Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas (And The Rest Of The Cards!)

 Merry Christmas crafters!  It has become a tradition now that on Christmas Day I post all the Christmas cards that never made it up on the blog for one reason or another.  Had I realised that there were quite so many, I could have done triple Fridays instead of just doubles!  I suspect I will even come across a few more that I have missed, but I promise no more until at least June next year (as that is when they seem to have me start doing more Christmas shows!)  No write ups for each card, but if you have any questions about any of them, feel free to email me and ask.  I hope you will find something in this bunch that you like.  I would love to know which ones are right up your alley so to speak.  My wish today is that everyone has a lovely day to reflect on the year, cherish our loved ones and really appreciate all that we have in our lives. It is a always a hectic month for everyone so hopefully we can take a minute to just relax too.   I am so thankful to have my blog friends on a daily basis to keep me company and cheer me on.  You are the best!  Again, Happy Christmas 2013 to everyone!  All for now, Sue x


Pam said...

Happy Christmas Sue and everyone - so many beautiful cards to choose from and I love them all, perhaps the reindeer one is slightly in the lead. Have a wonderful time everyone. Thank yu for a stunning year soon - look forwaqrd to 2014 now

Pam said...

Sorry that should have been Thank you Sue, looking forward to 2014 now.

cr@fty said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sue and all the Wilsonettes. It was so difficult to choose a favourite because I loved them all, but if I had to it would be the Joy Noël card. I love how you've used a Christmas tree die to make the fan clever.
Hugs x
Heather T

Jan.moogie said...

Merry Christmas to one and all. Have a great day Sue and thank you for all you do and share. As for today's cards they are all stunning in their own way. My personal favs are the ones with poinsettias on them. Looking forward to your next offerings. Hugs xx

Wilma Brown said...

Merry Christmas Sue, how can one choose a favourite from these. They are all beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

Wilma x x x

kitty davies said...

Morning Sue
Thank you very much they are all beautiful. A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO EVERY ONE. Take care all enjoy the day Kitty

Rose in Chester said...

To Sue and all the Wilsonettes,

May you have
the spirit of Christmas
which is Peace,
the gladness of Christmas
which is Hope,
and the Heart of Christmas
which is Love.

As for the Christmas cards - I cannot pick any favourite because they are all stunning and beautiful in their different ways. Thank you for posting them to see what we can do for next Christmas. Thank you also, Sue, for sharing all your creations with us and answering all our questions so cheerfully.
Have a beautiful, relaxing Christmas.
Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas, Sue and everyone - hope you have a great day whatever you're doing.
Ooh what treats today - that would be a good few of my cards ready for next year!!
Love the black-and-white with the baubles but would be best pleased to receive ANY of these. Thank you Sue.

'P' in Wales

Mrs B said...

Happy Christmas Sue and all the Wilsonettes. What a fabulous way to start Christmas Day! 23 of your wonderful cards. There is not one card that I don't love, but no 12 just has the extra something that gives it my vote as No 1. It is very hard to choose though. No.s 9, 13, 14, 17 & 18 are all favourites. Thank you for such a brilliant blog Sue. You put so much in to everything you do. Wishing you a wonderful day. Take care.

Anonymous said...

MC Sue and all the Wisonettes - what a treat! love them all especially the bauble ones and labels 20 of course! Hope you all have a great day - off to see what santa has brought - hopefully lots of crafty goodies.. Happy day
Clare W

Micky French said...

They are all stunning, I could not choose a favourite.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope the next couple of days are really great for all of you.
Please accept big hugs from me.

Love from Michelle xxxxx

Sam Smithard said...

Hi Sue,
Well you have it done yet again,
What great ideas for next year I really like the White Embossed Background with the Beautiful Red/Gold Sentiment and Border.
Have a great day, thank you for your Inspiration, your Ideas, your Guidance in fact just a huge Thank You
Love and hugs from Sam x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, Happy Christmas to All.
This is a plethora of beautiful cards, I love them all !! I couldn't choose a favourite.
Thank you for all your inspiration over the year, you have helped me to improve my crafting immensely.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

nattyboots said...

Hi Sue
OMGoodness such beautiful cards Sue you are so talented, and i just love them all but the poinsettia ones are a big hit with me

Thanks for everything,and have a lovely day

Elaine H X

Cameeli of Richmond said...

A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS Sue and everyone who follows you.I am amazed at this mornings bounty!!! All the cards are so lovely I could not choose I would have them all love the snow scene and I made some myself.
Well have a wonderful and joyous day, I am listening to carols and pottering until everyone rises and the magic begins.
Cameeli xx

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Firstly, can I wish you, your family and all fellow bloggers a very Happy Christmas. Secondly,what a treat, all of those beautiful cards. They are all gorgeous - there is not one that I don't like! If you forced me to choose, it would have to be any with the poinsettias on or number 16. Thank you for sharing and have a fabulous day. Alison xxx

Floss said...

