Friday, 14 February 2014

Showers Of Blessings

Happy Valentine's Day!  I couldn't find a single card with an appropriate theme for today.  I did however, see some sunshine yesterday (can I take credit for bringing it back from Florida with me? LOL)  Actually the weather wasn't too great for most of the time I was there, but I did have one day of fun and have added some pics at the bottom of the post for you to see.  Back to the card though.  I still have some cards to show you from past shows and I don't want them to get overlooked with all the hoopla this week.  This was a lovely baby card from the Dec. Justrite shows featuring the Bundle Of Joy stamp set.  I started by embossing a white background with the Tied Together folder and extending it for a larger background size.  Next I used some decorative dotty paper from my stash and cut a wide strip and cut a "V" in the bottom.  I matted it with white card and attached it to my background.  I stamped the beautiful vintage pram in black and used markers to colour it and dot around the outside of the image for an interesting effect.  I will usually use a soft blue pencil and add a highlight around images that I stamp and colour, and this dotting technique provides the same sort of shadow type of finish.  It is rather fun to do once in a while.  I picked a couple of shades of blue to do it with on this card.  I cut out the image with Vintage Labels Five and highlighted the image with Victorian Velvet while it was still in the die.  I stamped a sentiment and cut it out with a small oval shape and mounted it in the lower corner.  I tied a messy bow in white and added some pink and white Bakers Twine before adding a fancy pearl button to the centre.  I matted the card with a thin pink mat before finishing with a double white pierced mat layer.  The embossed background was finished with small flatback pearls at all the dissecting areas on the embossing.  Finished dimensions are 7" x 8 1\2" in size. 

I haven't quite finished the drawings for the dies.  I will get it completed sometime today and post it later on in the day so please check back to see if your name has been drawn.  Remember, there will be 31 winners, so chances are good!   Scroll down to see more pics!

 The weather had been pretty cold and wet for about the last ten days of my stay, but on the Sunday before I left, the sun came out and it was blue skies all the way.  My brother, who lives there, called me that morning and asked if we wanted to go kayaking with him.  I was a bit hesitant but let me tell  you, it was an absolute blast.    We crossed the bay to a place called Three Sisters Springs.  It is a manatee reserve and in Jan. and Feb. this is where they stay.  We probably saw 50 to 70 of them that day (I will only bore you with a small portion of the pics of them I took!)
 This is just a baby manatee, he is maybe 3 to 4 feet long.  The springs were full of manatees, kayaks and snorklers.  You cannot get into the springs by boat, only if you kayak or swim.  One weekend a year in January, they open it up during the Manatee festival in Crystal River and you can walk around the springs as they have built a nice railed in walkway.  The last pic shows more of the springs (taken from the kayak as I was in the back of the double kayak, chicken that I am!)  I have, however, crossed one more thing off my bucket list and stepped a tiny bit further out of my comfort zone!  All for now, Sue x


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Pam said...

Happy Valentines Day ev eryone - beautiful card today. Love the Manatees but sunshine didnt reach Hartlepool

Debby Berry said...

Happy V'day. When I lived in Okinawa we owned kayaks and had a blast, these are great photos. Welcome back and thanks for the sunshine. Great card today.

snowqueen62 said...

Happy Valentines day!!
Lovely card really like this folder and its one I have!
Lovely pictures such clear water.
Hugs Sue xx

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, a beautiful card and very effective
with the dots. Smashing pictures it
looks like you are all having a blast.
Nancyd xx

Craftetter said...

Sue, looks like you had a great time with the Manatees - lucky you but I bet the water was cold. Great card and love the use of the colours.

Jan.moogie said...

Happy Valentines day Sue, absolutely stunning card today, love it. I think you are very brave going in a kayak but looking at the pictures it was worth the risk.xx Good for you.xx

Tracy Stitt said...

Mornin sue and gang. Lovely card as always. I'd love a go at kayaking but like u I'm a bit wary my hubby too fancy a go but he canny swim! Lol. Will be heading up to Perth soon so we might pop into a centre that does it for beginners and just bite the bullet lol
Love Tracy from killie x

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. Thank you for the little bit of sunshine yesterday,
I really must buy this set of stamps thank you the card is so pretty. Your photos are lovely too take care Kitty

kitty davies said...

Hi Happy st Valentines every one good luck for the draw Kitty

tracy w said...

Hi sue
Stunning card love everything on it and happy valentines day to all thank you Tracy w x

Anonymous said...

Hi sue. Happy valentines day to you. The card is beautiful i love these stamps as you can make some lovely cards with them. It looks like you had a great day out with your family and to see manatees that close must have been fab you lucky lady.
Best Wishes.
Denise x

Annie said...

GM Sue. Great pics, well done for giving it.a go! The card is great, love the blue dots, wonderful effect. Friday yay! Only a day away from having time to play. It's agony some evenings for me, I get home from work so completely exhausted I don't have the energy or time to craft! I'm sure many of you know that feeling! Love love the weekends! Happy Friday one and all!
Hugs Annie

Maggie Phillips said...

Morning Sue.I love your card,it's really pretty( the use of dots for shading is great).Thanks for sharing your pics of the Manatees.
Maggie x

Annie said...

P.S. Happy Valentines Day, Sue and everyone xx

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
Happy Valentines Day to you and everyone. This card is gorgeous. Love the stamp, the embossed background, the colour and the bow! Looks like you had fun on the water! Welcome back. Thanks for sharing.

krafty k said...

Good morning Sue

Nice pics glad you had a good visit.
I think that the kayak companies could be doing a roaring trade in sales for UK with the floods but the water is nothing like as clear.

Card looks great.

BridgetCG said...

Hi Sue, gorgeous baby card, and lovely pics of your day out, looks like it was great fun, and amazing to see the manatees so close up. Happy Valentines day everyone and good luck for the draws. Bx

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue. Love the background on this card - very effective. Great pictures of kayaking and the manatees. We went kayaking in Norway last year - never been so terrified - couldn't even remember which way was left and right!!!!

Cameeli of Richmond said...

Hi Sue and all the crafty crew, Happy Valentine's Day!! I am late this morning creating a romantic number for my adorable partner!!
Another stunning baby card and the baby Manatee is very very cute!!, looks like you had a lot of fun.
Well all I can say is every day on this blog is joy!! glad you are back safe and sound. The weather will improve in time.
Keep the magic and have and great day everyone.
Cameeli xx

Rachel Taylor said...

