Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wednesday Weekly Card Giveaway

 Hi bloggers!  I am probably taking a bit of a chance on this one, I expect the response might be rather mixed as it is quite wild, but I really like it!  I started with peach card and stamped the Iron Swirls Background by Justrite on it in black.  I used the Majestic Circles to cut an aperture in the centre. I added height to the background by adding mounting foam to the back.  Then I recessed the stamped cut out piece back into the aperture.  I cut one more Majestic Circles out of white card and used a smaller die on the inside to create a frame.  I glued that in to the recessed aperture.  I stamped a sentiment and cut it out with Fancy Framed Tags Two.  I highlighted it with Tattered Rose ink while still in the die.  I also cut a white shadow mat for it.  I offset the shadow and used mounting foam to add height and added it across my aperture.  I made a Faux Quilled Bloom and seated a top a white seam binding messy bow.  I made two fancy stick pins to match.  I finished the card with a white pierced mat layer, then added thin peach and black mats for balance and a final white mat to complete the card.  Finished dimensions are 6" x 7 1/4" in size.  If you are adventurous and would like to be entered in the drawing to win this card, just leave me a comment.  I will post the winners name on Saturday's blog post.  All for now, Sue x


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Pam said...

Hello Sue and everyone, such a beautiful card again. Loved the video yesterday , especially the flower, who would have thought of doing that, just Our Sue.
Robbie has had his neck brace removed, whoo hoo. Another step forward. He is such a determined young man but this step had him very nervous, so glad that the surgery was successful with the donor bone.
Good ,luck Ita and June for hospital visits, you will be in my thoughts today.
Hugs to baby Leo x. Also to all my blog friends, today is the day, will the cast come off or not, thank you for all your good wishes, I will let you know later as appointment with consultant at 2.45pm
Keep well everyone, hugs to all x

Muriel Kelly said...

How do you come up with so many different ideas Sue? This card is different particularly the colours but so lovely.

Muriel x

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, different but still
Nancyd xx

Anonymous said...

I really like this one. I am not a fan of 'peach' but it works so well with the black.

Francesca Batley x

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. I love it! It is beautiful, I love the background colour and Iron Swirls stamp, all of the dies used, the flower, bow and stick pins, it is a gorgeous card. The lucky winner is going to treasure it, I'm sure.
Noarh-hope you're feeling better today:)
Sending my daily hugs to you Sue, Pam and Robbie-Good luck this afternoon Pam and another great bit of news about Robbie:)Sandra and Pat and all of my other special friends and to all in need. Take care.

Jan.moogie said...

Well you have done it again Sue, yet another stunner.x

Edwina Scotney said...

I would love a chance to win this lovely card, i really appeals to me in every way. Edwina

Kitty Davies said...

Morning Sue.
Beautiful card Love the colour, another cheery card. My best wishes to all the Wilsonettes, Take care all Kitty. I f I won it,it would have pride of place on my wall.

linda boyce said...

Hi Sue super card just love the colours hugs linda

Anne O said...

Hi Sue
I love this card - the background is so pretty! Colours, composition, - all so pretty. Best wishes, Anne O

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
I like to colours and design, a did not like a lot of colours and would stick to simple combos but not any more you help us think outside the colour box and try others, thank you.
Pam good news on Robbie and hope all goes well for you later today.
Ita you can always count on the Wilsonettes to be here for you hope all goes well for you today, my 18 year old niece has been told that she might need a liver transplant sometime in her future all is well for now and they are keeping and eye on her.
Gentle hugs for baby Leo and love and hugs to all the Wilsonettes hope you all have a lovely day.
Good luck all in the card giveaway
Happy crafting
Love Tina x x x

BridgetCG said...

Hi Sue, I think this card is absolutely superb. Love the colours and the layout, I would love to win it. Bx

Jill Berg said...

Love this one. All the elements compliment each other so well, right down to the little apricot bead on the stick pin! Fabulous

Julie Rosier said...

Love it! I like that you are willing to try different combinations of colours and styles. Very inspiring.

Rosalind McLellan said...

Hello Sue,

Another lovely card and technique.

Love Roz x

Lesley Cann said...

Not sure about this card mainly I think due to not being a great fan of peach. But admire the way you always bring us such original designs.

Jazzylady said...

Good morning Sue,
I agree with the previous comments, this is a gorgeous card. I love it when you use colour and peach and black looks elegant. I'll be copying this using my own stash.
Love, Karen xx

Sam Smithard said...

Hi Sue,
What a Beautiful, Stunning, Awesome Creation as you know I love to add Black to Cards whenever I can as I just love Black Card it draw's your attention to all the detail.
I So Love How you've used Black and Fabulous Peach Card for today's Masterpiece, I Love how you've used The Peach Card and Stamped in Black The Iron Swirls Background Stamp by JustRite, this looks just Amazing.
Then I Love how you've cut an Aperture by using The Majestic Circle Die Set, then Cut out this Die yet again using your Coconut White Card, then placing this inside your Aperture, I Love your Sentiment and your Truly Beautiful Faux Quilled Flower, your Messy Bow and The Fabulous Stick Pins. We'll Sue you've done it yet again you've Created an Outstanding, Elegant, Extremely Beautiful Card, I Love The Colours and every thing about it.
Sue Thank You For Sharing This With Us, Thank You For Your Tremendously Hard Work, Thank You For This Awesome Blog, Thank You For The Great Tips and Techniques.
This Is A Personal Note: Thank You For All The Daily Inspiration You Bring To Me, I Can't Begin To Tell You How Much I Appreciate It.
Sue Take Great Care
Love and Hugs
From Sam x
Hugs to All

Rosie said...

