Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Card Making Fun!

I have been having a ton of fun lately making stairstep cards. My latest creation is part of my upcoming beach themed stamp show on Create and Craft on the 29th. (By the way, it is rumoured that the show is at 10am on Monday the 29th, but they haven't actually confirmed this so it may change).
To get started you need to cut a piece of cardstock to 10 1/2 '' x 5'' to begin with. Score that piece at 1 1/4'' , 2 1/2'' , 4 1/4'', 6'', and 8 1/4''. Next you need to accordian fold the cardstock so that there are 3 ''mountain peaks" and 2 ''valleys.''
Now the fun begins... simply stamp your images colour and cut out, then attach them to the front of each section. I used my 3 beach gals as the middle focal point, the sentiment on the signpost and flip flops on the front section and the lighthouse as the background. I stamped the plane and cut it out and attached it to a piece of clear acetate that I secured to the back of the lighthouse. This gives the effect that the plane is in the sky flying. You have to look very carefully to see the acetate. I also attached the kite to a piece of wire and secured it to the beach gal in the middle. It gives the appearance that she is flying the kite as she is seated on the beach.
Stairstep cards are great fun to make and allow you to be very creative. Once made, they fold up flat for mailing and give the recipient a great surprise!
Happy stamping, Sue x

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Becki and Alan said...

Thanks for this Sue - i love the way these cards look but have never tried one before. Thanks for the instructions.