Beautiful card Sue ,love the blue dots its so effective .the photos are fab ,gosh i wish i was in florida right now !love those manatees.
Crafty hugs Rachel x

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. Happy Valentines Day everyone. I love the card, that image is gorgeous. Must remember to try the dotty technique, like you Sue I usually use a blue to go round the outside of the image. Thank you for sharing the pics. So glad the Manatee are protected, they are fascinating creatures. How lucky you were to get to see them. And I am so glad that you took the plunge, not literally though:) Will you do it again?Kayaking is great fun, (it is actually really rather hard to make a modern kayak overturn believe it or not ladies, so please have a go if you get the chance. Go on Tracy from Killie, try it, you and your hubby will love it.(You have to wear a life jacket any way, for insurance purposes, so non swimmers needn't worry. I have to do with being a passenger in a two man one now as my hands/arms won't let me play any more :( but I still love it. Good luck to everyone for Sue's draw. There are going to be 31 very happy Wilsonettes out there later on today : ) Take care.

Deborah Artliff said...

Morning all and happy valantine. Sue i love this card its lovely and the stamp is great. Not not a stamper but im going to give it ago as i like the stamps you use. Take care Sue xx

Debs A

Clai01 said...

The card is gorgeous, those stamps are really growing on me after I see your cards especially.
Great Florida photos and good for you crossing another thing off your bucket list.
Happy Valentines day to you and everyone else x

Maria I said...

Great card Sue i love the tied together embossing folders it is one of my favourites xx
The pictures are fantastic xx

Ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue
Today's gift could not be more appropriate and I hope no-one minds but I'm taking today's gift just for me and my Granddaughter who gave birth this morning at 2.45 - We have a beautiful baby girl who is to be called Lily-mae.
So obviously today's gift is beautiful beautiful I cannot say more.
See you tomorrow.
Janet x

Marleine said...

Morning Sue,

I think this baby card is one of the I have seen in a long time. I would love to see you coming up with your ideas. Would love to see your craft room and goodies, crafty heaven.
The pictures you have posted are amazing. Manatees are so graceful. X

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I just love this pram stamp it always looks so good regardless of the colours used. Thanks for sharing your photos - I'd forgotten what blue skies look like. Hope you have a restful day.
Beverley W

floss said...

Hi Sue,
I love this card and just by changing the stamped image it could be used for many different occasions. It looks like you had a good time kayaking, great pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us. X

Jan Caven said...

Hi Sue
Happy Valentine's everyone. The card is beautiful. I agree with everyone, the blue dots make such a difference,will definitely have a go at that.
Love the pics, looks like you had a great day. Good luck to all the Wilsonettes in the draw for later, I think there will be 31 very happy bunnies. Have a great day everyone.
love Jan x x

Miecia P said...

Lovely baby card, love the use of spotted paper and the folder.H apply Valentines day to all

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's to all my lovely Wilsonettes. Sue, I must say how lovely it is of you to let us into the 'other side' of your life, and how great it is not only to hear you had some down time but to see how exciting that down time was. Thank you. I love manatee, such wonderful creatures - the mermaids. Apart from watching the shuttle go up on our visit, I must say to see the manatee was my 2nd best Floridan experience apart from 'visitors' usual reasons, those were the days before I became decrepid with a manky body, useless hands, wrinkles and age spots !! : )
My few days galavanting with my daughter have paid its price, was hoping to take Mr Lancashire for lunch as a Valentines suprise but Ive just managed to get from bedroom to lounge and my knee is screaming, on the plus side all invitation shopping done and a sample has been approved by the Groom to be ! Good job that's all I can say or id be his worst nightmare and turn into a mother of the bridezilla : )
Oh Sue, I adored those Bundle of Joy stamps when they were first released, so many beautiful useful elements to them, and the pram is every new mom's dream. As always I love the way you bring all the elements together with a few sheets of card, plastic, metal and ink, genius. I managed 3 MD cards, but Im using smaller cards where I usually work on 8x8's but Im finding it SO difficult, and I dont know why ? Afraid of 'over working' a smaller area I think and turning it from pretty and delicate, to - too many elements and nasty mcFasty ! If only if I had my girls here with me Id be ok, but would we get anything made ? Oh for our Cameel to win the lotto, how much fun ????? : ) talking of fun, have a good time at the NEC Sue and I TOLD my craft shop owner you are there and to get your new collection ASAP !! So I hope a lot more people share our enthusiasm and arrange to stock your new dies. They will sell themselves Im sure.
TRES - Have another happy day with your refurbed GC. I did leave a reply for you on yesterdays post not only for you to read, but for any newcomers that have been 'around' last week and wondering if they should return if they DONT win a die !!! Wont that be interesting to keep our protective Wilsonette beady eyes on ?!
Tina - Hope you had a 3rd night of sleep and SO happy 4 paws is improving with her meds.
To all my Wilsonette Gals, sending love, hugs and Good luck for today, waiting to WHOOP WHOOP at our regular names today.
Hugs to you Mrs W and Wilsonette Wonders xxx
Lancashire Steph xxxx

fame01 said...

HI Sue
Yes we had a little sunshine so I will thank you for fetching us a little lol, the pictures are fantastic what a whole lot of fun that all looked you lucky thing. Glad to have you back , happy valentines day to every one and as for the card how beautiful is this I like everything about it,hugs sarah xx

Jackie Trinder said...

Good morning Sue Happy Valentine's day to everyone. Today's card is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your photos from Florida it must be so amazing to be that close to the manatees. Have a great day. Love Jackie

Helen Barker said...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.Gorgeous card- if it was blue it would be very appropriate for today,as it's also my youngest sons birthday.Yep 11 years ago I had a very special delivery,better than flowers or chocolates.
Helen Bx

carol edwards said...

Hi Sue thank not only for today's card but for sharing these fascinating pictures. They are truly wonderful and it sounds like you enjoyed the whole experience. Will call back later to see if I have been lucky enough to win, Happy Valentine's day to everyone from me and pooch xxx

janie grover said...

Happy valentines
Thanks for such wonderful inspiration
Love the daily particrafft habit - not one to break !
Janie x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, This is sooooo unreal, I open up your Blog and there is a Baby Girl card, and I have to make a Baby Girl card today, how weird is that !! I will be making this card, as I have the dies and stamps. Thank you Sue.
We had a small glimmer of sun yesterday, I even put out my bedding on the line, and managed to get it dry before the weather changed back to cloud and dampness.
I love the piccies of the Manatees and kayaks, although I can't, for the life of me, see how the kayaks avoid the manatees, they are sooooo big, but sooooo beautiful.
Have a lovely day, it is my hubby's Birthday today and he got some fabulous surprises and I made him a card inspired by Kim.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

janie grover said...

