Monday, 16 February 2015

With Gratitude

 Morning bloggers!  This is the simple card demo that I did last weekend.  It really is the sort of standard card I first make when I get the new die prototypes.  Nothing too fancy, I just want to see how things layer up and the different sets fit together.  I started with a piece of coconut white card and cut the decorative die from the Stockholm set out of the upper half of the card.   I backed this with an aqua piece of card that I allowed to extend into a mat layer.  I added a thin black mat to create the background.  I cut the Scandinavian border in white and glued it across the bottom portion of the card and nipped the ends even with the sides of the card.  If you only put glue down the centre of the border die, you can raise the edges up a bit and it looks like real lace.  Next I cut two of the Scandinavian tags in aqua card, crisscrossed them and added them to the focal element.  I stamped my sentiment in black and cut it out with the inside of the Copenhagen die set.  I inked it with Adirondack Aqua ink before removing it from the die.  I backed it with a piece of aqua card cut using only the outer die this time and glued them together.  I added this piece with foam to complete the focal element on my card.  Next I made a single flower using both the Complete petal and the Open petal Camellia die sets.  I used aqua and black and glued the two pieces together.  I added it with a black jute twine bow to the middle of my border.  A small 8mm black Dazzler finished off the centre of the flower.  The card was then completed with a white paper pierced mat, a thin aqua and black mat and a final white mat layer.  The finished dimensions are 6 3/4" x  8" in size.

I attended the award ceremonies last evening, but sadly did not win for best blog.  Maybe next year!

On another note, Julia Watts is going to be running a series of great workshops in Milton Keynes featuring some of my die range. The first one is on Saturday 7th March. For more information, please contact Julia directly at

All for now, Sue x

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Pam said...

Lovely card Sue, just gorgeous. You may not have won the award for best blog but we think you do have the best blog. You surely deserved that prize, Sue, you are our clear favourite xx
Have a good week everyone
Hugs all round

Heather Rogers said...

Good morning Sue
I hope that you are well.
Today's card is perfect in colour and simplicity.

Crafty Hugs
Heather xx

Kitty Davies said...

Morning Sue.
Thank you, to me you have the best blog, Great video's Brilliant dies, and you are so generous. Today's card is lovely Thank you take care Kitty.

Jan.moogie said...

Gorgeous card Sue love it. Surprised to hear that you have not won the award for best blog as to us it is The Very Best Blog and so say all of us. Hugs xxx

Craftetter said...

Hi Sue, I think your blog should have won as it is the best around and I think the amount of comments prove this. This card is lovely and the colours look good.
Hugs Elaine xx

Linda28 said...

Morning Sue, A lovely card this morning, the colours really pop. So sorry you did not win at the awards, I am really surprised, but what the heck, your a winner every day in our eyes. Hugs to all.Linda

auscrafts said...

sorry you did not win at the awards
a lovely card this morning

June said...

Morning Sue, Pam and all Wilsonettes, you have used my favourite colour for todays card so this is a double winner for me, I love it.

Don't worry about not winning the best blog in my eyes you are THE BEST and always will be.

Have a great Monday everyone, children are on half term here so the roads will be quieter. stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

tracy w said...

Hi Sue
Sorry you did not win the award
In my mind you win every day with your stunning cards loving your new dies must start and get some thank you tracyw x

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue and everyone. This card looks anything but simple, it's gorgeous. As far as all your followers are concerned you are the winner of the best blog every day. Sue xxx

BridgetCG said...

Hi Sue, another very pretty card this morning, love the aqua card, it is such a soft colour. Sorry to hear you did not win the award, as your blog is always inspiring, and I look forward to reading it every day. Have a great day. Bx

carol quinn said...

such a beautiful card again sue.

Sheila - Ginger said...

Morning Sue....OUR NUMBER ONE!!!!
Sue I know it would have been lovely for you to have won the award but you don't need that to tell you that you'll always be a winner in our eyes. We really couldn't ask any more than you already do for us and your such a thoughtful, caring lady too.
Todays card is such a beauty and I love the colours.....such elegance!
I'm away for a few days so will be in touch when I get back on Friday.
Hugs to those who need themand may your days soon get alot better.

Love Sheila xx

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi Sue. Gorgeous card today, I love it! Sorry you didn't win at the awards, but you're a winner to us. Have a lovely day. Hugs to all xxx

Anonymous said...

Good morning all. Pretty card Sue. Surprised you didn't win award hopefully next time, you deserve to. JJx

Muriel Kelly said...

Hi Sue and all
love the aqua and white with black borders, really stands out. The dies are beautiful too.
you are still the number one blog in my humble opinion and I know that is shared by the hundreds that visit you daily
Muriel x

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Very pretty card love the colours.
You are always a winner in our eyes.
Happy crafting
Love and hugs to all
Love Tina x x x x x

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Very pretty card love the colours.
You are always a winner in our eyes.
Happy crafting
Love and hugs to all
Love Tina x x x x x

Carolyn B said...

Beautiful card again Sue, aqua and white always looks so fresh. Sorry you you didn't win at the awards, but going by the number of comments on here every day, you're a winner to us!
Carolyn Bx

Patricia Youdell said...

Hi Sue
Lovely card today - I do like the border
Pat x

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
You may not have won the award but your still our NUMBER ONE take some consolation by reading the comments just to see how much we all love you and your blog. You certainly can't do more than your doing so maybe next year it will be recognised.
Today's card is gorgeous and agree the border does look like real lace.
Hugs x
Heather T

Stephanie Cotterill said...

