Sunday, 28 September 2014

Best Daughter

 Good Sunday morning all!  I have been having a look around for a few non Christmas cards to post (I don't want you to get all Christmased out too early!) LOL I found a few shoe cards that have never had their day on the blog and I thought I would share this one!  I have to admit that I am probably the only woman alive that doesn't just drool over shoes, but I do like shoe stamps a lot!  Probably because they don't hurt your feet! LOL  I started this one with two California Collection borders cut in coconut white card.  I put them together with the scallops offset and glued them diagonally across my card atop a periwinkle strip of card.  These borders are slightly longer so you can easily achieve this with them.   I stamped my sentiment in black in the upper corner.  I stamped the shoe and heat embossed it with clear powder to give it a shiny patent leather look.  I coloured the flowers and leaves with pencils and fussy cut the shoe out.  I used a black marker around the edge to take away the white paper edge that shows when you fussy cut an image.  I mounted it on foam for dimension and added it below my diagonal border. A few pearl finishing touches were added to the borders.   I matted the entire piece with a thin black mat for balance and finished the card with a white pierced mat layer then a final white mat.  The finished dimensions are 6 1/2" x  7 1/2" in size.

   Don't forget that the Comment Game winner announcements have been delayed until Tuesday's post this week.  Don't forget to check back.   All for now, Sue x


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, a very different card today, not into 'shoes' either (any more, though I was somewhat in my youth!! Not that we had Choo's or Blahnik's then.) Like the crossways effect but not keen on the stamp.
Forgot to say thanks for the photos - my, what a big team you've got. Well, you did look an angel in the last photo! Anyone know what a calzone is? Looks like a big tiddy-oggy.
Have a good day Sue, Julia and all.

'P' in Wales

Steph - sorry about not-so-good break. No place like home!

Patricia Youdell said...

Morning Sue
I love the way you have used two borders on this card
Pat x

Kitty Davies said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you, a very pretty card. I hope you are having good time in Somerset. Take care Kitty.
I would buy a shoe die, any on the horizon Sue?. Sorry I know you work so hard, I also have no passion for shoes or any fashion at all. Bye Kitty

Pam said...

Lovely sassy card today.
Steph, sorry the trip was not so good but welcome nack to us.
Have a great day everyone, hugs all round xx

Muriel Kelly said...

This is such a good card to use for any occasion or stamp/embellishment. Still recovering from foot surgery so shoes aren't quite my thing at the moment either lol

Muriel x

June said...

Morning Sue, Pam and all Wilsonettes, a very different card today but lovely, I like the strip in the middle it gives a good effect. I am also not into shoes but adore stamps of them so this is a card right up my street.

I do hope you and Julia are not too exhausted, I so enjoyed the photos of Ally Pally, will we see any of your workshops this weekend.

Have a great Sunday everyone what ever you are doing.

Keep safe, healthy and happy, hugs June Smith xxx

Jacqui oakes-alcock said...

Like the center lace panel.

Jan.moogie said...

Well not into shoes myself as U have terrible feet so for me this is probably the best type of shoe as it is the one you don't wear. Love the boarders. xxx

Wendy L said...

Fab design, great, xxx

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. I love todays periwinkle/white card and how the two borders fit like this: ) I am not into shoes any more either, I live in Crocs, they may not look great but boy are they comfortable!
I hope you have a good time again today in Taunton with Julia and the lucky crafters. Have a safe journey home.
Sending my daily hugs to you Sue, to Pm and Robbie, to Sandra-sorry Lucy is still not 100% and Pat, all of my other special friends and to all in need. Take care.

Jacquie said...

Its a beautiful card Sue, love the use of dies.

You are not the only one that does not drool over shoes, I never have, I only own one pair of flat working shoes and that's it!

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Cameeli of Richmond said...

Morning Sue and All the crew!!
Very nice border and sentiment, cute shoe too...

Still lovely weather so will go for a long walk today. Then craft all afternoon...
Have a nice day whatever you are all doing...

Cameeli xxx

KP said...

Good Sunday morning to you Sue, I love the colours of this card, so pretty. Sue, I never tire of Christmas and I love seeing your Christmas cards, they are so inspirational to me. Have you blogged the let it snow one which was one of your recent ones on create and craft. The die sold out soooo quickly so have it on order, but just wanted to see what you used on that card as I liked it cut out in blue 👍xxxxx

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue,,
Love, love, love, this stunning card, the design is fantastic.
Oh! Wow! I would LOVE a pair of shoes like that.......!!!
"Car to Bar" shoes, you could not walk much further than that, but they are devine
Have a wonderful day

Patricia xxx

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
I have 3 daughters and this would be ideal for 2 of them, as the other is not into shoes like me after having 5 surgeries to my feet and 2 on my ankle I live in my trainers now and only wear flat ankle boots when I really have too, I am not into handbags either, but my 15 year old is crazy about bags and shoes.
Steph I can relate to the birds having boots on we used to go to Great Yarmouth in a caravan and every morning that was what we where awoken too or the helicopter taking workers out to the rigs, we would throw bread on the grass area in hoping that would keep them off never worked though, hope all goes well at the market today .
Gentle hugs for Leo and Skylar x x x
To all who are not well or are looking after someone who is I send lots of love and hugs x x x
Dawn (Texas) orders always take longer when your eager to play hopefully your dies will be there soon.
I have already done the ironing this morning so later I will be die cutting again, I did not do any yesterday as I was baking, Jessica made chocolate browniies and I made some buns, rhubarb crumble for hubby and some cinnamon buns.
Happy crafting to all the Wilsonettes x x
Love Tina x x x x x

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue and everyone. Love the way you have used the border dies on this card but not keen on the stamp. I seem to be in the minority today in that I LOVE shoes - although I don't seem to be buying as many since you started bringing out your dies!!!
Lancs Steph - sorry that your holiday was not the relaxing break that you'd hoped for. I sympathise about the seagulls, we call them flying rats. They're getting worse in our town, not helped by visitors who think it's cute to feed them! Ita - hope you receive positive news soon. Dawn (Texas) - I like the sound of a watermelon margarita, do you have a recipe?
Better go as unlike Nanna Tina I still have the ironing to do! Hugs to all in pain. Sue xxx

TDQ Karen said...

