Monday, 15 May 2017

To Cheer You

 Morning all!  Yes, I have left my inner grunge out again!  I started with a piece of taupe card and crumpled it up.  I opened it back up and lightly inked across the wrinkles with a Tea Dye Distress ink pad.  I used my scissors around the edge of the card to distress them, then inked them with Antique Linen.  I attached it to a thin mat of  deep burgundy card (from my stash) and curled the corners a bit.  Next I glued some cheesecloth across the top of it to add to the distressed look.  I cut the Sumatra die in deep burgundy and taupe card as a base for my focal element.  I cut the burgundy one in half and used it as a shadow.  I cut the decorative die in the Sumatra in deep burgundy and attached it to the base.  I stamped my sentiment and cut it out and added a taupe base layer to it before attaching it in the centre of the die cuts.  Next I used the Succulent Garden die set to create a bunch of flowers.  This set looks like succulents when cut out of felt, but looks completely different when cut from card so it is ever so versatile!  I shaded some with tea dye, scrunched some and left some plain and cut out of the taupe card for a variety of looks.  I attached them cascading around the focal element.  I used the twigs from the Pine Bough die set to add accents.  I completed the card with two taupe mats.  The finished dimensions are 8" x  9" in size.  All for now, Sue x

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Pam said...

Good morning Sue, this lovely card is a great way to start the week, gorgeous.
June, what a kind lady you met at the Craft Show, you will always think of her when you use the die. I tried to spot you on to but they own over the audience so quickly. Glad you had a good time.
Elaine, I hope all goes well fir Andrew today, fingers tightly crossed.
Diane, belated best wishes for your Silver Anniversary, a posh garden party, how lovely.
Girls, sitting on the handlebars reminds me of when we were kids, I did that once with my brother,, he went so fast my eyes were tightly shut. Love the wind in my hair, I have a red convertible, great in the summer.
I like the WOW names but I will call you the Wowsers.
Maureen, you did so well, hope all goes well with the Fracture Consultant, just take care Hun.
Nirah, as always you are a complete joy.hugs to all, where are our missing friends, Laine and Yvonne, hope you are okay. Take dare our poorly friends.

Jan on the Fosse said...

Good Morning Sue
A different side to your crafting today,Love it.
Jan x

Loraine Jefferis said...

Morning Sue. I love the look of this card. The grunge look is great and the colours you've used work beautifully together. Thanks for sharing Sue. Best wishes Loraine Jefferis xx

Jan.moogie said...

Give me grunge more often I love it, fabulous card today Sue. Have a great day, hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Geordie Jan said...

Hi Sue, Love this card, its fab and so unusual x

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sue, always like grunge. You've inspired me before and I've acres of cheesecloth longing for an outing! Great card, great colours, GREAT. Thank you.
Echoing Pam's words - hope your week goes well at work.

'P' in Wales

Lyn Cleasby said...

Love this look, Sue. You make it look so effortless!

Karen Drew said...

Lovely card. I need to get "grungy" more often!!
Karen xx

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue. Thank you for the grungy inspiration but my inner neat freak won't let me do anything like this! Hugs to all. Sue xxx

Yvonne H said...

Good morning Sue,
Absolutely stunning card & would love to see more grunge style cards. Yvonne xx

Unknown said...

Dear Sue,

How interesting! Wadded paper, scissor-distressing, cheesecloth, antique linen and tea dye, multiple flower forms, twigs! This one really appeals to me.

Today, for the first time, I saw SW dies in a store! Papercraft Clubhouse in Westbrook, Conn. Just one spinner's worth, but it was a singular experience for me, to see them in person rather than online. The stained glass windows are much bigger than I imagined. Instant gratification, as in, no waiting two weeks or longer for the order to clear customs, and no need to buy $75 minimum for free shipping. Woohoo!

Sure would like to hear how Lainey and Yvonne are doing. Does anyone live close enough to check on them?

Another week of vacation would be nice but I have to go back to work today. The newsroom was reorganized after the last round of buyouts, so curiosity for whether that works better is helping me overcome my aversion to resuming the hectic pace. My cat, at least, can return to his schedule of uninterrupted daytime sleeping.

Best of weeks to everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, lovely card and very different. Love the grunge, the colours go so well together too.

Barbara V

June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, a lovely creation. I must be honest, I am not a lover of grungy stuff however, I do appreciate what people make and the effort that goes into it.

