Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wednesday Weekly Card Giveaway

 Hello bloggers!  This one may be too dark for some of you, but believe me when I say it is so pretty in real life!  It is a very simple design just to show off the Cascading Fern background by Justrite as it is just lush!  I stamped it on to black card using some flake and glitter glue.  I cleaned my stamp well directly afterwards and let the glue set up until it got tacky (just a few minutes is needed).  I covered it with Calypso Gilding Flakes and used a piece of Rubit Scrubit pad to move the flakes around, then refined them by lightly rubbing in a circular motion.  I just love the bits of rust and teal and copper that are in this mix of gilding flakes, they are so pretty!  Once completely refined, I dusted away any excess flake and covered it the entire piece with a sticky adhesive sheet.  I peeled off the backing paper and covered it with Iced Snow.  This is my Fire and Ice Technique and if you haven't tried it, what are you waiting for! The results are divine!  I matted it with a thin white mat.  Using a piece of 1 1/2" wide rust satin ribbon about 18 inches long, I cut it down the entire length down the centre.  I then added snips into from the woven edge all the way down the length of it approximately every quarter inch or so.  I taped the ends to my craft mat, then used my heat tool to melt each of the cut segments.  I added red line tape to the cut edge of the ribbon and rolled the length of the ribbon to create the flower.  I seated the flower on some gold tulle on my card.  I cut a Faux Quilled leaves die then nipped them apart to add some bits around the flower.  I stamped  small sentiment and cut it out with the tag from the Nested Cloud die set.  I sponged some Perfect Medium on it while in the die, then removed it and added gold embossing powder and heated it.  I tucked the tag under the flower then added a couple of fancy stick pins that I made.  To finish, I added a double pierced white mat with a thin black mat in the middle.  Finished dimensions are 6" x 7 1/4" in size.  Leave me a comment if you would like to be entered in the drawing for this one.  The winner will be posted on Saturday's blog.
  Thank you so much to everyone that left birthday wishes for my Mom.  I didn't want to say anything on the blog  because we threw her a surprise party Tuesday morning at the cafe where we go for breakfast every morning!  She didn't expect it at all especially since we didn't do it on her actual birthday!  Unfortunately, I couldn't get my youngest brother out here for it this year, but I think Mom really enjoyed all the fuss!  I will try to get  a few of the pictures up on Thursdays or Fridays blog post for you!  All for now, Sue x


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Pam said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes. Lovely card today, right up my street.
Glad your Mom had a great party.
Hope the foal is doing okay Lindsay.
Love and hugs to all.

Vick said...

Good Morning Sue,
Well WOW i just love this technique and must say i LOVE it
Hugs, to you Sue,
My YTChannel vixcrafts

Pam said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes. Lovely card today, right up my street.
Glad your Mom had a great party.
Hope the foal is doing okay Lindsay.
Love and hugs to all.

Pat said...

Hi Sue

This is a really lovely card
Your techniques are so lovely and I do like the cascading fern stamp
Pat x

Anonymous said...

Great card, Sue, I love the use of black and these gilding flakes are a fab mixture. Flower is gorgeous, but haven't had any luck with heating ribbon - perhaps not the right sort.
Last time I tried I buckled my giant craft mat - idiot!!
Look forward to seeing pics of your Mom's party.

'P' in Wales

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
This card is simply STUNNING!!! I love your fire and ice technique and it looks fabulous done with my favourite background stamp. The flower is gorgeous. Love the colour. Fingers crossed! Thanks for sharing.
Crafty hugs to all.

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone.
Love the calypso flakes. They are indeed "lush" especially against the black. Look forward to seeing Tuesday's photos.
Have a great day.
Ang x

TDQ Karen said...

I love this flake technique, stunning card. So pleased you and your mum had a lovely day xxx

kitty davies said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you I love this technique now. I have to craft in my bedroom, with a protective sheet on the bed. but I still end up sleeping with glitter LOL.Any way it is a beautiful card. SO pleased you Mom had a lovely Birthday, Take care all Wilsonettes. Kitty

Unknown said...

Good morning Sue and all wow Sue this is stunning. I love it when you do the fire and ice technique. I love yhe colours you have used. I waiting for my leaf dies to come. Take care sue xx

Debs A

BridgetCG said...

Hi Sue, very sumptuous, lovely card, Love the flower, have not tried that technique yet. Glad your Mom had a great party. Bx

Kevonacrafts said...

Lovely card I remember seeing this on TV and now my stamps have arrived will give the technique a whirl.
Everyone have a great day.

tracy w said...

Hi sue
Another stunning card love the background stamp and flakes glad your mum had a great birthday enjoy the rest of your vist thanks Tracy w x

Lilian said...

Beautiful card today,have not tried fake yet although I
bought them some time ago. Tried my new dies yesterday
the leaves are fab. Best Wishes from Lilian.

Hlora said...

hello Sue!
Your card is so much special! I love the technique you did it with :)

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. So pleased your mom had a great party and enjoyed her special day with family and friends. Looking forward to seeing some pictures later in the week. This is a stunning card. The fern stamp has become a firm favourite and the flakes with the snow on is lovely. Must try the flower. I just can't pluck the courage up in case i ruin some lovely ribbon. I know that sounds daft. Hope you are all having a good time over in florida.
Best Wishes.
Denise x

Unknown said...

Morning Sue
Yes I remember this technique I believe you demo'd on tv. It is LUSH!! Must try this fire and ice.
Good luck to whoever wins it.
Enjoy your day.
Sheila x

Rosie said...

Such a lovely and effective technique.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Absolutely stunning. The colours not too dark just amazing. So glad you Mom enjoyed her day, looking forward to the photos. Bit foggy here in Wales this morning but birds are singing so hopeful it will brighten up. Have a great day everyone.
love Jan x x

heather harrison said...

Morning Sue. I love this card it looks so rich the colours a lovely. I will have to try and get the pins to make I haven't done that yet and its so pretty on a card. Glad you had a lovely time with your mom. Enjoy the rest of your time there. Thanks again. Hugs Heather.x

Unknown said...

Stunning card, love the colours in the gilding flakes and the flower is beautiful.
Happy to hear you and your mom are having a great time!
Hugs to all xo

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue and everyone. The gilding flakes really make this card "pop" and the flower is fantastic.
So pleased that you managed to surprise your Mum and that you are enjoying your family time.
Hope the foal is ok Lindsay.
Sue xxx

Clai01 said...