Happy valentines
Just love the particraft daily 'fix' Sue
Thank you for bringing such inspiration - love to try your ideas & now your own dies - they're fabulous can't wait to play

Patricia Howarth said...

Congratulations to Ecco of Sheffield on the birth of your Baby Great-Granddaughter xx

sonja_w said...

What a perfect card for a new arrival, love it. Kayaking looks like it was fun, thank you for sharing x

ang said...

Lovely card, I love the dotty technique will give it ago. You pics are lovely the manatees look just amazing angxxx

Nanny Jo said...

I love the card, Sue, the stamp is so pretty. And what a wonderful way to spend a day....with those beautiful (but rather odd) manatees! Jo x

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Gorgeous Baby card so pretty I love the perambulater so vintage.

Thankyou for sharing your pictures of your trip your very brave in a tiny boat with the Manatees swimming all around they are such gentle creatures what a lovely day sun fun and relaxing.

Hugs Annx without an "e"

Evelyn Sinclair said...

Gorgeous card. Think I do have to invest in the pram stamp set. Going to use your design for a christening card and replace the pram with a cross possibly. Love your holiday pics you would not get me into a kayak so you are very brave as well as creative. Hugs from Ireland!! Evelyn

Sam Smithard said...

Hi Sue, What a Truly Awesome Card, I so Love the Embossed Background, and using the Stunning Bundle Of Joy Stamp from JustRite.
I so Love your Excellent Colouring and Shading, and I Love how you have gone around your image with blue dots to highlight your image, it really makes it pop! I think the Colouring is so Excellent you can almost Feel the Texture of the Fabric on the Child's Pram very clever indeed! Another Beautiful Card.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs of you and your family enjoying a well deserved day out, I Love The Manatees they look so graceful.
"Happy Valentines Sue"
I hope yourself and your partner have a great day , maybe go and have a nice meal.
Love and hugs from Sam x
Lancashire Steph I'm truly sorry to hear your not feeling to good, good Luck To The Winners
And Happy Valentines Day To All!

Jacqui oakes-alcock said...

Fab baby card and great pictures.

Alison Couchman said...

What a pretty, fresh-looking card today Sue. It seems relatively simple with the background emboss and the stamp doing most of the work. I do love the shape you cut for the dotty paper. It adds to the whole without being too elaborate. I think I might be able to achieve this one and will give it a go.

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, A really pretty baby card. I am so envious of you being with the Manatees, it has long been a dream of mine to see them. Well done for the kayak, I don't think I would be that brave. Will check back at lunch time with my fingers crossed.

Love Rosemarie xx

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Lovely baby card, I have this folder, and your pictures are stunning.
Happy valentines day to all.
Congratulations to Janet and her Granddaughter on the birth of Lily-Mae, and I hope Steph feels better soon.
Happy crafting
Love Tina

greendragon said...

Very pretty card Sue, love your background folders. Very envious of your kayaking trip.

Anonymous said...

Happy valentines day Sue and all Wilsonettes
I love this set if stamps, I must try the dotting technique it really does make the pram stand out. Congratulations Janet you must be over the moon, I was when my granddaughter was born. I'd like to thank everybody for their kind wishes yesterday you are an amazing bunch. I'm feeling a bit better today the waiting for the results is the worse. Sue the photos are great, how I would love to do that it's one of the things on my bucket list, the top one being swimming with dolphins. There are going to be 31 very happy people today good luck everyone.
Hugs x

Elspeth said...

Love the simplicity of this card.
Photos make me just a teeny bit jealous ,

Donna Jones said...

Hi Sue,
Pretty card, I have just started dotting a few of my stamped images to help ground them.
Thank you for sharing your manatee photos, I want to swim with them when we take our grandson in 2015/16, I crossed off the dolphin swim when we went to Florida in 2005. Such a beautiful experience we may have to do that again.
Donna Jones

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful card that any new parents would be thrilled to receive. Love the dotty shading - I think it's better than just the blue/gray shading. The tied together folder is one of my all time favourites too. The photos are great and it looks a beautiful place and that you all had a great time. Love the manatees , they always look so gentle to me - don't know if they are! Steph- sorry you don't feel so well , you certainly have overdone it but I'm sure it was worth it. Have a restful day today, I'm sure Mr Lancashire won't mind missing lunch. Good luck to all of our regular friends today, there will be 31 very happy people later on. Love Alison xxx

Karen Stafford said...

Lovely card and great photos of your break in Florida. Never seen such a thing aren't they huge?!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue I loved all the cards that you did with these Justrite stamp sets, they were exceptional!

I love it when you post pics of what you have been up to as well! The kayaking looked fantistic and no wonder you had a fab time.

Take Care Love Michelle S xxx

hazel young said...

Fabulous card Sue love it all. Great pictures, looks a wonderful place. Have a great day xx hazel

Joan D said...

What a beautiful card,and I really must get that embossing folder. Would be so useful.we did have a bit of sun yesterday so thank you for that,mind you ,we also had snow and rain,but the short spell of sun was much appreciated.
Thank you for the lovely pics,even my other half was interested in the manatees.You have achieved something that I have never done,Sue,as I 'm really terrified of water, but well done you. Looked like a lot of fun. Have a great day XXX

karenlotty said...

Pretty card and those dots around the image look amazing

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue,
Another stunning card, I love that sweet image and your fantastic design.
Wow! Wonderful pictures, what a great adventure.
Have a great weekend

Patricia xxx

nuttinanni said...

Beautiful photos, so clear and bright. mine come outwith fuzzy focus! Delayed reaction or some such thing on the camera. Onto the card, I loved the pastelly colours but thought the pram too dark for the background, and yes I know prams are all drab dark colours but that's not my choice. hugs Cheryl xxx

Fieldsend said...

Morning Sue, wow what a stunner and in need of a baby card - just the job mn thank you. What some lovely pictures you have posted for us lucky crafters to browse. Have a great weekend.

Love June

Sonia Jones said...

Happy valentines day to one and all. I hope you've received flowers, cards, chocolates etc. congratulations Janet on your new grandchild. Every one is special I should know, I have 13 now and another due in August!