Love the relative simplicity of this card, brought to life by the splash of colour through your die. Great for some of my more girlie friends and relatives who are still into their shoes in a big way xx

Anonymous said...

My 2 year old granddaughter would love this in pink!

Jane said...

I can't make my mine up about today's card, not sure if there's something missing for me, it may be a bow .

Jane xx

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Beautiful card love the pretty border looks so effective.

"P" in Wales a calzone is a folded pizza I think looks like a huge "pasty" ? love to know what a tiddy-oggy is hugsx

Home again back to all the dreaded tiling patchup in the kitchen eeeek think I might just hide out in the craft space and play he he lol ;-)

Enjoy your Sunday

Hugs Annx without an "e"

Caroljsmith said...

Love the shoe sue and the boarder really makes it

Glennis said...

This one is brilliant! love the shoe!

Rosalind McLellan said...

Hello Sue,

It is my elder daughter's birthday in November and you have given me plenty of ideas. Thank you.

Love, Roz.x

Debbie Tinks said...

Nice card Sue ... Have a nice Sunday ... and happy crafting ... x

Nanny Jo said...

I love shoes, I love my daughters, and I love this card!! At first glance, I thought the lacy borders were recessed....then I put my specs on... :D
It's a card my daughters would love, too!
'P' in Wales....yes, a calzone is an Italian oggy...

Anonymous said...

Sunday smiles to you Sue and all Wilsonettes. Hope your demo weekend is going well for you Sue.
After growing up in ballet shoes and ice skates, along with my dear long term 'friend' arthritis, shoes are way down on my list, I'll stick to my lovely fashionable flatties, although I do feel feminine in my kitten heel winter boots : )
To all of us, including yourself Sue that has beautiful daughters, we can relate to today's sentiment. Our daughter had the most stunning shoes for her wedding day, and they look really amazing on the photographs as these days they seem to make the shoes etc one of the focal point photo's ( all I can say is - for THAT price you'd want the shoe photo framed ) !!! Lol as its the first and last time she will ever wear them, not the sort of shoe she would wear to pop to the supermarket in !!! Ive never invested in these kind of stamps, but maybe its time, along with the dress/bag stamps, as Im sure I will be asked for Prom cards at some point, talking of cards, as we do here lol its craft market day (please please let me sell ok) I so would like a few more Sue C. dies and embossing folders, oh well, what will be will be I suppose.
I do love the periwinkle blue card, Foundation card is such lovely quality and the colour's are to 'die' for.
If Im to get ready for us to get to market to unload and set up I better get my meds sorted, as Oramorph is my best friend at the moment (unfortunatly)

Sending my dear friends special hugs to help you through your day. To our AWOL friends, we miss you so much.
Wishing you a Happy Sunday.
Lancashire Steph xxx

Anonymous said...

GM Sue - my days of wearing shoes like this are long gone! I had a disc problem several years ago that meant only flat shoes and then 2 years ago I had a severe case of plantar fascitis which means I have since worn orthotics so that meant a major throw out of my shoe wardrobe - that was hard as I had some lovely shoes that I couldnt wear - so the local charity shop did rather well there - so now my interest in shoes is practical rather than aesthetic and sandals are a nightmare! Heyho - at least I can walk ok now - when it was really bad I couldn't put my heel to the floor without severe pain and was told complete rest for 6 weeks and had to wear a night brace for 3 months in bed which was interesting. Oh yes after the 6 weeks I then couldn't walk a golf course for a further 3 months - so flat shoes is a small price to pay really as I do love my golf. Happy Sunday all and hope you are having fab time in Taunton -
Clare W

hollyberry said...

Lovely card today.Never have been into shoes or handbags myself,they are functional nothing else so you are not the only women out there that feels that way and many others on the blog agree.

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone
Love the way you've done the slanted borders on this. Great idea.
Im a bit of a shoe gal (have a thing for Kickers in particular) but handbags are my non craft vice.
Safe travels home from Taunton.
Ang x

Virginia Davey said...

Morning everyone, I'm like you Sue I don't drool over shoes but It do like shoe stamps. Its a very attractive stamp. Never get feed up with christmas cards.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue and fellow Wilsonettes. Yet another lovely card, yesterday I thought I had found the right card for my daughter's birthday, now I have two contenders! Sue, I don't know how you manage to come up with all these lovely designs, but I'm so glad you do! Love to all, Judy M
PS raised another £40 for a local charity yesterday selling my surplus stash, and they took some more stuff to use for their activities as well. They made £290 with a tabletop sale, not bad considering their event clashed with the local Elvis Festival!

Anonymous said...

'P' in Wales - Calzone is like a folded over pizza - delicious! Judy M

carol edwards said...

Hi Sue and all lovely card and like how you have used the borders a different way. Another one here who is not recall into shoes or handbags really. Heels are certainly out with my back issues nowadays.I love black patent with about 1inch or so thick steady heel, they seem to work, too flat and again my back soon let's me know. X

auscrafts said...

lovely simple card just enough of the female interest that would suit my niece down to the ground,she hates fussy girly cards

val jones said...

