Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Dream Circle

Hello crafters!  Today's card is an easy make, especially if you are just starting your crafting journey.   I started with a piece of  Iris card and cut three of the Joanie die in white and glued them horizontally across the card.  Next I cut the Dream Circle in both white and black.  I offset the black one behind to create a shadow.  I cut the backing for the Dream Circle out of Iris card and glued it together, then added it with foam to the centre of the card.  I used the extra flowers from the Magnolia Corner die set to create the floral element in the lower corner.  I cut the Magnolia Corner in white and nipped it apart to use the leaves as accents around the flowers.  The card was completed with white, Iris and black mats and layers.  The finished dimensions are 7"  x  7" in size.

While I hope that all of you and your loved ones are doing okay amidst the Corona virus outbreak, I hope the blog can be a bit of a safe haven where you can come and enjoy for a few minutes and just get away from it all.  I have, however, had to make a decision recently and it has caused me a bit of back and forth about whether I should or shouldn't go forward with my April die release.  I did not want it to appear frivolous given the current situation, but I also don't want the virus to win and take everything from our daily lives that we know and love either!  After much soul searching, I have decided to go forward with the launch as planned.  I really feel that it might be the one thing that makes someone smile everyday and lift spirits for a few days and that alone is worth it!   Crafting has always been my solice and it is more important than ever with the stay at home self isolation many of us are facing now.  I am hoping that you will enjoy the launch and leave plenty of comments because there is one more thing that I am going to do during this launch that I have never done before!  As usual, I will be giving away a set of each of the dies in the launch but I am also going to be giving away one entire set of all of the dies to one lucky winner.  Every comment that is left on any post during the blog launch will be rolled into one drawing for the entire set, so in essence, you can possibly have eighteen chances to win the entire set if you leave a comment on every post!  I hope that will brighten anyone's day that is under quarantine.  Take that virus!  We are not going to let you beat us!  If you are with me on this, we will start tomorrow morning at 6am!  All for now, Sue x

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Karen Drew said...

Stunning card and the sentiment is so apt at the moment. As a key worker I find that crafting on my days off takes away the stress off the awful situation we are all in at the moment. Thank you for your inspiration every day.
Hope you are all staying safe and well
Karen xx

hazel young said...

Beautiful card Sue xx Hazel

Steph Cotterill said...

Morning Sue. An absolute beauty. Not only your sample but the person within that made it. YOU are keeping my head above water during this frightening time I can't begin to tell you how many years I've cried over the past few weeks - fear, frustration, worry, and for me to cry like that is completely out of character, so yes Sue Particraft, and a couple of Particraft friends have kept me going throughout all this uncertainty. I like many look forward to every launch this will be no different apart from its coming at a perfect time. Thank you lovely lady, please stay safe as we're not seeing a great deal of social distancing from 'your leader' and the media team! Take care EVERYONE xxx

Marion Scott said...

A beautiful card Sue and the iris card is so uplifting.
I am glad that you have decided to go ahead with the April die launch. Although I have plenty of time as I am in isolation for my age and not medical grounds, I seemed to have lost my crafty mojo and this may be just what I and possibly others need. Thank you.
Marion S x

Clai01 said...

With you all the way Sue... please go ahead with the die launch x said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you a beautiful card.
Thank you Sue for going ahead with your April launch,
I am so looking forward to it, thank you.
Take care and keep safe Kitty.

KarinsArtScrap said...

this is gorgeous and elegant Sue
Gr Karin

Jan on the Fosse said...

Hi Sue
So happy that you are going to launch your new dies. I think everyone needs something to take away the stress of this awful situation we are going through.
What a beautiful card the background just looks like lace.
Please take care.
Jan x

CraftyCoffey said...

Gorgeous card & a really kind+ generous gesture for the launch.
Every day on my way to + from work (Frontline NHS staff) I see fat too many people out and about. It’s frustrating as I’m risking my health (along with many others I the same position) to ensure the patients receive their Chemotherapy on time and in a safe, secure way.
I’m too exhausted to craft much at the moment but I can dream about winning something which is a lovely thought.


CraftyCoffey said...

That’s meant to read “far too many “!


Crewe Trish said...

