Saturday, 25 April 2015

Hello My Friend

Hello all!  Today's card was a bit of a lark for me as it really took me back to my early card making days.  One of the very first cards that I ever learned to make in a class that I took was a shaker card.  I hadn't made one in absolute ages, but had the urge to give it a go when I stumbled upon a bunch of sequins in my stash (not even sure where they came from to be honest!)  I cur an aperture in a piece of coconut white card using the dies from my New York Collection. I did a sort of reverse mat with the black and white card and added a piece of acetate to the back to make the window.  Around the window, I added mounting foam to the back so it sealed up the window and I was able to add my sequins so they would fall through when the card was assembled.  I stamped my sentiment so it would show through the window and one of the "tricks" I  recall from the class I took was to glue a couple of stray pieces of whatever you were using in the shaker card to the back.  This would help other pieces to catch on it when the recipient shook the card and just add a bit of interest.  I assembled the card and added a red frame cut from the Times Square die set.  Below the window, I cut two New York borders and glued them on with a strip of card in the centre.  I added some pearls on a strip to the centre as an accent.  I added a thin red and black mat before finishing with a wider white mat.  The finished dimensions are 7" x  9 1/4" in size.

The winner of this week's Wednesday Card Giveaway is:


Congratulations!  Please email me at to confirm your address and claim your card. All for now, Sue x


Pam said...

Lovely card Sue, love the design.
Congrats to Craftynanna. Enjoy your win.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Patricia Youdell said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card. and a clever use of your dies
I haven't made a shaker card before - I may try this
Pat x

yvonne said...

Good morning Sue,
A lovely card & you have reminded me that I haven't made one in ages. Yvonne xx

June said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, a blast from the past today but still a very popular type of card, I am sure we all have some sequins or bits in our stash to do this card, I know I have, it is also a lovely way to interact with children and grandchildren.

Congratulations Craftynanna.

Happy Saturday everyone, stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs June Smith xxx

hollyberry said...

Definitely a blast from the past doing a shaker card. Although I would say that this is a very posh looking one. It is beautiful as usual.
Congratulations to craftynana for winning Wednesday's card.

Linda28 said...

A very striking card, different from your usual style but lovely, thanks for the tip on glueing a couple of sequins! handy to know. Congrats to Craftynanna. Hugs to all, Linda.

Muriel Kelly said...

Hi Sue and all
yes a real blast from the past but the old ones never looked as good as this one.
Congratulations Craftynanna enjoy your prize, it was a specially fabulous card this week
enjoy your weekend, we have had the most beautiful autumn day today

Muriel x

Kitty Davies said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you another lovely card. Congratulations to Craftyanna. Take care all Kitty.

Jacqui oakes-alcock said...

Good card a Sue.

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. It must be year's since i made a shaker card, isn't it funny how times move on, but i will have a try at making this one for my box of stash. It's a beautiful card with clean lines with just a pop of colour.
Well the sun has gone and now we have the wind and rain's. Take care everyone and have a lovely weekend.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, a very different but pretty card they say the shaker cards are coming back. Congratulations crafty nana enjoy your card.
Nancyd xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to say congrats to craftynanna.
Denise T x

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
It sure is a blast from the past, I used to struggle at first with my sequins/glitter sticking to the foam strip, until somebody said to swipe some talcum powder along the edge of the foam tape and it worked lol. I love the colour combination and style of your card it's gorgeous. I'm off to look for some sequins or glitter to try to make a shaker card.
Congratulations Craftynanna
Hugs x
Heather T

Tracey Short said...

Good morning Sue

Yet another beautiful card, I just love these colours you have used and I'm sure you could bring the good old shaker card back into crafty fashion.

Best wishes
Tracey S

Tracey Short said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
melody said...

use to make shaker cards with my son when he was a young boy, lol plastic bag an a bit of glitter a long way from this lovely card you have made. Take care. Melody xxxXxxx

CraftySuetoo said...

Hi Sue. A definite blast from the past with the shaker card, but yours is so much more elegant. Congratulations to Crafty Nanna on your win. Enjoy your weekend everyone. Sue xxx

carol edwards said...

Definitely a blast from the past Sue , looks good though.
Congratulations to Craftynanna x

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone
A very elegant take on a shaker card.
Have a great day.
Ang x

Rae Macfarlane said...

Lovely card Sue. ....have a good weekend
Luv Rach :)

crossstitchmarg said...