Pam I did put a picture on my facebook page of me in the audience at Hochanda - Detling, you should be able to spot me. The camera's do go over it quickly I must admit. I am in the 2nd row right in the middle where the aisle is. Hope all goes well at work today.

I reiterate everything that Pam has said today.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you a brilliant card.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Marion Scott said...

Great card Sue, I imagine you had great fun making this card. I don't do grunge myself but I do admire the work produced by yourself (when you let your inner grunge free!!)and others.
Marion S x

Netty The Runner said...

Nothing wrong with grunge Sue, this card is great.
Annette x

Netty The Runner said...

Nothing wrong with grunge Sue, this card looks great.
Annette x

Janice K said...

Good morning Sue,
A very different design that has great texture and dimension. Beautiful floral embellishments. X

Maria - Ivyleaf Crafts said...

I don't usually do grunge but I really like this card a lot of different textures going on here xx

A Happercrafter6 said...

Lovely card Sue.

JAO said...

Love your inner grunge Sue, would be fab if you would do your version of steam punk.

Steph Cotterill said...

Morning Sue. Let your grunge side out ? I'd say it was running wild and causing a riot somewhere in the UK lol. I'm not a grunge person, neat lines and a CAS gal am I, but I kinda like what you've done here, oh my word Sue, if I ever decided to try anything near grunge it would look like it had come straight from the household waste and dragged along the streets, but you being you, you have played with this adding creases and cheese cloth and inks and i imagin this great big smile on your face as its taking shape like the mad professor creating his Frankenstein (your not that mad and a darnside prettier) I was trying to get over the enjoyment I invisage you getting from this piece of work, then you calm down a little placing your floral element, then a great big YES of satisfaction when it's all complete. Your work is done ☺
And so am I lol so love n hugs to you on this nasty autuminal wet day, and whilst you're in your craft room and the country is getting wetter by the moment, our Sam is basking in luxury on the island of one of your Ocean dies (my geography is pants so not sure which ocean she's at) !! 😕
I'm done xxx

Clai01 said...

Love any inner grunge especially Sue's !

Unknown said...

Fabulous card! Absolutely love this style of card. Have steered away from the succulent dies but I'm looking at them in a new light and really like what I see :). Debra x

PharmacyMichele said...

Great creation-grunge just isn't my thing, prefer neat lines etc. It's still a beautiful piece of work.


Pussycats said...

Good Morning Sue and all. WOW card this morning and so different , you have let your inner self out on this creation. I Love the effect of the crumpled up background and I am a fan of using scissors around the edge. The finishing touches and flowers are stunning. I really love this card...
crafty hugs all round...... Wendy

Chris said...

Hi Sue,
A lovely grungy card, I like the addition of the cheesecloth too.
Chris xx

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
Love, love, love grunge! Fabulous card and what great colours.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day everyone.

TDQ Karen said...

Really like this grungy look, different for your blog posts though xx

Dragonsnap2 said...

Wow I'm not into grunge but I love this card. Fabulous.
Thoughts and prayers to all.
Crafty hugs,
D x

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, absolutely love this card, what a great start to the week.

Love Rosemarie X X

Unknown said...

GM Sue. Very textural.

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue, not my kind of card although I do like the design.
However I can see the design usied by me in pastel colours.
Donita, glad you managed to find some of Sue's Dies, 75$ is a shocking amount of added expense. I find a great lack of Die selections when I go Craft Shopping in the USA.
June, sounds like you had a really good day yesterday.
Pam hope this week brings you happier times at work, and you feel much better. Wow! a red convertible, love the idea of that.
Many years ago I had a "convertible" only thing it was a bright yellow 2CV ... remember them??
As always I echo your brilliant summary.
Thinking of all who are going through hard times also our missing friends.
Patricia xxx

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
I'm usually a grunge/ distressed lover but I do like this one. I really like the colours you have chosen . The background with the cheesecloth is very effective. Maureen hope today goes well for you and well done for yesterday. Love and hugs Alison xxx

Chris Curry said...

Not into grunge but love the look of this card. Thank you Sue, have a good day. Xx

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi Sue. A beautiful card - love it :-) Hugs xxx

Unknown said...

Morning Sue i love this distrssed look and would love to see more the colours work so well togather all in all a beautiful card .
Catherine V94 xx

Muriel said...

Hello Sue and all
I just wish I could make grunge look like you do, gorgeous card !
Muriel x

hollyberry said...