Once again, I would like to see this close up, especially to get a proper look at the recessed technique. i like it!

tracy w said...

Hi sue
This card is stunning love the background stamp you have. Used thank you for sharing Tracy w .

June said...

Morning Sue, Pam and everyone, oh wow I love this card Sue, it is gorgeous, I know I keep saying that but as you know I absolutely love all your cards, I am definitely going to try this one out. I also loved yesterdays video especially the flowers as Pam said only you could come up with that neat little trick, another one for me to try.....oh my to try list is getting longer and longer. I go to a small craft club on a Wednesday and we each pick out a card that they like and everyone else makes their take on it, well today I am going to do my take on your 'Aperture in a background' card, so looking forward to it. I also love on your new videos the fact that you are reiterating some of the techniques that you do, pricking round the card is a prime example, I am definitely hooked on this. Well best get ready, shower waiting, tea getting cold and hubby is cooking breakfast. Good luck today Pam with the cast removal, also wonderful news about Robbie having the neck brace off, what was it that Neil Armstrong said (I think it was him) one small step giant leap........ Have a great day everyone, stay safe, healthy and happy. June Smith xxxxx

Anonymous said...

GM Sue - I say bring on wild Sue - your words not mine! Love this -
Clare W

Sheila Lampard said...

Morning Sue
Lovely peach and black card with interesting technique.
Thank you for your inspiration.
I wouldn't mind winning another card!
Enjoy your day.
Sheila x

Jacqui oakes-alcock said...

Interesting card Sue, what I like about your blog is that the techniques you use spark other ideas, which I can adapt to my own projects.many thanks.

Deborah Artliff said...

Good. Morning Sue what a beautiful card I like it as it is different. And the colours you have used are gorgeous I just love everything thing about it
Take care Sue cxx

Debs A xx

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone.
The colour is not for me on this one Sue but love the design.
Have a great day.
Ang x

Maria Illsley said...

Love the card Sue very different but one I would try to replicate xxx

Lilian said...

Hi Sue, very lovely card, do not usually do black as the elderly lady I give my cards to is not keen, but this colour combo is lovely. Lilian

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. Morning all.
Isnt this what card making/crafting is all about - trial and error and experimentation. You do all those things for us, show us your end results then we take it from there. Mr L always says " dont always make cards you would like to receive as so many people have different tastes" I will admit to making a few cards that Id 'bin' given the chance, but to my shock and extreme horror, someone has picked it out, bought it and taken it away (whilst Ive cringed with embarrasment) !! So yes, Mr L can be right sometimes ! So what am I rattling on about ?! That some people will class it as Marmite - I love it. It's different so maybe that's why. No matter what you come up with, wether it be a 'typical' Sue card or something completly different, it's the inspiration, help, tips etc that makes Particraft what it is, but also some of the lovely ladies we are lucky to find here, saying that - Pam, today my thoughts go with you to your appointment. Good Luch hon.
Ita - I repeat my message to you that I left yesterday.

To all my lovely very special friends - you know who you are, I send love and gentle hugs.
To Sue - have a good day and Thank you for being you.

Will check back later to get a Pam update LOL.

Love you.
Lancashire Steph xx

Elaine Sabey said...

Another unique card Sue. I love all the new ideas you give us. A great combination of colours too.

Lots of Love
Elaine x

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue, I love this card as I do all the cards you make and I am always up for an adventure!!
Love Nicola x

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, love this card, who wouldn't like to win it! Love the background stamp, it stands out so well on the peach card, love the bow and your lovely stick pins too. Love Jean xxx

Ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue
I would not call myself adventurous but I really do think today's gift is wonderful! I love the way that you've made the background stamping the main feature with the circle as a supporting role.
I also love the colours for today. They remind me very much of the colours used in the 30s -not that I can remember them in real life-but peach/black was definitely the colours for 30s lingerie. I would love to have your beautiful piece of art sat on my wall giving me inspiration.

Well we had a really good day for the market yesterday - sunshine all the way and very very hot it was too. I managed the main street of stalls because Mr E's little man who sells wonderful black pudding always stands the main street with his two very large drums fired by calor cooking the most wonderful pudding and selling homemade pates etc. You can just see that happening back in the UK can't you!! The H&S people would have a dickey fit - what cooking on the main street with no safety barriers to stop people from getting near the drums and then also selling cooked meats etc within a couple of feet away on the same stall!!
So armed with black pudding and garlic bought from a stall a little further up the street we ventured up one side and down the other passing the pastry shop with 'we'll call there on our way back' and finished at the bottom at our normal coffee stop to sit and watch and oh don't you just see some sights and some really wonderful characters. some time ago on one of our local Friday markets we had to sit inside and there saw a totally different world of characters just ready really for an author to include in their latest story. One of the tables four men sat ages from 60 onwards; each having a different hat on but all having a newspaper open in front of them choosing which horses to back that day (it's one of those cafes where you can also place your daily bets etc). They also have their little glass of something to help them make their decisions and then in walked a very tall and sturdy lady with her husband following and yes he is quite a bit smaller than her. They met friends and she started to talk to the other lady and although I could not make out everything that was said she was passing on the latest gossip with all the wonderful actions necessary. We there and then called the bottom table of gentlemen 'the betting table' and the lady 'madame gossip'. We see them nearly every Friday morning when we have to sit inside. Anyway we decided to walk the back way to the car and missed the pastry shop out completely!! Well there's Friday coming up when it's the normal market day.

We might have had a glorious day yesterday but it started raining very heavily in the night and it's still coming down like stair rods.

