Saturday, 28 February 2015

Izzy's Handbags!

 Hello bloggers!    I have asked Izzy's permission to post her gorgeous handbags on my blog and she has, not only kindly consented, but she has also written out exact directions for them with a template as well!  How wonderful is that!  I have taken pics of all three of them from various angles so you can see the detail in them.  The template she has done is at the end of the post pictures too for you.  I do hope that you enjoy them!!

A quick note to say that John Lockwood is on C & C today at 10am and 4pm with his own line of stamps!  Don't forget to tune in and see all his lovely samples and demos.

Since the post is rather long today, I thought I would announce the winner of the Wednesday Card Giveaway now too.  The winner is:

Jess Watson!!!

Congratulations!  Please email me at to confirm your address and claim your card!    Now for the handbag directions!

ORION and URSA Handbags
Start by cutting a rectangle for the flap, the width will be determined by which Gemini die you're working with - if you check out the picture of the parts/templates you will see that I'm working with Orion which is the longest of the 4 I have at approx. 7" but I have also placed Ursa and Phoenix at the bottom for my rectangle is 7.25" wide and 6" deep - now this last measurement is adjustable depending on how low you want the flap to fall onto the body front but you must allow at least a half-inch at the back for glueing to the body and enough to roll nicely at the top, so cut it at 6" and then trim to suit later.  Tape your dies to the top of this piece, the insert and one outer die and cut - if you are using a white or cream card for the flap and would like to do the multi-coloured inlay like my example then tap the fall-away pieces carefully onto your workmat and put them away safely for now.  Using the two outer dies cut a backing shape in your second colour to stick under your die-cut area.  Find your rolling pin (it will be in the kitchen somewhere!) or a piece of clean piping, plastic not lead, and gently shape the flap into a smooth curve, roughly in the middle area....see pic to get the idea...if you're using cardstock thicker than mine then you could also score a few lines in the middle section to persuade the cardstock to curve.
So now you know the width of the body - same as the flap - the height I worked out as looking "right" for this style was 4", so using your body colour cardstock cut it at the same width across an A4 piece, then on your scoring board, score at 4", 5.5" and cut at 9.5" thus giving you a 4" front, 1.5" base and a 4" will also have a long thin strip left over - save this for your handles.
Having cut your body part, select which side is to be your front and cut out a shallow curve at the top using either a large die or even a dinner plate - position your die or plate so that it does not cut edge to edge, leave a small margin at either end for attaching the side panel flaps. 
Now if you refer back to the pic and look at the side panel template (white) you will see that you'll need a small rectangle 4.5" long and 2.5" wide - this gives you a half-inch seam allowance on the three sides that will be attached to the body - so back to your score board and score at the half-inch groove down one long side, then one short side but the remaining long side needs to be scored at just a smidgeon over the half-inch measurement to allow for the thickness of your cardstock and enable the front and back body panels to stand up straight so score that final line within the 1.25" area - it's easier if you draw a fine pencil line at the half-inch mark and then score just inside it...also score a line to halfway down in the middle of the rectangle - this allows you to concertina the sides slightly when the sides are attached to the body...and I've also found the sides look better if you cut out a semi-circle at the top, not too deep though...see lavender side panel in pic
Using your long thin leftover strip cut two handles, about a half-inch wide and the full A4 length - you will attach these flush with the flap edge at the back and about half-way down at the front and about 2" or so in from the sides of the bag - but this last measurement depends on which die you're using and also personal taste...cut your bows if you're using them or another embellishment to hide the handle ends at the front...
Now the multi-coloured inlay I did on the Orion bag was simply colouring up the fall-away pieces with ProMarkers with colours chosen to tie in with the Rich Plum/White colour scheme and you will see from the pics that I only used the central motif pieces and the long thin slivers that highlight the grid pattern...this could be done instead with two or more matching colours of card or more simply by adding some double-sided adhesive sheet before you cut your backing shape, then sticking this in place and glittering up the "holes" in the front...
LYRA Clutch bag
Again you will start by cutting the flap first to establish the width of the bag body but as this die is very free-form and "organic" in style it's best used at an angle, either from left to right or vice versa BUT as I won't be looking over your shoulder whilst you position your dies on the card I can't specify a starting width - however you still need to start with a piece that is 6" deep and whatever size your die placement gives you across the width but don't make the angle too steep because you need to allow room for the curve of the flap at the top.  Now go ahead and cut the edge using your chosen outer die and roll  the middle section gently around your rolling pin to curve the card.  Now cut the die in full out of contrasting card using all three dies and stick along the edge...I also cut myself a full three-die image to stick just under the flap and provide some interest when the bag is opened.
The curved side panel template was made by drawing around the base of a small mister bottle giving me a circle 1.25" in diameter (you could use a circle die or punched circle to do the same.)  I then used a ruler to find the widest point of the circle and drew a straight line upwards - you need to make sure your drawn circle is at least 4" below the top of your piece of card or paper - mine was 4.25" (white Lyra Template).  Now cut this out, place it on your chosen cardstock and score around it,DO NOT CUT! - you may find this easier to do on a mouse mat or similar...on your score board score a line halfway down from the top - this is optional though, you may like your sides perfectly add your half-inch seam allowance in pencil all round the scored shape, with a ruler for the straight sides and freehand around the curve. Now you can cut this out and snip at intervals around the curve...repeat for the other side - again see pic to make this clearer.
Now for the take one side panel with the seam flaps folded in all round, your bottle of CS Dries Clear glue (highly recommended) and the piece of cardstock cut to the right width but leave the length at A4 for the moment...spread some glue sparingly along one of the side panel seam flaps and making sure the flaps all face inwards attach to one side of your body card at the top, wait for a moment for the glue to grab, add a drop on each of the cut sections around the curve then lift up the already-glued section with one hand and roll while pressing down the curve seam sections with the other, hold for a moment while the glue roll it onto it's back making sure your edge is straight, do not glue the final side yet, just make a pencil mark...repeat the process for the other side, make a pencil mark there too and now you know where to cut off the excess card and having done that finish off the glueing. see pic of finished sample.  If your maths is better than mine you can probably work out that you need the length of your side panel twice and then to add some extra for the curve but I made all the bags by just winging it and so tackled each hurdle as it presented itself.  This time it all worked! time, que
Now check the flap against the body, decide if you need to trim off any of the 6" depth or if you like the curve as it is but remember you will need at least a half-inch along the back to fasten it securely to the body...and before you do that why not add some pricking along the edge?  Then add a handle which could be either a simple loop strap as I did or maybe a fancy tassel instead - as it's a clutch bag it doesn't really need a strap if you don't want one, and then add any further embellishments that take your fancy, inlay work (nice large pieces) and jewels as I did or whatever!
...and apparently pre-cut Velcro circles are available from online haberdashery sites and you will probably want to invest in some rather than cutting a Velcro strip into squares as I did....I'm happy if you learn from my cringe-making mistakes!
Happy Crafting!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these.  Let me know if you have any questions.  All for now, Sue x


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Mac Mable said...

