Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Curtained Trio

Morning bloggers!  It''s Tuesday so that means it's time for another video.  Today's features the California Collection and since this card was posted on my blog during the Feb. release, I am adding in another card for you to see today as well.  I do hope you will take a few minutes and enjoy the video and please let me know what you think of it!

Buy from Joanna Sheen

Finished dimensions are 7 1/4" x 8 1/2" in size.

I thought you might like to see the original card that I made using my new technique called the "scribble glue" idea.  This card was shown on Sam Poole's Woodland Animals shows the prior weekend.  On kraft card, I drizzled  the golden pearl, olympic gold, spring green and choco brown  Cosmic Shimmer PVA glues to create this background.  It's a bit of fun and gives you a really unique looking background as well!  Sam has the animal stamps for sale in her shop, there is a link on the side of my blog to it if you are interested.  The finished dimensions are 7" x 7" in size.  All for now, Sue x


Pam said...

Beautiful cards Sue, as always. Love the scribble glue & squirrel
Hope Steph Norah and all who are ill or suffering have a better day. Tina, hope you are taking out some time for you.
Thank you everyone for your continued support, it does help.

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue and everyone. Your California dies are gorgeous, off to watch the video now before anyone else gets out of bed to disturb me. Insomnia does have a positive side in that it gives me quiet craft time, my latest project is practising your paper rose technique.
Have a good day all.
Sue xxx

Cameeli of Richmond said...

Morning Sue and all the crafty crew!!
Really lovely cards today and I especially like the little squirrel and the lace always a winner in my book.

Will have to watch the video later I am taking my partner for a day-op to drain a cyst on her breast. There is always something so fingers crossed all will be ok. Its been a bit worrying as we have gone through this last year with one on her leg . But I we remain positive and fortunate that we have each other.
Pam thinking of you hope that you feel stronger with each passing day, we all love you.
Crafty Sue sorry you have problems sleeping.
Not long now for our Ally Pally adventure!!
Have a good day everyone.
Cameeli xx

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
Two lovely cards. The die cuts are gorgeous on the first and I love the drizzle glue technique on the second card. Thanks for sharing. Crafty hugs to all.

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue,
Love both of these great cards. The one using California Dies is stunning. Loving the Scribble idea will definitely do that to use up some of my Glues. A good one for when my Grandsons want to make cards
Off to watch the Video.
Hazel & I have booked Hotel for July ........!!
Waiting to book our places.
Have a great day

Patricia xxx

kitty davies said...

Good Morning Sue
The video is brilliant, I love it when I have the same dies and can have ago. Mine will never be in the same league as yours, you have the talent touch, it is like the hairdressers we can never have the same touch. There is only one Sue wilson card just beautiful. Thank you. take care all. Good luck to all having treatments today. Kitty. phew lol

Unknown said...

Good morning Sue two wonderful csrds i love the california collection i have a few of then. I have made my version of this card. But card two is adorable its so vute i will have to try the scribble idea it looks fun. Off to watch the video now so take care xxx

Debs A

BridgetCG said...

Hi Sue, both are great cards, one is elegant and very classy, and the other is a fun card. Love the scribble glue technique. Hope everyone in need of strength today finds it. Bx

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Beautiful card lovin the colours and the lace dies.

What a fun technique with the PVA glue my Grandchildren with love this idea to make cards and Sam's animal stamps will go down a treat with them.

So nice to see you here Pam take good care thinking of youxx

Hugs Annx without an "e"

Eemeli said...

Morning Sue. Fabulous cards. I think I need to go and grab some kind of
breakfast first and then I'll watch your video. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Elegant card, Sue, and great video again - thank you. As you say, the dies make the card and nothing else is needed. A good day for people who don't like bows! Hmm those pesky curlicues, know what you mean, patience needed.
Seen you've done another Jason Pollock card with the four squiggly panels behind Sam's squirrel - great effect.

'P' in Wales

Cameeli - hope all goes well for your partner. A worrying time.

tracy w said...

Hi sue
Two stunning cards just watch the video it's great thank you Tracy w x

Rosie said...

Such different, yet super, cards again! Will watch the video later today.

Hazel said...

Two beautiful cards Sue, love them both. The scribble one looks like a fun project. As Patricia was saying we have booked for July can't wait for it to come. Hazel xx

Maria - Ivyleaf Crafts said...

Love both cards Sue
I will definitely try the scribble glue technique saw you demo it at the weekend and Dean was getting so excited when he put it through the embossing folder it was a great show xxx

melanie said...

stunning cards will have to watch video later ,like the drizzle effect .Melanie

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, two fantastic cards, love them both and do love the dribble effect, must try this! Love Jean xxx

Carole Z said...

