Monday, 24 April 2017

Candy Machines

Hello there my crafty friends!  I decided to share some of the Working Candy Machines that I made for the show I did back in Feb.  There are many more to share with you, I just need to go in search of the pictures for them.  So I will break this post up into some now and some a bit later for you.  I am not going to go into the breakdown on making these as there is a YouTube video that will do a much better job you can watch on our channel (just click through the link on the right hand side of my blog to take you there).  I really enjoyed matching the candies to the card and giving each of them a bit of a theme.  As you can see they are all very different, some using other die cuts, some using stamps, but there are just so many ways in which you can use this die set so I wanted to share some of my ideas.  Don't forget, each and every one of them works so you turn the handle and the candy comes out to!   Have a favourite in these?  All for now, Sue x

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Pam said...

Stunning cards Sue, so much fun.
I hope you have been able to rest after the Trade Show, you were probably quite exhausted.
Crewe Trish, I'm so very sorry to read about your brother, such a worrying time for you and with your Mum poorly too. Sending caring hugs for you, wish it could be more.
Maureen, so good to read your post, you may not make the meet up but you will definitely be there in spirit. Take it slowly and rest when you can. Hope Geirge is coping with your coffee demands.
Elaine, any news on Andrews treatment recommending, hope it is soon.
Donita, sounds like a fun group to craft with.
Can feel the excitement building with the Nine's imminent meet up, have a great time girls, even though it will only be 8 this time.
Laine, hope you and Mum are doing okay.
Hugs to all, especially our wounded, poorly and missing friends, not forgetting the Carers too.

June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, these today are gorgeous, I have the set and did make one for my granddaughters birthday in March but in all honesty I have not made one since, you have now inspired me to think outside of the box, thank you, looking forward to seeing others later.

Pam I reiterate all you have said above.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

Denise Bryant said...

Love all these fun variations! Delightful cards!

Jacqui oakes-alcock said...

Fab, machines Sue, love this look.

hollyberry said...

Lovely cards,such a clever idea.

Karen Drew said...

Love them. Such a neat idea
Karen xx

Jan on the Fosse said...

Good Morning Sue
My first thoughts about these dies that they were just for children but I love all your ideas today.So clever.
Jan x

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, what fabulous and fun cards, I wonder what was more fun, finding the candies or making the cards. Love the way you have matched it all up. Tons of inspiration for using this set of dies. have a great Monday all. Bx

Hazel said...

Good morning .Sue. Not so sure about these type of cards, I think it's really all down to the fact I know I wouldn't make one. That's not to say it's not a great card that took a lot of hard work to design and make.

Pam I hope you can get your prescription first thing this morning and get started on those antibiotics, please take it easy.
Yes one more sleep and a early start for me tomorrow having hair done before I start picking up the Scottish ladies.
Hazel x

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, more great ideas for this die set.
Nancyd xx

Stephanie Cotterill said...

Hi Sue. When I first saw this the first thing I remember thinking was - this is so different to what we are use to from you, a real surprise/shock (in a nice way of course) let's face it Sue, you know how you tease us with "the something completely different" statement when launch is near, but this was really REALLY different from your tags and frames, your backgrounds your borders and striplets but SO MUCH FUN lol. It's not a die I own but I've seen so many really wonderful samples on the fb group and by that alone I know you've given so many people happiness by making and receiving them, so it just goes to show that when you think outside the box you ABSOLUTELY JUMP OUTSIDE it literally lol. Perfect Sue, just perfect ☺
Sending love n hugs for a good day xxx

Marion Bull said...

Morning Sue, what a fab set of cards. I love the lavender hearts but they are all amazing! I have gr the die but haven't made a card yet cos I haven't found any tiny sweets. Now I have seen a these samples I will just have two have a go!

Maggie B xx

Yvonne H said...

Good morning Sue,
What a great selection of cards. I have this set but haven't made one yet , but you have enspired me to make one. Yvonne xx

Muriel Kelly said...

Hello Sue and all
I too thought that this set was for a limited audience when it was released but now love these variations. It is a brilliant set!
Muriel x

Donita Naylor said...


What fun you have with these! If I may ride the coat tails of what Stephanie Cotterill said, "you've given so many people happiness." That is so true and not just about these sets.