What a clever and talented lady. So pretty and creative x

Pam said...

Stunning bags Sue saw them on your show. Thank you izzy for letting us see them and instructions.
Congrats to Jess on her win
Have a great weekend everyone. Hugs all round.

Unknown said...

what a great idea sue, lovely keepsake

Clai01 said...

Thanks for the inspiration Izzy, the bags look super. x

CraftySuetoo said...

Good morning Sue, Izzy and everyone. Thank you Sue for showing Izzy's fabulous creations, and thank you Izzy for such detailed instructions - I think there will be a lot of handbags attempted this weekend. Any chance of a youtube video for those of us who are visual learners?
Congratulations Jess, I'm so pleased for you. Happy weekend! Sue xxx

Anonymous said...

Well, Sue, this is a first - no Sue card!
Congrats, Izzy, saw these on a show and so cute - it's all in the detail with the immaculate construction and faux stitching etc - so thanks for sharing the info on how to make. Brilliant! And thanks to Sue for so very generously allowing Izzy to shine. Both superstars!!
Well done to Jess on the card win.

'P' in Wales

Jan.moogie said...

Wow Sue how did you know? I have looked for Izzys name so that I could look on her blog for these very handbags and to be given instructions as well is amazing. Thank you Sue for being so kind as to share this on your blog I for one am truly grateful. Hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

The Lyra die ( which I have just bought after Sue's lovely card this week) is particularly appealing. A very different idea from Izzy. Thank you.

Heather Harrison said...

Morning Sue. What a fantastic make. Thank you and Izzy for being so generous in sharing this with us. Hugs Heather x said...

Morning Sue and Izzy.
Thank you so much they are stunning, so clever. congrats to Jess. Take care all Kitty.

Anonymous said...

What a clever lady Izzy is ., the bags are beautiful. Congratulations to Jess. Have a nice week-end everyone. JJxx

auscrafts said...

Thank you and Izzy for being so generous in sharing this with us

Pat said...

Morning Sue
WOW what a sensational idea, lovely for a gift
Pat x

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Sue
Thank you Izzy your one clever lady, will have to try these when hand plays nicely, congratulations Jess on winning the card.
Happy crafting
Love and hugs to all
Love Tina x x x

lilian said...

Hi All, I also saw these bags on the weekend shows, think they are "FAB", but I Think beyond my arthritic hands.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

Aspiring crafter said...

These little bags are stunning Sue , and izzy you are very clever!
The dies just work so well with them.
Thank you for the inspiration!

JAO said...

Great bags, thanks for all the info.

Unknown said...

GM SUe and Izzy. Lovely bags and such attention to detail on them. Might have a go at one when I get a moment so thanks for the instructions. Happy weekend all

hollyberry said...

Thank you Sue and Izzy for sharing these amazing bags,along with instructions and templates on the blog.Izzy your bags are so lifelike,thought they were wonderful when Sue showed them on her shows last week.

yvonne said...

Good morning Sue & Izzy the bag is absolutely stunning thank you for sharing this with us lucky people, ladies you are an inspiration to us all, thanks. Yvonnexx

Anonymous said...

Morning Sue. Thank you sue for been so generous and showigizzy's handbagson your blog and to izzy for suchdetailed instructions and some fabulous creations. Two very talented ladies today. I think it's going to take me a couple of days for the instructions to sink in lol then i think i might have a go at making one. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed lol. Out shopping this morning so having to tape john's first show with his new stamps. They look lovely. Congrats to jess on winning your beautiful card. Have a lovely weekend SUE.
Take care everyone as it is very cold and windy here today and have a great weekend.
Best Wishes.
Denise T x

Roz McLellan said...

Hello Sue

These are works of art. Please thank Izzy from all of us.


Crafting Queen said...

Wow,what a clever lady.

Jackie T said...

Good morning Sue thank you for sharing these beautiful bags that Izzy has made. I saw them when you were on C&C last time. It is good to know how they are made. Have a great day. Hugs Jackie

Hellma said...

Beautiful bags, thanks to izzy for allowing you to show these with instructions.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea and so pretty ...any little girl would be over the moon to receive one of them and a lot of big girls too ...I know I would xx sue milham xx

Jacquie Jacobs said...

Morning Sue,

Loves these bags, brilliant idea from Izzy. Well done Izzy. One of my first makes many years ago was a clutch bag but not as decorative as these. These are so real looking, amazing work.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

carol edwards said...

Hi Sue and Izzy. Thank you for today's post and all the step x step instructions. Beautiful detailed work Izzy the bags are superb as is the attention to detail. The faux stitching is so precise.
Congratulations to Jess . Enjoy the weekend x

BridgetCG said...

Hello Sue and Izzy for sharing these with us,especially the measurements and detailed instructions . I loved the bags on the shows and was wondering how it was done, as want to try one for a very special friends birthday. They are really beautiful, love the inlays. You are a very clever and talented lady Izzy. Well done Jess on winning the card. Have a great day all. Bx

Hazel said...

Goodmorning Sue. How kind of you to let us all see Izzy stunning bags. Hasn't she taken your dies to a new and exciting level??? That's where your design talent has taken you with them being so veristile!

Izzy you are one very talented lady, your instruction are brilliant, love how you have even instructed as to where one should kind our rolling pins etc. did make me smell as I bet someone will go in a panic ( oh no I don't own a rolling pin) but thank you for allowing your bag design to be shown here. Hazel x

PharmacyMichele said...

WOW-the bags look even more stunning close up, so kind of Izzy to share the details with everyone on your blog.

Congrats to the winner.