Great card Sue. I have the background folder and love it. I think I need the pram stamp though! I must make an effort to acquire it! I'm off to London later today with son number 1 and my step- daughter from first marriage to bring son number 2 and his family to Wales. They are moving down here and this is the final trip for the rest of their furniture and them! I'm shattered as me and son number 1 moved the first load on Tuesday but at least this is the last load. I hope everyone has a great day and good luck to everyone in the dies draws. Hugs Sonia x

Hilary said...

Good morning Sue. A beautiful card, and great pics. You always bring sunshine to our lives no matter what the weather does!! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, and good luck in the draws. Love and hugs. Hilary xxxx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Such a beautiful card, love the pram stamp. Thank you for sharing the photos looks like you had a great time.
We had a lovely day yesterday it was sunny and quite warm.

Debbie Tinks said...

Love the card and the pics ..
Have a good day and nice weekend x

Jackie Meechan said...

Happy Valentines to all. Love this card its gorgeous.

Carol Clarke said...

Hi Sue
Happy Valentines Day to you too - hope you got a card.
Todays card is beautiful any Mum would love on the birth of their young one. Loved the pics of the Manatees. Pleased to hear you had a good time with your family
Carol x

Anonymous said...

Oh Sue, so brave! Given a chance to see manatees, I'd have a go, too!
Lovely card today, like that the pram is coloured brown, gives an edgy look to an otherwise very pretty card.
Used striplet this a.m. - can see it will be very versatile - cuts beautifully with just one pass. Thrilled.

'P' in Wales

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Happy Valentines Day ,Love the card so pretty and the photos are great it looks very nice. love Jean Z xxx

gwen70 said...

Gorgeous card Sue and such lovely photos, the water is so clear

Anonymous said...

GM Sue - great card - love it and wonderful pics of your adventures. Looks great fun. The craft fair yesterday was great and guess what? yes I saw your full range of dies for the first time in real life - they really are better than in the pics - wonderful. Whilst drooling over your dies and and selecting Distress Inks (4 for £12!), I got talking to a lovely lady who is also a Wilsonette - thought we should have a way of identifying ourselves at craft fairs etc.- maybe a big 'W' brooch or something? What d'ya think?.. Anyway, when I got home my/your dies that I'd ordered were on the doormat - the postman had been - hooray! I will be de-packeting them today and having a play before putting them in the mag sheets for safe storage. And to finish the day off, I watched your video from yesterday's posting - what a wonderful crafty day of bliss - if only all days could be like this! Back to the washing and ironing today though - heyho!
Clare W

Anne Crawford said...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL ! I made 5 for my grandchildren (the oldest is 10yrs) it will be fun to see their reaction (I did try to disguise the writing etc.) gorgeous baby card today( Congratulations Janet on the birth of your Great Granddaughter ) I think Sue's card is meant for you!
I do love the pram stamp and the dots around it, great idea.Funnily enough I was asked to make card with a kayak on it for a mans 65th birthday, as he was getting a kayak as his present, just a couple of weeks ago, needless to say I didn't have a kayak stamp so he had to do with a man fishing from a boat! Glad to hear you are on the mend Steph all be it slowly, hope you are lucky later today and able to Whoop! Good luck everyone !

nannapat said...

I love this vintage pram and your card is just gorgeous. We're seeing lots of kayakers, rowers & waders in this country at the moment but no manatees (yet). Glad you had a great day out with family. Pat x

June Horrocks said...

Happy valentines day sue your picture s awsum well done !!!
The card is stunning I love the die so pretty thank you sue love June xxxx

Aspiring crafter said...

Lovely card Sue -I remember it from the shows as it was so striking.
Glad you managed to have some time relaxing and a bit of good weather.
Looking forward to your shows and thanks for a great video yesterday which I watched late in the day.
Have a good day and keep dry if you can,
P.s will be back later to checkout the draw , which incidentally is very generous and so kind of

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue and Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Beautiful card and lovely photos too! Love Jean xxx

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, love the card today, I actually have these stamps! Super photos of your adventure, I think we all have a bucket list of some kind, enjoy yours. Rushing off
as one of my friends is opening a craft shop in Grangemouth today, and I need to shop! Take care, Jess

Janet k said...

Beautiful card again Sue, you are an inspiration to me! I received my first 4 dies from yr new collections, I couldn't wait to have a go, absolutely brilliant, now to save up some more pennies to get more! Thank you xx

Sue from Wiltshire said...

Such a beautiful card. The manatees are amazing, sooo big and the kayakes look fragile against such a big creature, man and beast alongside each other, how fantastic.

Janice Wallace said...

Happy valentines day everyone.
Lovely card, sue. Got a couple of months before I need a baby card, so I'll need to keep this one in mind.
Beautiful pictures, Sue. Looks like you had a great day.
Janice W

Gail said...

Good morning Sue,
I am so envious, I just love Manatees, I saw my first live one back in 1990, and I look for them every time we go back to Fl.
Oh and I like the card as well. Can be used for baby girl or boy!
Gail C x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Beautiful card. Love the vintage pram stamp. Your photos are great.
Veronique L

Sandra said...

Good morning Sue, what a lovely card, the image can be used for either 'variety'of baby, just need to change your embellishments, great idea!
A gorgeous card, as always .
Wow those Manatees look huge, I know they are really docile creature but it must be thrilling to be so up close and personal with them. I am you had a break in the weather to enjoy some memory making moments with your lovely family.
Hugs as always,
Sandra xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue,

I love the little dots around the pram. Must get that embossing folder out, I keep forgetting I have it.

Your pics from Florida bring back happy memories of lovely holidays we had there with my mum.

Cherry McSharry

Chris Curry said...

Another lovely card Sue. I am envious of your time in Florida, pleased you enjoyed it. Managed to order the bow dies from Julia Watts site yesterday so I am now one happy bunny. Just completing a birthday card for my daughter with your idea of tissue flowers. Delicate but very effective, great idea thank you. Xx

Maid of Kent said...

Good morning Sue. So pleased you are back home safely. Love today's card and the lovely pic's of your stay in America. Happy Valentine's Day to all and Happy Birthday to all the others who have the same birthday as me. Crafty hugs Ann x

hollyberry said...

Love todays card it is beautiful.Also love all the pictures of your day out in the sun-didn't reach here we had snow!

auscrafts said...

great card lovely photos

Helen Kington said...

Morning Sue and Happy Valentines day to one and all including my husband who has yet to get me a card!!!
Todays card is beautiful but your pics are really lovely to see especially as I am sitting looking out at the rain again. Take care all. Helen xx

Susan White said...