Craftynetty said...

I do not have these dies, but they really do,look like such fun. You are very clever in thinking up so many different ways to use them and I love the way you match the backgrounds and candy. I can't really choose a favourite, but the sticking plaster card does make me smile. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great selection of cards, Sue, lots of clever ideas. Not a set I have, but do like seeing your take on them.
Pam - another week, another prescription hopefully! Am a copycat again, nice comments.
Maureen, I shall haunt you!!
Hugs all round.

'P' in Wales

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue. Incredible creation! They are too far out of my skill set to attempt but I admire and enjoy seeing them.
Pam, I hope that the muck up over the antibiotics doesn't set back your recovery. Crewe Trish, sorry about your brother's news. Maureen, welcome back, hope you feel better being in your own home.
Thank you everyone for your good wishes over the last couple of weeks. My mam was discharged on Friday afternoon but really shouldn't have been - she spiked a temp. on her last obs, but they were determined they wanted her out! Not had much sleep over the weekend but she seems to be coming out the other side now, and of course it's back to work for me today but luckily my daughter is home from uni to take over nursing duty during the day.
Echoing Pam's comments and thanks again, you have no idea how much your support means. Hugs to all. Sue xxx

Dawn Searle said...

Morning Sue,
These dies were such a great invention, not a set I have as not sure that I have more than two people who would appreciate them. But I may be tempted now that I have seen these great ideas.
Hugs xx
Dawn S. in Cambridge

Marion Scott said...

Good morning Sue, I remember your TV show and remember thinking at the time how much time and fun you must have had searching out all the different kind of sweets for the array of working machines you had in the studio. It certainly showed the versatility of this die - I believe you even had a Christmas themed machine!!!!
Marion S x

Catherine Lyons said...

Hi Sue i dont have those dies but its nice to see all the different ways you can use it.
Catherine V94 xx

Kitty Davies said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you so much, Brilliant projects.
Have fun and take care kitty.

Jackie Trinder said...

Good morning Sue these cards are all stunning. I saw some of them at Ally Pally they looked amazing there. The fact that they work is astonishing. Have a great week. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Janice K said...

Good morning Sue,
What fantastic ideas!!! Far too many to select just one favourite. The die is so clever, making the card into a gift as well.x

Betty McAlister said...

Morning Sue. Gorgeous fun cards to start the week. Hard to choose a favourite as love them all. Xx

Jan Sayer said...

A real treat for anyone receiving a card like this.

hazel young said...

Brilliant collection of candy machines Sue x xhazel

hettygarlick said...

Lots of great ideas there Sue. I enjoyed watching you showing them on Hochanda.

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
Lovely cards. My favourite is the get well soon one. Love those sticking plasters. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day everyone.

Chris Curry said...

These cards would make any child's day. Lots of fun. Thank you Sue, xx

Netty The Runner said...

These cars are so much fun.
Annette x

PharmacyMichele said...

Brilliant examples of how useful this die set is.


Jan.moogie said...

Love your gumball machines Sue they are all awesome and so easy to make. My grandson loved his gumball machine that much he made one for his friend when he visited last week. He followed your you-tube video and did it by himself and I was so so proud so thank you Sue for making that possible. Have a great day hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Helen Bell said...

Hi Sue and everyone

So much variety from the working candy machines. I think my favourite is the one with the hearts. I like the colours together and you've even sourced heart shaped sweeties for it.

Love Helen xxx

Clai01 said...

The feel better soon idea for me as favourite as it's so different, but i like all of them ! x

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, a lovely selection of amazing cards today. There are so many different ocassions this could be used for, a really great concept.

Love Rosemarie X X

I hope you manage to get your antibiotics today Pam X

Christine Collins said...

Hi Sue
This really is an amazing die, I saw some of your cards on show at Ally Pally and they look even better in real life.
Chris xx

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue,
Brilliant cards, love them all. I really like the idea but don't think I would make enough of them to buy the Dies.
I have bought some of your other Dies I know I will use lots.
Pam I hope you get your Antibiotics ASAP and you feel better soon.
Once again I echo your Summary.
Only one more sleep, before I meet my sister Hazel then we pick up Norah and Jess.
Apart from Hazel we all originally came together going forward from Sue's blog ... thank you Sue.
Sending (((((hugs)))) to all who need them.
Patricia xxx


Hi Sue,

I saw you demoing this at Ally Pally and it works like a dream, such a tremendous idea!!