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue & Izzy,
Thank you Izzy for all the wonderful details for your fantastic bags. Will definitely have a go at one of these. You are one talented lady, all your bags were stunning.
Thank you Sue for your generosity of sharing Izzy's talent with us. You are one really special person which Hazel & I are very aware of.
Have a fantastic weekend

Patricia xxx

TDQ Karen said...

What a treat to see the instructions for Izzy's beautiful bags, they are fantastic. Congratulations to Jess x

Nananne said...

Thank you Sue and Izzy, the handbags are beautiful and a wonderful idea,
Congratulations Jess, enjoy your card!
Love and Hugs to all xo

cheryl brown said...

Saw these little beauties on your shows Sue .
Was really taken with these little bags Izzy, they are so dinky and pretty. Thank you for letting Sue show them to us in her recent C&C slot. You are one very talented lady.
I make handbag boxes with an Arty Farty Template for my special cards.
After yesterday's glorious weather when I had the chance to fill my washing line, with temperature according to my outside barometer 50 degrees, it is dull & wet today. A wonderful chance to have a crafting day.
However you plan to spend your Saturday I send you hugs.
Cheryl xxx

Ecco of Sheffield said...

morning Sue
What a glorious and fantastic treat for me today to see Izzy's bags and the templates. This is really one very talented lady and she really shows what your fabulous dies can do. I hope no-one will mind if I take one of these gorgeous gifts for me as it's my birthday to day and I really cannot think of a better gift. Izzy thank you so much for allowing Sue to show your wonderful bags once again and an even bigger thank you for showing the templates.

It has to be quick this morning as it's a very busy day. Off to see Mr E's niece and her two little ones this morning then back for the mundane task of food ordering so that I can enjoy the afternoon with who ever pops in.

To all in pain or suffering I hope your day gets better. To everyone please take care and stay safe. See you tomorrow.
Janet x

Anonymous said...

Belinda Raven said....

Hi Sue, what a lovely surprise - Izzy's bags! Thank you Izzy - I saw them on your show Sue and think they are great! What a superb way to showcase your dies.

Hugs, Belinda. X

Sue from Wiltshire said...

These bags are great and very pleased that Izzy wanted to share what she had created with your dyes. Two very talented people.

Glennis F said...

very clever handbags - great work!

rosiejt said...

Well done Izzy and Sue.

Jane said...

Good morning Sue, what a lovely treat today I saw the bags on your show Sue and now we get full instructions!! Wow!2 talented artists work it also shows off your gorgeous dies Sue .congrat to the winner .enjoy the weekend take care Jane B.

Joan D said...

How very generous Sue., and a very talented lady like yourself. Will have a go as its a beautiful way to give a gift instead of wrapping paper. Xxx

DMJ said...

Many thanks to Izzy for these lovely handbags!! I did enjoy seeing them on the shows!!

Doreen x

Unknown said...

Wow. These are a real construction job and so realistic you could take them on a night out!! LOL. FABULOUS detailed instructions. All I need to do now is buy the dies!! Hugs from Ireland. Evelyn x

Rosemarie said...

Morning Sue, thank you for showing these beautiful little bags on your blog, and thanks to Izzy for the instructions, they are little works of art. I can see many being made all around the country today.

Love Rosemarie xx

MRS DUCK said...

Good morning Sue and everyone
I've seen a good few paper handbags on tinterweb but these are at another level and showcase your dies wonderfully.
I bought 2 of the Geminis on Thursday at CE Towers and look forward to playing with them.
Shall be watching my buddy John today. So proud of him and his new stamps are divine.
Have a great day.
Ang x

MRS DUCK said...

Ps . . . . Izzy, you need a blog gal!

marg said...

Good Morning Sue
And well done Izzy you must be so proud of designing these Handbags..and Sue for the Dies!
I will have to save these instructions!
Take care
Love Marg

Unknown said...

Oh wow these are stunning Sue and thank you izzy for showing us how to make them.
I love the designs and the colours are wonderful.
They are that good you think they are real handbags.
Well done izzy. Xx
Debs A xxx

Craftysusan said...

These bags are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you Izzy for taking the time to write out the instructions for us. I am with Craftysuetoo in that a YouTube video would also be fantastic. Izzy you are so talented and Sue so kind in posting the bags and instructions on your blog. Congrats also to Jess on winning this week's Prize and happy birthday Janet (Ecco of Sheffield). I

Rosie said...

Stunning bags Sue, saw them on your show. Thank you Izzy for sharing your instruction and templates with us. It is a lovely keepsake.....
Have a nice

ellyscard creatief said...

These bags are gorgeous.

alimecca said...

Hi Sue,
Wow! These are beautiful. Thank you to you and also Izzy for the brilliant instructions and templates - very kind of you. I saw these when you did your shows last weekend and was amazed at how lifelike they were. Very clever indeed. I love the ones with the inlaid pieces.
Hope everyone has a great day. Congratulations to Jess on winning the card - you will love it! Sending love and hugs to everyone, Alison xx

Kevonacrafts said...

The bags are absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for allowing us to have the instructions.
Have a great day playing ladies.

Sonia Stephenson said...

Hi Sue. Wow, these are so pretty, remember seeing them on the shows. Thanks Izzy for sharing your beautiful creations. Congrats to Jess for winning the weekly card. Have a lovely day. Hugs to all xxx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow these are amazing

gwen70 said...

Stunning handbags Sue, thank you for showing us how to do them

cr@fty said...

Good morning Sue
This has made my day, I loved the bags when they were on your show. Thank you Izzy for such detailed instructions and thank you Sue for sharing your blog so that we can attempt to make one. I love the pricking detail it makes it look so realistic. I have these dies and all I could see was beautiful edges I would never have dreamed of turning it into a bag, how clever of you Izzy!
Congratulations to Jess
Hugs x
Heather T

DeynairaC said...

Good Morning Mrs.Sue

I am speechless.

Fantastic ideas and look like inspiration are running high around the crafter ladies.

Mrs. Izzy phenomenal creation
thank you very much for showing another way to use Sue's dies collections.

Ladies have a safe weekend.

Chris Curry said...


Theresa said...

what a super talented lady! and so generous as well. these are brill. hadn't watched any of your shows as i was away. but these are a treat, hugs xx

Deb E Isle of Wight said...

