Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Aperture in a Background

Welcome bloggers!  For you, today is the first video in the Series three Crafting My Style video releases.  It has taken a while but they are all ready to go now!  I do hope you enjoy them!  Please don't forget to subscribe to the Creative Expressions YouTube channel and click the box to have an email sent to you whenever there is a new video that has been uploaded so you won't miss any!  There is a link on the right hand side of my blog and it is very easy to do.

Buy from Joanna Sheen

Finished dimensions are 6 1/4" x 8" in size.  All for now, Sue x


Pam said...

Morning Sue and all. Lovely card and the video is back, yeah.
Sheila, you are amazing parents to let your daughter have her independence, but she will always be there for you as will you for her
Thanks Steph
Hugs to all

Rosie said...

Hope to watch the video soon, as it looks like a great technique. Lovely card and background.

Angela Wade said...

Good Morning, Sue and all.
A beautiful, elegant looking card. Will watch the video later
Hugs to everyone who needs them ((( )))

Best Wishes everyone,

Angela in a very wet and grey S. Wales Xx

Sheila - Ginger said...

Morning Sue,
I watdhed the video on You tube earlier on and it'so so good to be able to watch how you make your cards Sue and what a beautiful card it is. Love the aqua and white it's so pretty. Wow I love the French die that you made for the background and then added an aperture with the Saltzburg...two definite must haves...you're gonna bankrupt me Sue! Lol!
Pam thank you and all the lovely Wilsonettes who commented about our lovely daughter (Nikki)..it was avery hard decision at the time and it took her 18 months to settle down (I could have brought her home many a time but I new that would be the wrong thing to do. It was good that we were able to choose a good home for her because if anything had happened to hubby and I heaven knows where she would have ended up...but she is very happy now and has truly grown into a lovely young lady and she does so much that she didn't do with us and lives in a beautiful house with 3 other Special needs ladies and 24 hr care.....I'll never stop worrying
about her but that's being a parent I suppose.We ring up every Wednes just so she can hear our voices so will find out how her day trip out went. Thanks again ladies.
Many hugs to those who need them, I realise there are some ladies who have far more worries than me.
Now I've rambled on enough.

Love Sheila xx

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Stunning card, love the style and colours, my phone keeps loosing the page so will have to borrow my daughter's laptop to view video.
Sheila I hope your daughter had a lovely day out, I worked with people with special needs and disabilities for many years and parents making the decision to let them go was not easy but they all saw how well and happy they where.
Gentle hugs for baby Leo, not long now Pam and you will have matching shoes big hugs to you and your family.
Love and big hugs to everyone,
Happy crafting
Love Tina x x x

Jacqui oakes-alcock said...

Lovely card, will watch the video later.

Joan D said...

What a stunning card. The background die is is beautiful. Another one to add to my list x x

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue and everyone. Watched the video last night - just couldn't wait! It's wonderful to be able to watch you make a card un-interrupted and be able to pause and rewind to watch parts again. I love how you have cut the aperture in the background and the colour is so fresh and pretty.
Happy crafting! Sue xxx

Kitty Davies said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you beautiful card, lovely video, thanks for the tip on cutting tulle, I hope this works for angel hair as well. Take care Kitty

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, what a lovely delicate card, and your stick pins are so lavish. Really need to have a go at making some. Great video. Bx

TDQ Karen said...

Love the color and the beautiful flower , will be trying the aperture tip very soon xx

Jackie Meechan said...

Gorgeous card. Love the background die. Will watch later to see howvits all done as I have background die but don't use them very much.
Son getting his Higher exam results later so I hope he gets what he wants .
Hugs to everyone.

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
Yay! The videos are back lol. The background die was one of the first dies I bought from your second release, it is such a pretty and intricate die. I love today's card and video thanks for sharing. I must try cutting an aperture in my background dies I've never tried it. The tulle daisy is also very pretty and the tip about putting card through with the tulle is a brilliant idea as I've tried to cut the tulle previously without success. The beads you've used for your stick pins are stunning.
Hugs x
Heather T

Caroljsmith said...

What a stunning card sue yet again love the colours Carnt wait to watch the video.

PharmacyMichele said...

Lovely card & great video, very informative.


Patricia said...

Good morning Sue,
I love this stunning card, great colours and wonderful design.
Off to watch to Video
Have a great day

Patricia xx

Lesley Cann said...

So pleased that the videos are back they are really inspirational. Love the card will watch this evening.

Virginia Davey said...

Morning everyone what a pretty card. Looking forward to watching the video.

Anne O said...

Hi Sue
A beautiful card and great video. I love the aperture technique and would never have known how to cut the tuile flowers. My husband wants to know why it takes me a couple of hours to make a card when you can do it in 12 minutes, LOL!
Best wishes
Anne O

auscrafts said...

lovely card

Ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue
I cannot think of a better way to start the day than visiting with you in your beautiful craft room watching you create a masterpiece from your new collection and what a way to launch series three!
I bought your Burgundy die as a starter along with your vines/daisies etc but now I just have to have the French background. It's so so beautiful. I love the colours for today so gentle and soothing.

Well ladies it's going to be an adventure today - first a visit to the one and only craft shop near to me (only 45kms each way but heh it's a craft shop)but I know that it doesn't carry half as much as our craft shops do in the UK but I like to go and see what they have. Then it's all systems shut down while I fight with a new 'live box' router to us UK. Our telephone people 'Orange' has decided it's time to change them to the next generation so today should be fun!!! As they say 'I may be some time' but whatever happens I shall be online before the end of the day ready to talk to everyone tomorrow. So please keep all your fingers and toes crossed and if that's not possible then anything object you can cross favourably (that means please do not cross knives and forks as that's bad luck).