Sounds like it was a nice day for your Mom Sue.
The card is simply gorgeous.

Crisco said...

That is an amazing flower !! The way my week is going, if I tried that technique, I'd burn the house down LOL

Rachel Taylor said...

Gorgeous card ,i love the background .so glad your mom had a great time .
Crafty hugs Rachel x

Magzeeann said...

Hi Sue. I like this card even though it is a little on the dark side ~ the gilding flakes give it a lift. Pleased that you managed a surprise for your Mom. Hugs,
Maggie x

Janette MacArthur said...

Great card - watched your demo of this one - just love gilding flakes! Many thanks again Sue!
Janette x

Janette MacArthur said...

Great card - watched your demo of this one - just love gilding flakes! Many thanks again Sue!
Janette x

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
I absolutely love today's card it looks so luxurious. I love doing your fire and ice tecnique it always comes out differently no two are the same. The flower is beautiful but I can't seem to get the same result as you. The leaves are a must have and I use them all the time.
I bet your Mom was thrilled with her surprise party hope your getting some relaxation.
Hugs x
Heather T

JAO said...

Interesting looking card Sue.

Unknown said...

Good morning Sue. I love this idea of yours "the fire and ice " I still haven't tried it though. I bet the card dies look stunning in real life as the guilding flakes are beautiful. I have just received my new batch from c&c so should as least try it. I am glad your mum had a good birthday. Cafe breakfast daily sounds fun you must have a lot if friends you see every morning sounds like a fabulous way to start the day.
Debra x

Ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue
As you say today's gift is a little dark for me but I have to say that I would really love to see it in person. The trailing fern and the flakes are just so majestic and opulent. I'm one who hasn't tried this technique yet and I really should step out of my box and just do it; You never know I might make something out of it!!!!
So please Mom enjoyed her party and day. Those days are so special and need to be stored in memories.
Take care everyone and see you tomorrow. It's a packing day for me today (oh how I hate these days!) but it's very very wet and still raining so perhaps all will be well.
Janet x

Unknown said...

Morning Sue. This card is devine, I especially like the pins and flower xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, I love it !! I have just got this stamp, so I will be trying this card. I absolutely love it !!
So glad you gave your Mom a surprise party, and a shame your Brother couldn't get there this year. I'll bet your Mom was so very surprised, but loved it !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

floss said...

Hi Sue,
A WOW of card today. I must use my flakes more
Look forward to the photos. X

Gail said...

Good morning Sue
I have yet to have a go at this technique, but I rather like this card.
Gail Cx

Joan D said...

Absolutely stunning card Sue. Must try this technique but at the moment don't know where my time goes to, but maybe do this one at the weekend xxx

Jackie T said...

Good morning Sue today's card is gorgeous. I love the look of the Fire and Ice technique I really must give it a try. I'm so pleased your mum enjoyed her surprise party. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos. Have a great day. Love Jackie

Dolly Daydream said...

Morning Sue
A very foggy morning here today. Loving the fire and ice technique and the colours on this stunning creation, another masterpiece, truly lovely. Looking forward to seeing the birthday party photos. So pleased your mom enjoyed her day.
Hugs to everyone
Dawn Searle xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue I love doing the fire and ice technique, must get those calypso gilding flakes they are gorgeous. So pleased your mum had a lovely birthday, look forward to seeing some pics. Edwina

Unknown said...

Good morning Sue. Lovely card today and I must try the fire and ice technique. I never think of it when I'm sitting at my craft table. X

Unknown said...

Good morning Sue. Lovely card today and I must try the fire and ice technique. I never think of it when I'm sitting at my craft table. X

Carole Z said...

Hi Sue, glad your Mom enjoyed her surprise! This card is gorgeous, loving those calypso flakes! Hugs Carole Z X

foxyg said...

It certainly is a lush card Sue. I also love the gold edging on the label.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, this creation is beautiful not too dark at all. Love it . Can't wait to see the photos. Lol to you and your mom lynne m x x x

Lindsay - gentle hugs ( cuz poorly rib) to you, hope your mum's ankle improves soon. I have everything I can crossed that foal no3 pulls through.
Lynda - Tilly will bark at practically anything on the telly including cartoon cats!!!
Magpie , Yorkielass - As I've told Lynda I will quite happily loan fur babies out if mischief is required.

After giving up on the card making effort yesterday cuz poochies got bored watching me and decided that it was more fun to try to get into everything in my craftroom. Decided an early night would be an good idea so left poochies downstairs with hubby and snuck upstairs. When hubby came to bed I woke up ( he does make alot of noise even when he's being quiet!!!) The look on his face was that of "I know something you don't know". Well I said are you going to tell me or not. Well turns
out he was watching telly and suddenly realised poochies were missing. ( nothing gets pass my hubby) he came upstairs to find me fast asleep with a poochy either side of me on their backs with legs in the air out for the count. In his wonderful way of complimenting me he thought it looked like " a thorn between 2 roses" . I told him if he kept up compliments like that then I would never have to worry about getting a big head!!. Love and hugs to all "Wilsonettes" may your day be sunny and warm x x c

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, I love this technique but have to admit I got into rather a sticky mess when I tried it, needs a bit of practice. I am so pleased you had a surprise party for your Mom, I bet she was thrilled. Hope you are havinga bit of relaxing time.

Love Rosemarie xx

Anonymous said...

GM Sue - love the fire and ice fern background, love the flower and love those leaves! Looking forward to the fotos of your Mom's surprise Bday party.

Smile time - was doing a scribble drible (with splodges) background yday and was happily playing with my PVA glues when one of them was hardly coming out of the bottle - so I pushed harder, no nothing so then pressed even harder - then suddenly..... the top came off the bottle and all the glue came out - messy or what! managed to salveage some back in the bottle but everything was covered in blue PVA glue - note to self - if it isn't coming out dont just press until it does or you might get more than you bargained for!
Clare W

carol edwards said...

Hi Sue lovely opulent card, really beautiful. I have made flowers successfully using a heat gun after I saw you demo this on TV. Lovely surprise for mum, happy memories to store and keep. X

Nadine in Spain said...

What a gorgeous card, Sue! I love the rich colours and the fire and ice technique. Just stunning!

Glad that your mother had such a nice birthday celebration. She must have been so happy!


Debbie Tinks said...