These are stunning, saw them on the C&C shows and with vocalised one word - WOW. Hubby was watching at the time and also said 'there's no way they are from the dies' then his jaw also dropped....As with yesterday's post thanks for the generosity in sharing Izzy.

jean.phillips1 said...

Morning Sue, fabulous bags, I do enjoy making bags so may have to try these. Love Jean xxx

Croquet Queen x said...

Hi Sue,
WOW, love them, so thank you Izzy!!
Absolutely brilliant instructions, I for one will try and have a go.
Lorna D

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - these are absolutely amazing. Couldn't believe them when I saw them on tv. My teenage granddaughter would love one of these, so must give it a try. What a very talented lady Izzy is. Best wishes

hazel young said...

wow you weren't kidding about a long post. Thank you for such detailed instructions. gorgeous handbag xx hazel

Unknown said...

Hi sue I loved these when you showed them on c c you are so good to us all that writing you had to put together thank you. Congrats to Jess love to all June horrocks xxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,
I saw these delightful handbags on your shows last week and was hoping that Izzy would share the details of how to make them. Thank you Izzy you are a very talented lady, I will be attempting to make one of they will turn out is another question! LOL
Thank you Sue for putting them on your blog.
Love Janet x
from Wakefield

Marion said...

Hi Sue loved the bags when you had them on your shows,thank you Izzy for sharing your talent with us ,and thank you Sue for taking the time to write it .
Marion H

June Smith said...

Good morning Sue, Pam and all Wilsonettes and a really big THANK YOU to Izzy what a lovely thing to do not only to make and show us the hand bags - yes I saw them on C&C and was blown away then) - but also to give us the instructions as well, I can see now especially in the close up pictures why you were so impressed Sue, what a wonderfully talented lady Izzy is, please pass onto her my heartfelt thanks for this. I have copied the instructions so that I have them and will have a play when I get a minute or even an hour or two.

Congratulations to Jess you will enjoy your card.

Reminder to myself must set the TV to record John today.

Have a great Saturday everyone, stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

Susan Battensby said...

Hi Sue
Wow what a talented lady. Thank you Izzy.
They would make a lovely gift. x

Muriel said...

Hi Sue and all
Izzy's bags are brilliant, so pretty and clever use of your amazing Gemini dies
Muriel x

Yorks butterfly said...
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Unknown said...

Wow these bags are absolutely stunning.
Thank you Izzy for sharing with us. These will be saved for later, to try. Have a good day. Hugs. Jan. xx

lizalexw said...

OH, FAB stuff! Thank you Sue for posting this and thanks to Izzy for sharing all the detailed info. They are all beautiful bags-well done!
....I can see myself putting a silk lining in one of these...

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, these bags are beautiful and it is very kind of izzy to give us the instructions how to make them. love Jean Z xx

Unknown said...

Morning Sue and Izzy, Beautiful creations, Thanks for sharing with us! Stunning! Congrats to Jess, Off to watch John's shows, Junex (Cumbria)

Myra said...

Hi Sue,
Thank you so much for allowing Izzy to show us how to make her gorgeous bags! Sue, your dies are so inspiring and there is no better illustration of that than Izzy's bags.
Thank you Izzy for the clear instructions and photos it is very kind of you to share. I will certainly give them a try. I'm on holiday at the moment so will have to wait until I return home.
Janet, Happy Birthday to you , Happy Birthday to you etc!
Cheryl's Mum - Happy Birthday to you too!
Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Lots of love,
Myra xx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Thank you for sharing Izzy's bags - another talented lady.
The bags are gorgeous and I am tempted to have a go!!
Right John's shows so must get organised to record so I can watch the demos later.
Sheila x

Jennifer Smith-Kirk said...

Hi Sue, thank you so much for showcasing Izzy's projects on your blog with the bonus of instructions too, just shows how versatile your dies really are. Congratulations Jess on your win - looking forward to John's shows x x x

Jess Watson said...

Morning Sue, wow, I have won your wonderful card, I have a special place for it in my craft room, thank you so much. Thanks to Izzy for allowing us to see her gorgeous handbags, and templates, will certainly be having a go at these.
Have a great day everyone, thank for all your good wishes.
Happy birthday Janet.
Take care, Jess x

tracy w said...

Hi Sue
What a great blog today we get to do the handbags from Izzy thank you tracyw

Janice K said...

Amazing bags! Thank you so much for the great step by step. Yet another fantastic way to use our dies! x

Shirley T. said...

Hi Sue,

Gorgeous bags. Thank you.

Much love,

Shirley T. xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,
These handbags were such a hit on your C&C show no wonder they are beautiful thank you Sue for allowing Izzy to show us her instructions and thank you Izzy for sharing .
Happy Birthday to Janet hope you have a great day!!!
Congrats to Jess!!

Crafty hugs to everyone, have a good Saturday !!
Jean D xxx

Unknown said...

Just love these bags. I spent all day Saturday making a version of my own so I will definitely do these. Thanks for the constructions. Crafty Regards Julie xxx

Carol Clarke said...

Morning Sue
Stunning bags which I saw on the show and thank you Izzy for sharing them with us
Carol x

fluffycat said...

Hi Sue, your generosity knows no bounds. After we had all swooned at Izzy's handbags we are grateful to you both for giving us such detailed instructions. I will be printing them off and keeping them safe until I have at least one of the dies. I forsee a truckload of handbags being made over the weekend by those ladies lucky enough to already have the dies. Thank you both very much for sharing your talents.

Janet Ecco - Happy Birthday, hope you have a lovely day.
Congratulations Jess on being the Wednesday winner.
Yorks butterfly - the dustbin is there for you to delete your comment should you want to. No-one else sees it.

karenlotty said...

WOW! I loved these on C&C and thank you so much Izzy for allowing us to have the instructions. A friend of mine at my local craft group watched C&C knowing I'm a huge fan of Sue Wilson dies and she squealed with delight at the beautiful handbags (and cards) and I said that as I owned Lyra would love to have a try! Will need to print off the instructions and have a proper read but they look very informative A video would be great because I can get quite cackhanded and always do things in the most awkward of ways!

Anonymous said...

These are stunning and it's so generous of Izzy to allow you to share them with us all.

Anne (Northampton)

Paula said...

I saw these bags on your shows last weekend Sue, they are wonderful! Izzy is another lady with imagination I am so jealous of! Still, we can't all be good at everything. :) I've already ordered one of these dies, when I first saw them I thought they weren't for me, but last night a card was posted on the Joanna Sheen craft forum , and I fell in love!

