Monday, 8 February 2016

Best Wishes

Hi there my crafty friends!  Thank you so much for all your touching and heartfelt condolences.  Your comments and emails have been a real lifeline for me, it has been a tough week, but I wanted to let you know that I am doing better.  It does come in waves though and I'm sure it will for some time to come.  It is just really lovely to have such a wonderful blog family to help me through this difficult time.
  I thought I would share this card with you today as it was one of my favourites from this launch and it makes me smile! The Pierced Rose mini background die was cut in white for the base of this card.  I attached it to another piece of white card that had a sticky adhesive sheet adhered to it.  Next I cut the die in sky blue card.  I used just the fallaway pieces from this and removed them and placed them into the same place on the background on the white version.  The sticky sheet that was exposed held them into place.  I cut the die once more in a dark green and used the fall away pieces from it to fill in the leaves.  Once the entire design had been paper pieced back together with the different colours, I coated it with spray adhesive and covered it with Iced Snow.  I added small 3mm white pearls to the centres of all the roses.  I made a frame out of white card, by using an exacto knife and tracing the edge of the die.  I added mounting foam to raise it.  I stamped my sentiment and cut it out with the oval from the Lauren die, then added a thin frame using both the ovals from the Lauren die.  I completed the card with mats and layers of coconut white and sky blue card.  The finished dimensions are 6 1/4" x  7 1/2" in size.

I have had numerous emails about the Beaded Fanfare Embossing Folder.  I also wanted to let everyone know that it is finally back in stock so please contact your local retailers to stock it for you.

I probably won't get to the comment game until next week, but I did draw a winner for the Wednesday Card giveaway.  This weeks' winner is:

Karen Derbyshire!!!

Congratulations!  Please email me at to confirm your address and claim your card.  All for now, Sue x

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Pam said...

Very beautiful card, love it.
Thinking of Sue and family, Melody Francis & family, Tracey and all of the blog family who are going through hard times or illness. Laine I am so sorry about your dad.
Karen, well done for the Wednesday card
Hugs all rounds.

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, a gorgeous card love the infill of the blue very striking.
Thinking of you and your family.
Nancyd xx

Jan.moogie said...

Lovely card which could be used fro any occasion very versatile. Have a good day Sue, hugs xx

Muriel Kelly said...

Hello Sue and all
Beautiful card, this release has so many beautiful cards I can't wait to see more of them here on the blog.
Congratulations Karen,
Good to hear from you Sue
Muriel x

Marianna Hammer said...

What a lovely and different card. It works really well.
I am glad you are feeling a bit better, Sue. All the best from me XXX

Pearl said...

Morning Sue, lovely card today the colours, shapes and composition are great and shows the dies off to perfection.

I hope that you are coming to terms with your loss and that card making is helping you as it seems to take away some of the grief by giving a release for some little time at least.

Lots of love and craftihappines everyone,

Pearl x

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
I have yet to buy a background die but can't wait till I can as this one will be first on the list
Congratulations to Karen on winning Wednesday's card
Huge hugs to you and your family
Happy crafting
Love and hugs to all
Love Tina xxxx

Kitty Davies said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you it is a beautiful card.
Congratulations to Karen.
Take it easy Sue, Kitty.

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. This is a beautiful card. Love the rose background and the colours you have used for the in fills. Congratulations to Karen on winning Wednesdays beautiful card. Take care Sue and family. Thinking of you all.x
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

hollyberry said...

A really beautiful card Sue. I thought that you might take a break from your blog,but no there you are thanking us for our support. You have supported so many of us over the years and we are here to support you when you need it(hope I haven't overstepped the mark there!)
My thoughts are with you through this rollercoaster time of ups and downs. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Sue, so pleased you're doing better, we all know what you mean by the waves coming - and even years later, a big one will roll in and just about knock you off your feet. Time isn't necessarily the big healer, but you do come to accept the new reality.
So, today's card... just lovely, have never done paper piecing but inspired to have a go! Beautiful font on the sentiment, really like the plain oval to show it off. Will have to look and see what an exacto knife is!
Well done to Karen on the card win.
Hugs all round, especially for Laine and Tracy tomorrow (got day right this time!)

'P' in Wales

Teresa c said...

Another beautiful card my craft room almost ready I'm sure half will be filled with you dies most of my collections are yours love them thoughts are with you and your family 💕

tracy w said...

Hi Sue
Another stunning card love the colours and the dies glad you are getting better slowly thanks tracyw x

Yvonne H said...

Good morning Sue,
Wonderful card & one that could be used for any occasion. Well done to Karen for being Wednesday comments winner. Sue just take one day at a time & we are all thinking of you. Yvonne xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely card Sue. Like the colours. Hope this week is a better one for you. Congratulations Karen JJxx

auscrafts said...

lovely card today the colours are pretty

PharmacyMichele said...

Gorgeous card , very pretty.

Congrats to the card winner.


anne mather said...

Hi Sue
This card is a beauty - I tried to get this die last week but out of stock at my supplier - it is on order for me though! Can't wait - I love it too.
As they say - one day at a time and the memories will become clearer and the days become more bearable.
Please take care of yourself.
Anne M xxx

Dragonsnap2, Hinckley said...

Lovely card and the in fills really make it stand out. Had to look at what an exacto knife is and it's what I usually use but know as a craft knife!
I hope the raw pain you are experiencing at the moment will soon become easier to bear.
D x

carol quinn said...

Stunning card, we are thinking of you sue,

Congratulations Karen on your win

Tina T said...

Good morning Sue and Crafters everywhere,
Well you have wowed us again Sue!!!
Lovely card you are truly an inspiration.
Take care, crafty hugs and love
Tina Thompson xxxx

CraftySuetoo said...