Hi Sue,
You have certainly spoilt us today. How can we choose? Hope you and all your followers have a wonderful day. Happy Christmas everyone.x

Anonymous said...

I will post my favourites tomorrow, as today this is my Christmas wish.

To Sue and your family. May today be full of love, warmth, happiness and togetherness. And Im wishing for all you hope and wish for today.

To my Winter Wilsonettes. Merry Christmas. My new friends - Firstly Tracy I am thinking of you and your family, hoping and praying that your dad is coming through his worst times and making a recovery.
To the rest of my wonderful friends here, I hope your day is as wonderful as it can be. For some it will be the best day ever, spending it with loved ones, for others a day that will be 'different' in some way, a day that is quiet or lonely, or sad and it is those I am thinking of most in my heart.

I want to thank you Sue for bringing us together, for helping us find new friends, to help us belong, and for all your hard work.

Love to all this Christmas Day.
Your friend and Wilsonette Waffeller.
Lancashire Steph xxx : )

darcydaydream said...

Merry Christmas Sue and to everyone.
Can't decide which one is my favourite there are so many nice ones. Thank you for such lovely cards and great inspiration over the last year.
Hope you have a lovely day.
Christine in Darcy....xxxxx

Dawn Searle said...

Merry Christmas to everyone. Thank you Sue for the wonderful cards you have given us today. I hope that everyone has a glorious day with family and friends, but also thinking of those that are lonely at Christmas. Christmas blessings and love to all of you.
Trace I hope that your dad is going to make a full recovery.

With love to everyone
Dawn Searle xxxx

Anne Crawford said...

Love All the Cards! But if I had to choose it would be the second one, and it's Black &White not usually a winner with me , you must be changing me LoL ! Have a wonderful time to All ! Xo

Elaine said...

Merry Christmas & thanks for a year of inspiration x

carol edwards said...

Hi Sue and a Happy Christmas to you and to all who follow here on the blog. My thoughts also to those who are going through difficult times,are alone for lots of reasons. So hard to choose one card as all are so wonderful. think though the one with the dove of peace shines through, my wish to you all x

Cynthia Newborough said...

Hi Sue and Family. Wishing you a very merry Christmas. I've looked through all the cards you have posted and think they are all stunning. However, if I was to choose a favourite, it would be the ninth card down, the blue Peace card using the tree. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations. The inspiration you give me is very, very much appreciated. Thank you and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

CraftyAnn said...

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year. Thank you so, so much for sharing your inspiration with us, you have a truly wonderful gift.
Take care

Ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue and although I said it yesterday A Very Happy Christmas to all.
How can I choose a favourite out of all your inspirational cards!!!!!
Try as I might I cannot find one that I don't like - so please may I have them ALL.
I cannot say how much you have inspired me this 2013 - and I know I'm not the only one but my crafting ability has risen month by month.
I am looking forward to 2014 and a fantastic crafting one.
Have a wonderfully peaceful day.
Janet x

Clare said...

Beautiful cards, such a treat to have so many. I think my favourite is the red and white peace card. Merry Christmas, hope you and everyone have a lovely day.

Clare x

Hayley Johnson said...

Happy Christmas Sue, love Hayley x

val jones said...

Merry Christmas Sue and all fellow followers. Hope it's a wonderful day for you all.
Love all todays collection, no favourites - all beautiful.
Love Val x

Carolyn B said...

They were all beautiful cards Sue.
Have a lovely Christmas!

Carol x

Pearl said...

Wow Sue, what a lovely Christmas present from you today thank you so much - and no unwrapping!

It will take me some time to take them all in, but a wonderful selection.

Craftihappiness and lots of seasonal love to you all, from Pearl

Sandra B. said...

Merry Christmas Sue. Loving all the cards. Happy crafting. Looking forward to see what you have for us in 2014.

Rosie said...

Wow! What a fabulous post, Sue.
Merry Christmas!

fame01 said...

WOW.. lots of stunning cards my 2 favs are the black and white ones but all nice in their own right. You to have a great Christmas with your family and the one you hold dear to you all the very best sarah ..xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

All the cards are so beautiful thankyou for all your inspiration.

Merry Christmas to All have a lovely day

Hugs Annx without an "e"

Fieldsend said...

Merry Christmas Sue, wow, wow, wow you have given us lots of stunning cards. I some good ones to start making for next year lol. Hope you have a wonderful Christmastime and thank you for all your kindness.

Love June

Jan Caven said...