Hello Sue
Another lovely card today. Sue please go ahead with your new collection it is just what we need to take our minds off these dark days, being able to visit your blog 4 times a day will really lift my spirits

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, beautiful card, love the colour choice. Must admit I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything at the moment. Being 9n your own and not seeing anyone.and worrying about family in France, as well as my family here, doesn’t help. I must stop worrying and get back back to my normal routine. Take care. Love Jean xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, a wonderful card this morning. Love the colours and the dies. I am sure that it will be uplifting to let your new die release go ahead.

Barbara V

Catherine Lyons said...

A beautiful card Sue love the colour choice
Catherine v94

dj from kettering said...

This is a gorgeous card today & I love the iris card.

Thank you for going ahead with the launch; I can understand
the backwards & forwards you've gone through. It will be
something to look forward to during the next few days,

Take care,

Doreen x

Barbara Gosden said...

Hi Sue
A beautiful card.
I think your new launch will brighten our days and give us something else to think about.
B xx

carol edwards said...

Hello Sue, a wonder card in lovely colours and a great sentiment too.
I think you are so right to carry on with your launch. We all need something in the day to look forward to in these trying times. I like so many are worrying about family, friends and things we care about. Thank you for such an uplifting blog, I'm sure we are all going to really enjoy the new launch with lots of inspiration too. Take care, be safe everyone xx

June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, I was so chocked up this morning reading your blog, what a wonderful thing to do, you have always been such a caring and sincere person and to do this with your new launch is so admirable. It must have been a hard decision for you to make to go ahead with the April launch but don't stress yourself, you have done the right thing, yes many of us are in solation of one kind or another, and many people are holding the country together with their dedication and commitment, so we need something to continue in our lives and not let this horrible virus beat us, so on behalf of all your loyal friends and supporters I say Thank you I look forward to the launch with interest as always.

Todays sample is beautiful and the Joannie die is so beautiful, I used it for my sisters 50th wedding anniversary card recently, she loved it.

Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

rolfi said...

Hi Sue,

that´s a beautiful card today and a fabulous statement to normalize our difficult days a bit and againt the virus. Thank you so much.

Rolf xxx

Hunnymummy54 said...

Morning Sue and all the Wilsonettes
What a gorgeous card and such a generous gift your doing and for your new launch it is lovely kind thing.

Sending love and healing hugs to all that need them xx

Hope you all have a good day

Sharon MK

Marie P. from Longridge said...

Good morning Sue and all the Wilsonettes.
A gorgeous card and 'yes' we can dream can't we I've lived alone for 17 years now and am housebound too. It feels so different now and I hold onto your blog with hope for the future.
I was a Nurse all my working life and would love to help but as I will be 89 next week I don't think there is much I could help with as I've been retired for 33 years.
Sorry Sue for rabbiting on but we are all friends here aren't we.
Marie P.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - this is such a pretty card and every morning your blog is part of my routine. I understand how difficult the decision must have been for you to go ahead with your new launch but it will bring such joy for us all to see more of your amazing cards every day. Your generosity knows no bounds Sue, and I now look forward to seeing what you have in store for us. Thank goodness for the hobby of crafting and your wonderful blog! Sending very best wishes

Suemac said...

A pretty card

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card. Good for you Sue,ourwhole liveshavechanged and I'm under shielding which means I should not be in the same room as my husband, a bit difficult when he's my carer and also works for the NHS.Cant wait for tomorrow.
Hugs tvaddict20 xxxx

Lynne L said...

Good morning Sue Todays card is beautiful Thank you for going ahead with the launch we all need something to look forward to and lift our spirits during these dark days What a very generous gesture to offer up the whole new collection for one lucky winner thank you Sue Take care everyone

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Gorgeous card, love the lacy background.
Good fro you not giving in to this awful virus, as yo say we all need a lift so I for one am looking forward to seeing your new dies.
Take care.

Lisbeth said...

Hi Sue. Now that you have broken down how to make this pretty card I can see that, in essence, it really is quite simple to make.
I am pleased that you have decided to go ahead with the launch. It is so good to have something to look forward to when we don't know how long this horrible situation is going to go on for. I hope it will also give some of the poor retailers some help in their situation too.


BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue, a really beautiful and very feminine card. As for going a head with the launch, I think (and I am sure many others will agree), is that it is a good idea. Something to look forward to. Life is not stopping, the earth will not stop revolving because of this virus, and so many people will need the inspiration and the ability to focus on something else for a while. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

Owlish said...