Hi Sue. Beautiful card, love how you've paper pieced the background. You can only deal with each day as it comes, be with your family and as Anne says the days do become more bearable.
Laine, sorry to hear about your Dad. Congratulations Karen on your win. Hugs to all. Sue XXX

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card. I love the sparkle! Thanks for sharing. My thoughts are with you.
Congratulations to Karen.
Have a great day everyone.

Sam Smithard said...

To My Special Dearest Friend Sue
"You've Done It Once Again You've Worked That Wonderful
Sue Wilson Majic................
I Love Today's Extremely Beautiful Card With The Awesome
Paper Piercing Adding The Wonderful Glitter Jewels For That
Extra "WOW" I Love The Fabulous Colour Palette You've Used
Sue Thank You For Sharing, "I'm Always Thinking Of You"
I'm Sure Everyone Would Understand If The Comment Gift Didn't
Happen You've Other More Important Things On Your Mind.
Thank You For Sharing Please Take Great Care.
Warmest Wishes To Colin And Heather
Love And Huge Hugs To Yourself
From Sam xxx
Hugs To All Wilsonettes Congratulations To Wednesday Card Gift Winner.
Huge Hugs To Dearest Lancashire Steph x

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, todays card is so pretty, love the effect from the die, and it looks fab done in blue and white. So glad to hear that you are doing ok, it will be hard, so sending you huge hugs. Well done Karen. Have a good day all. Bx

sandy acland said...

Very pretty!!


Jacqui oakes-alcock said...

Lovely card Sue.

Clare W said...

GM Sue. Love the effect on this card. Keep smiling....

Clai01 said...

Hi Sue
t's good to hear from you to say that you are doing better, ive been thinking about you a lot and lots of hugs. x

hettygarlick said...

Such an unusual background, but it makes a beautiful card.

So pleased to hear that you're doing better Sue.

I was so glad to know that the Beaded Fanfare was once again available. I'd been wanting to get it for some time. I was able to buy it last week and am delighted with it. It makes such a lovely background on various cards.

Janice K said...

Good morning Sue. A very pretty card, love all the glittery accents.
I find crafting is a great way of stress relief, I hope this helps you too. Take care.x

Wendy said...

Hi Sue, I'm glad you're doing better, just take each day as it comes. Don't put pressure on yourself to be ok, it takes time. Give yourself that time.

Take care Sue.

Wendy x

Debra Kenworthy said...

Lovely card! Wonderful card design with the paper piecing and glitter.
Glad to hear that your blog family have been a help to you during this tough time.
Congratulations to Karen, enjoy your card. Debra x

A Happercrafter6 said...

Good morning Sue. Paper piercing is quite time consuming but well worth the effect and really therapeutic. Love the card.

hazel young said...

Lovely card Sue, so glad to hear the wilsonettes have been able to help you through this difficult time xx hazel

Jackie Trinder said...

Good morning Sue today's card is gorgeous that die is amazing. I so glad that we all helped you a little and we will continue to do so. Don't forget to be gentle with yourself and take the time that you need. Sending love. Hugs Jackie

carol edwards said...

Hi Sue nice to hear from you.The waves come and go as does the tide and all we can do is go with it. I'm sure your crafting is helping you sometimes and knowing heartfelt wishes surround you too. Well done Karen for winning the card. X

carol edwards said...

Forgot to say the card is beautiful Sue!!! X

Deborah Artliff said...

Good morning sue what a beautiful card and the design is wonderful

Debs A xxx

Debs Cards xx

Stephanie Cotterill said...

I'm pleased to read how this card has helped you smile again Sue. It plays a massive part in the grieving process, as do tears that still easily flow, and will continue to do so with every memory that appears in your thoughts no matter how happy or sad that memory may be, it will still sting for a while yet my dear friend. As many will say, there is no necessity for thank you's but that's what we do, but you've been here for many of us, like we'd desert you at a time like this ! Your work has bought many a smile to our faces over the year's and will continue to do so, so it's so nice to read that today's card has bought a smile to your's no matter how hard it's been.
It really is a gorgeous card, and the beaded fanfare folder is so lovely and so tactile I just love using it, the tartan folder is also a beautifully tactile folder too that I also love using.
Just take each day as it dawn's Sue, smile if you want, cry when you need.
We will always be here for you through the dark day's and the bright day's as you and your work is for us.
I need say no more.

Jan on the Fosse said...

Hi Sue
Love the whole effect of today's card.
Thinking of you

nattyboots said...

Gorgeous card Sue, i love the style and colors .
Take Care
Big Hugs
Elaine H X

Annie Pennington said...

This is such a beautiful card. I've been playing with my intertwining circle die, I just love it.

Thinking of you as you go through this sad time.

Annie P

Donna said...

wow what an impressive card.
Take care


Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, a really pretty card today. It reminds me a little of wallpaper. I am happy that you are feeling a little brighter. One day at a time, one step at a time. Your blog has been my salvation many a time and so pleased that in some small way we can help.

Love and prayers, Rosemarie x x

crossstitchmarg said...

Morning Sue,
A beautiful card today, it's stunning.
Sending love & hugs to you at this tough time, take one day at a time and remember the good times you had with your Mum.

Gloria Robey said...

Morning Sue ,I love the hole affect of this card. Love the beautiful font on the sentiment. Thinking of you .Gloria (Sidcup ) xx

karenlotty said...

Everyone has said it all especially 'P' in Wales She worded it all beautifully.
Crafting has been my salvation
Today's card is adorable I love doing paper piecing but only on small pieces
Congrats to Karen!

Chris Curry said...

A beautiful card which has so much dimension with the different colours and the pearls etc. Love it. Pleased you are getting through this difficult time Sue. It is fifteen months since we lost our Mum and we still get tears with certain memories, songs , food, family times, but lots of smiles too. To know she had a full and happy life with a loving family helps a great deal. Take care. Xx

dmj from kettering said...

