Saturday, 23 August 2014

Best Friend

Hi bloggers!  An oldie here that had been missed a while back so it is having it's day on the blog now.  It is all about the gilding flakes for this one!  In case you haven't seen it, I did a video on "How to use gilding flakes" on the Creative Expressions You tube channel.  It makes it very easy if you are a visual learner.  For today's card, I used the Butterfly Kisses background stamp by Justrite Stamps.  I inked it with Flake and Glitter glue on a piece of cut 'n dry foam.  I dabbed it all across the stamp until it was evenly coated and then placed my black card over the stamp, rubbed all areas with my hand, then removed the card.  I set it aside while I used a Grime Boss on my stamp to remove any residual glue form it.  Once the stamped image has gone completely clear, it is ready to gild (usually about two minutes).  I used Calypso flakes and distributed them all over my background with a piece of rubit scrubit pad.  Using a circular motion and a light hand, I refined the image, taking all the excess flake away.  I did a second stamping the same way, but only used the left hand panel of the stamp this time.  After gilding it, I covered it with a sticky adhesive sheet and coated it with Iced Snow.  I trimmed and mounted this panel for dimension.  I used one of the smaller dies in my Classic Rose set to create a small flower out of black card.  I added glue to the petals and sprinkled it with Midnight Snow (the black version of Iced Snow).  I seated the flower on some gold tulle and black twine and a black swirl die cut.  I stamped my sentiment and cut it out with Vintage Labels Seven.  I used Rusty Hinge distress ink while still in the die to add colour around the edge.  I cut another die in black, split it in half and used it as a shadow.  I mounted the sentiment up on foam for dimension.  I finished the card with a bit of black and white matting a my usual paper pierced edge.  The finished dimensions are 6 1/4" x 7 1/2" in size.  All for now,
Sue x


Pam said...

Hello Sue , another stunning card. Love the guilding flakes.
Happy hols to all who are off this weekend, Tandy and Gail, so well deserved, please enjoy your selves.
Physio came yesterday, had to have emergency day off work and asked office to call me but they didn't. Gentle exercises to start, she said but aching today, oh well what did I expect.. Robbie,s update, he has been flexing 4 toes of one foot, each step is a milestone in his recovery.
Steph, hope you are feeling a bit better each day.
Magpie, hope you enjoyed your birthday and massage.
Hugs all round including Dianeandchips, Wheelybad, Ita, Cheryl and all who are under the weather for whatever reason. happy Bank Holiday to you all.

Cameeli of Richmond said...

Good morning Sue and all the crafty crew!!

Really loving the butterfly kisses and flakes.

I have been a little low since my holiday with no real reason, so I am going to Clapham Junction and taking the first train towards Salisbury or beyond, may land up on the south coast. Have fun whatever you are doing.

Cameeli xx

Cameeli of Richmond said...

Really glad the physio arrived, and really good news about Robbie..
Cameeli xx

Pam said...

Ps just had to add Norah and all the tales of dressing and hair when we were children. I too had all of that girls, my mum made my clothes and they were lovely but all I wanted was a C & A dress like my friends. Happy days, huh xx

Rosalind McLellan said...

Hello Sue,

What a beautiful card. I love gilding flakes.

Love, Roz.x

Maryann Laursen said...

WOW this is gorgeous Sue. I love it.

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue,
Love this stunning card, the effect is amazing.
Have a great weekend

Patricia xx

Kitty Davies said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you another beautiful card, so rich and vibrant. Have a good weekend and take care Kitty.

Jacqui oakes-alcock said...

Lovely rich card Sue.

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue and everyone. Gorgeous card - love this background stamp.
Glad the physio arrived Pam, fab news about Robbie too. Hugs to all in pain or feeling low and happy holidays to those having a break - enjoy! Sue xxx

Deborah Artliff said...

Good morning Sue another stunner I love it when you do this technique. I would be over the moon if I relieved a card like this. I'm off to town this morning to pick up my new Christmas dies that I ordered. Can't wait till I can play with them. Take care Sue xx

Debs A xx

Patricia Youdell said...

Morning Sue
A lovely card - I wish I could master this technique
Pat x

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
I have never used the flakes but your card is lovely one day maybe I will take the plunge and try them.
Birhday wishes for those I missed and any today, and all who are on or going on holiday have a great time .
Good news on Robbie and I hope you are not too achey Pam, Cameeli hope you enjoy your day.
Norah I have loved your stories I was not allowed long hair so I had what was called a basin cut as I hated my hair washed and brushed and when I did grow my hair it would take an age to wash and keep nice so now have it shoulder length, and my Mum would cut up her cloithes to nake dresses for me and my sister and when she had my brother she coverted some of our dresses into romper suits, when my youngest went to nursery I bought most of her clothes from the charity shops as she would usually come home with paint or glue which hardly ever washed out so if they got nessy and did not come out it could go in the bing.
Gentle hugs for baby Leo and love and big hugs to all the Wilsonette.
Happy crafting
Love Tina x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. Morning Wilsonetts.

I could sence you were down Cam, sure your regular blog reading friends could also feel this wasn't our 'usual Cam' hope you feel a little more at ease with the world soon. We are around for you. We ALL have our low moments xxx
Pam - pleased physio has started and that Robbie is also making baby steps with Aunty Pam xx

Oooohhhh dear, stamp + glue + flakes = the terror shakes ! Lol although I did manage the striplet background with flakes the other week but it was tence lowering the striplets onto the sticky sheet, never have I been so blue lol. Now with glue and stamp - my confidence waines I must admit (although the sentiment says it all Sue) you have helped me do some of the nicer cards thanks to your tutorials, but Im still frightened of flake and glitter glue, maybe one day I will try again (maybe I'll win the lotto first prize too) ! Right !!
Its such a beautiful, dainty background and the flakes show it off like a dream.
Hoping to get a few cards made today ready for market tomorrow, and a BIG thank you to those I call genuine dear friends here for your lovely 'pick me up' messages and email's you are true, lovely ladies, thank you. Yes, much better now thank you very much xx
To those ladies out n about this BH weekend enjoy your time away, to all those staying away from the crazy BH roads, enjoy any crafting you get done.
To my wonderful, caring, thoughtful friends, if I could take it from you I would (especially your dies) LOL just joking, you deserve and need your pleasures for its THAT, that keeps us going.
Have a good day.
Love you.
Lancashire Steph xx

Linda28 said...

