Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Heartfelt Thanks

Hi crafters!  I started today's card by embossing a piece of milk card with the Rose Blooms Pinpoint Embossing Folder for texture.  Next I used the Alice die and cut the middle layer in milk card and added an Old Rose card backing to it.  I added the top layer in milk too.  I used the Betsy outer die to cut an aperture in the centre of it.  I added mounting foam to raise the background upwards and added it to a piece of milk card.  I cut the Betsy die out of milk card and recessed it down into the aperture opening.  I stamped my sentiment and cut it out with the Betsy die, then nipped away the outer decorative edges and attached just the sentiment in the centre of the card on foam.  I used the Spiral Pearl Flowers and made three flowers out of vellum.  I seated them in opposite corners and added leaves cut out of milk card as accents.  Milk and Old Rose mats and layers were used to complete the card.  The finished dimensions are 6 3/4"  x 6 3/4" in size.  

Okay I will now fess up to my sweet tooth delights!  I am absolutely crazy about (and this is quite embarrassing!) Dolly Mixtures! I know they are more of a kids kind of candy but I could eat them all day!  Julia Watts always used to surprise me with them at Ally Pally, what a good friend!!  I also love those candies that are like jelly inside but are coated with little candy dingleballs that are either red or blue/black on the outside of them.  I have always called them German Berries, but not sure if there is a real name for them.  And lastly, anything white chocolate!  I like milk chocolate okay and won't touch dark chocolate at all, but I can hardly pass up anything white chocolate.  One more, I adore that Scottish fudge I think they call Tablet.  There, enough sugar to wipe out an entire city!  All for now, Sue x

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61 comments: said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you, wow a very stand out card.
Well Sue now you have mouth watering again lol.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, a beautiful creation today, I so enjoyed these dies when they were launched, I must give them another airing.

You do make me laugh, I know what you mean about the dolly mixtures and the coated jellies, I like these also but once the packet is open I can't put them down.........naughty, naughty..... I am the opposite to you though because I don't like white chocolate at all but absolutely love dark chocolate, yummy. xx

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

Muriel said...

Hello Sue and all
a beauty today, love the colours and the style. I have the Alice die and really enjoy using it.
That sure is a great choice of sweetness lol !!!
Muriel x

hazel young said...

Beautiful card Sue xx Hazel

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, such a pretty card and love the pink! I haven’t had a Dolly mixture for ages, I used to buy them for the kids and always used to pinch a few myself. I am not so keen on white chocolate but when I lived in Scotland when I was young my cousin used to make tablet when I went round to their house. I have since made it quite a few times over the years but it is very sweet. I can’t eat it like I used to! Love Jean xxx

Crewe Trish said...

Hello Sue
Another stunning card and colours. Hearing about your love of dolly mixtures doesn't make my love of Smarties so strange

Steph Cotterill said...

Woah Sue that's what I call a sweet tooth lol. I'd forgotten about Dolly Mixtures yes they were as tasty as they were pretty, never heard of the other favs but white chocolate I'd definitely agree with. When I was on intravenous feed only Andy found an 'old fashioned ' sweet shop that sold all the childhood sweets sold from large plastic screw lid containers and sold in the same quantities as you'd buy back in the 60's 70's ect hardly any of those shops now, but to help me get through that time he'd visit the hospital with a few childhood memories that we're still wrapped in paper bags, dolly mixtures and pineapple chunks were just two choices he'd bring, bless.

Now to the important part - this pretty beautiful elegant sample that looks like you've made flowers by winding strips of Spanish lace, although so many other colour choices could be used there's something about this candy pink and white that sooths and makes me smile thank you. Take care keep safe and be happy. Thanks for sharing not only your inspiration but snippets of your personal life xxx

Steph Cotterill said...

Just checked Google for dingle balls lol !!!!! Are you sure Sue lol xx

Janice K said...

Hi Sue,
Crkey, you do have a sweet tooth!! Your love of Dolly Mixtures takes me back to very fond childhood memories, I haven't seen them in the shops recently but will be keeping a look out for them now.
Love today's card, your Pinpoint embossing folders are gorgeous and the floral embellishment so eye catching. X

Marion Scott said...

Hello Sue, such a beautiful card, love the colours.
My, my, you have a real sweet tooth Sue and Steph I had forgotten about pineapple chunks, I loved them
Marion S x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, a beautiful card. Live the colours and the dies look amazing as does the embossing folder.

Barbara V

Catherine Lyons said...

A beautiful card Sue love the soft colours
Catherine v94

carol edwards said...