Croquet Queen x

sharon casey said...

Morning Sue and all the Wilsonettes
Love these cards Iam definately going to invest in this set as seeing these reminded me all the things you can do with them. Hope your feeling better Sue and have taken it a little easier and recuperated.

Pam hope you get your tablets ok today and start to feel a bit better soon, I have woke up full of a cold so all the vitamins to boost me up havent worked, expect its just me worrying that's bought me down a bit.

Would like to wish all that are poorly and all in need sending all healing hugs to you all as I reiterate all Pam said to all

Have a good day all

Clare W said...

GM Sue. Such fun. Great ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - some absolutely amazing cards and so much fun too. Your ideas never stop coming! Thank you Sue,

Sarah Wrightson said...

Morning Sue, great inspiration - thank you xx

CHERYL Brown said...

Morning Sue,

Wow, when you say something different you certainly mean it. Sweet and tasty fun cards to tickle our taste buds today.
Gurt big (((hug))) coming your way, relax now your Trade shows are over.

Love 7 hugs
Cheryl xxx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Such a fun selection of cards, I don't have the set as I they are quite expensive for me difficult when you are on a limited budget.
Have a good day.

nattyboots said...

Bet you had fun making these Sue number 1 is my favorite .

Pam, Andrew has to go for checks on Wednesday ,then hopefully treatment Thursday,i echo all your words today, and hope you can get your meds with no problem.xx
Take care everyone
Big hugs to all who need one

Elaine H X.

ethansnanna said...

What an amazing selection of cards, Sue!!! As others
have said, not a die for me, as I wouldn't use it enough,
but love seeing your demos,

Doreen x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, Wow !! a plethora of fabulous candy machine cards, each card is fabulous !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anne said...

What fun these all are -can't chose a favourite.

Anne (Northampton)

Wendy L said...

Fab 'Fun' cards Sue, xxx

Diane Green said...

Hi Sue
What a lovely selection this morning, you can really make some fun cards with this die. I think the first one with the leaves is lovely because it's different but I have to say the sticking plaster one made me chuckle. I showed my daughter a sample card in our craft shop while she was home and she thought it was a great idea. Hope you can have a day relaxing after the trade show but of course there are all the boxes and samples to unpack first. Take care
Love Diane G xxx
Pam I hope you get the antibiotics today and they start to work quickly. Echoing your comments today xxx
CraftySue what a worry for you, thank goodness your daughter is home to help xxx

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
A collection of fun cards for us this morning. They are all brilliant, but I think my favourite is the first one.
Maureen, glad you're back home and that you are well on the road to recovery. You'll certainly feel much better in your own home.
Love and hugs to all, Alison xx

P Austen said...

Morning Sue, I haven't got this die as I can only think of 3 people in my family who would appreciate a card like this, but it's such a shame as they are so much fun. My favourite one is the heart card and I love the way in which you havevthemed them. Very very clever. Hugs xx P Austen

Izzy said...

Now 'fess up Sue - you designed the Candy Machine just so you could buy and sample loads of different sweeties didn't you!

Love them all, especially the one with sticking plasters.


Clare Powell said...

Great cards, the candy machine is such a great idea x

June Fletcher said...

Morning Sue

I saw your collection of Candy Machines on Hochanda... and they were/are fabulous!

I've made several of these now, each one a different theme too, I love the die

June x

Debra K. said...

What a fabulous selection of cards! Suitable for all ages of males and females. Debra x

Beryl Treble said...

Beautiful cards Sue.

Yorkie girl said...

Good morning Sue and everyone
Well what a fun way to start the week I have not got these dies but watch this space. Lol
I echo all of Pam's comments and thank her for them
Short an sweet this morning
Take care everyone keep smiling
Hugs to all that need one
Theresa G xx

Tressa said...

A great set of examples to encourage those who have bought this die and are trying to think of different ways to use it. Especially like the drama of the first one.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Sue
A wonderful selection of cards using your Candy Machine die.
It is such a great idea for really "fun cards"!
Lesley S x

June Horrocks said...