Hi Sue, I really like the effect of the guilding floaters they make a card look so rich. I have never tried to do it with a stamp though, so I am going to try this method soon. Thanks for the inspiration. Love the card. Linda

Sonia Jones said...

This is one stunning card. I love gilding flakes. Sonia x

Sam Smithard said...

Hi Sue,
How Could You Miss Such A Truly Stunning, Striking, Elegant Card Is So Beautiful I'm Thrilled You've Decided To Share It With Us.
I've Watched The Video On You Tube! More Than Once Re: How To Use Gilding Flakes It Was Great So Informative, I Love Video's Where You Make Cards, But This Was Great As It Was Showing Tips And Techniques I Hope There's More Of This Type In The Pipeline.
I Love The JustRite Stamp You've Used
"The Butterfly Kisses" Background Stamp And Placing It On Black Card Looks Just So Awesome, I Love The Colour Of The Gilding Flakes You Chose To Use, The Calypso Flakes Creative Expression Have Brought Out So Many Fabulous Colours, It's Hard To Choose.
I Love How You've Stamped Again And Used The Gilding Flakes, Then You Used Part Of It Added Iced Snow And Attached To The Left Hand Side, Then I Love How You Used A Flower Using The Classic Rose Die, Then Adding The Truly Awesome Midnight Snow (I must get some of this product) I Love The Sentiment Very Apt.
Sue Another Extremely Beautiful Card
Sue Thank You For Sharing Thank You For The Video Re: The Gilding Flakes, Thank For This Tremendous Blog.
Sue On A Personal Note: A Huge Thank You For The Daily Inspiration I So Much Appreciate It, Thank You.
Sue Take Great Care
Love And Hugs
From Sam x
Hugs To All

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
You have me hooked on gilding flakes and micro beads I'm thinking of getting therapy lol. The calypso flakes have so many pretty colours in them and is one of my favourites (until I use another pot) lol.
Fantastic news about Robbie Pam
Hugs x
Heather T

Marion Bull said...

Lovely card and just love the gilding flakes. Will watch the video since my efforts are not nearly as good as yours Sue!
Marion B xx

Ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue
I've just become friends with gilding flakes and if I say so myself we are on very good terms and then you say right now you have to use your stamp/glue etc and gilding flakes!! My blood pressure has just risen dramatically! lol.
I will be having a go on a little piece of card before attempting this on a gift.
I love the idea of today's gift and have to say I like the format but for me the background/black is a little too dark. I love mono-chrome but today there's a little too much black.

I popped over to the 'scrapblog' yesterday and hopefully sent a picture.

Pam - so pleased Physio turned up and hopefully you will feel some benefit. Robbie is doing so so well. He is more than determined isn't he? Just keep at it Robbie and as Auntie Pam says every step is a milestone but you're better than yesterday.

Cameeli - take care. Talk to someone please.

Had a long note from my eldest daughter Christina yesterday to say that she had been cornered by the squirrel that they had in a little while ago (it had been found by a lady who instead of taking it to a vet/rescue had kept it as a family pet and then when it got injured decided it might not be a good things to keep) repaired it and then released it but he keeps coming back to their garden. He attacked her and bit her on one of her hands which then promptly become very swollen and she couldn't use it at all. She and her husband are now trying to capture it again to take it as far away from them as they can in the hope that it will not return to their area.
If only people would realise that WILD animals are not PETS. There is good news on the baby fox front - at long last she has found someone who will take him and release him back into the wild. The only thing is is that the lady lives in Tewksbury so they are travelling from Hognaston Derbyshire this week-end to take him.
Our Friday pastries were as usual so so so good. Mr E went all religious on me this week. His pastry was called that - it had a ball of choux pastry filled with coffee cream with a smaller ball on top again filled and finished off with a blob of cream and a tiny dot of choc. (it's supposed to look like a church). Not quite sure that the title fits him but I'm not saying anything.

Hope everyone is feeling somewhat better this morning. Have a lovely bank holiday and hope that all plans come together. Take care and see you tomorrow.
Janet x

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone.
Love gilding flakes and Love this card. The background is stunning. Got your "Peace" die yesterday so shall have a play over the weekend.
Have a great day.
Ang x

Dawn Searle said...

Morning Sue and everyone,

A lovely card today. I have the stamp, gilding flakes, flake and flitter glue and Grime Boss at the ready, but I haven't taken the plunge yet. I think this weekend I will and see how it goes. I am not going out onto the roads unless I can help it. My sister and her husband are here for lunch tomorrow. I want to give her a relaxing day as she works so hard. Have a lovely Bank Hoiliday everyone.
Love and hugs
Dawn Searle xxx

Virginia Davey said...

Morning everyone the gilding flakes always give cards such a rich colour . A very nice card.

June said...

Morning Sue Pam and all Wilsonettes and a happy bank holiday weekend to you all, I too like the gilding flakes (just don't have the window open when you are doing it haha!!) no seriously they do bring out such beautiful designs on our cards and this one is especially pretty. Such good news about Robbie........... shall we call him twinkle toes ...... hopefully he will laugh .......... well Pam I know that physio hurts but it really is worth it in the end, I remember this from both my hip replacements. You did make me laugh reminiscing about dressing up etc. when you were a child, I am one of 2 sets of twins (only 1 year apart) oh my poor Mum and Dad but we also had such laughs, but it was a couple of years after the war and as you can imagine money was so tight, we all had hand me downs or stuff from jumble sales (remember them) we also had to share everything, i.e. 'compendium of games' between the 4 of us for Christmas.... but we were really happy. Anyway I must get on, have a great bank holiday everyone. Sue I received my blog hop gift yesterday it is super thank you. To everyone keep safe, healthy and happy. love June Smith xxxx

Anonymous said...

GM Sue - haven't played with my gilding flakes for quite a while so this might get me in the mood again! A lovely sunny day here today - shame I will be DIYing but it's just gota be done. Happy BH all
Clare W

jean.phillips1 said...

Good morning Sue, lovely card, do love the gilding flakes and the iced snow. Love Jean xxx

Lesley Cann said...

Love the gilding flakes. They make the card look very rich. Must use them more.

carol edwards said...

Really beautiful card as always Sue , enjoy your weekend x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
I love gilding flakes so this one gives me a happy song. Love it all.
I too got your Peace die yesterday it's stunning.

