Sunday, 22 September 2019

Thinking Of You

Good Sunday morning all!  I have been playing with the Lustre Polish again today!  I started by coating a piece of black card with the Tantalising Teal Lustre Polish and allowing it to dry well.  I cut the Celtic Square Background in white, leaving a wide border around the edge and attached it over the Lustre Polish piece.  I cut the Millie die in white and added it in the centre with foam.  Using a bit of the extra Lustre Polish piece I made, I cut the solid part of the Striped Nasturtiums out of it as well as the Thinking Of You sentiment.  I cut the top part of the flowers in white then assembled them into three flowers that I added around the Millie die.  I cut a circle for the sentiment and added it to the middle of the die.  I used a couple of leaves from the Fern Fronds and the Petal Pocket Flower sets.  White on white mats and layers were used to complete the card.  The finished dimensions are 7" x  7" in size.

I think it is time for another question?  Have you ever met or crossed paths with anyone really famous?  If so, who was it and is there a good story to go with it? LOL   All for now, Sue x

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Muriel said...

Hello Sue and all
Amazing ! Love everything about this card Sue, the lustre polish looks great and all the dies you have used too. Love it !!!!
Muriel x

Steph Cotterill said...

Morning Sue, a gorgeous sample this Sunday. I love the way the nasturtium petals have a different sheene and the white opening die emphasizes them beautifully, a pretty start to the day.

Jayne Torvill and Chris Dean. From the age of 5 till 18 I grew up living my life on the ice firstly training as a figure skater with the jump and spins (and with all the falls, hashes that needed stitches and damaged joints) I moved onto ice dance and travelled the country competing, the U.K. ice rinks became a happy family and met up regularly during competition season, there was a particular group of about 10 of us that got really close and Jayne and Chris were part of the group. We still keep in touch but those must have been the happiest time's of my growing up life. So when they won Gold and all the media went quiet for a short while the 7 of us that we're available celebrated well into the night (good job their team trainer has given them a rest week lol) that's my happy memory shared xxx

Seafield Jo said...

This is gorgeous Sue, such beautiful colours and gorgeous dies.

I've never met anyone famous sadly.

Jo x

hazel young said...

Beautiful card Sue. I've never met anyone famous but in the 1970s the Queen and Prince Charles went by our house on a train and were waving at us. xx Hazel

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, gorgeous card this morning, lovely colours and the dies are beautiful. I have never met anyone famous, but live in hope that one day I might.

Barbara V said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you a beautiful card, lovely colours.
Sue Many years ago while working in a supermarket in Southport,
I was lucky enough to meet the Beatles, Freddy Garrity, Jerry Marsden,all the old Liverpool crowd.
Some very happy memories.
Take care and have fun Kitty.
If only I kept their autographs.

Crewe Trish said...

Hello Sue
What a lovely card on a wet Sunday morning. Wow Stephanie what memories. I once met M from the James bond movies,he came to visit his aunt on the ward I was working on. I also met Debbie Mcgee while on a cruise lovely lady.

Jan on the Fosse said...

Hi Sue
Gorgeous card.
Jan x

Pauline Austen said...

Morning Sue,
Love the lustre polish and you've just reminded me to get those gorgeous nasturtium flowers out of the cupboard after their little rest. I've tried them in most colours plus white and they never fail to please.
I met Bobby Charlton years ago (footballer). He came into school to talk to the children about getting involved in his football scheme. My father was an avid football supporter so I asked him for his autograph for him which he wrote on a paper plate for me. A lovely man. Hugs xx

Marie P. from Longridge said...

Good morning Sue.
Such a beautiful card and I just love the colours.
Never met anyone famous.
Marie P

Janice K said...

Good morning Sue,
Love the beautiful background that the lustre polish has created! Great card.

I think the nearest I've been to seeing someone famous (if you can call a politician famous!) was when I sat behind the MP David Liddington at a concert my son was playing in. X

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
Another beautiful card and background in gorgeous colours! One famous person I’ve met was you! What a lovely day I had in Haverfordwest. I’ve also met Gene Pitney when I went backstage for his autograph and what a lovely man he was, he had a lot of time for his fans.
Hugs x
Heather T

Marion Scott said...

Hello Sue, a gorgeous card , love it. Must admit I have never met anyone famous.
Wow Steph , loved reading about your skating days. I have long admired Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.
Marion S x

dj from kettering said...

Lovely card today, must use those flowers again!!!

I,'m another whose not met anyone famous, have you, Sue?

Doreen x

CraftyCoffey said...

Gorgeous card today.

I’ve met a number of “famous “ people as a lot Retire to Southport. There’s been actors/actresses, footballers etc but I think the most interesting was the last official Hangman. He was quite a character.

Lynne L said...

