Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Poinsettia Pixie Frame

Hi bloggers!  What could be better than a Christmas card that uses pixie powder with a side of glitter for extra bling?  I think this one would look great on anyone's mantle piece, don't you!

I haven't asked a pondering question in awhile so here is one for you today!  A Genie pops out of a lamp and grants you three wishes.  The guidelines are that they have to be used on yourself (no ending world hunger or having peace all over the world sort of thing!) and no wishing for more wishes either! LOL  What three things would you like for yourself!  Be completely selfish, but in a good sort of way!  A bit of a ponder needed I should imagine!

 The finished dimensions are 6 1/4" x  7 1/2" in size.  All for now, Sue x

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Steph Cotterill said...

I'm pondering whilst thinking about how pretty today's sample is. You wouldn't even know this was a festive card had you not added a festive greeting, bling is so necessary on the majority of cards but during the 'happy season' more is more lol.

Wish 1. Good health so I could leave the house more.

Wish 2. Rich enough so I could buy any die I wanted without checking my account first.

Wish 3. That I could grow older each year without looking my age like Death Becomes Her but without drinking any serum lol no deep lines or skin boobs n bum heading towards my ankles lol. I wanna look 30 again and get the confidence back I had back then.

Is that all about me and selfish enough ? It doesn't feel quite right though cuz I usually place myself way down in the list - and I imagine most of us are the same including you 😉 xxx

hazel young said...

Beautiful card Sue xx Hazel

Wish 1. I had good health so that I can do the things I used to do and want to do without any restrictions.

Wish 2. Get Charlie Dimmock to transform my garden.

Wish 3. A week of 1-2-1 classes from Sue and the team a different designer each day

June Smith said...

Morning Sue and all Wilsonettes, a stunning sample today, will have to watch when I get home looking forward to that.

3 wishes, goodness me.

1....good health
2..... to live the rest of my life in comfort
3.....to be happy

Not very original but it is early on this my birthday morning.

Stay safe health and happy hugs June Smith xxx xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, gorgeous card, love the background.

My three wishes:

1. Good health
2. Happiness
3. To carry on with the lovely life I already have.

Barbara V

kittyedavies47@gmail.com said...

Morning Sue.
A beautiful card and ,great video thank you.
Oh Sue where do I begin?!.
I am so lucky to have very good health and full mobility.
So firstly I would love to be able to eat what I like without putting on weight, I do have a weight problem.
Secondly, I wish I had a lovely singing voice, it must be wonderful to give people pleasure doing something you love.
Thirdly I wish I had nice hand writing.
Thank you Sue.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

carol edwards said...

Hello Sue, beautiful sparkly card so perfect for Christmas.
My wishes , I would say like most following your blog and the majority of people

Health, good health is worth more than all the gold in the world

Happiness, different things to different people, happiness brings contentment to life

Wealth, enough to live comfortably, to feel secure and not to have to watch the pennies, and share with friends and family


Helen Terry said...

Hi Sue beautiful card and love pixie powders.
My wishes for me are.
To find love
Be financially well off
Design stamps/ dies and cards,be on a design team.

These are my 3 wishes, But i do wish everyone health and happiness. Take care sending hugs xxx

CraftyCoffey said...

Gorgeous card today.


jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, beautiful card, great video demo too.

Now to ponder: being totally selfish then I would love to be able to afford to get someone to come and decorate my house for me,
Would love to have my knee better so that I could maybe do it all myself. Would love a huge craftroom that doesn’t have to double up as a spare room.

Love Jean xxx

rolfi said...

Hi Sue,
thank you very much for the video showing us an amazing card again.
Love these pixie powder backgrounds!
Rolf xxx

Catherine Lyons said...

Gorgeous card today love the pixie powders.
Catherine v94.

theresa w said...

Hi Sue and lovely wilsonettes x
Wonderful card Sue x look forward to watching the video later x thankyou x
If I had 3 wishes they would be
1 . Immaculate health
2 . A jackpot lottery win
3 . A weekly workshop with you
That was really difficult as instinct would be to wish for others x
Happy birthday June x
Theresa w in Berks xxx

Barbara Gosden said...