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, I have watched the video on guilding flakes, it is so much better when you have a visual aid. I have got this stamp so no excuse.

I hope everyone has a peaceful bank holiday weekend.

Love Rosemarie xx

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. This is a beautiful card. I plucked up the courage and tried the guilding flakes and i was over the moon with the results. If i could have reached i would have given myself a pat on the back lol. Thank you for all your insparation. Have a great weekend.
Denise T x

julie laz said...

Hi sue, what a lovely card, hope you have a good day, the weather looks nice here today (Swansea )
crafty hugs Julie xx

Jacquie said...

Beautiful Sue, love the effect gilding flakes gives.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Beautiful card I love the gilding flakes they are so luxorious especially over the black card.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend everyone.
Sam and I are going on a trip to the Lego Shop today looking forward to seeing his face when he sees all the figures they make and all the lego in jars like goldfish bowls.

Hugs to all Annx without an "e"

Evelyn Sinclair said...

Oooh. Love black and gold. Have this background stamp. Must dig it out again and try the beads on the left hand panel. Hugs from Ireland Evelyn x

Anonymous said...

Nice card, Sue, always like black and gilding flakes - so dramatic.

'P' in Wales

Have a lovely day, Cameeli, hope it gives you a lift.

Linda Graham said...

Lovely card Sue,the guilded background is lovely,the colours are beautiful, thank you,Linda x

Lilian said...

Hi All, llovely card, the guildind fkake is superb, all I get is a sticky mess, shall have to watch the video.glad June recieved her gift, the blog hope was great.(never recieved my prize from July, probly lost in the post, still it was great to see my name on the list of winners). Lilian

heather harrison said...

Morning Sue. I remember you doing this card. I dont know if im right or not but I think you showed it on c&c. I love it anyway and have tried this technique its great. Thanks again Sue and have a lovely weekend. Hugs Heather.x

TDQ Karen said...

Love your use of flakes and iced snow, a really lovely combination xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Very elegant

TDQ Karen said...

Lillian, just noted your comment. I f you email Sue I am sure she will sort it out, a prize I was due to receive in July did not arrive and Sue sorted it out very quickly

val jones said...

Lovely card Sue, very Autumnal. Love the use of the very pretty gilding flakes.
Love Val in Spain x

Janette MacArthur said...

Good norning Sue - oh, I love gilding flakes - they make a card look so rich! Very elegant indeed!
Janette xx

Aspiring crafter said...

Morning Sue,
This is a card I would find hard to miss-beautiful!!
One of these days I will get some gilding flakes!
Have a great weekend ,

Alice G said...

Morning Sue, this is such a lovely stamp, very clever to use the gilding flakes with this one. It's so elegant..
Beautiful card.

Hugs Alice xx

Jan.moogie said...

Wow Sue what a stunning card and how easy it would be to make it into an oriental card. Its crying out to have a fan or oriental lady added to it. Well your work here is done I want to craft thank you Sue.xx

Sheila - Ginger said...

Morning Sue,
Very striking card with the glitter flakes.
Pam hope you're not too sore and the aches pass soon...oh an what terrific news that Robbie has a little more movement, every little bit helps and hopefully he will continue with this wonderful progress. What an amazing young man he is but you and the family will already know that. Here's to more progress very soon.

Love and hugs to all who need them and hope your days get better very soon.
Sheila xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I love the gilding flakes.
This card has an autumnal feel to it that matches our weather!
Thank you for sharing.
Veronique L

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
Another stunning card, love the gilding Flakes technique and your Sue bow it beautiful. Not quite perfected it like your cards
Carol x

June Horrocks said...

Stunning love it sue thank you for sharing love to all xxx

Muriel Kelly said...

Beautiful card Sue, I love gilding flakes and just played with them for the first time today on a sticky sheet and really enjoyed it. You have motivated me to try with stamps now,

Muriel x

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, wow this card is gorgeous, the effect of the gilding flakes is super stunning. Have a lovely day all. Bx

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, a gorgeous card never get tired
of gilding flakes. Happy bank holiday to everyone
Who has it we dont have this one in Scotland.

Jackie Trinder said...

Good morning Sue today's card is gorgeous I do like using gilding flakes they are so effective. Have a great day today. Hugs Jackie

Diane said...

Hi Sue what a beautiful card today I love that background stamp and of course the gilding flakes. I has a go with the glue but I think I was a little impatient and didn't wait long enough for it to dry but will be trying it again and be brave with the microbeads. Hope you have a lovely weekend Sue. Take care love Diane G xxx
Pam good news about Robbie and I'm pleased the physio turned up. Take it gently today.
Cameeli enjoy your mystery tour. The sun is out down south so hopefully you won't need a brolly. Salisbury is very pretty so a good choice. The font in the cathedral is beautiful and such a calming atmosphere. Winchester is another good stopping place especially near Christmas with the market and ice rink round the cathedral. Enjoy your
Can anyone help with some directions please. We are in aberdeen next week for a university visit and if I'm allowed would like to find the craft shop Sue and Julia did their demo at. Is it near the town or can I get to it on public transport as we will mot have a car? Thank you in advance. Hopefully will have internet on our travels so will be able to pop in! Xxx

Sue from Wiltshire said...

Really opulent using the gilding flakes, really like it.

barbiepinkfairy said...

Gorgeous card with an oriental feel. Never personally had much success with stamps, glue and gilding flakes!

Steph, glad you are on the way back up and feeling better as I was getting a bit concerned. Enjoy your market hope you make some money to indulge yourself at Lynne's haven!

Cam, have a good day. It is often worse when you can't identify why you feel down. I guess you have had a full on year with the wedding and fab holiday and now unfortunately it's back to real life and that may be why you feel down.

Have a good bank holiday weekend - already raining buckets here! Not a real fan off bank holidays. Love to all xxx

dmj said...

I do love gilding flakes on a card, this is a lovely example,

Doreen x

Maureen Killen said...

Good morning Sue, and all the ladies,
I bet this card is stunning in real life, but the black background looks a bit too dark on my laptop. I still love it though!!
Pam, glad the physio came and that Robbie is getting more movement.
Cameeli, Wheely Bad, Lancashire Steph, Yorkielass June, Norah, Alison and all who need or want it, I send my love and hope you have as good a day as you can.
Sue, thanks and love xx

Glennis said...

