Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Stamps to Die For card

Hi bloggers!  Many of the dies from my range have coordinating stamps to go with them.  Today's card shows off one of the stamps that has been designed to go with the Alexandra die set.  Stamps provide beautiful detail to your die cuts and are a great addition to your card making too!

The finished dimensions are 6 3/4" x  8 1/2" in size.  All for now, Sue x

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Pam said...

Love the card, gorgeous.
Back to work today 😔
Big hugs to all especially Melidy, Molly, Tracey, Tina and all who just need a hug.

nattyboots said...

So pretty Sue, i love todays card.
Take Care
Elaine H X

BridgetCG said...

Hi Sue, this card ticks all the boxes for me, love the colour combo, and the matching stamp and die. Also the embossing folder, such a lovely pattern. Have a great day. Bx

Kitty Davies said...

Morning Sue.
A very pretty card and great video too.Thank you very much.
Sue I hope you don't have too much pain in your hands.
take care Kitty.

Jackie Meechan said...

Gorgeous card. These stamps do compliment these dies. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Nice card, Sue, and thanks for the video - really should attempt more stamping, you make it look so easy! Have had so many bungled tries, mainly get extra bits where there shouldn't be - maybe better taking the card to the stamp as you have shown.
Laine, thanks for asking. Pushy (always so confident, loving and THERE - typical of hand-reared kittens) is just quieter but wants to be on a lap all of the time, so we try to oblige, of course. She gets on with all the other cats so always has a friend to cuddle up to when we can't be with her. Will only say we have 'lots'.
Hugs and good week wishes to all.

'P' in Wales

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, a beautiful card.
Nancyd xx

June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, a beautiful card today and love the video, I am not a great stamper so this hopefully will help me and encourage me to try a bit harder to crack it. The stamp design on this one is really lovely.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

Karen Derbyshire said...

Very nice card Sue. I don't stamp too much, but after watching your video, maybe I should have another go.

CraftySuetoo said...

Hi Sue. Lovely card and great video. Sue XXX

Clare W said...

GM Sue. Love the stamp and those borders. Will watch video later.

Anonymous said...

Lovely card Sue. Stamps do add interest to dies I'm not very good at it. Will be watching video later. JJxx

tracy w said...

Hi Sue
Another stunning card love the colours and the dies and the stamps thanks tracyw x

PharmacyMichele said...

Beautiful card, really lovely.


Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
A very pretty card. Love the stamp. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day everyone.

Jan on the Fosse said...

Good Morning Sue
I did a lot of stamping years ago before dies were thought of, so I still try sometimes to combine the two techniques. Love the card.

Stephanie Cotterill said...

Morning dear Sue.
Yes you're right the stamp to die for finishes off the centre die beautifully. I've never tried taking card to stamp, but it's a valuable tip for those of us with dodgy hands. Never been a confident stamped so why I put myself in the most nerve racking situations at market just beats me lol. Every time I buy a new sentiment/verse stamp set from the CE gang I cut your dies and stamp up the centre or flags with the new stamp, pop them in my box ready to offer to add a wedding/anniversary/birthday verse in the card for the customer at market. So, couple but a wedding card for their son, this Muppet offers to stamp a Phill wedding verse for them... who forgets she has already got the particular verse they wanted that they chose off the stamp set I took already stamped on your heart of heart dies ? Yep, me !!! Then nerves kick in, I start shaking like crazy thinking 'if I mess this up the card is wrecked. So I ask if they have more stalls to look at whilst I get their card ready and off they toddle to browse the market. Sue,i cant tell you how sick i felt lol. So i took your heart die, inked up and stamped while it was quiet around my table BINGO - sorted lol. Andy looked at me with massive eyes, mouth agog, and said "never in 35yrs have I seen you shake SO much" he said you've gone grey lol. Anyway they where thrilled to bits lol if only they knew how I'd suffered for their son lol. An hour later whilst tidying up and killing time what did I remember ? My box, there staring at me with my pre-stamped, die cut verses ! So next month my stamp sheets will stay at home, and the sign with pre-cut dies with verse will cover the whole of the box so i dont forget its there, and NEVER will i make myself feel so ill again for someone 's family member lol. One valuable lesson learnt... don't take stamps to market if you've already pre stamped in the comfort of your home away from gawking eye's lol.
Sorry about the essay but I had to annoy everyone by showing just how stupid I really am when it comes to stamping, so your hints and tips are more useful than you know Sue.
Hope you have a good day. Sending my usual hugs xx

crossstitchmarg said...