Good to see you back, Sue, just take each day as it comes, each will be different, and go with the flow!!

Love the card, too!!

Doreen x

Aspiring crafter said...

Lovely card Sue.
So glad to hear you are holding up , one day at a time and you will gradually regain your balance and feel stronger.
Sending love and prayers ,

Tressa said...

This is a complicated production but is well worth the effort, I really do like it. It is certainly one to try for myself.... if I can get over the problem of having to scrabble all over the floor where my bits tend to end up instead of the tray where they are supposed to go!!!!!!!!!

You have had a difficult week, I hope that the heartache begins to ease slightly as the week's progress although the loss will always be with you. Take care.


June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, it's lovely to hear from you again Sue and that this card made you smile, it is a really tough time for you and your family and everyone has made such heartfelt and wonderful comments not only on your blog but also on facebook (which you would not see - All things Sue Wilson has over a 100 comments alone just on one comment). As you say it does come in waves but we are all supporting you through this as much as we can.

As to the card my darling well it certainly made me smile too, love the technique and the beautiful effect it achieves.

Congratulations to Karen.

I have had the beaded fanfare EF since it was launched and it is my most used folder ever, so ladies get in there quick before they sell out again.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - This is a very different card again - your ideas are just amazing. I'm so pleased to hear that you are getting through each day and taking it as it comes. Everyone deals with grief in different ways and I found that crafting was a great way to get through many black days when I lost both my parents, particularly scrapbooking as it brought back so many happy memories. Am thinking of you and sending very best wishes

Nicola Belshaw said...

Love this card.
So glad to hear you are getting by. Having lost both parents I won't say I know how you feel as it is very different for each person but time helps to heal the pain.
Nicola x

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi Sue. Beautiful card, love the colours. Congratulations to Karen for winning the weekly card :-)
Glad you're feeling a bit stronger Sue, still thinking if you. Sending love and hugs.
Have a good day, hugs to all xxx

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
I've been thinking of you and your family and sending you all love and hugs xx
I love today's card and love the paper piercing technique,
Congratulations Karen!
Hugs x
Heather T

rolfi said...

Good morning Sue,
glad to hear you are feeling a bit better...
This is a beautiful glitter-card you made tday.
Rolf xxx

Wendy L said...

So beautiful Sue. It will all take time, it would have been my Dads 92nd birthday today and I still think of him alot after nearly 16 years. xxx

Anne Crawford said...

Beautiful card , lovely technique with stunning effect!
Glad to hear you feel a bit brighter , special hugs xoxo
Anne xo

Izzy said...

Hi Sue,

A very pretty card and even with all the cutting and piecing together it would be quick and easy to make so perfect for a last-minute card...surprisingly none of the detail is lost even with a complete sprinkling of Iced Snow...

Congratulations to Karen...


Val Jones said...

Amazing card Sue. In time Sue it wont hurt so much, it will be beautiful memories.
Take care.
Love Val in Spain x

Barbara Gosden said...

Hi Sue
A gorgeous card.
B xx

Anne said...

A lovely card, Sue. Paper piecing does make you concentrate but is well worth the effort.

All the best.

Anne (Northampton)

granny sue said...

Hi Sue. Beautiful card, just beautiful. Warm hugs from me. SueL x

Loraine Jefferis said...

I love this background but as I said when you showed it before it's much more than a background. I'm pleased you're feeling better. It does take time but it will get better I promise. I think of you every day. All my very best wishes Loraine Jefferis xx

TDQ Karen said...

Lovely to hear from you, take care.

Love this card, beautiful colours xx

Congratulations to Karen

Sandra said...

Hi Sue,
A gorgeous card today, I can see why you like it, great idea using the different colour fall away pieces too.
I guess you remember from losing your dear father that the first year is by far the worst, getting past the 'first' of everything without them being around, it made me cherish !title things like birthday cards etc as I remember the pain of receiving the first card without my dads name in, they are the unexpected moments that take you by surprise.
Sending you comforting hugs
Sandra xxx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Love the card so pretty.
Pleased to hear that your blog family has helped you through such a difficult time, you must take each day as it comes, cry when you want to and I'm sure there will be lots of smiles too when you think of special times.
Take care

marg said...

Good Morning Sue!
One day at a time, is all that you can hope for at the moment, Sue!
Love the card today so pretty!
Thinking of you
Take care
Love Marg

Rosie said...

Hi Sue
You really must take one day at a time, as it does take time to get over something like this.
Thinking of you all and our prayers are with you and your family.
Gorgeous card as usual.
Take care
Love Rosie xxxxx

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Beautiful card .love Jean Z xx

Nannieflash said...

Morning Sue on yet another wet and windy morning, I love what youve done with this card and that glitter really does a brilliant job, I was surprised that you had added that after you had added all the little pieces in the die cuts I had a vision of you adding the glitter bit by bit.
Im glad that you found solace in our comments you mean a hell of lot to us and when you are in pain we all are. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Hugs Shirleyxxxxx

Cards2Di4 said...

Hello Sue. I'm so sorry that I haven't commented already - only just catching up with this weeks blog posts. So very sorry to hear about your mum. I'm sure that she will be greatly missed by you and your family. But what a great age. I know it's hard at the moment but be positive and celebrate her long life. Thinking of you at this difficult time. With love and hugs, Diane (Cards2Di4) xx

Rosemary Stickland said...

Beautiful card Sue.
As others have said, take it one day at a time and
look after yourself.
Rosemary xx

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Morning from a very windy place here today,

Lovely card and just love those colours.

Look afteryourself and take care.

Crafty hugs Pen x

Kate's Cards said...

I am thinking of you Sue and sending you love and thanking you so much for still sending out posts. Hugs Kate xxx

June Horrocks said...