Hi Sue, a lovely card, tried making shaker cards but have never put sequins in. I tend to use glitter but in the end it leaks out. Either I am using the wrong sticky foam or it's the glitter the seal never works well. . I might see if I have some sequins and see if it works better
Thanks again for another great card. My pick of the week arrived yesterday and I've already started playing, I attempted the black & gold gilding wax one. But don't have guilding wax so used mica powder. My daughter was impressed so that's a good sign.
Maggie in Solihull

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi Sue. Fabulous shaker card :-) Crafting weekend for me, so think I will make one of these. Congrats to Craftynanna. Have a lovely day. Hugs to all xxx

Janice K said...

Lovely to see a shaker card, it's been a long time since I have made one. It's great to see how beautifully your dies work with this technique and the colours give the design great impact. Must have a rumidge in my stash for some sequins myself!! X

Anonymous said...

What a fun card, Sue, and a really elegant take on an old style. Guess we've all got bits hidden away which could be used for this.
Well done to craftynanna - she'll love her card.

'P' in Wales

Aison Alimecca - thinking of you and your dear aunt and hope there are many more sunny days to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Nice card Sue. Forgot about shaker cards. Congratulations crafty nana. JJxx

Ecco of Sheffield said...

Morning Sue
What a different gift from your usual creations but one that would suit the younger end of our families and friends. I love to see faces on children when they see things like this. Apart from the look of glee at the fact that the middle pieces move they always want to know 'how did you get them in there'. I know I have one or two bags of sequins stashed away so I could just try a couple of these wonderful gifts.

I hope you all have a good week-end and that the good weather stays with you. I shall not be with you for the next couple of days as I set off tomorrow morning on my return to the UK. So to all in pain and suffering I hope your days get better. To everyone please take care and stay safe. See you all Tuesday.
Janet x

Helen Bell said...

Good morning Sue and everyone

Yes definitely a blast from the past, but definitely more refined!
Love the New York borders with the pearl strip too.

I have to say that after a very enjoyable, long girly day out in Leeds with my sister, and then going to pick my hubby up I came home late to find the postman had put a card through to say there was a parcel in the compost bin!

My husband managed to retrieve it for me in the dark (as I'm much too wussy, and I probably couldn't have reached it anyway). Guess what was in it?
My Izzy bag that I won in the draw. It is absolutely beautiful. It is so well made and it really is adorable.

It has pride of place on my mantlepiece at the moment, I can't stop looking at it. The attention to detail us superb. THANK YOU SO MUCH IZZY!

Why on earth the postman put it in the compost bin I've no idea, but luckily no harm came to it. It will be cherished from now on though.

Thanks again

Love Helen xxx

Aspiring crafter said...

Memories ...are made of this!
Lovely card Sue , have a good weekend,

Jane said...

Good morning,Sue,A very elegant take on a shaker card ,congrats to the winner .Have a nice weekend.Take care Jane B.

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I must admit shaker cards are not my style but I love the fancy border

Jackie Durrant said...

Good morning Sue definitely something I haven't done for ages but it is nice to revisit previous styles and put newer items into the mix. Safe travels love from Jackie

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Gosh, it must be years since I made a shaker card! Really like this one done with sequins though. I used to put tiny little beads in mine, but used to find the whole process fiddly as you could always have a part where the shaker bits came out!
Congratulations to crafty nana.
Helen you made me smile with your tale about the parcel - I'm pleased it wasn't damaged.
Love and hugs to all, Alison xx

Jodee Keal said...

Oh, Sue....I remember the shaker cards, too! But mine were nowhere near as sophisticated and classy as yours! It's nice to go back, sometimes, and bring something up to date. Jo xx

hettygarlick said...

Elegant version of a shaker card Sue. The only "shaker" I've ever done was on the table plan for my daughter's wedding. Her theme was butterflies, and I made a shaker window on the plan with table confetti shaped like butterflies inside it. It looked lovely and was much admired. Not very useful for shaking though as the plan was pinned up on an easel!

Clare W said...

GM Sue. I made my first shaker card about a month ago using punched tiny flowers and I did stick on 3 which makes all the difference as you say. Not sure if I really like shaker cards or not though? But I do like the ideal of using sequins and yours I do like!! Happy weekend all.

Edwina Scotney said...