Love the card Sue nice to see the pictures...
happy crafting ..x

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,
It's definitely Not to dark for me, my kind of Card. I Just so NEED this Beautiful Stamp The Cascading Fern Background from The JustRite Collection, you used the word's your Card is Just Lush and to be perfectly honest quite rightly so. I Love The Calypso Guiliding Flakes that you've used, so pretty. Then moving on to use your Awesome Iced Snow to Create your Famous Fire/Ice the results are just amazing, I Love my Micro Beads as there so Tactile, this finish is just as Awesome, I Just Love The Faux Quilled Leaves and The Stunning Flower and those Beautiful Pins, once again Sue you've created another
Rich, Extremley Elegant, Opulent Card
I just love it, I'm sure everyone will feel the same, Good Luck to The Wednesday Gift Winner I So Hope It's Me Lol!
I'm thrilled your Mum had a great Birthday, it's a shame your Brother was unable to get.
Looking forward to the Photograph's!
Sue Take Care Love and Hugs from Sam x
hugs from Sam

Unknown said...

Hello Sue. Absolutely love the colours in this card. Definitely going to try the fire and ice technique this weekend and will have to add this stamp to my huge wish list!!! Hugs from Ireland. Evelyn. X

barbiepinkfairy said...

Love this one, another classy offering xxxx

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card I don't make many dark coloured cards, I wonder how different it would look stamped on white, but as I don't stamp I will never know. I keep thinking I should get some flakes but every time I go to the craft shop I forget and usually come home with lots of other stuff, I will be buying the leaf dies soon.
Glad your Mom had a lovely birthday and her surprise party.
Very dull and grey here again today so might get the inserts done on cards for next month.
Love and hugs to all
Happy crafting
Love Tina x

Unknown said...

Glad your mon had a lovely birthday - so nice for her that you are able to get over to see her.
The card today is not my style although I love the technique. Just as well we don't all like the same things. Thanks Sue for all your inspiration
Marion B xxx

Annie said...

GM Sue and all.
So glad you managed to surprise your Mom again and glad you all had a good time. Looking forward to the pics x
Lovely card today, fab technique bad love the fern stamp. Gorgeous colours.
Hugs Annie

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
To Nanna Tina a quick reply: on white not half as dramatic!
This card not only sings to me, it has a veritable choir going for it. It is absolutely divine and not dark at all. The calypso flakes are divine as are the rose, leaves and stick pins.
As I have all the ingredients (apart from the pins) there is no excuse for me not to give this a go but I hesitate with the satin rose, might chicken out at that one and substitute another flower for that.
Anyway, it's another Sue Wilson masterpiece of the highest order.
Hugs, Rose

Cameeli of Richmond said...

Good morning Sue and all the crafty crew.

Yes I know another lie in today!!

I just love the cascading fern and the Calypso flakes are so very lush and dreamy!!

I was thrilled to hear that the party for your Mom went well and that everyone had a great time. xx

Great video yesterday too which gave me a great idea for my Son's Wedding card!!
I stared making it but I am just not happy with it. So gave up at 2am, So I have some tweaking to do to it today.

My Parents arrive this afternoon, it will be an emotional reunion as I do not get to see them as often as I would like but am really looking forward to spending time with them.

I will try and blog as usual but forgive me in advance if I don't every day, with the wedding almost upon us, my time I will be limited.

I am going to the advice from Pam, Sandra, Mrs Duck and everyone who said relax until Saturday, I will try, but I am always on the goes so sitting still is a bit alien to me, but time flies by so very quickly.

Hugs to all those lovely people who need them and who have offered kindness my way via the blog!!

Its a very foggy start to the day here, but fingers crossed that the weather at least stays dry on Saturday as I am going to be a proud Mum who has gained a wonderful daughter!!

Have a lovely day everyone!!
crafty hugs too!!
Cameeli xx

Unknown said...

What a great card! I love the hatcpins sue! The black beads are amazing!

Gilding flakes just add something else to your cards I think!

Glad mom had a great birthday!

Lots of love

Richard x

Aspiring crafter said...

Morning Sue,w
What a fabulous card -the stamp looks stunning with the gilding flakes and I love the flower-must have a go.
So glad your mom hada lovely surprise Tuesdayand look forward to seeing the photos ,
Camelia enjoy the big day !

hazel young said...

Gorgeous card Sue xx hazel

Jan.moogie said...

Stunning card today Sue and have got to try this technique. Like how you finished it off with a flower and what a flower, have to make one of these myself. Thank you for sharing.xx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue this card show off the background stamp so well. I have yet to try the fire and ice technique - need to tidy my craft room first I cannot see my desk!!!
Denise X

Marianne's Craftroom said...

This is a beauty, gorgeous rich colours. Look forward to the photos

Jazzylady said...

Good morning Sue
Fabulous colours from the Calypso gilding flakes and I love that background stamp - think I may have to treat myself.
I tried the fire and ice technique for the first time last week and agree with you it amazing.
Glad your mum enjoyed her birthday treat.
Love, Karen

Angela Allen said...

Love gilding flakes and the flower is beautiful,mine never turn out that good.
Love Angela x

Donna Jones said...

Hi Sue,
Great card, love the impact of the gilding flakes on black and the russet rose.
Donna Jones

Brenda said...

Hello Sue,
I LOVE this card, and the fire and ice technique is stunning, love using your Faux Quilled Leaf dies they add a beautiful 'finishing touch' - just what they were designed for!!!!!! Have tried making this flower and was quite pleased with the result. Every time you have used the Cascading Fern stamp I think I need that stamp (job for today).......... I REALLY need it!
So pleased mum enjoyed her surprise party, looking forward to seeing some pictures. Give her a big hug from me.
Take care, love Brenda xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue love the card just my style ,so glad you had a fab day with mum hugs linda and lily

Sue from Wiltshire said...

Stunning and opulent. These are great techniques and must have a go.
Pleased the surprise went well for your Mom and look forward to seeing your photos.

lydia jordan said...

Hi Sue,
Just beautiful, love the rose, stunning. This card would look really lovely sitting on my desk, so fingers crossed.
Please to hear your mum enjoyed her breakfast birthday bash.
Have a good day.

Hilary said...

Good morning Sue, and everyone. So pleased your Mum enjoyed her surprise party Sue. What a wonderful lady she is!!!
Today's card is stunning as always. I love the richness and warmth of the gilding flakes, combined with the coolness of the Iced Snow. Wishing you, and all the Wilsonettes a happy and healthy day.
Love and hugs. Hilary xxxx

gwen70 said...