Morning sue
Love the cards today I thought when I watched you demo earlier this year I knew they would be s great favourite thank you love always June horrocks xxxxxxxxx

Crafty Cruiser said...

Great cards. I have this die set and have made two very slightly different cards but instead of the cup and handle, I made an extra deep shaker but left out the acetate over the circle so I had a hole to fit in a small packet of sweets. I then cut another 2 of just the circle section and extended it to the left and sandwiched acetate in between them. I scored a line on the left hand side to create a fold and fitted it over the circle, sticking it down to the left of the fold, thus creating a 'door'. I made a small 'catch' with a brad to give it a swivel movement and stuck that on the right of the door to hold it closed. My great nephew was absolutely thrilled with it! I was pretty pleased too! I don't do Facebook or otherwise I would post a picture.
Doreen R

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Very clever die, love it. love Jean Z xxx

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, very clever use of this die, I wouldn't make use of it, but love your ideas.
Take care everyone, Jess x

Nannieflash said...

Good Morning Sweet Sue, oh my you will have all the kids of the neighbourhood knocking on your door for those. A fabulous idea and so useful for youngsters. hugs Shirleyxxx

Theresa Pace said...

oh i love this. i won the die in your last draw. now i just need to create with it, hugs xx


You have been busy on your Cady Machines Sue!!! My grandsons would love one of these. Very clever concept. xx

Jennifer Smith-Kirk said...

Hi Sue
Lovely samples they are a really fun idea x x x

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, these dies are a masterpiece of papercraft engineering and I love all of your samples which I am sure will give those with the dies plenty of ideas. My favourite is the 'Thanks a Latte'.


Yorks butterfly said...

Great cards Sue. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your ideas for them.

Jaye said...

Love these samples, they're so much fun and the die is a brilliant idea. Sadly I do not have it as I wouldn't make enough use of it. Still love it though!

Sue MacFall said...

These would be great for children's cards too - lovely, Sue

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I love them all!
Thank you for the inspiration.
Véronique L

Kate's Cards said...

Great children's cards or never grown up adults! Love them. Xxx

Fiki said...

this is awesome!
love it!

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
What a treat, a candy machine for every occasion and I love the plasters.
Maureen, Sarah going to GOSH for review appointment on Friday, otherwise she is her usual happy self. She's coping really well with her new hearing aid and her speech is really improving. Sorry you're missing the meet up, can just see the others watching for that red silk bloomer balloon 😂😂
Sending caring hugs to Pam, Elaine, CraftySuetoo,Crewe Trish, Sharon and Laine and all our missing friends

Love and hugs to everyone

Myra said...

Hello Sue,
I don't have this Die either as it wouldn't be used by me anything like the number of times I use your others! It's such a clever idea though and great for children - of any age!! My favourite is the Get Well one as I think it would bring such a smile to the face of the recipient! They are all lovely though!
Going to have my nails done today ready for tomorrow! So looking forward to seeing everyone . My sparring partner will be missing and sorely missed but just thankful Maureen is home and on the mend, as they say! I see Saba first and we travel together so that's nice despite what she may say!!!
After School Club again today! Such fun!! Think I'm getting too long in the tooth for this lark but it's mostly good fun!
Echoing Pam's lovely messages to everyone!
Pam - hope you are feeling a bit better! You've had the run around for those antibiotics!
Love to all,
Myra xxx

KarinsArtScrap said...

these are fabulous designs and cards Sue
Gr Karin

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, great fun cards. I especially like the get well soon one and the one with hearts on. Really good for children and those who still think they are.

Annie Stamps said...

Love the candy machine cards Sue. I don't have this die set yet but it's on my wish list. Think my grandkids would love a working candy machine birthday card

Annie P

Georgiana said...

How fun!

Jeannie Donnelly said...

Morning Sue, these are really fun dies, might just put them on my "I Need" list. Lol! Have a great day! xx

Disco Queen said...

Wow Sue! Theses cards are all fabulous. It's great to see so many different looks for the same die set.