Happy Valentines! Love today's card Sue, and those photos look just amazing - well done for having a go in the kayak!! Thanks for sharing, Susan x

marg said...

Hello Sue!
The Manatees were part of nature programme a while back, and the sailors used to think they were Mermaids ...such a beautiful creature!
Nice for you to have had some nice weather Sue, you could have brought a Kayak back with you for transport!
I like the Baby card today and the Spellbinder shape!
Have a lovely Valentines Day everyone !

hotpotato said...

Stunning photos Sue. Love the card too.

camelot67 said...

Good Morning Sue

Welcome back and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Do hope you all received a card from your loved one. Another beautiful card for us to share - thank you Sue - and using my favourite embossing folder too. Fab! Thanks for sharing this with us Sue and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
Margaret A.

JESSIE said...


Maryann Laursen said...

Happy Valentines day to everyone here, and even it´s not a valentines card Sue, it´s still absolutely gorgeous. I just love that embossingfolder too, and think it look sooo elegant on any card and also this one. It´s sooo beautiful work as usual.
Thanks sooo much for sharing these awesome pics with us, it was such a blast to see such a beautiful place there. Wish I could go and see it for real now LOL.

Erica said...

Morning Sue,

A lovely new baby card. The pram stamp is the best I've seen.

Gorgeous pictures of your first kayaking experience. Well done and what a reward to be among such beautiful and enigmatic creatures.

Erica x

kimberley said...

Love that pram stamp-it's on my wish list.Certainly looks as though you had fun in the sun!take care,x.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Sue and a Happy Valentines Day. Just love today's card and also your amazing photographs. What an idyllic setting. Thank you for sharing them with us. My dies arrived yesterday so will be busy trying them out today. Best wishes

Sandie Braithwaite said...
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Sandie Braithwaite said...

Happy Valentines Day, Sue and everyone

Gillian xXx said...

Great card again today. Really loved seeing the photos, it looked like you had a really fun time. xXx

Craftysusan said...

Hi Sue. Beautiful card, and thank you for showing us some of your holiday pics. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Maggie said...

Hello Sue. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.
Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Sugar is Sweet,
And so is our Sue!
xx Maggie (better without a bow)

Pamela said...

Another stunning card Sue. Thanks for sharing your photos - looks like a fun day.

Norah McPhee said...

Good morning Sue and fellow Wilsonettes,
Well haven't we got a beautiful card today with the lovely old pram that lasted a baby until they were two at least. That supported their wee backs so that they didn't grow up all humphy backied. Coming back to modern day again, it's a beautiful card Sue with colouring in such perfect on it, and the lovely bow at the side of the hood so that everyone knew whether it was a boy or girl. Huh haaa.
Steph flower, if your daughter really loved you she would hang on and wait until you are a bit fitter than you are the now with pain screaming at you from all angles.I know she's anxious to get things organised but i think she also wants her mum to see her getting married and not just be visited after the ceremony for a photo, believe me it's not the same. Now the other solution to the task is to get either a wheelchair for you or scooter. If you do or die,(which i think you are, because i would be the same) there is no shame in using a wheelie or mad max scooter, like Turbo Gran up here who runs into everyone with her on road scooter that she drives on the pavement and rams into everyone or runs over them. Please take a thought to it Steph.
Oh Tina, i am so happy for you that your beloved Berkeley looks like he has turned a corner. The medicine must be making a big difference to him and he can return back to his old self with just new instructions.
A happy Tres is beavering away again on her trusty GC because of our very caring crafty friend and a hubby that she has trained well over the years. WONDERFUL. There'll be no stopping you turning its trusty handle and knowing that its working. Happiness is a GC that works.
Congratulations Janet on the wonderful news of your new grandchild, i hope you enjoy them with all the love that only a Granny (Sorry i'm Scots and we have Grannies)has in them to give. I think a baby of any sort whether it be new motherhood or into the past generation brings so much joy and untold happiness (and by this time we are much more easy going than when we have our first).
Have a lovely time at your Ruby Wedding party and your cruise Ros. Well done for lasting all these years and to be able to go on holiday with him, well that takes courage, Ros.Hee Hee Hee. Enjoy yourselves.
Clare i'm into your idea this morning of the WoW badge as only we would know what it meant when we were going around the show.I wonder how many imaginative badges will we see?
To everyone a Happy Valentines day, some of us have a more personal gift to remember them each year so a Happy Birthday to 11yrs old son of Helen B. Although i hope hubby gives you a card at least.
Love and crafty hugs
Norah (Glenochil)
My Ochils have been pinched again so i will wait and see if they are back later.

Jacquie said...

Hi Sue,

Card is stunning, so pretty.

You are braver than me, though I did have a go at canoeing in France with my Sister & Son a few years back, I can't swim so it was quite scary but a lot of fun.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Laura O said...

love the card Sue ,fab pictures looks like you had a great time .Happy Valentine's .enjoy Laura O

ros hodgkins said...

Hello Sue,Such a pretty card for a new princess. I am OK with small animals, but if they can look me in the eye I am straight out of my comfort zone. Have a lovely weekend.
X Ros

Anonymous said...

LOVE the idea of a W badge. I think we should, as my 1st thing on my bucket list is to drink Latte with Sue and MY Wilsonette girls xx
LS : )

ruth jamieson said...

Hi Sue
Happy valentines to you and everyone bloging today Love the card good tip about the shadowing I will be giving it a go Thanks Sue
Hugz Ruth

Sheila - Ginger said...

Morning Sue,
What a beautiful image and such a beautiful card.
Love your photos too it looks like a magical place and wonderful to see manatees up close.

Love Sheila xx

Lacelady said...

Really cute card today Sue, I love the dotted banner background. 31 winners? wow, I do hope I'm one of them.

Happy Valentines Day to you. (Beautiful pics too)

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Happy Valentines day everyone, hope you all got your flowers whether they were real, rubber or metal
Beautiful card, love the embossing folder though not as much as I love your heart lattice Sue and the gorgeous Justrite stamps
Janet congratulations on your new great granddaughter Lily Mae
Good luck to everyone for the draw later
Best wishes, Pat

Gail said...

Fab card and fab piccys - good for you going kayaking whether you paddled it or not - like you say you have to step out of your comfort zone from time to time xx good for you xx GailT xx

Sue Yorkshire said...

Hi Sue

Lovely card today, I do like that vintage label 5, not seen that one before

Great pics from your day out

Sue xx

Vick said...