Pam - fantastic news on the Robbie front. Another really big step for him.
Steph - hope you're feeling a bit more lively today. It doesn't hurt having a lazy day you know. We all have some of those.

Hope everyone is feeling a little better today. Take care when out and about and see you tomorrow.
Janet x

sonja_w said...

A little bit different, but as usual you are making all the different elements work together beautifully and I really like it. Xx

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
I absolutely love this card! The peach and black combo is stunning! The flower is lovely too. I would love to win this. Thanks for sharing.
Fingers crossed for you Pam. Glad to hear Robbie is continuing to make progress. What a remarkable young man he is.
Hugs if you need one.

nattyboots said...

Hi Sue
It is a little busy but even so a very lovely card , love the colors .
Elaine H X

Ann said...

Hi Sue

This card is just gorgeous I love the peach colour with the black really look nice together.

Hugs Annx without an "e"

Denise said...

Hi Sue
Your imagination is endless, you make such wonderful cards. I love the colour scheme. X
Denise (mini)

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. Loving the colours on this beautiful card. Don't make alot of peach cards but this one has inspired me to make a one. Loving those stick pins. Have a good day.
Best Wishes.
Denise x

TDQ Karen said...

Sue, I love the colour and like the recessed design in the middle too, if this is wild then I like your wild side. It is a great design xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue I agree with you a very different card for you but I have to say I like it! It at least has your signature on it with the bow! lol. Take Care Love Michelle S xxx

Linda Graham said...

Hi Sue,WOW i love this card,the colours are lovely together and background in black on the peach really stand out,i have just had delivery of the iron swirls stamp cant wait to try it,thank you so much for sharing your talent Linda x

Dawn Searle said...

Morning Sue and everyone,
This 'wild' card is beautiful, I am loving the black stamped onto the peach card and the faux quilled flowers really set it off beautifully. I have so many dies I thought I would look for a storage system, but it would work out so expensive. I bought some cheap cd storage boxes from Ikea and some empty cd jewel cases which are also very cheap. I cut a piece of magnetic sheet to fit and put a set of dies inside, even Sue's larger ones fit in. I then label the cd case and stand them upright in the cd boxes and I can flick through and find the die i want. I put flower dies in one box, Christmas dies in another etc. the large border dies I lay onto an A4 magnetic sheet with a small label above each die telling me the name and I can get around five or six on each sheet.
I hope that you get your cast off today Pam and such wonderful news for Robbie, it will be a long road for him but with support from his loving family he will succeed.
Have a good day everyone.
Love and hugs
Dawn Searle xxxx

Annie said...

Morning Sue, I really like this card, the colours and design are lovely!
Annie x

Anonymous said...

Just love this card, Sue, my two favourite colours so what's not to like?! Can't imagine there would be anybody with adverse comments but hey ho we're all different. If I did this (as well I might) would go one step further and make a black circle and black ribbon - now that would cause a ruction. Would very much like to win this please and thanks for the chance. Nice embellishment, as always.

'P' in Wales

Ita - thinking of you and hope all goes well, what a tough time you're having. Sending hugs.
Pam - let's hope today's the day!
Janet Ecco - love the French stories.
Norah - hope today is a better one for you.

auscrafts said...

love this card ,it's different

val jones said...

Good Morning Sue. Yet again another stunning card.
Love Val in Spain x

Helen Kington said...

Good morning Sue and all Wilsonettes - I love todays card and as everybody has said yesterdays video and flower idea were just brilliant.
Pam I hope all goes well today - I remember when my cast came off all I could think was look how hairy my leg had got!!! I hope Robbie keeps up with his progress - small steps .
I have been checking in each day but I have been feeling slightly down and not wanting to 'talk' why I don't know. So hugs to all who are in need this blog family are there for all. Take care here's hoping the sun stays out for a while so I can walk my dog in the dry especially as Wednesday is doggie coffee day. Our small group all go to the local coffee shop after our walk and sit outside. Ozzie likes to sit on my lap and I usually end up looking like I have had an accident as I get wet from his paws in all the wrong places!!! I will leave you now with that picture. Hope everyone has a good day. Helen xx

Evelyn Sinclair said...

Lovely card Sue. Is it very greedy of me to wish I could win one of your cards? I have already won stamp set some time ago!! Love checking in every morning when I wake to see what treat you have posted, although I don't always have time to comment. Hugs from Ireland. Evelyn x

Brooke b said...

Once again another gorgeous card.xxxx

Heather Rogers said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! I can't find fault I love the colour and the background design it's gorgeous Sue. You are amazing with all your never ending ideas!

Have a great day

Crafty Hugs
Heather xx

Ginnie Rutter said...

Hi Sue
You have nothing to fear everyone will love the card, it is so nice to use different colours that o
Are out of our comfort zone. Keep them coming.


doreenj said...

Wasn't too sure when I first saw this card; but it is growing on me the more I look!!!!

Doreen x

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, I love this card, the colour combo is
perfect. It does, as another blogger said, remind me of pretty lace and silk underwear, I would love to win it.

Love from Rosemarie xx

Joan D said...

Lovely card Sue. The colours,although unusual really do compliment each other. What a great idea you had with the flower on yesterday's video. Xx

Linda28 said...

Morning Sue, Yes this card is definitely different, but I love it. It certainly pops out at you. I love how you have used the Peach and Black together and the flower, wow, another beautiful card. Thank you for your inspiration. Linda.

Rosie said...

Good Morning Sue

Another stunning card. I love this colour combination.....

Pauline Norbury said...

I don't know about wild but it is lovely. Xxx

Sheila - Ginger said...