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, I am very tempted to get these dies, will be great for the grandchildren for their birthdays and Christmas. My favourite one is the Wild about You! Love Jean from Wiltshire xxx

Sam Smithard said...

To My Wonderful Dear Friend Sue,
Well My Sweet Friend, I Can Remember Sometime Ago You Said You Were Going
To Start Thinking Out Of The Box Whilst Making Your "Striking Cards".
Then Comes Along The Magnificent "Working Candy Machine" Which Is Extremely Stupendous
Also Your "The First" In The Crafting World To Think Of This Type Of Die. (A Working Die) "WOW"
I Just Love The Remarkable Creations, You've Proven They Are Not Just For Children (Love Them All)
But I Do Have Favourites:-
Particularly Love Number One:- (I'm Wild About You) I Love The Awesome Colour Combination, Also "The Exquisite
Embossed Background" Also "The Truly Outstanding Foliage" I Love That You Cut Your "Candy Machine"
Out Of Black Card.
The Next One For Myself, Is "Thanks A Latte" I Love How You've Created The Background Using
The Sentiment From One Of Your Tremendous "Shadow Box Collections" (Another Scrumptious Collection).
Any Recipient Would Be "Truly Blown Away" To Receive Cards Made Like This.
Sue, As Always Thank You For Sharing "Today's Extremely Exquisite Cards"
Thank You For The Daily Inspiration, I Appreciate Everything You Do, Thank You For This Tremendous Blog.
Take Great Care
Wonderful Warm Fond Wishes To Colin Also Heather
Sue, Lots Of Love Also Huge Hugs 🤗 For Yourself
Love From Sam xxx
I "Congratulate" "Jan Moogie's Extremely Talented Grandson" For Making A "Working Candy Machine"
For His Friend (By Himself) Following Your "Video Tutorial" Of This Particular Die Set.
No Wonder She's Extremely Proud Of Him....

scrAPpamondo said...

Amazing !! All so different and so fun!!

Anonymous said...

I've seen it all now....I've already watched this video once, but will watch again. Amazing.

Jan D., FL, USA

barbara macaskill said...

I ❤️ them all but the first one is my favorite! I have this die set and love making these! My grandsons are so in love with them too! My 13 year old grandson asked if I would make one for each of his classmates for the end of the year. I haven't decided yet if I will because then my eight year old grandson will want to do the same for his class and that adds up to around 45-50 gumball machines! Time will tell.TFS!

Vie Carter said...

Love them all but the first one and the get well are the best for me, although all fab

I watched you demo these at Ally Pally just fabulous


theresa w said...

Hi sue and lovely wilsonettes x
Wonderful candy machines sue x think they are all great x after seeing these for real at ally pally I had to treat myself , now just have to watch the video and figure it out x
Take care everyone x
Theresa w xxx

CraftyJo said...

I bet kids love these!! :)

Crewe Trish said...

Hello Sue
What a lovely fun start to the week I haven't found an excuse to buy these dies yet but I will.I hope the trade show went well and you are managing to find some me time you are very important to us all.Pam I hope the new antibiotics kick in soon. Thank you all for your kind thoughts.Hugs to all who are unwell.

Suzzette Yandle said...

These candy machines are so much fun. Your creation of your CARD apparatus for holding candy, method of disbusing candy and a real turning lever is amazing! Oh, and also a tray to hold that candy is awesome, too. Truly an interactive card.

val jones said...

Hi Sue, I haven't got this die but just love All the different cards you have made with it
Love Val in Spain xxx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
Thought I'd look in while sitting in the hospital with Pete.
Lovely cards today although I don't have this Die set and no younger children to make these for. I love the idea though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

Great and really fun cards for a Monday!And the dies are just brilliant. I love them all but “Thanks A Latte” is my favorite. Nice to see you used the stamp from Shadow Box Collection - Thanks A Latte Accessory to create a background. So, the stamps are not only for the sentiments … Once again you proved how versatile all your dies and stamps are!Anybody would be thrilled to receive cards made like this, including myself. Thank you for the inspiration and the great video.