Fab cards Sue, I loved the scribble glue idea when you demo'd it and it looks great with Sam's squirrel stamp..video time later, after work! Hugs Carole Z X

Rachel Taylor said...

Fantastic cards ,i shall watch the video later .love the scribble glue,what a good idea !
Crafty hugs Rachel x

Unknown said...

Morning Sue. Love both cards and I think the glue tecqnic is amazing. I will definitely be trying this out. Nicola xx

Unknown said...
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englishrose897 said...

Good morning Sue and all followers,
Two great cards this morning, love the scribble cards, great idea for grandchild to try.
Have a great day everyone, take care, Sally x

JAO said...

Lovely cards Sue.

Gail said...

Morning a Sue,
Another great video,love the card with your new dies. And the second card is just brilliant, could be used for many occasion.
Well I'm back home and the sun is shinning.
Gail Cx

Anonymous said...

GM Sue -classy card - will watch video later.

I tried the scribble dribble glue technique yday - but some of the glues hadn't been used for a bit - I have them a good shake and then a rest before using- but some thin drips came out -so think I've got a variant -the scribble and splodge technique! very effective though.
Clare W

TDQ Karen said...

Great cards, the scribble effect looks great and looked good fun when you demonstrated it with Dean.
Hugs to all who need them x

PharmacyMichele said...

Two great cards, really like the squirrel one though.


Anonymous said...

2 fabulous cards. Must say the scribble technique is amazing, i shall be trying this out today x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, Fabulous card and video, loving the border dies, this card is really beautiful.
Your squirrel card that was on Sam's show is stunning, I love the effect of the 'scribble glue' and the colours work beautifully together and Mr Squirrel is gorgeous.

Cameeli, I hope everything goes well for your partner today, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lots of love from Patricia xx

Annie said...

Two lovely cards, Sue - the scribble effect is fabulous, such a cute squirrel. I have the stamp but not used it yet.
Not enough hours In the day!! Happy day everyone!

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. This first one is simply beautiful, I understand totally why you wanted to sit and look at it once finished :) I just adore Sam's woodland animal stamps and your scribble glue looks lovely. It gives a great background (and reminds me of sauces that you put on ice cream etc. especially the creams/browns that you used on Sunday:)) I have watched your video first today as I always forget to come back and comment after watching it later in the day!I left a comment on YouTube too. If, like me, anyone can't find how to leave a comment you have to click on the YouTube sign -bottom right of the screen-and it will be there. Just watching from this site won't show it. I hope someone can translate this into sensible directions for anyone that needs it, sorry, I am rubbish at this type of thing)Love to Pam. Take care.

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
Great video and two beautiful cards. Another thing I love about all your dies is, they all have places for the glue etc. which makes them so easy to work with. I love the scribble tecnique it looks such fun to do and gives a beautiful textured background. Sam's woodland animal stamps are so cute.
Hugs x
Heather T

floss said...

Hi Sue,
Two very different cards. It looks like the scribble glue technique has gone down well. Must give it a try. X

fame01 said...

Hi Sue
2 really nice cards today that scribble glue idea is brilliant..hugs to all who needs one Sarah xx

Mrs B said...
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Marianne's Craftroom said...

An elegant card and a really fun card today, love the bottom one, that effect is fab

Magzeeann said...

Morning Sue. As always, I like both cards! The glue scribble looks fun,I' ll give that a try. Will watch the video later ~ thanks Mrs B for the instructions on how to leave a comment (I'll see if I can succeed today!) Hugs,
Maggie x

cr@fty said...

Just read yesterday's comments and noticed that Sue from Wiltshire wanted to know if you had a gallery. Sue (from Wiltshire lol) if you onto Pinterest and type in Sue Wilson in the search engine you will find loads of Sue's cards.
Hugs x
Heather T

Mrs B said...

Forgot to wish Cameelis partner all the best today too. And Kitty, it's always good to see your comments, hopefully it's much easier for you now you know there are no "rules" when commenting :) Take care.

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. Two beautiful cards but both very different. The first one very classy the second very colourful and cute. Loving the scribble background it looks such fun and relaxing as you could do a few all togeather and then you have them ready for the next time you need one. Hope you had a nice relaxing day yesterday after your shows on sunday. Take care sue.
Best Wishes.
Denise x

Vick said...