Hi Sue
They are all so very lovely. Thank you for all the inspiration over the last year, it has been wonderful and I know this will continue into the new year because you are so generous to us all. Have a wonderful day withe your family. Sending my love to you all at this special time.

Love Jan x x

tracy w said...

Merry christmas sue
Can I just say a big thank you for all your lovely well wishes for my dad we find out yesterday it was not a heart attach he had but a very bad angina attack instead he's got to take it easy and the next few days and go back to see the specialist next year he won't stop thank everybody too merry christmas everybody from Tracy w and her mum and dad xx all the best for 2014 xxx

Cazzie D said...

Good morning Sue. This year I have been super organised and was ready with time to spare! The kids were up at 6.45 opening their stockings. Now we are waiting for all the family to arrive to open all the wonderful gifts. Just time to stop by your blog and wish you a very Merry Christmas and to thank you for all the wonderful cards and inspiration you give us daily. God bless you Sue. Can't wait to see all of your gorgeous 2014 creations. Love Caz x

gwen70 said...

So beautiful Sue, impossible to choose a favourite, but I do love the poinsettia one and the Joyous Noel

sued99 said...

Happy Christmas everyone. What a treat to see all those cards. Will have to come back another day and look properly when there's more time.

Jess Watson said...

Merry Christmas Sue and all the Willsonettes, what a great way to see Christmas morning, I love all the cards you have posted Sue, can't choose a favourite, have a great day eveyone, take care to all who are traveling
Jess xx

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Happy Christmas to you and your family and all your blog followers.
What a lovely selection of Christmas cards I few new ideas for next year, I do love my poinsettia dies so they are always on most of my specials.
Thank you for all your hard work and designs for 2013 and looking forward to what you will have in store for 2014.
Happy crafting
Love Tina x

Kiraneries said...

Happy Christmas morning Sue and everyone. How do I choose a favourite from so many gorgeous cards. I think my favourites are all the ones using the ornament dies, especially the first black & white one and the white, gold & black Joy. Also the Joyeux Noel, very elegant. I have cooked our turkey overnight and as soon as we are reading taking it and all the presents to my eldest son's & family for Christmas day. They do the rest of the cooking. lol

Sue from Wiltshire said...

Wow what beautiful cards. Some real inspiration. Happy Christmas everyone xx

cebelica said...

Merry Christmas to you! Have a great day with your loved ones! xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas everyone. They are all beautiful Sue, however if I had to pick a favourite, it would be the fan effect one, thanks for all your inspiration, and very best wishes for 2014. Edwina

Maid of Kent said...

Happy Christmas Sue and all Wilsonettes. The cards are all beautiful but my favourite is 2 simple but elegant. It is surprising how often we use the ornament and Poinsettia dies. They really look fabulous. Crafty hugs to all Ann

Debbie Tinks said...

Merry Christmas Sue . All the cards are lovely as always. x

marg said...

Good Morning Sue!
I don't think I can choose I love all the cards you have shown today!
Thank you for all your inspiration, I think between you, and Spellbinders I have become a better card maker, and for that I say thank you again. What would I do without your blog to read everyday Sue? you are so consistent its a blessing.
Have a wonderful day with the family!
Tracy so pleased for you... enjoy your day with Mum and Dad too .
Love to everyone

ellyscard creatief said...

Beautiful Art Sue.
Merry Christmas.
Blessings Elly

Craftetter said...

Wonderful cards Sue and I hope you have a nice restful day.
Hugs Elaine

Aspiring crafter said...

Happy Christmas-hope you have a great day!
All the cards are lovely but no's 1 and 5 have the nod if I have to choose!
Thanks for your wonderful blog Sue ,


craftycath said...

They are all beautiful=Merry Christmas Sue to you and yours

Cathie Craft X

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Sue, Happy Christmas and a huge "Thank you" for all of today's cards and like most of your followers I cannot choose as they are all so lovely.
Enjoy the day.
X Ros

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you and all the faithful followers. I love all your creations especially the black and white, ones with poinsettias on and the quirky Christmas tree made from snowflakes, think that about covers them all
Best wishes, Pat

Jackie Trinder said...

Happy Christmas Sue and everyone else who visits today.What a treat so many gorgeous cards today I just can't choose a favourite. I wish everyone a very happy 2014. I wonder what the new year will bring? Love Jackie

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the season with good wishes for a great new year
Phil D

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue

Hoping that you and all your family have a fantastic Christmas, and that you have a lovely rest. My, what a lovely selection of cards how on earth can we choose. I also like the Joyous Noel as well. This card reminds me of a peacock. I shall be asking later on how you used the holly mask as I tried to use it using a watermark ink and embossing it in white. But it didn't look quite right. But all the cards are fabulous. I want to thank you Sue for giving up your time to show us how to made some fantastic cards. You give us all such inspiration during 2013. Hopefully we get to enjoy the cards you make in 2014. Once again have a fantastic Christmas and look forward to seeing you on our tv in the near future.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everyone. I hope you all have a happy and peachful day.