Happy Valentines to you too Sue, i love seeing pics of what you get upto, lol, manatees are big aren't they, wow!
I adore the colours of this card and the look, it is so gentle looking, lovely stuff!! Hugs, Vick xxx
My YTChannel vixcrafts

Brenda Hanlon said...

This is fab, love the pram stamp and the complete look of the card. The pics are great and it's an exciting achievement to something so much out of your comfort zone as well as being a wonderful experience.

Lindsay Martin said...

Beautiful card and fabulous photos, the manatees look amazing, you are so lucky, thank you so much for sharing them with us xxx

Micky French said...

Happy valentines day to all.
Love the card Sue, I really need to invest in some baby stamps so will be putting these on my wish list.
Looks like you had a great day on the water.
hugs Michelle xxxx

Anonymous said...

Fab card love your pics braver than I for sure. Good wishes
Phil D

TOB said...

Happy Valentines. That looks such great fun, I love this card and am praying I will be one of the 31. hugs Theresa x

sonia said...

Lovely card and your pics in Florida look fab - well done. We need some of that sunshine here in the UK. Happy Valentines Day! Xx

ellyscard creatief said...

Beautiful card Sue.
Gr Elly

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Welcome back. Happy Valentines Day everyone. Thank you for sharing your pics, what a great experience. Looks so fun. The card is so cute and pretty. I like the colours and the bunting style spotty paper. Stamping looks lovely too.
Kayleigh B xx

Beryl Treble said...

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. A gorgeous baby card. Congratulations to Janet and her granddaughter on the safe arrival of their bundle of joy! Love your pictures Sue.

rachel said...

gorgeous card Sue and thanks for sharing the photos of your break - it looked amazing xx

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a beautifull baby card. I love the stamp, the pram looks edwardian. Looking forward to seeing you on the 23rd on telly. Thanks for the lovely photos.

Good luck to everyone with the draw. I am never very lucky, so not getting my hopes up.

yorkielass said...

Happy Valentines Day Sue and everyone and WELCOME BACK Sue. Today's card is sooo pretty, anyone welcoming a new baby would be over the moon to receive it. Love the background and your amazing colouring in. Thank you for sharing your personal time with us, such wonderful family memories for you. The pics are amazing, the baby Manatee is soo cute, they are so gentle and give an aura of peace.
Congratulations Janet on the birth of your great granddaughter Lily-mae. Steph hope you feel better soon, spend a quiet day with Mr Lancashire, you have a big heart, I'm sure he won't mind missing lunch out. Heather glad you are feeling better, hang in there girl. Tina sooo happy to hear that Berkeley is on the mend, she will soon be on top form.
Take care everyone.
Hugs June xxx

julie laz said...

Hi sue,(Qween of die's) fab card,the post man just been and yay my sue willson dies are here, (wow wow) could only get a few as all out of stock, but I got quilled blooms and the leaves and 2 others, so of for a play, house work can wait Lol glad your having a good time, sue the fish are so big lol crafty hugs Julie xx

Maureen Bleay said...

lovely card Sue and great colour combo. Oh |I have always wanted to see manatee for 40 years and never have managed to when we have been to Florida. You have made my day thank you so much. Even more determined to see them in the flesh so to speak. Hugs Maureen

Jennifer Swandells said...

Absolutely beautiful card today Sue, I just love the manatees and your pics and Happy Valentine's Day to you. Hugs, Jen xx
Krafty Keepsakes

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, beautiful card today, It's good to see some of your holiday pics. Lucky you having the chance to kayak!
ValC xx

SusanP, Kent said...

Thanks for bringing yesterday's sunshine it was very welcome! I did get to watch the Tropical Holiday video and really enjoyed the techniques for the background.
I love the baby card today (I must get that stamp set if I can find it). The dotty 'banner' creates an fabulous contrast without overwhelming the other elements.

Kate's Cards said...

What a lovely girlie baby card, all sugar and spice! Thank you for reminding us what the sun looks like!

Margaret said...

Good morning Sue
Yet another beautiful card loving the colours too.
Is there no end to the wonders of Sue Wilson, talented, very generous, clever, thoughtful, hard working and brave too! So pleased you are back safely and by the pics had a wonderful time, so brave to have done that and no mistake.
Happy Valentines Day to Sue and everyone good luck in the draw, there are going to be some really happy people today.
Take care Steph, Norah and Heather. Delighted to know Berkeley is improving, hugs to all.
Many congratulations to the new Grandma, the gift of love is special and to know the joy a baby can bring is extra special, enjoy every minute.
Margaret corgi owner

Meg said...

Welcome back Sue.
The card is very pretty - personally I would make the pram lighter colours.

Happy Valentines to all.
Margaret O

Jane said...

Delightful card, as always. Love the pearls on the embossing, fabulous. Jane x

sharon said...

Good afternoon Sue
Your pics are lovely - the sunshine seems a long way off, looking out my window we have high winds and sleet!! Your baby card is so pretty - the colouring just sets it off perfectly. Another wonderful offering.
Sharon Kirkwood x

Sue B said...

It's lovely to see your pics. My word you wouldn't want to cross one of those creatures would you, they are huge. Great card by the way & just to add that I am really enjoying using your new dies, they cut beautifully. Sue x

craftycarol said...

HI Sue,
I love your card and the folder you have used, The whole theme is great. I have bought one of your strip dies and I can't wait for it to arrive.Happy Valentines too.
Carol x

lynda said...

Good afternoon Sue & fellow Wilsonettes Happy Valentin's day to you all.
Sue today's gift is stunning I love the pram the way you have coloured it is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photo's the Manatee's look so cute.
Wow wow postman has just dropped my Sue dies through the door WOOPEE :0)))
Oh Steph so sorry you are still hurting & sure Mr L won't mind not going for lunch.x
Tina so pleased Berkley 4 paws is on the mend my 8 paws send woof woof hugs. X
Heather glad you are feeling a bit better hang in there love.
Janet congratulations on your new great grandchild you must be over the moon.
Tress I can see sparks coming off your G/ C lol glad you got it sorted.
Love & hugs Sue & all true Wilsonettes xxx

ladyweir said...

Love this card and the dotting technique works well, I must try it.

Diane Mortimer said...

Hey Sue,

Lovely card!

Love your kayak experience pics, I went kayaking once and it was great, I'd love to do it again :-D

Hopefully one day!

Diane from Glasgow xx

Paula Gale said...

wow - what an experience, to be amongst those beautiful placid creatures... how lovely!