This is so pretty, probably even better IRL

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi Sue. Beautiful card today. I love the look of the gilding flakes - always stunning - and seeing another of your lovely creations using them it makes me want to try it even more! Perhaps when time (and finances) allows I shall have a go! Have a great day and hugs to all xxx

Donna Jones said...

Hi Sue,
Pretty card, love the mix of colours in the calypso flakes, your bow looks nice on its side too.
Donna Jones

auscrafts said...

beautiful card

sued99 said...

Beautiful card. I am definitely getting better at using gilding flakes having watched you use them several times recently.

ellyscard creatief said...

Beautiful warms colors on your card.
Gr Elly

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - I can't imagine how you come up with so many different ideas - double gilding is something I would never have thought of. Looks great, especially on black, and the effect is very luxurious. Have a lovely weekend. Best wishes

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Very lovely card I love guilding flakes love Jean Z xxx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
Another lovely card today, using those dreaded Gilding Flakes. L
The background stamp looks stunning done in them and then covered with the iced snow.
I'm glad the physio came Pam, and hopefully you should see some improvement soon. No gain no pain as they say. Robbie seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds now.
Cameeli hope you are feeling better after your day out. It's not going to be a very good weekend apparently, mind you the weather people have been wrong before.
Hope Steph and Norah are feeling better today, and the injections start showing some improvement.
Special hugs to Mrs B and Sandra
Hugs to anyone else in need of one today. Have a great weekend everyone.

Beryl Frost said...

Good morning Sue, a lovely warm and rich looking card you have for us today. I have just started playing about with gilding flakes but haven't quite got it yet. Still not to give up yet. Beryl xx

SerenePolly said...

Hello Sue

I am always amazed how striking gilding flakes are - they just do it every time!

Take care.


Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, nice to see some of the early creations using guilding flakes. Today's card is lovely.
Have a great bank holiday everyone, take care, Jess x

Cazzie D said...

Morning Sue. What a rich, opulent look to todays card. Lovely. Caz x

Kathyk said...

GORGEOUS card - brilliant choice of image for those gilding flakes


Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card today. I absolutely love using gilding flakes and the effects you can get with them. Love the flower and tulle too. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs to all.

Denise said...

I really like this one Sue, can't wait to give it a go.
Denise (mini)

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. This is beautiful, the Butterfly Kisses background stamp looks stunning when gilded. Wouldn't have thought of doing the second stamp, great idea.
Sending my daily hugs to you Sue, to Pam and Robbie- great news again : )to Sandra and Pat and all of my other special friends and to all in need. Have a good weekend everyone. Take care.

Susi Mortimer said...

Morning Sue and everyone,
Love the card, but have to say I am not too good at Gilding flakes.Keep trying, but not good.
Sue Love all the new Dies.
Hope you all have a good Bank Holiday. Susi x

Anonymous said...

Belinda Raven said.....

Hi Sue, lovely use of gilding flakes especially the second dimension using micro beads.

Hugs, Belinda. X

Margaret corgi owner said...

Good morning Sue and everyone
A lovely delicate card the colours are wonderful and at last yes Sue I am now the owner of some gilding flakes but have not been able to find the scrub pad as yet!

Well folks up here in the Lake District we have had FROST! and more is forecast for tomorrow! We do have sun at the moment but oh it is chilly.

Cameeli do take care we are here for you.

Steph take care don't over do things now.

Hugs to those who need one, have a great BH everyone.

Margaret corgi owner

Jackie Durrant said...

Spectacular result Sue, love from Jackie D

nattyboots said...

Hi Sue
lovely Gilding and flakes ,especially like the Sentiment
Take Care
Elaine H X

Helen Jones said...

lovely card sue all the best

Angela H said...

I love gilding flakes, I have just begun to use them and this card is an inspiration to continue. I like the idea of using black card as the base, can't wait to try it out. Thanks Sue

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
WONDERFUL, another stunner of a card. I LOVE those gilding flakes and your ice.
And seeing I've got all the ingredients, will certainly do something around those lines.
This is one of my favourites - I know it won't surprise you.
Hugs, Rose

Lacelady said...

I Sue, love the gilding flakes treatment, and the sentiment is a super one too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
A gorgeous card today. The guilding flakes are so lovely. Thank you.
Bye for now.
SandraP xxx

Jan Moss said...

Morning Sue. So appropriate for this time of year. Love it. Have a great weekend. Hugs. Jan. xx

lorna said...

Hi Sue,
Love the colours very autumnal, ideal for the weather today!
Gilding flakes are fabulous.
Lorna D

karenlotty said...

Lovely card Off to watch the CE video to remind myself as my last attempts with Flitter glue and stamping wasn't very successful and I so love the effect

rachel said...

wonderful use of the flake sue. brilliant x

Maggie said...

Hello Sue. Each card to post is so different and this is a wonderful use of gilding flakes. Just love the whole background covered like that with just a simple sentiment. Would make a wonderful golden anniversary card just what I need. xx Maggie (better without a bow)

Victoria said...

Gilding flakes on black card - always a winner Sue! Lovely stamp too, and great close ups showing the effects in details. Thank you Sue.

Tracy Stitt said...

Hi sue.
I just love the effect it gives very opulent and expensive looking. I haven't touched the gilding flakes since my last disaster of sneezing whilst trying to use them! Lol. Maybe ill dig them out again x

Jackie Meechan said...

Gorgeous card why do my cards not look like this when I make them, must try again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Nice card.

Best wishes,
Evis McCarthy.

Jayne S said...

Lovely card for today. Ive been away for a few days unable to visit your blog. What a treat ive had today 'catching up'. Stunning cards made with some amazing dies. Sue your talents are truly amazing and you give us all so much inspiration. Thanks

Theresa said...

Hi Sue
Not playing catch up today. Lol
Well what is it they say an old one is the best on !
I love today's card your inspiration is bril and the fact that you share it with so many is fantastic
So thanks again
Love Theresa x

Kate's Cards said...

Oh Aue, words fail me! Love the effect with the gilding flakes, so opulent. xx

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a beautiful card. Very elegant and opulant, gorgeous.

PharmacyMichele said...

Beautiful card today-i'm in love with gilding flakes now!!


Hazel Evans said...