Morning Sue,

Well another video, i cannot wait to watch! I love the videos great idea really cause we don't have SUE WILSON WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS hahaha when its so long between shows, LOL.......oh well, i lied.....i still get them, along with many others i would think, lol.......i love this 1st card simply for its feminine look, i really can't lie, i havent spotted how beautiful those borders are until now! And that card for Sam, well, i loved it the first time i saw it and that scribbling with the pearly stuff is genius!! but that doesn't surprise me in the least, c'mon ? we're talking about you!! anyway, i will have something to watch after my shower now and have been a subbie of the channel for some time now, hope you'll pop by mine when i get some video tuts done again, seem to have screeched to a halt this last few months since moving, have a lovely day Sue, big hugs my friend, Vick xx
My YTChannel vixcrafts

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
This is truly elegant and beautiful. I also love the combination of colour and design. And it's so good to have a die which is detailed but still has an area for glueing/taping.
Totally different is the woodland card with the drizzle background. Looks absolutely lovely and I shall certainly try this. It could also look elegant by using just gold and black, silver etc.
You really do inspire us, thank you.
Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue Two for the price of one again! We are lucky and even though both cards are so different they are wonderful! Take Care Love Michelle S xxx

Crisco said...

Beautiful California collection. Must try the scribble glue technique - looks so different with lots of lovely texture.

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Two lovely cards, love the squirrel, busy day today as we are getting a new sofa tomorrow between 7-10 am so have to get room ready so no computer till after they have been as it is all getting moved around.
Cameeli hugs to you both and hope all goes well.
Hugs to all and happy crafting
Love Tina x

Aspiring crafter said...

Great video Sue -those dies are really beautiful - no bow !
None needed as card so detailed -great for any occasion.
Going nuts over squirrel card!
Love the drizzle -sure I would make a mess if I did it!
Thanks Sue and have a great day,
Pam , glad you are okay xx

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, love both of these cards. Must try the scribble glue technique, it looks amazing on you card. Thank you for the videos they are a great help. The sun is out this morning, so keeping everything crossed.

Love Rosemarie xx

Unknown said...

Morning. I had trouble with the site thus morning so hopefully this will publish. Lovely cards great video Sue. The glue scribbling is fabulous. I shall have to add a few more colours to my collection and give it a go. Thank you for all your tips and ideas keep them coming.
Have a good day all. There are a few of you that are ie have been having a hard time lately I know I don't know any of you but I do think of you. I hope today will be a good day.
Debra x

Nananne said...

Great Video as usual, first card is lovely but my favourite is the squirrel and squiggles it is just so cute. Suitable for any age or gender and fun to make, a winner for me! Hugs to all xo

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, beautiful elegant 1st card , love the squiggle card using the pva glue. Must have a
go at this technique. Lol lynne m x x x

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone.
Love the first card with its usual Sue elegance. Im not a fan of the squirrel Im afraid but I do love the swirly background.
Have a great day.
Ang x

gwen70 said...

Love your dies Sue, they make beautiful cards

Hilary said...

Good morning Sue. Two gorgeous cards for us today, and so very different! The California collection is beautiful, as are all your collections. Wishing everyone a happy day. Love and hugs. Hilary xxxx

Joan D said...

Good morning, and what beautiful bright and sunny one it is.
Super cards again Sue, and the video one is stunning in its simplicity,but I do so like those dies.
Must have a try with the glue background technique as it is really different and so cheerful looking. Cyril squirrel is lovely.
Pleased Nick had an email read out on Sundays show.Hope he gets lots and lots of vouchers.Have a great day x x x

nannapat said...

Very different background for you Sue with the scribble glue. Beautiful card with the California dies, they are just so pretty. Will watch DVD later. Pat x

Donna Jones said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful die cut card, great video. Loving the fun background on the squirrel card too.
Donna Jones

Marion said...

Hi Sue love the first card ,no big bow which suits me.
I like the swirly background but not keen on the squirrel,these stamps didn't appeal to me sorry.
Marion H

Donna Jones said...

Hi All,
There is a giveaway comp for a GC and dies over at www.pazzles.net/wordpress easy to enter if you have a Facebook account :-)
Donna Jones

Alison Couchman said...

Found this video on YouTube a while ago and loved it. The dies carry the whole design beautifully. I love the scribble background - need more glues as I suspect it won't look so good in only black and white!

Helen said...

Love the scribble glue idea...feeling inspired :)

Hugs Helen xx

Unknown said...

Two beautiful cards Sue. I'm enjoying using my California collection dies, as you say, you don't need much more with such pretty shapes and patterns and the drizzle in the second is so effective. Love from Jackie D

Unknown said...

Hi Sue great video good to see a card made just with your beautiful dies. The scribble glue technique is one I shall try.
Denise X

doreenj said...

A gorgeous card, Sue, and I loved seeing you & Dean doing the scribbling on the Tool Shed!!

Doreen x

Sue from Wiltshire said...