Hi Sue
A beautiful card.
Three selfish wishes? 1. Good health, and I don’t have to wear glasses . 2. Wealth, enough so I’m not counting the pennies and can be generous to friend’s and family. 3. I could discover a cure for motion sickness that really worked and didn’t have side effects!
B xx

Marie P. from Longridge. said...

Happy Birthday June.
Good morning Sue and all
A gorgeous card Sue that would look divine on my fire place. I haven't yet watched the video but will do so very shortly.
1) I wish I could see and hear better.
2) I wish I could have more independence including driving.
3) I wish I could keep my craft room tidy.
How strange that it was so difficult to pick 3 wishes.
Marie P.

Anne said...

What a beautiful card, Sue.

Anne (Northampton)

ahappycrafter50 said...

What a lovely Christmas sample which is inspiring ideas to develop..

My wishes:

1. To be able to see my son and family in NZ more frequently;
2. To regain the mobility in my knees;
3. To have more time for cards and lace making


dj from kettering said...

First of all, lovely card Sue!!
Happy Birthday June!!
Now to pondering;
1. better eye sight
2. longer legs, well you did say it could be personal!!
3. move to a flat

Doreen x

June Horrocks said...

Love the card sue I’d love it on my mantle. My wishes
(1 I’m in a wheelchair now I would love my independence back
(2 to meet you and julia
(3 I want to go to France to honour my grandad killed in First World War
Love always June Horrocks xxxxx

Ann Topp said...

Good Morning Sue. What a wonderful Christmas Card. Very elegant and you made it look so easy in your video. I have a die like this from last year it has lattice work on it. Will have to get it back out and have a practice.
My three wishes
1) To get rid of the pain in my left knee. (Replacement)
2) That my brother will will recover from his illness
3) To have someone come in and redesign my craft room
with posh shelves and storage...so I know where every
thing is without searching for half an hour every time
I want something. Lol
Thankyou Sue. Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone. Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds.

Hunnymummy54 said...

Good Morning Sue and all the Wilsonettes
What a gorgeous card today lovely colours using the pixie powders.

1. Good health so I could be able to do more.
2. Enough money to help my family and for me to be comfortable without worry
3 To get Alan Titchmarsh to transform my garden for me so I can enjoy it more.

Sending Love and healing hugs to all that need them xx

Have a good day all

Sharon MK

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Gorgeous card.

My wishes
1. To be free from painful joints
2. To have a craft room
3. To have somebody to do my ironing each week.


Crewe Trish said...

Hello Sue
Just finished watching your video brilliant as usual. Happy birthday June.Who knew how difficult it would be to pick three personal wishes. First would be to be pain free so I could be more mobile. To have enough money to be able to travel anywhere in the world. Third to be more confident

Scottydog said...

Lovely card Sue, I’m wondering if I could do this with the stained glass window die which I already have. Thank you Sue.

Well this isn’t as easy as it sounds, being a parent & grandparent we are so used to thinking of others first, but here goes. The first just has to be good health, the second to be able to go to craft shows/shops & buy what I want without thinking of the cost &lastly I would love to be able to paint. I see such beautiful things like sunsets &think I would love to paint that, but however hard I try it doesn’t work, so an art tutor & a little talent would be lovely.

Will be interested to hear your three wishes Sue.

Happy birthday JUNE.

Crafty Vonnie said...

Good morning Sue,
A very elegant card.
My 3 wishes would be:-
1) Good health
2) Financially stable.
3) More family time.

sued99 said...

Lovely card.
I wish for
My back to be better
My eyesight to be better
My friends and family to be happy and healthy

Muriel said...

Hello Sue and all
Beautiful card today, poinsettias aaaahhh!!! Just love them. Great video too.
Three wishes - not too original
Good health and free of pain
Win lotto to have home and garden done up and not worry about finances again
Keep everything else I have and stay the same age - I really have a lovely life !

Happy birthday June !!

Muriel x

Marion Scott said...