Hi Sue
Now that is a fabulous card great colour
Owlish Xx

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
Today’s card is absolutely stunning! Joannie die is so pretty I love your colour choice. I have a rare day off today and I’ve just got my Greek collection sets of dies ready to make cards ( remember them?). I look forward to seeing your new launch it will brighten up everyone’s day! I’ve been working a lot of extra shifts covering for carers out on self isolation so it will give me something to look forward to and take my mind off this very scary time! I think you’ve made the right choice and as usual your generosity is amazing, good luck everyone!
Hugs x
Heather T

Crafty Vonnie said...

Good morning Sue,
A beautiful card today which is very feminine. I am glad you have decided to go with the launch of your new dies as we need to try & keep life as normal, I thoroughly enjoy seeing all your beautiful creations. Keep safe everyone. Yvonne xx

Pauline Austen said...

Morning Sue, what a kind gesture to go ahead with your new die launch. You have made many people really happy and well as those members who have lost their mojo, for the time being. It is just what we want at this time. I for one will look forward to seeing the cards which go with the new dies as it's not just about the winning of one of even the whole set!!! How generous are you?
What a FABULOUS card you have given us today. Love the colours and that lovely flower corner. Hugs xxx Pauline

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
I’m so glad you’re going ahead with the launch as it will give us all something to look forward too, just what we need to brighten our days. A big round of applause to all those who are keeping all the essential services running and to everyone who is following the advice and staying at home to save lives👏👏👏
A beautiful card today, the background is exquisite

Love and hugs and take care everyone

karenlotty said...

Well said Sue
We need our bit of solace in these very troubled times
I look forward to seeing the launch and the hope of winning a little something
Beautiful card today Take care x

Jackie T said...

Hi Sue this is a stunning card. Those dies are utterly gorgeous and I love the coloure. Take care. Hugs Jackie

redfox said...

Hi Sue, we are all most certainly on board with you! I always look forward to your new releases and especially now that we are all having to live life so differently. God bless, love Sarah

Crafty Cruiser said...

Absolutely gorgeous card today.
Good decision on going ahead with your launch. I can understand how this was a difficult decision but I believe you’ve made the right call. Good luck!
Stay safe!
Doreen R

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

Beautiful post and thank you for deciding to carry on - whilst things aren't normal I think everyone should try to do as much of what is normal as possible...

ursula said...

Superb card Sue, recently purchased the Joannie set and this is now on my 'to do' the flowers just to finish it off....I do so agree with you Sue, your dies are my main collection, I love them each and every one and I look forward to the new launch. Very kind of you to offer not just one die, but the entire set to one lucky winner. My craft room is my solace, my card making is my main hobby, together with album making etc, where your dies also come in useful...I knit, I crochet, mainly for charities, so I am always busy and do not mind my own company, altho I am fortunate to have my hubby around as well. So thank you Sue, I do feel you are making the right choice. I pop in every day to see your special for the day, so please please continue as you are....many thanks, take care everyone, keep safe....luv Ursula xx

sued99 said...

A really beautiful card to brighten our day.
Like so many people I’m glad your launch is going ahead. It will be, I’m sure, an inspiration to us all and a bit of sunshine in these difficult times. Xx

Susan Battensby said...

A beautiful card and although you say it is simple, it actually looks very classy and pretty.
Really looking forward to your new launch, absolutely the right decision.

Helen Bell said...

Hi Sue

A beautiful card, love the colour too.

Definitely the right choice to go ahead with your die launch. You reach so many people and improve their lives by showing something beautiful that they can recreate themselves if they want to. I’m sure some people just like to look at the samples even if they don’t craft!
You bring some normality and structure to many people lives. Every day without fail there is another new creation posted on your blog. I have not commented for a while for personal reasons but still look in every day. Last week I left a birthday card on an elderly neighbours doorstep after I had collected her prescriptions again and posted some letters for her. I knocked on her door and moved across the road. She opened her card on the doorstep and she gave me the biggest smile ever and I could tell she really liked it. I think it cheered up both our days. I was almost as choked as during the 8pm NHS clapping last week. It’s nice to escape the scary days we’re living in at the moment by losing yourself in crafting, but even better to brighten up someone else’s day by then giving what you’ve made to some one else. (As well as helping with other things if you can do safely)
Sorry for rambling on. Like I said Sue, you have made the right choice to launch your new dies now to cheer people up and you are being even more generous than usual and that is really kind so thank you.

Stay safe

Love Helen xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I love the lacy background to your card.
Wow! A chance to win your whole April collection is amazing!!!
Thank you for all the inspiration you continue to give us during the strange and frightening times we are living through.
Can't wait to see your first offering.
Véronique L

Ann Topp said...