Beautiful Sue.
Not into shoes either. I but i pair of summer and i of winter every year to replace last years and thats it.
Great photos.
Love Val in Spain x

Jackie Trinder said...

Good morning Sue today's card is gorgeous what a fantastic way to use a border die. I'm not much into shoes either like lots of others so you are not on your own. I hope you have a great day in Taunton with Julia and a safe journey home. Hugs Jackie

Joan D said...

What a stunning card again today. So lovely in its colours and simplicity. Love it x x

Aspiring crafter said...

Great card Sue.
You are not alone on the shoe front !
Hope you're weekend is going well, take care ,

heather harrison said...

Morning Sue. Lovely card today. I like the way you have used the border die. I looooooove shoes. So this card goes well for me. Is your stamp all one or a mixture of a couple? I like it. Thanks again Sue. Hugs Heather.x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Not into shoes or handbags either, just cant see what there is to get excited about.
Love your card, but would not use the stamps, having said that my granddaughters would love it.
Hope your weekend is going well in Taunton.

PharmacyMichele said...

Love the idea using the borders on an angle, gives them a totally different look. Not keen on the stamp so i'd use something else.


Ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue
What a beautiful gift and it's shoes!! This stamp is just gorgeous and I adore the colour scheme for today. I'm not usually a fan of this sort of card but what wouldn't I have given in my early years to have a pair of shoes like this. Hope you and Julia are having a successful week-end in Taunton (why have I typed that when I know your workshops/demos are a given success).

I still love shoes but now they have to be flat. Oh where have my days of 3" heels gone! I still have one pair in the back of my wardrobe and every time I have a sort out I sit and look at them determined that this time they are going and they do back into the wardrobe.

Steph - So sorry you didn't have a good break. It does take a long time for rescued babies to get used to noises that they recognised as torture and now don't. Christina's rescue working collie (Cuinn) is still a little edgey about loud noises and strangers. she has had him now for four years. He was brought over from Ireland and had been on a working farm but very very badly treated. When they went to look at him he had a red sticker on his kennel (this meant that he would be very hard to take care of because of his condition and the conditions he had been kept in and that he couldn't go to a home which hadn't had rescues before or hands on with difficult animals). You now cannot believe he is the same collie they brought home. Good luck today I just know you'll do well.

To all who are under the weather and in need hope you feel somewhat better soon. To all take care and stay safe. See you tomorrow.
Janet x

Sue from Wiltshire said...

Love the simple lines of this card and would suit many girls/ladies with a different sentiment.
I have never been into shoes or handbags either.

Anonymous said...

I too don't drool over shoes. comfort over fashion for me! Love shoe cards though and today's offering is gorgeous. I have never thought of off setting the borders like that. Def one to have a go at. Back home today so will be able to get back into crafting
Luv Karen Drew xx

Rosie said...

Fabulous card, Sue....

Hope you are having a good day....

Joanna Dickson said...

Hi Sue.
Brilliant Way to show off boarders. Really like that effect.
Would love to wear heels, but those days have had to be put to bed.
Enjoy your Sunday
Lots of love
Jo xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Very cute. i love shoes but love boots even more

barbiepinkfairy said...

Love this card for being classy but simple. However, doesn't hit you in face as a Sue Wilson card!

Never been a shoe girl due to one foot being dodgy from being a child. Always loved the trend of flat shoes with bows when Diana arrived on the scene. Still wear flats with bows I buy same make in different colours not cheap but still wearing some I have had 16 years! Boots knee length flat and look like I should be in German army but love them!

Pam a calzone is a folded pizza!

Steph hope your market day goes well and you can then indulge in more stash. You do so well to make so many cards I really struggle time wise with ones I have to!

Well ladies need to finish the nappy cakes today and need to tidy the craft cave which is overflowing!

Love you all xxx

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Like the diagonal panel, but after that, I'm afraid this isn't for me! I don't get the whole shoe thing at all. Sorry!
Have a great day everyone. Love to all, Alison xxx

lorna said...

Hi Sue,
Really like the periwinkle card and love the use of the California strip, but I can't say I get excited about shoes (I don't own many pairs at all,
now handbags that's different!!!).
Lorna D

gwen70 said...

Beautiful card Sue, but I am not into shoes so would put another embellishment there

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, love the card, I don't like going for new shoes my feet are odd size very frustrating. love Jean Z xxx

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. Love the simplicity of this card. Never used my boarders to do this on my cards but i will give it a try. These shoe stamps are lovely just a pity i can't wear them now. Hope you and julia are having a great weekend. Take care.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

CHERYL brown said...

Lovely use of the borders but the shoe did not do a lot for me. However I do have a friend with a fetish for shoes, she would love it.
I know the Taunton shows will be brilliant for the attendees.
I would probably use a topper or just a bow.
To all Wilsonettes with feet problems, a big hug, I know what that is all about.
Hugs Cherylxx

Crafty Nanna said...

Morning Sue and Morning all. I'm not into shoes either but I do like todays card.

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, lovely card again and a lovely sentiment too. Hope you have had a good weekend on your road show. Love Jean xxx

BridgetCG said...

Hi Sue, love the simplicity of this card, the border die does all the work, so effective. I love shoes, but cannot wear the really high ones anymore. Have a great day. Bx

Janice Wallace said...

Hi all, I can think of a few friends who would love this card. I have always loved pretty shoes, but don't wear high heels often now, but still couldn't beat my Mum. She had a rainbow in her shoe cupboard, and would plan an outfit around her shoes. Hated it when my feet grew a little bigger than hers.
That aside, the card would look great with another type of embellishment too.
Janice W

karenlotty said...

I don't drool over shoes either The borders look great like this and I like how you've off set it The shoe stamp is up for debate! Perhaps people aren't liking it stamped in black ... On screen it looks very stark against the periwinkle card....