Super card Sue suitable for all ages. I know it is naturial to feel a little nervious at introducing your own products, but with your incredible tallent you really do not have anything to worry about. Good luck with future ones, Edwina

Anne Crawford said...

I haven't made a shaker card in ages but after seeing this one ( it's lovely ) I might just try one again .
Congratulations Craftynanna enjoy your card!
Love and hugs to all xo

auscrafts said...

shaker card ,Definitely a blast from the past

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. Now we are home and have internet access I can catch up on this weeks beautiful cards. I have to say that Monday and Wednesdays are particular favourites, and todays lovely card is one that I am going to attempt. It will be my first shaker card. Thanks for the tip about sticking a few bits on the background, I like that idea : )
I have got all of your POTD shows to catch up on which will help pass the time while I am ploughing through the large ironing pie. I bet you couldn't believe just how many sample cards you, and the others had made! I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the shows, even if they were very tiring, and that they all went well, I'm also glad to hear that you are feeling less exhausted today : )
Congratulations to Craftynanna, what a wonderful card : )
Sending my daily hugs to everyone. Take care xx

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, well a very different card today. Funnily enough we are making a shaker card at the next workshop I go to! I haven't made one in ages either. Love Jean xxx

PharmacyMichele said...

Wow-a Sue Wilson shaker card. Very striking-you've probably set another trend now. People all over the UK will be making shaker cards.


Yorks butterfly said...

Morning Sue, haven't made a shaker card for ages but with a granddaughter's birthday coming up shortly I think I will be having a go at this.

Chris Curry said...

It's a long long time since i did a shaker card Sue. Very effective. Xx

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
A very elegant shaker card with the lovely New York collection, must try it
Hugs and best wishes everyone

Anonymous said...

I love it,Sue.

Anne (Northampton)

lorna said...

Hi Sue,
Brilliant card, shaker cards are a nice touch!
Lorna D

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, Wow this takes me back years. Shaker cards were all the rage back then. I have to say yours is far more sophisticated than any of them were then. Thank you for reminding us of them, will be definitely trying one.

Love Rosemarie xx

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue,
Well that's a different card for you and I love it.
Have not made a "shaker card" for ages.
Have a great weekend
Patricia x

gwen70 said...

Gorgeous card Sue, congrats to the card winner

karenlotty said...

I've never tried a shaker card They didn't "float my boat" until now! This one is lovely I need to buy some sequins and have a go! Congrats to Craftynanna

Julie Elli said...

Hi Sue and all the Wilsonettes. Very nice card as usual. I like the tip about the glued extra bits and the pearls in the channel are a real feature. Gorgeous. Big hug
Julie E

Carole Z said...

Hi Sue, love this card...shakers are one of my favourite styles, hugs Carole Z X

Julie Elli said...

Sorry where r my manners. Congratulations to Craftynanna. : )

Izzy said...

Hi Sue,

We're all loving this blast from the past - I've got some "young" birthday cards to make soon so a couple of shaker cards would be perfect, thank you for the reminder...

Congratulations to craftynanna!

Helen Bell - had to laugh at the bag ending up in the compost bin...did you have to scrape off the potato peelings and cabbage leaves?...which one did you get?... I know it was pot luck who got what...glad you liked it though...


CHERYL Brown said...

Good morning Sue,
What a stunning, elegant take on a shaker card. You make it look so effortless and I appreciate the tip on sticking a couple of sequins to the top inside the window.
Congratulations to Craftynanna winning the Wednesday giveaway.
Safe journey home Janet, shall miss your pastry descriptions, see you in the cafe.
Glad to hear your Izzy bag was undamaged after its compost bin delivery. Where has the postman's common sense gone to?
Love and hugs to all,
Cheryl xxx

Linda Graham said...

Not made a shaker card for a long, long time,a good idea, lovely card Sue, thank you, Linda x

Jan.moogie said...

Now you have done it, got to have a go as haven't done one of these for ages and ages. Lovely card Sue thanks for sharing. Hugs xx

hazel young said...

Lovely card Sue great colours, shame i gave all my sequins away recently as didn't think i would use then xx hazel

Diane said...

Hi Sue what a gloriously sophisticated shaker card today, I love it. I haven't made one in ages so must revisit. Thank you for sharing this with us. Enjoy your weekend love Diane G xxx
Congratulations to Craftynanna xxx
Janet safe journey xxx
Helen your compost bin handbag story made me laugh, I expect he thought he was being practical protecting it from the rain that was forecast , no thought to you having to get it out though! Enjoy your bag xxx

marg said...