Morning Sue,
Another beautiful card today you really do spoil us with all of your stunning designs.
i shall be crafting with my.Grandsons this afternoon. So lots of fun to be had.
Have a lovely day

Clai01 said...

Love Creative Expressions stamps and love to see Sue do stamping on cards, gorgeous card! x

hazel young said...

Lovely card Sue x xhazel

Janice K said...

Good morning Sue. Thank you for another great video tutorial, I'm loving the black/blush colour combination in this card and the matching stamp and die are gorgeous.x

anne mather said...

Hi Sue
John has certainly got me back into stamping and the co-ordinating stamps are great.
Love it!
Anne M xxx

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. Another of your stunning creations. You make it look so easy but i am not a good stamper but i will try taking the card to the stamp and see what happens wish me luck lol. Beautiful colours, stamp and die. Thanks for another of your great videos.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Beautiful card , love Jean Z xxx

Yvonne G said...

Morning Sue
Wow - what a stunner. And a video to look forward to - have a few to catch up on but I am not complaining.
This colour combination is so soft and graceful. I know some people are not keen on black but I think it makes the card really pop.
I cannot tell you how excited I am for Friday - only 3 more sleeps. You are so going to make this week a good one. What have you in store for us?
Just in case anyone was wondering what my disastrous little saga was on Saturday evening that rendered me forlorn and out of action - here goes x
Got back from a wonderful weeks holiday on the beautiful Isle of Wight about 3.30pm on Saturday afternoon. We stayed in a caravan park which is based in St Helens and is so tranquil and overlooks the sea and there is a mill pond wall that you can walk across to a national trust common and a beach café.
The boys made good use the expanse of grass over the wall by playing Frisbee most days. This is an activity that would probably not be entertained back in Croydon but something happens in the Isle of Wight that certainly brings out the inner child in the boys and makes for a marvellous atmosphere and relaxing break for all. When Steve was alive we would visit the Island twice a year so it is bittersweet that he is no longer with us but it does bring back so many happy memories. We have booked again for next year and I am already looking forward to it.
So returned on Saturday afternoon, exhausted but relieved that I had planned ahead and booked a shopping delivery from Asda between 6 and 8pm. A weight off my mind as there was no food in the house - sorted. Our lovely neighbour and good friend Pat, who had been looking after the dog had put milk in the fridge and made us a curry and fried rice which was a welcome surprise. Her curries are legendary and in my opinion could be likened to the food of the God's, especially when one returns from holiday and after such a chilled and worry free week is back into the routine of getting fed up with trying to think of what to cook.
Bags unpacked, washing machine on and a dirty beach filled line of laundry piles queuing down the length of the hall patiently waiting to be washed on the most intensive programme my faithful and most treasured and overused kitchen appliance could muster. A milky coffee and a sit down with my feet up in preparation for the arrival of an extensive order of food that would last an average household a week, (but not this house with my boys)!!!

Sorry for those of you who are bored but this is the short version and I am going to split my comment - Sorry Sue x

Yvonne G said...