Janette MacArthur said...

Love the way the borders have been used - could be used with any topper!
Many thanks again!
Janette x

Janice Wallace said...

PS, sorry Mrs Duck, but when I first glanced at your comment, I thought you had a thing about KNICKERS.
(That will make everyone scroll back now)
Janice W x

June Horrocks said...

Love the card sue my daughter would love that thank you for sharing love to all June xxxxxxx

Sheila - Ginger said...

Morning Sue,
Simple but classy this the colour and the shoe stamp is so pretty. Oh to be able to wear those hells!!
Hope you and Julia are enjoying your time in Taunton.
Hugs to all who need them and hope your days will soon get brighter.

Love Sheila xx

Lacelady said...

Super card today Sue, I'm with you about the shoes, when I could wear nice ones, I didn't have a lot of cash to spend on them - now my feet won't allow me to wear the pretty ones (sigh).

I love the card though, and of course, it's so versatile once you realise you could substitute any other stamp or die cut.

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, lovely card, I really like the borders done this way and the shoe die is super, this would suit a lot of young girls.
Sometime ago (in the distant past) I had several pairs of shoes with stiletto heels and my friends and I thought we were the bees knees when we went dancing (oh happy days), nowadays like several of the other ladies, it is flats for me.
Have a great day everyone, take care, Jess x

granny sue said...

Hi Sue. I have quite a few shoes, but I go for comfort now. Got to say periwinkle is now my new favourite so I obviously love this card. Hope you are having a great weekend with Julia. SueL x

Anonymous said...

Hi sue - I'm with you entirely on the shoes as I prefer comfort to style but this would make a perfect card for my daughter! Enjoy your weekend in Taunton. Best wishes

nattyboots said...

Such a lovely card ,i really like the shoe very elegant .
Take care
Elaine H X

Deborah Artliff said...

Good morning Sue
Wow I love this one it's
So different. And I love
How you have used the borders.
The shoe stamp is great but
I wouldn't like to think I would
Have to walk in them.

Take care Sue xx

Debs A xx

Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Beautiful Card Sue!

The shoe stamp is very pretty and I love the layout and colour theme.

Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

fame01 said...

Hi sue
I am not into shoes either I would sooner have craft stuff than a pair of shoes any day of the week, The card looks great really like the style ,hugs sarah xx

IVY Cheong said...

Morning Sue,

This is indeed a very different card but a beautiful one none the less. Perfect for my eldest daughter's birthday this Saturday as she loves shoes!!!

Lots of love,

Ivy ling xx

Julie said...

You aren't the only person not to drool over shoes - me too, Sue! This is one of my favourite 'go to' stamps for the many teenage girl cards I make. Love the borders too.

Janice K said...

An elegant, modern design ideal for a 18+ daughter (love the Californian border die!).x

Anonymous said...

Pretty card.

Take care


Beryl Frost said...

Good morning Sue, I love this card today yet another idea for using dies differently. Love the shoe Beryl xx

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, a beautiful card as usual
you don't seem to do any other kind.
Nancyd xx

Maryann Laursen said...

First of all I want to say, that you´re NOT the only woman, who don´t drool over shooes. We are at least 2 then, as I couldn´t care less about anything, as long as I have a pair, that my feet like to be in, then I´m good, and I only have 3 pairs, one for walking one pair of sandals and one pair of black shoes, if we´re going to a wedding or something, that´s all I own LOL.
Then your card, it´s as usual just gorgeous and sooo elegant. Really beautiful work as always hun.

Fiona Young said...

A fun card!

Craftysusan said...

Beautiful card and such a great way to use the border die. I love the periwinkle card and use it whenever I can.

Pearl said...

What a lovely card today Sue, coloyrs and composition are great and adaptable to any sentiment I would think.

Craftihappiness to everyone, love from Pearl.

Susi Mortimer said...

Hi Sue,
just love this card, haven't this stamp, but do have a cd with shoes on, so can adapt this card. Hope you are having a good weekend in Taunton. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Susi x

Susi Mortimer said...

Hi Sue,
just love this card, haven't this stamp, but do have a cd with shoes on, so can adapt this card. Hope you are having a good weekend in Taunton. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Susi x

Sandie Braithwaite said...

Love the lilac behind the striplet.

Brooke b said...

Lovely card, love the border die its so flexible.

Ivonka said...

Ha! I do love shoes, but rarely wear glamorous ones to trot around the cobbled streets of Bratislava! Maybe when I return to the UK........ Lovely card. Yx

Paula said...

A lovely card Sue, where on earth do you get all your ideas from?

Paula x

Hazel said...

Good morning Sue. Love today's card apart from the shoe, buts that's me and you can't please us all. Hope you had a great day yesterday . Hazel x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I love the diagonal strip.
Veronique L

Caron28 said...

Hello Sue. Love the Lacey strip in the middle. Great card. xx

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

Love today's card, so pretty, oh dear you are not alone in your indifference to shoes, me too. Hope you and Julia are having a good time in Tauntan,, i bet it's lovely, hope you get a bit of outside time today.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

Sandra said...