Love the card, not sure the stamp is my style - but definitely everything else about it - embossing, layering, die cuts, colour... just personal preference - but that takes nothing away from what a wonderful card it would be to send to someone...

Paula x x x

SHARICA said...

Happy Valentines day everyone ... WOWSER ... LOVE THIS :)

baconbits said...

Afternoon Sue
Stunning card today.
Love the photos and thank you for the Florida sun yesterday.
Amanda x

Karen Knight said...

Hi Sue et al, Happy Valentine's Day! bit the bullet and ordered some of your lovely dies on Wednesday - hoping they will turn up today so that I can play over the weekend! Am into making baby cards at the moment after receiving the JustRite baby stamps (the Stork is a fantastic imgage to colour!) Will probably steal your colour scheme from your beautiful card today!! Hope you don't mind :o) Love Karen x

Myra said...

Hi Sue,
Happy Valentines Day Sue and all crafty friends!
Firstly Sue, I received my bow dies, and the Beverly Hills ones! They are gorgeous! I made bows and played all afternoon yesterday! Bows are so simple to make - I've even made felt bows! Very pretty ! Thank you!!

Today's card is lovely and I think the polka dot banner is a great idea!

Love the photos - got happy memories of trips into the Everglades! The manatee look as if they belong to another time.

Take care Steph! Try to rest today. Heather pleased you a little better! Trust your news when it comes will be good.
All the Best to all Wilsonettes in the draw!
Crafty hugs!
Love Myra

lorraine (classylady) said...

Hi Sue, this is a such a sweet pretty card. Love the concept of printed paper and embossed card used together. Your idea of the dots round the image is great, another tip to remember (bit difficult that).

Hope the ladies who are not too well have a good day and weekend, and if love and kindness can help you then this is the place to be.
Also thoughts go to all suffering in the storms.

Good luck to all in the draw, fingers toes legs arms and everything else crossed.

Lorraine - Scotland

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

What a stunning card, you are so clever.

Thank you for sharing your pic's they are very good, glad you arrived home safely..

Will be definately returning later, here's hoping.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

terrie said...

Happy Valentine's Day..
Your card is beautiful I like the embossing folder that you used.
Thank you for sharing your family and manatees pictures..

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card today. Love the spotty card you have used. Love your pictures of the manatees. Lucky you being able to do this kind of things. happy valentines day.

Trish said...

Hi Sue,
Gorgeous card, clean and classy. I'm really taken by the dotting around the pram, great idea and I'd love to give it a try. TFS
Glad you had a good break and hopefully you have now got your batteries recharged!
Trish x. (Hillside)

Jill Liddle said...

Lovely little card today and those pics show a lot of people having fun. What a glorious place to visit. Would like to see that myself.

Mac Mable said...

What a great blog today. Loved your adventures with the family and great to see the Manatees...lucky you. Love the pretty card too, so pretty x

Dawn Searle said...

Hi Sue, just been treated to lunch by my husband for Valentines Daya bit late posting. This is a lovely card, the tied together embossing folder is one of my all time favourites. Great photos too Sue, looks like you had a fabulous time
Love and Hugs
Dawn Searle xx

Marianna Hammer said...

Lovely pictures!! And what a darling card!
Thanks for spreading sunshine this way too :) Perhaps you flew over the Faroes and dropped a bit of it on us :)
Uhhh I hope I win a die set... I hope, I hope, I hope... :)

sandie chick said...

Love the card I have had the pleasure of seeing manatees when I visited Florida first in 1994 again in 1995 and once again last year in orlando and in Brookfield on the other side of florida whilst staying with friends I absolutely love them Sandra

Hellma said...

Stunning card love everything on it

magpie said...

Happy Valentines day to you Sue and one and all! Gorgeous card Sue. I really love that Tied Together embossing folder and glad to say (after much of doing a Detective Clousseu) I got one! Whoo hoo! It looks gorgeous with anything, so lovely with the spotted paper. Stunning! I like the effect you have given the pram. It just gives it a lovely highlight. Thank you for the lovely photo's Sue. The baby manatee looks so gentle. They look beautiful creatures and what a great way to chill out, just to sit and watch. It's great to see you all having a great time in the kayaks. I'd be like you Sue, sitting in the back. I'd dread to think where I would end up if I had those oars! My husband would have to put a tracking device on me! Lol! Thank you Sue for sharing your wonderful time xx Love Karen xx Good luck to every 31 Wilsonettes picked! xx

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Hi Sue happy Valitine day to all from a very stormy and wet,we had no phone yerstday so no net.
Both cards are stunning ,and yes the card yerstday would make you think if holidays ,love the photos.
I hope you are not too jet.lagged .

Anonymous said...

Lovely card Sue, realey like the tied together embossing folder would love to get one, what company is it made by? I am sure enjoying you blog, as I said a while ago I am new to your blog.

Lin said...

Happy Valentine's Day.

What a stunning set of photographs Sue. It looks like absolute paradise and a world away from the UK at the moment, apart of course, from the water...... we have loads and loads of that, just no tropical clean looking water and amazing sea creatures!

Lin x

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue, your pictures look amazing...I think you were very brave to give kayaking a go!! The manatees look fab!! The card is beautiful too by the way!! Looking forward to finding out the winners' names... Love Sam xxx

Brenda Lello said...

Hello Sue,
What a gorgeous baby card, this pram is just so gorgeous really romantic image of a pram - I love it.
Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures with us, it looks as if you all had a great time, sometimes it's good to go out of your comfort zone, we often surprise ourselves when we do this, well done you !!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. We have been minding our six year old granddaughter today, she loves coming here and going to my making things room (as she calls it) I told her I had to just finish off a Valentine's Day card for grampa, I was going to put some words on it using my computer, "oh I'll type that" was her reply "what do you want me to type" happy Valentine's Day I said, in no time she handed me the card to cut out with a die and then stick on the assembled valentines card - what did it - say happy Valentine's Day grandpa ! So that's what you got, and inside we both signed it, with love from Brenda and Ciara. Needless to say he was absolutely chuffed. And he and I quietly had a little giggle!!!
Hope everyone else is having a good day, take care love Brenda xxx

The Scrap Miser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kyra said...

Happy Valentines Day everybody! Hey what a great post, I absolutely love your site!

TDQ Karen said...

