Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Sneek Peak!

I almost forgot.... I promised a sneek peak! I tell you, give me a couple of weeks off and my mind just doesn't want to come back to work! I had quite a bit of fun making these two cards. I just love the retro red, black and white colours of the bikini card. The stairstep design of the other card is one of my favourite styles. You can have so much fun with the stairsteps and these stamp designs work really well together.
In case you are wondering about the plane in the background, I attached it to clear acetate and then attached it to the top of the lighthouse so it appears to be flying in the sky! The kite is attached to a piece of wire and being held by the center beach gal and is actually in front of the plane (hard to see this in the pic) The bluish background is just the tabletop where the picture was taken, the card stairstep is the sand coloured piece and all the stamped images are attached to it.
I would love to have your comments on these. Let me know if I'm on the right track with these samples.
All for now, Sue x


Imagine, Create, Inspire said...

Fab cards always! Really makes me long for glorious summer days!!!!

lol Maria xx

Lynne-d-lou said...

Brilliant cards Sue. I always love your use of colours. The red, black and white Bikini card is really striking. My next Saturday craft club meeting is "Sunny Days" and I am planning to use the Beach Belle's.

Lynne X