Hello Sue
Surprised to see a Shaker card! That takes me back!
Congrats to Craftynanna!
Take care
Love Marg

Jackie Trinder said...

Good morning Sue your card is gorgeous. I do like shaker cards I make them from time to time. I gave in and ordered the embossing folder you used yesterday you can only sit your hands for so long. Have a great day. Hugs Jackie

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
A very classy shaker card, love it. Have not made one for years, may have to have ago, makes a change to do different things.
Have a good day.

Stephanie Cotterill said...

Morning Sue. Now this is what you call a posh shaker card, what a dfferent direction for you to take, but its really lovely. Off to get my hair cut this morning, which just happens to be round the corner from my craft shop, so it seems rude not to pop in to see if anything needs touching and possibly adopting (not spent my Easter money from MIL yet) then off to check out a new training class for 4 paws which should be fun to watch and hopefully enrol her for the May entry.
Congrats to Craftynanna on winning the Wednesday W. O. W card, enjoy.
To all our unwell friends, hope tomorrow see's you feeling slightly better.
Have a good Saturdsy everyone.
Lancashire Steph xx

Marion said...

Hi Sue certainly different for you
but im afraid they never did anything for me sorry to be the odd one out.
Marion H

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Use to do these a long time ago. It is a pretty card will have another go at them . love Jean Z xxx

doreenj said...

Gosh, I've not made a shaker card for ages, must give it a go again.

A lovely bright card, thanks Sue!

Doreen x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - this is a blast from the past, one of the first cards I ever made was a shaker card but haven't made one for ages. Today's card is a very elegant one and the border at the bottom makes a very modern twist!
Congratulations to Craftynanna.
Have a lovely weekend, best wishes

nattyboots said...

Wow i had forgot all about shaker cards thanks for the reminder, your is lovely i really like the border at the bottom ,Congratulations to Craftynanna.
Elaine H X

Joan D said...

Beautiful card. The colours and textures are stunning xxx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
what a fun card, great colours and the New York borders do not disappoint. Lovely!
Hugs, Rose

Victoria Baxter said...

Hi Sue. I have never made a shaker card and have lots of sequins in my stash. So I am going to give this card a go. Thanks Sue.x

granny sue said...

Hi Sue. Wow, that is different for you. I know what you mean though about finding things and can't remember where they came from. SueL x

June Horrocks said...

Wow sue not made one of these for ages. This is a posh one made with your beautiful die. Congrats to crafty nana love to all June horrocks thank you sue xxxxxxx

Evis M said...

Hi Sue.
What a blast from the past. I have not made a shaker card for years but, after seeing this lovely card, I will start making them again. I will certainly make some for Christmas later on in the year.
Congratulations to Craftynanna.
Best wishes,
Evis M.

nannapat said...

Great design Sue, a complete change from your usual style. Congrats to craftynanna. Pat x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Lovely card.
I have never made a shaker card.
I should give it a go!
Thank you for sharing.
Veronique L

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
Well here's a trip down memory lane! I haven't made a shaker card in years! The colours are very striking and I love the border with the pearls added which gives this classic card a more modern look. Thank you for sharing.
Have a great day everyone.

Sandy G said...

Forgot to say congratulations to Craftynanna!

heather harrison said...

Morning Sue. Very different card. I have to be honest I have never made a shaker card. I always say I will but never do. I may just have a go now I have seen yours. Congrats to crafty nanny enjoy your Sue Wilson card. Hugs Heather x

heather harrison said...

Morning Sue. Very different card. I have to be honest I have never made a shaker card. I always say I will but never do. I may just have a go now I have seen yours. Congrats to crafty nanny enjoy your Sue Wilson card. Hugs Heather x

Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Beautiful Card Sue!

It's been a while since I've seen or made a shaker card, I like the red frame and the borders.

Congrats to Craftynanna for winning the Wednesday Card Giveaway!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Happy Crafting!!! X X

Paula said...

A lovely card Sue, and congratulations to Craftynanna! :)

Paula x

Saba said...

Good morning Sue,
It is lovely to revisit the past sometimes, I remember my shaker cards well but like you haven't made one for ages. Liked the tip about glueing a few bits for the other things to catch on. Thank you.