Good morning Sue Wow what a fabulous card I love the colour of the lustre polish My Stephanie what an amazing story you have!
I also met you at Haverfordwest Sue that was early on in my card making life you were and are still a huge inspiration to me I also met Julia Watts in Haverfordwest too
I have shook hands with Prince Charles & Camilla at a special event in the village where I live They were both really charming Other than that I once sat by one of the Welsh Rugby players in a restaurant who kindly shared his tapas with me & my sister while we waited for our food!

Barbara Gosden said...

Hi Sue
A beautiful card.
I used to work in the office of a grammar school in Kent and Anne Widdicombe came to school several times for the debating society. Also Tom Baker (Dr Who) phoned the school and I spoke to him.
Wonderful to read Steph’s reminiscing about Torvill and Dean.
B xx

ahappycrafter50 said...

What a lovely design.

When flying to Pisa one year, we were delayed as all the luggage was disembarked. A while later Jack Straw and his wife sauntered up the plane - I was getting jabbed in the ribs by my sister- in - law saying “Who’s that ? I know him!” Two passengers had been bumped off to give them seats, so obviously it was their luggage being removed. Eventually we took off but I had to chuckle when Jack Straw couldn’t find a luggage trolley at Pisa airport either! Comeuppance for delaying our holiday?


June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, wow I am liking this one, I love the Millie die and use it all the time, looking at this sample I have an idea just popped into my head, might try it later.

The famous person I have met is yourself, when I see you at Ally Pally, oh I hope that comes back.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

Anne said...
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Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Beautiful colours and card. love Jean Z xxxxx

Anne said...

A lovely card, Sue.

A couple of weeks ago I met Anita Dobson whilst she was filming a promotional film at Delapre Abbey for the Royal & Derngate panto. A lovely lady.

Anne (Northampton)

Ann Topp said...

Good Morning Sue. Beautiful card today... And the best thing is that I have all these dies. Gorgeous sample Sue.
I once met Bill Maynard from Heartbeat. He was in a chinese restaurant sitting at the next table to us. We said hello to him and he was the kindest person. After chatting with him all through our meal.. He paid for all our drinks. Wonderful man.
Thankyou Sue. Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone. Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Beautiful card, Not used these flower dies for ages must get them out again.

June Horrocks said...

Morning sue love the card the Millie die is so popular love the flowers
Love June Horrocks xxxxxmet Corrie stars they were filming where I worked xxxx

Crafty Vonnie said...

Good morning Sue,
A beautiful card with your beautiful flowers. I have met many different celebrities who came into the shop to sign their books, too many to name from golfers, footballers & from the tv. Yvonne xx

Pussycats said...

Good Morning Sue and all
WOW card this morning , its so stunning . The colour from the Lustre polish works beautifully and its lovely to one of favourite flowers from your collection Striped Nasturtiums and the leaves from the petal pocket .
I get famous people popping in where I work and we don't treat them any different but Norman Whiteside came in with his wife and was carrying her handbag so we had a giggle and then he remembered my friend who was working with me as he wrote to her husband when he had brain cancer and remembered her and chatted and said anyone who wanted his autograph while having his coffee was more than welcome for a chat. True Gentlemen , my friend lost her husband but he made time to chat and bring her some happy memories .
Crafty hugs to all , Wendy

karenlotty said...

Pretty card Sue I still don’t get any success with gilding polish let alone trying the lustre polishes

I once met Brenda Blethyn ((from Vera fame) at a well known spa She sat on next table to her at breakfast We said hello and chatted Asked what we’d got (croissants) and said she’d have one She went to get one and then had to ask us to get it because she couldn’t reach the shelf Wonderful lady Very down to earth

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

Beautiful card again this morning love the colours...

Only person to have crossed paths with was Nicolas Cage when he was filming Conair in Las Vegas. They had already demolished the Stardust Hotel except for the facade which the plane crashes into. Very interesting to see the film set on location and its stars out and about.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sue
A beautiful card this morning in one of my favourite colours.
I love all the dies you have used and the Tantalising Teal Lustre Polish looks stunning peeping through the white card.
The Striped Nasturtiums make a striking finishing touch as always!
Thirty years ago, In the course of my job, I was asked to present a bouquet to HM the Queen. It was a very special day I will never forget.
Lesley S x

KarinsArtScrap said...

gorgeous and elegant card Sue love the colour inthe background and flowers
Gr Karin

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, such a beautiful card, love the background and the flowers. I have met you a couple of times at Ally Pally! My first meeting of someone famous was when I was 14 yrs old. My dad was in the RAF and stationed at Waddington and Brian Poole and the Tremeloes came to perform at the station. We were allowed to go to watch and afterwards we went into their dressing room and got their autograph. They signed all up my arm too and I never washed it off for a couple of days! I have also met Rod Hull and Emu, went to a pantomime and Rod and Emu walked up and snatched my handbag and took it on stage. I had to go and get it and of course Emu kept pecking me! It was so embarrassing and would rather not of met him! I have also met and chatted to Michael Foale the astronaut, Actor Michael Brandon, lovely man, Christopher Biggins and a few others. Love Jean xxx

Kate's Cards said...