Two different but lovely cards. The video one is very elegant and I love your dies. The second one is fun and squirrel is very cute.

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, two lovely cards again today. I love the first one so clean and simple, the second one with the squiggles is amazing, will definitely have to give this one a try. Take care everyone, Jess x

yorkielass said...

Hello Sue, Two beautiful cards, the first one is so classy and elegant, think those borders have jumped to the top of my must have list. Love the squiggle background and the squirrel on the second card. Thank you for a great video. Love and hugs to Pam.
Cameeli hope that today goes well for your partner, you are both in my thoughts and prayers.
Norah and Steph hope that you both have a better day. Tina hope you are having a little Tina time.
Mrs B thanks for the Youtube tip.
Kitty good to read your comments.
Take care everyone.
Hugs June xxx

marg said...

Hello Sue
The Sun is shining, after yesterday being such a dull, very wet day!
So that makes everyone in a happier frame of mind ( I hope)!
I love seeing what you do with your Dies, Sue!
Not keen on the Squirrel stamp reminds me of the Gruffalo which my Grandchildren adored a long time ago!
Thoughts to Pam!
Take care
Love Marg

AnneRD said...

Great tutorial Sue, the squiggle technique looks great fun. Anne x

nuttinanni said...

Love the 'squiqqle' card, what a fun one for a child. My youngest daughter could never say squirrel due to hearing problems so it always came out as squiggle. hugs Cheryl xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the California dies Sue...as always your videos are so informative...keep them coming. Would never have thought of using the glue to scribble, I like the texture and unique background shown on the sqiirrel card.
ValC xx

nzillingworth said...


Marleine said...

Hi Sue,

Great cards.

Each are lovely in their own right.

Look forward to seeing you at AP. X

hotpotato said...

I like this drizzle glue technique, very effective.

Debbie Tinks said...

Nice cards Sue ...
Happy Crafting ...x

Jacquie Jacobs said...

Two beautiful cards Sue, I love the Squirrel one as its so different, I must try that myself one day lol!

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

karenlotty said...

Love the dribble technique I will definitely be trying that coz I have a couple of bottles and tend to only do your paved technique Both cards are gorgeous

Victoria said...

Great video as usual. I'm beginning to get the hang of the glue dots now! Love the scribble technique - it's so effective.

SHARICA said...

Love the cards today especially the scribble one .. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - two very different cards today, the first one very elegant and I love the border dies. I liked the scribble dribble background when I saw it on Sam's card but after seeing you demonstrate it on Sunday I couldn't wait to try it and I made two cards yesterday using this technique and was really pleased with them. Ideal for choco-holics!! Thank you for your wonderful ideas. Best wishes

Crafty Lark said...

A delightful Thank you card Sue. Love the scribble idea also. xx Flora

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Love your dies so useful and the cards are lovely, will be watching the video later but I am sure it will be good as always. all my love Jean Z xxx

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes. Another dull/bright/rainy/hailing/sun day in Lancs ! Typical UK weather you may say !
Thanks for another very helpful tutorial Sue, it made me wince when you mentioned glue and grab in the same sentance lol as with my fingers dropping card and die cuts far to soon than I should, that cosmic shimmer does GRAB and wont let go (hense my regular Marg Simpson growls) !! And my gurgling screams just as I watch that last piece of card fall in slow motion then meets an almost finished peice of work, and falls JUST where you dont want ! The times Ive had to add ribbon or embelishments to 'hide' a disaster or even throw away when I cant hide a 'Steph drop' ! So yep - glue and grip in one sentance is a 'no no' lol. It really does look more detailed and complicated than it really is, and if we didnt have you showing us otherwise, we would continue to be warey of trying.
Im not a lover of the new Sam Poole woodland animals, but who cares, we cant all like the same things or how boring would the world be ?
Cameeli - hope your partner gets on ok today, please keep us updated love.
Pam - hope your day is as good as it can be (always on our minds)
Tina - mobile probs cant take incoming calls chick : (

To all other Wilsonette family, take care, be happy, stay safe.
Love you.
Lancashire Steph xx

samantha wade said...

Hi, love both cards so different, will watch video later as off Linedancing now but had to check your blog first.
Love Sam's new stamps and your squirrel with that drizzled background is fab, i will have a go at that, the owl is my favorite stamp too.
Thanks for 2 cards again today.

ssn.wht@gmail.com said...

Both lovely cards, but I so like that woodland creatures set by Sam Poole - trying not to buy it, as my resolution for this year is to try to use up more of what I have before I add to the mountains of stash!! Thanks for sharing, Susan

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
I love both of today's' cards although they are so different.
I think the "squiggle technique" is so effective but would not want to use it too often and use up those lovely glues!
Sam's stamps are really great for children's cards with the lovely choice of woodland type backgrounds that are around at the moment.
Looking forward to looking at your video later.
Best Wishes
Lesley S
West Sussex

Sheila - Ginger said...