Paula x

nancyd said...

Morning Sue, fabulous bags I was going to
attempt one for my granddaughter's 18th
Birthday next month to put a pendant in now
with the fabulous templates it will be a bit
Easier well done Izzy you are a very talented
lady. Well done Jess on winning the givaway.
Nancyd xx

Sandy G said...

Hi Sue
These bags are gorgeous. Izzy is a very clever lady. Thank you for sharing them with us and especially for the instructions. Congratulations to Jess.
Have a great day everyone.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Not my cup of tea but they look very good, Lizzy is one very talented lady.
Zena x

jane stillman said...

Two fabulous projects, such a clever lady, and so thoughtful to do a tutorial on how you did them - thank you Izzy x

TOB said...

Hi Sue, how kind of Izzy to let us make her bags. They are just beautiful.
One very talented lady.
Jess well done for winning Sues card.
Happy Birthday Janet.
Hugs to everyone Love Theresaxx

Evis M said...

Hi Sue.
Wow, wow and thrice wow! I saw these bags on C&C and thought that they were just wonderful. Izzy they are fabulous! Thank you so very much for sharing them with us.
Best wishes,
Evis M.

rolfi said...

Hi Sue,
These bags are so funny. I know a lady who will like one (I´ll make one for her birthday voucher).
Thank you and Izzy very much for that.
Rolf xxx

Unknown said...

To Sue My Very Dear Friend,
What Can I Say These Photographs Prove Just What Can Be Achieved With Your Stunning Dies, It's So Extremely Kind Of Izzy To Share Them With Us And Her Breakdown Is So Well Done.
Sue Thank You For Sharing Them With Us, And The Fantastic Photography Shots
Take Great Care My Friend
Love And Hugs
From Sam xxx
To All The Wonderful Wilsonettes
I Do Hope Your All Keeping Well, Hazel I Hope Your Leg Is Feeling Better, Sandra I Hope You Have A Tremendous Day At The Farnbourgh Craft Show,
Jess Congratulations On Winning The Beautiful Wednesday Gift Card, I'm Sure You'll Love Sue's Card
Take Care All
Love From Sam xxx

Maureen Killen said...

Good morning Sue, and all the ladies.
Yippee, thank you for posting Izzy's instructions for the bags, and the great photos. I can guess what a lot of the Wilsonettes will be doing over the weekend!!!
Congratulations to Jess on winnning the Wednesday card.
Have as good a day as you can ladies xx

Claire said...

These bags are stunning and beautifully made.

It is very kind of Izzy to share the details of how they are made.

Take care


Pat L said...

Hi Sue
Just want to thank you and Izzy for sharing these wonderful bags, they are so beautiful. Thank you as well for the great instructions just have to nip over to JS website and order a couple of Gemini dies!
Congratulations to Jess enjoy your lovely card
Hugs and best wishes everyone

Cherie said...

Hi Sue, great to get this as was trying to figure out how to make when first seen them on create and craft. I think the mothers day card has changed!! Xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
How lovely of Izzy to share her designs with us. They are stunning.
Veronique L

Anonymous said...

Good morning Ladies,

Firstly, congrats to Jess on winning the Wednesday Card Giveaway even though I was hoping to win it myself!

Happy Birthday Janet! (Ecco)...have a wonderful day...

Ladies, I'm thrilled that you liked my bags when Sue showed them on C&C - so when she invited me to write down some instructions for making them up I was only too happy to share - I had so much fun cobbling them, they're much easier to do than you might think from reading the construction details...apologies for the length but I wanted to make sure that even crafty newbies would feel they could have a go...

I've asked Sue's permission to answer any questions you might have or any clarification you might need (especially if making up the Lyra bag as the body needs to be rolled around the side panels - which is easy to do but sounds really fiddly) I'm recording John's shows today so I can answer any queries you may have asap...

Mrs. Duck - wouldn't even know how to start up a blog! you thought of adding an Anon. button to your list of identities...?...would like to paddle in the pond...


granny sue said...

Hi Sue. Wow, Izzy's bags are stunning and how generous of her to share. SueL x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Sue,
Just stunning, Izzy is a very talented lady, and so generous of her to share.

Saba said...

Good Morning Sue.
Thank you so much for your truly generous gift today. It just shows what a wonderful person you are, sharing your limelight with Izzy.

IZZY, thank you so much, I have been really hoping that somehow we would get to see your divine bags again and to see them here this morning was a YES!!! Moment. They are fabulous. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wonderful creations and giving us all your clear and detailed instructions. You are an amazing crafter, hope to see more of your work sometime.

JANET, Happy Birthday, hope you have a fabulous day.
JESS, congratulations I know how thrilled you are.
Well done. So pleased for you

Love and hugs

sandieann21 said...

Very interesting, excellent instructions.

Dorothy of Baldock, GB said...

Thanks to both Sue and Izzy for the inspiration, instructions and lovely pics of the handbag. Great work. well done.

Must have a go at this one.....

Thanks for sharing xx

Cards2Di4 said...

Hi Sue. Hope you are well. Thank you for putting these beautiful bags on your blog. And thank you so much to Issy for sharing them with us. I can't wait to have a go. The generosity of the crafting world never ceases to amaze me. And the skills that people have... Incredible! So inspiring. Thank you. Love Diane x

Kiraneries said...

Hi Sue, wow those handbags are stunning. I saw the clutch bag on the show and thought it was made from thin leather. Izzy is a very talented lady.

Congratulations to the lucky card winner.

Crafty Cruiser said...

This is such a great idea - the bags are beautiful - well done and thanks to Izzy for sharing.

Unknown said...

Wow,I loved the bags when you showed them to us on your show. Thank you Izzy for going to all the trouble to tell us how to make them for ourselves.

Congrats to Jess on being the Wednesday winner (I am dead envious). Missed John's first show but will look at the others.

Lynn Dalby said...

Hello Sue and all

Beautiful. I fell in love with these when you had them on c&c and wondered if I could work out how to make them, now I don't have to. Thank you so much Izzy for sharing with us. Thanks for arranging the share Sue.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Wow.....thank you so much for persuading Izzy to share these bags with us all they are fabulous. I can foresee a national shortage of circular Velcro dots looming.
Beverley W

Ann said...