I patiently waited but when 8pm arrived and there had been no knock on the door, I became a little concerned. I am always, hopeful that I will be greeted by a vision of a young, Adonis like hunk, dressed from head to toe in a green Asda uniform delivering my necessities but am always left despondent. When I logged on to the website there was a reassuring message telling me that my shopping was on it's way. So it was obviously going to be a little late - after all they were probably very busy as there would be no supermarkets open on Easter Sunday. I decided that the best course of action was to give them a call to find out if some light could be shed on the situation.
Took me ages to get through - frustrating me further. I eventually made contact with the powers that be who took all my details and asked if it would be ok to call me by my first name - of course I said. I was put on hold for 7 minutes whilst the situation was investigated and then Justin (the customer care rep) came back on the line and said - 'I'm really sorry YVETTE but I am afraid your shopping will not be delivered this evening'!!!!!
Normally being called by the wrong name is something that is a misunderstanding but to call me by the wrong name and then inform me I will be without food and toilet roll is not funny. After venting my anger somewhat I was put on hold again, briefly, Justin came back on the line and called me Yvette again. At this point I insisted on speaking to his manager. I will admit to not being polite but will not repeat what I said through fear of upsetting those of you with a delicate disposition.
Justin's manager was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard as he followed his (badly written) script apologising and assuring me that he would do everything in his power to find out what had happened. My response was once again, discourteous and the conversation finished with a promise of a phone call from another manager on Monday morning and asking what time I would like my shopping delivered on Monday.
All I will say is thank goodness for the generosity of Pat's curry and her over generous portion sizes which was an obvious lifesaver. The boys are not nice when hungry. She also helped out on the toilet roll front - lol x
Anyway - I did get a phone call from a manager(Robin), yesterday morning, who followed another script, gave me a £15 voucher to use on my next online Asda shop and promised me that this would never happen again. I did point out that I felt this was a foolish statement and guarantee on her part as I had her name and would hold her personally responsible!
Had it not been Easter weekend this would not caused such a problem but I got so wound up about the whole thing that it did trigger a bad day on Sunday and a restless Monday. I am feeling brighter now but would like you all to boycott Asda in support of my indignation at their incompetence and unbelievable customer service x
I am at present waiting for Tesco to deliver my weeks groceries and hoping that their will be no mishaps as I will not be held responsible for my actions. I told Asda where they could stick their order when they offered to deliver it on Monday - after all I wanted it on Saturday!!
As a distraction I am going to have a blog session and check out all the cards I missed whilst I was away and try and catch up on what has been happening with our Wilsonette family in my absence.
I am still trying to wade my way through the washing but hopeful from the view out of the window that I will be able to hang some on the line.
Have a good day everyone - smiles and love x
Crafty hugs

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, This looks gorgeous, the stamping really enhances the die-cuts. I'm off to watch video now.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Chris Curry said...

Another gorgeous card Sue. I love how you design stamps to match your dies. Beautiful. Thank you. Xx

Deborah Artliff said...

Good morning sue what a beautiful card and the design is wonderful
Hope you had a lovely Easter.

Debs Cards xxx

Jane Franklin said...

Hi Sue. I love the coordination of stamp and die its very effective. Its good to see and the card is very effective. Luv jxxx

Sue MacFall said...

Hello Sue and many thanks for another lovely card - just love the colours too.
Sue Mac

hettygarlick said...

Beautiful. I love the Stamps to Die For. I have quite a few now. I used the Lily Corner one to do my Easter cards, and one friend (who is not a crafter) thought I'd done the cutting by hand with scissors! I'm not that patient or steady handed!

Tina T said...

Hi Sue and crafter all,
Well you have done it again, what a fab card. Love the colour way.
I too had a problem stamping then I stumbled by a product from fiskars! It is a stamping board ( large and small) with foam rubber in the corners - the stamp goes on the underside, ink up as normal then press down onto your required card. Clean image every time. Hope this info helps other stampedes with dexterity problems.
Love and crafty hugs
Tina T xxxx

carol quinn said...

Beautiful card sue

Gloria Robey said...

Morning Sue ,another stunning card love the colour combination .Keep trying to guess what you have in store for us on Hochanda at the weekend .Gloria (Sidcup) xx

Anne said...

These stamps set off your dies beautifully, Sue.

Anne (Northampton)

dmj from kettering said...

Another stunning card, Sue!!!!