Morning Sue,
Beautiful card as always love how you used the border dies...oh but I miss your flowers!Lol! Loving the squiggles pattern made with the glue. Great video too...it's a joy to watch you bring one of your creations together.

Love Sheila xx

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

Love both these cards, although i think the second is my favorite, going to get these stamps at Ali-Pali i hope.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue. Great video. I have a few of your dies but keep wanting more and more.
Love the dribble style on the second card. So effective.
Love Val in Spain x

Unknown said...

Beautiful cards!
Great dies on the first card and cute squirrel on the 2nd :)

rachel said...

two great and very different cards - I especially love the squirrel one xx

Unknown said...

Morning Sue - I love love the first card. The scribble technique looked such fun on Sundays show and I think it will be one to try.

I hope all goes well for your partner Cameeli and Pam it is so nice to see you back at the top of the comments hope each day brings some comfort.

To all out there have a good day - prayers for anybody who is need of them. Helen xx

Maryann Laursen said...

Both cards are so beautiful Sue, and as usual you´ve just made a perfect result.

Unknown said...

Both cards are fab! The scribble glue and squirrel are just so cute!

Alice xx

terrie said...

Two great looking cards...
The first one is so elegant looking...
The next one is so cute with the little squirrel and the glue technique for the background is perfect for that card.
Well done Sue!

Annie Stamps said...

Love the scribbles. Lovely card:) xx

Gail said...

Luvin both these cards and especially the 'scribble glue' technique - what a fab idea especially for a younger persons card xx GailT xx

Pat L said...

Hi a Sue
Beautiful card with your Californian dies, love all your dies but I do find I reach for the Californian decorative frames B a lot , poor spellbinders haven't had a look in since your dies arrived!!
Thank you for the scribble glue technique makes a great background
Best wishes, Pat

nancyd said...

Morning Sue.two gorgeous cards and love the drizzle glue watched you and Dean do it he is quite mad. I
loved the card with the owl that Sam showed on her show from you.
Nancyd xx

Anonymous said...

You are a genius. Great background and cards. Good wishes


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Two beauties again. Love the glue technique. I would never have thought of using it like that in a million years. Brilliant.
I really love the California dies - just waiting for new stock to arrive so I can order some more.
Bye for now.
SandraP xxx

Micky French said...

Love the cards and video as always. I do have a few of your dies now so I will be having a play today along with some of your new stamps.
I will be going to Ally Pally on Saturday and can't wait.
Hugs to all love from Michelle xxxx

Jill Liddle said...

I have to say that the first card is my favourite today. Really pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Love today's card but really like the drizzle glue background on the second stamp - putting it through the embossing folder with wax paper also looked great.
Beverley W

hollyberry said...

Two very different cards both beautiful in their own way.One very elegant and the other just so cute.
Pam hope that you are coping and doing the best you can.

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, I love both cards. The first using your dies is gorgeous. Thank you for the great video. The second is really cute and fun, great for kids big and small.

Glenharon said...

Good morning Sue and fellow Wilsonettes,
I can honestly say i can try this one Sue as i have all the necessary equipment, whoooaaa must be a first for me. I really like today's cards, both are lovely and although i can't do the cheeky chappie squirrel, i have dark bronze cosmic shimmer which is a start as i will need to save up the pennies again to get his stamp collection.
Cameeli, oh how i am thinking off you and your partner. I sincerely hope that she gets good news today. I had laser treatment for cervical cancer cells when my wee lad was born and had to keep going back every 6 months and know just what was going through my mind at the time, so i am thinking of your dear friend today.
CraftySuetoo, i think a few of us know the insomnia feeling, but it is when we can get crafting done without moanin minnies in the background asking "are you not finished that yet?" I'm not quite sure how i can have insomnia as well as C.Fat.S(M.E.). Had to return early yesterday from Stirling, not a good day unfortunately, but it was nice to see my friend even just for a short while.
Sorry folks, just can't concentrate today, but i hope you all have a lovely day, we have a beauty up here and my hills are so detailed today seeing all the pictures in them that make them beautiful. See you all tomorrow hopefully and take care everyone,
Love and crafty hugs
Norah (Glenochil)

Lacelady said...

Good morning Sue! I loved seeing you and Dean doing the scribble glue technique and finding out that it would emboss. Off to watch your video now. I succumbed to your embroidered striplet yesterday, so I'm looking forward to that arriving.

Meg Owen said...

Love the little squirrel Sue.