Hi sue the card is stunning I love it I'm so glad the folder is coming back in stock. You have brought so much joy to us with your work and your help.
Your right it does come in waves grief is just that the love you have for your mum is constant. I'm 77 and my mum left me 18 years ago I still cry but laugh a lot abought her. God bless sue Love always xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Theresa says
Hi sue and lovely wilsonettes x
Beautiful card sue and love the techniques you have used x thankyou for letting us know about the beaded fanfare its been on my most wanted list for a while x I'm so pleased you are feeling better today and my thoughts and prayers are always with you xxx
Congratulations karen x
Laine so sorry your dads so unwell x sending you a massive hug x
Yvonne sending you hugs too x
Wheely bad hope your nana gets better soon she sounds just like my nan was a wonderful person with a fighting spirit x
Tracy sending hugs your way too x I have spent ages admiring sues grace die on all her posts and put it on my next to purchase list only to discover yesterday I already have it !!!
Take care everyone x
Theresa w xxx

Yorks butterfly said...

Hi Sue, a beautiful card, and a great technique.

IVY Cheong said...

Good morning Sue, glad you're feeling better. I love this card and the mini background, off to buy it now. Hugs, Ivy C xx

Jayem said...

Hi Sue

What a pretty card... it could almost be framed and used as decoration.


Jan from NSW (Aus)

Sandie Braithwaite said...

Good morning from a very windy UK. Another lovely gentle card today. The colours blend beautifully xx

Stamps and Paper said...

Hello Sue...such a lovely technique and beautiful card


Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, once again you have given us a lovely card, I love this die and I am going to purchase it as soon as possible.
We are all thinking of you at this sad time, take time to grieve we will still be here.
Well done Karen enjoy your gift.
Take care everyone, Jess xxx

Sylvia Yates said...

Hello Sue so pleased you are feeling a little better. I'm afraid it takes time to heal after losing such a very special person from our lives. It does become easier as time goes by. A beautiful card this morning Sue. Have a great day everybody
Hugs Sylvia xx

Evis M said...

Hi Sue.
It is very stormy here in South Wales. I just love this card and can't wait to give it a try.
Please take care of yourselves everyone especially you Sue.
Evis M.

SueJ said...

A beautiful card Sue, love everything about it.
Do take care of yourself, it will get easier.

Crafty Cruiser said...

Lovely card. Grieving is a long process and you can't think you will be over it in a few weeks. It will get easier to cope but in the meantime, please don't beat yourself up about it. You are allowed to cry and it helps!
Doreen R

gwen70 said...

Beautiful card Sue, glad things are a little easier although it will take a long time

Bejay Roles said...

Morning, Sue,
Whew...what a night last night and what a day so far today. At one stage last night the rain was whirling around like a tornado and I thought the windows were going to explode! The lights dipped and I was waiting to lose power but luckily it stayed on. The wind is around 90mph right now even though the rain has gone and the sun's out. Definitely a day to stay inside and craft...or order new supplies :).
The card is beautiful, Sue. The sky blue card is such a lovely colour. What dedication to use all the cut-outs. I've only tried that once so far and really need a patience injection lol.
I promise things WILL get better, Sue. It won't happen right away but all of a sudden you'll realise that you think of your mum and smile for her life instead f crying for her departure. You have all the Wilsonettes with shoulders to lean on and words of encouragement.
Bejay xx

Beryl Treble said...

Hi Sue, a beautiful card.

Lisbeth said...

Hi Sue, its very had to know what to say at a time like this except that time really is a great healer.
Really lovely card today and I can see why it makes you smile even though this is not one of my favourite dies (as previously mentioned I prefer daisies to roses)

Big hugs


weefortune said...

Hi Sue, beautiful card hope you have a lovely weekend, hugs x

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Sue,
Beautiful card today.
It does take time to get over the loss of a parent, and you akready know that with the loss f your father, but it's a great blog on which people share their burdens.
Maureen xxx

Paula said...

Sue, you will grieve for a long time, for someone as special as your mum who has been with you for so long. It won't go away, just change.
I love this card Sue, simple enough for me to do too! :)
Yes Evis M, it is very stormy here in South Wales! It's been a really bad night. I hope everyone affected by the weather in this country takes care and stays safe.
Paula x

Jayne S said...

This card is stunning Sue.

Pat said...

Lovely card Sue. Sending big hugs. xxxx


Helen Bell said...

Good Morning Sue

A lovely card and I'm glad that it makes you smile. I'm also really pleased to hear that your dedicated Wilsonette followers helped a little with their genuine and heartfelt wishes and condolences expressed on your blog.

Sending very best wishes for you to be as strong as you need to be to ride the waves of sadness and into the realm of beautiful, happy memories.

Take care

Helen xxx

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a beautiful card. The rose die is lovely and placing the pieces back gives a lovely quilted effect. Sue it takes time but does get better.

Diane said...

Hi Sue
This is such a pretty card, I do love the paper piecing , it really makes a difference. Just be gentle with yourself and take each day as it comes. Sending you hugs
Love Diane G xxxxx
Congratulations Karen xxxx

Bente Sørflaten said...

Beautiful card!
Love this background die :))

Shirley T. said...

Hi Sue,

Really love this card - need that die!!

Much love,

Shirley T.

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card which would make anyone smile. Glad that you have found comfort from all the messages, just take each day as it comes and take comfort from all the lovely memories you have of your mom. Sending you caring hugs

Congratulations to Karen
Tracy thinking of you as you face your treatment tomorrow
Laine sorry to hear about your dad, thinking of you too

Hugs and best wishes everyone

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, A gorgeous card, looking forward to watching you demo this one.
So glad that we have been able to comfort you in some 'small' way. Lots of us know how devastating it is to lose our Mom.
Congratulations to Karen, enjoy your card.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

nzillingworth said...


Heather Treble said...