Good morning Ladies,
Gorgeous card, love the unusual background, the shoes look like they should come with a health warning!
I could fall off a pair of slippers so I am afraid I have never really been a stiletto girl, I did wear a pair of heels to Mess
Ball once, I spent the night either holding onto Paul for dear life of sitting down. It was ridiculous really as you HAD to wear a dress that covered your ankles so nobody saw your shoes anyway! I seem to get a blister every time I try new shoes. My Daughter Becca on the other hand wears shoes that could double as stilts, I cringe when I see her striding down the hallway, she has so many pairs with bags to match, she isn't hung up on designer brands though, thankfully, it makes me a little sad though, as she has arthritis in her knees and in the back of my mind I know that her heel wearing days are numbered, so I encourage her to 'cease the moment' ! Being a mum certainly has it's ups and downs! X
Pam , Calzone is delicious, it's like a pizza folded in half, so the topping becomes the filling, it looks like a big pasty!
Steph, you poor love, it sounds, like you had a nightmare, I like you am a believer that there is nothing like your own bed! We have camped many times over the years mainly on Camping &Caravan Club sites where they have strict rules about noise, so most nights were peaceful. My patents in law live in Brixham in Devon, I have sat in the harbour and thought to myself that it must be a nightmare for all of these trendy new apartments that overlook the harbour, as all you can hear are the seagulls squawking, the yacht rigging clanking constantly, the fish markets noise and smell! It looks idyllic but my goodness I wouldn't want to sleep within a mike of the place! I really felt for you Steph, & Mr S, maybe stick to a hotel, I hope your market is a huge success today love. Xx
Cameeli, enjoy your walk and your craft afternoon! Xx
Tina, chocolate brownies, cinnamon rolls, you are torturing me this morning, would you like to be my nana too? I love cinnamon rolls xxxxx
Janet, so sad to hear about the poor colly Cuinn being so mistreated, I hate the thought of any animal going through any kind of pain and suffering, how could anyone hurt a poor defenceless animal! Sounds like he has had a real turn round of fortune in his life though since Christina has shown him some love xxxx
Not sure what today has in store, allotment with Paul, craft room, decisions,decisions..... Maybe a bit of both, I made two cards on Friday, it really takes it toll though, does anyone else struggle like that, I find I can only craft properly standing up, resulting in agonising back pain, I have a chair and stool in my craft room, but I can't stamp sitting down, or use guillotine, I would be up and down constantly! I will find a way, Steph like you and many of my other craft friends Morphine is a lifeline! I have updated my blog though ladies!
Mrs B & Pat, Myra & Margaret, Lynne,Lynda,Norah, Janet, Julie,June, lovely Brenda, Pam, Steph,Alison, Hazel & each and everyone of our lively blog family,
Enjoy your Sunday,
Big hugs
Sandra xxxxxxx

Maureen Killen said...

Good morning Sue, and all the ladies.
I think this is a very pretty card, and I'd like to thank you for posting it. It's given me a really good laugh this morning as I've misread a few of the
Mrs Duck, read yours as liking knickers, knickers??? Why has Ang put that in - silly me.
And now I've got visions of Barbiepinkfairy goose stepping to the shops!!
You've given me such a good happy start to my morning (although I have been up since 7).
Now as to shoes, I used to love them but as I take a 2 and half it's so difficult to get ones I like, and as I age the heels get lower!
Love to all, hope you all have a happy day and feel the best that you can in mind and body.
Thank you Sue xx

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a lovely card. A gorgeous die you have used. I am not into shoes either.

Cathy Clowes said...

Good morning Sue. A beautiful card yet again. I am a big fan of shoes- when I got married my shoes almost cost as much as my dress. Sadly high heels and chasing after a toddler don't mix, so these days it's flatties all the way.
I am looking forward very much to attending your and Julia's demonstrations this afternoon in Taunton x

Karen Knight said...

Hi Sue and Wilsonettes, i'm afraid yo say I do like shoes! But heels like these are a dim and distant memory! They make my feet ache just looking at them now!! It is a very stylish yet simple design. Really nice. Lots of hugs, Karen xx

nzillingworth said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
I love this card - it really is so pretty and feminine. I love the way you have used the beautfiul border dies. Thank you.
Bye for now.
SandraP xxx

Vanessa Lee said...

Hi Sue
A lovely card. The design will be handy for those quick makes. I like the slanted borders. I have to confess to loving the pinpoint embossing folders, they are my definite favourites of all that I own.
Have another great day in Taunton with Julia. Best wishes to all Wilsonettes.
Vanessa X

Maggie said...

Hello Sue, what a lovely card. I have the best daughter in the world and she'd love one of these shoes! As for me, I too love these embossing folders so it's a win win card all the way.xx Maggie (better without a bow)

Anonymous said...

What clever use of the borders - the thing is will I remember it!

A lovely card, Sue

Anne (Northampton)

Jill Liddle said...

Different card today Sue and you are not the only one that doesn't go giddy after shoes. I am another one.

Joanne K said...

Hi Sue, hope you and Julia are having a good weekend. Lovely card today. I have these stamps and they make great cards. Kind regards Joanne K x

Maxine T said...

Love shoes, this is a girly card, love love it. Once again Sue you amaze me with creativity.
Maxine T

Margaret corgi owner said...

Good afternoon Sue and everyone

A really lovely card today brings back memories of my youth wearing shoes just like that, but those days are over for me now.

Warm wishes and hugs to all who would like one especially Sandra, Yorkielass, Lynda, Lynne, Norah, Steph, Tina, Cameeli and of course Sue

Margaret corgi owner

Marianna Hammer said...

What a lovely card! No, you're not the only woman who doesn't drool over shoes. You just never hear from the rest of us :) I like comfortable shoes. I feel I owe that to my self :) Stamped shoes are different. They are lovely :)

Diane said...

Hi Sue I love the Californian boarders again today so versatile. Ooooh shoes - would love a pair like this! Used to go everywhere in really high heels but these days flat shoes are far more practical but occasionally the high heels get an outing (car to bar such a great expression!) but the feet pay for it the next day!! Lol
Have a great day in Taunton . Love Diane G xxxxx

Joan Donaldson said...