The Papetier Aberdeen is the place that Sue was at. Not the easiest place to get to, if you google the name it dies give you a map also phone number that I am sure the girls at the Papetier would be able to tell if the bus goes there, Patricia and I were in the car when we went. Aberdeen not the best of places to drive in any time. Hope you find the university ok too. Hazel

Anonymous said...

The gilding flakes really set this off. Another great card with more ideas to try. Thanks Sue.

IVY Cheong said...

Morning Sue,

I love the effect of the gilding flakes. It's classy. I will definitely give it a try myself.

Lots of love,

Ivy ling xx

Debbie Tinks said...

Lovely card Sue .. Happy crafting and have a lovely weekend ... X

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue It is nice to see the gliding flakes again but got to admit I have them but not yet used them! The card is lovely. Take Care Love Michelle S xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Love the two different ways the gilding looks on this card - stunning.
Beverley W

Brooke b said...

Another stunning card, reminds me to get my gliding flakes out.

Wendy L said...

Pretty, xxx

Florence Crawford said...

Just beautiful

Bejay Roles said...

Good Morning, Sue. You can never go wrong with black and gold...especially when the gold is gilding flakes. This is such a stunning card. As always, thanks for sharing. x

Anonymous said...

Lovely card. Take care. Claire

Norah McPhee said...

Good morning Sue and Wilsonettes,
Sue i love the clear gilded side of the card but the iced snow on the other just sends my eyes very funny peculiar and they have their own funny ways to start with. I can't believe you gilded the whole bottom piece to cover it up with the top side bit, oh you philanthropic hussy that you are (please don't take offence but i can't remember the right word that i am looking for). Probably seeing it in real would sort out my eyes and there again it might not.
Oh Pam, that young man is doing so well and no one could put him down as not making 110% effort, wonderful news. Well how does that not surprise me with the office, as i called Rory's carers office yesterday to cancel today and they "were" to call me back, did they...No. So i can sympathize with you on that front. Yes you'll be sore but each time you try it will get easier and better so hang in there with it as it's your best chance at getting back to the best you can.
Cameeli, i'm sending you a hug just to say hello. I'm sorry that you have been a bit down but hopefully you will feel a bit brighter soon. We are here for you flower, as some of us know that low feeling well. ((Hugs))
Yeh Steph, oh you sound an awful lot less painful today. Now you can do this with all 3 things, just have a wee bit faith in yourself, the same as we all have in you. I hope that now you are sounding a bit brighter that your crafty mojo is firing on all cylinders and take it one step at a time and you will do it, but don't go too hard as don't want you wracked with pain for tomorrows market.
Janet, i am worrying about how Mr E is going to survive without his bi weekly choice of pastry when he arrives back home. His choices sometimes makes me think he is subtly trying to tell you something, although i wouldn't mind being a taster of the various pastries. I wonder what tomorrow's outing will bring and if the lavishness that you have been prone to spend at the other markets is going to be matched in your last splurge before coming back "home". Not sure if here is home or Burgundy with the time you spend in both? Have a lovely time anyway.
June, it would probably be first up best dressed with there being 2 lots of twins, i bet your mum and dad still thought that they were doubly blessed though but as you say what a work your poor mum had. My mum's friend Auntie Jean was one of a lot of children and anyone was welcome, as her granny always made enough to feed an army. If her friends were staying overnight it was still a case of first up best dressed and who got the clean knickers because nobodies was safe from pinching, not even guests.
Ann, when mum and i took Rory to Florida and we found a Lego shop in Downtown Disney, his eyes were like saucers and of course we had to bring home Lego. It was one of the most wonderful sights seeing all the people, Loch Ness monster, dogs, dinosaurs etc that they made from these wee tiny bricks. I took him back the year later just before my daughters 18th birthday with hubby in tow and it still was amazing, so Sam have a ball and Ann you do realise you are going to be hours there, don't you?
Margaret corgi owner, did your part of the country just decide to skip Autumn and go straight for Winter? It's bad enough knowing that Summer is coming to an end without leap frogging one of the nicest seasons for colour. WE have had sunshine and then teaming down with rain, absolutely stoatin of the ground rain, for it to dry up and change into sunshine again. It did that 3 times yesterday without any warning but sure did brighten and clean up my hills. They have lovely clean faces again that show off all their beauty, but i think one of then is shrinking in the wash as it looks so much smaller today.
Anyway have a lovely holiday everyone that is going away and gentle hugs to all my Wilsonette friends who make each day a whole lot better just because they are lovely.
Love and crafty hugs
Norah (Glenochil)

Jill Liddle said...

Love this. Absoluteely adore gilding flakes. Makes any card look so special.

Caron28 said...

Hello Sue. A very striking and beautiful card. x

Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Lovely Card Sue!

I love the look of gilding flakes, I really must have another go using them.

Have a lovely weekend.

Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Love the gilding flake background, my framed Noël die arrived so hopefully will get some time to play and start my Christmas cards
Best wishes to everyone, Pat

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

Like today's card, diden't know about the black sprinkles.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

Hazel said...

Beautiful card Sue, bought the building flakes when I was in Aberdeen and still haven't had time to play with them. I will hopefully fine some next . Hazel x

Pauline A said...

Hi Sue, Hope your weather is better than ours. At the moment it is pouring down with huge drops and guess who is going to the hairdressers in 30 min. I so love gilding flakes and have some success edging my layers but not with a piece as big as this one. The black really shows them off. Gorgeous card. have a good weekend everyone. Hugs Pauline A

Lindsay Martin said...

Ooh Sue, you have used our Stephs favourite on this one, go Steph you can do it. Loved this when I saw it n c&c think it's so lovely especially the abstract ness of the flakes.
Pam so glad your physio came yesterday, sounds pretty typical that no one called you, and fantastic news that Robbis is still on the long steep upward climb. But it sounds like he has enough determination to do anything and with all of us behind him there is certainly no lacking of support.
Cameeli, you have had so much to look forward to with the wedding, and your amazing holiday that it's no wonder your feeling flat, it will take a while to get back to normal life with no fantastic events to plan for.
Steph keep going, you sound a little happier today so I hope your injections have started to make you feel,a little easier, as as I've said before if you need any help with anything I am always here to help, just get Sue to give me your email.
Lynne hope those divas are behaving themselves today for you, no muddy foot prints, it's terrible our buoys come out to help me with the horses of a morning and evening and they are now dirty and so have to go into their bags to clean off, where have those summer days gone!
Jackie, that pastry sounded Devine, I wish there was a good pastry shop near me, you get my mouth watering every time.
June, hope your ok and are having a good bank holiday weekend.
Norah, as usual your story's have me laughing and crying at the same time, you are a wonderful lady.
Well I had best get on, rugs to wash, and I need to get some time for crafting!
Love bad hugs to all above and all my other Wilsonette friends including, Karen, Alison, Linda, Tres, TOB, Tina, Theresa, Margaret, Myra, p in Wales, Mrs B, Mrs Duck, Julie and Lee, and all those whose names have escaped me and I know there are many. Xxx

Helen Kington said...