Morning Sue. Dont be down hearted about not being voted best blog, its only a title. Us Wilsonettes know different, to US it IS the best blog. Its not a true representation of visitors to your world, as you have oversea's visitors that cant vote, plus it has to be said im afraid, that if all those extra visitors that 'arrive' during your launches and giveaway's followed you throughout the year and left their comments, your number's would show that this IS the best blog ! By rights you should hit over 300+ everyday like you did last week, but unfortunatly there are those that are only loyal to you and your wonderful blog when you open your heart and give your beautiful dies or candy or cards away ! Those that visit everyday and on a regular basis are your TRUE loyal friends and will be for as long as you can make your works of art and give us inspiration, and until we are all too old and crinkly to type our daily messages of love and support to you and our fellow Wilsonettes lol, hopefully you did win something ?
Anyway, Ive said my bit and said how I feel im sure a lot of your friends here feel the same ?
I adored this card when you showed it during your weekender and thought how beautifully plain and simple it is. You've used one of my most favourite pastel colour's and Im totally in love with that stunning cute border, I think it maybe the nicest border you've put your name to.
Well my soap box has been put away until I visit the coffee shop then we can all vent again lol.
I want to wish all those not feeling well love and hugs. To anyone celebrating a birthday etc may it be full of crafty gifts and love.
Thinking of you that are in pain and under the weather.
Love to all.
Lancashire Steph xx

Anonymous said...

Simply can't believe it! You're our winner, Sue, and always will be - just so sorry you didn't win the award. No results published as yet, but seem to recall that last time a blog with children's projects won.
As for today - YAY another winner!! Very pretty and love the lacy border and pretty camellia flower with the cord ribbon. Just lovely.

'P' in Wales

Anonymous said...

I love this card, Sue. The Camellia flowers really are a must buy.

Anne (Northampton)

Clare W said...

GM Sue. Love that border its fab. Sorry to hear your fab blog didn't win. Judges eh.... Enough said. We know its the best so nil desperandum carborundum as they say!

PharmacyMichele said...

Yet another beautiful card today. I am truly shocked that you didn't win Best Blog as you deserve to and as Steph says, if only the extra commenters that appear during your giveaways stayed& voted for you it might have been a different story. As your blog is such a source of inspiration & comfort to so many, I don't think you need to do anything different! Sorry to rant but thats how I feel.


Hazel said...

Sue, I think those who have commented before me this morning, have said the same as I will. You are a winner in all our eyes and as Steph said its only a title, so please don't get down.
Today's card is another stunning, beautiful one.

Hazel xx

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. This is a little beauty, lovely colours and layout. You say it's simple but to look at it you would think it had taken hours to make, but then you make everything look simple with your fantastic video's which you explain everything beautifully and then you give us your hints and tips to make it as easy for us crafters to follow you when we come to make it our selfs.
Sorry to hear that you didn't win the award but i know as well as the rest of your followers that this is the best blog in the world and you don't need an award to know that we appreciate all the hard work you do to keep it going as well as all your design work, making your video's, your telly work and then travelling all over the country doing your demo's it make's me wonder how you manage to fit some R & R in for yourself.
Take care and have a great week.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue,
Another stunning card, love the colours, use of your wonderul Dies and the fantastic design.
As for the "awards" ...... it is only a title ..... your Blog will alway be a "winner".
You are a winner in what you do for us, your creativity and just being YOU!!!
Have a great day

Patricia xxx

TDQ Karen said...

Sue, what a beautiful card. Sorry that you did not win, but from all the comments on here you are certainly a winner xx

Jacqui oakes-alcock said...

Lovely card Sue,

Julie Elli said...

Morning Sue.
Wow what a pretty card. Those open and full petal flowers together are stunning, they could be porcelain.
You definitely are the best blogger for me. The only one that I follow every day. Long may you continue.
With grateful thanks.
Big hug.
Julie Elli

Micky French said...

Lovely card Sue, love the colours and it's so pretty.
I think you have the best blog, you will always be a winner to me.
Hugs to all Michelle xxxx

sonja_w said...

Gorgeous card, loving the layering of the dies. Your blog is certainly the best to me as the cards are always beautiful and inspirational, plus I have learnt so much from your tips and techniques. Xx

Jackie Trinder said...

Good morning Sue today's card is gorgeous. I am sorry that you didn't win best blog. We still appreciate all you do even without an award. Sending hugs. Love Jackie

marg said...

Good Morning Sue
I think this IS the BEST Blog I have been here since 2010!!!
An award would have been nice.. but whoever won has a lot to live up to.... with you behind them... look out!
Love the card and I adore Aqua!
Take care Sue!
Love Marg

Jill Berg said...

Beautiful card today - love the colours.

The appreciation shared by your followers here are in my opinion as good as any award!

Lets make next year Sue's time to shine

Linda Graham said...

Lovely card Sue, you can do so much with your dies,love the colour too,you are a first class winner to us Sue your blog IS SIMPLY THE BEST,thank you, Linda x

Anonymous said...

Sue, your blog gives so many brilliant ideas, including today's which is so pretty.

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, a beautiful card and blue and
white is always a winner as you are to all your
followers we know you have the best blog.
Nancyd xx

sandy acland said...

A beautiful card, I always forget you can cut out straight onto the card, rather than making layers:0)

Deborah Artliff said...

Good morning Sue what a beautiful card I do love these dies.
And the colours are gorgeous
And the design is wonderful
Take care Sue.

Debs A xxx

hollyberry said...

A beautiful card that does not look simple at all.You may not have won but we all think that you have the best blog out there.

Sandra said...

Good Morning Sue,
Well if you didn't win who did? There is no better blog than yours? You are only kept off the number 1 slot by more commercial company that were graving a give away if you visited their blog, I believe they gave out vouchers instore advertising the blogs!
I do have to agree with Steph though and we have discussed this at length, if all the people that can spare 5 minutes to post a comment on a give away week could support you on a regular basis this blog would be number 1 all the time, on some give away posts there were 200 more comments than on an average day! Where are those people now, they take their prizes and disappear it saddens us regulars as we want you to be number 1, that's exactly what you deserve for the time, effort , love & kindness you put into this blog. You are number 1 to us Sue,I know that's not much consolation to you, we will be here through thick and thin we love everything you do, every product you discover we want to share and make a success! There are so many categories you should have one!best blog, best due range, most inspirational crafter, to name but a few!
Thank you for another stunning card today Sue, most of all, thank you Sue for being you!
Huge hugs love & respect!
Sandra xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue,

Very pretty card today and with a typical Sue twist that enhances the focal point...