What a wonderful selection of cards, spoilt for choice, my top 5 are, No 1,5,9,18 &22.

Thank for the all of the cards in 2013 and looking forward to seeing what's to come in 2014.
Have a good day.

kimberley said...

Have a very merry christmas Sue and an even better new year.All todays cards are stunning as usual-you are such a talented lady and we are so lucky that you spend so much of your time sharing all your wonderful ideas and tips with us.I'm so looking forward to what you inspire us to try in 2014,take care,x.

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all your family.
Thank you for all the stunning cards today and over the past two years. You have really given me inspiration, and I would love one of these on my fireplace.
Carol xx

magpie said...

Merry Christmas to you and everyone! Wow, they're all beautiful Sue. How they never ended being shown I'll never know! I have a few favourites.....the Merry Christmas one with the poinsettia in the middle...Peace...ooooo I won't carry on because they are all lovely! Thank you Sue for all the wonderful inspiration and confidence that you have given us all. You are a wonderful mentor! To each and everyone here hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Take care all of you and thinking of all those less fortunate than ourselves. God bless xx Love Karen xx

Anonymous said...

HAPPY CHRISTMAS SUE AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO. Thank you for all your beautiful cards this year and look forward to more in 2014. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue and everyone - well we've made it one way or another so I hope you enjoy your day. Sue I can't thank you enough for your wonderful daily inspiration and encouragement. You have also managed to bring together a truly wonderful group of lovely ladies whose kindness, support and humour have kept me going on not so good days.
I'm sorry to say I can't choose a favourite card from today's wonderful offerings as they are all so gorgeous in their very different ways -truly inspirational. Here's to 2014s offerings and hopefully more videos (they are so helpful) and more sightings of you on c&c.
Beverley W

Mac Mable said...

Merry Christmas one and all.
I just love all your cards, they are so creative with wonderful techniques and colour combinations.
I love your cards with the bauble dies on them and the ones with the word Peace on them as it's just a wonderful sentiment at Christmas. However I truly love them all!!! xxx

Nanny Jo said...

Happy Christmas to you and your family, Sue! What a beautiful array of cards, almost inspires me to start work on next year's cards.....almost...... Jo XXX

Clai01 said...

Right up my alley are the ones with the baubles on, or should I say Spellbinders ornaments ?
my favourite is the trio of ornaments white background card.
Happy Christmas Sue, we can still draw inspiration from them and Thank you for posting everyday, you're a star !

Maryann Laursen said...

WAUW so many gorgeous cards here, and all is just soooo beautiful and elegant.
Hope you´re having a wonderful Christmas now too and enjoying the time with your family around.

Tina Eldridge said...

Hi Sue

Sue, To you and all your family, at home and overseas I send the happiest of Christmas wishes. I will raise a glass to all your Wilsonettes and to all the family and friends that can't be with us today.

Regarding your cards they are all stunning, and I have saved this blog for next years ideas. Thank you so much for all your inspiration throughout 2013 and look forward to 2014 and all your lovely cards.

God Bless, and keep yourselves safe. Merry Christmas everyone. X

Kind regards :-)

Tina X

hotpotato said...

HAPPY CHRISTMAS SUE, hope you have a lovely day. Loved all the extra Christmas cards.

Lacelady said...

Happy Christmas from me too Sue, your collection of cards are stunning, I love them all, and would find it hard to pick a fav.

Your blog is the first I go to each day, and you never let me down, there is always a stunning card to amaze me with your skill and inventiveness.

I do hope you have a great day, same to all the bloggers who come here in a regular basis. I'm just taking a break while I wait for all the family to arrive. Will be back tomorrow as usual!

Joan Hill said...

Hi Sue,
Gorgeous cards, every single one, thank you, you're a STAR. And a very Merry Christmas to you xxx

Debs Artliff said...

Morning Sue how can we choose from these wonderful cards they are all stunning. I have learnt so much from following your blog over the last 2 years. Im looking forward to seeing what you have for us in 2014. I would like to take this minute to wish you and all the wilsonettes a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sll the best Sue xxxx

Debs A

Myra said...

Happy Christmas Sue,
Happy Christmas Everyone on the blog.
First of all my favourites are 2, 3, 5 , 7 , 8 , 9 but I like them all really!

Thanks Sue for your good wishes to us. I am fairly new to the blog and I look forward to it each day. Thanks for all you do for us and thanks everyone who leaves a comment. We can think of each other in troubled times and share happiness too.

So pleased Tracy your Dad is on the mend. Trust you have a lovely Christmas.