Good morning Sue and all out there. I have just looked to this beautiful card and I think gilding flakes will have to come out to play soon. The problem being when I start card making Ozzie (my constant companion) will try to come and start playing !! need I say more.
To all who need a prayer and a hug I send mine for you. I hope everyone has a good weekend and can find some peace and enjoyment. Take card all Helen xx

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, I know this card will look even better in 'real life', I don't think the pictures do it justice. I love all of it except the Iced Snow panel, I wouldn't want to cover up that beautiful background.
Chores are done & lunch eaten so I'm hoping to have a crafty afternoon. Two cards to make and then maybe some time to play.
Wishing everyone a happy and crafty week-end.

Micky French said...

Very nice Sue, I love the Calypso flakes.
Hugs to all
Michelle xxxx

Susan White said...

What a beautiful effect Sue - I must try to get over my "thing" about the mess of glitter and guilding flakes! Thanks for sharing, Susan x

Ann Williams said...

Lovely card Sue & lots of useful tips & techniques. Ann, France

hazel young said...

Stunning card great colours and sentiment xx hazel

yorkielass said...

Hello Sue, This card is so gorgeous, love the gilding flakes and that background, very dramatic. Have a lovely weekend and hugs to your Mom.
Pam glad that your physio has been sorted out hope your aches are easing, great news abut Robbie, he is such a determined young man and has such dignity, hugs to you both.
Maggie belated happy Birthday and hope you enjoyed your massage.
Steph you sound brighter today, so glad that the injections have started to work, just do some gentle crafting today and enjoy the market tomorrow, gentle hugs.
Janet Mr E's pastries make my mouth water. Your daughter does an amazing job, I agree with you, silly people who think wild animals can be pets cause no end of problems.
Lindsay hope your dogs are clean again and your stallion is on the mend.
Norah you make me smile, love your stories, you are a wonderful lady, hugs to you and Robbie.
Ann bet you day will be magical, hugs to you and Sam.
Cammeli have a lovely mystery tour, after your year of full on organizing and wonderful trip to NY things will seem flat, we are all here for you.
Cheryl B, Ita, Dianeandchips and baby Leo gentle hugs.
Daily hugs to Tina E, Margaret corgi owner, Jean D, Lynne M, Lynda B, Lindsay, Magpie, Myra P, Maureen K, Sandra, Wheely Bad and Billy, Julie and Lee, TOB Theresa, Mrs B, Pat S, Janet Echo, Nanna Tina, Brenda Land of course our Sue.
Happy Bank Holiday to you all.
Take care everyone.
Hugs June xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi All.
You are amaaazing. Thank you so much for your lovely messages today, im not sure if you realise just how much you lift me (and other family in the same position) Thank you Sue.
On a non crafting note, and im sorry, but on the dressing up line, I was born with 'angel' hair and that followed me through my young years. At the time my friends were flicking their locks over their shoulder (around 4/5) I still looked bald LOL.
So mom made an alice band of cardboard, got a reem ? Of bright yellow wool, attatched said wool to cardboard band, and hey presto I had my own yellow locks to flick over my shoulder's LOL..... Oooh dear, imagin that LOL ! Then in my teens I only ended up with the most awful cartoon hair ( Crystal Tips) remember that ? Yup, me all over at 14 !!! : )
Cam, please be my guest, id love to think Id made you laugh just a little hon xx

Lancashire Steph xx

hollyberry said...

Lovely card using gorgeous gilding flakes.

Barbara said...

Gorgeous card, love the gilding flakes and I am obsessed with the iced snow, wish they did a big tub of it.

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Curry said...

This card is so rich looking. I love gilding flakes, and the choices in colours is great. Thank you. Xx

SHARICA said...

very nice guilding xx

SusanP, Kent said...

Love this one and I do remember the video. Haven't quite got to grips with gilding flakes yet, but I love their effect. Funnily enough my favourite part is the black/gold arrangement which I think would make a fabulous corsage/fascinator.

Tina Eldridge said...

Hi Sue

Absolutely beautiful card today, I forgot i have this stamp, must give it a go.

Hi Cam, if I had read your message sooner I could have met for a coffee as I live in Salisbury. Sorry you are feeling low, hugs

Pam, my goodness you are having a time with foot, absolutely fantastic news about Robbie. Send him my love and hugs X

Norah, Thank you for the lovely things you said on my blog X lovely seeing you there

Steph, Margaret, Yorkilass and Lynda hope you all have a great Bank holiday, Love and hugs

Gentle hugs for baby Leo X

Kind regards to all :-)

Tina XX

Brenda Lello said...

Hi Sue,
Stunning card I Love Guilding flakes they really do make a card lock special and this card certainly looks very very special, I love it!
Hope you're having a good weekend, take care Love Brenda xxx

Pam, brilliant news about Robbie, he is obviously a very determined young man. Pleased your physio turned up, sending love and prayers to you both.

Cameeli, hope your day out has lifted your spirits and made you feel a bit brighter.

Maureen B. said...

Lovely card Sue but not sure I can cope with the skills 'cos I haven't got to grips with gilding flakes yet. Have got all the tools but lack the confidence but will try soon after watching your video!!! Love the colouring this time. Thank you Hugs Maureen

Marianna Hammer said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!!

Tracey said...

Hi Sue, as usual the card for us blog readers in gorgeous. I love the autumnal colours with the black and mixing the gilding flakes with the microbeads gives a really different element to the card
Thanks for the inspiration

Shirley Terretta said...

Hi Sue,

Stunning. Love the richness of gilding flakes.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxxxxxxxxx

Vanessa Hodgson said...

Hi Sue, this card may be an oldie but I am glad that you shared it, it is so pretty, definitely one to try xx

Paula said...

Gorgeous Sue, simply gorgeous.