Surprised and disappointed that you didn't win the best blog award - what the heck does it take to win one of these awards then?!...although I've only learned how to leave a comment just recently I've actually been visiting your blog every single day since you first set it up and can't even begin to total up the number of times you've inspired me and now that you have your own die range too I'm looking forward to many more years of happy crafting, so thank you, you're an absolute star!...


Gail said...

Good morning Sue,
How can they say you are not No 1. You have the best blog by far.
Now the card, I think it lovely.
Gail Cx

Aspiring crafter said...

Morning Sue and thanks for showing this beautiful card, love the colours , it looks so fresh.
As for not being named the best blog-well that's a matter of opinion isn't it!!
It's only a name , you have so many followers Sue who love your creations and the fact that everyday you show us something new is fantastic.
Take care and have a good day,

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, you don't need an award to tell you your blog is the best -just look at the comments. It is the only blog I follow on daily basis, and have done for many years. You are better than the best to your followers. Love today's card, the colours are great and it is a very gentle card if that makes sense.

Love Rosemarie xx

marion morris said...

Beautiful card, love use of the outline flowers on the solid ones

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
Lovely card colour beautiful, flowers stunning - you should have won dear
Carol x

Mrs B said...

Hi Sue. What a gorgeous card, I love it, the Scandinavian border is simply beautiful, it really does look like lace.
You may not have won that award but to us Wilsonettes you certainly have the best blog : )
Sending my daily hugs to everyone. Take care. x

CHERYL Brown said...

Good morning everyone quite a dull start to the week here in my corner of Somerset.

And today's card is fantastic, it was the one you were demo-ing when my email was read out. So it is very much a favourite of mine too.

Sue, Please don't you be downhearted over not winning the best blog. We Wilsonettes know YOU are the number one blogspot and to paraphrase Steph and I agree with her, if all those fairweather people who only speak up when you have your wonderful competitions running, joined in every day and voted for you, then you would have won, no mistake.
You are such a lovely generous lady, not only with your prizes but also you go the extra mile to help and inspire us to bring out our creativety with your demos and emails if we have trouble doing something. ie. the continuous striplets.

I wish comfort to all those feeling under the weather.
And hugs to all

Cheryl xxx

Angela (UK) said...

Gorgeous colours Sue. I'm not disappointed that you didn't win BEST BLOG, that means we get you all to ourselves. As your other followers have said YOU ARE THE BEST BLOG. You share your knowledge, create videos for us and give us such inspiration - thank you Sue xx

Cazzie D said...

Morning Sue
I'm shocked that you didn't win best blog - can't believe it actually. Not only is your blog updated daily and full of amazing tops and inspiration, it doesn't have cookies and trackers in bedded within it or loads of advertising. A lot of sites do and they can cause problems and fill up your in box with spam mail. Thank you Sue for keeping it clean, it's what keep your site's integrity and makes me an avid follower.
I love todays card.
Caz x

Sandra Biggs said...

Hi Sue
Stunning card.
Sorry you missed out on best blog but we all think you are great.
Keep up the good work.

Sue from Wiltshire said...

Such a very pretty card.

Sorry you were not successful this year. Regardless of whether you won best blog or not, you are No.1 as far as your fans are concerned.

Chris Curry said...

Beautiful card Sue, and the Scandinavian border does look lovely with only the centre glued I agree. So disappointed you didn't win the best blogg award, yours is the only blogg I, and many others, visit on a daily basis. In our minds and hearts you are the best and always will be. Take care.Xx

Clai01 said...

Hi Sue
you'll always be a number 1 !!whether you win a prize or not. x
Today's card is just fantastic. x

val jones said...

Hi Sue. Although you didn¡t win it WE know you have the best blog. Who did win?
Lovely card.
Val in Spain x

June Reynolds said...

Morning Sue, Very pretty card, I agree with all the ladies in saying you are THE BEST TO US! Wonderful ideas, dies, videos, what more could anyone want? We have all learned a lot from you, Thank-you, watching you has taken my cards to a different level. It's half-term here so I have my grandchildren staying, so maybe missing for a couple of days, I am so excited to see them they live in the Forest of Dean and visit us in the north every school holidays! Bye for now, Junex (Cumbria)

gwen70 said...

We think you have the best blog Sue, gorgeous card today

patwyn said...

Hi Sue,

Sorry you didn't win the best blog award but I echo all the other comments - to us you are the BEST.
Lovely card today, just up my street. Still haven't watched your shows as this virus is hanging on to me, can't shake it off.

Take care all
Pat xxx

Marianna Hammer said...

What a lovely card today :)

Denise Hancock said...

Hi Sue beautiful card love the colours and dies
Denise X

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, beautiful card, love the colours. So sorry you did not win last night, really don't know why as you definately have the best blog as far as we are all concerned. Love Jean xxx

DMJ said...

Love the card, Sue, the colours are really fresh!!! We all know this is a fantastic blog!!!

Doreen x

Craftysusan said...

Hi Sue. Sorry you didn't win the award, you certainly deserved to win. I look forward every morning to checking out your latest creations and your video tutorials are second to none. Thank you for having the best blog as far as I am concerned. Beautiful card today, and I love the way you have used the border to make it look like lace. You are so inventive in how you design and use your dies. Thank you for the continuing inspiration.

lorna said...

Hi Sue,
Just a stunning card. I have the border and it's just beautiful so lacy and delicate.
Can't believe you didn't win best blog!
You are the best! Hopefully you are not too disappointed!
Lorna D

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, Love the card and the colours. I love your blog and think you are the best by far. love Jean Z xxx

Anonymous said...

Morning sue , another gorgeous card I have made this one with your help Thank you xx I think you should have won best blog but as you say there's always next year and we know you are the best love yvonne b xx

karenlotty said...

Lovely card I'm really drawn to aqua at the moment Shame yo didn't win at the Awards but as you can see we think you're a real winner anyway

Marion said...