Hi Sue

Lovely little bags thankyou Izzy for all your instructions so kind of you.

Congrats to Jess

Hugs to all

Annx without an "e"

Kate's Cards said...

These are absolutely brilliant. Thanks for sharing with us Izzy.

Paula said...

I loved these on the show, thank you for posting them again and all the directions. Izzy, they are marvelous.

Brenda said...

Hi Sue,
Thank you for showing us Izzys bags again, I saw them on your shows last weekend and was really impressed, isn't she a clever lady, they really are gorgeous. AND inspired by your wonderful dies.
Think they would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift possibly put a little treat inside!
Hope you're having a good day.
Take care, love Brenda XXX

Brenda said...

Oops! Forgot to say congratulations Jess so pleased for you. LOL Brenda X

Anonymous said...

Saw these on your shows Sue and was blown away. How perfectly your dies lend themselves to these designs. I have to say that the workmanship is second to none and the vision to create these beauties ! So well done. Kindest regards Judith (Moran) x

Julie Bee said...

Hi Sue

It just shows how sharing all crafter's are, Izzy for all her hard work, templates and written instructions and you for allowing your blog to share another's talent, wonderful.
congrats to the card winner.

Best Wishes

Julie Bee

shabbycraftcabin said...

I fell in love with these bags when I saw them on tv! Thank you so much for putting them on here and so pleased I have these dies one which I won from you on this blog!

Love, Ivy L xx

Helen Bell said...

Hi Sue and everyone

This is a treat. Thank you Sue for allowing Izzys's designs to be showcased on your blog. We'll done Izzy, you are very talented and thank you for sharing.

Love Helen xxx

Meg Owen said...

Hi Sue,
I saw Izzy's bags on one of your shows and thought it looked amazing.
I have ordered the die and can't wait for it to arrive.

Love and hugs to all.


Unknown said...

Hi sue.
These are really stunning. I know lots of ladies who would appreciate a wee bag.
Well done izzy Uve done ur self proud thank u for sharing ur talents. I'm gonny give it a go tomorrow on my day off if I can figure out instructions I'm not good with instructions lol xx

Jackie Meechan said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Well done Izzy these are gorgeous


nzillingworth said...


Unknown said...

Very good idea


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, I'm a little sad today to hear of the passing of Leonard Nimoy, he was such a great person, I loved his portrayal of Spock in Sart Trek. I was fortunate to have met him a few times when he was over in the UK at SciFi conventions, such a lovely person, he'll be missed!

The bags are fab and I must try one out.

Craftihappiness to all and lots of love from Macky.

Unknown said...

wow thank you so much Izzy for letting us share your work I tried to make one after several attempts I gave up but here goes with the detailed instructions it should be a lot easier
All the best
Frances B

Jean said...

These are amazing!

Lynda's craft's said...

Good afternoon Sue Izzy & Wilsonettes,
thank you Sue for showing Izzy's bags today & Thank you Izzy for your wonderful instuction how too make them big thank you.Too Sue & Izzy.
Love & Hugs Lynda Brock xx

Congratulations to Jess on winning Wednesday card
Hug's Lynda xx

Sandra have a great day at Farnborough & Eveyone who is going Hug's Lynda xx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANET have a fabulous day
Hug's Lynda xx

Hug's Sandra,Margaret corgi owner,Myra,Maria,TOB Theresa,Hazel Steph,Patricia,Wheelybad,Sheila,Lynne M, Tina E, Norah,Jean D,Gail C,Sam,Saba & Val,Pam,Cameeil & all Wilsonlettes
Hug's Lynda xx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue and Izzy, thought these bags were absoloutely stunning when shown on your shows last week! They are beautifully designed and expertly crafted works of art!! Congrats to Jess on your card win. Hugs, Karen x

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Sue, how talented is this lady. The bags are just fabulous. X Ros

Yorks butterfly said...

Hi Sue thank yo so much for showing us these beautiful bags and thank you Izzy for being kind enough to share them with us and for the detailed instructions. You are both such talented ladies. I am sure there will be a lot of people very busy this weekend making the beautiful bags
Love Wendyx

Wheely Bad said...

Hi Sue

What stars you and Izzy are! You for allowing us to have our wish of making Izzys handbag for ourselves and Izzy for sharing her design. I have some extra special birthdays coming up- my stepmum and her two daughters, the "baby" sisters are 50, 21 and 16 all in the space of a fortnight in March/ April. My Dad has organised a big party in that time to celebrate all 3 birthdays so I need some cards/ gift wrapping with a wow factor! These bags will be so perfect and I know they will love them. Thank you both so much. Xxxx

Very happy birthday to Janet Ecco, have a wonderful birthday- wishing delicious cake and crafty gifts for you. Many happy birthday hugs xxxxx

Sorry I missed yesterday, I was so tired and sore. I always get a bit of a delayed reaction after something strenuous and it hit me yesterday morning, annoying as I had already spent a day laid up. Sitting at the minute with my heat mat and will take it to the table just for a little while this afternoon as have a couple of items in need of some sealer. I get to feel I haven't wasted any more time and as the sealer has to dry I can't be too long as the table as they'll be no room to craft! Thank you Sam, Maria, Lynda and Saba for thinking of me. Saba I shall be going to the surgery website in a bit to see what prebook appointments are available. Mr W can only take me after 5pm but luckily the late night slots don't fill up as quick as the rest of the day. They won't visit, even though car journeys hurt like hell on a good day! If that fails I'll phone the surgery and pray I get a helpful, sympathetic receptionist- lucky dip time! Hopefully I can get an appointment with one of the GPs I know.

Will watch John at 4 and catch up on his 10am show. He's done very well, good on him.

Mr W will be back from the supermarket soon so I will end here. Happy Saturday and very many crafty hugs to all of you. Special caring hugs to those who are ill, having treatment, in recovery or in any type of pain.

Love T xxx

Cathie said...

Saw these handbags on your show Sue and thought how inventive of Izzy to design these. After reading through the instructions, it sounds like Izzy might sew as well. The attention to detail is amazing. Please thank her for sharing these beautiful handbags with us all.

Jill Liddle said...


Rose in Chester said...