Margaret O

Beryl said...

Hi Sue, love both cards and tne video was great to watch.
Cameeli, hope all goes well for your partner today.

lydia jordan said...

Hi Sue,
Thank you for another great video. The card is fantastic, I love it,
Haven't get these dies yet, but hopefully with my birthday next week I may be lucky.
Not so keen on the animal stamps, but your card is very cute, love the scribble glue.

Unknown said...

Two great cads today Sue, thanks so much. The borders are the only ones in the Californian collection that I haven't go, but do have lots of others, so can give it a go with them.
So good to see our Pam commenting again nice and early, and hope things go ok for your partner Cameeli. No foals but I did get a nasty bite by the back of my knee from one of the mares yesterday, so thinking it might be getting closer. Norah I know how you feel,with CFS, I have it too, you either sleep and find it hard to wake or can't sleep, with both you still feel knackered all the time, just pace yourself, and take care xxx

CraftyJo said...

Cool idea with the dribble/scribble glue - loving that :)

jane stillman said...

Love the scribble glue technique Sue and love the California dies. They will have to be put on my wish list! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. Thanks for adding another video to help fellow crafters. The California dies, like the others in the other collections are gorgeous.

Susi Mortimer said...

Afternoon Sue and everyone,
another two lovely cards, and what a good idea with the "cosmic shimmers" thanks Sue, what would we all do without you!! Take care and all have a good day.

Vie Carter said...

Love this scribble glue technique, I have all your glues in ass colours so will give this a quirl and see how it comes out


Unknown said...

Gorgeous cards.I love the look of the scribble glue technique,must have a go.
Helen Bx

hazel young said...

Gorgeous card Sue just what I needed to cheer me up as ill today. xx hazel

GMH said...

Hi Sue, love the first card and the dribble technique on the second is something I look forward too trying.

Question please: How can we get your dies, embossing folders and other products in the U.S.? The shipping rates and the exchange rates are cost prohibitive to those of us on tight crafting budgets. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all you do!

Gladys Michelle Hardnett

Myra P said...

Hi Sue
Hi Everyone,
What a super video! Love the card and I have everything except the borders! Oh dear! However will try to adapt!
The really detailed California dies cut cleanly from first cut! The second card is really cute and I like the background and will definitely give it a try! Not too keen on the squirrel however. Just not for me! I liked the owl .

Sorry you not so well today, Norah! Just rest and enjoy your beautiful Ochils! They are beautiful!

Hope all is well today Cameeli .

Pam, pleased you are hanging in there! Still in our thoughts and prayers.

Susan I decided to re-organise "things" in my craft room! Wish I'd never started! Agree need to use ate better use of what I have. Charity Shop is going to do quite well as I have card and paper which I"ll never use - a lot patterned! Anyone else got too much stuff? Or is it just me!
Steph agree with your Lancashire weather report - we've just about had it all today!
Love to all,

Myra P said...

Hi Sue,
Oops my comment to Susan was a bit mixed up! What I meant was - I need to make better use of what I already have! Love Myra

Lynda's craft's said...

Hi Sue & Wilsonettes love the first card it's gorgeous it doesn't need anything bows or bling .will defently
Have a go at this as I have the dies to do it,love them & they do cut beautifully so detailed. Video was brilliant as always Sue.
The squiggle technique is a fun idea & makes a great background Sams stamps are all so cute.
Love & hugs Lynda Brock xxxx
Camille hope all goes well for your partner at hospital today thinking of you both xx
Steph & Norah love & hugs to you both & all who are in pain ( I also suffer with pain it isn't nice ) Pam glad to see you today thinking of you take care x Lynda xx

Nikkinoo said...

Hi Sue,
I love your dies, they are absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

To GMH in the USA

try joannasheen.com as she does free shipping for orders over GB £9
worldwide and has all of Sue's dies as well as many other makes.

nattyboots said...

Hi nSue ]
Loving the scribble glue idea ,will watch the video later over a much deserved coffee ahhh bliss
Elaine H X

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Such a clear explanation of the card today on the video. I'm now delving in to the dies I have to copy the style. I'm collecting the Italian collection first. Best wishes to you on this day of April showers.
Vanessa x

Barbara said...

Two lovely cards Sue but the Squirrel has won it for me. I love all Sams stamps and these ones are just so cute. The squirrel card reminds me of the cards you used to do at C&C with all the character stamps in the early days. Your cards were always so bright and colourful and I was always watching out for the blond American woman as you weren't on that often.
I would love to be able to see some of your early years at C&C and see how much you have changed. Think I will ask C&C when you are next on!!! Only kidding!!

baconbits said...