Doreen x

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue. A very pretty card today. So delicate. I too am a very nervous stamper, but I recently bought the stamping board from one of Johns shows and it certainly helps. Not as perfect as yours are, but acceptable.

Love Rosemarie x x

marg said...

Good Morning Sue!
I really need to watch the Video, and take notes ,I just love the stamping you have done on this card
Yvonne I have just read your comments, and Asda has a cheek offering £15,thank goodness for your wonderful neighbours curry!
Take care
love Marg

Jackie Trinder said...

Good morning Sue today's card is gorgeous the colours and the dies are amazing. Have a great day today. Take care. Hugs Jackie

hollyberry said...

Beautiful card,lovely stamp.

Nannieflash said...

Good Morning Sue, on a wet sunny day, oh well such is life. A gorgeous card this morning cant wait to see how you created it, love that stamp to. hugs Shirleyxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I love using coordinating stamps and dies.
Thank you for the demo.
Véronique L

TDQ Karen said...

This is a lovely clean look, love it

Suemac said...

Stunning card

Barbara Gosden said...

Hi Sue
A gorgeous card, beautiful stamp and dies, and I love the embossing folder too.
B xx

Yvonne H said...

Good morning Sue,
Absolutely stunning card, I love the colour combination. Sue you always make stamping look so easy I also like to use stamps with my dies. Yvonne xx

Rosemary Stickland said...

Pretty card, love the pink and black together.
Rosemary xx

sandy acland said...

This card is pretty.

Sandy (tort)

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
I hope you had a good weekend?
The card is lovely and thanks you for another great video.

gwen70 said...

Another beautiful card, you really spoil us Sue

Lynne L said...

Lovely card again Sue The coordinating stamp is beautiful

Lynne L said...

Lovely card again Sue The coordinating stamp is beautiful

SueJ said...

Lovely combination of stamps and dies. Pretty card.

June Horrocks said...

Oh wow sue this is stunning I'm not a good stamper I do try but when I watch others so confident and the results are great it puts me of so I'm going to give it a go thank you sue
Love always June horrocks xxxxxx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
Very elegant card, and the stamp is beautiful, too. I've got a few of the stamps for your dies and you are right, they add even more interest and beauty to cards.
Love the colour combo.
Hugs, Rose

Lisbeth said...

Morning Sue. Quite a clean and simple card by your usual standards, but so effective. I do quite often buy the stamps to go with some of your dies and then because I put them away with the rest of my stamps I forget that I have them and they don't get as much use as they deserve. This post is a good reminder to me to get them out and have a play.


Yorks butterfly said...

Morning Sue, a lovely card today and such a pretty stamp, I am not great at stamping but have a couple of your stamps and they certainly add something to a card.

Beryl Treble said...

Beautiful card Sue.

auscrafts said...

Such a pretty stamp,Beautiful card,

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Lovely card so clean crisp and elegant.

Hugs to all

Annx without an "e"

nzillingworth said...


Jan.moogie said...

Lovely lovely card Sue and the video was so great. Am always a bit unsure when it comes to stamping and this video helped. Thanks for sharing, have a great day, hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue this is a very pretty stamp with or without the die. Love from Jackie xx

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
Beautiful card will watch the video later I have so many appointments today.
Hugs s
Heather T

Evis M said...

Hi Sue.
A lovely card yet again.
Evis M

Val Jones said...

Hi Sue. Love the matching stamps youve used on thisvamazing card.
Love Val in Spain x

Paula said...

What a very lovely card! Oh, if only I was a good stamper, although I have decided to try again but with my hands deformed with arthritis and losing my grip because of it I don't see me having a lot of luck. :( But I may surprise myself, you never know. :) Must make a cup of tea now so I can sit in comfort to watch the video.
Hugs to all in need today.
Paula x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
This is really pretty, the stamps really do make a difference.
Beverley W

Diane said...

Hi Sue
What a gorgeous card today the stamp is so beautiful and really finishes the card off. You have so many gorgeous stamps, it's lovely to see them having their day on the blog. Thank you for sharing
Love Diane G xxxx

Muriel Kelly said...