Good Afternoon Sue. Ohhh what a lovely card... And so fitting for everything that we are all experiencing at the Moment. I love these circle saying dies I have three up to press. And they make beautiful cards when in a hurry. Wonderful Sample.
Sue I can only imagine your dilemma ...such a hard decition for you to make ....but I am so glad you have gone ahead... I am sure you must know how much your loyal daily bloggers appreciate the thoughtfulness... And the huge generosity we can all look forward to. We all appreciate what you do for us crafters... and I know for many of your followers this is the highlight of their day. Thankyou Sue I am certainly looking forward to the new launch and like everyone else keeping my fingers crossed that I could be a winner. Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone who needs them today. Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds.

Fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, a really pretty card, Joanie does look so like lace and sits beautifully on the Iris card. I too think that you made the right choice to go ahead with your new collection. In these worrying times I am a firm believer in continuing as much of our normal routine as possible otherwise the days just drift away and we are wasting our lives. A new Sue Wilson collection is always exciting and we could all do with a little excitement to counteract all the doom and gloom. You are being extraordinarily generous with your giveaways and I know we will all be happily looking forward to tomorrow.

PP - thank you for your words about Laine, I know you will miss her.


Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Sue, I do so love the iris colour and you have made such a pretty card with it today. With everything going on I hadn't realised a new launch was planned but I'm so looking forward to it now. As you say we all need something to cheer us up every day so thank you for all you are doing. Jackie xx

Sandra Annalise said...

Thank you Sue, looking forward to seeing your new dies and your cards that you make with them. Kind regards Sandra

Suzzette Yandle said...

Lovely design today and so easy on the eyes. Your thoughts and words are heartwarming and uplifting during this uncertain time. I am pleased you are going on with your April release. Doing so will give many of us inspiration and also hope that we can continue on with something we have come to enjoy and what is a "norm". Many of us do our crafting as an escape from day to day hassles where we can make something beautiful and feel good about our creations. Stay safe and stay well. Hugs

lindyloo12Somerset said...

Love the colours on this card, and love the fact you are not going to let the virus spoil our enjoyment and our inspiration. Thanks for being so generous Sue with your dies and your time etc.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
Such a pretty card and so pleased I have just bought this die although I haven’t used it yet!
I can imagine how hard your decision must have been at this difficult time but I think you
have made the right one and will look forward to your new release.
Sending my very best wishes to you and all your blog followers.
Lesley S x said...

Hi Sue, I am glad you decided to go ahead with the launch.
I am currently bed and chair ridden with a fractured knee,
So this will perk me up and give me something to look forward to
apart from exercises.
Sharon in Toronto

June Horrocks said...

Hi sue a beautiful card today the die is so pretty thank you sue
About your launch I am with you all the way sue I am so worried about all what’s going on it will be a welcome break from all the worry I have never cried so much in my life this is a hidden enemy
So thank you sue and good luck with your launch
My love always june horrocks xxxxxxx

Princess Pixie! said...

Hi Sue
A dreamily perfect card. Absolutely beautiful x
I am so pleased you will go ahead with your April die release. Your blog brings so much joy to so many. With the current climate being so surreal and difficult for people, I think this is definitely a haven and your decision to proceed with the launch is a welcome one. It will be such a wonderful and heartwarming distraction from the mundane which we are all trying to deal with at the moment. I have so much that I could be getting on with but finding the motivation is almost impossible.
You are always so generous when you launch your dies and the chance for someone to win the ‘whole shebang’ this time is just amazing. Thank you so much x.
I am in awe of and so grateful to all of our NHS soldiers who are absolute angels and deserve medals.
CraftyCoffey and anyone else who is or ever has been frontline NHS - I applaud you x
Take care and stay safe everyone
Crafty hugs
Yvonne x

Scottydog said...

A beautiful card, love the laciness of this die set and the pretty colour you have used. Thank you Sue.

So sorry to hear the sad news about Lorraine, condolences to her family & friends, especially Yvonne.

Sue I understand the quandary you have been in. However When something like this happens we need to keep to normality & routine as much as possible. We are all missing our families but to have something to look forward each day lifts our spirits & keeps us going & to have a reason to visit your blog 4 times is a real bonus! So pleased you are going ahead & as usual your generosity with the extra draw is much appreciated.

CCM said...

What a lovely card!

