sue, he doesn't mind you talking C in June LOL and will enjoy your company later as much as I will : ) I wont be so lucky on Sunday as.Im out trying to boost my finances to allow me to buy more of your collection, but hopefully I can sit and watch you Sunday evening, but my magic box is all set up to record.

Bag /shoes/tights/blister plasters/polyfiller all now in my drawer. Im done at last. All I need to do now is make more cards that need 'stocking
up' how I wish I had our girlies here to help - maybe I should attatch some match sticks to my eyes LOL - how do you do it Sue ?

Well I need to crack on. Oh Cassie is fine thanks to you lovely caring ladies that asked, she is no longer quiet/withdrawn and taking her antibiotics with the help of ham ! To those sweeties that said they had not heard of that breed that attacked her I cant spell rockviler LOL so to save my embarrasement (which now I am) I wrote - rockwotsit !!! So there ya go !!!

So I'll send welcome home hugs to you Sue, and love and hugs to Pam and Julie and all that want love n hugs today.
Lancashire Steph xx

3362Jan. said...

Hi Sue. I like this card for it's simplicity. Looking forward to the shows. Hope all goes well. Hugs Jan. xx

utilitygirl said...

May be a bit early but it is a lovely card and it will soon catch up with us.
Must go now and set my recorder so that I don't miss you xx

Kate's Cards said...

Naughty,naughty Sue! I saw the C word and din't look any further, however, I am sure the card is lovely. Xxxx

Lindsay Martin said...

Morning Sue, I need all the inspiration I can get for my Christmas cards this year, they are normally all done by now, as when the shorter days arrive I am normally outside mucking out for longer so need to get them completed early, loving this one, and will be watching as much as I can over the weekend and hopefully the lit will come on and I will know exactly what to do this year.
Norah I'm with you, Tilly and Cally on this one, not had mine do e in over a year, I hate having it cut, really hate having to sit and look at myself for the duration too!
Steph, hope you managed to get the shoes and bag yesterday.
Julie and Lee hope the meds are taking affect now and the pain is lessening, I'm on tramadol and couldn't function,at all without it.
Janet, hope the packing is going ok, remember to pop some clothes in too!
Karen, Lynda, Lynne, Sandra, Tandy, Tres, Cameeli, Pam, Gail, Tina, Margaret and all my other Wilsonette family take care and hope the sun is shining for you all xxx

Laura O said...

fantastic card Sue ,love white .Laura O

Tres said...

Hi Sue. Today's card is beautiful, simple, elegant and classy !! It is just gorgeous Sue !! I do not have any labels Seven stamps or dies as I have been buying your stamps and dies instead !! The Spellbinders Mystical Embrace die looks fab !! I may have to get that one. I love the sentiment and the layering and beautiful ice snow glitter on today's card. This looks like a lovely easy card to post too !! I have to make several extra Christmas cards each year now to send to our fairly new found family in Canada and postage is quite a lot of money !! So flat cards are best really. My parents have just come back from Canada the day before you Sue !! Myself and hubby still have not managed to save the money to go there for the first time yet. I have so many new family members there that I have not even met yet !! I am very excited though as I have just got the news that one of my new Canadian Uncles and his wife are coming to visit England and are staying with my parents for a week. I cannot wait to finally meet them !!
Sorry Sue I know I strayed a bit !! Thanks for sharing this beautiful card with us today. I hope you have a relaxing day before your very busy weekend on c+c. I am so looking forward to seeing you on the TV and I will also be recording every show, as I know I will want to see them again later !! Lots of love to you from Tres x x x

Julie Laz. Sorry to hear you are still having a difficult time. I hope things get sorted out for you and you feel better soon. Lots of love Tres x x x

To all the wonderful Wilsonette family, I hope everyone has a lovely day, lots of love Tres x x x

Jeanie said...

Hi Sue a beautiful card perfect if you have a lot of cards to do or just change sentiment .

So pleased you are back and look forward to your shows the weekend

SHARICA said...

Lovely Card Today .. Elegant :)

Terry Owen said...

I live love love this card! Thank you for sharing and see you tomorrow :D

yorkielass said...