Hello Sue and all
another beauty! I don't have stamps to match my dies but must try it, they look fabulous.
The shadow dies always look great too,
Muriel x

Kate's Cards said...

Very smart xx

Karen M said...

Morning Sue,
Lovely card, like the way the stamps contrast,very nice.
Best wishes
Karen M

Anonymous said...

Hi sue and lovely wilsonettes x
Beautiful card today sue x the stamp is lovely and looks so good with the die x thankyou sue x
Steph that must have been so scary x I had a card table last year for charity and premade some relation labels so if anyone wanted the card specifically for wife or uncle etc I could put them on . Well I have never ever had trouble taking the backing of the foam pads or dst I had used until then when everyones watching ! Felt a right donut !
My fingers were trembling and could feel the redness coming to my face x
Yvonne glad to have you back and if only we all had neighbours like yours xxx
Take care everyone x
Theresa w xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the coordinating stamps. I ink my big stamps like you did, but I run my brayer over the surface of the cardstock for even inking pressure...dittos on the arthritic hands...I don't have any straight fingers any more...

I related to your tip to always tape down dies...I almost ruined my string flowers dies by not taping them down...I was so used to using my magnetic plate that I wasn't thinking when I started cutting with my G. Caliber...duh...learned my lesson. Note to self.

Also, when foam taping dark colors, black, brown, navy, etc., I found black foam tape that comes in squares or rolls. I love it, but I also saw a tutorial a couple of days ago suggesting making your own color coordinated foam tape by running craft foam through the Xyron machine. She used a really big machine and the small one that is only 1 1/2" wide...ran it through twice to apply adhesive to both sides of the foam...very clever and since craft foam comes in many colors, what better way to have your foam tape color coordinate for those times it's visible from an angle.

Love your card today and always look forward to the next one.

Jan D., Florida, USA

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, a very pretty card and great video. I love your Stamps to Die For, they make a great extension to your dies enabling you to use the same ones over and over again but in differing variations. I especially like the ones that have areas for colouring in.

'P' in Wales - there is not a thing wrong with sitting with a cat on your lap, it is one of life's greatest pleasures (except maybe when you need the loo lol). The most we have had at any one time was five - my mother thought we were mad - but I have a sneaking suspicion that you have more :-)

Yvonne - that was a dreadful way for Asda to treat you. Easter week-end or not that should not have happened. I would be tempted to write to their Head Office. Hope Mr Tesco served you better.


barbara macaskill said...

Sstunning! I absolutely adore your stamps that go with your dies!!! They make creating a beauty so easy!! TFS!

Jo - Jo's Scrap Shack said...

Another beautiful card Sue! This is so pretty and I love how easy the card comes together once everything is stamped out and cut out. :)
♥ Jo's Scrap Shack ♥

gailgale said...

Very lovely, Sue.
I love the pink and black.

Jean said...

Elegant and beautiful!

Sam Smithard said...

To My Very Special Dearest Friend Sue,
Today's Card Is A Definite "WOW WOW WOW" I Truly Love It
When You Have Stamps That Match Your Superb Dies, As I've Always
Been A Stamper, And I Love To Colour I'm Not The Greatest But I Really
Enjoy It, I Find It So Therapeutic.
I Love It When You Bring Out Dies And Stamps Together, I Hope You Continue
To Do So.
I Loved "The Fabulous Climbing Vines Embossing Folder" The Detail Is Tremendous
Outstanding Colour Pallette Coconut White/Blush/And Fabulous Black To Make The Card
Using The Very Beautiful "Alexandra Die" Which I Love, Also "The Grace Die" Which
I Must Purchase And "The Fanciful Trim Die" From The Configuration Collection I Truly
Love These Dies Such Pretty Dies, I Haven't Got The Stamp But I Must Get This And Add
It To My Collection, I'm So Very Excited About Watching Your Shows On Hochanda
I'm Sure You'll Be A Huge Success And Sell Out Of Everything, I've Watched The Team
Recently On Hochanda, The Last Shows Being Phill's Which Was Great, It's Wonderful That
He Uses Your Dies Etc:
Yesterday I Watched Indigoblue That I'd Taped With Kay She Virtually Sold Out Of Everything,
I Love Hochanda As You Get To Watch The Demos In Such Great Detail,
Sue I Can't Begin To Thank You Enough For Sharing Your Awesome Talents With Us Sharing
Tips And Techniques I Am So In Awe Of You, You Inspire Me Daily I Truly Appreciate Everything You Do.
Take Great Care Sue
Warmest Fond Wishes To Colin And Heather
Love And Huge Hugs To Yourself
Love From Sam xxx
Hugs To All Wilsonettes.