Afternoon Sue
Two wonderful cards today, love the go nuts especially what you have done with the PVA glue very effective.
Amanda x

Carol Clarke said...

Hi Sue
I expect you are wondering where I have been - computer poorly sick - been at Knowhow for 5 days-
just looked at the cards after watching your show they are all beautiful

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
Your California die set is gorgeous. I particularly love the border dies that you have used. Not to sure what happened on Sunday as your show wasn't recorded. But would have loved to have seen the drizzle technique in action. I could use these PVA glues for other things so much go and buy some. Hugs to Pam, Steph and Norah. Glad you can see your hills today Norah. Hope your partner goes on ok today Cameeli, we are all things of you both, and will keep our fingers crossed.

carol edwards said...

Hi Sue great cards as always. I particularly like these borders and the way you have allowed for foam and glue.Rather late today with my post but I have managed to watch the great video as well. Take care allx

Anonymous said...

beautiful as usual

Wacki Macky said...

Fantastic cards today Sue and loved the video. The card you made was so clever and yet so simple, must get the dies you used. I only have one of them so far, but I can see many uses for it - that's the Decorative Frames set B.

I do have the new stamps now so I can try out the squirrel card, whooppee! I'm ahead of the game for once.

Thank you for sharing these cards today and craftihappiness to all, love from Pearl

Jane said...

Liking both cards both very different.

Jane xx

Jackie T said...

Hi Sue both cards are gorgeous I love them both. Looking forward to Ally Pally. Love Jackie

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,
Two very different cards today, love the first card using your beautiful California dies they are so filigree just stunning a beautiful card and the second card with the dribbles squibble technique is lovely to and so textile , thank you for two beautiful designs today .
Hugs to all
Jean D

Janice K said...

Two beautiful cards, the first reminding me to try the design with some of my older dies and the second with a great glue technique that I can see being very useful for male cards. Thank you for the inspiration. x

Unknown said...

Brilliant Sue. I could watch you all day everyday and never be bored. I bet my teachers at school wish they could have kept my attention and interest the way you do lol. Enjoy the rest of your day, love Jo xx

Unknown said...

Brilliant video and a super card. I have all the necessaries to make it so I'll pop off and make it for my friends retirement this Friday. The scribble technique looks fun to do also. Happy Days.

Blue Rose said...

Oh my gosh, how cute is that scribble card, will have to try that now. Your die layered card is gorgeously elegant, and so easy to put together, love those. Great job!

sued99 said...

Love both of these but the first is my favourite. The California dies are amazing.

Cards2Di4 said...

Beautiful card Sue. Just bought some of your fabulous dies and really looking forward to using them. Thanks for sharing your amazing skills and ideas.

Best wishes

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Love the California/Hollywood dies card - lovely in black and cream.
Loved the video.
The scribbling glue technique was a scream on the Tool Shed with Dean - he makes everything such fun. So I had a go and was impressed - going to run it through and emboss now its dry!
BFN Sheila x

Tandy said...

Hi Sue
You do spoil us two lovely cards today and a helpful video. Love the scribble glue I am going to give it a try when I have my finished the cards I am doing at the moment. Cameeli hope your partner's op went well. Norah sorry to hear your not fe.eling to good try and take it easy I know what it's like. Love and hugs to all

Carol S. said...

Love them both Sue but especially the Squirrel drizzle card. Really cute and the background is brilliant. Looking forward to seeing you again at Ally Pally. Hugs, Carol S.xx

Anne O said...

Hi Sue
It was my birthday yesterday and, guess what? I received the Californian border and one of the Californian dies ( not the one you used, but very similar! I've already had them out of the packet, and mow I've another lovely card to try! Best wishes
Anne O

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, Fantastic, Fantastic Video as always I could watch you all day long, I Truly Loved The Card you made during your Video, I really Love those Fabulous Dies
From The California Collection I haven't got them but they are most certainly are on my wish list amongst so many other items. I Loved The second Card which shows one of The Awesome Stamps from Sam she is like yourself so talented, I think The Background is Truly Awesome with The Fabulous Colours of The Fabulous Cosmic Shimmer Glues, love the green.
Take Care Sue Love and Hugs from Sam x
To All The Wonderful Wilsonettes I truly hope you've all had a great day. Hugs from Sam

Jackie Meechan said...

Loving both cards Sue gorgeous. Hope everyone is well and if not a big hug to you.

Theresa said...

lovely black and ivory. very elegant. cool scribble glue technique. will need to give it a try xx

Joanne K said...

Good evening Sue, just sat and watched the video and really enjoyed it. Love the simplicity of this card using just die cuts. Also love the card you did for Sam's shows. Kind regards Joanne K x

Laura O said...

beautiful cards Sue as always ,great video .Laura O

magpie said...