Thank you, Sue, for taking the time to "talk" with us and thank you for your decision to go ahead with the April launch. I understood that it was not easy to make this decision and, personally, I truly appreciate that you will bring us joy in these troubled times.And as always, your generosity is greatly appreciated.
I am so looking forward to tomorrow.

Hugs from Toronto to you all
Stay safe and healthy.

Joan McKevitt said...

What a lovely card, Sue! xx

Yorkie girl said...

Hi Sue
Now this is my sort of SW card. I love everything about it it’s Devine
I can understand your dilemma of your upcoming die release and I think you are doing the right thing by going ahead with it
You are being super generous with your giveaways I for one will be visiting just to see what delights you have in store for us all
I hope you are well and safe , this virus is so so scary and it is afacting everyone in the word so I will look forward to seeing your new collection.
You take care my friend
Theresa G

Handmade by Donna x said...

Hey, sorry late post from me today. Tried earlier but work kept getting in the way. Long 12 hour shifts still for me but with the added stress of the current situation.
Condolences to Lorraine's family and friends, so sorry to hear this sad news.

As for the card Sue it's my fav colour and I love this dream sentiment I was using my friend one the other day. The card is just beautiful and cheerful, thank you.
Well one lazy day off for me tomorrow, I think I've earned it. Everyone stay home and stay safe. Hugs Donna x

Handmade by Donna x said...

Ohh and on the collection Sue, I'm so glad you are going ahead. I think I own more of Creative Expressions dies and especially yours than any other. Cant wait to see the inspiration and I got a few days off coming up. Cant wait to see what's coming x

Judy Hollers said...

Dear Sue, this card is a lovely design with the Iris and white card and the Joanie and Magnolia Corner dies. The dream sentiment is perfect for the card and for the current stress everyone across the globe is experiencing. We are all dreaming and praying that the coronavirus will soon be over. Thank you for being sensitive to what is happening in the world. Thank you for making the decision to go ahead with the April release. During this time when people are sick, self-isolated, quarantined, and otherwise encouraged to stay at home, your April release will be a ray of sunshine and will be good therapy for many, many people. Take care of yourself and stay well. Hugs!

Denise Bryant said...

Lovely card! We need things to look forward to these days, so I am on board with celebrating the launch! Excited to see what's coming!

Tressa said...

A very attractive card. I do like the way in which you have made the background.


Sandra said...

I’m looking forward to the launch. It will add a touch of sunshine to the sadness invading our lives. Thank you!
Sandra Smith
Queen Creek

Cards Books and Babies said...

Love these circles so much! Yes you are right Sue; crafting is our safe place and oasis of calm and needed more than ever! What a wonderful giveaway to do- the normal is amazing but this extra touch is just fantastic thank you xx
Kathryn Jane on Facebook
feelinefinecrafts on IG

Pawprintx4 said...

I love the Joanie border used like a piece of old lace on the card. Beautiful.
Thank you, Sue. I believe you made the correct decision. We fans so enjoy seeing what new ideas you have for us and looking on a computer is no risk and a lot of pleasure in our days. We are all anxious and stressed out now so yes, crafting is a happy place for those of us here.
Thank you,
Stephanie K

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
I'm glad you have made the decision to cheer us all up. And to enter dies to complement the ones gone before, Plus always the chance to win one, by just commenting. You are a most generous lady, have I told you that one before?


Muriel said...

Hello Sue and all
Sue, I am so glad that you decided to go ahead with the release. There is so much missing from our lives at the moment, and as we have told you often in the last little while, you are a constant bright patch in our days. Thank you.
I love this card, the colours and background plus of course your beautiful dies,
Looking forward to what is new, it has snuck up on me and will be all surprises, just what is needed right now,
Muriel x

Emily said...

Beautiful die and comment. Glad you're going forward. We all need to focus on something positive..Thanks, Sue.

Eunice from Edmonton said...

I love this card Sue, and I am so glad that you went forward with your launch!!! I know that the launch will make my days more exciting!

Karenladd said...

So happy you are going forward with the launch because, although I have plenty of time to craft these days, my mojo has just tanked and new inspiration will go a long way toward lifting my spirits. I've already seem some of the new dies and they are GORGEOUS!!


SHartl said...

I am really looking forward to seeing all your new dies as theyre always just beautiful. This pastel purple and white card looks like a fancy birthday cake..and just as yummy!


Fikreta said...

Beautiful card!