Scottydog said...

An elegant looking card today Sue, thank you for the video showing how it was achieved. I have the Alexandra die so will now be needing tha Grace die to go with it! Lol!

CraftyJo said...

Very nice :)

KarinsArtScrap said...

wow it's very elegant Sue and beautifullllllll.

gr karin van eijk

Pam said...

Yvonne, dreadful customer service from Asda. Read recently, they failed to deliver a food order and baby milk to a young mum with 3 very young children not once but twice in 2 days. She was so desperate she went to the store, told them and they told her to go home and wait for another 2 days. She then told them she was taking her order off the shelf as it was paid for and they called the police. They told her she was stealing, when the police intervened they let her take the food. Customer Services rang her and said this rarely happens but she should have just waited.....

Steph you underestimate yourself Hun, not many of us could run a market stall. Have faith my dear.

Tracy Stitt said...

Hi sue and crafters.
Lovely card today. I'm not keen on stamping as it never quite works out lol

Love to all xx

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card and great video as always, I do like stamps that match the dies

Hugs and best wishes everyone

Elsie Smith said...

Hi Sue. The stamps make a lovely focal point.xx

Lorraine Eastwood said...

Good afternoon Sue and her crafty crew!

Yeah! I just love a video demo because they really break down the card making process into easy, understandable steps....I hope I'm not the only one who doesn't do written instructions, my brain just switches off!.....you are a superstar Sue with such a talent for passing on your abilities to us lesser mortals:-) this colour palette is one of my favourites too, the black really accentuates the intricacy of the dies and makes the stamped image the deserved focal point. Not for the first time, I am so relieved to have invested in the Grace die, it is so versatile and seems to pop up in a lot of my cards lately....and yours! This card doesn't need the standard embellishments ie flowers, ribbon etc, it would detract from the star of the show, the stamped frame and it's just perfect as it is. Well done Sue another winner and an exciting appetiser for the weekend:-)
I'm early today because my plans have been well and truly scuppered this afternoon- I had intended to print out some digi stamped images and practise sheets from my Spectrum Noir DVD before attempting to recreate them in my own cack handed way:-) However, after printing the first coloured image....rather mutedly....the ink virtually disappeared and no images could be seen. I know that at this point you are assuming that my cartridges need replaced, but no, my printer tells me when that is the case and it wasn't so long ago that I did just that. So, it's a mystery but I think it's still under guarantee though I'm still a little annoyed at the inconvenience because I've hardly used it since I bought it:-( Things aren't built to last nowadays are they?
So, plans aborted I decided to make another rice pudding to busy myself in a constructive manner....the milk was off though!
Well, the next best way to spend an afternoon...after Judge Rinder and Escape to the Country.....is to catch up on the blog and watch Sues latest video with a can of diet coke and Brodie napping next to me, bliss!
Speaking of cats, P, I am now so curious as to just how many pussies you care for...I have a sneaking suspicion that Frances may be right, it's at least five, do you perhaps live rurally or on a farm( sorry if I sound nosy, that's because I am:-)), because I can't imagine you having the space if they can't have a bit of a wander. It my idea of heaven though, living with more cats than human beings because they're far better company:-), I've never had any more than three of my own but the neighbours cats used to visit daily as well and go for a walk with my Mum every evening....it was some sight, a woman with two sticks in wellies and her dressing gown followed by six cats!
Steph, I bet our great leader Sue even gets the jitters before demonstrating so don't worry about a few nerves it helps us perform sometimes:-)
Yvonne, so nice to have you back sweetie, how nice of your neighbour to make a meal for your return though it was slightly spoiled by the shopping fiasco afterwards. I use Sainsburys and have never had a problem but it's just your luck I guess- I'm not surprised you told them where to shove their delivery, two days late is a joke and unacceptable. I hope the Tesco delivery man met your high standards in the totty department:-)
Cuddles to Beth, Rebecca, Maria, Lynda, Lorraine, Linda, Jan, Theresa, Wheely bad, Tracy, Pam and anyone my fogged brain has neglected to mentionxxxx