Steph, keep bringing us your cheery thoughts each day. You are an inspiration.

Must go now ,only sat down for a minute!! Today not too hectic but got 13 tomorrow! Fortunate have the health and strength to do it! I'll keep telling myself that!!

Love to all,

Helen said...

Happy Christmas everyone. Loved every minute of your blog Sue. The inspiration you give us is simply the best! Love Helen

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue Merry Christmas to Everyone! Thank you again for all your time and inspiration. I love all the rest of your Christmas which I will try next year. Hope you manage to relax and enjoy your day. Thanks again for everything. Take Care Love Michelle S xxx

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Sue all your cards are so beautiful you are so clever...
Love Christine Jones x x

Jean Z said...

Merry Christmas to everyone love all the cards cannot choose a favourite,
thank You for all your help love Jean Z xx

Annie said...

Merry Christmas, Sue and everyone!! Hope you have a wonderful relaxing fun-filled day with family and friends. Thinking of you, Tracy, and hope your Dad is recovering and to all others who have hardships and memories to bear, may you know some peace today.
Now, how could one choose from that stunning display, Sue?? They are all gorgeous, but maybe, just maybe, the first one creeps over the finish line first, but only by a micro millimetre!!
Sue, you are the most amazing card creator and your inspiration day after day after day means so much to me and I know to thousands of others. So thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a great day and hope your US family do too, especially your darling Mom.
Hugs Annie xxx

Jackie Meechan said...

Merry Christmas Sue and everyone looking. Beautiful cards. Love everyone.

Christmas Hugs

Sheila Lampard said...

Finally the sun is out - be it only for a short time.
Yes loving the black and white cards... plenty there to reproduce for 2014!!
Wishing you all a peaceful, enjoyable day and look forward to 2014.
Thank you Sue for your wonderful cards and daily blog.
Sheila x
PS Would be a real treat if C&C would one day have you and Julia on a show together!

Anonymous said...


Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

Happy Christmas, love all these cards.

Our thoughts go out to all those who are not as fortunate as some, the bad weather has hit many and there for the grace of god go we.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

englishrose897 said...

Happy Christmas Sue and all the Wilsonettes. I hope you all have a wonderful stress free day.
All the cards are gorgeous Can't and don't wont to single one out, they all deserve top billing.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of this years cards and cards in 2014. Keep up the good work see and thank you for sharing.

I'm now off to start the christmas lunch.

Sally x

nannapat said...

Happy Christmas everyone. This is a feast of cards Sue, all of them so beautiful. It must have taken an age to upload them all so thank you for sharing. My favourite is the bauble with the snowy cottage in the centre, Pat x

yorkielass said...

Hello Sue, Merry Christmas to you and all Wilsonettes, wishing you all a peaceful and loving time. Tracy W have a wonderful Christmas with your Mum and Dad, so glad he is feeling better.
Oooooh the cards Sue, what a treat, they are all amazing. Think my favourites are the poinsettia and baubles, but they are all beautiful in different way.
Thank you for all the hard work that you put into your blog, it is the first thing I go to when I turn my laptop on. Your talent is breath taking and we learn so much from you. Your blog family is the best.
Love to all.
Hugs June xxx

jenny said...

wish you a merry xmas the cards are stunning lovely colours you are one talented lady

jenny said...

wish you a merry xmas the cards are stunning lovely colours you are one talented lady

jenny said...

wish you a merry xmas the cards are stunning lovely colours you are one talented lady

jenny said...

wish you a merry xmas the cards are stunning lovely colours you are one talented lady

TonyR said...

merry xmas to my crafting goddess!!
thank you for a year of inspiration.
huge hugs, tony xx

Joanloum said...

Just wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas. Thanks for all the beautiful cards during the year xx

Ali B said...

Hi Sue,
What a wonderful selection of cards to chose from. I like them all, I will have a proper good look after all the madness has of today has calmed down.
Have a good day.
Alison B. x

Debby Berry said...

Wow what a treat. Merry Christmas.

Rachel Taylor said...

All are just stunning Sue ! Merry christmas to you and your family
Crafty hugs Rachel x

jessie said...


Victoria said...

Happy Christmas to you Sue and all fellow blog followers. I love each and every card today, but my favourites are the red and gold ones. So crisp and lush and Christmassy! Thank you again for all your wonderful cards.

Jane said...

OMG what a treat fabulous for Xmas day.

Jane xx

baconbits said...

Merry Christmas Sue
WOW so many cards to choose from and they are all fabulous. Thank you for all the fabulous inspirstion throughout the year.
Amanda xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow what a fab selection. Merry Christmas x

MRS DUCK said...