Hope all are feeling a little better today. Take care whatever you do and I'll see you tomorrow.
Janet x

Anonymous said...

GM Sue - it was lovely to see a video back on your blog today - couldn't wait till later to watch it! thank you. The card is lovely - love the aqua - and the aperture - good to see how you hid the cut out middle. Thanks for sharing.
Clare W

Vick said...

WHOO HOO!!!! the videos are back where they belong, on my laptop! so pleased to see them back and I just love this card, its beautiful, hugs, Vick xx
My YTChannel vixcrafts

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, nice to have the videos back again. This is a really beautiful card, just love the colours. Love Jean xxx

Anonymous said...

Great to have your videos back again, Sue, thank you so much for all the hard work you put in for us.
A lovely card, wouldn't have thought of cutting an aperture in the background die. Just gorgeous and love the flower and embellishment (as always!)

'P' in Wales

Sheila - Ginger, really feel for you. Know how hard it must have been for you and glad that Nikki has settled into her new life. We had the same situation in our family and also know others (including one who was forced to let their extremely handicapped adopted child go into community care) and fortunately they each ended up contented in their placements, though not without many hiccups. And tears. Who would envy a parent faced with such a dilemma? All so brave.

Micky French said...

Lovely card Sue, The background die is my most favourite out of all the new ones. The colours are lovely too.
Hugs to all
Michelle xxxx

Jackie Trinder said...

Good morning Sue today's card is gorgeous. I am looking forward to watching the video later when I have my coffee break. Have a great day. Hugs Jackie

Sheila Lampard said...

Morning Sue
Beautiful card in aqua and white - it looks very interesting but sorry I will have to watch later.
My daughter's will start shouting at me if I don't get ready - as we are off to Lincoln (a good 3.5 hour drive for us) to see my old dad (he's 93). At least it's a lovely sunny day.
Enjoy your day.
Sheila x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, Yippeeee, the video's are back and this one is superb. I'm loving the card, and the background die is fabulous, as is the Salzburg die, and I adore how you have incorporated the two. The way you have used the tulle is brilliant and I am definitely going to be trying this tip, really fluffy and pretty. I adore this card !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Jan.moogie said...

Wow Sue love this card and am going to watch the video in a minute. I expect my friend Carol is going to want to make this one so will have to watch and learn. Thanks for all you do. xxx

Marion Bull said...

What a beautiful card to start the series off!.. How much we have ll been looking forward to it! I don't always get to comment on here because I look after my disabled husband and sometimes that takes so much time but I do appreciate so much having so many people here who have kind words for others! Life is not easy for many people so to all those of you who need a special hug or word today I'm thinking of you. What a lovely group the Wilsonettes are and thank you Sue so much for all you give us!
Marion B xx

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. This is a gorgeous card, I love the aqua/white combo, so clean and fresh. Thanks for the tulle cutting tip, now I can cut it and other material cleanly : ) Thank you for the new videos, I'm having a lazy day so I'm off to watch some of them now(the idea is to watch a couple a day but it's hard to limit myself as I enjoy watching you create your beautiful cards so much that I will probably watch more : )
Sending my daily hugs to you Sue, to Pam and Robbie, to Sandra and Pat and all of my other special friends and to all in need. Take care.

MaggieMac said...

Morning Sue and all the girls. What a stunning card I love those colours - truly beautiful. Thank you I will be watching the videos tonight!

hazel young said...

Stunning Sue love the colours and sentiment xx hazel

Anne Crawford said...

Exquisite Card and a wonderful Video! Love this card ,Sue, and it really shows off your new dies to perfection, also love the tulle flower , but is it possible you might bring us a " stick pin making set "? which would be fantastic.( sorry if that sounds too greedy, but your stick pins are beyond compare.)
Busy time here with all our grandchildren and not such great weather, but still thinking of you all and wishing you well.
Hugs to all xo

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Love the card ,I love the dies that cut out like this I have a few . love Jean Z xxx

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone.
Gorgeous card today. The die cuts match perfectly. Fab!
Have a great day.
Ang x

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue. I have a confession to make -I could not wait until this morning so I watched several videos last night. Better than a bedtime book. I will of course re-watch today, and many more times. I bet I am not the only one! Anyway this card is beautiful and one for trying. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in on our behalf -it is very very much appreciated.

Love Rosemarie xx

heather harrison said...

Morning Sue. What a beautiful card. Love the colours. Will be watching the video later when I have a bit of peace and quiet. So glad they are back. Have a nice day. Hugs Heather.x

Sandra Biggs said...

Hi Sue,
Yipee the videos are back.What a start to series 3 a beautiful, elegant card. Many thanks.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Beautiful card to start the new video series. Love the aqua and white stunning. Will watch the video later.
Have a good day.

karenlotty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
karenlotty said...

Seen the card - beautiful Now work - yeuck Later watch the video - hooray!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. Morning Wilsonettes. Thank you Sue for the most stunning breakfast viewing, how I adore white and aqua, so fresh, so clean and delicate. The background die is amazing, amd only YOU would make us sit up and realise that backgrounds can be cut into with another die, wow ! I have 2 background dies that I have been lucky enough to inherit, so I need to see If they will take an apature.