Lovely card Su.
I have met quite a few famous people including David Essex, Wayne Sleep, James Hunt. But my biggest meet had to be eating my lunch with E.L.O twice when they were recording near by.

sued99 said...

Wonderful card. I’ve met the gymnast Becky Downie. She came to give a demonstration at the school where I worked. I’ve also shaken hands with Ken Clarke the politician! X

Rose in Chester said...

Oh WOW, Sue, this is a BEAUTIFUL card. Those dies all work well together, and the nasturtiums have got to be one of my favourites.
I cannot think of anyone famous I've got a row with, and for me the most famous person is you.

Hunnymummy54 said...

Morning Sue and all the Wilsonettes

What a stunning card today really love the background made the opal polish and dies you used the card is gorgeous everything compliments each other perfect.

I have met quite a few famous people as I worked in at Blazers in Windsor and we had a lot of famous singers and also celebrities used to come in and see them as well, I think one the nicest person I met was Lionel Ritchie he was so nice and I loved all the drifters they were amazing.

Sending love and healing hugs to all that need them xx

Have a good day all

Sharon MK

Fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, a lovely card and the teal lustre polish is a beautiful colour, gorgeous.

Well Sue, famous people - I count myself lucky to have met you twice. Once in Aberdeen and once in Glasgow and I enjoyed both occasions very much. I have also met the Princess Royal - Princess Anne three times. The first time was when she visited my then workplace and when I was presented to her I managed my curtsy but stumbled over my words. The other two times were when she was visiting our local hospice of which she is a Patron. I did manage to speak coherently to her on these occasions:-) and I admire her tremendously.

Steph - love your story and what wonderful memories you have.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Love todays card I have always liked this flower die. The rich teal colour is just beautiful.

Heather R Oxfordshire

Crafty Cruiser said...

What an absolutely gorgeous card! So, so lovely in every respect.
As for famous people - I have met many politicians, including two prime ministers (I won’t bore you with names) and I have been in the company of the Queen in a small reception. For me though the highlight of my life was meeting Nelson Mandela. He came over to the UK and was at Wembley stadium, back in 1990. I was invited ‘backstage’ to meet him, and his then wife, Winnie. We had a long chat and it turned out that one of the people I used to support during the apartheid era was at Robben Island prison at the same time and they were good friends. To explain, I was a very small cog in the large wheel of a secret organisation who used to support families of political prisoners in South Africa. I wrote letters, as a ‘friend’ to seven families and sent them money (which I received from this organisation) every two months to enable them to survive. The organisation was so secretive that even the South African police could not find out how it worked! The organisation (The International Defence and Aid Fund for South Africa) made itself public following the release of Nelson Mandela from the prison in which he was for 27 years. A television documentary televised later revealed the full extent of the organisation and that’s how I found out about the part I played. Several years after meeting Nelson Mandela, I went to Cape Town and met two of the families I used to support and we went to Robben Island - a dream came true.
Doreen R

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card, the lustre polishes make a lovely backing for the Celtic squares. Never met anyone famous, can’t wait to read your story Sue.

Love and hugs to everyone

ursula said...

I do love my nasturtium flower and very often go back to it and here you have a fine example of what to do with it with the lustre polish background, a most beautiful card, love the colours you have used. Many years ago, when still in South Africa, I worked for the Shell Oil Company and we had a promotion going on with David Hasselhoff and is car Nightrider, so he was one person I met, was he famous! Then another time we met a few of the cast of the A Team...luv Ursula xx

Yorkie girl said...

Good Sunday afternoon to you Sue and everyone
What a lovely card you have given us to feast our eyes on
It is a beautiful crafty creation the colour is perfect and the whole design looks stunning
Have a blessed Sunday Everyone
Theresa G

Yorkie girl said...

My famous person has to be you at Ally Pally
famous and inspirational

Jackie T said...

Hi Sue this a stunning card. I love the dies and the colours you have used. Take care. Hugs Jackie

CraftyJo said...

Very pretty

theresa w said...

Hi Sue and lovely wilsonettes x
Fabulous card Sue x I love the teal polish , it's such a lovely colour x the nasturtiums look beautiful x thankyou Sue x
I've been lucky to have met you a few times at ally pally and still get starstruck !!!
Theresa w in Berks xxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card beautiful colour. Many years ago our daughter won an art competition in school to go to London and meet Olympians.We all had a beautiful meal with Duncan Goodhew and a look at his gold medal. It was a great day and we were very proud parents.
Hugs (Tea for one) xxx

Pawprintx4 said...