Congratulations Craftynana on your win.
Helen, thank goodness your bag didn't come to any harm!
Janet, safe journey home.
Love and hugs for all,
Saba xxx

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

Another stunner and classic colour combo. Love the New York dies and probably my favourite set of all as you have shown how versatile they are and I am using them constantly.

Congrats to the Craftynana on you win

Beryl Treble said...

Hi Sue, a lovely card. i haven't made a shaker card for ages!

Glennis said...

It's good to go back to old techniques - this one is great

Susan Battensby said...

Hi Sue
A shaker card, that takes me back! Very pretty card, I love black, white and red together, always looks striking I think. x

Zena McCalmont said...

Hi Sue
As weather not conducive with gardening it will be a crafting day and I will be making this card. Great design, very different from your usual designs.
Zena xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
A gorgeous card again today. I love this. Thank you. I have never made a shaker card but think I will be brave and give it a go.
Bye for now.
SandraP xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I love, love, love this card - there is a lot of mileage in the old adage 'the best ones are the old ones'. It really is nice to visit old techniques every now and then as we all seem to get swamped and overtaken by the 'new' ones. Love the trick about sticking a few stray pieces in place - haven't come across that before so thank you for sharing.
Beverley W

Joanne K said...

Hi Sue, such a fun and pretty card. Have a good weekend. Kind regards Joanne K x

Myra said...

Hi Sue,
What a great card! I never really liked shaker cards much although have made them with children. However I never thought I'd put elegant and shaker card in the same sentence! You've done it! Great tip about sticking in top corner!
Helen - Wow - poor Izzy bag landing in compost bin! So pleased it was alright and no harm done!
Craftynana - congratulations !
Janet - safe travel home over the weekend! Have you packed any pastries for us? Thought not!
Norah - how are you getting on with that blue shawl? x
Love to all,
Myra xxx

Caroljsmth said...

We'll sue haven't made a shaker card for a very long maybe it's time to have another go.

Deb Curtis said...

Hi Sue, I think shaker cards are great, they're really fun. This one lovely, a blast from the past brought right upto date and very elegant.
The reaction I get from my non-crafty friends always surprises me when they receive one.
Thanks Cr@fty Heather for the great tip, I struggled with that one too, now I know what to do.
Congrats Craftynanna, you've got a beautiful prize there, enjoy.
Have a great day and blessings to all - Deb C xx

Lesley Thomas said...

Oooh, Sue, I missed getting here a couple of days (slapping my wrists). I've been following your for several years now, and I don't remember you ever doing a shaker card, and I have some sequins hanging around somewhere.

As for the butterfly cards, SUPER! I just bought the roses emb. folder, and I already have Orion - so I can get going with those straight away. Lovely

Sam Smithard said...

To My Dear Friend Sue
Beautiful Card Today Sue I've Not Made One Of These In Ages.
I Loved The Card Yesterday With The Stunning Butterfy.
Please Take Great Care My Friend Sue
Love And Hugs
From Sam xxx
Hugs To All The Wilsonettes And All In The Coffee Shop!

Lynn Dalby said...

Hello Sue and all

Lovely Card. I really like the idea of using the sentiment inside the shaker element. You could be responsible for the return of the shaker card, I love them. The splash of red really makes this card ping. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes.

Tina Eldridge said...

Hi Sue

What a lovely fun card to make. Who wouldn't want a card that rattles when shaken.

Congratulations Craftynanna enjoy your win.

Big Hugs To all :-)

Tina XX

June Reynolds said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jackie Meechan said...

The black, red and white are so very striking together. Gorgeous.

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a lovely card. I have not made a shaker card before but I might try now. The idea of sticking some of the bits randomly at the back is a great idea which I have not seen before.

Congratulations to the very lucky card winner.

June Reynolds said...

Morning Sue, Lovely fun card for the children, may try this one too. Thanks for sharing! Congrats to Craftynanna on winning Wednesdays card, love Junex

Dawn Holben said...

I really love this card, love the colours used as it makes it striking.
And you have now given me an idea of what to do
with the sequins at the bottom of my drawer.
Like you I have no idea where they came from and didn' want to throw them out but am fed up with them lurking there lol.

carol quinn said...

pretty card sue...very unusual for you to show a shaker card!

BridgetCG said...

Hi Sue, another lovely card, love the classy colour combo and the reverse frame. I love making shaker cards, as they are so different. Congrats to Craftynanna, enjoy the card. Take care all. Bx

CraftyJo said...