Pam – Hope you got the antibiotics and they start to work quickly.
Myra – Do you really think is a good idea to meet Saba first? Just saying …
To the gang of nine (unfortunately only 8 this time) - Enjoy your meet up, ladies! Hope you’ll share everything with the rest of us.
Maureen – Sorry you’ll miss the meet up. Take care.
CraftySuetoo – Hope your Mum will feel better soon.
Laine, Yvonne – Miss you both.

Still a newbie to Craft / not longer the newest, or the only Canadian Wilsonette

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue
These cards are totally amazing!!! They are so beautiful and so much fun!!!! They are all fantastic but if I had to choose a favourite it would be the last one pictured...the lilac one....just because I love that colour! And the colour of the sweets are cool as well!!

dorothy cattanach said...

Hi Sue.
I just love the candy machine and my little great grandchild did too. Such fun for them. I Iam in the process of making another, as a May Birthday is on the horizon for my eldest gr grandaughter.

Thanks for sharing again Sue.

Dorothy. xxx

Rosemary Stickland said...

Love the variety you have achieved with this die.
Rosemary xx

Dawn Holben said...

Sue these are all fabulous samples of the candy machine.
I love making these, i made one for hubby and have just had to fill it for the fourth time as he loves it.
For anyone who hasn't got this it is so much fun, although i must confess i was
eating the sweets as i was filling it up lol

Littlelamb said...

Like all these cards Sue. Like the hearts one best I think. Haven't got these dies as the most I would make would be 3. Might change my mind though. Thank you for showing us all the examples they are brilliant.

Beverly Fuchs said...

Hello Sue,

What a fun way to start off the day. This die is such an innovative idea and the cards that you have made are fabulous. Every one is theme oriented and color coordinated. I cannot imagine how much time it took you to find all the candies in all colors and shapes. Cards made from this die bring such joy and delight to the recipient.

Have a delightful day.

Beverly from Maryland, USA

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

Love them and so much fun.. on my want list - another one!!!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
These look fab.......and such fun.
Beverley W

karenlotty said...

These make me smile when you show them and the fact they actually work makes them special

liz spooner said...

I really like this idea Sue, so different.xx

Karen M said...

Hi Sue
These look such fun,very different
Best wishes
Karen M

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Great selection of cards, fun for children of all ages! I think I like the purple one the most.
Heather R Oxfordshire

Nanny Jo said...

Such a brilliant die set, Sue!!! I love them! Jo x

Lynne L said...

Hi Sue A lovely collection of fabulous cards I remember seeing some of these on Hochanda and was and am still amazed at the variety of cards you made using this die set
Sending good wishes to all

Chantal said...

Fabulous cards, love the candy machines.
Hugs, Chantal S

Narrowboat girl said...

Fab cards Sue. I love the get well soon one with the plasters, very imaginative

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Sue,
What a fabulous selection of cards today, they are all so different.
Pam, hope you managed to get your antibiotics and that they "kick" in soon. As usual you have done an excellent review. I'm bound to forget someone.
'P' you wouldn't haunt an invalid would you ha ha.
Pat L, I'll be thinking about your brave little granddaughter. She is a remarkable little girl.
CraftySuetoo, thank you for your kind comments.
Elaine, I hope Andrew gets good news.
PP and Laine, I hope you and your families are all well.
Carmen, shh don't tell anyone but I'll really miss Myra's white knuckle rides, Saba's making me laugh so much that I nearly disgrace myself, Patricia and Diane hobbling around in new shoes, Jess playing with her Minion toy, Margaret trying to keep everyone in order, Norah doing wheelies on her mobility scooter in the hotel car park - and not letting me go on the back! and last but not least Hazel who organises the whole thing and keeps so cheerful. Miss it - me - don't be silly boo hoo.
love to all
Maureen xx

sued99 said...

These look really good. Lots of fun too. X

lorraine eastwood said...

Good evening lovely Sue and her crafty crew!