Hi Sue,
and THANK YOU Izzy, for letting us have the instructions and showing us your creations once again. Brilliant, I shall try my hand at them when I have some more time. They'd make the perfect gift (with contents of whatever).
And thank you, Sue for writing it all out. You two have made my day.
Hugs, Rose

Jayne S said...

These bags are stunning, thanks to Izzy for sharing her instructions with us all.

Nana on the Hill said...

What a brilliant way to use the dies,and so generous to share her knowledge. Thank you lzzy.

Jean Bullock said...

How darling. I love it. I pinned.

Erica said...

Aren't crafters wonderful the way they are happy to share all and Izzy you are right up there at the very top Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful bags with us all. Thank you too Sue for displaying them on your blog with Izzy's instructions which I shall study and have a go as soon as I can. said...

What a clever idea - thanks for sharing it with us all Sue and Izzy! They really are quite amazing, Susan x

Karen Drew said...

Wow!!! These are gorgeous. Saw them on your show last week and thought how fabulous they were. Thanks to Izzy for allowing us all to have the instructions. I have copied and pasted them so i can refer to them later. Very clever lady
Karen xx

terrie said...

These handbags are fantastic...
Thank you for sharing them.

Congrats to the winner

Cazzie D said...

Afternoon Sue & Izzy
I love construction cards/keepsakes; it's my favourite crafting technique. These bags are adorable. Thank you Izzy for sharing.
Caz x

SHARICA said...

Wow Awesome .. xx

Debbie Tinks said...

Lovely ...x

Unknown said...

Hi Sue and thank you Izzy. .
I was so impressed with these so bags last Saturday. I'm so glad you have shared. Thank you both.
Well done to our winner.
Have a fab weekend one and all.
Lots of love
Jo xx

Unknown said...

Such amazing detail in these bags. No wonder we were all blown over when we saw them on C&C. Thanks so much for giving us the details of your creations here
Janice W

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Just incredible how these seems real... Stunning projects! Love them all! Thanks for the tutorial

Beverly Fuchs said...

Hello Sue,

Thanks Sue for showing these bags, they are so adorable. Please give my thanks to Izzy for her generosity in not only sharing the bags but also the instructions and templates for doing them. She is both talented and clever to have come up with this idea.


Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Izzy very clever and nice of you to share.
Sue hope you are well and will be watching John no soon as I finish writing.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Izzy very clever and nice of you to share.
Sue hope you are well and will be watching John no soon as I finish writing.

Darlene from SK said...

I was wondering how these were made when you showed them on Create and Craft. Thank you so much to Izzy for sharing!

Glenharon said...

Good afternoon Sue and the fabulous Wilsonettes,
Thank you Sue for letting us see Issy's very special bags. I think they show off your dies to perfection somehow and these adorable handbags are so gorgeous to make for our diva's for a special day. thank you Issy for being so willing to share your stunning works with us, you do realise that we'll all be making these little beauties?
Well done Jess on wining this weeks WOW work of art. I can honestly say they are a work of art when you receive it and gives no end of inspiration.
Happy birthday to all our Wilsonettes and significant others who are celebrating today a birthday.
Sending love and crafty hugs to all my lovely Angels,
Norah (Glenochil )

patwyn said...

Thank you Sue and Izzy for showing these lovely handbags. Great instructions and will attempt one of the bags when I have more time. Watching John at the mo, beautiful stamps and sentiments.
Congrats to Jess on winning one of Sue's cards.

Pat xxx

Maria said...

Hi Sue and everyone !
Oh boy Izzy and Sue these handbags are superb. Thank you for your instructions Izzy, however with my brain I don't think it will work without a tutorial video where I could do it slowly together with you and pausing while catching up lol They are wonderful and like to try to make one at least one day.TFS

congratulations Jesse for winning the Wednesday card.
Happy Birthday Janet, have a fabulous day with the family!
Wheelybad you try to have a rest this weekend and hopefully you feeling better soon. I think you are like me that when we feeling ok we overdoing things to have it done but unfortunately we paying for it the next day. Pacing,don't know that word.
Comforting hugs to Saba and Val,shaking stevens Norah,Lynda,
Myra,Margaret,Brenda,LynneM,Sandra,ToB,Steph,Sam,June,Sheila,Cheryl,Hazel,Maureen,CraftyNanna,Alison and to everyone on Sue's blog'the Wilsonette's' Take care Maria x

Maryann Laursen said...

WAUW these are absolutely stunning Sue. You are such a talented lady. Thanks sooo very much for sharing this with all of us to try too, it´s much apreciated, that´s for sure, and they looks absolutely gorgeous.

barbara macaskill said...

Oooooooooooooooooooooo! These are GENIOUS! Well done! Not sure I am brave enough to tackle making one of my own but thinking about it! TFS!

Val Jones said...

Hi Sue. Love the bag with the deatiled instructions. Izzy is so clever.
Saw both of johns shows today. He and his new stamps are amazing. He's so talented.
Love val in Spain x

Barbara said...

Gorgeous bags and such a talented crafter. I think like a few others I would need a video to attempt to make one as I am not great with written instructions
Congratulations Jess on winning a Sue Wilson original.

Scottydog said...

These are fantastic & I know my granddaughters will love them! I just need to buy another die!

Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Stunning Handbags & love them all.
Thank you Izzy for sharing with us lucky crafters & with the detailed templates & instructions as well.
Loved them straight away when you first showed them to us Sue & what an ingenious way of using your beautiful Gemini dies which look amazing & very classy too, good enough for an evening out I think !!!

Crafty Hugs
Haze T xx

alimecca said...

Just me again, forgot to say Happy a Birthday to Janet - hope you've had a lovely day. Wheely hope you are feeling better - just take things steady! Love to you both,
Alison xxx

pinky said...

Wow these are truly gorgeous, what a talented lady and thanks for sharing all the details too!! Want to make one :)

Diane Green said...

Hi Sue and Izzy too. Thank you Sue for sharing these beautiful bags with us and thank you Izzy for the instructions. Must have a play as they will make fab gift holders for special birthdays. Izzy your designs are amazing and so detailed. Had a lovely day at Farnborough today and met Jackie, Sandra Mrs B and Pat. Really lovely to put faces to names. One or two of your dies came my way too Sue! Take care love Diane G xxx
Congratulations Jess on winning the card xxx
Happy birthday Jannet hope you have had a lovely day xxx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Sue
Thank Izzy very much and thank you for allowing us to see Izzy's bags on your show. It is very good of you to let us see the instructions. I wonder if you are able to do a tutorial for us at some point. I'll have a go at trying to follow the instructions. I find one these are mastered it will be all systems go. Izzy your one talented lady. Congratulations to the card winner.