Hello Sue, I don't mind Christmas in June, I always plan to start early but somehow end up going to the wire. This card is beautiful in its simplicity, pure perfection.
Hope you are rested after your flight, hugs to you and your Mom who will be missing you. Got my seat booked for your shows, will miss the 6pm as have to pop out., but I will be glues to rest and am so excited.
Steph glad that you are sorted with wedding items, take it easy and good luck for Sunday, hope you have a sell out. Glad Cassie is getting better.
Norah congratulations on your blog hop win, you are on a roll. Your story yesterday had me in stitches, I could just imagine the white patch and needle marks. Enjoy the party and being guest of honour.
Julie hope you are improving with the new meds, hugs to you and Lee.
Tandy hope your husbands finger has improved.
Daily hugs to Pam, Tina, Tres, Gail, Jean, Mrs B, Margaret corgi owner, Lynne M, Lynda, Lyndsay, Cameeli and Magpie.
Hugs to all Wisonettes that are in pain or sad.
Take care everyone.
Hugs June xxx

Anonymous said...

Just lovely Sue. So elegant. I've barely got over last Christmas, so thanks for easing us into it gently... ;-)

Maxine said...

So elegant Sue, as always I love your work, I would love to get your ruler for doing the punched edge but looks like out of stock.

Sandra said...

Good morning Sue & lovely blog friends,
A very pretty card today Sue and take away the sentiment it could be for any occasion! So pretty with just the right amount of sparkle! I did notice in the show products list there are quite a few everyday products that we all need to restock, so the shows are well worth a visit even if you aren't in the C'mas spirit! The main thing I like to watch for is the amazing techniques that Sue shows! Can't wait!
Please,please, I hope you are on with a presenter that let's you craft and keeps focus on the guest and products, fingers crossed.
Norah have fun at your party, I think you may need a lie fiends afterwards!
Myra & Lynda hope you are both well, lovely to get a message from you, it made me smile x
Cameeli, sending you a big hug.
Steph. So glad you are all sorted, it must be a relief, although I don't suppose you are going to relax until you are waving off the last of the guests! I made a lovely card for a lady who's daughter was getting married, the verse had me drying like a baby, such lovely words, I added to my blog!
Oh Mrs B you are a glutten for punishment taking Beavers to a theme park, and then a sleepover, wow, I think you will be sleeping on Sunday, I hope the weather is good, makes it a bit easier! Good luck x
Julie, how are the meds helping, after a white the drowsy effect wears off, which makes it easier to get on with life, try and stay positive, hugs x
Well I must go and get everything up to share so that I can sit in front of the tv tomorrow!
Hugs to all,
Sandra xxx

Brenda Lello said...

Hello Sue,
Beautiful card which could fit many occasion, its only the sentiment that's about Christmas (there I have said it now) the 'C' word!
Take care, Love Brenda xxx

Steph, So pleased you have got your MOB outfit all sorted out, try and relax now before the big day.

Norah, I know you will have a great time at the party - enjoy

Julie L, Pam, Gail, Cameeli Myra, Nanna Tina, Janet(Echo) anyone in pain, feeling low or just needs a crafty hug Sending Love and Prayers.

Muriel Kelly said...

Beautiful start to "the season" so simple and elegant with that lovely sparkle.

Muriel x

hazel said...

Hi Sue
The thought of Christmas does make me cringe but i know us crafters have to make a start on the cards as there are so much to make.
This card is stunning Sue and i love the bling . Take away the Christmas sentiment on the card and it can be a anytime of year card
Looking forward to all your shows
Take care
Hazel G xx

Beryl Treble said...

A beautiful christmas card Sue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Love this card. Only one more sleep until you are back on our screens again - can't wait.
Beverley W

terrie said...

Even if this card is for Christmas it is still a beautiful card...
Love all the glitter!
Well done Sue

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card - very elegant I think.
Thank you.
Looking forward to all your shows over the week-end.
Bye for now.
SandraP xxx

yvonne masterman said...