What a fun selection of cards, the first one being my favourite, the whole concept of the kinetic Candy Machine has been a resounding success and you should be duly proud of your achievement coming up with this fabulous concept...I haven't purchased the set though, I don't have enough possible recipients to justify the outlay, however i can still fully appreciate and admire all of your varied and ingenious samples using this particular die. Well done Sue, the samples are so imaginative, thanks for providing us with your own ideas for this fantastic die setxxx
Happy Monday everyone, hope you have had a fabulous day....despite the weather! You know what they say, it's Sods Law when you have to get your hair done and there's gale force winds and the forecast for snow...its nearly May for goodness sake!....It was deceptively sunny outside, the mere hint of a promise for Spring like conditions, however, i sensibly armed myself with a golfing sized umbrella just in case. Luckily, I had an early appointment...11am which is still nearly night time for the likes of me and dare I say it, Yvonne and Myra:-) I was back home by 1.10pm and just in time for a downpour of hailstones quickly followed by snow! Very pleased that my perfectly coiffured hair is intact...I'm looking for a good few days out of this blow dry that's for sure, I want my moneys worth:-)
Myra, you are a lady after my own heart, I wouldn't dream of going anywhere without having my nails done either...what colour did you go for?Tarty red like Maureen...well, if the cap fits...or subtle pink or nude like the elegant sophisticated lady that you so clearly are:-) I've currently got black on because I am dark, mysterious and, not because I am a witch Yvonne! Hope you enjoyed your card group, you have the patience of a saint, I know that a class full of screaming children would drive me to distraction! Good preparation for the meeting of the Naughty Nine though i guess.....Have a safe tripxxx
Patricia, Hazel, Jess and Norah, be careful on the drive down, especially if we are still having this freakish weather. Do keep us all informed about your antics, we are all dying to know what you get up to this time. Take carexxx
Saba, so the plan is to intercept Maureen before you reach your intended destination? Wise thinking, then you can appropriately disable her and take whatever measures that you deem necessary to protect yours and the others safety:-) You could have done with Deb C tagging along, she has military training you know, because things could get pretty hairy. Myra pretends that she's a sweet and innocent pensioner but we know differently don't we?:-) Keep yourself safe tooxxx
Pam, hope you managed to pick up your antibiotics, the last thing you need is another setback at this stage. Take care and keep well wrapped up in this weatherxxx
Trish, special thoughts to you and your brother.
Carmen, i have to say that I'm not surprised you missed me, but Yvonne!!??!? Now that doesn't make ANY sense at all! I bring wit and joy to the blog yet she does her best to infect it with doom and misery so what's to miss in that? Have you watched Broadchurch yet, I'm dying to know what you think....did I tell you that I guessed the rapist correctly BEFORE the episode was aired? I know, impressive or what:-) Do you have any pets at home other than your husband?xxx
Yvonne, surely you're back on line already? A whole weekend without internet access, a fate worse than death! Missing youxxx
Elaine, sending love to you, Andrew and Helen, good luck for this weeks tests.
Hugs to all my bestiesxxx


lorraine eastwood said...

Oops, Saba i meant disable Myra NOT Maureen! My goodness, poor Maureen doesn't need restraining at the moment, she needs love, care and attention as well as our sympathy, its going to be hard for her missing your booze up in a seedy hotel, so sorry Maureen if I unnecessarily alarmed you whilst you are in such a fragile state. Keep your pecker up my lovely, thinking of youxxx

Crafty hugs


jenny Briggs said...

Hi Sue

Love all of these cards the idea is brilliant


Helen Terry said...

Hi Sue These are all amazing cards loads of inspiration for us.
Thank You Helen Terry xxx

Princess Pixie! said...