Hi Sue,
Such a pretty card to see on a wet and windy morning, you're in my thoughts and so pleased that you have found comfort through your blog family, take care.
Thanks for all the great inspiration,

Gillyflower said...

Hi Sue - another beautiful card! It's good to read that you are feeling a little better, and it's nice to hear that the comments from us all have been of some comfort to you. I think that the saying of 'taking one day at a time' is the best way to go - as it really doesn't pay to look too far ahead.
Congratulations Karen! Sending hugs to Sue and her blog family! Gilly R xxx

Lesley Cann said...

An awful morning here in Devon but a lovely card to brighten the day. Saw this die during the launch and loved it then.

CraftyJo said...

A beautiful card, bet it's lovely 'in the flesh' with all that texture.

Joanna Dickson said...

Hi Sue
This is my first visit in a long time.... not because of anything other than sitting on my hands.... I had so any earlier dies I just needed to play with them.
I'm so sorry to hear your Sad news but remember your Dad will be in your heart forever. You will even hear him in your mind.
Sending you lots of crafty love.

Susan White said...

So glad to hear that all the comments are making a difference and helping you - one day it will be me, and I dread to think of it, although I know I'm lucky to have had both my parents for such a big part of my life. Just take every hour as it comes, and allow yourself to grieve, as that is part of the healing process. Susan x

Karen Derbyshire said...

A beautiful card Sue, I treated myself to this die, and once my decorating is finished, I am going to have a play with it. Thrilled to win the lovely card, thank you everyone for your warm wishes.

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, lovely to see you back and pleased you are feeling a bit brighter but I hope you are taking enough time for yourself. Yes, the waves will continue to come for some time yet but they will eventually turn into ripples and be easier to cope with.

Today's card is beautiful and I loved it on launch. So glad it makes you smile as it does me too. The die is so clever with all the detail in such a small area. Paper piecing is time consuming but the results are worth it.

Karen - Congratulations on being the Wednesday Winner.
Laine - so sorry to hear about your dad, hope you are holding up and thinking of you.
Tracy - good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you, too.


Janet Hampson said...

Hi Sue,
Lovely to hear from you again, it's amazing how words of comfort help us through these sad times, it's just knowing that people care. I lost my Mum 8 years ago and I still shed tears from time to time...but it does get easier!
Your card today is so lovely and cheerful and would bring a smile to any ones face.

Keep smiling!
Love Janet x
from Wakefield

Anonymous said...

So glad you are beginning to feel a little better. You've been in my prayers.

Your card is wonderful, as always. My State-side e-retailer still has not gotten in your new release, but I'm assured it will be available soon. Can't wait.

Jan D., Florida, USA

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Gorgeous card so pretty.

So glad to hear from you Bless you take good care luv n hugs Annxx

Hugs to all

Annx without an "e"

Arwen Perry said...

Hi Sue
Well I'm over the moon with this one!! I love this die! Lucky me to have it!! Beautiful card Sue Sue

Cameeli of Richmond said...

Dear Sue
I was sorry hear of your beloved mom's passing. She is in the sunshine light watching over you everyday and and holds you in her spirit heart. May you grow stronger with each day and know that you are loved by so many.
Cameeli xx

Jean said...

So very beautiful!

America said...

Hello Sue. Was very happy to see you posting to let us know you're doing a little better. Please know we're thinking of you. This is a beautiful sparkly make with gorgeous detailing, paper piecing and lovely textures. ;) Please take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

A beautiful card.

Sorry to hear of your sad loss, my thoughts are with you and your family.

Take care. Kate from Kendal

lilian said...

Hi Sue, a really beautiful card, so soft and gentle.
Thinking of you, Lilian in Cornwall

Lorraine Freeman said...

Beautiful card Sue, even though it's sparkly I think it is very elegant.
Glad to hear you are doing a bit better my dear, I dread the day my Mum passes on having already lost Dad.
Laine, my heart breaks for you too and all those going through bereavement. Extra hugs for you all.
The weather here is dire and the wind is scary at times.
I am going to Bath tomorrow to see what help the physio department can give me
I have been upset lately thinking of when my Mum becomes frail as I don't know how much help I will be able to give her. Thankfully we are not at that point yet.
I finally crafted and completed a scrapbook layout. Today I have sorted dies into my new storage. Before it was in a artbin case but it was hard to get at the dies so now I have two tonic cases and they are much better. Alas I already need more refills.
Bye for now my lovely blog family.
Wishing good things to all xxx

Lynn Dalby said...

Hello Sue.

Lovely Card. I like your paper piecing technique, plus you still have the die cuts for another project. Very clever. Thanks for sharing.

I'm pleased to hear your feeling a bit better. Time will never heal you but will help you learn to live with it. Take care.

Congratulations to Karen Derbyshire.

Best wishes

TOB said...

Hi Sue, lovely card. hugs Theresa xx

fame01 said...

Hi Sue

Great card today Sue thanks for sharing its so very pretty ..

Glad you are feeling a bit better you will be ok Sue the hurt will come n go and you will shed a tear or two but will never forget but the hurt will ease a little for you, thinking of you n your family ..
Hugs to all of you n all who need one Sarah xxxx

gailgale said...

Think of the possibilities you could do with this concept and your dies.
Wonderful, Sue.
Thank you

NancyR said...

Sue.......wonderful card! Although it's time consuming I do like to use the die piecing technique. I used it on my daughter's wedding thank you notes.

Happy to see you are feeling a bit better. It will be hard for awhile but it does get easier. Take it from someone who lost both parents awhile ago. I still miss them both but do fondly remember the good, and some bad, times. All part of my life.

NancyR in Delaware, USA

KVencel said...

So very sorry for your loss, Sue. We all know that time will come, but we truly cannot be prepared for it. Our hugs & prayers to you & your family.