Hello Sue, well you do really like the sweet stuff but as the saying goes a little of what you like does you good. There is an old fashion sweet shop in my town you would love.

Today's card is beautiful, from the embossing folder to all the dies, and the colours.xx

CraftyCoffey said...

Lovely card today, very pretty.


Princess Pixie! said...

Hi Sue
Oh this is such a gorgeous card (as always)! Everything about it is so pretty. The colour, the vellum, that Pinpoint embossing folder.
Absolutely stunning x
Now I know why you are always so chirpy - all that sugar! Lol x
Happy Wednesday everyone x
Crafty hugs
Yvonne x

BridgetCG said...

Hi Sue, a very feminine and delicate looking card, love soft pastel colours. Have a good day everyone. Bx

Marie P. from Longridge. said...

Good morning all.
I almost didn't get up today because it looks so miserable outside. Not that I go out but I do like sunshine.
Anyway Sue, Looking at your blog is the first thing I do every day after I've made my coffee so here I am and today's card is so beautiful and the colours could just be straight out of a bag of dolly mixtures lol. I used to love the pink and white ones.
I hope you have a good day wherever you are Sue
Hugs to all.
Marie P.

Suemac said...

A beautiful card, returning the sentiment

Karenladd said...

Oh, this is just exquisite and I love the pale pink showing through. Had to laugh at your detailed description of your favorite candies because I know just the ones you mean!

dj from kettering said...

What a pretty card today!

Gosh, dolly mixtures!!! There is a lovely old fashioned
sweet shop in Yorkshire, something Bridge?? I'll forget
my own name next,

Doreen x

ahappycrafter50 said...

A lovely card. Would never have guessed you had such a sweet tooth.

Barbara Gosden said...

Hi Sue
A beautiful card.
Your dingle ball jellies sound like the jellies in Liquorice Allsorts.
B xx

Lynne L said...

Good morning Sue Todays card is really beautiful I love the way you have used the Betsy die to cut into the Alice die
Oh Dolly mixtures I haven't had them in years but I do like them I also love white chocolate!
Steph, when I was in college I always used to buy pineapple chunks to sit and watch Wimbledon because they would last a long time! I haven't tasted one for such a long time!!

Clai01 said...

Ha Sue good to know your favourite sweets and a very lovely card again today ! x

Ann Topp said...

Good Morning Sue. Awwww I love this card Sue I love everything about it. And it would definitely brighten up anyone's day. That gorgeous pink is to die for.
Omg Sue I thought I was bad with the M and Ms but you have beaten me hands down. And why not.... why shouldn't we indulge in what we love. And as Rose always says " We are worth it "..... Thankyou Sue. Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone. Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Such a pretty card for us today.

Heather R Oxfordshire

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
I love everything about today’s card from the dies used to the colour theme! Once again you’ve used the dies in such a clever way.
You sure do have a sweet tooth lol! Although I don’t, I’d beat you hands down in the savoury category 😂.
Hugs x
Heather T

Hunnymummy54 said...

Good Morning Sue and all the Wilsonettes
What a pretty card today love THE colours dies and 3D embossing folder used too

Sending Love and healing hugs to all that need them xx

Have a good day all

Sharon MK

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
What a pretty card and another way to use the Alice die.
Wow! you do have a sweet tooth, I forgot to say yesterday that I do love jelly babies.

Netty The Runner said...

Another very pretty card Sue. Such a clever way to use the dies.
Wow, Sue, what a sweet tooth you have. I like milk chocolate, but definitely not white, find it sickly sweet.
Annette x

Steph Cotterill said...

Hebdon bridge xx

sued99 said...

What a very pretty card. It has a delicate look too. X

Jackie T said...

Hi Sue this is a stunning card. I love it. Those dies are gorgeous. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Crafty Vonnie said...

Good morning Sue,
Absolutely stunning card today & one that would suit many occasions. Yvonne xx

CraftyJacques said...

Morning Sue

I think all your cards are amazing, and you too. love the colour of card stock you use.
looking forward to seeing you on C&C
Take care and Happy crafting


Lisbeth said...

Hi Sue. Love the different levels that have been created on this card by insetting the central image into the background.
I missed yesterday's post but just to let you know that my guilty pleasure is a good old fashioned New York cheesecake - really naughty for me as there are far too many sugars and carbs for a diabetic person!!!


Yorkie girl said...