Gorgeous card.

Unknown said...

Morning Sue,

Love this card and style.

You need to let your inner grunge out more often it's great. X

marg said...

Good Morning Sue!
Some rain at last, bit dark and miserable though!
Not keen on this card Sue, sorry!
Love Marg

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - this is an amazing card even though I don't do grunge. It's not one I would make but if I received one like this I would be delighted. Sending best wishes

Tressa said...

A very different design from you. I like it. I don't understand grunge, but then I have few creative bones in my body so I need to be led on this style. If I could produce something like this I might be converted!!


Anne said...

You should do grunge more often, Sue. This is great.

Anne (Northampton)

Dipstick said...

Hi Sue and everyone.Am loving the antique look. Would never thought of screwing up a piece of card and making it look like this does anyone know ow where to get cheese cloth from??lots of love and hugs to those who need it xxxxxxxxxxx

Anne said...

You should do grunge more often, Sue. This is great.

Anne (Northampton)

Clare Powell said...

Great card, love the background x

Diane Green said...

Hi Sue
Not your usual style of card today, I had to chuckle, you don't like mess so I suspect this was tidy grunge! It's is very pretty though and it's good to have a change and rake us all out of our comfort zone now and again. Thank you for sharing.
Love Diane G xxx

Pam echoing your comments today. Oooh a red convertible, mine was a lovely purple blue but I changed to a sensible car this year that my daughter could share. Sending hugs xxxx
Donita that's a lot of dies you have to force yourself to buy! Glad you have now found them near

Yorkie girl said...

Good morning Sue and everyone
Sue doing grunge !! Your take on it is as always a beautiful card but like a lot of others I am not a big fan of grunge
It's a wet start here this morning so might have a play with some crafty bits later
Pam hope all is well at work today
Hugs to all that need them
Have a good one folks
Theresa G xx

Yorkie girl said...

PS. June I saw you in the audience mate xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I love your take on grunge or should I say "very elegant grunge".
Thank you for sharing.
Véronique L

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Not a grunge person myself but I can appreciate the work on your lovely card, love the focal element. Would not attempt it myself as it would look like something the cat had dragged in.
Have a good day.

karenlotty said...

I like your inner grunge very much These colours are gorgeous I'm going to have a go at crumpling up some card!

Annie Stamps said...

Love the grunge look Sue. It's good to change style once in a while.

Annie P


Izzy said...

Hi Sue,

Your grungy cards are always stunning and this is no exception - love, love, love it!....the Succulents are already on the wish list but I'm now going to search for the Pine Bough set as I must have missed that one for some reason - like how fine and delicate the twigs are and just perfect behind the flowers...

P in Wales - where did you get the cheesecloth?


Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
I love it when you let your inner grunge out as that is just the grunge I like. And this card is no exception, I forgot about the pine boughs to use in my flower arrangements. Thank you for reminding me because they make a lovely change.
I have a card to make for a young male (21), so will use the crunched background. Haven't thought beyond that.
Hugs, Rose

hazel young said...

Beautiful card Sue x xhazel

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Love this card, we all need a little grunge from time to time, this is so clever.

Heather R Oxfordshire

nattyboots said...

Hi Sue
I am in love with this card , loving all you have done , the cheesecloth ,the flowers and the distress look is just fab, it cheers me no end , you must do some more im thinking .

Pam , WOW ! i can see you in my minds eye speeding along in your red convertible the wind blowing through your hair ,then i get the image of you sitting on the handlebars { flippin heck what a let down . } Hope you are feeling better and have a good week at work. xx

Maureen, you have done well but please don't overdo it { as i don't want you wearing out the zimmer wheels before our holiday } i have decided to paint mine white , perhaps Norah would paint hers blue ? i will ask her , hope all goes well for you today. xxx

Nora ,i am not a Scot but believe me i take anything off anything that is useful for my craft we once had Christmas crackers with a gold filigree wrapping they made beautiful backgrounds on my cards . Normal whats normal , we will have so much fun on our hollies Maureen will see to that ,i am so looking forward to my trial run on Thursday ,we have lots of steep inclines where i live so i just hope it wont run away with me lol and i just hope the brakes work.

Scan day for Andrew later and Helen's back is a lot better now , so all is good there .