Hi Sue, a lovely card. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

weefortune said...

Lovely shoes, hope your relaxing this weekend, I've not commented much lately things are just really hectic at the moment, take care and stay safe hugs Elaine x

Bejay Roles said...

Hi Sue, ooh...I really like this one. I would need it to say the best sister though as my only 'offspring' have four legs lol. It's simple but elegant and I love the pearls that give it a subtle 'bling'. As always, thanks for sharing with us. x

Brenda Lello said...

Hello Sue,
Love the way you have put the border dies across the card at an angle. I have used border dies together before but kept them straight, now this is an interesting idea, I will give this a try. Thank you.
Sorry forgot to say thank you for all the lovely pictures yesterday, lovely to see Elaine, Linda, Michaela, Judith and Christine, they are all so lovely, helpful and pleasant when they serve you, nothing is too much trouble.
Hope both you and Julia have had a great time down in Taunton. Take care, drive carefully, Love Brenda xxx

Steph, Hope the market was good and you got lots of pennies to buy SW goodies.
Hope everyone is having a good Sunday.
Sending crafty hugs to you all LOL

Anonymous said...

Eileen L. said...

Very pretty card. Love the shoe stamp. I agree the shoe stamp does hurt the feet LOL. Not a big shoe gal either.

Wheely Bad said...

Hi Sue

As my only child is male with fur I'd change the sentiment to say 'sister' as all 3 of my sisters like to dress up to go out. It's a lovely little stamp and goes so well with the border die.

I grew up in boys or mens shoes/ boots as shoes for feet as wide as mine were not cheap. Being a total tomboy I didn't care! I was still ambulant when my best friend got married, she knew shoes were an issue for me so decreed the whole wedding party (except her parents) were to wear black caterpillar boots/ Doc Martens, whatever they had. She wore pretty shoes for the ceremony but straight after changed into white DMs! There is a picture of us- bride, 2 bridesmaids, 2 best men, groom lifting our dresses or trousers on one leg to reveal the boots. It was such a lovely thing for her to do for me. I decorated my walking stick with material her mum gave me from the bridesmaids dresses and had a bunch of paper flowers on the butt of the stick. On the pictures I look like I'm holding a small bouquet!

When I 'graduated' to using crutches full time I put all my weight through my arms so could get away with trainers, I had a rainbow of them!!! Once I needed the chair I realised I could finally wear girly shoes for weddings etc, a big heel- over an inch- isn't too nice when seated but it opened up options nicely for a few weddings we've attended for once being able to go for style over substance! I love my big boots and trainers best still! Plus as even on crutches very little weight went through the sole most lasted years, well the ones that didn't get claimed/permanently borrowed by my brothers! I love shoe stamps/ dies though, can be for any age and lovely for decorating boxes or frames.

Won't be buying much stash for a while as just spend £90 renewing my bed linen and tea towels. They were all reaching anniversaries of 15-20 years plus- one set I was given by my nanna when I left home 20 or so years ago, it was my aunts in the early 80's. I got 2 new sets for 2 beds plus a new quilt and pillows for the single guest bed and new tea towels to replace the 20 year old ones I brought for my first flat from a discount store. Some of my old linen is in ok condition so it'll be recycled to make a nice single set or two for the guest bed. The rest I'll use to make practice garments rather than buy extra fabric or things for the home- its amazing how you can transform fabric with a stamp or two and some craft ink. Sues mandala stamps are my favourite for this! I also now have linen to match the colours Mr W painted the bedroom when I moved in 5 1/2 years ago! I know I have to take my time over things but that is ridiculous! It has cheered me up as I spend every day praying the hospital will call to tell me what the specialist in London says about the failed nerve blocks, is bed linen supposed to be this satisfying?! I don't know. I'm not house proud at all but like everything to look tidy bar the carpets, wheelchair, muddy paws and Mr W's work boots and carpets don't mix. Saving for laminate flooring now as that'll take a bit more abuse, Mr W says. If you ignore the carpet and Mr W's random piles of stuff it's quite organised (has to be, space is at a premium we can't put up shelves as the walls won't hold them).

Had a lovely surprise today, my nephews new school photo. He's just started year 8 (2nd year to those of us of certain generations!) He's a lovely kid, he races go carts, likes them better than bikes as he can't fall off!

Ok, enough silliness (that's the "liquid opiate" for you I suppose), I'm going to try and craft for an hour. Wish me luck!

Happy Sunday and hugs for everyone,

T x

terrie said...

Great looking card...I like how you put the two borders together...
This card would be perfect for my daughter she just love shoes and believe me she has plenty.
Well done Sue!

Txcowgirl said...

Hi Sue, hope you're having a lovely day. Very cute card, takes one back to the days when this kind of shoe was possible. It seems we reach a day where comfort overrules fashion.
Oh my, you all had me laughing so hard with the calzone explanations. Here in the USA, we might think a stripper would wear a pasty to cover her tiddy-oggy! Here we would say pastry, and the other just sounds like, well you can guess! Not sure how this term came about, but I think they call them pastys, because you have to "paste" them on.
BTW, Patricia, liked your description of this kind of shoe, "car to bar", cute.
Nanna Tina, sounds so delicious, my husband loves rhubard, but it is hard to find here.
CraftySueToo, this recipe is like one used at a popular Mexican restaurant here for watermelon margaritas.

3 cups of frozen, chopped watermelon or strawberries
1/2 cup of silver tequila
1/4 cup Triple Sec
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
1/2 cup granulated sugar
Kosher salt, to rim the glasses
Watermelon wedges, optional for garnish


Cut up the flesh of a watermelon into rough chunks. Spray a jelly roll pan lightly with non-stick spray and spread the watermelon chunks in a single layer on the pan. Freeze for several hours or overnight. Remove 3 cups of chunks and reserve remaining watermelon in a freezer bag until needed. If using strawberries, clean them and freeze them whole in the same manner. Rinse before putting in the blender.