Hi Sue beautiful card nice clean lines and love the colour.
I agree with every one your blog is the best ,we love it and you for taking the time to do it.
Marion H

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - we all think you and your blog are simply amazing and I'm shocked that you didn't win the award. Your blog is the first thing I switch on every day and your cards are just incredible and today's is no exception. Thank you for all your hard work, tips and techniques and your brilliant videos, best wishes

Anne Crawford said...

WE THE WILSONETTES announce our NUMBER 1 ~ QUEEN of CRAFT & BLOG da da da dum SUE WILSON ! ( loud cheers! )
Sorry you didn't win the official title , but, we Wilsonettes think ours is just as good.xo
Today's card is very pretty and as you say a great way to start using new dies to find out what they can do.
Love and Hugs to all xo

Anonymous said...

What a lovely card!

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
I can't believe you didn't win, you put so much time and dedication into your blog. You and your blog are No 1 to us Sue just remember that.
Lovely elegant card today shows off the dies beautifully.

Jackie Durrant said...

Good morning Sue, Sorry you didn't win an award but you know how much we all think of you and thank you for all the inspiration you bring us. Today's card is no exception,love from Jackie xx

Debbie Tinks said...

Love the card Sue ... Happy crafting ....x

Kate's Cards said...

Your blog is the only one I follow every day Sue!
The card is lovely, I like the fact that it is less elaborate. xx

Joan D said...

Lovely card. Yes simple but effective. So sorry you didn't get the award. You should have. Your blog is fab xxx

Joan D said...

Lovely card. Yes simple but effective. So sorry you didn't get the award. You should have. Your blog is fab xxx

Norah McPhee said...

Good morning Sue and the Wilsonettes,
Well Sue it would have been lovely for you to be recognised as you put so much of you into our blog that i am sad that you didn't win, but nothing will take away from us that we come to the best blog in the Universe, they just don't know it at prize central. Your kindness, determination, expertise, patience, knowledge but most of all friendship. I hope that you had a great night even if it was disappointing on the prize front. I wish that all the people that took part in your giveaway by leaving a comment on each posting to win a prize had the good grace to keep coming after they had won. I know that there are some newbies that found us during that week have stayed and we open our arms to them as being a Wilsonette is a priviledge and brings riches beyond anything material, it brings inspiration, dedication and most of all the friendship of a lovely lady and that is something that no prize or money can buy.
I like the aqua colour that you have used in this card as it is so fresh looking and with the navy matt just edging out from underneath just gives it that pop to highlight the aqua and white. The border the way you have designed it works well with the camellia flowers i think as it has that flowery look about it. All in all a beautiful card Sue and looks just so with what is on the card. Thank you for another WOW that although clean looks amazing.
Sending love and crafty hugs to all my angels both on blog and not at the moment with my prayers going out to my dear friends that aren't able to join in the now,
Norah (Glenochil)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Love today's card very simple (as in even I might be able to do this kind of way) and pretty. You don't need a certificate to tell you your the best because we already know you are.
Beverley W

TOB said...

Hi Sue what a beautiful card. Sorry you didn't win but as Steph says you are number 1.
Are you telling me that the blog with the most comments on win. I thought craft was about TALENT,INSPIRATION, DESIGN, INFORMATION, and PRODUCTS. you do all of that FOR US. You don't need a piece of paper or an advert on a blog to tell us your THE BEST, I know from your professional thinking it is different but you give so much, you only need to read todays comments to know that.
Hope everyone is well
Love Theresa xx

Swiftycrafter said...

Beautiful card Sue, love the flower at the bottom, the eye is really drawn to it.
Lynne x

Jacquie said...

Morning Sue,

Such a beautiful card, I do like the colour of this Aqua card, so pretty.

Cannot believe you did not win the best blog, you have the best one in our eyes. I'm intrigued who did win it now lol!

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

fame01 said...

Hi Sue

Well in my eyes your blog is the best ever and should have won ..

The card is so very pretty loving the colours ...

Hugs Sarah xxxx

evis said...

Hi Sue.
So sorry that you did not win best blog.
This card is just so pretty. Love the colours.
Evis M.

Mac Mable said...

Just love this very pretty card and the colour combination x

Yorks butterfly said...

Morning Sue, so sorry you did not win the best blog - you were robbed.
Very pretty card today - as usual

Brenda Lello said...

Hello Sue,
I am sorry you didn't win best blog. I think Steph and almost everyone before me has said the same YOU are the BEST without a doubt and if anyone deserves this award - you do. You put so much work and effort in EVERY DAY. It's alway interesting and a great place to visit. SUE, YOU ARE THE BEST.

Today's card is beautiful, love this soft colour, and your little flowers are gorgeous.

Hope you have a good day, Love Brenda xxx

Jean Deane said...

Morning Sue,

As others before me have said , this is and you are our NUMBER ONE !!!!!
Today's card is beautiful love the colours the focal and border dies and your beautiful flower, just stunning. Thanks Sue, hugs xxx
Crafty hugs to everyone
Jean D xxx

nzillingworth said...


Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
Who needs an award anyway! You know how much love and appreciation we all have for you. You will always be the winner to us.
Today's card is gorgeous. I love the way you have made the border die look ruffled. Thank you for sharing and for all you do for us.
Have a great day everyone.

Paula said...

Such a stunning card Sue! I have fallen in love with it, usually I comment first and pin second, but I've done it the other way round today! I think I must have been frightened it would disappear before I had the chance otherwise. :)

Paula x

Susan White said...

Really pretty and such soft colours. Love the lace look of that border die too. Thanks for sharing, Susan x

Jess Wafson said...

Morning Sue, so sorry you did not win the award, as everyone who has gone before has said you are the best, you don't need awards to know you have our support and your blog is THE BEST!,.
Today's card is lovely, I watched when you did the demo for it, the flower looks like porcelain.
Take care Jess x

Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Love everything about this card and I have pinned. I'm sorry you didn't win last night but we all think this is the best blog and you're our number 1
Hugs and best wishes everyone

Janet hampson said...

Hi Sue,
So disappointed for you that you didn't win best blog, as I said yesterday I thought you had it in the bag.....but as everyone else has said, to us it is the best ,YOU are the best, generous, kind, inspirational and a lovely friend. THANK YOU!
Lovely card today, one of my favourite dies and the colours are lovely.
Love Janet x
from Wakefield

Lynne Mills said...