Crewe Trish ,you are all in my thoughts and prayers as always.
Echoing Pam again today
Big hugs to all
Elaine H X

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
A really gorgeous card to start the week!!! I would certainly like you to release your inner grunge more often!
I like the idea of crumpling the paper/card and remember doing this in my early days of attending workshops many years ago!
The colours and dies you have used are just perfect although I can also picture it in many different colourways.
I would be over the moon to receive a beautiful card like this!
Lesley S x

snowy said...

Like the grunge,(tidy,neat grunge) Lots of scope for this one. Hugs xxx Snowy Owl 36

Val Jones said...

Very pretty card Sue and just love, love, love the background.
Love Val in Spain xxx

ethansnanna said...

This is the sort of grunge I'd be happy to receive!!
Love the colours you have used, too.

Doreen x

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue now this I like, grunge-ish elegance is perhaps my description!!The cheesecloth certainly adds the extra dimension. Love from Jackie xx

hettygarlick said...

Even though it's grungy it still ends up looking lovely.

Unknown said...

Hi sue love this card love the colours and the dies of course thank you
Love always June horrocks xxxxx

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
How fabulous is today's card? I mostly like pretty girlie cards but now and again only grunge will do! I love what you've done with yours particularly the addition of cheesecloth. Is there no end to your talent?
Hugs x
Heather T

rolfi said...

Hi Sue,
beautiful card... I love this antique look.
Rolf xxx

Rosemary Stickland said...

Lovely to see somethiing different this morning.
Rosemary xx

Bejay said...

Hi, Sue,
I love it when you go all grungy...this is my kind of card I have to admit. The colours are great and you've really cheered up my wet and windy Monday morning😊.
Bejay xx

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, I'm not a grunge person, but I like the concept of your card today, a lot of work putting it all together
Ladies with the zimmer wheels, be careful, especially you Maureen, we know what you are like when you get a challenge. Lol.
Take care ladies, have a lovely day, Jess xx

Unknown said...

Morning Sue

ooh.... I love this card and must get out my cheesecloth again!

June x

Kate's Cards said...

More grunge please, this is amazing!

stitchingranny said...

Gorgeous card Sue. I love to see this style but whenever I attempt it I end up with something that looks tatty rather than grungy.

Hugs Helen x

Norma said...

Love this card Sue. Thank you so much, this has given me some lovely ideas. Super, super, super. Thank you

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
I love your take on grunge it's so lovely, like the addition of the cheesecloth and the succulent flowers are gorgeous
Pam, wow a red convertible!! Echoing all your comments
Maureen hope all goes well with the fracture consultant

Sending love and hugs to everyone including all our missing friends

Norma Rhodes said...

Love this card Sue. Thank you so much, this has given me some lovely ideas. Super, super, super. Thank you

Fikreta said...

gorgeous card!
have a nice day!

Hunnymummy54 said...

Morning Sue and all the Wilsonettes

Lovely card today like your take on the grunge and lovely colours as well

Pam hope your feeling better and work isn't to bad at the moment for you, I reiterate all Pam said and send love and healing hugs to all
Have a good day

Yorks butterfly said...

Morning Sue, this is a bit different, I am not really into Grunge, but have to say I do like this, so may have to re-think.

Susan Battensby said...

Wow wasn't expecting that this morning! Always love, love, love your grungy cards.
Have often tried to do some grunge style cards but they are usually such a disaster so have to stick to normal styles.

ursula said...

Wow, I just love this card so much, the techniques you have used are wonderful, will defo give this one a try...thanks so much Sue...luv Ursula xx

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a gorgeous card. Grunge with elegance. I am not a fan of grunge but you make it look so good.

Owlish said...

Hi Sue
GRUNGE Card brilliant something else l never tried question is am l brave enough to give it a go as l don't think mine will turn out anything like yours it's very nice

Helen Terry said...

Hi Sue love the flowers and the intricate dies you have used. Thanks Helen Terry xxx

Anonymous said...

I love this card. I have never been successful at achieving this look, but I am fascinated by the clean and crisp brain cells seem to always take over...same thing when trying to create anything vintage. LOL My weekly crafting friend is very good at the styles I am not, so I'm learning from her. Two they say. LOL

Jan D., FL, USA

SueJ said...

Lovely grungy look to this card, like it.

Nana on the Hill said...

You must let your inner grunge loose more often Sue, l love this card. I try really hard to do grunge, but it just ends up Shabby (and definitely not sheek!

Lisbeth said...

