Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Working on new samples

Hi to everyone, I have been spending the morning working on some projects for an upcoming Create and Craft show that I am scheduled to appear on June 29th. The theme of the show is beach days and fun in the sun. I am premiering three new stamp plates that have not been seen on Ideal yet. I am really excited about it and I'm hoping to have a bunch of fun new samples done for the show. Just thought that I would take a quick break and spend some time blogging. Like I said, just a quick break, back to work now! I might even be persuaded to let you have a sneak peek at a few of the samples for the show if I get a few requests! All for now, Sue x


Teri Louise Crafts said...

Yes, please for the sneak peek!
Teri x

Anonymous said...

Sneaky peak sounds fab to me!

Teri Louise Crafts said...

How can I find out when you are on Ideal TV?