Hi Sue, lovely fresh looking card today. The Scandinavian border is too die for (hehe). Another one to go on my list. Told hubby that after hes fit and well I will want a diamond ring for all the care and attention I will have given him. However, I think I will have some of your dies instead as they are worth more than a little ol' diamond anyday!!!!

Don't be too disappointed that you didn't win "best blog"as its only a four letter word and in no way describes your blog - more like Sublime- Superb-Fantastic-Amazing-Stunning-Inspirational.

Lol and hugs Lynne m & devious doggie divas x x x

Maureen Killen said...

Good morning Sue, and all the ladies.
This card may be simple to you, but to me it's just gorgeous.
Have the best day you can everyone xxx

Shirley T. said...

Hi Sue,

Elegant card. Love it.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxx

utilitygirl said...

Yet another lovely card Sue Your cards always have so much dimension

ros hodgkins said...

Good morning Sue, this is a really pretty and fresh card, and can be used for lots of occasions. I am so disappointed for you. There is no better blog than yours. The consistent teaching and general help I believe is why you have so many faithful followers. X Ros

Sandie Braithwaite said...

I think this is one of my very favourite cards, Sue. Saw a photo of you on Facebook with Kim from the Stables Emporium where I go for craft classes and fun! Met Julia there just after the craft award nominations had been announced. Think she's right when she says that the vote gets split sometimes, leaving BG to sweep to victory. She's good, but I love your Blog more.

DeyaniraC said...

Hello Sue
A very lovely card.
thank you for sharing you art with us. Your videos are easy to follow and to your Wilsonnete your is the best Blog.

Have a wonderful week.

camelot67 said...
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camelot67 said...

Good morning Sue,

Today's card is just beautiful and using one of my favourite new dies. I too am so sorry that your blog didn't win but quite frankly "...what do they know?" There can be no doubt at all that your blog has been an inspiration to so many people worldwide and I know I'm right when I say that many of them are making their way in the crafting world because of it! You should be nothing but proud of what you have achieved both here or globally and I know I for one am here for the longhaul because YOU ROCK!
Margaret A.

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

I do love the blue and black combo, and the flowers are hmmmmm, you don't have to win in my mind you and us are a winners every day.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
Another stunning card today. I love the Aqua and White together. The Scandanavian dies are gorgeous.
Well Sue, I'm not to sure why you didn't win as you certainly are our no 1. I wonder who did win then. As Steph and Sandra said if it's based on shear numbers, if all the people who come onto blogs just for a giveaway stayed. You would be No1. Anyway you are the most generous person I know. You give us all your knowledge and tips. It's just not selling your dies that drives you it's the joy that you bring to us all. Hugs to all in need of one today.

Claire said...

Beautiful card.

Take care


Maureen Killen said...

Sorry Sue. just wanted to say that I think the judges must have their brains in their bums because your blog is fantastic with hundreds of lovely genuine people logging on xxxx

Paula said...

Well you win the prize for best blog in my book Sue, I enjoy coming here every morning to see what beautiful thing you posted while I was sleeping. And when there is a video, I feel like it's my lucky day.

Helen Bell said...

Good morning Sue and everyone

I love this card, it is beautifully elegant.

I'm so sorry that you didn't win best blog. I think your blog is fantastic and is a true winner in my eyes.

Love Helen xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
This is a beautiful card. I love the colour combination and the dies are gorgeous. Thank you.
Bye for now.
SandraP xxx

Jennifer Smith-Kirk said...

Hi Sue
This is a lovely card, thanks for the tip re the border, you are a Winner in our eyes & don't you forget it x x x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Sue, A beautiful card, I'm especially loving the aqua card too.
Commiserations, but maybe next time, I can't understand that you didn't win Best Blog, because yours surely is !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Diane said...

Hi Sue love the fresh feel of this card today, it really showcases the dies well. Sorry you didn't win best blog, but hoping you feel the love. Take care love Diane G xxx

June Horrocks said...

Dear sue the card is stunning I'm going to try this one my favorite colours too. I've just been cutting with the dies I bought from the latest collection perfect !!!!! Don't worry about not winning sue to us you are number one always will be if I'm ever lucky enough to meet you I will say it all. Thank you love to all June horrocks xxxx

Cherie said...

Good morning Sue, I think your card is simply stunning! Sorry you did win award but we all think you are 'simply the best'. I went to Edinburgh yesterday to the Scotland v Wales match and sadly we didn't win either, but it's a lovely day and my husband, my lovely sons and myself all on holiday today as last day of mid term hols for kids so it's a happy day! X

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, a gorgeous card. Delicate, lacey and lovely colours. Sorry you did not win the best blog but you are a winner to me.

Joanna Dickson said...

Hi Sue
Another gorgeous card.... and I would vote you best blog hands down. I hold you partly responsible for my own craft journey and I for one am grateful for everything you do. Thank you.
Well have a lovely monday.
Lots of love
Jo xx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
There are obviously some people out there amongst the voters wo are blind - you should have got best blog and best die designs.
This card (like all your others) is just gorgeous - elegant and I love the way the different dies look together.
Can't wait to begin crafting again - won't be long now!
Hugs, Rose

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, you may call this a standard card but I call it beautiful! It was a good demo and I am pleased to see the reminder as my Scandinavian dies arrived on Saturday so I can have a play. I think I can also cope with the touches of black :-)

Sorry you didn't win the title last night although you will have seen from the above comments that we all think you should have. Even if my timing is a bit erratic yours is the only blog that I visit EVERY day as you give me so much inspiration and I would be lost without it. Two wedding cards to make today and of course I will be using your dies.

Janette MacArthur said...

You definitely do have the best blog - I bet the winner doesn't get as many comments as you on a daily basis!
Today's card is beautiful!
Janette x

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Sorry you were disappointed at the awards last night, but we all ove your blog! Today's card is beautiful - I love the Aqua card as well and the camelia is gorgeous.
Hope everyone has a good day. Love and hugs to all, Alison xx

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue
Gorgeous card.....certainly doesn't look 'easy'....but that's part of the beauty of your dies!
Well.....can't believe you didn't win 'best blog!!!!' Yours is by far the best certainly deserved to win.....well I voted for you!!!!