Hi Sue, love this card, as others have said it could be for any occasion, im not an early starter at making C cards I am a last minute person. Looking forward to tomorrow will record all your shows .....Yvonne xxx

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

Love the simplicity of this card, very pretty.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

rachel said...

just beautiful Sue - and i love the sparkle xx

magpie said...

Helloooo Sue and the Wilsonettes! Love the C card Sue. It's never too late to start Christmas cards and we thank you in advance for your tips and ideas over the next 6 months....! I love the dies and stamp that you have used and the iced snow gives it that wonderful bling shine. Can't wait to see you tomorrow Sue. I'm hoping to be able to watch all your shows, if not I'll get hubby to set the record button! I hope you are managing to get a bit of a rest before your shows tomorrow. So glad that C&C are letting you show your dies again and good news about the one's that you've managed to get more of. Thank you x
Just to say Steph, so glad that Cassie is not too bad x
Well done Norah and Jackie on your blog hop!
Glad your craft room is getting there Claire!
Good news Steph that you have everything for the big day! It will be wonderful (know what you mean about the polyfiller!)xx
Nanna Tina hope everything will be okay over the injections today x My niece had her baby on the 20th of December 2012 (20/12/2012) at 4 minutes past 7 in the morning weighing 7lb 4oz (4/7, 7/4!).
Sam, you do as you feel shug. We all have our ways of trying to remembering things xx
Tres, so excited for you on finding new family members! I've been there as I was adopted and it's been a happy rollercoaster ride since 2003! Enjoy shug xx
To Sue, Yorkielass and all the Wilsonettes wishing you a great day in all that you are doing x Love and hugs to all our special family who need them today xx Take care Sue and everyone xx Love Karen xx

Katie's Kitchen said...

Hi there
Love the card Sue, So smart & elegant.
Definatly on my "to do" list.

Katie's Kitchen said...

Hi there
Love the card Sue, So smart & elegant.
Definatly on my "to do" list.

Sonia Jones said...

A really pretty card today. Sorry I won't get to see your shows but I'm off on holidays today! Gutted I'll miss it but thrilled I'm going away :) hugs to all Sonia x

CraftyJo said...

Never too soon to start Christmas! ;)

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi. Lovely card Sue - it's never too early for Christmas crafts ;-) Will probably end up recording the weekend shows due to the football and F1 - my progs always take second/third place! Have a great day and hugs to all xxx

Leanne said...

Simply beautiful!

Barbara said...

Beautiful card even if it is for Christmas! I really cant be bothered with xmas in June. I tend to make my cards in Sept/Oct. I will be watching and taping all your hours but wont buy anything for xmas yet, would rather spend my money on my never-ending list of goodies that I can use all year round.

Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Beautiful Card Sue!

Christmas is June is a bit too early for me, but I understand if you have lots to make or you are doing craft fairs etc then you need the time to get them done.

I do like everything about it, especially the sparkle.

Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

craftynanna said...

hi sue, beautiful beautiful beautiful, i can't watch the show tomorrow as i volunteer in the sue ryder charity shop in widnes so i will be recording the shows so i can watch them before i go to bed, you will be giving us all christmas fever lol love J

Carol S. said...

Gosh you have a busy weekend! I am doing a Craft Fair both days, so sadly will not be around to watch. Love this card and white on white is my all time fave for Christmas. Hugs, Carol S.xx

Jackie Meechan said...

Another gorgeous card Sue love it. Christmassie I dont care your cards are always gorgeous and you are inspirational to a lot if us.

Joanna Dickson said...

Hi Sue,and the Wilsonettes.
Its another hot day in Blackpool, very overcast this morning but the Sun eventually poked through. It was my Daughters Sports day today so at least it didn't rain.
OMG, we are on that word already. Brilliant understated card though. I love the iced snow. Blingy, icey and lovely.
I'm not going to hang about as I'm going to set the record button for the next couple of days. I keep them all, but there is a possibility I will be turned in too.
Have a fab couple of day everyone. Lots of crafty love
Jo xx

Gail said...