Stunning card today Sue, glad your mum enjoyed her surprise party

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Even though I don't usually like dark cards, I will make an exception for this one- it is lush! Must give it a try but often don't have a lot of success with flakes for some reason they sometimes just seem to smudge ( for want of a better word) . I think I'll have to try and leave the glue a bit longer. So pleased your Mom had a good time and enjoyed herself, but sorry your brother couldn't make it. Looking forward to seeing the photos.
Clare W - same thing happened to me but with silver glue!
Lynne - just shows you they love their mam! Lindsay hope foal no 3 is ok.
Love and hugs to everyone. Love Alison xx

Sandra said...

Oh Sue, just WOW today, that card is gorgeous, I love the stick pins too and the ribbon rose is genius, that truly is a winning combo!!
Oh I bet your mom was over the moon with her surprise on Tuesday, I can't wait to see the photos, It never ceases to amaze me how active your mom is for her age, I sure hope I am still commenting on your blog on your 91st birthday, I wonder what you would be crafting with then?!
Cameeli, I will be thinking of you later, my mum came to my home for the first time in two years on Easter Sunday, so I totally understand how you are feeling, I hope you find time for yourself to blog over the celebrations but no pressure!
Hugs to everyone today
Sandra xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - this technique is brilliant but I don't do it enough! The cascade fern looks amazing in black and gold. Lovely to hear your mum enjoyed her surprise party and look forward to seeing some of your photos. Best wishes

Unknown said...

Im glad ur mum had a wonderful birthday with the added extra surprise on tuesday she is one remarkable lady , thats where you get it from! She must be so proud , as you are of her!!
Love this card love the flakes I have used this technique loads and love the effect, even when it doesnt work out just right it looks antique,
Love the rose an elegant giving again by you, hugs to all x

Linda28 said...

Yes! love the card today, being relatively new to crafting I have not done much stamping but I do love the cards where you use the stamps, gilding flakes, micro beads etc. It seems to bring the card to life. Now looks as though I will have to buy the cascading fern stamp. Thanks Sue!
Looking forward to seeing your photo' s of Mum's party. Enjoy, Linda.

samantha wade said...

Hi, love the flower, and those leaves of course , I'm sure the card is beautiful in real life all your cards are, I find dark cards hard to photograph, they always look nicer in real life.
Pleased your mom had a special party, look forward to the photos.
X Sam

hollyberry said...

Yes it may be darker but the colours are amazing.Love it.
So glad that your Mom had a wonderful surprise party,looking forward to some pictures.

Brawny x said...

I love this card Sue. Not too dark at all. Like you say pic prob doesn't do it justice. Glad you had a great day with your mum. Much love Lea x

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
So pleased to hear Mum had a birthday to remember.
This card is stunning, still haven't tried the Fire and Ice yet because my die either sticks to the card or doesn't seem to put enough on - will keep trying
Carol x

Anonymous said...

a Wonderful "stand out in the crowd" card. Love it !! I'm trying quick and easy cards at the moment especially with your beautiful rose lattice die (the one you used for your daughter's birthday} What a SUEper effect!!
So many dies out there but your's are the winners by far. Thanks SUE. Mabex

camelot67 said...

Good Morning Sue,

I think you're right - I think although this does come across as being quite dark (at least for me anyway) it's one of those you need to see up close and personal. Glad to read that the birthday celebrations went well, thank you for sharing this and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
Margaret A.

Janet k said...

Morning Sue, glad your mom had a good birthday look forward to seeing the pics, I love the card today, very different in the colour department but I love it, I bought some of the calypso flakes when I went to ally pally and have been waiting to use them on a project and now I can. Have a good day, kind regards Janet k xx

Unknown said...

Morning Sue
What an elegant card! You never disappoint. I must have a go at this one.
Lots of Love
Elaine Sabey

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Gorgeous gorgeous card today very striking colours it beautiful.

Loving the Calypso flakes and your flower is fabulous must try and have a go out heat tool flower making (bit scared I might set the craft room on fire) lol!!!

So pleased your Mom had a lovely surprise party and enjoyed her day. Look forward to seeing some pictures.

Hugs Annx without an "e"

nattyboots said...

Hi Sue
Glad your Mom had a great party .
A lovely card Sue ,really pretty
Take Care
Elaine H X

Marion said...

Hi Sue this card is very different but some how it works.
glad your mom had a good birthday and look forward to the pics.
Marion H

Shirley T. said...

Hi Sue,

Oh so elegant and I bought this die so will be playing soon. I also bought the dies from yesterdays card from Joanna Sheen yesterday but they haven't arrived yet!!!!! Patience - not.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxxxxxxxxx

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. This one is a beauty! The Fire and Ice Technique shows up the detail in the Cascading Fern stamp so well.
I did think that it was unlike you not to have commented about your Mom's birthday. Understand now why. What a great idea, having a surprise party a couple of days later:) Sorry your youngest brother couldn't make it this time but I'm glad that Mom enjoyed being fussed over. It would be lovely to see a pic or two if you have time Sue: )
Pam, sending your daily hug and also one to all in need.
Lindsay, I hope the foal is ok.
Cameeli, glad to hear that you are relaxing. My best wishes to you and yours on Saturday. Fingers will be firmly crossed for fine weather for you :)
Clare W, you poor thing! Glad that you managed to salvage some of the glue. I'm afraid if that had happened to me I wouldn't have managed to save any, I would have been laughing so hard that I wouldn't have been able to get it back in the bottle, so well done :))
Take care.

Christine said...

Lovely, lovely card ! Not plucked up the courage to try this technique yet but love looking at it. The ribbon rose is a great idea, something else for me to try, thanks for the inspiration.
Glad your Mum enjoyed her birthday surprise, looking forward to the photos.
Christine (Andypandy) x

Glennis F said...

Wow! that is a fabulous card - what an interesting technique - I will have to look into the details!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I love the look of the Fire and Ice technique. I will be trying it as I bought the ingredients at Ally Pally!
Veronique L

GeeBee88 said...

Hi Sue and everyone! Love today's card - the background is stunning and the flower looks beautiful. Another couple of techniques for me to try! So pleased your Mum enjoyed her surprise party.
Hugs to all Gx

Unknown said...