Maggie C said...

Hello Sue. Thank you and Izzy for these fantastic bags. What patience she had working out how to make them and then giving us the template, and how generous. What a great crafting club this is. xx Maggie (better without a bow)

CraftyJo said...

These are lovely, and what comprehensive instructions too :)

Anonymous said...

ECCO - Janet - Happy Birthday - hope you've had a yummy cake!

'P' in Wales

liz spooner said...

They are all gorgeous what a clever idea.xx

Suzzette Yandle said...

Fancy! What fun. Such details in your bags. I am amazed. Thank you Izzy sharing and for the directions. And thank you, too, Sue for the photos. Sharif watch out!

Littlelamb said...

Sorry to be so late. Had a lovely day at Farnborough and met several of the Wilsonettes. Thank you Sue for letting Izzy send us the instructions for her lovely bags and thank you Izzy for showing us. Must give if a try. Saw them on Sue's show last weekend and loved them.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Sue and Izzy Isn't it wonderful how our family share. Thank you Sue for your selflessness in showcasing Izzy's talent and Izzy for sharing your idea. After watching John today perhaps we will see you in the future! love from Jackie xx

Snuffy Snoo said...

Hi Sue
Izzy....well done on your amazing creations!!! Truly inspiring!!!

DeCor said...

they are so clever. Thanks

Steph Cotterill said...

Hi Sue and Izzy.

WOW. Thank you for allowing Sue to post these incredible works of art. So many posts today and too many to read, so I apologise if I miss anyone.
These delightful beauties are from my talant, but you are SO clever. I think I see you with CE one day.
Happy Birthday Janet and congrats to Jess Im thrilled for you. Im certain that half my day has been stolen and so need those hour's back.
Love to all.
Lancashire Steph xx

craftynanna said...

Beautiful bags, i made these bags years ago but obviously not with these dies because dies weren't about in those days, i use to have a different bag for every outfit, ahah, they are all beautiful. hugs Johanna

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Sue, Congratulations to Jess on your card giveaway win !!
Wow !! Izzy you are a 'star' for showing us these templates and giving us this tutorial for your fabulous bags. I will have to read, and re-read your instructions, but I will definitely be trying these out, they are stunning.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Laura O said...

wow this is stunning ,great pictures and explaination.Laura O

Gail said...

Wow these bags are absolutely amazing - the attention to detail is second to none!! Saw them on the shows too - thanks Izzy for sharing and the instructions too and thanks Sue for letting us all have the opportunity to create something so goegeous xx GailT xx

Tres said...

Hi Sue. WOW !! Izzys gorgeous handbag cards !! Yaay !! I Sooo love them all !! Thank you Sue for being so kind and generous and sharing these amazing handbag cards and the instructions of how to make them to. I think they are all so beautiful and they are all made with your gorgeous dies !!
Thank you Izzy, to, for sharing these masterpieces with us all today. I am making a card at the moment using the inlaid technique just like your Orion and Ursa handbags. It is the first time I have tried this technique and it does take a little time but I have found it so relaxing and have really enjoyed doing it. I am really looking forward to having a go at one of your beautiful handbags when I can finally get one of Sue's gorgeous Gemini dies on pay day.
Sending lots of love to you Izzy from Tres x x x

Sending lots of love to you today Sue from Tres x x x

Lots of love to all Wilsonettes today from Tres x x x

Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Izzy's bags are stunning and I would like to say a huge thank you to her for sharing them, and the measurements with us.

I caught John's shows today, his demos were fab and his stamps are lovely.

Congratulations to Jess for winning the Wednesday Card Giveaway!

Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

Margaret corgi owner said...

Good evening Sue and all Wilsonettes
These are even more beautiful close up than when we saw them on C & C thank you for all the details, I will be giving these a go.
Thank you Izzy for your instructions you are one very talented lady and no mistake.
Many congratulations Jess something for you to treasure.

Margaret corgi owner

hazel said...

Hi Sue
Beautiful bags.Thanks for the instructions
Take care
hazel G XX

Yorkie girl said...

Hi Sue and everyone
Wow thank you Lizzy for allowing Sue to share your wonderful bags they are brilliant and beautiful
I don't think I would have the expertise to be able to recreate them though .
Congrats to Jess. Enjoy your card its a stunning one
Take care everyone
Theresa xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
What lovely bags, such a clever idea. Love the color combos.
Yvonne N.

Dorothy Mutafopulos said...

Hi Sue,
Love this idea FABULOUS!!! I will also want to give a shout out to Izzy ingenious!!!!
Thank for sharing!

Karen M said...

Hi Sue , lovely bags something really different thank you.
Karen M

mommaRN50 said...

This was certainly a beautiful and creative idea. I plan to make one for each of my 2 daughter's for mother's day in May

Denise Bryant said...

What a cute project! Love all the details!

Angela Wade said...

Hi, Sue a big thank you to Izzy, for sharing her detailed instructions, advice and fabulous creativity with us all, and thank you for posting.

Congratulations to Jess on winning Sue's beautiful card giveaway.

Belated Birthday Greetings to Mary (Blight). Hope you had a fab day on Friday xx

Keep safe, warm and dry everyone.

Hugs, Angela in S. Wales Xx

Sandy H said...

Sue, thanks for showing Izzy's amazing bags on your blog. Izzy thanks for the detailed instructions and for sharing your creativity with us. I know several young ladies who will love these bags if my attempts at making them are passable.
Congratulations to Jess on winning Wednesday's card. Hope you had a lovely birthday, Janet.
Take care everyone.

Linda28 said...

Hi Sue, So late posting, but had to say a big thank you for listing Izzy's bags on your blog. I saw them on your shows last week and loved them. Izzy thank you for taking the time and trouble to write out your detailed instructions, I am going to try to digest them and hopefully TRY to make one, when I actually manage to get some crafting time in!!
Congratulations Jess on your win and hugs to all. Linda.

Unknown said...

Ithese are absolutely spectacular - nothing more I can say!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
I am very late posting today but would like to say thankyou to both Sue and Izzy for letting us see how to make thise gorgeous bags.
Lesley S x

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