Morning Sue,
I think it's wild but definitely wonderful and I love the colours you have used the peach and black are very striking together. Now who wouldn't want to win such a stunning card....I certainly would love to get my hands on it!

My how the weather has's gone from one extreme to the other here in N. Wales. Really dull and chilly!!
Hugs to all who are in need of them and I hope your days get better.

Love Sheila xx

Jackie Trinder said...

Good morning Sue I do love the card today it is beautiful. Looking at the comments most people feel the same. Have a great day. Hugs Jackie

Gail said...

Morning Sue,
Don't think I would call this card wild, and I do like it very much, bow and all.
Pam great news about Robbie, fingers crossed for you this afternoon.
Hope everyone has a great day today. The sun is shinning and all is well.
Gail C x

Sandra Biggs said...

Hi Sue,
Love everything about this card.The colour, the background are gorgeous.The more I see your flowers the more I liked them.
Have a good day.

carol edwards said...

Hi Sue different card and unusual colours, nice but different x

gwen70 said...

Beautiful card, yet again

karenlotty said...

I like it and would never have thought to use peach and black togethet

camelot67 said...

Good Morning Sue,

Personally I don't see anything wild about this card - I love everything about it. Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
Margaret A.

SandraM said...

its a beautiful card

Wendy L said...

I like it,very stylish, xxx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Never wild this is beautiful, love the peach and black a lovely combination of colours.

Breezes said...

Really beautiful - the colours are so effective with the contrast of the white frame - definitely a winner !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - don't know what you mean about being wild but I absolutely love this card. I love the ironwork background stamp and I'm so pleased you explained how you cut out your circular border - I made a card only yesterday and forgot about using a smaller die so it didn't cover the aperture and it didn't look right! I shall now remedy this! Thank you for sharing another wonderful card with us. Best wishes

Sue from Wiltshire said...

Wow, your wild card is stunning. I love it. The stamp is great and love the colour combo.
Think that was reverse physchology, the majority of us like it.

Shirley Terretta said...

Hi Sue,

Beautiful card. Love that background stamp.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxxxxxxxx

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, I like it so different, and the pins are so beautiful I need some longer pins as mine seem too short . love Jean Z xx

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Not sure wild is the right word! I actually like the card although not too sure about the colours.
Pam great news about Robbie and hope it goes well this afternoon. Ita thinking of you today .helen, good to have you back. Norah, Steph hope you are both ok today. Lynne, Lindsay, Myra, Tres, Julie, Gail,and everyone I've missed, have a great day . Sending love and hugs to all. Alison xxx

Maureen Killen said...

Good morning Sue, and all the ladies.
I love this card Sue, the peach and black combo is wonderful, you've produced a winner for me.
Norah, hope you're feeling a bit better.
Pam, good luck with the pot removal, will check back later to find out what happened.
Ita, thinking of you.
Yorkielass - June, Alison, and all the ladies I hope you all have as good a day as possible and will read all the posts tonight.
Thank you again Sue for a great blog with lovely people xx

Jan Caven said...

Hi Sue
Its not wild, it's beautiful. Really different but effective.
Love Jan x x

Chang Alison said...

Such a beautiful card. Love the color combination.

CHERYL brown said...

Yes I do like it, so you didn't take much of a chance for me. Love the flower, how do you think outside the box all the time? To think of other ways to use the dies are not always on my mind so when you do it, you make it look so easy. I have the leaf dies so will be using it as centres for larger flowers. Thank you . hugs xxx
P.S. Good luck to
Pam with having your cast off. I have followed your remarks now for a long time and although i don't know you personally, I am so pleased you are nearly there. hugs for you too xxx.

Patricia Youdell said...

Morning Sue
I really like this card, especially how the punched edge the die leaves
Pat x

Chris Curry said...

Good morning Sue. Another lovely card. I really like the peach and black together. The faux flowers are lovely and easy to use too. Recessing is such a good idea, it alters the card completely. Thank you. xx

Glennis said...

Lovely card - I really like the faux quilled flower

Marleine said...

Morning Sue,

Love everything about this.card. X

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Love the peach and black combination, very crisp
Regards, Audrey O'Brien, Wicklow Ireland

Lacelady said...

I like it a lot, and would be honoured to have it on my wall. So you have hit the right spot with me

fame01 said...

WOW what a stunning card so very pretty ,hugs Sarah xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
I think this card is simply stunning. Beautiful. I really love it. The colours are my idea of heaven. I love everything about it. Someone will be very lucky to win this one.
Thank you.
Bye for now.
SandraP xxx

3362 Jan. said...

Morning Sue. Wow I love it. Very unusual colours. But it so works.
Have a great day. Hugs. Jan. xx

Hilary said...

Good morning Sue, and everyone. A fabulous card for the Wednesday giveaway! Good luck to everyone.
Wishing you, and all your Wilsonettes a happy and healthy day. Love and hugs. Hilary xxxx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
What a stunning card you have made for us today. I love the iron works background stamp. I saw Julia demo this one. I love the look of this card. The peach card is gorgeous. Whoever wins will be a lucky lady.
Good luck with the plaster Pam and fantastic news about Robbie.
How are you Steph and Norah, hope your hills are alive today.
Special hugs to Sue and Sandra, who will be enjoying a well earned rest.
Hugs to all who need one today.

Robin said...

Sue - Nothing wrong with the card.

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, don't know what you were worried about, this card is lovely anyone would be over the moon to receive it (especially me!).
Pam good luck with your 'cast off' today, will check back later to see how you got on.
Take care everyone whatever your day brings. Jess x

Donna Jones said...

Hi Sue,
Lovely card, great colour. Loving the stamp and the circle frame too.
Donna Jones

June Horrocks said...