Such a beautiful card to start our new tutorials with, and I look forward to watching the rest over the next few weeks. Thank you for allowing us into your work room : )

I think it was Yvonne that mentioned our friendship yesterday ? If so, WELCOME, you are NOW a Wilsonette and we look forward to you growing with us.

To Pam, baby Leo's Nanna, and to all those that are struggling with everyday life, I send you love.

Love you.
Lancashire Steph xxx

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, a beautiful card I have this
die so looking forward to the video for ideas
so off to watch now.
Nancyd xx

Brooke b said...

Gorgeous card love the colours and the dies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue What a stunning card, cannot wait to watch the video. Take Care Love Michelle S xxx

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Gorgeous gorgeous card will have to watch the video later.

Hugs Annx without an "e"

Shirley Terretta said...

Hi Sue,

Such a pretty card. Thank you and a very big thank you for the video too.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxxxxxxxxx

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
This background die is absolutely gorgeous! What a clever idea to cut an aperture into it. The card is stunning. I love the stick pins. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs to all who need one.

Hilary said...

Good morning Sue, and everyone. A gorgeous card today. Such a beautiful colour combination in the aqua and white. Great to have the videos back too!Wishing you, and all your Wilsonettes a happy and healthy day. Love and hugs. Hilary xxxx

Alice G said...

Hi sue,
What a fantastic start to your videos. The new dies are fabulous. I adore these colours and the whole things looks stunning. I would never have thought of using the tulle for the flowers but it turns out really nice so will give that a go.

Hugs Alice xx

gwen70 said...

beautiful card Sue, so pleased the videos are back

nattyboots said...

Such a stunning card Sue , i just love it !
Elaine H X

nannapat said...

Beautiful card and the video is great Sue. I'm going to try this out for my daughters birthday card - I hope it looks as good as yours when I'm finished! Pat x

granny sue said...

Hi Sue. I love this card, its right up my street. Really looking forward to watching your video when I get back this afternoon. SueL

doreenj said...

Love the card, Sue, will watch the video later,

Doreen x

sued99 said...

Gorgeous card. So glad to see the videos back. I have missed them!

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
Another stunning card, love the colours you have used. Will watch the video now

carol x

Gail said...

Morning Sue,
Yeah the videos are back and it's brilliant along with a lovely card. Really like that background die Sue.
Hugs for all.
Gail Cx

Marion said...

Hi Sue lovely to have the video's back.like the card but the bow take's over for me.
Marion H

Debbie Tinks said...

Sue lovely card ....colour is one of my favs ...happy crafting and have a nice day ...

Marianne's Craftroom said...

A real beauty today, love the aperture and girgeous colours and the dies are fabulous

Anonymous said...

Hi sue - you are amazing! This card is so beautiful. The video is great and you come up with so many ideas and tips for us. More dies on the wish list today!! Best wishes

Lacelady said...

Sue, I love the card, but PLEASE tell us where you got the beautiful card stand, I really want one of those!

Theresa Sweetman said...

beautiful card Sue

Glennis said...

Awesome card - thanks for sharing

Theresa said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card using beautiful colours l love the appeture technique and the cards and the dramatic effect it produces
And the Videos are back what could be better a cup of tea a slice of toast and Sue Wilson
We all love your videos your inspiration and your dedication to your blog and it's followers
And to those followers i wish you all well Hugs to you all
Have a fantastic day Sue
Love Theresa xx

Beryl Frost said...

Good morning Sue, A lovely card for us today and more of your wonderful videos. I like to download them so I can pop back every now and then just to top up with some inspiration. Beryl xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
It is so good to have your wonderful videos back again.
Today's card is gorgeous and although I have your background die I must try to see if I can achieve a similar look by cutting into the background with a similar die.
The tulle flower is so pretty and it can't wait to try these.
Thank you for all the hard work that you have put in to producing your really helpful videos.
Love to you and all the Wilsonettes.
Lesley S

dinkydinz said...

Hi Sue,

Stunning card and easy to follow instructions. Great to have the videos back, looking forward to seeing more.

Hugs, Dianne from New3 Zealand

Marleine said...

Morning Sue,

Pretty card. Looks so intricate. X

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue hooray the video is back!!! Love this card, especially the colour way and the aperture cut into the background. Have a great day. Love Nicola x

Joanne K said...

Morning Sue, great video showcasing a gorgeous card with gorgeous dies. Love it! Kind regards Joanne K x

Brenda Lello said...

Hello Sue,
Thank you for another brilliant video. Beautiful card, these dies are gorgeous the detail is so fine.
I can feel a crafty shopping event coming on, albeit from my computer - I need them !!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you are having a good day.
Love Brenda xxx

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. Thank you for doing another series of videos. I so look forward to watching them because i learn so much from them eg how to use your dies in different way, using your stamped image if its not a clean image. I could go on and on but you would only get bored lol. This is a beautiful card. Loving the colours, clean looking and your stick pins are fantastic. Looking forward to number two. Have a lovely day.
Best Wishes.
Denise x

Nana on the Hill said...

Hi Sue, lovely card, the way that touch of colour just peeks through to emphasize your beautiful dies, and l love the flower. I will definitely be trying your tip, great to see the videos back.

fame01 said...

Hi Sue
Will watch the video later on when I get 2 mins to myself the card is stunning as always thanks for sharing, hugs Sarah xx

Janet k said...

Morning Sue, I really love this card, the dies and colours everything, good to have the videos back I so enjoy them, thank you, regards Janet kemp xx

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, stunning card for today, love the colour combination so clean and crisp. Will have to watch the video later, can't wait.
Take care everyone, Jess x

Sue from Wiltshire said...