In the pitcher of your blender, add the tequila, Triple Sec, lime juice, frozen watermelon or frozen strawberries and sugar, in that order. Pulse the blender to begin to break down the frozen fruit, then whip until blended.

Invert the margarita glass into a shallow bowl of water just to wet the rim, then into a plate of kosher salt to salt the rim. For strawberry, use a mixture of salt and sugar to rim the glass. Pour the margarita mixture into the glasses, taking care not to disturb the salt rim. Cut small wedges of watermelon or strawberries for garnish, cutting a slit into the side to perch the wedge on the rim of the glass.

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, lovely card although shoes do not appeal to me at all, If it had been handbags, however - well that is entirely a different matter.
I like the idea of the borders being used at an angle and will give this a try with another stamp.
Dinner dishes are calling so I will pop back later to read the comments.

Myra P said...

Hi Sue,
Today's card is very different but I like it! I seem to be very much in the minority but I love shoes and handbags too!
My Mum loved shoes too and wore her high heels into her late 70's. My granddaughters would love today's card. They are also shoe/ boot mad!
Dawn - having asked you for a recipe from home - thank you! Your watermelon margarita sounds really refreshing.
Norah - as I've been watching the Ryder Cup - your Ochils are looking really good. From the opposite side from where you are . Hope you ok today. x
Sue - I do hope you have had another successful weekend. Safe travel home. x
Patricia - love the " car to bar" quote.
Have a nice evening everyone, hope you had a good day Steph!
Love to all,

Laura O said...

love the simplicity of this card ,Laura O

Susan White said...

Wish I could wear lovely shoes, but alas it's flats all the way for me! Like the way you have put the die on the diagonal on this card. Have a great weekend, Susan x

DMJ said...

Another lovely card and another lovely idea to copy!!!

Doreen x

Janice Robinson said...

Hi Sue
Love the border dies used as a centre piece like this.I'm more of a boots person myself than a shoe.

Jean Bullock said...

I am not a big shoe person myself but I have a friend who adores pretty shoes. She would love this card. I especially enjoyed the diagonal die cut. Very pretty.

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Hi and everyone,lovely card,love the shoe,very clever idea for borders.

CraftyJo said...

" I have to admit that I am probably the only woman alive that doesn't just drool over shoes, but I do like shoe stamps a lot! " Nope, count me in there too! I don't care for shoes (or shoe stamps either actually) but then, I don't like bows either ;) Just not a girlie girl LOL. I *do* like your card though :)

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Sue, A beautiful card, lovely colours.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

camelot67 said...

Good evening Sue,

A pretty card today and just love how you've used the border die. A great idea. Do hope you're time in Somerset is going/has gone (depending on when you read this) well and as always will wait with bated breath for tomorrow's offering. Thanks for sharing this and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
Margaret A.

Carole Z said...

Love the way you have used the border dies on this card Sue..very going to take a look at your last few posts..we're having work done on the house, so have been awol from blogging this week, hugs Carole Z X

Di Fellingham said...

Hi Sue, Just to say a very big thank you to yourself and Julia for the demos today - brilliant, brilliant cards and techniques as always. Also a very personal "thank you" for swapping over one of my dies for yours! I had not realised that until my friend mentioned it on the way home. I thought you had somehow managed to "flatten" the bumpy bit of metal on the bow die lol
Thanks again Sue and hope to see you again one day.



Maureen Reiss said...

Very pretty card!! Love the shoe stamp, soooo beautiful!!

SusanP, Kent said...

I don't drool over shoes either - never did. I think there are more of us than you think! I like the card though especially the unusual placing of the double border.

Kathy Krug said...

There are lots of women who don't drool over shoes. I personally droll over stamping supplies and pretty cards. Love that shoe stamp and how you let it be the star of the card.

Anonymous said...

Hi sue,
Sorry but I'm drooling - love this stamp. Great card.
Beverley W

Jackie Meechan said...

Beautiful card loved thecway you used the borders as a focal point and not just forcthe edge of cards. Not too kean on shoes either prefer flatties.

Vick said...

Lovely card Sue, and I am the same, I'm not that bothered about shoes, but I do love a nice looking handbag, so you can call me the 'bag lady' haha!! hugs sweetie have a lovely Sunday night xxx Vick x
My YTChannel vixcrafts

cr@fty said...

Hi Sue
Fabulous card again although I love the stamp I too am not a shoe person. I was when I was younger but these days it's mostly flat shoes.
Patricia love the car to bar quote.
Sending hugs to all that need one
Hugs x
Heather T

magpie said...

Helloooo Sue and the Wilsonettes! Gorgeous card Sue. Love the hint of the periwinkle blue and the borders. I do like the shoe but only if I make a card for teenagers plus...basically, I haven't got any stamps like this but I'd put something else there instead. I used to love wearing my heels (around 4/5 inches high), in the late seventies/early eighties when we'd go to a nightclub at the weekend. We'd get really dressed up then. You could get into the club, have something to eat and get a taxi home for between £5/£10....! I like high heels (but not todays high!) and as I can't wear them I try not drool over something that I know I can't have! I'm very blessed with the gorgeous flattie one's that I have instead. "Thank you" Sue for your inspiration and sending much love to you and your family xx Ooooo Nanna Tina that's a lot of operations to your feet and ankle.... Glad that you and Jessica had a great day baking. Those cakes sound lovely....I bet they've all gone now....such is temptation! xx Well done Judy for giving so much to charity! xx Steph, hope you've done well at the market! xx Janet, lovely to hear about Christina's collie Cuinn. How can someone hurt them? xx Janice W, you were right about the scrolling back! lol! Also, my mum is the same with shoes, and jewellery, and trousers, blouses....Sandra, like you, I can't craft much sitting down. The only time is if I'm cutting and using mounting tape to give the card a bit of lift. Using the guillotine, stamping and everything else I stand up too. I've got a permanent back problem too xx Txcowgirl, "thank you" for the recipe! Sounds gorgeous! xx sending love and hugs to Lynne, Yorkielass, Cheryl, Norah, Lynda, Lindsey, Wheelybad, Sandra and all our wonderful Wilsonettes who need plenty of hugs and love today xx Take care everyone xx Love Karen xx

Barbara said...