Love it sue thank you for sharing hope you have a good day love to all June xxxx

SerenePolly said...

Morning Sue

There is nothing wrong with wild and it's good to ring the changes and challenge normal practices.

These colours really appeal to me and I love the technique.

Hope you and everyone on the blog has a great day!


Debbie Tinks said...

Lovely card Sue stunning love the colours together ... Happy crafting and have a lovely day .. x

Cazzie D said...

Morning Sue. I love the background stamp and this is a lovely quick card. Not keen on peach though personally. Caz x

PharmacyMichele said...

Lovely card-a little bit different to your usual style but thats good! Makes us think & i'm very guilty of only making cards in colours/styles I like but as they aren't for me thats not always a good idea.


Lorna D said...

Hi Sue,
I'm not sure on the colours but really like the idea of the design.
You just continue to inspire.
Lorna D

Denise Hancock said...

Hi Sue great idea for a beautiful card.
Denise X

Angela Allen said...

Hi Sue
I really like it,so unusual.
Love Angela x

Beryl Frost said...

Good morning Sue this card is so beautiful it took my breath away. I love the colour peach and combined with the black stamping it looks so elegant. Just for that special touch you have added your lovely hat pins. Beryl xx

Laura O said...

hi Sue ,I love this card quite a lot going on but it works altogether ,Laura O

Jan Ltc said...

Wonderful card love how you made the leaves into a flower xx Jan

Jan Ltc said...

Wonderful card love how you made the leaves into a flower xx Jan

barbiepinkfairy said...

Good Morning Sue and all the Wilsonettes, I love this one and will give it a go. I bought a gorgeous paper at mine and Steph's crafty heaven which would be ideal for the background and I fancy it microbeaded.I need to do a retirement card so may do it for that.

Steph hope you are less tired today but remember sleep is good for you and nature tells you when you need it.

Norah hope you are OK today?

Pam, good luck with your plaster but be aware your foot will feel like you don't own it!

Lynda I am hoping to do Ally Pally on the Saturday but need to book train. Just considering staying over and going out with my brother on the Sat night as he lives in Greenwich and then doing market Sunday morning. Just adds to cost but makes a great weekend and Tilly is coming too and adores her Uncle and London so we could have a real girlie weekend.

It a sorry about your health problems but support guaranteed here.

Well ladies school hols continue roller skating (steph you from here originally or are you imported! Do you remember the Navada?) Then macaroons making a new venture but believe they can be tricky!

Love to all xxx

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
WOW this is stunning just love it would love to receive it for my craft room wall.
Carol x

Anonymous said...

I really like this card, the colours and the background. Take care. Claire

ellyscard creatief said...

Beautiful card.Love the flower and pins.
Gr Elly

Maggie said...

Hello. What a stunning card. The black and peach is a lovely mix. I use your quilled flowers over and over again and they always look wonderful. xx Maggie (better without a bow)

Jackie Durrant said...

Good morning Sue, another really pretty card and an unusual colour, rather striking with the black to contrast, love from Jackie D

dlough said...

Good morning, what can I say but another beautiful card. I love your style. I just purchased my first Pinpoint Embossing Folder and I love it. Diane

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue,
Well I Love, love, love, this stunning card, fantastic design and beautiful embellishments.
Have a great day

Patricia xx

PS have the recipe for my Tablet up on my Bog yesterday/today!!!!

Anki J said...

Hi Sue, STUNNING!! I just love the color and the design of the card, but it is only U Sue that can come up with that!

Really Hope to win it...
Cross my fingers.

Happy Creation;)
Anki J - Sweden

Janette MacArthur said...

Hi Sue - why did you think we might not like today's card - I love it! The colours & design are stunning!
Janette xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I like this card although I don't think the true colour is showing up very well on my tablet. I love the shadow mat.
Beverley W

Rach83 said...

Hi Sue,

Absolutely delightful card! I think that background stamp is one of my all-time favourites and your take on it is so beautiful! The big bow and flower make it so girly and striking. I would be over the moon to win.

Rachel x

Marianna Hammer said...

I absolutely and totally adore this card. I would so like to have it on a shelf in my hobby rooom. xxx

yorkielass said...

Hello Sue, Ooooh I like this card it is just gorgeous. Your clever ideas never cease to amaze me, thank you for all your inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your day.
Pam and Ita thinking of you today, you brave ladies and wishing you well for hospital visits. Pam good news about Robbie, gentle hugs.
Helen good to see you back, gentle hugs.
Steph and Norah hope you are feeling better, gentle hugs.
Daily hugs to Tina E, Magaret corgi owner, Jean D, Lynne M, Lynda B, Myra P, Maureen K, Lindsay, Magpie, Brenda L, Wheely Bad, TOB Theresa, Mrs B, Sandra, Cameeli, Angela W, Maria A, Julie and Lee and of course our Sue.
Take care everyone.
Hugs June xxx

Lisbeth said...

Morning Sue, I really like this card, we should all take a leaf out of your book and try to create something completely different otherwise we get stuck in a rut and all our cards end up looking the same. Thanks for the inspiration.


Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
this card is absolutely beautiful.
Every single element of it. I love the recessed technique, so effective. Stick pins to die for, in fact there's nothing NOT to like about this card.
Hugs, Rose

iReneM said...

This is gor-ge-ous.

How could you think it wouldn't be liked, Sue, LOL.

Love it :)


Nana on the Hill said...

I simply love this card, the background is beautiful, and you've managed to make it look quite Gothic. As usual Sue, a stunner.

Ivonka said...