I don't generally like the darker cards but WOW this one is super and may just convert me and inspire me to try.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
A gorgeous card today, I just love it. I must admit I have not tried your "Fire and Ice technique" but I can imagine how striking it looks combined with the lovely cascading fern background. Really must give it a try!
Colours, stick pins and flower are all wonderful.
Love from
Lesley S

iReneM said...

Magnificent, Sue!!
I keep promising myself that I will try the fire and ice technique, LOL.

Pleased to hear your Mum enjoyed her surprise party :)


Unknown said...

Wow! This fab, not tried the fire and ice yet but I think I need to now.

Glenharon said...

Good morning Sue and fellow Wilsonettes,
Fire and ice is this card surely today, Sue. As the card was waking up to me it reminded me of bonfire night with the colours of the flames and when you look at the fern, it does remind me of flames. The other thing that came to mind was carnival time that they have in Brazil, with all the beautiful colours coming alive from the beautiful costumes. I am so glad that your mum had a lovely day on Tuesday. It's a shame your wee brother couldn't come down to see you all but maybe the next time.
Where was my eyesight yesterday because i think it must have went a wandering a bit like the brain does at times. PLAIN...the eyesight had definitely scrambled it's circuits on a new look at yesterdays 2nd card. I completely didn't see the patterned paper and not sure how i managed that like. Probably the fact that i was tired to start with. I'm hoping daughter will come in and take a parcel to the shop and get her grans messages as the eyes are burlin' today. On a positive note i had to take back a fiskars trimmer that the wire had shredded on and was just ripping the paper and card. When they seen i had only had it a short period of time and still on the first blade they swapped it no problem. Oh what a beautiful day it was and really warm too, 18 degrees. Back to my beautiful hills getting pinched again today though, miserable clouds.
Lindsay, i hope the wee fella comes ok after his struggle to get here.(Stupid here) will his legs return to normal from his ordeal of being born? oh how i hope so poor wee thing. The rib is going to take a good wee while to heal, flower. Please don't do it again as it is torture every time you try to breathe.
Lynne, it shows who fur babies love the most and it isn't hubby, cheeky midden', he's lucky he wasn't resigned to the settee to sleep for his lovely remarks. Just remember though, dogs are better company just because they don't give unwanted compliments like that.
Cameeli, if you can't just relax, why don't you take a lovely walk with mum and dad if they can along your beautiful park. Take time to smell the flowers and trees, take notice of the beauty that is opening up all around you that you normal don't see because you have been at break neck running speed up to now. Nature is a beautiful stress reliever flower, but most of all enjoy your time now and your handsome son's wedding day when as you say you will be gaining a beautiful daughter as well. Love to your mum and dad from all of the Wilsonettes here is blogland.
I am sending love and hugs to all my Wilsonettes both old and new, hope you all have a great day,
Love and crafty hugs
Norah (Glenochil)

Nikkinoo said...

Morning Sue
No too dark for me, I think it is lovely. Glad you mom had a nice time for her birthday surprise, look forward to seeing some pics.

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, love the card it's beautiful, I love the stamp but I love all the background stamps and have a lot of them love Jean Z xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Oh WOW was the first thing I said when I saw this beautiful card. I just love everything about it. The colours are fabulous. Thank You.
Bye for now.
SandraP xxx

Unknown said...

Morning all,
every time you show us a fire and ice card I think I really must try that, but I havn't yet. Some day...although I am sure I will just end up in a sticky mess.
lad you had a good time on your mom's birthday. I had a fun time on mine,so thanks to all who sent me birthday wishes.
Janice W

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, love this technique and love the gilding flakes on black card. The flower is beautiful too! Glad your Mom had a nice surprise party again. Enjoy your time with her, you are so lucky to still have her at that age, my mum died at 78 yrs. love Jean xxx

SerenePolly said...

Morning Sue and everyone.

This is stunning card. I do like the darker cards very much - they are such a wonderful contrast!

Glad Mum had a lovely day.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

I really like the background of this card and the beautiful flowers you make.

Glad that you had a lovely day with your Mum.

Take care. Claire

Sonia Jones said...

Just stunning. I love it Hugs to all Sonia x

Lacelady said...

That fern stamp is really beautiful, and the way you have treated really brings out the design. So glad your mum enjoyed her surprise party, and I look forward to the pics.

Val Jones said...

Good Morning Sue. This card is stunning. Just my cup of tea.
So glad your Mom had a lovely party.
Love Val in Spain x

fame01 said...

Hi Sue
Brilliant card I adore that flower really striking, Glad your mam had a nice time for her birthday .. Hugs to all who needs one take care all .. sarah xx

Margaret corgi owner said...

Good morning Sue
Simply wonderful card so beautiful love it.
Delighted that your Mom had a super birthday with her surprise party I bet she loved every minute of it!
Off to the dentist will read all the comments later.
Warm wishes and hugs to those who need them especially Pam and Tina x
Margaret Corgi owner said...

Sue that flower is just so beautiful - really sets off the whole card. So pleased your mum enjoyed her birthday and that you managed to keep her party a surprise! Look forward to seeing the photos - Susan x

Paper Junkie said...

I adore that flower Sue - and there they are again the gorgeous faux leaves - just have to get them soon. I've been maing my own stick pins for some time - so fun to do. Looking forward to the photos - hope you have another lovely day with your Mum. Hugs to all the Wilsonettes and good luck with the card giveaway everyone. X

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
This card is absolutely stunning. Like Norah says it does remind you of flames, or a lovely headdress at carnival time in Brasil. I would be proud to be the owner of your stunning giveaway. This background stamp is stunning.

cath hellowell said...

I think that the all your cards are lovely thank you so much for sharing them on this blog and would like to say that you are very talented and all your new dies are wonderful.

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Fabulous card, love your fire and ice technique and the cascading fern stamp oh and the flower!
Best wishes to everyone, Pat

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, a very pretty card a bit dark
for me but you have to make for the
recipient so a lot of people will love it
I know a few people I could make it for.
Glad your Mum had a good birthday
looking forward to the photo's.
Nancyd xx

weefortune said...

Hi Sue, I don't think the beauty of this card soes come across on the Oicture but Im sure in the flesh it is stunning and the lucky winner will be thrilled to receive any card you make, What alovely surprise for your Mom glad she has a lovely time, hope your having a lovely time too, Hugs Elaine x (ps it's raining in bonnie Scotland again today!!)

yorkielass said...