Good afternoon Sue and everyone.
Yuletide feliciations to you all.
Can't pick a favourite as they are all fantastic. . . You certainly saved the best to last with these.
Glad its good news for Tracey and family.
Have a wonderful day.
Ang x

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas , Sue!
Jan Dunham xx

Margarita lady said...

Wow what a Christmas day treat, so many beautiful cards - all our Christmases and Birthdays come together!Thank you Sue for another amazing year.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Happy, healthy 2014 to all.
lotta luv. Junexxx

Sue Dunn said...

Merry Christmas Sue. What a fantastic array. Thank you for keeping me company on my crafting journey. I love your inspirational style. Thank you again. X

Jill Liddle said...

Merry Christmas one and all. It is such a hard choice to find any favourites here as they are all stunning. I think numbers 10 and 11 just have the edge for me. Also wishing everyone a peaceful 2014.

Nicola Belshaw said...

Absolutely wonderful set of cards. Merry Christmas to everyone.
Nicola Belshaw from Staines

Howdy said...

Happy Xmas,Sue and I hope 2014 is full of health and happiness ( and more great cards).

CraftyJo said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely 'extra' cards today Sue, all equally beautiful. Hope you - and everyone here - has a wonderful Christmas. We are very relaxed here in Wales as we're having our celebrations tomorrow when our grand-daughter can be with us :)

Anne O said...

Merry Christmas!
What an array of beautiful cards! If I were to pick one, it would be 'peace' - the cream card with cream and gold poinsettias and the bold red accent!
Have a lovely time.
Anne O

lynda said...

Wow so many gorgeous cards I love them to hard to choose but do like the black & white ones
Christmas hugs Lynda Brock xx


Tres said...

Hi Sue. Merry Christmas to you and all the Willsonettes. I think all your Christmas cards today look great !! There are so many to choose a favourite from !! I really like the card with peace written on it down one side with the heartfelt creations poinsettias. I also really like the black and white monochrome baubles card and another card with the spellbinders poinsettias on. There is also a card with a large bauble shape on using what looks like golds and cream colours. This is a lovely card to. Thank you Sue for all your wonderful inspiration this year. Also a big thank you for making all those wonderful videos for us all to watch. I really hope you produce a DVD with all these programmes on that we could buy. Or of course just make some new ones to put on a DVD !!! I always love to watch you demoing new cards.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone.
Lots of love Tres x x x ( Teresa.) x x x

TOB said...

Wow are we spoilt today, and how wonderful to see so many comments on this very special day.I love all your cards Sue, so I couldn't pick one out. Merry Christmas to all, wishing you a healthy and happy 2014. hugs x

Norah McPhee said...

Good afternoon Sue and all fellow Wilsonettes,
The peace that i wish for everyone are my favourite cards, just for the reason of Peace to everyone , whether it be here or far away. My favourite part of Christmas is that nothing needs to cost a lot to bring joy and happiness. My mum got a hand knitted cardigan to keep her warm. My friend got a butterfly mobile from me that i made. Sometimes the simplest of things bring joy to people, and why, well just because it has apart of you in with every hand made gift. Time and love is the best presents that we can give and often means more than any bought gift. Tell the people you love just that, it brings the most happiness.
Tracy, I am so very pleased that your much loved father is going to be ok. Maybe our prayers do get answered. Can you give him a hug from me, as i can no longer give one to my beloved dad and i miss him so much. Hope he takes care and behaves to get back on the long term recovery track.
Thank you to all on the blog that keep me going each day and to Sue and her wonderful, generous and inspirational brainwaves. To everyone for 2014, here is to a fantastic year.
Love and crafty hugs
Norah (Glenochil)

Anonymous said...

Sue - hope you don't mind - just want to say to
TRACY W - so pleased things with your Dad are not as bad as at first feared - tell him to take it easy as we all have our eyes on him (through you)!!

'P' in Wales

Gail said...

Good afternoon Sue,
Happy Christmss to all, thought I would pick one card that I liked the best, bug I can't love em all.
Gail Cx

Barbara said...

Happy Christmas Sue hope you have a lovely day with family and friends.
Love all the cards but my favourite is the reindeer followed by the Peace with flowers. You have really made me think outside the box and play with my dies.

Margaret said...

Happy Christmas Sue and everyone
What a wonderful set of cards, I cannot choose a favourite.
Like Patricia Howarth you have helped me so much to improve my card making and receive lots of wonderful comments about them. Thank you so much for all your wonderful inspiration.
So pleased to hear the news from Tracy.
Margaret corgi owner

Pinky said...

Wow there are some stonking ones there! Almost feel inclined to make some now......almost but perhaps I'll just eat some more chocolate!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a truly inspirational New Year. Love Vicki xxx

Helen Kington said...