I don't think you're taking a chance, Sue - I think it's lovely and not too wild at all!
I haven't been around for a few days so shall sit down with a cuppa and work through the blogs that I've only glimpsed. Looking forward to the video in particular. Happy crafting! Yx

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

I don't know why you were worried, but i love this card, the colour is great.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

Alice G said...

Totally love this card Sue it's just beautiful. The ironworks stamp is very elegant ands the colour combo is fab, I think anyone would love to win this card , I certainly would!

Hugs Alice xx

Nina Spear said...

Morning Sue
My first thought was wow, that is different to the norm but, I have to say, I do like it. The combination of black and peach makes it quite stunning.

Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Gorgeous Card Sue!

I don't think you're taking a chance at all. I love the colour theme, it really does work and your embellishment is gorgeous.

Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Love everything about this card, the colours are gorgeous as is the background stamp
Best wishes to everyone, Pat

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, I love it !! this card is gorgeous !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Dear Pam, Such good news for Robbie. Here's hoping your appointment with the consultant is as good, thinking of you.
Lots of love and huge hugs to you and Robbie and your family from Patricia xx

Beryl Treble said...

Hi Sue, this works for it!

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, it is a gorgeous card and I love it especially the stamped background. I was really disappointed I missed the last two weeks of your blog. Wifi where we were staying in France was useless and hubby would not let me use my phone for wifi over there. Home and back to normal now with lots of your cards to catch up on.

Susan White said...

Wow - totally wonderful! Love the way the peach and black are so striking, and the lovely little flower - hope you pick me!!! Susan x

heather harrison said...

Hi Sue. I think this is a reslly lovely card. The colours are really nice and love the flowers. No need to worry about the reaction I think everyone will like tbis. Hugs Heather.x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as ever Sue, you never let us followers down. Well done.
Carole Ballsom

Mary Burton said...

Hi Sue,
The iron swirls background is so gorgeous, and it always looks so different when stamped in other colours and styles. I like the way that the black ink brings out the black beads of the stick pins. Very elegant.

Maxine T said...

Sue, I don't find this wild at all, I love it. Keep them coming.
Maxine T

Beth T said...

You crack me up! I don't see any risk at al!!! It's a stunning card and I would recognize it anywhere as one of your gorgeous designs. Can't wait to make a similar one!

Lynne Mills said...

Hi Sue, this creation is one of my all time favourites. I love the peach/black combo very zingy. It brightens a very overcast day. Keep bringing us your amazing talent , I for one are very grateful. Lol lynne m x x x x

Well nearly had to call out doggie rescue as went to forest yesterday and Cully took off like a rocket straight for the trees/bushes and disappeared from sight. Tilly ran around in circles looking for her sister. Called and whistled but no Cully. After a while of wondering what the devil to do ( hubby kept saying she shouldn't run off like that !!!) honestly sometimes I could slap his head for the daft comments he comes out with. Instead breathed deeply and inspiration/desperation hit, I used one of three words that
no matter where my devious divas are in the house they can hear me say these words"Cully breakfast" I called loudly. Sure as eggs are eggs out came the little monster running up to me as if to say "where's my food then". Tilly distanced herself from Cully as if to say "you're on your own for this one". Hubby got the leads on the girls and that was the end of playtime in the forest. I could feel Cully's eyes boring into the back of my head all the way home in accusation of the missing breakfast.
Told hubby after all the excitement!!! I would have a layin this morning, so he would take poochies across the road to the park for a run. Well my body was ready for a layin but my brain and the working cells I have left had other ideas. 20 to 6 I woke up, decided that I would join hubby in the park. Poochies spotted me and ran straight at me jumping up at the last minute to plant muddy paw prints on my t shirt and leggings. That got me thinking ( I am known for going off in tangents) if I put ink on poochies paws I could have my own designer range of clothes called "Paws for thought" ' told you I only have a few working brain cells. Oh well back to reality and housework.

Lindsay - hugs to your little man, fingers crossed his leg improves.
Norah - hope you feel better today
Pam - hope all goes well and the plaster comes off.

June, Karen, Alison, Lynda, Steph, Barbara, Mrs B, Margaret CO, Tres, Angela,Myra, Maria and everyone I have missed - lol as ever.
Lynne m & fur babies x x x x

dreamer said...

Thank you Sue, the colours are exciting ,the peach and black go well together, you have been wilder, your thoughts are good ,,,,,regards Wendy

Lynne Mills said...

Forgot to say the other two words are Dinner & Tea ( my dogs think with their stomachs) x x x c

IVY Cheong said...

Morning Sue,

Stunning card. Love peach and black. Thank you for sharing.

Lots of love,

Ivy Ling xx

Dawn Holben said...

WOW Just simply beautiful and such an elegant card.
You come up with such beautiful creations time and time again.
Thank you.

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi Sue. Love this card. Beautiful stamped background and colours. Love it all :-) Have a great day and hugs to all xx

TOB said...

morning all my fellow wilsonettes.
Sue this is a gorgeous card love the colours.
Ita believe me you are not alone we are here for you.
Still have my back brace on and in a lot of pain but am ok.
To everyone hugs and warm wishes. Love Theresa x

Jayne S said...

I like this card also love the colour.

Caron28 said...

Wow. A very striking and elegant card Sue. The background stamp is stunning. Xx

yvonne masterman said...

Hi Sue what a gorgeous card love the colours, I think it would look lovely with maybe pale green for people who don't like peach.
Well my pretty frame is still waiting for a gorgeous card to go in it......Yvonne xxx

lynda said...