So beautiful. I love the teal shade of luster polish and the flowers are so pretty showing it off.
I met President Obama (during his campaign at a fish fry). I would say he was the most important person I met. My uncle was a cartoonist and I met a lot of other cartoonists through him. A very fun bunch.Many years ago now but it made for a fun childhood.
Everyone, have a wonderful Sunday. The weather here has been beautiful!
Stephanie K

gwen70 said...

Stunning card, beautiful colour

BenteS said...

Gorgeous card, and it looks really lovely with those luster polish colours :))

scrAPpamondo said...

WOW!! Fabulous use of these adorable dies with the lustre polish!!!

Jackie Durrant said...

What a super card and the supplementary photos really show the shine. Does meeting Danny La Rue and friend in St Marks Square in the early 80s count as someone famous? Ha ha.

Suzzette Yandle said...

Loving the Lustre Polish on you beautiful design. To your question regarding famous people:
I met Anita Bryant, singer from the 1950s and 1960s, in Charlotte, NC when she was singing for a gala affair that I was attending as a teenager. She was drinking coffee au lait with rum! I found her to be very friendly and sweet. When I was in elementary school, I met Charlie "Choo Choo" Justice, famous American half-back in the National Football League for the Washington Redskins. He was also inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. I have his autograph. There was one more famous good-looking young man who was my key-speaker when I was the president of the Future Homemakers of America from Mecklenburg County, NC. I remember introducing him, but currently I can not recall his name. I guess this is a "senior moment". Hope this "senior moment" time does not last!

Helen Terry said...

Hi Sue beautiful card love the shimmer and style, I have met a few famous people, but met Princess Anne through my job. Thanks Helen Terry xxx

Eunice Astle said...

Beautiful card Sue, the Luster Polish background is amazing!! Then to have the flowers made from left over is over the top. Never met any one famous but there is still time, right?

Lisbeth said...

Hi Sue. Love the colour of the lustre polish and there is just enough of it to balance out the white.
As I worked for a bank in the West End and the City of London I met quite a few famous people but I shouldn't really disclose who they are - sorry. One of the famous people I have met who is very generous with her time and advice is the lovely Sue Wilson and who is extremely famous in my eyes.


Tressa said...

Very pretty card. 5is Polish is lovely on black.

Nearest I have been to a celebrity? Being pulled out of the way of Stephen Hawkin as he sped through a Cambridge shopping street in his electric wheelchair ... he was notorious for for forcing people out of the way!


carol edwards said...

Hello Sue, late today, blame the puppy!!! It's worked out quite good though as I've enjoyed reading everyones recollections of famous people.

This is a beautiful card and I love the colours.

I remember meeting Ken Dodd many years ago when the boys were small. We had watched him at a show and were invited back stage. Great fun as he had the diddy men there too. A lovely man and spent time taking to the boys.
So will wait to see who your famous person(s) xx

Stella Munn said...

Absolutely beautiful. The colours of the flowers are so lovely. Thanks Sue x

Nana on the Hill said...

Lovely card Sue, l was at a school fete once & was told I'd just spoken to someone famous from a current pop group, unfortunately l hadn't a clue so simply replied they couldn't be that famous as I'd never heard of them!

DeCor said...

Love today's card. The nasturtiums look fab.

June Ballenger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
June Ballenger said...

Absolutely stunning card Sue I love it. The most famous person that I have met is Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin. We went to see the musical Tommy and I was sitting next to him. He was a really nice guy and we had a lovely chat in the interval

Dawn Holben said...

Sue this is absolutely stunning, love the lustre polish.

Karen M said...

Hi Sue,
Gorgeous card,lovely flowers & die's you have used.
We met Prince Charles & Camilla at a fair in Looe in Cornwall they were charming.
Really made our day.
Best wishes
Karen M

Clai01 said...

Lovely card Sue as always. Met quite a lot of tv crafters over the years. x

CCM said...

Lovely card with a beautiful background.Glad to see the Striped Nasturtiums again.

Hugs from Toronto

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
A very pretty card!
Thank you for the inspiration.
Véronique L

stitchingranny said...

A beautiful card and wow to that Teal Luster Polish.

Hugs Helen xxx

Seafield Jo said...

Hi Sue

Another beautiful card, fabulous colour choice.

I've just used this die to make a 30th Anniversary card for my husband and am thrilled with how it turned out.

Thanks for continuing to provide us with all these beautiful dies.

Jo x

Owlish said...

Hi sue
I absolutely love this card it's gorgeous
Owlish Xx