My kind of Christmas card (CAS) luv it xx looking forward to the shows but will have to record them and catch up later xx break a leg (not literally) of course xx GailT xx

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, I love today's card and can see a stamp purchase coming on tomorrow. How did I miss the Mystical Embrace die? It's gorgeous, so I will have to see if there are any pennies left after the week-end :-)
Recorder all set up for your shows but I will be watching as many as possible live. No problem with football in this house, OH dislikes it as much as me but I might just have a tiny conflict with the cricket.

Helen Barker said...

Gorgeous.Love all that glittery goodness.
Helen Bx

Janice K said...

Never apologise for making christmas cards, I could make them at any time of the year. This card is very pretty and the iced snow gives a beautiful snowy appearance. x

Joan Donaldson said...

Hi Sue, lovely card. Looking forward to watching the shows tomorrow.

Vick said...

Absolutely stunning my friend, i love it and yes the dreaded C word is rearing its head early, but it does every year, however, i think it's people like me who end up sending out 'shop bought' cards (dare i say it, blasphemy lol) that don't worry about early C cards LOL love this although with a different sentiment is a gorgeous wedding card!! hugs, Vick xxx
My YTChannel vixcrafts

tracy w said...

Hi sue
Never apologise about christmas I've just orded my christmas card pack from c and c today can not wait to see what you can do for us to half mind are going to be your christmas cards the other half from c and c today thank you Tracy w x

Jane said...

Beautiful I love it.

Jane xx

Carole Z said...

A stunning card Sue...very elegant and classy, love it! Hugs Carole Z X

Mary Burton said...

Hi Sue,
A very elegant card, lovely details in the dies and a simple sentiment sets it off perfectly, even if it is for Christmas and it's hot and sunny in South Wales.

lynda said...

Hi Sue& Wilsonettes wow this is an elegant C.card I love it also could be for any occasion with different sentiment
Love the die & the bling looking forward to shows at weekend I have to recorded some but hope to watch some live love & hugs Lynda xx

Julie Laz hope your new meds are helping with your horrible pain big gentle hugs to you & Lee Lynda xx

Nanna Tina hope your X-Ray goes ok & the injections for your hands are working hugs Lynda xx

Steph so pleased Cassie is ok also pleased your MOTB outfit is all sorted . Good luck at market Sunday & you have a sell out please take care hugs Lynda xx

Sandra thanks for e.mail will send pictures again hope you are ok today cuddles to Bella & Milo hugs to you Lynda xx

Clare W well done sorting craft room i must start mine hugs Lynda xx

Gail C thinking of you & your brother hope he is getting treatment now hugs to you both Lynda xx

Tandy hope your husbands finger is better hugs to you both Lynda xx

Lynne cuddles to Tilly & Cully bet they look gorgeous after there pamper day hugs Lynda xx

Mrs B Good luck with the Beavers at the the am park hugs Lynda xx

Big hugs to Pam Tress Yorkielass Cameeli Myra
Janet Ecco June &Gary & all Wilsonettes that need a hug Lynda xx

Karen Drew said...

Christmas has got to start sometime and what better way than with a stunning little number.
Love it.
Karen xx

Karen Drew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maryann Laursen said...

Another amazing christmascard here Sue, soooo beautioful as ever. Love the white card and the glitter look.

Edwina Scotney said...

Hi Sue Good Luck for the weekend shows, I will be busy so will be setting the Sky+ box to record. What a beautiful Christmas Card very classy Best wishes Edwina

Annie Pennington said...

This is a perfect Christmas card. I love the glitter, it's so perfect on white card:) xx Annie P

Annie Pennington said...

This is a perfect Christmas card. I love the glitter, it's so perfect on white card:) xx Annie P

Tina Eldridge said...

Hi Sue and lovely blog friends

Totally beautiful, elegant Christmas card. Love the bling. really looking forward to your shows tomorrow. I am literally deleting other programs, just so that I don't miss any of your fab demo's. We have been asked over to our daughters for lunch, so I am hoping you have brought enough stock over that I don't miss out. I was going to say good luck with your shows, but you really don't need it, every show is a winner.

Big hugs to all the special ladies on Sue's blog.

Kind regards :-)

Tina XX

Christine C said...