That is such a lovely card and perfect for a wedding card I have to make, co,ours are even right, just need a different sentiment.
Thank you.

Diane said...

Hi Sue welcome back you tube Tuesday! What a great start with a beautiful card. I love that background die and how you have transformed it. Now for the die lemma! Do I carry on collecting set 1 or start on set 2? What a choice! Have a great day Sue love Diane G xxx

Craftjacqi hope your sons higher exam results are really good and let him achieve his dreams. We have AS level results next week . It's a stressful time isn't it but I'm thinking of you xxxx

Anonymous said...

Stunning and elegant card. Take care. Claire

Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Gorgeous Card Sue!

Thanks for the fab video, always great to watch.

Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

Diana Sinclair said...

Hello Sue

What a beautiful card, what a beautiful sentiment. More home décor than a card.


Paula said...

Now that really is my kind of card!

Paula x

Lorna D said...

Hi Sue,
Great video and card, the new dies are really wonderful.
Lorna D

Beverley Arthrell said...

Morning sue
Great to see a new video again,i love the color aqua with white. Fantastic card as usual.
Thank you x

Joan Donaldson said...

Morning Sue, a beautiful card, love the colours.

magpie said...

Helloooo Sue and the Wilsonettes! Ooo ooo ooo Sue, what a gorgeous, gorgeous card! I love this and the colour you have used although we know we can use any colour we want to. Yellow has just popped into my head....mmmmm! The video is fantastic! it's great to see them back Sue so we can come and go on each section to make sure we have done it right! "Thank you" x Oooo and how lucky am I to have this beautiful background! I will surely have go at this later on this afternoon. Can't wait! Oops, and those beautiful pins are "wow!". Thank you too on the tip with the tulle AND I have the delicate daisy's too! Wonderful! So so chuffed the videos are back Sue, "thank you" ....again!xx Sending love and hugs to you and all your family Sue xx Sending love and hugs also to Lynne, Lynda, Lynsey, Pam and family, Yorkielass, Myra, Tina, nanna Pat, Heather, Meg, baby Leo,Sam, Norah, and all our Wilsonettes who need a hug today xx Sheila you can ramble on as much as you want xx We are all here to listen and sending love and hugs to you both and your daughter xx Take care Sue and everyone xx Good luck everybody in tomorrows Wednesday card giveaway! xx Love Karen xx

Susan White said...

What a stunning card - love the turquoise and white together, and the little tulle flower is so pretty! Thanks for sharing, Susan x

magpie said...

Oops and ps and as always, love the sentiments! xx Love Karen xx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi. Sue
Yahoo your videos are back. This is a stunning one to start off with. Just shows off how your dies can be mixed and matched. Loving the Aqua and white combination. My favourite is lilac and white but your combinations are growing on me. We couldn't give everyone lilac and white now could we.
Daily hugs to Pam, Robbie and her brother as usual, I do hope he is beginning to talk to you now Pam with regards to Robbie. As my friends little grand daughter says it's good to share Grannie. Mind you that's sharing yours not hers.
Hugs to Steph and Norah, and I hope your hills are alive for you today Norah, it's a bit wet at the moment in Oxfordshire.
Special hugs to Mrs B and Sandra. Hope your nearly ready Sandra and raring to go.

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Must confess to having watched six of your videos last night including this one, the aperture in the background is lovely and I love the tulle flower
Sheila, hope Nikki had a lovely day out yesterday

Best wishes to everyone, Pat

Wendy L said...

Beautiful card and I love your little card easel. xxx

June said...

Morning Sue, Pam and everyone, I do hope you are having a nice day. What a revelation Sue with the new videos, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful - I love it, I have all of these dies so I am going to have a play. The colours are stupendous, my favourite (as you have probably gathered from the pictures I sent you). Stay safe, healthy and happy. June Smith xxx

Lynne Mills said...

Hi Sue, so pleased the videos are back as sometimes the old grey matter doesn't quite get the techniques when written down. This creation is absolutely stunning. Love the background die and the tulle flower so pretty. Thanks for all your hard work. Lol lynne m x x x

Well after a week of hubby being home spent most of yesterday on housework as it looked like a bomb had gone off in our house ( hope I'm not the only one with a messy hubby).

Fur babies definitely back to their normal ( teeth grinding here) mischief making as a rose bush in the back garden is very very short on leaves and flowers - true to tell its just bare sticks. Little b's they were bad enough last week not that hubby saw that to him they were just being boisterous!!!.

Every morning at 5:15-5:30am !!!!!!!!!! up we got to take said poochies out to the New Forest for a walk. Well whilst out there Cully ( whose nickname is fraidy cat ) turned into RRR ( rapid rabbit rustler) and Tilly turned into BBB ( bird brain buster) as soon as they saw either one of the pesky varmits off they raced after them totally deaf to us - a trip to the vet is now in order as hubby believes something wrong with their ears HAH its called acting normal to me. Leaving us to try to get them out of the undergrowth and back with us. Most of the time the little --------- 's ( quite a few choice swear words used at this point in the forest) came trotting back with tails held high and dirty great big smirks on their faces. By the time evening came each day I was on my hands and knees crawling up the stairs to bed. Hubby has decided that if its quiet at work then he will take next week or the week after off as well. All I can say is if that happens then I will seriously consider checking myself into mine and Norahs locked wards.