Happy Christmas Sue - I love all the cards and actually I would like them all then I would be sorted for next year (bit cheeky I know). Thank you for all the inspiration you have given all year and I can't wait for 2014. Happy Christmas again Helen xx

Helen Barker said...

Hard to choose a favourite but the Joy ornament has the edge for me.Hope everyone has a great Christmas and a happy and healthy 2014.Thankyou Sue for providing so much inspiration in 2013,and I'm hoping I might win one of your creations next year.
Helen Bx

Marleine said...

Hi Sue,

Fabulous cards. X

Janet Fleming said...

Hi Sue,

Wow what beautiful cards, love them all. Thanks for much for all the inspiration you have given me this year. Look forward to seeming your lovely creations in 2014. Have a lovely christmas and a happy and healthy new year. Jan xx

Rosemarie said...

Happy Christmas Sue, and everyone. No power again today so different Christmas lunch. But my town did make it on to the news.

All these cards are amazing, I could not pick a winner, thank you so much Sue.

LoveRosemarie xx

Laura O said...

wow Sue ,had a favourite one picked a few times and then would see another fab card .I'm picking the blue peace card with the white tree .Like the tree die its a different one to the spellbinder 2013.Happy Christmas Sue ,looking forward to lots more fab creations .Laura O

salem said...

Wwonderfull card miss you on tv

Crafting Newbie said...

Merry Cristmas Sue. Wow! So many amazing cards. My favourite is the one with the dove. Barbara x

Lindsay Martin said...

Happy Christmas Sue, and all the Wilsonettes, I hope everyone has had a great day and received all they wished for. Todays cards are a right treat Sue, thank you so much, I loved all the cards, I think the only one that I was not so keen on was the tree you made from snowflakes,(I have to be different and say my least favourite rather than my most!!!)
Looking forward, to another year of fantastic inspiration from you Sue, take care for the rest of the year xxx

Tracy Stitt said...

Merry christmas everyone. Looking at these cards sue are imencely amazing and spectacular if I could sim them all up lol. Nightshift finally caught up with me and spent most of the day being sick so I really didn't enjoy my dinner. Hubby says next year I'm not to do it as every time I do nightshift I seem to run myself down ah well can't have everything

See u all in the new year
Love Tracy from killie Scotland xx

Chrisspi said...

Wow! Lots of inspiration to get us started early on next year's Christmas cards - well maybe not quite yet but soon. Thanks for your inspiration throughout the year Sue, hope are have had a good Christmas day. Best wishes

Jacqui oakes-alcock said...

Great cards. Merry Christmas Sue and happy new year.

Shirley Terretta said...

Hi Sue,

So sorry but there are too many favourites to pick just one. Many, many, many thanks for thinking about us with your busy schedule. We all do appreciate your time.

Well, Christmas is done and dusted for another year. All went well thank goodness.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxxxxxxxxx

Much love,

Shirley T.

Alice G said...

Wow, Sue, the cards are all awesome! You are amazing Sue. Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration. Merry Christmas.

Alice xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Tracy, Im delighted that your dad is doing well, although a worry still, what a relief it wasn't a heart attack. Must have kind of made your day.
Sending much love for a happier Christmas and Boxing day.
Lancashire Steph xx

Hellma said...

Merry Christmas Sue and yours hope you have all had a great day, love all your cards but my fave has to be the first black and white card Stunning.

Lisbeth said...

What a lot of wonderful cards, I shall have to remember them for next year or at least until some more yummy dies and stamps come into production (LOL)
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day


Donna Jones said...

Happy Christmas Sue and all your followers :-)

Beautiful selection of cards, love the tree fan card, such a clever use of the die.

Donna Jones

Karen said...

Wow so many beautiful cards. So much inspiration
Hope you had a lovely Christmas
Karen xx

Anonymous said...

Sue, hoping that you have had a lovely day.
I would choose the black and white greeting card with the black ribbon.
Best wishes for the coming year.
Gilly c

Paper Junkie said...

What a lovely treat - all these gorgeous cards. Merry Christmas Sue and to all the Wilsonettes. Hope you are all having a wonderful day. X

Carole Z said...

These are all so gorgeous Sue, hope you are having a very happy Christmas! Carole Z xx

Joan D said...

Hope everyone has a great Christmas. Oh boy Sue,talk about spoiling us! Can't pick a favourite,as I like every one. Hope you have a fantastic holiday x x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you share with us, as for the good wishes....Right back at ya!!! Mabex

Jean Deane said...

Hi Sue and everyone, I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas day shared with family and friends .Tracey so pleased to read your dad is at home and feeling better such a relief for you and your family enjoy your Christmas!!!
Sue thank you for such a lovely Christmas day present showing us all your beautiful creations, I cannot choose just a single card as I love them all and will be keeping them safe for christmas 2014 .
Sending you and your family in the USA and everyone on the blog Christmas wishes and the very best for 2014 !
Jean D

Craftysusan said...