Hello Sue and Everyone,
Lovely card sue, Hope you are well, Can,t wait for the shows
it,s gonna be a great weekend,
Yippeeeeeee, From Christine C and Ella

Joanne K said...

Evening Sue, wow, gorgeous card. Looking forward to your shows over the weekend. Have had a little look at what's on offer. Very tempting. Have fun. Kind regards Joanne K x

Joanne K said...

Evening Sue, wow, gorgeous card. Looking forward to your shows over the weekend. Have had a little look at what's on offer. Very tempting. Have fun. Kind regards Joanne K x

Paula Gale said...

Hi Sue
Lovely elegant Chrismas card that doesn't scream Chrismas apart from the sentiment. Thats more than ok by me! I love your choise of dies and colour scheme.

Looking forward to your shows this weekend,

Paula xxx

Theresa Pace said...

love this non christmassy christmas card.... monochrome my fave xx

Tandy said...

Hi Sue,
This is a really pretty card not over the top and just enough sparkle to set it off. Pushed for time tonight. Love and hugs to all. Congratulations to all the winners. Love and hugs to all.

sued99 said...

Great card but seriously don't want to think about Christmas.

Pam B said...

Hi Sue, lovely card, will be nice to see you back on our screens and I will try to watch if my granddaughter will let me turn over from Cebebees, if not I will have to record.
Nanny B

samantha wade said...

shame its christmas on c&c, really can't think about it when its hot, but will record your shows as your cards are stunning and i always learn something new from you, and have missed you not being around,xx

Anonymous said...


Jean Deane said...

Hi Sue,
Love the frosted look on today's card so very Christmassy but as others have said could be used for any occasion.
Looking forward to your weekend shows just hope your not too tired , take care xx

Crafty hugs to Pam, June, Mrs B, Lynda and all our wilsonette Family .

Jean D

julie laz said...

Hi sue, this is a beautiful card, sue I don't do a lot of Christmas cards, I only do them for friends and family,
But if I made this card I would have everyone wanting them lol I am going to try and watch all your lovely shows tomorrow, I still have my birthday money, I hope it's not just Christmas things on the show,
Anyway see you tomorrow crafty hugs Julie xx

To all the lovely Wilsonetts ladies
Thank you for all your kind thoughts
I just wish the doctors would sort me out once and for all, as i do everything they ask, 6 back surgeries
I had a spinal cord stimulated to fitted inside me,
Then all the controlled drugs which they want me to take,
just wish it was all a bad dream...crafty hugs Julie xx

Myra P said...

Hi Sue
I'm extremely late today but wanted to leave just a short post to say thank you for a lovely card! Christmas in June is quite funny in some ways but I will just be glad to see you back on our screens!
Wishing you all the very best for tomorrow - will really try to email but as I'm away from home it may not happen!
All Shows set to record!
Always lovely to get new 'Sue' ideas and tips.
Safe travel,
Crafting hugs,

Love to all lovely friends on this blog! x
Sorry been unable to read today's posts but will read tomorrow, all being well. Good night all. x

Brooke b said...

Lovely card, but too early to think about Christmas. Though can't believe that its nearly July. How quick this year seems to have gone.

Blue Rose said...

What a gorgeous card. I love the glittering, a little snow. You did a great job.

Sandy H said...

Beautiful card. The Mystical Embrace die is gorgeous. Wish I had that one. Recorder set up so I won't miss any of your demos.

All of you organised Wilsonettes put me to shame. I have so many summer cards to make that my Christmas cards are always done later in the year - much later!

Congratulations to the lucky Blog Candy winners.

Jacquie said...

Hi Sue, beautiful card, so love this background die.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Maxine said...

A stunning card Sue it's so elegant.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue and everyone ! I managed to get some moments this morning to say how all the cards as usual are wonderful,! Welcome back home Sue.
I like to wish everyone a happy midsummer,I'm in Sweden celebrating with my family and it was a lovely day yesterday with singing and dancing around the m.s pole. I have read some of the blogs and a big hug to everyone who need one.Glad to see all is sorted for upcoming weddings and other celebrations,lot to do. Well done Norah to your win ! Take care everyone and have a nice day!, Maria x