I will try to catch up on previous blogs asap but to :-

Karen, June, Lindsay, Alison, Norah, Pam, Tres, Myra, Lynda, Barbara, Julie, Sandra, Mrs B, Margaret CO, Angela, Frances, Steph and everyone I've missed - massive hugs and lol to you from me and RRR & BBB ( asleep for the present as out at forest again this morning b4 hubby went to work) x x x x x

Beryl Treble said...

Hi Sue, a stunning card. Really pleased the videos are back!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Another beautiful card today. The colours are gorgeous and the background die is stunning. I am so pleased the videos are back. I have really missed them.
Thank you.
Bye for now.
SandraP xxx

Jackie Durrant said...

Good morning Sue, a lovely card and video to start the new series - and pristine plates too!! The background die is so intricate. I think you and Phil are telepathic as he used teal and white this morning. Love from Jackie D

camelot67 said...

Good Morning Sue,

WOW! What a stunning card. Now all I have to do is find my Wish List for "C" and add the dies that you've used in the video to it! Now I know it's early to be thinking of such things but I see this as a necessary service for my OH. After all, all I'm doing is removing the inevitable agony he goes through each year of finding something that I really NEED as opposed to something that he thinks I need. See what I mean - a helpful service. Now where did I put that twoo page list? Thank you for sharing this and enjoy the rest of your day Sue.
Margaret A.

Marianna Hammer said...

Thank you so much for another wonderful video. I just love it!

Norah McPhee said...

Good morning Sue and my fellow Wilsonettes,
Ooo Sue, sorry excitement got the better off me yesterday and i just had to look at some of your video's this being the first and i just loved it. I think the French background die with the border and corner must be one of the most beautiful that you have made yet. It looks like a posh spiders web, well with it being French, their spiders are probably more chic than ours as well. Your stunning card is so prefect in every detail. The wee bit colour you put around the message looks like it is lighting it up like a theatres' footlights. I just love everything about this beautiful wonder today. A+++ Sue.
Sheila(ginger) a loving mum never stops worrying about their child. I hope Nikki had a great "holiday" yesterday and she will be full of all the exciting things she did when you call her.
Have a great adventure Janet as your round trip i worked out in old money is 63miles, which is like me going to Glasgow and back. Have fun drooling and please don't turn the air blue later when fighting with router.
Sheila, can i impose on you giving your dad a cuddle from me as mine isn't here anymore and i miss that most of all. I have my dad's heavy work shirt that i keep just for giving me a cuddle when i am low. I wonder if yours tells you stories of long ago? Mines used to start when you would least expect it and the times that he had had were sometimes beyond belief, it was so bad or so funny.
Craftyjacq i have my fingers crossed for your son and his exams as i think we all can remember that long wait.
Well Mr M is away to Glasgow with our daughter to get the advanced lazer surgery in his first eye. Has to go back tomorrow to get it checked and then the same next week for the other eye. He has long and short sight so the normal lazer op is no use as it only covers one of them, so he is having this fancy dancy one done. Peace perfect peace for me and boy and dog, bliss.It is a beautiful day here at my hills with them showing in all their glory, the clouds wispy almost see through in places and the beautiful blue of the sky looking like the C.E. palest blue card. It's days like this that i would love to be lying on the hillside watching the clouds go bye and see what i could see in them. Crikey i couldn't even put the blanket on the grass and lie down as i wouldn't be able to get up again, i'd be stuck. Oh well i think i will take some of my craft stuff outside and have a play today. Sue always in her videos reminds me off Blue Peter with "and here's one i made earlier". Come on own up, am i the only one that watched Blue Peter and knew my empty bottle of Fairy was something a lot more that just a rocket. Have fun dear friends, with hugs going for anyone that needs them. Thinking of all my special friends that are low or poorly for whatever,
Love and crafty hugs
Norah (Costa de Glenochil)

Maryann Laursen said...

WAUW this is sooo gorgeous Sue, I´m completely in awe about this beauty here, sooo gorgeous.

hollyberry said...

This card is gorgeous.Love the background.

Jill Liddle said...

Love it

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

What a lovely card, this spider web die is on my list for Ally-Pally, i am going to watch the video now, i know it will be great so congratulations on them, i do not know when you find the time to rest.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

Rosie said...

I'm not 'cheating', but this is my second comment today. I don't usually get chance to watch the videos on Tuesday, but I have just watched today's. I can hear you saying in your lovely soft, American accent, the word I would use to describe it - it's'awesome'! Thank you.

IVY Cheong said...

Oh wow ! What a beautiful and classy card Sue! Must watch the video ASAP . Thank you so much for sharing your inspirations.

Lots of love,

IvyLing xx

yorkielass said...

Hello Sue, A beautiful elegant card, the aqua white is so fresh and clean. and love the delicate background, sentiment and tulle flowers. So happy that your videos are back, thank you for sharing. Enjoy the rest of you day.
Pam hugs to you Robbie and George.
Sheila Ginger hope that Nikki had a lovely holiday, gentle hugs to you both.
Sheila have a lovely day with your daughter visiting your Dad, give him a hug from me.
Lynne M your holiday sounds fun, I can picture the faces of Tilly and Cully enjoying their woodland visit, hugs to you Tilly and Cully.
Yvonne Welcome to the wonderful Wilsonette family.
Jackie M fingers crossed for your son's results.
Meg O and baby Leo gentle hugs.
Daily hugs to Tina E, Margaret corgi owner, Jean D, Lindsay, Steph, Norah and wee Rory, Lynda B, Magpie, Angela W, Tres, Sandra, Nanna Tina, Wheely bad, Ita, Janet Echo and of course our Sue.
Take care everyone.
Hugs June xxx

Deborah Artliff said...