Hello Sue, This card is stunning, so glad that I have the Cascading Fern stamp, it is beautiful. Love the fire and ice technique, it is so lush. Need to get the Calypso gilding flakes, the colours are gorgeous. The flower is scrummy.
So glad that your Mom enjoyed her surprise at the breakfast club, what a great bunch the other members are, a shame that your brother could not be there.
Love and gentle hugs to Pam and Tina.
Lindsay hope your rib is on the mend and the foal is improving, poor little fella.
Lynne I would gladly adopt the fur babies, they sound adorable, agree with Norah, hubby should have slept on the sofa, hee hee.
Cameeli enjoy the time with your parents and have a wonderful on Saturday, so many memories and new daughter.
Take care everyone.
Hugs June xxx
Take care everyone

baconbits said...

Morning Sue
Absolutely stunning I love the cascading fern by justrite right up there on my wish list.
A very drsmayic csrd but love the colour combo,
Amanda x

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, lovely card. I do agree I think it would look much nicer looking at the actual card, hint! hint! (just joking). Glad your mum enjoyed her birthday.

granny sue said...

Hi Sue. I really love this card. I will be seeking out the Calypso Gilding Flakes as I can't remember seeing them before but the colours are gorgeous. Sounds like you are having a lovely time with your Mom. SueL x

julie laz said...

Morning Sue, Well last night I was playing with your Spanish dies until 2 am,
Love the card today, thanks for sharing with us sue,
Love and crafty hugs Julie xx

Big hugs to everyone love Julie x

Jax said...

Hi Sue,Your fire & ice is always spectacular! Love your new dies,will get them all,eventually.
Belated birthday wishes to Mom. Love Jackie. x

Maggie C said...

Good morning. Very scrummy card up for grabs today. A magnificent background and simple sentiment makes it such a useful design. Clever girl Sue for surprising your Mum again. I bet she loved it! xx Maggie (better with just a small bow)

Beryl said...

Hi Sue, a beautiful card. Love the fire and ice technique. Pleased your Mom had a good time. x

Sheila - Ginger said...

Morning Sue,
So pleased your Mum enjoyed her Birthday surprise Sue. Today's card is so unusual but the colours of the background and the flower is gorgeous. Got my fingers crossed!!

Love Sheila xx

Unknown said...

another great card thank you so much for the inspiration over the years i have had several miner strokes so its great to be able to go back and refresh my addled brain

Robin said...

I think this a warm card not a dark one. Gilding flakes are great!

AnneRD said...

So pleased you mom had a lovely birthday, will be looking forward to seeing some photographs of her special day.
Very luxurious card today Sue, have not tried this technique yet. Have managed to book a seat for your demonstration in Haverfordwest in July, really looking forward to it. Anne x

Tres said...

Hi Sue. Today's card is just fab !! I love it. The cascading fern background stamp looks great. I love the look of the new calypso gilding flakes too. I have tried using gilding flakes before but I still have not yet tried your fire and ice technique. I really must do this as I think I am probably missing out !! I have tried to make your rust ribbon flower before and I was being really careful but I just kept burning it !! I think if I have a go at making this card I will make one of your beautiful Roses to go on it instead !! I have now received your faux quilled leaves dies and I will be using those too !! Your stick pins look great, I just love them. I have four Auntie's birthdays, all in May !! ( All four sisters !! , ) so I am going to be busy. Thank you for sharing this beautiful card with us Sue. x x x
I am so glad your Mum had a wonderful surprise Birthday party !! I hope you and your family have another lovely day today. Lots of love Tres. X x x

To all the Wilsonettes, I hope everyone has a lovely day today lots of love Tres x x x

Emily said...

Awesome card! Love the colors. If I could find the adhesive paper I would try the technique. Where do you buy it? Have the gilding flakes, that`s a plus.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. Morning Wilsonettes hope you all rested well.
So pleased mom enjoyed her suprise Sue, oh to be a fly on the wall that morning, but hopefully you will allow us to share that special memory with you with a few photo's - thank you.
Your Wednesday card is beautiful (maybe I should invest in a Roget Thesurus) to expand my vocab for beautiful etc !
This is what Id call a 'tut card' as Id spend hours tutting over not covering the stamp with enough glue or too much, not enough of those 'pesky' naughty flakes or ending up with a heap of flakes ! And I think its inevitable id knock my pot of 'ice' over so its impossible to save ! (Clair W that was a de ja vu moment with the p.v.a) yet another 'tut' moment I had, but it happened just as I had completed the card oh how I cried that day !!! It almost made me sell up and give up or request surgery to have my disabled fingers removed !!
Although this card would give me palpitations attempting it, I would love to sit and stoke it if Im so lucky, but I'll send luck throughout our blog friends.
Really enjoyed the tutorial from yesterday Sue, you have no idea just how helpful they are to your Wilsonettes like myself who are so useless at following written instruction !
Its dull and cloudy in Bolton, but bright and sunny here at Particraft so love to all of you, and to our friends that need love friendship support and hugs, im sending a whole load of it out there.
Come on new foal, fight.
Pam, Tina, always thinking of you.

Love you.
Lancashire Steph xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,
I LOVE this card. The rich colours in the gilding flakes are stunning and the cascading fern stamp is indeed lush! Great technique with the ribbon flower, must try it out. I've used the flake and glitter glue on some background stamps, but I have trouble getting all the sticky off my stamp afterwards, and I clean it straight away, honest!
So glad your mum had a great birthday. (My late mother's birthday today, she would have loved today's creation because it's so unusual.)
Bye for now, from cloudy South Wales.

Rosie said...

Good Morning Sue

VOW....i love this card and the colours are FAB.....
Glad your mum had a lovely party....

Unknown said...

Hi Sue

I love this card because although there is black there for me it isn't the dominant thing I notice it is the plush vibrancy of the colours you have added. I tis absolutely stunning.

How's Mum hope she is well and enjoying her birthday memories. it will be those that keep her going when you aren't there! I know!!

I had a great time with the family when they were over for Easter and yes we are all coming to Florida next year so I will be picking your brains as to where we should go thanks for the offer.

Well it is a fab-u-lous day down here in sunny Kent. Housework, gardening done. Now to relax and plan what I will craft on the next five days.

Sue, have a great day love whatever you are doing.

Crafty Hugs
Heather xx

Brenda said...