Beautiful card design using bits that many of us throw away. Thank you for another wonderful technique!

Suzzette Yandle said...

An absolutely awesome card today. My dear Sue, just wanted you to know my thoughts and prayers continue for you during this time of deep sorrow. Praying that wonderful memories will soon replace those waves of deep loss.

Lynda Mellor said...

Hi Sue, keep your chin up, you will get there sweetie.
It's amazing what a kind word means at a time like this and we are all here
for you. Don't worry about the draw I'm sure no one will care.
Congratulations to Karen.
You're in my thoughts and prayers.
Loopy Lynda xxx

Lindsay Martin said...

Lovely card today Sue, so pleased all the lovely bloggers have helped you through this very sad time for you, it will take some time, but the memories of your wonderful mum will soon make you laugh more than cry, keep hold of them all xxx

terrie said...

Take all the time you still need time to grief....sending you a hug...
The card is awesome...I like how you did the middle part...tfs
well done Sue

Dawn Holben said...

A gorgeous card again today, this looks so pretty with the fall away
pieces re added in different colours.
looks fiddly but well worth it.

All you can do is take one day at a time, you will get to a better place
eventually. how long it can take I can't say but I promise you that you will get there.
Be kind to yourself.

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
Dawn is so right - be kind to yourself, take one day at a time and go with the waves. Grief is part of healing and you will heal and think about your Mom (and Dad) with smile and happy memories.
The card is awesome, but totally worth the effort you put in. There's not a recipient who wouldn't be delighted to receive it.
Hugs, Rose

Suebak said...

Delightful card Sue.

Pleased to hear you're feeling happier today.... go with the flow. Something to bear in mind:

If memories bring us closer
You're never far apart
Your Mom will always be beside you
And forever in your heart


Deb E Isle of Wight said...

Beautiful card once again and very pleased to hear you are coming through your sad time. It does take time but the pain will ease and the memories will replace the sorrow.. Look after yourself and use your crafting as a tonic to take you away to all those good memories..

Brenda Lello said...

Hello Sue,

Lovely Card, this background die really works brilliantly on its own. It's beautiful
Thank you for sharing.

Love and Hugs, Brenda xxx

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Sue this die really lends itself to paper piecing and your close up photos are super. Perhaps your crafting can bring some consolation at this time. Love from Jackie xx

Tracy Stitt said...

Hi sue

Wow wow wow I love this one it's a showstopper. Does sound a bit co
Placated and fiddly but I bet it's therapeutic.
I love the background I'll have to get that when I've got cash to spend lol not anytime soon whilst I'm off work.
I hope u liked the pic I sent u of a card I made with the happy die set that I won. I loved it.
Glad to see ur doing better xx

Maria. Yes the past few days I've actually managed to make a few cards. Mother's Day to sort out sonim going to try do 1 or 2 cards a day that way it won't be so bad it's just getting into the mood to do it.

All my other buddies thank u so much for ur daily well wishes and hugs. They go a long way and have helped me so much through my treatment. I'm on a countdown now no5 chemo tomorrow so only 1 left after that woo hoo.

Love n hugs to all x.

Jane Franklin said...

Just arrived back after a very scarey journey from Wells due to the awful weather and its great to see this cheery card now ive got back on the blog. The paper piecing adds a great touch.
It is important that you take one day at a time and keep your happy memories close. Take care and best wishes luv jxxx

Maureen B. said...

Love this card Sue and it appears so different yet fairly easy to construct. Really am going to try and reproduce this altho'know I haven't got a lot of iced snow left. Time will help you and yours Sue. It's an awful time for you but one day you will feel less 'empty' and so many happy times will come into your thoughts. Hugs Maureen (mem)

Norah McPhee said...

Good evening dearest Sue and Wilsonettes,
The white roses are lovely Sue with the blue and white giving it a calm peaceful appearance. It's quite serene to my mind and one that could be for many different occasions. I like how you have paper pieced in the blue and green of the leaves and it looks like a picture to me with the frame around it to finish it off. I can see why this card has lifted your spirits flower i just wish that we could take away your pain. I wouldn't have my worst enemy go through last 18months that i have had and now unfortunately so are you now. Sending hugs and my prayers your way flower just so that you know you are thought off especially at this time.
Tracy flower, i am glad that you have got a wee bit of you back and you are doing a wee bit of what you enjoy. You are nearly done flower only this one tomorrow and then the last one and i hope that the radium is easier on you. Hugs coming your way to keep you going and your spirits up.
Well O.H. has been off since friday and he is doing my head in now with why have i not done this that and the next thing and that he isn't well and can't be doing with the noise or whatever other irritation is getting on his nerves. Now do you not all feel sorry for him,awh poor lamb has to put up with noise and he doing around him. Well tough as i can't win with him, if i do nothing he complains and if i do something he complains, i can't win with him. I really will be glad when he is back at his work and i can get on in peace at my speed instead of trying to do everything to keep him happy. Roll on tomorrow.
I'm away to get the things organised for dinner so i will see you all tomorrow hopefully and at a bit nearer a reasonable time of the day.
love and crafty hugs
Norah (Glenochil)

Theresa said...

Hi Sue and all your crafty crew
Beautiful card Sue no surprise there as all your cards are stunning and we all aspire to be as good as you
One day. Lol.
Glad that you are taking a small bit of splice in the condolence messages and I know exactly what you mean when you say it comes in waves hugs to you sweetheart
Love Theresa G x

Janet Wilson said...

Elegant card, love it.

Barbara (C) said...

A beautiful card in a size that I like to make too! Love the idea of filling in with the contrast "waste".....

Alison D said...

Hi Sue, lovely card today. The colours set it off nicely. Time is a great healer Sue, in the weeks and months to come you will feel less sadness and more smiles and laughter when you think of your mum, I promise. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love and hugs,
Alison D x

Berina RGA said...