Paula x

Pearl said...

Splendid card today Sue, so expensive looking. Just shows that a little effort and know how can produce such a wonderful card.

Thank you for sahring with us all.

Craftihappiness to everyone, love from Pearl.

TOB said...

Simply beautiful. Love gilding flakes but they don't always love me. Hogs to all love Theresa x

TOB said...

Me again oops I meant hugs lol.
Theresa x

Anonymous said...

Eileen L. said...

Beautiful card today. Love and have that stamp, it looks lovely with the guilding flakes definately will have to give this a try. I did gelatos with it and it was pretty, the guilding flakes are beautiful.

camelot67 said...

Good afternoon Sue,

I really love this card. It has a real autumnal feel to it. So apt as we head into one of my favourite seasons Thanks for sharing this and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
Margaret A.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Sue, I adore this card !! the background stamp is gorgeous, and the calypso gilding flakes are stunning, as is the flower with the midnight snow on. Truly gorgeous !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful effect Sue.
Have a good weekend
Magizzy x

nannapat said...

Gorgeous card Sue, very opulent. I love using gilding flakes as they always give a stunning result. Pat x

craftynanna said...

good afternoon/evening sue, a lovely, lovely card sue i adore guilding flake and i am sure i have this stamp too, when i can drag myself away from the christmas cards i will have a go at this one, thank you so much sue for your daily inspiration, i have done the peace card and loved it so much i have cut out twelve peace and twelve let it snow pieces six each in white and six each in various colours and a background with the long striplet for them and also the tethered hearts striplet they are just the right length and width to do three each per card, i am enjoying myself and hubby is getting loads of peace and quite, i didn't go to the charity shop today because of the visitors and then they went off out somewhere and i could have gone to the shop, so i did cards instead, happy days, good news about robbie and cameeli has post holiday blues love to all J

gwen70 said...

Beautiful Sue , love the colours

Mary Blight said...

Hi Sue & all the Wilsonettes! Hope you are all well & enjoying good weather? The weather has been glorious here today, so I have been out shopping & bought some more LOVELY CHRISTMAS DIES BY THE WONDERFUL SUE WILSON! I also bought a skirt for myself, which I just HAD to have, although I don't need it but my excuse is I have to go into hospital, on Tuesday, for a small procedure & these goodies will cheer me up! You have done a lovely card again today, Sue! I love gilding flakes & the Autumn colours are stunning! I would love to have a card like that to live with me! Take care everyone! Love, Mary Blight XXX

Jane Franklin said...

Another stunning card and the colours are fab. I think I need to try harder with the gilding flakes as the effect is great. Two of my xmas dies have arrived. "Let it Snow" is so intricate but the results are amazing. Luv to all jax

magpie said...

Helloooo Sue and the Wilsonettes! Wow..... spectacular (I've found a different word! lol!) card! I really do love the gilding flakes and the beautiful effect they give.....even though they do do a bit of escaping! Great idea to add a bit of that gorgeous Iced Snow for sparkle! Love the rose, gold tulle, the gilding flakes and that beautiful background stamp! I still love those wonderful sentiments too. Stunning Sue, just stunning! Just to say "Thank you" Sue for you daily inspiration. You work so hard and we do appreciate it so much xx Sending love and hugs to you and your family xx Whoo hoo, my prize arrived in the post today! Those stamps are gorgeous Sue, just gorgeous! Along with the pearl swirls, ribbon and glue too! A bit of playing tomorrow! xx
Cameeli, you take care sugar as it's horrible when this feeling comes over you. I always talk to the wonderful man above xx Pam, take it nice and easy hun and fantastic news about Robbie's toes! Anne, hoping Sam loved his trip to the Lego shop xx Norah, I had wavy,brunette hair as a "young 'un!" that reached my bum. I used to love my hair being played with and at school, in the cloakroom, a few friends would each have a portion of hair and they either started to plait one bit, ponytail the back bit and try and make the other a bit more wavy. I didn't care as it was so theraputic to me at the time and they must have loved doing it cuz it happened a lot of times! My down fall was when I started my first day of work (I was 16) at a clothing mill. The instructor there said, normally it was a rule to tie long hair back but because it was a demonstration it didn't matter......big mistake! As I lent over to see, my hair got caught in the round left hand side bit that controlled the needle that went up and down? Can't remember what it's called. The next minute I remember hearing someone yelling (it was me) and I couldn't move my head which was now, touching the sewing machine and I couldn't move. My hair had got caught and just yanked my head into the machine. They had to cut my hair away to release it from the side. Terrified was an understatment. I had a bump on my head too. Anyway, after that I was determined to get my hair cut. Off I went to one of these "well known places" that were around in the mid 70's and asked the girl if she would do a style to "suit my face". By eck, big mistake! She had trigger happy scissors and by the time she finished I looked like a boy! I was one of those introvert girls who wouldn't say boo to a goose.....needless to say when I got home my mum went beserk, saying that they'd make a fortune selling the hair for wigs. I now have a wonderful hairdresser who did know what style would suit me! It now just needs a trim.....phew! Lol! I just want to say have a great Bank Holiday Weekend everyone! Sending love and hugs to Lynne, Yorkielass, Lynda, Lyndsey, Lancs Steph, Pam, and all our Wilsonettes who are hurting today and need some love and need a hug xx I do think of everyone.....xx Love Karen xx

GeeBee88 said...

Hi Sue and all the Wilsonettes! What a luscious card today, so rich and sure to please any friend who received it.Gx

weefortune said...

Hi sue, love the effect ofgilding flakes don't have great success with them but I'll try again. Hugs to all Elaine x

Anne O said...

Hi Sue
A beautiful card. The gilding flakes see so effective. Best wishes, Anne O

Carole Z said...

Stunning card Sue, very dramatic, great effect! Hugs Carole Z X

granny sue said...

Hi Sue. How funny, I bought some Calypso guilding flakes today. I had been looking for them for ages and could only get them in a packet so I wasn't going to bother, but I visited a craft shop today which I don't normally go to and they had 1 pot left. Lovely colours. SueL x

Maria Alder said...