Crafty hugs


Pearl said...

Beautiful card today Sue, the stamping makes a huge difference I think especially if it was embossed as well - I have several stamps with the dies (not the ones you used in the card today though) so I'll give this a try.

I can't keep up with the dies and stamps being released so I have to skip a couple of sets here and there.

Lots of love and craftihappiness everyone,

Pearl x

Lesley Cann said...

Great card today. I am always happy to see a card with stamping as it is something I love to do as well as colouring my stamping where appropriate. Hope we see some more stamping soon.

Eunice said...

Such a gorgeous card. Love the shadow effect with the Fanciful Trim and the Alexandra die is beautiful!!! Another must have.

Myra said...

Hello Sue,
Lovely card and as ever a very informative video !
Thank you. Xxxx

iReneM said...

Great video as always :)

A gorgeous card

Somerset Wedding Gal said...

Love this card, the monochrome details are the cutest!

TOB said...

Hi Sue, Gorgeous card, love the video. hugs Theresa xxx

Susan White said...

Lovely card Sue - I'm a stamping girl at heart, so I love this! Susan x

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

One word - beautiful

Lynn Dalby said...

Hello Sue.

Lovely Card. Great tip about using a large stamp. Pretty Colouring. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes

Sandie Braithwaite said...

I love this card. The stamp over the die gives a perfect frame to the sentiment.

Karen Drew said...

Stunning card. Love the stamp
karen xx

ursula said...

I must admit I do not have many of the stamps, but this card looks so fab using the stamp on the die cut, must look into that....The card looks so clean, but so stunning....luv Ursula xx

Janet Wilson said...

Fab card, love the matching stamp.

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Sue,
Good card for men, as it's not too flowery.
Love to all,
Maureen xxx

Laura O' Connor said...

stunning card Sue ,lovely stamps ,Laura O

nannapat said...

Love this card Sue, lovely detail on the stamps. Pat x

liz spooner said...

Once again Sue, love the blush with the black and white.xx

IVY Cheong said...

A lovely card yet again. Take care, Ivy C x

Littlelamb said...

Lovely card Sue and very informative video. Thank you.

Theresa Pace said...

pretty cool, the flourishes look fab, hugs xx

A Happercrafter6 said...

Alexandra is on my wish list, being my granddaughter's name, along with the relevant stamp! Lovely card again, Sue.

Helen Bell said...

Hi Sue and everyone

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. This is a lovely card and the stamping sets it off.

I am going to watch the video very soon.

Love Helen xx

Kay said...

Hi Sue and all the crafters out there.

I just love following your blog but this is the first time I have left a comment. I have many of your dies and make some beautiful cards with them but my favourite is stamping and now I can do both with you stamps to die for and corresponding dies is just wonderful and should make my crafting even better.

Please accept my condolences, but I am pleased you are still crafting. Can`t wait to see you this Friday on hocanda.

Best wishes


Berina RGA said...

Wow!! Such an elegant card!! Love it!
Moxie Craftie

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow this is beautiiful

Tressa said...

Aaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhh, back into the land of Internet coverage having driven through a snow storm in Wales and torrential rain along the M6. Now I can catch up on the previous video as well as this one. Certainly enjoyed this one, the stamp is gorgeous and produces a lovely embellishment when cut. The end result is lovely.