Good morning Sue and everyone
A beautiful card again this morning Sue love the colour combo you have used
As for sweet tooth lol. How on earth do you manage to keep that slimline figure you have with that sweetie tooth 🦷
I am originally from Scotland and your right Tablet is gorgeous but is all super and butter but tastes great..
You keep doing what you do because it is definitely working for you
Have a wonderful day Sue and everyone
Take care folks
Hugs Theresa G

ursula said...

Stunning card today, love those flowers 💐 certainly do have a sweet tooth, to be honest the one I cannot put down is Haribou, those with the mallow, like fried eggs, hearts, etc....we all need a bit of sugar in our life!! Luv Ursula 😘

Jackie Durrant said...

Love the texture achieved with the embossing folder you have used. As for a sweet tooth well, anything chocolate for me but particularly dark chocolate!!

Kate's Cards said...

Yet another beautiful card. Xxx

Pauline Austen said...

Hi Sue, ooh what a lovely card. Love the colours, love the EF, love the flowers and the dies. Can't you tell that I just love this card.
I hope you realise that you have a new name. ......sweet Sue. Very applicable in many ways cos you're 'worth it'. Wouldn't it be great for all of your followers, and you, of course to get together for a picnic and bring a selection of our favourite sweets instead of the usual food. How hyper would we be? lol Hugs xx Pauline

Crafty Cruiser said...

Such a stunning card to greet me back from a holiday with very little or no Wi-fi. This is the first time I’ve been able to look in on the blog in two weeks and I see some lovely samples which I missed.
Wow, Sue, you have a very sweet tooth - it’s a wonder you have any teeth left!!
Doreen R

KarinsArtScrap said...

gorgeous Sue and great design
Gr Karin

Suzzette Yandle said...

An elegant design today. You made me smile with your sweet tooth delights confession. The only one of them that I am familiar with is the white chocolate. Because of your preference for white chocolate over milk and dark chocolate, I suspect you are allergic to chocolate and/or milk products. White chocolate has no chocolate in it.

karenlotty said...

Pretty card and I love your sweet treats I’d forgotten about dolly mixture but Yes! me too!
Take care all xx

lindyloo12Somerset said...

A lovely, elegant looking card.

Gosh Sue you made me feel so hungry telling us about the sweets, my favourite "favourite" is a large bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate, or Curly Wurlys, mmmmmmmmmm, but unfortunately they always pull my fillings out so have been banned from our house. I also love Army and Navy Tablets which are sweets that not everybody has heard of.

June Horrocks said...

Love your beautifulcard sue it’s so pretty I too loved the dies at launch jelly babies are my favorites and white choc also could just eat some right now naughty girl love always sue xxxxxx
June Horrocks

scrAPpamondo said...

How sweet!!!

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Pretty card. love Jean Z xxxx

CraftyJo said...

What a pretty card :)

Reading your list of 'sweet-tooth delights' makes my own teeth curl ;) - I said yesterday that I didn't have a sweet tooth but I do know all you've mentioned. We lived in Scotland for a while so I know Tablet - yuck! Those 'German Berries' - my mum always called them 'Worm Cakes' as they must have looked like what you give animals to 'worm' them! White chocolate - can't stand it, if I do eat any I prefer dark - I think I'm your complete opposite :)

Helen Terry said...

Hi Sue beautiful card and those flowers are gorgeous, I have a sweet tooth ! Love chocolate lol. Thanks Helen xx

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
A very pretty card today, like the embossing folder too.. mmm forgot about dolly mixtures

Love and hugs to everyone

CCM said...

So sweet, feminine and delicate card today! Love it!

June Ballenger said...

Fabulous card and yes I'm with you and the dolly mixtures xx

Tressa said...

Lovely card. I do like this colour combination.

Dolly mixtures!......... always hated them, don’t know why.


fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, love this card, it is so pretty and old rose card is very much a favourite of mine.

I too love dolly mixtures and jelly babies but I won't buy them for myself as I would eat the lot and make myself ill :-)


Betty McAlister said...

A gorgeous card Sue. Not sure about some of the sweets you mention but for me it has to be dark chocolate all the time xx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
This is a GORGEOUS card, I love everything about it.
Can't stand white chocolate but will eat Lindt Dark Hazelnut chocolate until I feel VERY guilty. But it's quite expensive so that acts as a deterrent..

Owlish said...

Hi sue
This card is very pretty love ur colours
Owlish Xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Stunning card!
Thank you for sharing.
Véronique L

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
I am very late looking at your beautiful card. I love everything about it, the dies, embossing folder, colour scheme etcl.
Lesley S x