Evening Sue and everyone! Beautiful card,have not yet tried gilding flakes but they are on my wishlist. I received my dies this morning and they are had a play with them today. I bought the mosaic poinsettia and have a bit of a trouble to cut them out,could it be because I only got the cuttlebug or am I using to thick card? please help.... More good news about Robbie Pam,you all must be so relieved when he can move more every day.Good your physio came.
When I saw this card my thoughts went right to you Steph, you can do it. Good luck with the market tomorrow. Cameeli-where did you end up today? Hope you had a nice outing and feeling better,hugs!
Norah-love reading about your childhood. As a youngster I had long hair(before the dreaded cut)
and my grandmother liked making two plaits at the back then turn each up around each ear and fasten it with huge Red bows ,I got Red hair,ooh what a sight!and be wearing hand me downs from neighbours kids ,some children could be very"silly".
Are our little furbabies behaving themselves, big hugs to them both.
If in hospital,in pain ,have troubles in any way Take Care!
Lynne,June,NannaTina,Cameeli,Sandra,Wheelybad,Norah,Janet,TOB,Tres,Jean,Steph,Ita,Ann & Sam Hugs to you and all the Wilsonettes!
Hugs Maria x

Maria Alder said...

Magpie- just saw you post.Your lovely hair,what a horrible thing to happen It must have been a nightmare.A girl at my school got her hair twisted in a drill and got scalped. No health and safety rules in the late 60th.......

terrie said...

Beautiful card and I love the sentiment...
This is so true when one has a great friend....I do and I treasure her each time we are together...
Well done Sue on this card!!

janet said...

I enjoyed this technique when I tried it and so I like this card a lot!
Hugs Janet in Kent

Karen Drew said...

Lovely card. Gilding flakes make a card look so expensive.
I am using them more and more as I love the effect they give.
Thank you for more inspiration
Karen xx

CraftyJo said...

This is lovely :)

lynda said...

Good evening Sue & Wilsonettes I love this card Sue it's dynamic & dramatic ( new words ) I love the background stamp & the guilding flakes are just stunning I love using them but haven't mastered the glue on stamp yet my card keeps geting stuck onto the stamp so going to looke at your video on you tube to see what I'm doing wrong.your flower is gorgeous with the black glitter. Love & Hugs to you & your mom & family Lynda Brock xx

Wheely Bad you moan away we are all here for you you take care & hope you feel better soon gentle Hugs Lynda xx

Steph pleased you sound a little brighter today hope the injections are helping, good luck with market tomorrow but take it easy love Lynda xx

Camille hope you have a good day out down south & it Lifts your spirit's love Lynda xx

Ann hope you & Sam had a good day at the leggo shop, my son loved leggo when he was young & now my grandsons both love it too. Hugs Lynda xx

Maggie, happy belated birthday hope you had good day Hugs Lynda xx

Mary blight hope hospital procedure goes well Tusday, gentle Hugs Lynda xx

Pam glad Physio turned up today & pleased to here of Robbie is still making progress love & hugs Lynda xx

TOB Theresa wishing you well with less pain sending you Gentle Hugs love ok Lynda xx

Hazel hope The measles isn't too bad & you feel better soon love & Hugs Lynda xx

Special hugs to all above &Sandra,Yorkielass,Lindsay,Tina E,Tandy,Tres,Margaret corgi owner, Jean D,Nanna Tina,Myra P,Maureen k,Mrs B,Julie Laz & Lee,Janet Ecco,Lynne M & pesky pooches.Ita,Helen K,Pauline A,Dianeandchipps,Cheryl B love Lynda xx

Hugs to all Wilsonettes xx

Anonymous said...

Hi sue,
Love the butterfly kisses stamp looks great with the calypso guilding flakes and the midnight snow on your beautiful flower is beautiful. Thanks Sue hugs to you and your mom xxx
Crafty hugs to yorkielass, lynda and all wilsonettes
Jean D xxx

fame01 said...

Hi Sue
Well I am real late today to leave my comment due to me looking after my 9 week old grand baby any how stunning card real pretty hugs Sarah xx

Vie Carter said...

Just beautiful Sue


Janice K said...

A beautiful, opulent card-gorgeous!x

dianeandchipps said...

Sue, what a wonderful card. I especially like the black flower. I enjoy using gilding flakes now after your workshop in Aberdeen and plan to use them more often.
A big thank you to everyone who has mentioned me in their hugs and best wishes it means a lot xxxxx.

Angela Wade said...

Hi Sue, gilding flakes always look so lovely and really stand out against dark card. Lovely.

Pam, glad you eventually had your physio and that Robbie is continuing to make such fabulous progress, hugs to you both x
Hugs also to Julie & Lee, Lanc's Steph, Dianeandchipps, Lynne M and the pesky critters, Norah, Tina and anyone else in need or pain ((( )))

Cameeli , hope you feel brighter soon.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Angela in S. Wales Xx

Sandy H said...

Love the gilding flakes. I haven't been adventurous enough to use them with glue on my stamps, yet, i'll have another look at your U-tube tutorial, Sue.
So good to hear of Robbie's progress, Pam.
Take care everyone.

Pauline Norbury said...

Beautiful card sue. Have tried gilding flakes inspired by your videos and must say they look stunning. Thanks again xxx

lindyloo12 said...

Loving the gilding flake look, it has inspired me to have another go, as I was fairly happy with my first attempt. I really like this card!

Beth T said...

I love the gilding flakes on the black background, and the double panel that you added the glitter to--subtle but nice contrast. A beautiful card.

nzillingworth said...


Maryann Laursen said...

Beautiful card here Sue. I love the look of the guilding flakes on it, as it gives it such a warm glow, and a wonderful, elegant touch to it too.

Theresa Pace said...

lush card. beautiful hues xx

Denise Hancock said...

Gilding flakes look so pretty
Denise X

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June Ballenger said...

Hi Sue

Love the gilding flakes. I do have them but have not been very good at using them. Will have to keep trying.


hazel said...

Hi Sue
An Absolutely Stunning card. I love using gilding flakes as they make any card look stunning and Elegant just like your card
Take care
Hazel G XX

Mary Burton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary Burton said...

Hi Sue,
Love the effect of the gilding flakes on black card. I haven't used this stamp with flakes yet so this is one to try out.

Anonymous said...

Wow Sue, gilding flakes really make this card pop
Regards, Audrey O'Brien, Wicklow, Ireland

America said...

Oh my! What a gorgeous result with this technique! (Ive never used gilding flakes, but am totally inspired to give it a go!) Love the gold and black backed by white. Gorgeous card with that butterfly kisses stamp background.