Just an update, I have ordered my Cascading Fern stamp. Can't wait for it to arrive, hope the post is working at top speed.
All for now, love Brenda xxx

Laura O said...

glad your Mom had a great birthday,this is a lovely card love the ribbon flower ,Laura O

Tina said...

Hi Sue,

Beautiful card today. I really love the fire and ice technique, and your bow is fab.

Really pleased your Mom had a lovely party. Look forward to see some pics.

Hugs to you Pam X

Cameeli, Enjoy your reunion with your parents today.

Lindsay, hope to hear some good news about the new foal today.

Kind regards to everyone :-)

Tina XX

Tina said...

Hi Sue,

I meant your flower is fab!

Tina XX

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a beautiful card. Lovely autumn colours and I love your fire and ice technique. Lovely flower and leaves too.

Hazel said...

Another gorgeous card today, Hazel xxx

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

Love this card offering today.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

Delilah64 said...

Looks like lots of lovely and interesting techniques on the card today. I'm still a little nervous about stamping, so I must pluck up courage to give it a go someday soon.

So glad to hear that you Mom had a great birthday and enjoyed her surprise party.

Have a great day.

Nic xx

Jacquie Jacobs said...

Love this technique Sue, always looks fabulous. Love the flower too.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Myra P said...

Hi Sue,
Hi to crafting Wilsonettes both old and new - if you know what I mean!
So pleased surprise party was a success ! Great idea and spread out the celebrations for a little longer. Enjoy your "holiday?" - well not sure got right choice of word there! LOL.
I love today's card , even although I don't normally like or do dark. I love the stamp and it stamps beautifully so will definitely give this one a try also! I made the first of yesterday's cards and am more than a little chuffed with it! However - I'm not getting a swollen head - the idea was yours , the dies were your design and even the card colours were yours - I changed the sentiment! That's all!
Elaine ( wee fortune) - sorry about the rain - so unlike Scottish weather! Ha Ha ! However when the sun shines it's really beautiful.
Hope the baby foal is ok!
Love to all in need of a little TLC today.
Love Myra

Lynda's craft's said...

Good morning Sue & Wilsonettes I love this card Sue & love the fire & ice technique I do it all the time love it.
Your flower is gorgeous not yet tried that yet. I have just ordered the cascading fern stamp so yes will try to replicate this one.
So pleased your mom had a great birthday & loved her surprise party,shame your brother couldent make it
Love & hugs Lynda Brock xx

Camille have a nice few days with your mum & dad before Saturday. Is your son getting excited now & pleased with his mum for all the things you have done to make his & new daughters wedding day special
Love & hugs to you all xx

Lynne my hubby is the same I don't think he knows what quiet means lol. Arr fur babies love mummy hope they behave for you today xx hope your well Lynne xx

Lyndsey hope you & mum are ok & not in too much pain & new baby foal is doing ok gental hug xx

Always thinking of you Pam love & hugs to you Tina & any one who needs them
Lynda xx

Bertie in Berkshire said...

Adoring the fire and ice technique, I think this technique will enhance the look of any stamped image and inject more glamour and pazzazz. Not too dark, definitely not.

The flower technique is new to me, must have a go.

Fire and Ice Makes all things Nice!

All the best to you and all the crafty bloggers.

Maryann Laursen said...

A very very beautiful card here again Sue, soooo stylish and elegant.

dreamer said...

My this is such a different card so striking and vibrant, love the pins and the leaves ,
Bet you are loving being with your mum
Thanks again Sue
Regards Wendy

Leanne said...

Gorgeous card. Love the background.

Unknown said...

The fire & ice technique is always a favourite with me and this card is no exception! It's so exuberant and rich. I'm not sure I fully get how you made the flower but it's very delicate and pretty. I love it all.

Hugs Alice xx

Jill Liddle said...

I love everything about this card.

Joan Hill said...

Hi Sue,
Stunning card, love the colours, so vibrant. Haven't tried the fire and ice technique yet, will have a go now, thanks for the inspiration x

Jackie Meechan said...

Beautiful card I don't think its too dark as you have put it onto light card so lightens it up and the gilding flakes are brill will have to try it.

Unknown said...

Hi sue and crafty crew.
Wow whst a card. I'm sure I've seen u do something similar on ur show maybe it was this one and it sure is beautiful!! I'm on hols next week and sciatica is finally easing off so whilst hubby is doing the painting of the sunroom I might get a chance to play with my new dies woooo hooo
Love Tracy from killie xx

SusanP, Kent said...

Great background! I thought it was decorative paper at first. Cascading Ferns is a lovely stamp and the ribbon flower just beautiful among your faux quilled leaves. Glad your Mum enjoyed her party - I'm not good with surprises myself I get all embarrassed.

Marianna Hammer said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi. Wow such a fabulous card - I love the colours and the sparkle enhances it's beauty. Love the Rose and of course your fancy stick pins. Glad your Mum had a lovely Birthday. Hugs to all xxx

Terry Owen said...

It's my mum in laws birthday in May and I'm going to use the fire and ice technique on the card I am making her, along with the fabulous Spanish dies I invested in.

Thank you Sue, you have made me a better crafter than I would have otherwise been :)

Kate's Cards said...

Very bold Sue. I love it!

Carol H said...

Hi Sue, Beautiful card as usual. Love all your cards and have learnt a lot from you. Glad your Mum's party went well, she is a very lucky lady to have a daughter as special as you. Have a great time for the rest of your visit and hope to see you at Ally Pally in September.
Hugs Carol

Jenny McCormick said...

Beautiful card again, Sue., I don't usually like dark cards but looking at the close ups it is truly amazing .
Love Jenny

jane stillman said...

Absolutely gorgeous, the background is fabulous x

nzillingworth said...


Unknown said...

Hi Sue I like gilding flakes they really make cards look so special.

Caron28 said...

Hello Sue. Thanks for the fab technique. Love this card with the gilding flakes. xx

bluebell-flowerwood said...

hello sue I love the card,i was looking for the stamp you have used today when you where on create and craft, but it was not on the show. I like pastel but the card appeals to me to. crafting hugs bluebell-flowerwood.

Anonymous said...