Hi Sue. I think your grungy cards are always fab and I wish I had an inner grunge to be able to release. I think I am always afraid of making a mess but at the end of the day it is only a bit of card so I should just go ahead and give it a try.


CraftyJo said...

Nice! :D

Sue MacFall said...

I love the grungy, wrinkled look to this card. Thank you Sue.

scrAPpamondo said...

Wow!! So different from your usual style, but really gorgous and striking!! Love the grunge effect and the distressed/ scrunched paper looks amazing with those flowers and frames!

Jackie T said...

Hi Sue this is a stunning card. I love it for being a bit different it is good to shake things up a bit. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Unknown said...

Sorry but grunge is not for me


KarinsArtScrap said...

gorgeoussss Sue
Gr Karin

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, although I don't 'do' grunge (it would just look a mess lol) I do like it when you release your inner grunge and create something as lovely as this. I love the colours you have used and even though I had to miss the Succulent Garden dies from my last order they are now top of the list for the next one.

Lots of rain here today and I can't see Norah's hills as they are covered in cloud. I got rather damp when I had to go out earlier but it does seem to be trying to brighten up a little.


Beverly Fuchs said...

Hello Sue,

What a different way to start the day. I'm not sure grunge is my thing but you certainly give it a twist with this card. Inside there is a little elegance to it as well as the grunge. I will have to have a go at this someday, maybe I will find that I like it.

Have a wonderful day.

Beverly from Maryland, USA

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Sue, I love it !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow I love the distressed look and colours of this just fabulous

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Sue,
I absolutely love this card today but know that if I try to do a grunge card it will look as though I've rescued it from the rubbish bin!!!
Rosemary, I'd use hessian if I couldn't get cheesecloth.
Pam, I hope you are well today. Everything was fine this morning and I was told that I was very lucky because if I had to fracture my hip, I couldn't have chosen a better place in that there were no loose bits of bone or splinters. Just call me a genius!!! He was very happy with my progress and said that in two months time I should be fine - I can't believe it will take two months, I thought he'd say two weeks. Watch this space ha ha.
Elaine, Hope all is well with your family. I've had a new wheelie walker delivered this afternoon and it's a gorgeous shade of bright green - I've decided to add some shamrocks as I'll look like a little leprechaun when using it lol. Actually, Myra will probably say I look like one anyway!!!!
Just had a text from Yvonne, she still hasn't received her tablet but hopes to be reunited with it next Wednesday. I've told her that no one is bothered and not missing her at all!!!!
For all Wilsonettes who liked the Grungy, Wrinkled, Distressed look - I'll send you a photo of myself ha ha.
love to all, especially those who are poorly or lonely and their carers.
Maureen xxx

Glenharon said...

Good afternoon Sue and the happy Wilsonettes,
I love the dies used flower to create this piece of art but sorry i can't do grungy scrunched up, my little brain only computes neat and tidy but i do love the colours and your beautiful flowers that you have made and used. This reminds me off an autumn day, the colours, it would look nice in someone who has minimilistic in their home and who likes all natural, this combines those sort of colours just perfectly. Thank you flower for bringing something different to us.
Donita, so glad that you have found some lovely "eye candy" that you don't need to have a fortune saved before you can indulge and it's so much better to see them up close and personal, you get a better idea of size for one thing and more ideas of what you can use it for. Now the only down side is that you get tempted much more because of seeing lots of new goodies that you really do need in your crafty stash. I hope you enjoyed your day off happiness in the Alladdins treasure cave.
Now Elaine does England not have the White rose and the red rose as their symbols? That would cover all England then if Maureen is red, you are white and i would of course need to be blue for St' Andrew and Scotland. I don't know if we will need much warm gear as the speed that we would be traveling at, would keep us quite warm. I'm glad to read that you are having a much better day along with your family, it makes a big difference to your stress levels.
Maureen, i'm not sure what you're trying to insinuate by saying that it is me that you need to watch out for. I'm a very careful driver of my buggie although i would like it supped up a bit, but it would drain the battery too quickly so best left down low. These buggies are wonderful things and let you live life again and maybe be a wee tad naughty now and them, hee hee hee.
Sending hugs to all my lovely Wilsonettes that need, could do with or just want one, they are yours for the taking. Hope that PP and Laine are ok although i think PP's aged parents were coming for a visit, hugs on their way to you girls, try and be good.
love and crafty hugs
NOrah (glenochil)

Maria said...