Morning Sue wow this is beautiful and I do like the does you have used. They wake some pretty cards .off to watch the video so take care cc

Debs A cc

rachel said...

stunning make Sue - I love the blast of colour and the pins look beautiful! hugs rachel x

Kate's Cards said...

I just love teal! Great card. xx

Mary Burton said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful dies make a classy card.

Jacquie said...

Absolutely stunning Sue, love the design and that colour...wow!

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Theresa Pace said...

such a fresh card. beautiful. and love the top you were wearing xx

Nina Spear said...

Hi Sue

That is a lovely card. I was lucky enough to win the complete petals in your launch giveaway so I can't wait to try the flower made with the tulle.

Tandy said...

Hi Sue,
A lovely card I will have to watch the video later as head is hurting to much to concentrate at the moment. Love and hugs to all.

yvonne masterman said...

Hi Sue and everyone...I just have one word to say about this card..


Yvonne xxx

yvonne masterman said...

Hi Sue and everyone...I just have one word to say about this card..


Yvonne xxx

iReneM said...

A stunningly beautiful card and a superb video.

Thank you Sue :)


Rach83 said...

Wow! This is a stunning card, Sue. I love the pop of turquoise. Can't wait to see the video.

Rachel x

Muriel Kelly said...

What a beautiful card, love the colours and your dies work so well together. Lovely to see the video too.

Muriel x

Myra P said...

Hi Sue,
Yeah! The videos are back! What a gorgeous card today. I just love the colors and I liked how your top toned with the card! A Sue Finishing Touch? Lol! I don't have the background die but have the daisies and Salzburg ones. They are all so lovely. Your stick pins are beautiful today - I know they are always lovely - I just think today's are specially so. Thank you - for all you do for us.
Thank you for this super blog and all the lovely friends we have made - welcome to this inclusive club - Yvonne - no cliques just people who comment and care about crafting , Sue style , and about each other.
Sending daily hugs to Pam, Robbie and baby Leo.
Sheila have a lovely time with your Dad and your daughter - safe travel.
Janet - hope you stay connected! Don't want you getting cut adrift!
Norah - Blue Peter was a must for me and then my own children.
Lynne good to have you back!
CraftyJacq - hope the results are good , fingers crossed.
Sheila - hope yesterday was a good day for Nikki .
Sending love to everyone else especially Sue who makes it all possible.
Love Myra

Gail said...

Absolutely stunning card - luv it and another of my favourite colour combos xx GailT xx

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card! I love the dies and colors. Thanks for the video.

-Kathy Hogan

Cathie Weary said...

What a gorgeous card. So glad to see the videos back. Love the tulle flower and your technique for the aperture.

terrie said...

What a beautiful card....I just love the color that you used...
you did an excellent job on this one...
Well done Sue

Cazzie D said...

Hi Sue. A really stunning card today. Fab colours and adore the cute flower. Caz x

lynda said...

Hello Sue & Wilsonettes, Yaaaay Video Day's are back thank you Sue for all your hard work you put into your blog for all your Wilsonettes family.
Today's card is fabulous I love the aqua & white colours so pretty the background die is so delicate thank you for the aperture technique would not have thought of doing that. Also for the tulle flower using a piece of card under die.love & Hugs Lynda Brock xx

Jackie M,fingers crossed & good luck to your son getting the exam results he wants. Hugs to you both.Lynda xx

Sheila,hope Nikki had a lovely day on yesterday's holiday.bless her mothers never stop worrying about there children & your a loving caring mum to your lovely daughter Big Hugs to you all Lynda xx

Janet Ecco hope the craft shop had some good crafty thing for you.& fingers crossed for your new live box router have fun Hugs Lynda xx

Big special hugs to Sandra,Lynne M & little B's,Yorkielass ,Lindsay,Tina E,Tres,Tandy,Margaret corgi owner,Jean D,Magpie,Wheely Bad,Nanna Tina,Tob Thresa,Mrs B, Myra P,Maureen K,Brenda L,Clare W,Janet Ecco, Ita,Julie Laz,Norah & wee Rory, Lanc Steph,Camille,& any I have missed love Lynda xx

Love & hugs to Sue & all Wilsonettes have a lovely day & see you all tomorrow Lynda xx

lynda said...

Sorry Gentle hugs to baby Leo, Big hugs to Pam & Robbie & your brother Lynda xx

Anonymous said...

Eileen L. said....

Oh love this die and such a beautiful card it makes. Very pretty tulle flowers, thanks for the tip on how to cut them, will have to try to make some it really looks lovely. So happy for the videos again.

Ivonka said...

Yippee! Videos are back! And this is a lovely, lovely card. Yx

Tracy Stitt said...

Hi sue
Stunning card. Glad to have the videos back. They are def a must watch!! Love em
Love Tracy from killie x

Rosie said...

Stunning card and video too Sue....love the colour combination.....TFS

Pearl said...

Hi Sue, love the card today, the flower is great.

Craftihappiness to everyone, love from Pearl.

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful card, Sue. I love the colours.

Anne (Northampton)

Susi Mortimer said...

Hi Sue and everyone,
Lovely card so elegant.Nice that the video's are back. Yippee!!
Have a great day everyone.
Susi x

SHARICA said...

Love these colours .. xx

Lindsay Martin said...

Lovely card, Sue, you keep giving us so much inspiration.
Love to all my Wilsonette family xxxx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
This card is gorgeous, I love everything about it.
Excellent video, too. You explain it all so well.
Looks like I'll have to have the French background die, too.
Hugs, Rose

Maureen Reiss said...