Lovely, I don't think I make shaker cards enough - forget how spectacular they are, especially for the recipient :)

Tracy Stitt said...

Hi sue
Smashing card. Need to do these again I just find them fiddly to do lol.
Love ur new spring collection will have to wait tho for more cash lol xx

Meg said...

Hi Sue,
Sorry to say I have never really liked shaker cards but I'm sure there are lots of people who do.

Love and hugs

fame01 said...

Hi Sue
What a great fun card today it was of my 1st cards i made to it does take me back great looking card though a little something different,sorry not been on in a while my mum real ill and got a lot of issues on at the min but fingers crossed i will get back to your blog for my daily fix lol,love the new dies to missed the POTD sadly ,
hugs Sarah xx

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Cute card I used to love making the shaker cards at Christmas the kiddies love them with all sorts of cut outs inside.

congratulations to craftynanna

Hugs to all

Annx without an "e"

Jacquie said...

Hi Sue,

Gorgeous card, I haven't made a shaker card in years either lol!

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

pinky said...

I haven't made a shaker for a few years either Sue and mine certainly didn't look as classy as this. Very grown up but I bet it will be shaken as much anyway lol. Love it.

Cazzie D said...

Hi Sue.
This is a fun card. I usually only make shaker cards at Christmas but this is a good reminder that they can be useful for any occasion. Thanks.
Caz x

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Sue, and all the ladies.
This is a blast from the past with a modern twist. It's great.
Congratulations to Craftynanna on your win.
Love to all
Maureen xx

Sandie Braithwaite said...

Does one good to go beck to roots once in a whole

Sandie Braithwaite said...

Does one good to go beck to roots once in a whole

Jean said...

Gorgeous colors!

Bejay Roles said...

Hi Sue,
I love shaker cards, they are just so much fun and so easy when you know how. The reverse frame you made really gives this card an extra edge and the tip about gluing a couple of the shaker elements to the backing card is one that I really want to try out :). As always, thanks so much for sharing with us. x

SHARICA said...

Different style today .. like it .. xx

barbara macaskill said...

Shaker cards are my favorites next to pop up cards! This one is a beauty! LOVE the pop of color that the sequins add! TFS!

Anonymous said...

.....and Hello to you too Sue, such a lovely and unusual card today, such fun.

Thank you for sharing it with us all.

Craftihappiness to everyone and lots of love from Macky.

Joan from Newcastle upon Tyne said...

Gorgeous card Sue.

Mary Lynn Cox said...

I absolutely love this card! I have never done a shaker card but an going to give it a try. I have some tiny buttons. Do you think they would work?Sue, you should just about ready for you trip to Floida. I cant wait to get my package from you. Have a fun and safe trip.

Lesley Cann said...

NLovely card it is ages since I last saw a shaker card. In common with others it is a lovely make with my crafty grandchildren. Have a good weekend. It is raining here in Devon at the moment.

Karen Drew said...

Definitely a blast from the past. Think a shaker card was one of my first "experienced" projects. Felt chuffed to bits with it. I must say it was not as lovely as the one you have done though.
Karen xx

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, what a lovely bright and fun card. Apart from a couple of snow scenes at Christmas I haven't made an everyday shaker card for years, I think that will have to change.

Congratulations Craftynanna on being the Wednesday Winner, enjoy your prize.

Alison - thinking of you and your Aunt. A hospice is the best place for her. Although extremely sad, my experiences with 3 different hospices have been nothing but good. The staff do a very hard job brilliantly and so understandingly. My thoughts are with you both.

Janet Ally Pally said...

Loved your shows thought you and John did good

Jess Watson said...

Hi Sue, this is certainly a blast from the past, haven't made a shaker card in a long time,
Well done Craftynana, on your win today.
Take care everyone, Jess x

Eunice said...

Not really a fan of shaker cards.

IVY Cheong said...

This is indeed something different. A shaker card thats really beautiful . Hugs, Ivy L xx

Theresa said...

Hi Sue and everyone
Well I don't think I have ever made a shaker card not sure I want to but I love the colours you have used and the finished card are beautiful.
Congratulations to the Wednesday winner. You lucky thing you.
Take care everyone and have a wonderful weekend
Theresa x

Theresa Pace said...

that is a bit of a blast from the past. the colours are super though and maybe i should make a shaker card once in a while, hugs xx

Hazel said...