Now to catch up with the previous one! I am sure I will enjoy it just as much.


lilian said...

Hi Sue, love this card, will watch video in bed later.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

Barbara said...

Beautiful card Sue!
I don't have these two dies but will remedy that asap. The video is a delight to watch as you make it look so easy.

karenlotty said...

Lovely card and the stamps and die look beautiful

Bejay Roles said...

Hi Sue,
What a pretty card!! I'm holding my head in shame as I admit that I don't have any of your stamps...yet. I'm going to have a look at them all and start to add them to my wish list so that I can try to make something beautiful with them.

The excitement has gone up a notch here with the Amaryllis watch...the two larger buds have begun to bend over to get in the right position to open...so I'm hoping that I'll have some good news before the end of the week :)
Bejay xx

Elizabeth Beal said...

Hi Sue & lovely Wilsonettes ***sorry my comment is so late tonight as we had company today, for the first time in ages, & this is the first free moment I've had so wanted to write before I hopped off to bed for some much needed rest.

Today's card, & I cannot emphasise this enough, is gorgeous as always x but it isn't always about how delectable your cards look to us Sue it is also about the techniques you share with us that derive from your creations, it is also about those much appreciated hints & tips that you share to help us to create in a simpler way, it is about you leading the way to opening up our minds to achieving pleasure & pride from our own creations, it is about the confidence you instill into our hearts & imaginations.

You are one super lady who is loved & highly appreciated by so many. Bless you dear Sue for sharing today's fabulous creation &I the excellent & very helpful video.

(((HUGS))) & love to you Sue, your family & of course to all my friends & dearest friends. Beth B x x x x x

Tres said...

Hi Sue. Just a quick comment today. Thank you for sharing your beautiful card and video !!! As I have come to expect from you, they are both fantastic !!! I love the colours you have put together to !!! I just can't wait to see you on Hochanda this Friday evening. Thank you for all your continued inspiration and hard work on our behalf. Sending lots of crafty love and hugs to you Sue from Tres x x x

Sending love to everyone from Tres x x x

Jennifer Smith-Kirk said...

Good Evening Sue, what a lovely card and the video is an added bonus X X X

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
lovely card and a great video as usual.
I'm having to do this on my phone as my ipad will not let me come through to the commrnts, it just freezes. Apparently its something to do with the latest software that i downloaded today - they might have said there was a problem before I downloaded it!
P hope Pushy is ok. Scamp is curled up on my llegs snoring her head off at the moment which doesnt make it very easy to turn over. She has become really clingy since gaining her freedom.
Yvonne I'm not surprised that you were fuming with Asda, that was terrible. Hope you got sorted with Tesco and thank goodness for your lovely neighbour.
Steph - I felt for you, but did have a bit of a chuckle to myself too - that's the sort of thin I would've done too!
well must go ( mainly because this typing on my phone is driving me mad! )
Love and hugs to all, Alison xx

Jenny wren said...

Hi Sue
Bit late leaving comment but well worth the wait. Have just finished looking at your video on how to do your beautiful card. I too have problems with stamping! but having watched you I think I will give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration.
Hugs to all especially for your Sue.
Jennywren x

Rosie said...

Just love the shadow effect on this card, Sue. I love the dies used too.
Love Rosie from Chorley....xxxx

Vie Carter said...

a beautiful card, love the layout


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - this card is beautiful and I just love the stamping. It has urged me to buy coordinating stamps and dies now!! Kind regards,

Dawn Holben said...

Another stunner and your beautiful dies just bring out the best in any stamp.
I love the detail on this and I do love the shadowing effect down the sides.
definitely another one I love.

Julie Elli said...

Just lovely Sue! Love the black centre frame and the shadow cast die effect.
Big hug
Julie E

julie laz said...

Hi, lovely card today sue,
I would just like everyone to no,
I'm ill and sometimes I don't see the cards from sue for a few days after there put on,
I hope you don't mind me commenting after or when I can,
many thanks and crafty hugs to all, Julie laz xxxx