Gorgeous card!! Never would have thought to cut tulle w/ my dies, thanks for the great ideas!!

Alison D said...

Hi Sue, beautiful card made with my favourite background die. Love and hugs,
Alison D x

tracy w said...

Hi sue
Loving the new dies and video today this card is stunning the colour is stunning to thank you Tracy w x

SusanP, Kent said...

Love this card. It looks fantastic with or without the bow/flower/pins. This background die is my favourite from your second release and the aqua card is gorgeous. Great to have your videos back. I noticed you even had nice new GC plates too!

Anonymous said...

Belinda Raven said....

Hi Sue, beautiful aqua/white card today. The video was really helpful in showing how to make the aperture with your stunning dies and also the Tulle flowers. Thanks for the tip about using a piece of card stock with the Tulle to get a sharp cut. I've tried before with the GC and it was just a mess. Soooo looking forward to trying this!

Hugs, Belinda. X

Linda Graham said...

Hi Sue great to have video again and what an amazing card,ive purchased this die waiting for delivery,and with your inspiration cant wait to use it, thank you once again x

Carole Z said...

A stunning card Sue, the colours and details are fabulous..good to see the videos back, hugs Carole Z X

Janice Robinson said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card and enjoyed the video as always.

barbiepinkfairy said...

Late today been on a day out to Kendal as it is my birthday.

Beautiful card love the aperture in the background not thought of that idea!

Norah I too remember here's one I made earlier but also all the double sided sticky tape they used and the famous Tracey island!

Survived the bike ride after 30 something years! My bike a cross between something off call the midwife or secret army!

Love to all xxx

weefortune said...

Hi sue love this card. Elaine x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
What a beautiful card - I love it.
Beverley W

Sam Smithard said...

Hi Sue, it's Fantastic To Have The Video's Back With All The Wonderful Tips And Techniques.
I really Love The Card you've made today it's Stunning I really Love The Colours you've chosen, I Love The Collection Of Dies used The Beautiful French Background and then to cut your Aperture The Austrian Salzburg, I really Love how you've shown us The Flowers Cut out of The Tulle and how you've off set them, attached them to your Fabulous Messy Bow, and Stunning Stick Pins.
It's also great to see on This Video how you've gone through how we use The White Cosmic Shimmer PVA to create The Wonderful Faux White Pearls around The Card.
Sue Another Fabulous Video, Awesome Card, Thank You For Everything You Do, Your Great Tips, Thank You for This Truly Fabulous Blog and all your hard work.
Sue a Huge Thank You from myself for The Daily Inspiration you share and I so appreciate it,
Sue Thank You So Very Much.
Sue Take Great Care
Love and Hugs
From Sam x
Hugs to All

jayne said...

Hi Sue.....Beautiful card, and just love watching your videos......thank you.......Jayne.

janet said...

I have this die!! I have unlimited broadband access!! I am good to go LOL. It would be very helpful though, if you could put a list of dies/stamps used in the blog descriptions as well -is this possible? I love today's card.
Hugs Janet in Kent

Maureen Killen said...

Good evening Sue, and all the ladies.
Well, what a perfect way to end a hectic day, sitting watching Sue work her magic on video and producing the most gorgeous card. Everything about it is just so lovely.
I hope that Pam is enjoying having her brother there, and that Robbie continues to improve.
Sheila, there's a private house which was bought for three girls/young ladies with special needs two doors from me, and I can assure you that we watch them getting more and more confident and able to do more things with a little help every month.
Barbiepinfairy - happy birthday.
Best wishes to everyone and I hope you are all having as good a day as you can xx

Vanessa Lee said...

Hi Sue
I've been absolutely engrossed with this video. The card is stunning. The background is a beautiful die. The need list is growing again!!!
Best wishes to all.
Vanessa x

Myra P said...

Hi Sue,
Barbiepinkfairy - Happy Birthday! Hope you've had a lovely day. So pleased you survived the bike ride. Bikes and me don't really get on - well I fall off!
I made Tracey Island with my two sons - they are probably about your age! Memories eh!
Night all x

Myra P said...

Hi Sue,
Barbiepinkfairy - Happy Birthday! Hope you've had a lovely day. So pleased you survived the bike ride. Bikes and me don't really get on - well I fall off!
I made Tracey Island with my two sons - they are probably about your age! Memories eh!
Night all x

Margaret corgi owner said...

Hi Sue and everyone
Simply great to have the video tutorials back and such a super card today, I love how you have introduced the colour to the card and the flower is fabulous. Thank you for such wonderful inspiration.

Sheila you have been so brave, sometimes the kindest things are the hardest to do when you are a loving and caring parents which you so clearly are.

Sandra have a safe journey on Thursday and a wonderful holiday, take care not to overdo things.

Warm wishes and hugs to those who need them especially Pam and family, Norah, Steph, Lynne, Lynda, Yorkielass, Tina and Sandra, and not forgetting Sue.

Margaret corgi owner

baconbits said...

Evening Sue
Super cool card today my favourite colour. This has a very fresh feel to it.
So good to see the videos back. Thanks for all the inspiration.
Amanda xx

Laura O said...

ah Sue,these dies are getting nicer and nicer ,fantastic card .Laura O

Jean Deane said...

Hi Sue,
Wow what a fabulous start to series three !!!!! A beautiful card love the aqua , the beautiful dies and that gorgeous flower.thank you so very much Sue , hugs xxxx

Crafty hugs to yorkielass, Lynda, and all the special wilsonette family ,

Jean D

Barbara said...