Lesley Thomas said...

Shame on them Sue, I would have given you the best blog award! Love the card, you are so good at layering.

Theresa Pace said...

pretty and soft. quiet but grabs your attention, hugs xx

Lynda's craft's said...

Good morning Sue & Wilsonettes,
Beautiful card very elegant love the colours love the Scandinavia die's so stunning.
Sorry you didn't win best blog.What was they thinking
Sue you have the VERY BEST BLOG NO ONE in the eyes of all your regular Wilsonettes,Sue you give us so much inspirational stunning & amazing help i for one have learnt so much from you.
Your the kindest most loved & loveliest person in craft land, It's a shame the numbers have dropped again now your die giveaway has finished it makes me so cross they take there prize then disappear.
Love & Hug's Lynda Brock xx

Hug's Sandra,Margaret corgi owner,Sheila,Maria A,Myra P,Hazel,Patricia,TOB Theresa ,Steph,Saba,Tina E,Jean D,Cameeli,Lynne M,Pam,Wheelybad Gail C & all Wilsonettes
Love Lynda xx

Joanne K said...

Hi Sue, simply gorgeous card. Hope you are having fun at the Trade Show. Kind regards Joanne K x

CraftyJo said...

Very pretty card today - as ever ;)

Myra said...

Hi Sue,
Well! I've just read some of the comments! It's such a good job we weren't all in the audience when the winner of Best Blog was announced! There would have been a loud chorus of WHAT! , you see we'd all have forgotten our manners at the total injustice - and the I beg your pardon - would have gone out the window! - for WHAT!
Sue you know how we feel - it's lovely to read all the heartfelt comments! I didn't know what a blog was until I saw you on C&C and then I was determined to find out. Been hooked ever since - what lovely friends I've made - all down to you! You're our No 1 and there's no competition.
Today's card is beautiful and I love the soft colours used. Love that border too.
Thank you , my friend!
Lots of love to all .
Myra xxx

Lesley Cann said...

What a lovely card to start the week. Beautiful colours and dies. Sorry you did not win but I certainly voted for you as I really love reading your blog every day.

IVY Cheong said...

Lovely card.


Ivy x

Margaret Rogers said...

A lovely card, would fit any occasion. I haven't yet mastered the piercing technique,but will keep trying. I think it adds just that extra something to a card. Will have to find you tutorial whre tou showed how to do it.

Margaret xxx

Wendy from Scotland said...

lovely card Sue, can't say anymore than what's been said regarding best blog apart from you started me on using dies, making cards and giving loads of inspiration as everyone has said you are our inspiration and our No1.
Wendy xx

Jane said...

Hi Sue,sorry you didn't win the award but to me you are the no 1 !!!!Your blog is the first one I look at every day and am amazed you did not win.any way in my eyes you are the best of them all.Your knowledge expertise patients and exceptional talent is way beyond anyone else! Today's card as always is lovely. Hugs Jane B.

hazel said...

Oh Sue.I am so sorry that you didn't win for best blog.But for me you are Number 1 and always will be.
You put so much work into every single card that you load onto your blog and we are all grateful for all the hard work you do.If i could personally give you an award i would and you deserve one.
Love this card Sue.The colours are gorgeous and so is your die.
Take care
Hazel G XX

Jean said...

So pretty!

Lynn Dalby said...

Hello Sue and all

A beautiful card, so fresh and crisp. I'm beginning to think the Scandinavian dies maybe the next must haves. Thanks for sharing.

I'm sorry if you're disappointed but Julia's and yours are definitely the best blogs ever. Thank you for everything.

Best wishes

MRS DUCK said...

Good afternoon Sue and everyone
A beautiful card, the aqua adds a lovely splash of colour.
As for the award, commiserations Sue but you know how appreciated you are by us.
For information to everyone, its purely by public vote so you needed to vote for Sue on their website (I think it was by the beginning of December) so no judging panel involved I'm afraid.
As for people commenting just when there is a giveaway, well sadly, it happens and its not my place to judge them. . . . . . .that I leave to their own consciences.
Best wishes.
Ang x

Jill Liddle said...

Lovely card today and like others on here was surprised to hear that you did not win best blog, but to all your followers you do have the best blog.

Ann said...

hI sUE,
This is just beautiful and I love the color. So pretty. I am wondering if you did a video on this. I am in amazement of the flowers and how you do the edges. I tend to just put flowers on (lol) but the white on the edges tops it! I would love to know how you did that or did you buy the flowers that way? Hope you will find time to answer my questions. I get your blog everyday and I wish I had had a chance to vote for your blog. It is great!! Thank you.

Rach83 said...

A truly beautiful card, Sue. I love the colours and your pretty die cuts. The overall effect is stunning.

Rachel x

Pattyb said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card. I love the simplicity of it, along with the beauty of the dies! And......its a perfect card to downsize to US size. Hope you do more like this that are easy for us Americans to work with! Thx, Sue!

Janice K said...

I'm sure any recipient of a card like this wouldn't think it a simple design!! Love the colours and dimension you've created with the stunning dies.x

granny sue said...

Hi Sue. Lovely card. I actually watched the recording of the show where you made this only last night, I am so behind! SueL x

Karen Knight said...

Hi Sue,

great card...
great blog...
even greater blogger!!!
As many more have said, it's just a title and there's always next year!!! Hugs, Karen x

Dorothy Mutafopulos said...

Hi Sue,
You are a winner in my book. Your creativity and inspirational work speaks volumes. This card is stunning. Thanks for being the best! Love from NY

Haze T said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful card & a stunning colour....
Love the lacey border along the bottom, looks very pretty.
Loving all your new die collections & as you have shown us they can really mix & match so well together..

Crafty Hugs
Haze xx

Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Beautiful Card Sue!

Love the colours and your floral embellishment. I'm hoping to pick up those flower dies later this week.

Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

terrie said...

A very pretty card...I like the black twine on your card it adds a bit of color to pop out
Well done Sue...

Sorry that you get to win the best blog awardbut to us you do.

CathyinMN said...

Such a pretty card! Love how that border die looks like lace.

hotpotato said...

Lovely card Sue. Ah well so you didn't win an award but us who stalk your blog know who's got the best blog. x

Theresa said...

Hi Sue and everyone
I love today's card it is so right up my street everything about it
Sue your blog will always be a winner with me and all your Wilsonetts its my inspiration
You take care Sue
Love Theresa xx

Cathie Weary said...

Sue, I just can't believe that you didn't win for best blog. This is the best blog that there is. It is filled with information and inspiration. All the Wilsonettes believe this is the best blog ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm genuinely surprised that you didn't win the award for Best Blog category. I can't imagine anyone with a better blog than you. Hope it was a good night other than that. Thank you for sharing this lovely card. Anniekk x

Tres said...

Hi Sue. Well I really cannot believe that you did not win an award last night. Your blog is truly amazing Sue, just like you !! In my eyes you will always be number one. You have done so much, for so many and you should be very proud of yourself for all that you have achieved and for all the peoples lives you have touched with your talent, inspiration and kindness. Lots of people have written so many lovely things about you and I think this goes a long way to showing you just how much you are loved and appreciated for everything you do for us crafters on a daily basis. You will always be my crafting HERO Sue !! x x x
I have to say that I really love todays card. The dies in your Scandanavian collection are so very pretty, delicate and detailed. The border of this set is so very beautiful !! It looks just like a beautiful piece of lace. Your Copenhagan and Stockholm dies are gorgeous too !! This is a lovely design Sue and the colour combo is fab !! I really love the Aqua cardstock. It is one of my favourite colours. Thank you Sue for sharing this Wondeful card within us today.
Sending you much love and special hugs today Sue love from Tres x x x

To all the wonderful Wilsonettes, sending everyone lots of love today. Take care, and I hope everyone has a lovely afternoon love from tres x x x

weefortune said...

Hi Sue, stunning card, love the colours Elaine x

Lesley Griffiths said...

Awards - someone wins no one loses an award. I love both blogs, it is allowed. I voted for you as your style of card-making is the one I use every day for inspiration in my card-making. You understand what I, as a crafter, need and your dies/folders are tremendous. My money goes where my mouth is and I buy as many of your dies/embossing folders as I can reasonably afford to put your inspiration into practice.
Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring daily blog and videos.
Happy Days

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing that you did not win the award but for your followers you will always be the best. Today's card is lovely. Make you think of Spring ! It is fresh and clean. The colours and dies work beautifully together. I love your arrangement of the twine and the single flower. I haven't seen that before and it works really well. Kindest regards Judith (Moran) x

craftynanna said...

Afternoon Sue, you didn't win how rotten you are the best blogger by miles, its fixed, your card is beautiful and i love the colours, my favourite too, hugs to all Johanna

Carole Z said...

Stunning card Sue, I love the design and the twine bow and flower is beautfiul, hugs Carole Z X

Margaret corgi owner said...

Good afternoon Sue and Wilsonettes
Lots of people have said it today it is only a title and I am sure that title does not recognise just what a wonderful, kind, considerate and very generous person you are. You really do have the very best blog and we regulars do so appreciate all you do for us so please don't be down hearted.
Today's card is stunning love the colours and the design it is so beautiful.
With love and hugs especially to those not feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Margaret corgi owner

hazel young said...

Your my no1 blogger Sue love your card xx hazel

Beryl Treble said...

Hi Sue, a beautiful card.

Angela Wade said...

Good Afternoon, Sue and fellow Wilsonettes, I hope you're all having a good day.

Sue, I'm sorry you didn't win at the Craft Awards but I can only echo other sentiments and say - You're our NUMBER ONE !!!

Today's card may be simple, but is truly beautiful, both in colour and design, and right up my street :- )

Congratulations to the many Comment Game winners and hugs to all, especially those who are unwell / in
pain and to absent friends (((( ))))
Angela in S. Wales Xx

Shari Z said...

I look forward everyday to reading your blog and seeing your inspiration! Love the card today!

Jane said...

Really pretty.

Jane xx

Wheely Bad said...

Hi Sue

Card first. The aqua is not a colour I use a lot, probably only on contemporary Christmas cards but seeing it more and more in the last 6 months (I guess) it's growing on me. You call the card simple (by your standards, lol) but it's simply beautiful. I love your little layered flowers and will get around to some flower dies for myself soon. What makes this card is the touches of black here and there.

It's a shame you didn't win but in these circumstances they go for quantity not quality. Wonder if this other blog gets the same people every day, who care for and support each other, who share news and there's the ones who meet outside of the blog. Not so much a blog but a way of life, also lifeline for those who are stuck at home or who are having a difficult time -or both. Don't think I'm the only one for whom this blog is the main source of social interaction! Then there's you Sue, you answer any emails you get from us, you are always showing us new techniques, you listen to us too, taking notice of requests that pop up now and again for the sorts of die we need- though I'm sure you'd probably thought of it already! This blog is all your own work and you're so generous too with more giveaways than I thought was possible! I think it's actually quite a credit to Creative Expressions too that you and Julia were nominated, plus they have other great DT members blogs like "our" Tina, John and many more who are well worth a visit. We also have Wilsonettes visit from all over the world too. Particraft is really an international blog!

This all means that you, Sue Wilson are our #1 many, many times over, please don't ever forget that. You spread a little happiness all over the world every single day.

The communal soapbox had has a fair bit of use today, I make no apologies for that!

Going to a fair the same weekend as the UK's major crafts retailers event has meant over the years, the number of craft retailers at the fair has shrunk greatly. Upshot of which meant I had to do some online shopping too yesterday in between sleeping. I have- and will have plenty to keep me amused :-) have of course kept a little aside in case (highly probable in case) theres something on that huge list of mine I fancy!

Sending smiles and huge hugs to Wilsonettes the world over, wishing you all a lovely evening. Extra hugs to those who need them

T x

Maria Alder said...