Lovely card Sue!! Beautiful colors. Sending you hugs and prayers.
Moxie Craftie

KarinsArtScrap said...

this is very beautiful Sue
Gr Karin

barbara macaskill said...

Stunning!! LOVE all the sparkle and definitely need to give this a try! TFS!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
What a great way to use this die - so pretty. Remember these things do take time and remember to be kind to yourself. Thinking of you.
Beverley W

julie laz said...

Lovely sue, crafty hugs Julie laz xxx

Janice Robinson said...

Hi Sue
A great technique must have been time consuming.
Thinking of you and sending a big hug.

Lynne L said...

Hello Sue I'm sorry I haven't been contributing much to your blog over the last few weeks I've been in New Zealand & couldn't always get wifi I was so sorry to hear that your Mum had passed away Mums are so very precious it's difficult to part from them you are in my thoughts & prayers. Take time for yourself & don't worry about your blog you have given us so many wonderful dies & ideas we have more than enough to keep us inspired! I love today's card by the way!

Lynne L said...

Hello Sue I'm sorry I haven't been contributing much to your blog over the last few weeks I've been in New Zealand & couldn't always get wifi I was so sorry to hear that your Mum had passed away Mums are so very precious it's difficult to part from them you are in my thoughts & prayers. Take time for yourself & don't worry about your blog you have given us so many wonderful dies & ideas we have more than enough to keep us inspired! I love today's card by the way!

Denise said...

Hi Sue

What a lovely card. I have just bought this die and already made a card with it but I will give this technique a go.

Thank you for all your wonderful ideas. X

Denise (mini) Brough

Corrine's Paper Crafts said...

Lovely card Sue. I love the technique used to do the paper piecing by mounting it on to a sticky adhesive sheet.
Best wishes
Corrine X

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful card and thank you for continuing to blog despite having other things on your mind. Take things very steady and know that we are all sending you love and special hugs.
Laine so sorry to hear about your dad - sending hugs xx
Tracy hope things go well. Tomorrow xx
Hugs to Melody and Francis too xx
Love and hugs to all. Alison xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
Lovely card, Sue. This is a great idea for this lovely die and it now looks as though there is another addition to my Wish List.
I am thinking of you and your family.
Lesley S x

ursula said...

What an amazing card, when I first saw it could not think how it was done, had to read your text is so so beautiful...Big hugs Sue, a tough time you are going through, I lost my older brother on Friday, so my thoughts are with you....luv Ursula xx

liz spooner said...

We all know you so well Sue and your love for your mum. She was a special lady as are you. Take care.xx

DeeDee7770 said...

I'm happy that you are feeling a little better Sue. What a pretty card today. I love the soft look you created. All of your new dies are gorgeous and I'm so glad that you are making some smaller dies. Have a nice day!

Marianne's Craftroom said...

So sorry I missed the sad news about your Mum, she looked a lovely lady who enioyed life. Gorgeous card as always, hugs xx

Barbara said...

Beautiful card Sue, the Rose die was my first purchase of the new range as I had seen one of your cards and had to have it. I love the paper piecing technique and will try and make this card.
Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better!!

Lorraine Eastwood said...

Good evening dearest Sue and her lovelies!

It's of little surprise that you find this particular card cheering and uplifting, I too feel a sense of calm serenity exhuming from it that fills the soul. The roses mini background die is stunning and it will be joining my die family just as soon as. The paper piecing is very clever and extremely effective, it may be fiddly but definitely worth the effort. The dusting of glitter gives it the perfect finishing touch, all in all a lovely ensemble.
I am so glad that you have found some comfort in our support, you are loved Sue and we all want to be able to support you through each stage of your grief, it helps to feel that you are not alone at times like this when the world seems like a cold dark empty void. You needn't concern yourself of comment winners and such like, these things are unimportant under the circumstances, the blog is a place of solidarity and support and none of us want you to feel pressured before you are ready.
From my own point of view, can I just say thanks to everyone who offered their support to me concerning my Dads condition, his prognosis remains bleak but he is stabilised for the moment though who knows how long for. It's strange, whilst I wish with all my heart that he would pull through, if he is going to die and suffer in the process I would rather the end came sooner rather than later for his sake.
Ursula, my heart goes out to you, I feel your pain and send you all my love and sincere condolences. There has been so much loss this past month I hope it ends soon.
Yvonne, I hope that Marjorie is improving as each day passes and that you are managing to cope both physically and emotionally. Love and hugs honeyxxxx
Tracy, thinking of you too sweetie, not long to go now:-) I've got an embarrassment of dies too and even when I've been too I'll to craft I still find myself buying more to add to my collection- having a goal to use them spurs us on to fight the illnesses that afflict us, it's a form of self medication:-) least that's what I tell my Mum!
Special hugs to Beth, Deb c, jan, Rebecca, Maria,Theresa, Wheely Bad, Lorraine and anyone who needs an extra cuddlexxxx

Crafty hugs,


Theresa Pace said...

glad you are feeling a bit better. but it will continue to come in waves and probably when you least expect it.
this card is pretty and gentle and also a labour of love i think, hugs xx

Di said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful card, love the colours. Glad you're feeling a little better Sue, it is such a sad time. Cheers
Di B.x

Haze T said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card & love the background die, very pretty with the pinpoint detail.
Lovely subtle colours & love the sentiment stamp font, very elegant.
Gorgeous card as always.

Crafty Hugs
Haze T xx (Norwich)

Laura O' Connor said...

glad to hear you are doing ok ,will be thinking of you and your family .Mind yourself,great card love the die Laura O

Lynda's craft's said...