What a fantastic treat having the new set of videos! They have been sorely missed.
The card is beautiful, the colours are so pretty and I love the tulle flower.
You make it look so easy that I must have a go. I would love to have half the ideas that you come up with for the dies!!!
I am trying to be good and not watch all the videos at once but it is so hard and I don't have any willpower.

Chris Curry said...

Just finished watching your video. A truly stunning card. I love the technique with the tulle. Thank you for sharing Sue. Xx

Dawn Searle said...

Hi Sue
Couldn't comment earlier as we have had not internet today for some reason, but up and running now. A really pretty card and I am just about to watch the video, thank you so much for filming more for us.
Take care everyone
Love and hugs Dawn Searle xx

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, beautiful card and great video. I shall remember the tip for cutting tulle, thank you. I love the aperture in the background and the way you have concealed the cut edges. Must try this.

Lynne - glad RRR & BBB alias the pesky poochies are back to normal. I do feel sorry for your OH and his gardening efforts though as I have similar problems with my feline family.


alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful card and video is fantastic. Pleased that they are back!
Can't remember I'd I told you all that on Sunday one of my beautiful hanging baskets fell down and snapped most of the begonias! Then cooker door broke - one of the hinges sheared off. Well Dave has put the basket back up - the screw in the top of the bracket had sheared off. A recurring theme I think! Anyway, basket has cracked half way round the bottom, so I'm praying that it manages to last the summer. Today, we had the cooker man round , turns out the hinges are obsolete so he said they would try to weld the old hinge back together. So I thought that was cheaper than a new cooker! Two and a half hours later, I had a cooker all over the kitchen! The door off, the side panel off, the knobs off,the hot plates off. I only hope he knows how to put it back together!! There's also no guarantee that they can repair the hinge. I know this is nothing to what some of you lovely people are going through but I really feel as though I could turn to drink! Lynne, pleased fur babies are back on form! Got to go now and try to clear a path through the cooker graveyard! Love and hugs to all. Alison xxxx

AnneRD said...

Another stunner Sue. Love the way you have cut the aperture. Had a busy day so will be watching video later. Anne x

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful card, Sue. Fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful card, Sue. Fabulous.

June Horrocks said...

Beautiful card sue glad the vidio is back thank you sue love to all June xxcxxxxcxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, just watched the video of this lovely card. You make it look so easy.
Best wishes hope to see you on tv soon.
Annie.B from Irchester, Northamptonshire xx

Olive Ann Jones said...

so glad the video's are back Sue, you explain things so clearly and have some beautiful creations, Thank you for sharing xx

nzillingworth said...


Tres said...

Hi Sue. WOW, WOW, WOW !! This card is gorgeous !! I love everything about it. Your colour combo is fab, The French Background die is so very, very pretty that after watching your first fab new video, I just had to go and order it !! I was supposed to buying the Californian Background die but ended up buying this one instead !! I just love all your dies so much, both the first and second releases that I can never decide which one to buy each month !! There are still so many dies I need and want !! I love your fantastic idea of cutting an aperture in the background die itself. Why do I never think of doing these things? This is why we need you so much Sue. I would be lost with out you !! Thanks for such a fab video and truly gorgeous card today Sue. I really love the top you had on in this video to. You look great Sue. I will definitely be trying out the aperture idea now. I loved your Tulle flower, and your stick pins on this card look beautiful today. We definitely need some stick pin kits to play with !! Wishing you lots of love and special hugs today Sue, from Tres x x x

Lynne M, it is great to see you back and read about your beautiful little doggies, even if they are so naughty !! Lots of love from Tres x x x

Sheila Ginger, I hope your daughter Nikki had a great time yesterday. Sending you both lots of love from Tres x x x

Barbiepinkfairy , Sorry it is so late now, but Happy Birthday for today. I hope you had a great time. Lots of love from Tres x x x

Pam and Robbie, I am always thinking of you both and hope you are doing well. Lots of love from Tres x x x

Lots of love and hugs to all the Wilsonettes tonight. I hope everyone had a lovely day today, from Tres x x x

Vie Carter said...

Beautiful elegant card, the colours are so lovely

Great stick pins


Myra from Florida said...

I love this card. The tip about the tulle is good info. Thank you. I just watched your video on the blush rosette from awhile ago. I can't wait to make my friends anniversary card from that card as I just received microbeads and will be using them in this way.

Denise Hancock said...

Hi Sue Lovely card great video
Denise X

julie laz said...

Hi sue, beautiful card, the video's are back wow,
Thank goodness for that, as I love watching them,
Crafty hugs Julie xxx

To the lovely lady's
Pam always in my thoughts
Special hugs to Lynda xxx
Special hugs to Lynne mills xxx
you always send me hugs even when I don't comment on posts
Thank you for your thoughts they mean a lot,
Hugs to everyone, love Julie xxx

Janice K said...

A gorgeous lacy card with lovely accent colour.x

Blue Rose said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, card. Love the layered aperture and the tulle flowers. Great video.

lindyloo12 said...

An absolutely stunning card, I love everything about it.

Vick said...

Oh WOW Just a stunning card all round, I haven't got any of these background dies (or the any new ones for that matter) cause I cannot afford any, but I can still drool over your cards, LOL, and hope one day I can afford a couple! I have the striplets though as my bff/sister bought me them as a gift, she's the best! anyway love the card Sue, you never cease to amaze me at your constant inspiration you give to us, long may you continue, hugs, V xxx
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