Lovely card, I love the folder, must use it more often, and the blue dots are a great effect. Thank for sharing the photos, loved seeing the manatees when we visited Florida. Weather shocking so a good excuse to stay in and play

Theresa Pace said...

very pretty card. really like it even though it has pink but then it ism vintagey. super pics. aren't those fish mahusive? xx

Helen Terry said...

Hi sue a beautiful stunning card love that image and layout crafty hugs helen terry xxx

Jan Sharp said...

Lovely card. Thank you for sharing the photos. Pleased you had a good time. You should be very proud that you've stepped out of your comfort zone; I seem to be settling further and further into mine!
Have a good weekend all.
Love Jan x

Tina Eldridge said...

Hi Sue

Happy Valentine's day everyone. I hope what ever you do today, you have a good one.

What a pretty baby card, I really like the old pram stamp. I think I might have to invest in one of those. I am a little bit forward on that subject,as I have spent all morning finalising payments for my daughters wedding venue, the food and cars. It takes a long time to save for, but in a touch of a button it's gone!! Hey Ho.
Steph. Sorry you won't make it out for lunch today, I would just take it easy, and snuggle up with your lovely Mr Lancs.
Thankyou for for all your kind thought about my Berkeley dog ladies, and yes Steph 3 nights now. Yippee

Kind regards :-)

Tina XX

Tina Eldridge said...

PS :- Good luck everyone in the lucky draw.

Kind regards :-)

Tina XX

Suebak said...

Thank you for the pics - I have never seen a manatee before. The blue skies looked glorious. We went to a Merseyside on Tuesday last, it was raining and windy when we set off, a snow storm hit us at Birmingham and the sun shone gloriously in Merseyside. Four seasons in one day! Love the cute card.
Susan x

Tina Eldridge said...

PPS :-) Also forgot to say, Lovely photo's, what a beautiful way to spend a day, and that baby Manatee looked so sweet. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

Yet again. Kind regards :-)

Tina XX

Lesley Griffiths said...

A really sweet card Sue. I'll have to try your dotting technique.

CraftyJo said...

Very pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely card us usual. Good to hear you enjoyed your short holiday with your family. Looking forward to seeing your new videos of your wonderful collections. Yesterday just had to order your Calif., 5 in one die for my friend and myself. Was going to order next month but after receiving the filegry flowers and cutting them out ( so pretty) I could not wait and ordered from J. Sheen Thursday evening. With any luck I might receive them Saturday. Kind regards Sandra Kent.

Barbara said...

Beautiful card Sue!
The photos are lovely its nice to see what you get up to when you go home. I would love to see a photo of you and your other half!
he is a very lucky man to have such a talented and lovely partner in you.
Hope he appreciates all the hard work you put in to Creative Expressions!!!!

Happy Nana said...

Good to know you're back Sue, looks like a beautiful place you visited.
Card's very pretty.
Happy Valentines Day to you.
Gloria x

Jane said...

Love this set of Stamps just beautiful.

Jane xx

Tres said...

Hi Sue and every one. I love your card today Sue, it is beautiful !! I never bought the tied together folder as I am no good at lining up the smaller folders so I got your lattice heart A4 folder instead !! I love the pram stamp (it is on my long wish list !!) You have done a superb job at colouring it in. My colouring never looks that good !! More practice needed on my part i suppose. Your pictures of the Manatees and the kayaking are wonderful !! I am so glad you had a good time.
Thankyou for your kindness Steph and I really hope you feel better soon. I know exactly how it feels when you have overdone it. I hope you try to have a good rest. You have to be selfish I am affraid and put yourself first for once. It is so frustrating but you have to do it to recouperate. Sending you a big hug and lots of love. x x x
Thanks Norah. I really hope you are ok too. Sending you a big hug and lots of love too x x x
Janet congratulations on the birth of your greatgrandaughter. Lilly-mae is such a lovely name !!
Lots of love to everyone, Tres x x x

Debbie said...

Amazing card today - so adorable.Love your pics -looks like you had a fab time.Hugs Debbie x

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, love this card and even though I don't have the same stamp I think I will have to pinch this idea for use with a baby stamp that I do have.
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, it looks a stunning place and it is good that it is being so well kept.
My dies came today so I am going to have a play this evening.

Marianne's Craftroom said...

So adorable, love that image and the pink and white. Your pics look fun, love manatees

Pam B said...

Wow Sue what wonderful pictures, looks like a lot of fun and an amazing experience. The card is beautiful, lovely colours. welcome home

Pam B

Sheila Lampard said...

Evening Sue, lovely card + Well done to all the Winners!
Received my first 2 Spanish sets so will be playing this weekend + if J.Sheen's delivery comes tomorrow it will be Fantastic! Play Time. Looking forward to seeing the videos of try cards you have showcased.
Sheila x

Carol S. said...

Hi Sue, Stunning card, love the image. I saw Manatees in Florida and they were one of the highlights of the holiday. So much so, they were the first thing I wanted to ,on our second holiday there. Love the pictures. Hugs, Carol S.xx

Sheila Lampard said...

Oh sorry forgot to mention about the photos... reminded me of family holiday when we saw manatees.. I'd never heard of them before... but that was about 18 years ago!!! SHEILA xx

Ali B said...

Hi Sue,
Another delightful card today, Love the background.
Congratulations to all the winners,
so jealous, ha ha.
Alison B. x

sued99 said...

Gorgeous card. Congrats to all the winners.

craftylisa said...

Stunning card well done to all winners x

Alice G said...

Bundle of blessings is indeed an apt sentiment for today- congrats to all the lucky winners. This card is so cute Sue. What a clever idea with the dots, I haven't seen that before, it looks great.

Kayaking looks like great fun and you certainly managed to get som fab pics. Next time you'll have to try it solo!

Alice xx

Pamela said...

Hi Sue,

It was fantastic to see the pics of the Manatees, I simply adored these beautiful creatures they are so gentle and friendly. On another note your card is also so pretty, the pram is so vintage its adorable.

Denise Hancock said...

Great card Sue - great photos of the Manatees.
Congratulations to all the winners of your new dies.
Denise X

Denise Hancock said...

Great card Sue - great photos of the Manatees.
Congratulations to all the winners of your new dies.
Denise X

lindyloo12 said...

A lovely fresh looking card! Great photos too.

Shazza said...

beautiful photos, looks great. As for the card, stunning as always x

Anonymous said...

Adorable card Sue. This stamp plate is on my NEED list. Maybe I'll be able to buy it at Ally Pally. The pics are nice too. I went to Florida many years ago & saw the Manattees. Have to say they are a bit ugly! Ann (France)

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