Great looking flower, Sue, to set of the colours in the gilding flakes. Such a great technique.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Not too dark for me! Perhaps we could have a session on making our own stick pins. I have no idea what the different parts are called. I have noticed lately both on TV and the blog how attractive you make them. Very pleased your Mom had a lovely surprise, each of these birthdays are to be treasured. My Dad reaches 93 in May, we are sure to celebrate with him. Best wishes to all Wilsonettes and hugs to anyone in need.
Vanessa x

CathyinMN said...

Sue, I think this card is very pretty. It's not too dark at all, it's just a different set of colors and hues.

Jayne S said...

Lovely dramatic card, certainly not too dark.

nannapat said...

Love this technique Sue, it is so effective. Glad your Mom enjoyed her birthday bash, what a lovely surprise for her. Pat x

Myra from florida said...

This is a very interesting design. Would love to see it up close and personal. Hint, hint!

Wacki Macky said...

Love the card today Sue. I now have the cascading fern stamp so will give it a try.

I'm catching up with everything after the trauma of yesterday having Oska at the vets. That's why I didn't ook at your card yestyerday until just now. It was fab.

Oska is a little better today, purring a lot and rubbing his lampshade round us, well he can't get his head any closer, and you know, I think he's a lot happier than before his trip to the vets.

He had a tooth out too so maybe he had toothache?

We've only had him for 18 months, a rescue from death row after his elderly owner passed away and no-one wanted him, he's about 8 years old. We should have known he was trouble, broken tooth, torn ear and a very, very large cat, all muscle and no fat!! He's friendly but not so much as other cats we've had, didn't like his tummy tickled and nipped us if we tried! but, unless it's because of the lampshade that he can't nip us, but he seems to like having his tummy rubbed today, purring very happily.

However, he does fight stray cats and that's what caused his trip to the vets, two wounds to be stitched as well as the broken tooth taken out. He had the broken tooth when we gave him a home but the vet who checked him over then didn't think it was a problem. Bless him, he'll love having the lampshade off and getting back out to claim his territory back.

Still the kittens, Toshi and Kandi will have to man/girl up now eh?

My hubby Dave has blanked off the cat doors in the kitchen so we can stop Oska getting out. He's grounded for at least 10 days. We can let the kittens out - under supervision so that we can get them back in if any strays appear. The next 10 days are going to be difficult, so I don't think I'll be making many cards from my growing list.

Craftihappiness to all, love from Pearl

Lorraine Freeman said...

I need to see this in person, please let me win :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
The gilded and ice snowed background is just stunning I love it. So glad you had a good time yesterday.

Beverley W

Unknown said...

Hi Sue. This is my third attempt to comment today so I'm not moving til I have.
I was lucky enough to see you demo this technique in Preston last year. It was with a different stamp and gilding flakes but still a beautiful effect.
Sometimes, you have to actually see things in the flesh as it were to fully appreciate how stunning they are. I know this will be too.
Have a wonderful all, Lots of love, Jo xx

3362 Jan said...

Hi Sue. Stunning. Have a great week. Hugs. Jan.xx

Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Stunning Card Sue!

Wow! This card is an eye catcher. The background is fantastic and your flower embellishment is fabulous.

So happy to hear your Mom enjoyed her birthday celebrations.

Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

TOB said...

Wow, wow, and more wow. Adore this card, lovely stick pins and a gorgeous flower. Just beautiful. Hugs Theresa.xx

hotpotato said...

Glad to hear your mom had a lovely birthday.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue Another beautiful card, love the flower. I tried making your rose last night and what a mess I Yvonne xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue and Everybody,

Super card and techniques as usual. Gorgeous flakes and super-dooper flower, a new one with satin ribbon, really lovely. Thank you, Sue.
Special Love to a Special Mom; I am looking forward to photos from her celebration breakfast, so nice to have friends share such occasions.
Lis xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, what can I say? just love the colours on this card, my Faux Quilled leaves die arrived this mornong and now I'm going to have to order the cascading fern background....(sigh)I need a bigger craft room! Love, Judy M

Ita said...

Hi Sue and crafters,
I think this card lush, the ferns background ,makes me think of a lovely water fall,I do not think it is dark.Sue just to say again thank you for the inspiration .
I still can not find the A 4 embossing folder with the Little hearts by Sue
If any of you who can see into the further I need your help. Lol
Ita in Ireland.

Jane said...

Its very beautiful but not my coloring today.

Jane xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily. A lot of good craft shops sell self adhesive paper shhleets. Alternativly click onto yesterdays card and scroll down until you see 'buy here' that takes you to Joanna Sheene's site where ALL the things Sue used for that particular card are listed so you can buy from there. Excellent customer service and very quick delivery. Most Creative Expression stockists will also sell this product.

Hope this info has helped.

Lancashire Steph : )

Beverly Fuchs said...

Nice card again today. I like how you use the gilding flakes bringing out the fire in the flakes. Will have to give this a try one of these days.

englishrose897 said...

Good afternoon everyone. Great card today. Enjoy your evening. Sally x

Myra P said...

Hi Ita in Ireland!
Joanna Sheen has the cascading hearts embossing folder in stock! Either google Joanna Sheen or go to yesterday's blog and click on Joann's name!
Do trust you manage to get it.
Love Myra

Jane Franklin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Kelly said...

Hi Sue
I just love this card. The fire and ice background is beautiful. I must get the ingredients so I can give it a try.thank you for your inspirational projects
Crafty hugs
Chris x

Meg Owen said...

Wonderful card Sue, I have the ferns stamp and flakes - just need the time to get a card or two made.
Being retired is sooo time consuming - I got more crafting done when I was working.
I remember the photos of your Mum's birthday last year with the family all there. Looking forward to the new pics.

Margaret O

Jane Franklin said...

Hi everyone and a wow card.Thanks Sue. Must try the flower. Can't wait to use the dies from yesterday I've just bought. Luv jax

Pauline A said...

Hi Sue, This is scrumptious and not too dark at all. Love the background and the flower. Glad you had a lovely time at your mum's birthday breakfast and am looking forward to the photos. Hugs Pauline A xx

Vie Carter said...

Lovely card Sue, would love to win it

Glad to hear you are having some quality time with your Mum

Happy Days !


Diane Green said...

Another beautiful card Sue and I'm sure it sparkles in real life. I do like that stamp , one for the wish list! Great to hear about the surprise party for your mum, looking forward to some photos. Love Diane G xxx

Annie Stamps said...

Gorgeous card Sue:) The gilding flakes look fab on the close up shots. I always appreciate the detailed photos you share with us.
xx Annie P

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