Hello Sue & friends
Wow Stunning card today I love this beautiful background. I love the colours & putting the fall out bits back looks amazing
I really must try this as I have just ordered it so hope it arrives soon.
Sue your always in my thoughts & Prayers.Glad your feeling a little better just take one day at a time we are all hear for you. As others have said don't worry yourself about the comment game winners it's unimportant you just look after yourself Sue.
Love & Hug's Lynda Brock xxx

Tracy hope tomorrow goes well. So pleased you have made a couple of cards again.
Will be thinking of you tomorrow sweetie love & Hug's Lynda xxx

Wheelybad hope your well sending love & Hug's Cuddles for Billy xxx

Special hug's for BETH DEB C hope your both ok miss you.xx

Special love & Hug's Barbara/SABA thinking of you my lovely hope your doing ok xxx

Elsie Smith said...

Hi Sue. Beautiful card, very elegant love the colours.xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful card.
Thank you for sharing.
So glad that you have felt support from your blog family.
Veronique L

Jackie Meechan said...

Gorgeous card and what a beautiful die too. Glad that you are feeling a bit better and I'm sure any draws can wait until you have time and even if you don't get a chance to even make a draw I'm sure we all understand.

Eunice said...

Today's card is lovely, I really love the rose die!! It is another die to add to my must acquire list.

Tres said...

Hi Sue. This is a real WOW card today !!! Just the gorgeous mini pierced Roses die is really all you have used to make this card, apart from the die displaying the sentiment !!! What a beautiful card using the infill technique and the fab ice snow glitter !!! Two fab techniques combined together to produce such fab results !!! The addition of the little clusters of Pearls in the centres of the Roses provide the perfect finishing touch. I love this beautiful card. Thank you Sue for sharing with us how to make it.
I am glad you are feeling alright and have found some comfort from your loving, caring blog family. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you all my love from Tres x x x

Meg Owen said...

Hi Sue,
I love this card. It's a technique I'll have to try.


Myra said...

Hello Sue,
I'm very late tonight and ought to be in bed! It's been a strange kind of day!
I bought this lovely die and it is stunning! I love what you have done with it today! It is beautiful.
I'm glad you have received some comfort from our messages! It's lovely to know that we have helped you even a little bit.
There will be good days and bad days but the bad days gradually become fewer.
Sending you and others who are suffering the loss of loved ones, like my dear friend Barbara, lots of love,
Myra xxxx
Tracy - keep going! Sending hugs to you too. Xxx

Wheely Bad said...

Hi Sue

Such soothing colours on this card, the sparkle is so pretty and it can't help but raise a smile. I think it's lovely.

I'm glad you've found some small comfort from your blog family, we are here for you as much as we are for each other. You give us so much joy every day and if we can repay that in some small part when you need it most then were happy to. You and all your family are all in my thoughts and I send a big hug and a hand to hold for each of you x

Laine, you must be going through hell my love. I have been thinking of you and your family too. Sending big hugs and a hand to hold x

To everyone who has a close friend or family member who is ill or who you have lost recently, my heart goes out to you. So many of us are touched by grief or worry at the minute and I wish I could take some of the hurt away to help, an extra special hug to each of you x

Tracy, I know it's late but I hope all goes well tomorrow. Seeing you have made some cards was the best news I had today (Monday), I'm glad and I hope you felt better for it, big hugs x

Lynda, thank you x Billy and I spent pretty much all day asleep on the sofa. A bit of a squeeze lol but he knows when I need a cuddle. He sends some your way for you and your crafty pets, big hugs from me x

Norah, you do make me laugh with your domestic tales though I know I shouldn't. It can be very annoying when they *think* they know better. You'll be glad of your own company again! Hugs and a countdown clock! X

I knew little about today. Neck causing sleepy type migraines so I been awake then asleep every few hours. I had some sad news last night. My neighbour passed away after a long illness. She leaves her son who she's cared for for 20 years, he'll continue to live next door with support. She made me so welcome when I moved in, our little patch of bungalows is a friendly place so she'll be missed by a lot of people. It is indeed a very sad time.

Going to say goodbye as it's taken me an hour to do this. Off to bed for more sleep. Sending hugs to every single one of you. Special hugs if you're grieving, worried or in any type of pain.

T x

Sandy H said...

Beautiful card. The paper piecing is so pretty.
Pleased to hear that you are doing a bit better, Sue. Be gentle with yourself while you are learning to cope with those waves. Cry whenever you need to and smile when you can.
Sorry to hear about your Dad, Laine. Wishing you the strength to bear whatever the next few days bring. Condolences to Ursula on the loss of your older brother. Congratulations to Karen.
Take care everyone.

Karen Drew said...

So very pretty

lorraine (classylady) said...

Sue this is a really pretty card which must have taken a lot of patience and concentration which hopefully was therapeutic for you. Another card and another day passed. Take each day as it comes, everyone will be diferent. I hope that your Daughter is doing OK, it is a very special relationship between a Grandprent and Grandchild.

SorrySue I thought I sent this last night but is still sitting.
Take care of yourself.
Lorraine - Scotland.xx

Vie carter said...

Beautiful card today, so very pretty

I have been thinking of you this week, and knowing what you are going through. You have your wonderful work to lose yourself in so hopefully some time during the day you can relax and lose yourself in creating your miniature masterpieces


Jan from Long Island said...

Sue, this card is stunning. I would love have something like this framed and hanging on my wall so that I can look at it all the time. Breathtaking!

Christine Patch said...

Hello Sue. Like everyone else, I have been thinking of you this week. The pain does lessen but the important thing is to hang on to the wonderful memories you undoubtedly have.

I love this card - just stunning!

take care


Jenny wren said...

Hello Sue
What a lovely card, I echo all the lovely sentiments from your blog family, thinking of you and sending hugs.

Pam Elder said...

Good morning Sue,
Another lovely card,the colours compliment each other and the sentiment font is so elegant.

hazel said...

Hi Sue
very beautiful card
Take care
Hazel G XX