Tuesday, 9 June 2009

An Amazing Week!

My partner just surprised me for my birthday by flying in my daughter and one of my best friends for my birthday last Thursday. He told me that he had a meeting in London, but in reality, he had driven down to Heathrow to pick them both up as they were flying in from Los Angeles. Imagine my shock when I opened the door that night and in they both walked!!! I would be willing to bet that I could have been heard all the way back to California. So needless to say, I have had such a great week showing them both around England. We took the train into London one day and spent the day shopping and sightseeing for about twelve hours, then exhausted, caught the train back to the Midlands. Another day we spent seeing the sights of Cambridge and even took a punt ride on the River Cam. That day even started out rainy, cold and very wet, but the sun came out and we had a glorious day. It was a truly lovely six days with them, but I had to take them back to the airport this morning. I tried to hide their passports so they would have to stay, but they found them! LOL Maybe I will be able to have them back again soon. I miss them already! I do have to get back to work tomorrow. There's so much to do! I have to get me feet back down on the ground and my fingers wrapped around a stamp! All for now, Sue x


Lynsay Joanne said...

Hi Sue
It sounds like you had a fantastic time and what a suprise.

just to let you know there is something over on my blog for you

Love Lynsay

Imagine, Create, Inspire said...

What a fantastic surprise!!!!!!

BTW a very happy birthday for last week.....sorry its late....but you did keep it rather quiet!!!! lol

lol Maria x