A different card for you Sue, but still beautiful. Hazel x

scrAPpamondo said...

Beautiful shaker card, so much elegant

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue
WOW.......everyone loves a shaker card......great stuff!!!!!

craftynanna said...

My goodness Sue this takes me back a good few years when i first learnt how to make a shaker card, I thought they were absolutely magical, ahah, yours has given me a reminder to have another go, but this time more sophisticated, thank you,
What a lovely surprise to see my name picked for a WOW card, I cannot wait to receive it, I will put it in a special place thank you again.
Janet have a safe journey home.
Crafty hugs to all Johanna

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
Thanks fir the reminder about shaker cards. Haven't seen one of these girls ages. Congratulations yo Craftynanna.

barbiepinkfairy said...

Not a typical Sue card but typically gorgeous xxx

Susan White said...

Gosh - that's a blast from the past Sue - haven't made a shaker card in years! Love the colours you have used, Susan x

Lynda's craft's said...

Hi Sue & Wilsonettes
Wow must be ages since I made a shaker card.
But yours is brilliant love the colour combo.
Love & Hug's Lynda Brock xx

Sheila your doing so well love & Hug's too you & Nikki xx
Hug's TOB Theresa hope your pain is getting less missing you xx

Congratulations crafty Nanna enjoy your card.xx

Hug's Sandra Margaret Myra Maria Maureen Sam Saba sheila Steph Pat Mrs B Hazel Patrica Wheely Bad Pam TOB Theresa Brenda L Brenda ( Littlelamb) Karen Cameeli Norah Jean D .
Hug's too everyone xxxx

Joanna Dickson said...

This is a real change. I like it.
Lots of love
Jo xx

Joanna Dickson said...

This is a real change. I like it.
Lots of love
Jo xx

Laura O' Connor said...

great card love the frames on it,Laura O

Margaret corgi owner said...

Good evening Sue and everyone
Lovely cheerful looking card love how you have used your dies in this way.
Margaret corgi owner

Barbara said...

Lovely card, love the sequins!

Gail said...

Fab card and a blast from the past technique xx GailT xx

Brenda Lello said...

Hello Sue,
Beautiful card. Have never made a shaker card this one is gorgeous. Thank you for shareing.
Love and hugs. Brenda xxx

Tres said...

Hi Sue. Sorry this is quick today but my iPad keeps loosing my comments !! I think you have made a lovely shaker style card today !! I really love it. A great
use of the New York collection dies. Lovely colours to. I have not seen a shaker card for ages. No one seems to make them any more !! But I do love this one with my favourite New York Border Dies to. Thanks for sharing. Sending you lots of love and Best Wishes from Tres x x x

Congratulations to Craftynana for winning the Wednesday Card Giveaway today !! Lots of love from Tres x x x

Sending lots of love to all the Wilsonettes today from Tres x x x

Shirley T. said...

Hi Sue,

Lovely card. Thank you.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxx

Maria Alder said...

Hi Sue and everyone.
Love the new styles you are showing us from time to time. Nice to see what else can be done. I like this card and have only made a few shaker cards so far but might get one more done in my lifetime lol

Many hugs to all,
Maria x

Sandy H said...

Lovely card. You've brought sophistication and class to the humble shaker card we all remember.
Congratulation to Craftynanna on winning Wednesday's beautiful card.
Take care everyone.

Vie Carter said...

Fun card today which I like


Jill Berg said...

I think this is just adorable

Haze T said...

Hi Sue
Wow, that's a complete change in style for you today.

I love shaker cards as they are different & dimensional & any movement is always so much fun too.

Always nice to rekindle past card styles now & again I think as it shows how our styles & skills have changed over the years.

Love the colour combo,very striking card..

Crafty Hugs
Haze T xx

liz spooner said...

This card is lovely Sue contemporary and very different for you.xx

nzillingworth said...


Suzzette Yandle said...

Clever idea to glue some of the "shaky things" to the center so one's bits and pieces can stick to them when the card is shaken. I will have to try this. Thanks.

Sue said...

Always fun to revisit an old technique! Love this color combo and the fun shaker card. And I also like the way the die was used. Congrats to the winner.

America said...

Always love the striking look of Red, Black and White. What a fun Shaker Card! Never gets old, always great to see, especially matched up with your lovely style and fab dies.