Afternoon Sue and everyone.
Nice to see something different from your usual cards.
I like it !
Congrats to the lucky winners.

Pam- hope your week goes well. Love your little car :) x
June S and Lynda B plus anyone else who went to the craft show,
hope you had a good day x
Elaine- good luck to Andrew, hope it all goes fine, glad to hear
Helen's back is getting better x
Norah- so nice to see you back. Hope you okay after being looking after
little Harry. How is Rory doing these days ? x
Diane- belated Happy silver anniversary. Garden party sounded lovely x
Yvonne, Pp- hope your tablet will be working soon again and Laine- hope
you and your mum is okay, hugs x
Sending hugs to all Wilsonette's and special ones to anyone who need one,
Maria x

Suzzette Yandle said...

I like your grunge. Your color combination is strikingly beautiful, especially with all those flowers. Thanks for sharing your Shabby Chic type of card design. It is not so easy to make shabby look so good, but you do it so good!

Janet in Menston said...

Love this gorgeous card, not too grungy but just a little different

Welsh Dors said...

Hi Sue
Super card, love it.
Best wishes

sued99 said...

I love this card.. It's grungy in a very pretty way. Xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Love the cheesecloth background.
Beverley W

liz spooner said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Sue, love this type of look.xx

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue
Wow! this card!!......the grunge background is just great!!!

Viki Banaszak said...

This is so pretty! I love the flowers you used on this card.

Lynne L said...

Hi Sue a different look for you today but still lovely I love the flowers I have never tried anything like this must pluck up the courage and have a go!
Sending good wishes to all

Theresa said...

i love this but then i'm quite partial to some inner grunge. right up my street, hugs xx

Pawprintx4 said...

I am so glad your inner grunge got loose for us today. A very beautiful card with plenty of texture.
Hi everyone...hope the weather is good in England.
Stephanie K

DeCor said...

Love all the different elements in this card. Particulately love the crumpled scrunched look.

Karen M said...

Hi Sue
Wow this is different,really like it ,don't know if I could do anything like it,
Thank you for the idea,
Rain,rain & more rain here in Cornwall
Best wishes
Karen M

Dawn Holben said...

Sue this is gorgeous, i have a feeling if i tried this it wouldn't
turn out as lovely of this.

Betty McAlister said...

Sue love your grunge card. Gorgeous. Xx

Laura O said...

Fantastic card. Love the dies.Laura O

Eunice said...


CCM said...

Hi Sue,

So different from your usual style, but it is interesting. Love the effect of the crumpled background, the distress edges, the colors and of course the Sumatra die and flowers … all the details that give this vintage look. I am not sure about cheesecloth … it’s not really my cup of tea.

Elaine - Hope everything went fine for Andrew, glad to hear Helen's back is getting better. Hugs for you all.
Maureen – You are so hilarious.Thank you for updating us on Yvonne. What about Laine?

Still a newbie to Craft / Not longer the newest, or the only Canadian Wilsonette

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. WOW This is a different card for you. It is lovely and i like where your going with it but its not one of my favourites. I love the Sue Wilson originals with flowers, bows, stick pins the whole works. Sorry.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, this card is just awesome, I love everything about it. It may be different to your usual style, and I think it is so fabulous. Bx

Denise Bryant said...

Beautiful card! Love the colors and textures!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue, A stylish and beautiful card. Lovely colour combination and use of texture. Thank you. I, like you, do not normally use that style but may have to reconsider! Craft Owl by the Sea, north Norfolk. x

Crafty Cruiser said...

I can see that a lot of work has gone into this card and can understand those, who like grunge, loving this card but, sorry, it's not my cup of tea!
Doreen R

Unknown said...

Hello Sue, I love this grunge look. Great idea to use the gauze as it really set off the look you were going for and it worked. Beautiful card.

Julia Garland

dizy said...

Striking card. So different

julie laz said...

Beautiful hugs Julie laz xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Sue
This card is just 'My Cup Of Tea' ! I absolutely love it. GREAT use of the cheesecloth material and the 'grungy' look background
paper. Brings back memories of cards i made quite a NUMBER of years ago before die cutting came along and all these wonderful embellishments to add the finishing touches to card making nowadays. Keep 'em rolling in!
Love and hugs
God bless you
Jersey Pauline XX

Pesdagal said...

this card is oozing warmth
so lovely