Hi Sue. You really are spoiling us today. All the cards are beautiful so I can't choose a favourite. Merry Christmas to you and to everyone on the blog. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue & a very happy Christmas & a healthy New Year to you also. I like all the cards you posted today but my absolute favourite is the black/white stamped bauble. I did something similar this year as well. Ann (France)

Janice K said...

Happy Christmas Sue (and everyone, thank you for showing us the rest of your cards, I can see how you were spoilt for choice as they are all beautiful. x

Sandy G said...

Happy Christmas Sue, and everyone else. Love all the cards. Couldn't choose one! Thanks for sharing.

Suebak said...

Faboulous. A Merry Christmas one and all.

Susan x

samantha wade said...

Happy christmas sue. I like most of the cards but I think the black and white ones and the grey and white. What a nice surprise to see all your lovely cards. Thanks for sharing. X Sam

karenlotty said...

I thought I'd posted but can't see it So, Merry Christmas everyone Stay safe Mine went better than I anticipated thanks to my beautiful daughter All the cards are lovely My particular favs are the monochrome bauble one & the aperture one with the 3 baubles

Brenda Hanlon said...

Great to see so may in one hit, they're all fab and lovely way to round off a wonderful day with all of my beautiful family. Happy Christmas everyone.

Sandy H said...

What a treat to see all these lovely cards. Hope you had a brilliant Christmas Day, Sue.

hollyberry said...

So many cards all beautiful.

Susan White said...

Belated Merry Christmas Sue - thanks for posting all these lovely cards for us to enjoy. Too hard to choose a favourite!

Wishing you and all your family a very happy 2014 - Susan

Hilary said...

Thank you Sue for all the wonderful creations you have produced for us all through the year.
Love and hugs. Hilary xxxx

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, wow - what a marvellous Christmas present. So many lovely cards. It's really hard to choose but I think my favourites are the red and white Peace, the baubles in a frame with poinsettias and the wee trees in the snowy landscape. So many brilliant ideas for next year!
I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday and Santa brought you all you desired.

Gail said...

Wow what fab cards and all are beautiful and luv how you have used the border to make Christmas trees - luv it xx GailTxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - what a lovely surprise - so many beautiful cards in one posting FABULOUS!
ValC xx

Heather said...

Now that's what a call a Christmas present - a fantastic selectin of cards! Really enjoyed this and they really made my Christmas. Will use them as inspiration for next year's cards. Happy Holidays!
Heather x

Marianna Hammer said...

Merry Christmas Sue :)
I do love all of the Christmas cards today. There are some that I really do want to make. Must buy more stamps and dies :)

Carol S. said...

Love them all Sue. Every one a winner!! Have a wonderful christmas and an amazing 2014. Hugs, Carol S.xx

Vie Carter said...

Sorry so late in reading the blog

Great cards today


Karen G Ratcliffe said...

Belated Merry Christmas Sue
With all my family here I couldn't even get near my iPad!! Don't know how you could expect us to pick just one card when there is something unique or amazing on each one of the cards!! They are all so stunning. You certainly have the gift of creation and design!! Can't pick just one, love them all!
Thank you for the lovely stamp set you sent as my prize some time back. Looking forward to creating some beautiful butterfly cards with them now after the holidays. I was really wowed by the stamp set.
Hugs, Karen

Jan Ltc said...

Wow Sue brilliant as always xx Jan

hazel young said...

Fabulous collection of card xx hazel

Kate's Cards said...

Thanks for the lovely array of cards Sue!

aggieosborne1104 said...

Merry Christmas Sue & family,
I hope you had a wonderful and the happiest Christmas! Thank you for making all these beautiful cards...they're all so pretty! May God bless you and your family always! Can't wait for 2014 Sue Wilson's cards...
Lots if love, Aggie xxx

Dawn said...

Wow, what a lot of inspiration today. My favourite was number 13, i think, the white snowflake, lots of white on white with a pop of colour. Merry Christmas to you and your family x

cornercrafts said...

Hi Sue thanks for posting these beauties !! Have been following your blog for a while and thank you for all hard work. I love receiving pics of your new creations in my inbox.

Diane Mortimer said...

My my, some of these are outstanding! I am nor surprised, just excited I have yet more to put in my xmas folder think I'll start mine in June with you so I can really experiment and get right into it! :-)

Diane from Glasgow xx

addi said...

Such amazing cards. I love them all, but do like the black and gold joy card. I only wish I had your flair for making cards, but do love seeing your blog daily to see what fantastic card you have made. Have a wonderful christmas and all the very best for the new year.
susan r. Newcastle upon tyne