Helloooo Sue and all the Wilsonettes!! Loving the video Sue. The way you just simply use borders and other dies to make a simple yet gorgeous card. Hence the " looking outside of the box" that you've often told us to do. The California/Beverley Hills collection is beautiful and love the gorgeous Decorative frames set. Watching you put them together is magic! The squirrel card is so cute and funny and love the "go nuts!" tag. I'm sure we've always wanted to or if we have, loved doing it! Ahhh this what you meant about the scribble glue. I still haven't watched you yet...shame on me.... It's looks a great fun way doing this and I'm sure that kids would love to have a go at this....(as well as us!). It's a great effect and love the colours. Love the card full stop! Thank you too Sam, wonderful cute designs xx Awww Cameeli, hope your partner went on okay today. It's pretty worrying about things like that and sending you both a hug x Helloooo there Kitty, you're doing fine. Don't put yourself down. We all live and learn and hey, we've got the best teacher there is eh?! Clare, nothing wrong with a bit of splodge to go with the scribble! I bet it looks fantastic! Myra, I think we all have stuff hiding away and not been used. Note to myself, must use those lovely patterned papers tucked away in the draw......Mrs B, thank you for the tip about Youtube will give it a go....Lyndsey, hope the back of your knee is ok.... It would be lovely to hear when the foals arrive. I love horses... To Pam, Tina, Norah, Lynda and all who are hurting for whatever the reason, love and hugs to you. Thank you too Debbie for thinking of our lovely blog family xx Take care Sue and "thank you", take care everyone xx Love Karen xx

Christine C said...

Hello Sue and Everyone.
i enjoyed the video today
mainly because i have the California dies and i was
thinking of making my husband
an anniversary card with them
but do you ladies think its two
feminine for a bloke?
i like the second card also but
would do the owl i think.
Pam thinking of you.x
Cameeli hope your partner will be
ok. x
Norah thinking of you .x
From Christine C and Ella

Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Beautiful Cards Sue!

I love them both, but the one with the squirrel on is my favourite because squirrels always have a special place in my heart.

Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

Sonia Jones said...

Finally got here! Luckily it's still Tuesday! LOL love the cards both are great hugs Sonia x

Margaret corgi owner said...

Hi Sue
Two most beautiful cards really love the red squirrel card as we have some living near to us. My little grandson is eager to try the drizzle technique! So watch this space or should I say mess on the corgis knowing him!
Do hope all those who are ill or under stress are feeling a little more peaceful today, Thinking of you Pam.
Margaret corgi owner

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, Gorgeous lacy offering today! Love all the dies and your new embossing folders, many of which I hope to lay my hands on at the weekend! Only 4 more sleeps 'til Ally Pally!! Whoo hoo!!! Karen xx

Margaret corgi owner said...

Cameeli just read your post.
Do hope all has gone well today, you are both in my prayers stay positive
Margaret corgi owner

Unknown said...

Love both these cards. he scribble glue looks so much fun.
Janice W

Ita said...

Hi Sue very late again with my comment,love the card,I will try it with the Itelan die as I do not have the one you used,love the glue card,it looks so slow and calm when you were doing it.

julie laz said...

Hi sue, lovely cards crafty hugs Julie xx

Sandy H said...

Beautiful card using the Californian collection dies. I want those dies! The scribble glue background looks really fun to do.

Norah, sleep pattern disruption is part of my CFS (that's why my comments are usually on the 'night shift'). Know what you mean about being able to craft in peace then - when you've got the energy.

Unknown said...

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Clai01 said...

Hi Sue
really great video showing your beautiful dies and how to use them.
I love the pace of it and how you explain the stages and the finished card is gorgeous.

Scribble glue looks fantastic also.

Rosie said...

Oh How cute is that squirrel?? He is just so adorable and i love the technic you have used in the back ground too....

Marianna Hammer said...

Thank you for another wonderful video. I've alredy enjoyed it for a while on YouTube :) And the scribbled glue card is just perfect. I love it.

Helen Terry said...

Lovely card and those dies are just beautiful.
crafty hugs
Helen Terry xxx

johanna said...

fab technique but i wouldn't dare try it there would be glue everywere the colours are great love johanna

johanna said...

fab technique but i wouldn't dare try it there would be glue everywere the colours are great love johanna

Hlora said...

your card is stunning. I love the colors and that image is gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Beautiful cards Sue.

Elaine Edwards said...

just received my caifornian collection and your lovely cards have given me some wonderful ideas on how to use them, thank you

Unknown said...

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jennywren1947 said...

Hi Sue love how u added the scribble just makes the card look different hugs Chris x

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