Hello Sue, a beautiful Christmas card and great video.

My three wishes would be
1. To continue to have good health
2. To have enough money so I could treat my family, go on a world cruise and continue buying crafting dies.
3. To live the rest of my love comfortably.

Happy birthday June

Marion S x

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
What a beautiful card I will watch the video later because I’m off to work!
1 I wish my sons good health
2 continued good health for myself
3 to attend a weekly workshop with you
Hugs x
Heather T

Janice K said...

Hi Sue,
A beautiful Christmas card and great tutorial, thank you.
Now as for three wishes......as 2019 hasn't been a good year so far my wishes would have to be,
1 good health for my family
2 my loved ones remain in the UK
3 a big win on the premium bonds.
Looking forward to seeing what yours will be! X

KarinsArtScrap said...

gorgeous and elegant Sue love that color red that you have used
Gr Karin

Anonymous said...

What a question!

Good Health for myself and loved ones as being ill limits your ability to do the things you want
Unlimited funds to enable me to do what I want (travel, buy craft stash, buy a larger home for a extremely large dedicated craft room)
Happiness - there's no point being sad or discontented having been granted the first two wishes!

I love the beautiful cards you make.


Pat L said...

Hi Sue
First of all thank you for the great video and the beautiful Christmas card you’ve shared. As for the three wishes, apart from the usual health, wealth and happiness, mine are
To be able to play the piano, I’m tone deaf so that’s an impossibility!!
To have Creative Expressions hold a show in Northern Ireland with you as the main demonstrator
To have more time to relax and to make more cards

June, hope you have a lovely birthday

Love and hugs to everyone

Jackie T said...

Good morning Sue this is a stunning Christmas card I love it. Have a great day. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

Love this post - a classic card the would grace anyone's mantle...

Three wishes, well easy enough.

1. Enough money to buy all the crafty goodies that I want and need lol.....
2. Enough time to spend on crafting with all the wonderful crafty goodies (so I could create to help all those worthwhile charities and good causes)....
3. A space to store and use all the crafty goodies...

My idea of heaven...

karenlotty said...

Lovely card I’m at work so will look at video later
My selfish 3 wishes would be
1 Not be type 1 diabetic so I don’t have to worry about injections and diet anymore And not have the crashing low blood sugars
2 Have my own craft shop So I can play and have you visit
3 Enough money to live comfortably and spend on anything that takes my fancy

Lisbeth said...

Hi Sue. Love the contemporary look of this card, such a fashionable look at the moment. My 3 wishes would be:
1. Not to be diabetic (I have such a sweet tooth)
2. Not to be menopausal
3. Not to have lost my life savings due to the bankruptcy of the person investing them for me.


CraftyJo said...

Lovely Christmas card Sue :)

My 3 selfish wishes....

1) Be able to see my eldest son more (he lives in California)
2) Have more time to play - crafting; embroidery; ryding my Spyder
3) Be twenty years younger yet still retired so I can take advantage of the above!

brandco2450@gmail.com said...

This is gorgeous! I will look to see if I can make a similar one!
My three wishes are similar to those of everyone else!
- Good health
- More craft goodies
- Larger craft room
Sharon in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Great card today.

Heather R Oxfordshie

Geordie Jan said...

Hi Sue, what a gorgeous card love this its fab. My three wishes would be everyone to be healthy and happy
More time to craft
More time to spend with my family and friends

Jan x

Eunice Astle said...

Love this card idea Sue, you could use it for any card great!!!!!
My three wishes would be
1. Craft room remodel
2. A one on one craft tutorial with you as the instructor
3. Good health

CCM said...

Love this card,so effective Sue!
My 3 wishes would be:
- Good health for everybody
- Win the lottery (not worry about finances)
- Oceanfront house where to enjoy the warm weather all year round.

stitchingranny said...

A beautiful card.

my three wishes.

As I celebrate my golden wedding next week my first wish would be that I could have another 50 years travelling and enjoying life with my wonderful hubby.

I have no wish to be rich but would wish that we are never be hard up or poor.

and thirdly I would wish for the health to enjoy all the things we would love to still do.