Hello Sue & Wilsonettes I love love this card the stamp & dies you have used beautiful as is the colours used,
Good luck every one winning this gorgeous card thank you Sue for your generosity & all your inspirations
Love & hugs Lynda Brock xx

Pam good luck at hospital hope you loose your pink pot today great news on Robbie's progress HUGS to you both Lynda xx

Ita, hope all go's well for you with the consultant today you are a brave lady my thoughts & prayers are with you Sending you BIG GENTLE HUGS Love Lynda xx

Helen K sorry you have been feeling down but good to see you back here today, Big gentle hugs Lynda xx

Lanc Steph & Norah hope your both feeling better today hugs Lynda xx

Barbiepinkfairy Wow sounds like a hectic Ally Pally weekend you will have, but sounds great & sure Tilly will love a girly weekend Go for it. Hugs Lynda xx

Special hugs to Sandra hope your enjoying a restful holiday,Yorkielass,Lindsay,Margaret corgi owner, Lynne M & fur babies,Wheely Bad,Jean D,Magpie,Nanna Tina, Tina E,Tres,Tandy,TOB Theresa,Myra P,Maureen K,Hazel,Pam & Robbie,Ita,Mrs B,Brenda L,Julie Laz & Lee,Janet Ecco,Camille missing you, Steph, Norah & wee Rory & our Sue love Lynda xx

Big hugs to anyone that wants them all enjoy the rest of.your day Lynda xx

purplenana said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card as ever, as you said slightly different colours, but black and peach work together particularly for a "thank you" or "just to say" type card. Thank you once again for a chance to win one of your cards.

Christine said...

I've never been called 'adventurous' before, but I must be as I love everything about this card ! It would be something special if I was to win it. Good luck everyone, and thank you Sue.
Christine (Andypandy) x

weefortune said...

Hi sue, why mixed? i think this is a stunning card and im sure any of your followers would love to win it, good luck to all Elaine x

nannapat said...

I love the peach card Sue and the black stamping looks striking on it. Gorgeous card, elegant in my opinion. Pat x

Lindsay Martin said...

Ooh Sue, I love this one, so you won't get any negatives from me....!
Pam I'm so pleased Robbie is continuing with steady progress, he will feel so much better without the neck brace on once his confidence returns and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that you get to have your cast off, just as it's starting to get cooler!
Norah, hope you're ok.
Jackie, I know how you feel missing out on your pastry, we want to our local one day agricultural show last week where we were showing one of our ponies, we took her come, cleaned up the trailer and got ourselves changed, got back to the show and had some lunch, but were too full for our ritual of show doughnuts, so decided we would wait awhile. We kept looking round the show found a lovely ice cream stall so my daughter and i had an ice cream each, again now too full for he doughnut. We watched the main display, and on our way back around the show decided to go to one of the clothing stalls, buy our yearly hoodies etc, then finally get out doughnut, only when we got there they told us they had runout... Well to say I wasn't impressed was an understatement, I'd been looking forward to them for the last year!
Lynne, those girls of yours do,make me chuckle, good job you remembered the lucky words!
Helen, glad to see you feel able to comment today.
Alison hope the head is all better today.
DaiLy hugs to all my friends including, Steph, Karen, TOB, Tina, Tres, Sandra, Margaret, Linda, Cameeli, Myra, Theresa, Julie and Lee, wheelybad and p in Wales xxx

Anne Temple said...

Love this! Fabulous color combo.

Virginia Davey said...

Hi love the colour combination it would make a lovely card for a man and we all know how difficult it is to make for them!!!

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Love LOVE to days card,and I would love to win it.
Thank you all for the get well messages.

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, adventurous, me? I don't think so, but I love this card! The peach is gorgeous as is your stick pin. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want it on their wall.

Lynne, to get my cats in at night I have a new magic word 'Dreamies!' it rarely fails and I wish they had been available years ago.

cr@fty said...

Hi Sue
I must be adventurous because I love today's card lol.
Good luck Pam and brilliant news about Robbie.
Hugs x
Heather T

Theresa Sweetman said...

I think it's lovely

Anonymous said...

Love the colors and think this card is lovely, I like mixing up black with different colors, such as yellow and blk. or lime green and black.
Yvonne N.

SusanP, Kent said...

I like it. The black on peach is a lovely combination. The stick pins don't do it for me though. I just don't like them on anything for some reason I can't work out.

hollyberry said...

A really beautiful card that has different colours that are gorgeous.

terrie said...

Great looking card...the color is a different but everything you added to the card as embellishment makes this card really nice.
Well done Sue

Anonymous said...

I love the colours on this, Sue. I think I am going to have to get the flower dies!

Anne (Northampton)

Janice Robinson said...

Hi Sue
I actually like this card,yes it is different but really nice.

Micky French said...

Lovely Sue, would be proud to own it.
Hugs to all
Michelle xxxx

Jackie Whiteman said...

Fabulous card, I love the look of all your cards, however, this one in particular, lovely colours used.

Don't know how you keep coming up with all your designs!!

Jackie x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, such a lovely card again.
Can't wait until October when you will be demonstrating in Coleman's again.
Love from
Annie.B, from Irchester, Northants

baconbits said...

Afternoon Sue
WOW the more I see this background stamp the more it talks to me- take me home... Love todays card very effective and such an unusual colour for you to use.
Amanda x

Tina Eldridge said...

Hi Sue and lovely blog friends

I also think the card was different for you, and I love it. I love the peach and black colour combo and the stick pins are fab.

Pam. Fantastic news about Robbie, that's really good news and going in the right direction. Good luck today Pam, will look in later.Hugs to you and Robbie X

Norah, I hope you are OK today. We were short changed yesterday. Thinking of you. X

Steph, I hope that nail is not giving you jip today. Did you get my email about the focal point, I did'nt put it on my blog, I sent it to your email. Hugs X

Ita. I hope everything goes well for you at the hospital, thinking of you. X

Hugs to Margaret, Yorkielass, Lynda and Lydsay bummer about those doughnuts.