Beautiful card and a gorgeous stamp!
Not a big fan of high heels, never could walk in them, always went over on my ankle. Nowadays its Skechers and Crocs for me.
Have just been to visit my friends daughter who has a litter of six Springer pups. they are 7 weeks old and totally wild, running about the garden digging and chasing leaves. It has made me want another dog and I have gone all broody!!!!!

Theresa said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card but I am not a fan of shoes although yours is very pretty and I do own shoe dies it not one I would choose for myself
Love everything else about the card I would put a flower on it. I'm predictable. Lol.
Have a good one.
Theresa x

Dawn Holben said...

I am not a shoe fan either but I do like this card.
It brings a slightly modern touch to the card and I know my friends would love a card like this.
They all think I am mad because I don't fuss over shoes like they do lol.

TOB said...

Love this card, my daughter would too, shes definitely a shoe and handbag girl. I love shoes but only flats for me. I remember wearing massive yellow platforms to work, I couldn't bend down to pick anything off the floor as I was too high up.
Had a great couple of hours down the beach today sitting drinking coffee with hubby and daughter. Wheelybad I love bed linen, especially Kelly Hoppen but very expensive so I buy good quality items and lots of them.There is nothing nicer than getting into a fresh bed. Be careful if you are having laminate flooring as when we moved into our home it had laminate all through and when they are wet they are so slippery,(for crutches and wheelchairs) had to change everything for carpet.
Hope your market went well Steph.
Hugs to all who need them. Love Theresa x

Tres said...

Hi Sue. I love your shoe card today. The Californian border dies look fab !! The shoe stamp is lovely. I love the way you have put the two borders at an angle with the Periwinkle Blue card. A really pretty card today. Thank you for sharing it with us Sue. I hope you had a great day at Taunton today Sue. Sending you lots of love from Tres x x x

Norah, I am thinking of you all today. Sending lots of love from Tres x x x

Sending love to all the Wilsonettes today love from Tres x x x

Theresa Pace said...

i must admit that i don't drool over shoes either because there is no point as i wouldn't be able to get them on anyway! i like the layout which again is easily adaptable to any stamp, hugs xx

GeeBee88 said...

Hi Sue, another non-shoe lover here but love the design of the card, would just use another image in place of the shoe! Always impressed with your creativity. Gx

Donna Jones said...

Hi Sue,
Love the borders across the card and the sentiment too.
Donna Jones

janet said...

Like you Sue, I have absolutely no interest in shoes (I only have a few pairs and hate shopping for them as I have very small feet)
Card is nice but I wouldn't use a shoe image.
Janet in kent

Helen Terry said...

Hi Sue
stunning card lovely design.
crafty hugs Helen xxx

Jane Franklin said...

Doing two fer one again and I think the best wishes card is a great idea with the borders as frills. Could adapt from my stash. I adore shoes so this second card is a must for me to try both stamped and die cut shoes. Definately having a go at both. Take care and luv to all jax

Linda Graham said...

Never did wear shoes like this even in my younger days,but it my daughters birthday in October and i know she would love a card like this,i like the way you used the borders, thank you Sue, Linda x

AnneRD said...

Hi Sue, like the way you have placed the border and love the colours you have used.
As with most of your followers flats are the order of the day for me; too many years of wearing wellingtons play havoc with the feet! Anne x

craftynanna said...

hi sue, a lovely card today, i have lots of shoe and handbag stamps so i can have a go at this one,
i have been out all day went to yorkshire to watch my grandson playing rugby and i am pooped, regards to all J

Angela Wade said...

Hi, Sue, not liking the shoe stamp, sorry. I tried to leave a post two days ago, but Blogger was saying there was a problem. I'd tried to say that I have both the Bauble Die sets, having fallen in love with them when they were first showcased here, as part of the new die launch.
I have them here with me to play with while I'm away :-)

Hugs to all,

Angela in Dubai Xx

Sandy H said...

Hi Sue, this is a lovely way to use the border die. I'm sure the card with the shoe will be just the thing for some young ladies I make cards for. These days I go for comfort when choosing my shoes but many moons ago, when I had a Saturday job in a shop, I would happily wear 4" stiletto heels all day long then change into another pair to go out in the evening. Probably contributed to some of the problems I have now!
Take care everyone.

lindyloo12 said...

I absolutely love this card and so would my daughter, I had never thought of using the die across like that, you are so clever Sue.

julie laz said...

Hi sue, sorry I'm late, had a few unwell days,
but just had to let you know how beautiful this card is,
Crafty hugs Julie xxx

Shirley Terretta said...

Hi Sue,

So, so pretty. Thank you.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxxxxxxxxx

Vie Carter said...

Great card for a daughter


Darlene4527 said...

Different card today. Love the shoe.

SHARICA said...

Fab Card .. xx

hazel young said...

Stunning card sue xx hazel

Blue Rose said...

You are not the only one...I don't drool over shoes dies are different story. Beautiful card.