Hugs Helen xxx

Tressa said...

This a lovely card. I do like the colour choice. Easily adaptable for other occasions.

What would I want?

No knee and hip pain.

A huge four bedroom apartment with one of the rooms for my card and parchment craft and another for my lace pillows and cross stitch to be out all the time.

A cruise fro Antarctica to the arctic to take in as much wild life sighting as possible.


Fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, a brilliant card and great tutorial. I have already made plans for some pixie backgrounds for my Christmas cards, I just have to make them now lol

My three wishes - very difficult to decide but here goes 1) to have both more time and energy to give my garden the attention it deserves but failing that 2) to have sufficient money to employ a good gardener to do all the heavy work allowing me to enjoy the planting, dead-heading and the like. No. 3) is really selfish as I wish my husband was as fit as he was pre-stroke so that I could happily leave him to look after himself and the cats whilst I visit my sister.

I cannot imagine that any of the above scenarios will happen but it is good to dream sometimes :-)

June S - I hope that you have been having a very Happy Birthday and that all your wishes have come true courtesy of Sue :)


Maria said...

Hi Sue,
let me first say how much I love this card, so quickly done and
perfect for batch making. Very nice.
1/ Love to travel around the world, see more of Europe and the
far away country's.
2/ Wake up one morning and all the pain has gone in my body,
well one can only dream and
3/ looking slim and healthy next time I saw myself in the mirror.

Happy Birthday June, hope you had a nice day.
Crafting hugs to all, Maria x

Beverly Fuchs said...

Hello Sue,

The pixie powders that you have used for your background are perfect together. Looks like the most magical sunset. Love the design for the card and thanks for sharing the video.

3 very selfish wishes:
1. A beautiful home in the Canadian Rockies with lots of windows.
2. Lots of animals.
3. Someone to share it with.

Hope that you have a wonderful day.


Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
the card is fabulous, well anything to do with Pixie Powders has got to turn out well. The red and gold are a winner .
Now three selfish wishes:
1.A really big house which accommodates all my crafty stuff and cats
2.A large garden to go with the house and a gardener to help
3.Whale watching.

Have a wonderful day, Sue

ursula said...

A most beautiful card Sue, amazing for Christmas...I just love the effect Pixie Powders give, hence always going back to them...thank you Sue...
1) Being able to sort out the differences my two children have and reunite the family
2) More time to craft and do the things I love to create, and have you come and visit as my tutor....
3) Travel more to far flung places and do the most obscure things....
Luv Ursula xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card using this lovely die and the gorgeous Pixie Powders!
Lesley S x

June Ballenger said...

Gorgeous card and I just love the pixie powders x

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
A stunning card.
Wish 1) Enjoy good health
Wish 2) Be able to play the piano without lessons
Wish 3)Have the figure I had when I was 30

Laura O said...

Beautiful card sue love the die fantastic. Laura O Springfield

Jackie Durrant said...

Such a great background it could be used at any time of year but it really makes the white frame pop xx

Dawn Holben said...

OOH a Christmas card, have i told you how much i love Christmas lol.
This is a beauty and with pixie powders, two of my favourite things in one.
I really love the simplicity of this card x
My first wish is to have enough money to be comfortable and be able to buy lots of crafty stash without the guilt.
My second wish would be for a holiday in fuerteventura so we can catch up with old friends.
my third wish would be for a bigger craft room

freedomlass said...

Good afternoon everyone, not been about much of late with work and not being too good health wise, still full of aches and pains but that's part of the daily norm now, so while sitting I thought it was about time I got caught up with everything.

so firstly another stunning card and quite simple in it's own way, still trying to get myself motivated for making a start on my cards, but I love using the Pixie Powders they are amazing.

Oh :-O 3 wishes for myself?........ok so think a lot of us are the same with these but here are mine.

1. to be rid of all ailments and be pain free
2. to have enough money not to worry if I can afford yet another die or stamp
3. a craft room big enough to store all my crafting goodies and not having to share the space with my DH.