Kind regards to all

Tina XX

Sonia Jones said...

This card is lovely and i love the pricked edging you do. I only wish mine were half as good LOL. Hugs Sonia

Susi Mortimer said...

Hi Sue, as you say different, but yet so beautiful, and the colours are lovely also. Have a great day everyone. Susi x

Barbara said...

I like it!
I don't think we are really seeing the true colour in the picture, it doesn't do it justice.
You never make a card I wouldn't like to own, sometimes I might prefer it in a different colour but I love all your cards.

LYNNE those girls certainly keep you fit. Don't you just panic when they disappear out of sight and don't come when you shout. You hear that many stories of dogs going missing/stolen. I like to give Ben some freedom but have had quite a few occasions when I have thought I had lost him and would never let him off the lead again but I love to see him running about free. The joys of having dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lesley Griffiths said...

Well I think it is just lovely.

Tandy said...

Hi Sue,
Love everything about this card I wish we could buy your stick pins. Good news about Robbie and I hope you got your cast off today Pam. Norah I hope you are alright. Special love to Baby Leo. Love and hugs to all.

Bejay Roles said...

Hi Sue, I LOVE WILD!!! What a great card, it's just fantastic!! xx

Carole Z said...

Absolutely beautiful card Sue, love the background, hugs Carole Z X

hotpotato said...

I love the card.

Janice K said...

I think the peach, black and white colours work very well together and create a beautiful card.x

Tracy Stitt said...

Hi sue.
So what if its a little wild. I really like it. Quite like the peach too but I love the techniques you've used it really brings it to life.
And that's what I love about this blog it brings me a little bit of life everyday and makes me thankful for what I have.
Love to all
Tracy from killie xx

Alison D said...

Hi Sue, gorgeous card today. The background image is so pretty and the stick pins are always perfect. My daughter and I have started making our own pins now just so they match the cards. Thank you, Sue, for sharing this clever embellishment tip, it makes a big difference to our projects. Love and hugs,
Alison D x

SHARICA said...

Fab card today .. xx

Pam said...

Hello everyone - The pink cast has gone (hurrah), foot and ankle very swollen but consultant pleased with progress. Unable to get a boot on and rather than another cast they have splinted the ankle which can be removed at night. I have to try walking on the foot and exercise the ankle, use crutches for assistance and build up my mobility. Back in 6 weeks for review, physio to be arranged and off work for another 4 weeks as unable to drive yet. A good result I think.
Ita and June, hope your visits to hospital went well, come on girls, lets show them.
Hugs to all and thank you everyone for the good wishes, you really dont know how much it helps.
Cameeli and Norah, you are both AWOL, hope you are well and we miss you both. Would love to see you both back on blog.

Jane said...

I Love it very nice.

Jane xx

Jane said...

I Love it very nice.

Jane xx

Maryann Laursen said...

Well I definitely like, what you´ve done here. I think, i´s exstremely elegant and beautiful. So well done Sue, you did it again.

Vanessa Lee said...

Hi Sue
Definitely different as it is quite busy. Saying that it is still beautiful. I love the colour combination. Best wishes to all
Vanessa x

Cee Bee said...

Nothing wild about that Sue, it's just gorgeous, love everything about it
Hugs n stuff
Carol B

Jennifer Smith-Kirk said...

Well Sue, all I can say is I want and need to have this card, stunningly beautiful in a lovely delicate colour, with the black contrast and embellished perfectly. Love it, love it, love it - thank you for sharing Sue x x x

craftynanna said...

hi sue, i think this is a super card the peachy colour is really pretty, i havn't done any cards today because i volunteer in a charity shop mon. wed. and sat, but yesterday i did the triple christmas tree, you know the one were you glue several tree's together, it has come out really really fab. thank you so much for your inspiration sue, i would be lost without you,
i must have missed the post on robbie having the bone donor opp, good luck to him. love to all J PS yesterdays video was great

hazel young said...

Gorgeous card Sue xx hazel

Vie Carter said...

Sue I love this card, the peach is lovely and the design great


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Gorgeous colours and love those pins and the quilled flower

Victoria said...

I've been away on holiday but back now and WOW, I love this card. I'm definitely adventurous and would love to win this card!

liz spooner said...

I love this card Sue. Thanks for all your inspiration. Liz Spooner

Diane said...

Hi Sue love today's card it's very pretty and yes the colour of posh undies!!! Lol. That's a bit racey! Just returned from my uncles funeral in wales - 4 hour journey both ways but worth it to say goodbye - he had a good send off. Rather tired now though. Enjoy your evening Sue. Love Diane G xxx
Pam great news on your leg and Robbie take care and don't overdo it xxx

Myra P said...

Hi Sue,
I just love today's card . The colour combination is beautiful and I'm sure it will look even more beautiful in real life. Love the stick pins today . Always admire them but these are just perfect. Will give this a try but will have to use another large stamp as don't have this one.
Pam - great news! So pleased for you and it must be wonderful to have the cast off! Just take things slowly - freedom and independence are just around the corner! Great news too about Robbie .x

Norah - do hope you are ok ! We do miss you when
you don't comment. Sending a special hug!
I am so tired today I will just leave it there. Still to finish some prep. for tomorrow but Friday's is done!
Sending love to all who are going through tough times and are suffering.
Love to all , Myra

Hellma said...

Love it.

Hellma said...

Love it.

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