Hi Sue and everyone!
Have they not got any sense at that craft award, You are a winner!,You are our nr 1 and not just with this wonderful blog but also with every card you are showing us and all the video tutorials. Your takes on dies and stamps and everything you do,Yes Sue You are a Winner !
Todays card is wonderful and so fresh looking and made in a beautiful colour scheme, I love it !
Sending love and hugs to everyone who need one today and every day
My Wilsonette friends ! Maria xx

Littlelamb said...

Really sorry that you didn't win last night but as everyone else has said. You are the best. Like today's card and the colours. So pleased I have bought that flower die.

Barbara said...

Beautiful card, pretty colours.
Don't know how you didn't win Best Blog and No 4 on the blog list won. I think next year we need to get voting early and get you one of the many titles you deserve. I think beacause the winner is on telly a lot more than you has a lot to do with it. I know you have to go home to the US a lot so it cant be helped and she is more in the public eye.
You are No1 in our eyes and I very rarely miss a day when I don't comment.

Janice Robinson said...

Hi Sue
You say a simple card but it looks amazing and may have taken some time to make.Thanks for sharing x

iReneM said...

You may say simple but it is extremely gorgeous and elegant.
Love it :)


redfox said...

I'm late commenting today as i'm struggling with a sinus infection on top of my painful condition, but no moaning!! I love your beautiful card and I really adore the colour aqua. Like everyone else i'm totally at a loss as to why you didn't win best blog, you've certainly inspired me in my card making and people comment when I make cards in your style. Hope knowing that we all totally love you makes up for not winning. Enjoy the rest of the week. Lots of love Sarah

Edwina Scotney said...

Gorgeous care Sue, cannot believe you didn't win win best blog, your's is the best in my opinion Edwina

Craftycatty said...

Fresh simple card which shows the dies to perfection.

Craftycatty said...

Meant to say, you mentioned the difficulty trying to find a butterfly stamp..... just right do a lovely verse, large stamp too.

Hope to see you in Glasgow AGAIN SOON.

Saba said...

Good afternoon Sue,
If this is what you class as a a standard for your first play with the prototypes, well, all I can say is, I wish my first attempts with playing with a new die came out looking like this one does. It's beautiful. My cards only ever turn out right because I have you as my inspiration and your fabulously unique dies to help me along.

I am truly sorry you didn't win the best blog category. I suppose what upsets us most is that the award is based purely on public votes and if only those who only popped in to comment when there are prizes had all voted for you you would have got the award you so richly deserved. It also occurred to me that maybe even some of your regular visitors weren't aware of how important their votes were, so next year perhaps it needs more publicity. Maybe a big " Vote for Sue Wilson" banner at the top of your home page!!!

I also just want to reiterate what everyone else has said, you are our No. 1 and we would be lost without your wonderful daily blog. You really have become part of our lives, ( even my husband knows your name!!) and we love you to bits.

Love and daily hugs for all


scrAPpamondo said...

Just fabulous.... Incredible matching of intricate diecut layers!! Love the flower with the simple bow, stunning embellishment!

pinky said...

Super pretty card, loving the pastel blue colour. Shame you didn't get the award Sue, you really did deserve it.

Meg said...

Lovely card Sue, the colour is so delicate and the flowers really set it off.

Sorry about last night but you know you're always the greatest to us.

Love and hugs


Tracy Stitt said...

Hi sue.
Beautiful card an I love this cour combo. It's very sleek!!!
Sorry u didn't win but u sure deserved to!! How many other blogs give the support, great gifts and amazing die giveaways!! Where do we vote for this next year? We will allrly round and get voting!!!
Ur my no1 sue xx

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

Love this card. Did see you demo this and thought it beautiful at the time. The colour combo suits it and will suit all sorts of occasions with a change of sentiment.

carol edwards said...

Such a lovely card Sue and the aqua colour is really nice. A shame you didn't get an award you certainly deserve one for your blog and the commitment and inspiration you show every day x

liz spooner said...

Clearly the award judges have not seen your blog because you would have won. We all think that this is the best blog so you get our vote. Love the card Sue.xx

barbiepinkfairy said...

This is a really pretty one Sue. Yours is the best blog to us that's what's important!

Karen Drew said...

You were robbed Sue!!!! Def should have been a winner. The inspiration we get every day is amazing.
Love todays card. The colours are gorgeous
Karen xx

Glennis said...

Sorry you missed out this time.
Today's card is gorgeous

Dorothy Macdonald said...

Gorgeous card Sue ......all your cards are lovely. I am new here, so I would like to say a crafty hello to you Sue and everyone else ....

Breezes said...

Can't believe you didn't win - your blog wins by a mile every time !


Vie Carter said...

Lovely card Sue, so sorry you did not win, can't believe that, your blog is so informative - next Year!


Ann said...

Hi Sue

Beautiful card so pretty.

Your Blog is the No 1 Blog to all

of us who follow you daily and

appreciate all your inspiration

hard work and kindness.

Hugs to all

Annx without an "e"

Tina Eldridge said...

Hi Sue

Sue you really don't need a title to say how FANTASTIC your blog is, and all your achievements regarding your dies out do any other die on the market.

This is a super blog and you are super generous. Well done you !!!

I nearly forgot to say how beautiful your card is today, colour is so pretty.

Kind regards to all :-)

Tina XX

Dawn Holben said...

WOW that card is so beautiful and after reading your instructions have realised it is easier than it looks.
And although it's no consolation I and many others think you have the best blog and that you should have won.

Scottydog said...

Love this card for two reasons, I have some of these dies (others on birthday wish list for next month!) and the card is made with my favourite colour. Love all shades of blue/turquoise. Another one to try, just could do with more time - Lol!

Jean Bullock said...

Nothing too fancy? LOL. NOT. I love this card. I pinned.

Yours is my favorite blog. I was surprised you did not win. Sending you a message via email.

barbara macaskill said...

You win Best Blog in my book! LOVE your cards and coming here each day makes it a BEAUTIFUL DAY because I love seeing what you create!

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