Evening Sue
Such sweet cards!! Lol x
I love them all - I can think of so many adults who would love these as well as the kids. They are such fun x
I have not had internet access all weekend. Had a problem with the modem but thank goodness we are back in the land of the living!
Didn't let my time go to waste and decided to put pen to paper -
Hope you don't mind folks I've a few words I'd like to say
Particraft is the best blog ever and the highlight of my day
Sue I hope you enjoy my ditty because I wrote it just for you
Although words don't seem enough to thank you for everything you do
In my role as Number 1 and your favourite Wilsonette
I hope this poem goes down well and isn't something I regret
When you meet and greet us at Ally Pally you're so modest and so humble
We bombard you with our questions and you never ever grumble
The dies in the recent launch got me completely in a spin
When you do the draw on 27th of course I'd love to win
There should be a support group for folks like me who are weak willed
How can a little piece of metal make me feel so fulfilled
I always get so excited when it comes to the big reveal
To see the works of art you have created, they always make me squeal
Geminis and Striplets well you can never have enough
The variety you give us makes choosing really tough
For a little magic on my cards I have finishing touches and expressions
Bringing delight and joy to all my card making sessions
The Vintage Perfume Bottles and Handbags are so delicate and charming
I pre ordered them and the Tropicals - length of my want list is alarming
The Stained Glass Collection is utterly divine
The moment that I saw them I had to make them mine
The Butterfly, the Hummingbird and the beautiful Bonsai Tree
You guessed it, I rushed to Set Craft and purchased them - all 3
The Indonesian Collection took me to places I've never been
The names you give your dies completely set the scene
The Tropical Collection whisked me off to paradise
In my imagination the young and handsome waiter was very nice
The Frames and Tags were stunning and exceeded expectation
It took all my will power not to give in to further temptation
Wilsonettes please tell me that I'm not the only one
Who must live on bread and water because my food money is all gone
My crafty stash is overflowing almost spilling out the door
Truth be known I WANT IT ALL but don't NEED anymore
Sue because of you my shelves are groaning under the strain
I know when the next launch comes along I'll want the whole lot again
Oh I'd love to take a peek into your private crafty space
Watch you strut your stuff with your usual elegance and grace
On screen you appear to be organised and tidy but I guess
Behind closed doors when no one's watching you love to make a mess
You are such a special lady - truly one of life's best
To be allowed into your crafty world I feel so very blessed
I hope you've enjoyed my rhyme and it's raised a smile or 2
I'll finish by sending lots of love to wonderful gorgeous Sue

Sending happy thoughts and lots of love to you all
Takes care
Crafty hugs
Yvonne x

Di said...

Hi Sue,
The amazing candy machine, I love it, so many ways to do it.
Di B. x

Laura O' Connor said...

Beautiful cards. Laura O

Marianne's Craftroom said...

These are amazing

Brenda Lello said...

Hi Sue,
It looks to me that you had great fun making these cards.
Any child big or small would be delighted to receive one of these very clever cards.
.Love and hugs Brenda XXX

Eunice said...

The working candy machine is wonderful. Even an older person would love to receive one with all the goodies inside!!!

ursula said...

Wow, they all look amazing Sue....luv Ursula xxxx

Arlyn(O) said...

Hi Sue, Saw you make this on TV recently, absolutely love them. Arlyn

Dragonsnap2 said...

What a lot of candy machines and all so different too. I did manage to make one each for my grandchildren for Easter. I kept starting and stopping the YouTube video to get it right the first time and found it was really so easy to do. I didn't even need the instructions for the second one. Hardest thing about them is finding small enough sweets without too much colouring as they both get high on that.
Already have some Christmas ones in mind for friends.
Hope everyone had as good a day as possible. I'm really late today as I've just been so busy.
Hugs and prayers to all.
D xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. WOW You have made some fantastic cards and they are all so different. I watched your show on Hochanda when you demoed this die set. You had some stunning samples on for us to see, I really loved your Baby and Christmas ones. Out of these ones the Feeling Better Soon is a favourite.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

Latenight Sandy H said...

Super selection of candy machines. So many ideas and suitable for all sorts of occasions and all ages.

Unusually for me I had a quick peak at the blog about 12 to take him out for a meal. You've guessed it, I'd made a candy machine (in his favourite team's colours). He loved it and wanted to know how it was made.

Like Dragonsnap2 I've had problems finding the right sweets. So far I've needed gluten-free and without chocolate. Did you source your sweets in the U.K. Sue?

Take care everyone.

Latenight Sandy H said...

Oops, that should have said "about 12 hours ago"!! Don't know how I managed to delete that.

Viki Banaszak said...

These cards are wonderful!!! And really, who doesn't love candy?

Jennie - The Crafty Wife said...

Fabulous cards and something for every age.

Scottydog said...

Rather late I'm afraid! Love the idea of the white pill shaped sweets for the get well soon card!

Pawprintx4 said...

I saw you on HOCHANDA when you demoed these and was amazed at all the variations you came up with let alone a working gum ball machine. Very innovative. I'm afraid I would eat all my craft supplies if I owned this die set. Love the Camo version and the get clever.
Stephanie K